because i obviously have to watch every movie he has ever been in ever

Hey guys! I’ve told you before that I’m a writer so this is a hella long post because it’s track-by-track. Unapologetically so. Hope you guys enjoy x 


 This song is a battlecry. The thumping bass brings to mind the heavy thud of wolves paws as they race towards their prey, seeking the trail left by a girl who used to leave her heart open and on her sleeve, ready to be snatched at any moment in a snap of their jaws. But no more. From the moment she clears her throat, we learn this battle will be on Taylor’s terms. It is her fight to win.

This is the first love song she’s released and had complete artistic ownership of in three years. It is no coincidence then that there’s reference to the tortured passions of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They were a couple hopelessly and dangerously in love with many scars carved on their hearts by the other’s knife. This reference is a throwaway to the long list of ex lovers the girl who bathes in diamonds has had but also a reference to the flickers of hope Taylor feels for longevity no matter what with Joe. Their road may be complicated at times but they will get  there because the game is hers. The constant question of ready for it and in response baby let the games begin is so obviously a call of warning to Joe for what lies ahead but perhaps more subtly it is the call of Taylor’s inner voices and heart to her razor sharp self awareness. Is she ready for the games to begin? Is she ready to open her heart and give Joe a chance to be a better man?

TRACK 2: “END GAME” ft. Ed Sheeran & Future:

This song starts off with Taylor’s declaration that she wants to find a forever. It sounds sincere, gentle, wearied, the tone of the too often heartbroken. But then it shifts, it’s like the rose coloured glasses have come off and she’s reminded of her reputation. Then it’s all tongue in cheek sarcastic satire to keep the smile in place so that we don’t see how much it hurts. She has to weigh up every interaction in the context of her reputation. The addition of Ed & Future speaks volumes; one is a time trusted friend who has finally found a bright love of his own but that was not without heartbreak and the other gives her an edgier attitude that makes her self awareness all the more powerful.

There has been a further loss of innocence in this sharpening of her self awareness, gone are the wistful days of “say you’ll remember me”, that’s all I want. Now it’s all “I don’t wanna touch you, I don’t wanna be just another ex love you don’t wanna see.” She can see the fall right from the start but this time she opts out and says unless I’m your end game… because I don’t want to pick up any more pieces of my broken heart.

Also: Shoutout to Ed for his Cherry inspired verse. It made me feel many emotions too. SWEERAN THRIVES.


The girl with the long list of ex lovers is back. However with the casually explicit twist, this narrative seems layered with perceptions and recognition of self-worth, “If a man talks shit, I owe him nothing.” This is drip-feeding the media exactly what they want, she’s stoking the fire herself. But in feeding the fire herself, she’s sending the burning embers back at them. Did you really think the girl who you used as an international rod for slut shaming would stay quiet forever? Nope. She doesn’t care if you burn her like a witch at the stake because she’s already done it. She’s burnt away all of the misplaced guilt and is now revelling in how good they felt in the moment. In fact, watch out she’s blazing with all the fire of a phoenix reborn and you might just get turned to ash.


This & “I Did Something Bad” sound like sister tracks. The girl who jetsets around the world collecting men isn’t quite finished with her tale yet. She reminds us that defining her relationships by their headlines and paparazzi shots is a foolish move because those things are  one-dimensional. Taylor believes in love and this is her way of reminding us that there was love in every escapade of her heart up until now, at least at some point. She’s talking about the heady rushes head spinning intoxication of first glances and hands on skin and it doesn’t matter what the media says about the way she handles relationships because they forget love and that makes you crazy. Maybe in their minds the drug she refers to is not a singular identity but a collective “baby” and to them love will always be something she “uses”. But the heart wants what it wants and Taylor knows that so it doesn’t really matter.


This is the kind of song that happens when you cut the cord that is the boy crazy perception of yourself. You step back into the shadows and disappear so that they can’t find you. You close your heart, lock your doors and rebuild. And then he shows up. This is a cautionary songpp because Taylor can obviously feel sparks but… she’s just started to rebuild and if they find out the wolf hunt begins again. With delicate disbelieving vocals, we see Taylor start to realise that he can’t possibly want to gain anything from her reputation because it’s so bad… The wheels turn in her head. I imagine the realisation, “Wait so he must like me for me?” With the beat drop comes hope. Details are slowly given and then he stays. He doesn’t run so Taylor gives him pieces of herself; confessions thoughts and then her brain catches up with her mouth and the wheels come to a grinding halt: Her inner monologue screams it was too much too fast. We’ve all been there. It’s too delicate. No going back now. It’ll break and I’ll be left alone. Maybe one day I’ll find someone who doesn’t walk away, one day too.


The world tore a girl to shreds, made her play the fool on tilted stages. She retreated and rebuilt. Now the fool is dead. From here on out, she only trusts her army. With high heeled boots, red lips and words as sharp as daggers, she’s cutting herself a path. She is taking no prisoners and she’s accompanied by a savage snake because she and her army will always be better at the game. When she’s finished hunting down your asses, she’ll sit back on her throne with a high pitched giggle and say, “oh look what you made me do.”


When people are watching, you have to be careful. Cover your tracks. Taylor doesn’t leave her heart open or on display anymore. But then they leave. The door shuts. You lock it with a key and the crashing chemistry you’ve been trying to deny slams into your ribs, knocking the breath out of you. It’s stolen kisses, careless touches, reckless chasing of the high. Body language is a fluency all its own. But a quick reminder before you unlock the door and venture out again; wash the lipstick off your face. *clears throat* you got a little caught up in the moment and you don’t want to blow your cover!


 The childish proclamation of the title to begin this next glimpse into Reputation  is hinting at the satirical inner monologue that this song is , reminiscent of the times you write your crush’s  last name instead of your own to see how it fits. It’s all giggles and late night phone calls, the kind Taylor most likely had with Abigail where they talked real slow because it was late and their mamas didn’t know (: However, it could also serve as a projection of the runaway daydream that fills Taylor’s mind from that very first night when she stumbles home alone to her cats, of what a possible future might look like (with kids one day) The lazy liquor loosened rhythms of Taylor’s thoughts tell us things she hasn’t admitted fully yet but will soon on nights at 4am staring at her reflection  in the bathroom mirror, telling herself the bravest thing she ever did was run - that this gorgeous  swoonworthy British boy with his careless touches and drawling accent has awakened the possibility of something better. This realisation rattles Taylor as she contemplates the gaps in her current relationship. *cue wistful sighs of frustration and enchantment, set to the dialogue of every teenage movie where the girl thinks the boy is just too good looking, how unfair is that?


The thing about any movie that has a getaway car scene is that they inevitably crash…. And that’s exactly what happens here. Except, the carnage is human hearts. She was running. There was a person she crashed into. It gets all blurred and tangled, she thinks she’s free but the thing about those movies is that the thing you ran from in the getaway car catches up to you particularly if there’s a track you can follow. Oceans of distance weren’t enough, darling. You needed to disappear. And I think she realises that  but she tries to pretend innocence and will the sunset closer. Unfortunately  the only real  way to untangle yourself is to disappear crying in the back of a getaway car in the dead of night. Without a word. That must have hurt a lot.


This song happens in tandem with Delicate. She’d sworn off love. Joe turned up. The British boy with the heart of gold who made his American queen believe. He made behind closed doors a paradise of rooftop nights. Before she knows it, he is every love story Taylor has ever daydreamed of. The line “is this the end to all the endings” made my heart swell because it’s clear Taylor hopes he’s the one. Please let there be no more heartbreak.


Dancing is supposed to be a joyous thing and maybe it was in the beginning. You can reassure with every beat. Sometimes your gut instinct shouldn’t be ignored though  because it does raise red flags. The door only needs to be fractionally ajar for the hunters to find a way in and set your paradise aflame. It sometimes doesn’t matter how much you dance to escape the flames, they will catch you. You will get tired. Dancing is a bliss that is euphoria swimmimg through your veins if the beat enters your bloodstream in the right moment; you feel like you could live forever. And in the end no matter how much it might hurt to walk away again, you would still dance for just another kick of that rush.


Taylor’s caught up in the chemical rush. Every syllable drips with lust and the glory of the high when your hearts crash into each other, slamming the breath from between your ribs. It’s hands in hair and I don’t care what they think. It’s seeing the worst (hi bleachella) and still wanting. It’s realising you made mistakes before this and why didn’t you just do this from the beginning because it feels so good now you can’t ever have imagined wanting anything else. But every mistake is a marker in the roadmap and you woke up just in time to find where you needed to be.


I think everyone’s been in this situation, right? Someone burns you and it hurts but in the fun of a party, you click and connect again and it all starts to feel like water under the bridge. Maybe there was over-reacting happening. You throw them a second chance. Redemption. You’re the nice girl and you make excuses. But then they do it again, maybe it takes a couple of things and suddenly it’s too much. You lock the gate for your own safety. But they still expect you not to care. To flash a smile and forgive. I’m sorry. That’s not happening. You get hurt when I push back. I guess I should forgive you because we both threw stones. But… that would require me to mean it. Whoops, *laughs manaically* I can’t even say it with a straight face!!!

PS: It’s not too obvious I have personal experience with this song is it? Thanks KS x.


This song is difficult for me to process because I never thought it would actually happen. I seem to remember somewhere along the way, a couple of years back, Taylor expressing frustration that she couldn’t seem to write happy songs about being in love like Ed Sheeran could. Well, I wish you could go back Taylor and tell yourself what you know now.

This song is a three minute ode to happy love. It’s smiles so wide you might split your face in half at the thought of that person. It’s blushing and shy giggles and bursts of song and twirls and all caps texts from your girls as they collectively lose their minds over how happy you are. This is every love story and fairytale Taylor has ever wanted but the wolves are always waiting, not so easy to outrun. 

Taylor says it herself in the  opening lines. She was done. The castle had crumbled. The bricks left bruises blooming on her exposed skin. People were tearing her down and she was hurting. Her heart had been shattered but so had her soul, again and again, relentlessly. And then she retreated, went silent and rebuilt. What she didn’t count on was love. A man who saw all the bruises and broken pieces and said it’s OK, I can still find the real you under all that. Taylor like so many of us looked in the mirror and saw all the danger for herself and for Joe, tried to push him away, keep him safe. That’s a very noble action but breaking your own heart so it doesn’t hurt as much when you feel like the other shoe is going to drop requires apathy from the other person. And Joe, god bless you, you didn’t let her push you away. You broke down her walls and showed you that starlight love does still exist. You loved her for Taylor. The person. You got her to give love a chance when she swore never again so thank you so much for that. I can’t really express how much that means to all of us. 

 This is an anthem of hope for every person who has ever been broken and is in the process of putting pieces back together. It can be done. We will find love. We will be radiantly happy again. We will be the strongest we’ve ever been. 

PS: *leans over to whisper in Taylor’s ear*

I think you’re finally clean…


Piano on the final track… This is an ode of pure hope and happiness, a fitting final chapter to a remarkable story. Everyone wants the glory of the midnights and the lover who will be in their bloodstream like the party. But what we all hope for is someone who stays long enough to help us clean up the bottles on New Years Day. Someone who makes us feel like the messy unfiltered parts look like a highlight reel. Good times and bad times and all in between. They won’t leave. You found him. Forever.

This album is fucking brilliant Taylor. I love you. Proud x.

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i havent been COMPLETELY thru your list of reddie fics so if youve already done something similar ignore this but. what about a sickfic where richie is sick? also maybe eddie just like, forgets about germs to take care of him and then ends up getting sick too and blaming richie and richies jus like, dude, were you here

i changed it a little but only the part where he blames richie and richie wonders if he was there !!! hope u like it :-)

again,,, sorry for the length?? but i cant write these short?? also again. IT IS WORTH IT 

  • so obviously eddie is TERRIFIED of germs and every time one of the losers has even a little flu he’s not gonna touch anything they touch and will stand 5 feet away from them and honestly in the end will probably just be that one friend who’s gonna say
  • “my mom said no”
  • just so that he won’t hurt his friends’ feelings even tho he really just doesn’t wanna be anywhere near them bc hey he could get it too and it could turn into something more dangerous like leper obviously
  • but then one tragic time… richie gets a flu
  • and eddie’s very torn bc he doesn’t wanna be with richie cause ???? he isn’t clean
  • but then again they were supposed to hangout
  • eddie is thinking whether he should ditch richie or not
  • “jesus i’ve been sneezin since 8am”
  • yeah eddie is not gonna go there
  • the gERMS ARE FLYING and just the thought makes him shiver
  • he’s thinking that oh well maybe tomorrow he’s gonna be ok again
  • spoiler alert: he’s not
  • so eddie suffers thru the day bc its boring at school without richie
  • they talk on the phone later that day and eddie’s like hey r u feeling any better
  • “i am nod” richie answers with a stuffed nose
  • eddie just sits on his bed with a facial expression that is nothing other than :(
  • then the day after that ,,, eddie goes to school in hopes of that maybe richie had a miracle healing last night and now he’s gonna be there
  • now eddie is just gettin pissed off bc how dare his boyfriend be sick for this long
  • so again that night they speak on the phone
  • “richie jesus christ when are u gonna HEAL
  • “i am do dorry eddi-spageddi bud i am just so sig”
  • eddie is gonna turn into hulk soon from the conflict bc he REALLY misses richie
  • should i stay or i should go™
  • (nice stranger things reference)
  • ok maybe eddie is gonna give it one more day.
  • so it’s friday and richie has missed school for almost the whole WEEK
  • “wow eddie you’ve been without richie for almost the whole school week how’s that feel must be a new record huh”
  • “shut up stan”
  • don’t be mean stan
  • eddie’s heart is breakin
  • again,,, he goes home from school and calls richie immediately
  • “ARE YOU,,,,STILL…. SICK?????”
  • “yeah i— *LEPER COUGH* i ah-ah-AMh *cough*
  • eddie cringes because ???? oh my gosh he is turning into a zombie
  • “oK THATS IT”
  • eddie has had it
  • he hangs up and stomps out of the house and rides his bike to the grocery store and buys all kinds of stuff like non-caffeine tea ((bc he knows for a fact that it helps better than regular)),, some ice cream and chicken soup in a can even tho eddie thinks it’s disgusting and fights with one of the workers
  • “yeah not today”
  • my bOYFRIenD haS bEeN SiCK!! FOR A WEEk and i hAVE TO BRING HIM A CAN????”
  • eddie shakes his head in disbelief and curses the store as he walks away
  • then he finally arrives at richie’s house
  • he knocks on the door first just in case his terrible excuse of parents are home but they aren’t
  • so he leans down to grab the key from under the doormat and opens the door
  • he walks in and stiffens his upper lip as he glances around at the sight of empty beer cans and liquor bottles and there’s just the smell of old booze and cigarettes in the air
  • like it’s normal (and eddie hates that it’s normal) but richie’s SICK and he should be breathing fresh air not the literal definition of the breath of a drunken bum who’s been living in the gutter
  • this wasn’t what he was expecting bc he figured that richie’s parents would at least open the fucking window because their son is sick inside the house
  • so quickly eddie makes his way to richie’s room that is at the end of the hallway and he knocks on it softly before opening the door
  • he finds richie sitting in his bed ,,, burrito inside blankets and he’s watching something from his laptop
  • his eyes are red and his face is a lil swollen and nose also v red
  • eddie wants to cry bc he looks so bad
  • “eddi???”
  • “yes,,, eddi to the rescue” he mocks his boyfriend’s stuffy nose voice a little
  • richie is literally starstruck bc ???? EDDIE IS THERE ???? EDDIE , IS THERE , WHEN HE IS SICK ????
  • “whad de fug edz u should go befor u ged dis doo”
  • “i’ve been to school without you for a week now richard im done”
  • richie wants to cry
  • eddie is still just staring at him bc he doesn’t know how to approach him since he’s still a little disgusted at the situation this is all new for him ok but he really wants to help his bf
  • “i bought u some stuff”
  • richie starts to smile wide
  • “BUT” eddie starts
  • “before i give u any”
  • “????”
  • “you’re gonna leave this house”
  • richie looks at him like he’s crazy
  • “r u serioud eddi every pard of ma badi hurts”
  • eddie feels so bad for him
  • “you don’t even have fresh air here richie so i am serious”
  • richie can’t take the fact that his boyfriend is such a knight in shiny armor
  • eddie leaves the bag for a moment to grab richie inside his blanket burrito and pull him up.
  • “ur gonna have to get rid of this blanket tho”
  • “no:(”
  • eddie looks at him
  • “srsly richie i can’t give you a ride on my bike you’re gonna fall down and roll down the hill”
  • “:(”
  • “i will give you my blanket once we’re there”
  • richie throws his blanket down way too fast and he starts feeling nauseous
  • the bike ride isn’t very aesthetic™ for him either bc his head is spinning and all of his muscles hurt and oh my gosh he’s doing his everything not to throw up on eddie’s back rn
  • eddie’s mom isn’t home so eddie can easily sneak richie in
  • he’s not sure how he’s gonna explain him living there until he’s healthy again tho
  • but he’s not gonna worry about that now
  • (fast forward;
  • so now they go into eddie’s room ( he’s basically holding richie up )
  • and richie settles down on eddie’s bed and eddie wraps him inside a blanket and richie is just smiling at him the whole time
  • “r u comfortable”
  • “very” richie says. the blanket smells like eds and he is in eddie’s bed. ofc he’s comfortable 
  • “here’s my laptop”
  • eddie hands him his macbook and goes to the kitchen to prepare the chicken soup. in the can. which eddie still thinks is unacceptable as he heats it up
  • “here”
  • richie is about to cry bc “did you really mage me chiggen soub”
  • eddie nods with a light frown like wtf obviously that’s what you eat when you’re sick
  • “there’s also ice cream”
  • ice cream???”
  • “yeah it’s for the throat…???
  • eddie is kinda confused bc how can richie not know it helps
  • then it occurs to him that
  • richie doesn’t know, because
  • no one’s probably ever taken care of him when he’s sick????
  • now eddie wants to cry
  • “scoot over”
  • he wants richie to be on the side next to the wall so he can lean his head on it if he wants to it’s more comfy  
  • with a lil trouble richie does move and eddie cuddles up next to him
  • literally cuddles
  • richie is SHOCKED
  • “are you sure u wanna do dat”
  • “100%”
  • richie wants to marry eddie
  • “wad r we watchin”
  • “kill bill”
  • “waid a minude… isn’d dis-”
  • “yours. yeah. i never watched it and i never gave it back so”
  • “u never watched dis?? oh my god eddi—”
  • “eat ur chicken soup and watch this movie with me now oKAY” eddie is a pissed off knight in shiny armor bc talking is just gonna exhaust richie more and he needs to get WELL
  • richie eats his soup and they watch the movie in silence,,,, glued to each other and at some point eddie realizes richie’s fallen asleep with his head resting towards eddie’s
  • eddie can’t move because he knows if he does he’s gonna wake up richie
  • but thankfully after like 15 minutes richie wakes up and he’s like “shid where am i”
  • “you’re with me”
  • he turns his gaze down at eddie and he remembers that yes,,, he is in fact with eddie and he just feels: ️️️️️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • well the weekend goes by and eddie goes hardcore nurse on richie and literally by sunday he is already pretty healthy like his voice is back to normal and so on
  • but… Ohno
  • eddie and richie are eating in the kitchen
  • richie goes;
  • “baby can u pass me that ketchup”
  • “sure—”
  • eddie’s eyes widen and he freezes in shock
  • richie looks at him like o'shit he done caught the flu
  • but then he starts to smile
  • “what do you mean?!?!?!”
  • “because obviously im gonna take care of u”
  • eddie is 😨😭💘😓😭💕😨😭💗
  • then later they tell the other losers why they’re both missing school and stanley uris wants to comment again
  • “so eddie u went to richie’s house??”
  • “yesh”
  • “and i thought i was romantic letting bill choose dinner”

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he know’s spider-man

A/N: this is an imagine i originally posted on my wattpad account but i’m just going to stick with tumblr and post all my imagine’s here (also i’m the queen of bad titles okay bye)

summary: Ned blurts out in gym class that Peter knows Spider-Man when he hears you talk about how much the guy in red and blue fascinates you.

pairing peter parker x reader

request prompts from this list 

As you sat on the bleachers talking to your friends about nothing in particular New York’s finest hero suddenly came up in one of your conversations and you couldn’t hold back the smile that crept its way onto your lips whenever someone brought him up.

“It’s just Spider-Man” you mumbled putting your head in your hand as you smiled dreamily thinking about the man in red and blue “oh my gosh she’s crushing on spider man” one of your friends chuckled earning light smack on the back of her head from you “ow” she mumbled rubbing the spot where you had hit her, you only smiled satisfied as you continued writing your notes for the upcoming math test you had later this week.

“You seriously like Spider-Man?” Liz asked you plopping down next to you as she shooed the girl that had previously been sitting there away “I can’t like him! I don’t even know what he looks like I just find him fascinating that’s all” you frowned trying your best to avoid the topic.

Peter’s eyes opened wide as he heard the words that came out of your mouth you had a crush on Spider-Man? He thought, feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he stared so helplessly at the girl he had been in love with for the past two years. He was certain you didn’t know who he was since you were popular and he, well he was not.

He liked to keep to himself and the only friend he had was Ned who was just as much of a nerd as him, Ned knew about Peter’s massive crush on you since it was fairly obvious, Peter would constantly stare at you and rant about how cute you were so Ned took this as his chance to get you to notice him “Peter knows Spider-Man” he suddenly yelled and everything went quite.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Peter, including you. It was like time had stopped and everyone just stared at him in shock, Peter was mortified as he looked at Ned with a death stare he absolutely hated being the center of attention. He then turned his head and as his eyes met yours, he felt his cheeks turn Scarlet as you smiled in his direction.

As soon as gym was over he stood up and hurried into the changing rooms to get back into his normal clothes which consisted of a white t-shirt, grey jacket and blue jeans. Ned followed after him and waited for him as he changed clothes.

“Why the hell would you do that Ned!?” Peter scolded his best friend whilst he pulled the white t-shirt over his head “because Y/N was talking about how much she likes Spider-Man and well I just wanted her to notice you since it’s no secret that you like her” Ned said shrugging his shoulders as he took a bite out of the chocolate bar that had been in his pocket for the last three weeks.

“I can’t believe you everyone looked at me like a was a complete freak” Peter groaned sitting down next to Ned “and Y/N she stared as well” Peter said, she was truly the only reason he felt so embarrassed about the entire ordeal “what do you mean she smiled at you! she noticed you” Ned said putting his arm around Peter’s shoulders as he took another bite of his chocolate “isn’t that like two weeks old?” Peter asked scrunching his face up in disgust “nope three weeks” Ned respondes swallowing the rest of it and throwing the plastic that had been wrapped around it into the trash.

“Much better” Peter said sarcastically as they both walked down the school hallways to their next class, which was history a class you were also in and he couldn’t help the nerves filling his stomach as he sat in the back of the classroom like usual waiting anxiously for you to walk into the room. You eventually did and did something Peter did not expect.

When your eyes met Peter’s you smiled and waved at him his eyes widening as he started looking around the room to see if you were waving at him or someone else.

You giggled at this and walked to the back of the classroom and plopped down in the seat next to him, you had never seen anyone as shocked as he was in that moment “hi I’m Y/N” you smiled towards him and offered him your hand to shake “I-I uh hi I’m uh Parker” his eyes widened “Peter Parker sorry” he chucked awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

You found it adorable how he stumbled over his words and blushed every time you spoke to him or looked at him, you couldn’t deny the fact he was pretty fucking cute. His sharp jaw, his lips and adorable brown eyes.

You had always noticed Peter in every single one of your classes you actually envied him a lot because of how smart he was but there was just something about him that drew you to him so you found yourself starting to take in every detail about him.

How he would stick his tongue out ever so slightly when he was concentrating and how he would anxiously bite his nails every time the teacher said that he was picking one person to come up to the board and solve what they had been doing.

Your staring didn’t go unnoticed by Peter and he stared growing more and more nervous every time you looked his way, was there something wrong with the way he dressed did he have something on his face? Those were the only things he could think about.

He had never been so grateful to hear the unpleasant noise of the bell signaling that class was over, he quickly gathered his books and made his way out of the classroom as quickly as he possibly could “Peter!” you called after him but he pretended not to hear you as he continued walking down the hallway and towards the exit.

You were a little hurt by this but decided to just forget about it and go home. You walked towards your locker and shoved all of your stuff in there slamming it shut and walking out of school.

It usually took you about 20-25 minutes to walk home but you remembered that there was a much shorter way you could go that would only take you 10 minutes but you had to go through a dark alleyway that always creeped you out and was the only reason you didn’t go the short cut, but you thought nothing of it today as the sun was shining and you were feeling brave.

But that all changed when you were about mid way through the alley “look at what we have here” you heard a mans voice slur obviously meaning that he was extremely drunk.

You started walking faster clutching your backpack tightly, slowly letting out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in. The man quickly caught up to you and grabbed your shoulder and threw you to the ground and straight into a puddle completely drenching you.

“Please don't” you cried the man only kicking you in response “shut up you bi-” the man was cut off by someone kicking him to the ground that person being none other than Spider-Man himself.

“Y/N are you okay!?” Spider-Man asked pulling you up to your feet, you were shocked how does Spider-Man know my name? You thought “ho-how do you know my name” you finally managed to get out “oh i-uh i just you know” you heard him begin to ramble and you immediately realized who your savior was.

“Peter?” you asked slowly pulling the mask off of his head, he didn’t try to stop you and as soon as you saw the all to familiar face of Peter Parker you smiled and connected your lips to his as a thank you. He was shocked but reacted quickly by wrapping his arms around your waist.

When you pulled away his cheeks were as red as they could possibly be “please don’t tell anyone” was the first thing he said and you nodded mumbling a ‘I would never’ him only nodding before pulling the mask back over his head right before disappearing out of sight.

“She kissed you!?” the voice of Ned ran through out the entire house, Peter didn’t say anything instead he just smiled the most happiest smile he had smiled since uncle Ben died. He felt as happy as he could ever be and it was like nothing could bring him down in that moment.

“Yes she did it was amazing” Peter gushed feeling his cheeks turn a deep shade of red at the thought of your lips pressed against his.

“See being Spider-Man has it’s pros” Ned said pausing the movie that had been quietly playing in the background that the boys had stopped watching a while ago “but it also has its cons like risking my life every single day!” Peter said raising an eyebrow at Ned “whatever dude you kissed Y/N one of the most attractive girls at school”

Peter couldn’t argue with Ned anymore so he just nodded feeling as lucky as ever that a girl like Y/N had kissed him, she was way out of his league and he was sure everyone knew that but in that moment it didn’t matter the only thing that mattered was that she kissed him.

Y/N kissed him.

Curse of Desire

Summary: The reader is hopeless stuck in the friend zone with Dean, except there is total sexual tension. Both the reader and Dean are too insecure to see the truth, but after a witch case they’re kinda forced to. 

Word Count: 5135

Author’s note: I’m back bitches and since I graduated I’m here for good! This one is long but I feel like Tumblr has been lacking on the smut lately so this will be worth it. Tell me what you think:) 

It had been the normal run of the mill hunt, except things were never truly “run of the mill” with witches. The topic of the case was weird, but at the end of the day weren’t all witch cases?

You’d been sitting on the couch with Dean when Sam walked in, “Alright you two, I think I have a case”. Sam questioned why you and his brother were sharing a blanket on the couch, but reminded himself you both were “just friends”.

To say your relationship with Dean was complicated, would be an understatement. You were stuck in the friendzone, except the sexual friend zone minus the actual sex. By nature both you and Dean were dirty minded, but he never know the true impact his words had on you.

He would always make comments, or touch you in certain ways, his actions always made you question your “friendship” but your own insecurities made you brush them off. You always reminded yourself, “Dean is flirty with everyone…words are just words”.

It was always hard to hear Dean’s suggestive comments when you wanted so badly for them to be true. You’d make comments right back, stuck between wanting him to get the hint and realizing your silence might ruin your friendship because he would get the hint.

And that brought you to your current state, wanting Dean but afraid to lose him completely. Dean was instantly intrigued, “ What’s the case about?”. After he asked, he leaned back bringing himself closer to you.

As he made himself comfortable he rested his hand on your thigh, rubbing his thumb back and forth. The simplest touch sent shivers down your spine, and a million thoughts to race through your mind.

You were pulled from your thoughts by Sam snapping his finger, “Earth to (y/n), try to focus here”. Sam looked at you a certain way that made you blush, as if he just knew how madly in love with Dean you were and how insane Dean’s simple touch was making you.

Nodding your head you regained focus, pushing down your inner desires. Sam continued, “Okay this case is a little strange, but then again strange is our normal, it’s about a witch and a sex shop”.

Dean looked to you, “Wow some privates, a witch, and a sex shop” amused with his own joke. Rolling your eyes you replied, “ I’m not too sure how well privates rhyme with lion, but I like the effort”. He winked before turning his focus back to his brother.

Sam went on to explain that it was a sex shop in the middle of classic suburbia, which meant some boring suburban moms were getting down. There had been a string of sex related deaths meaning it was most likely a witch.

Dean couldn’t hide his excitement, “ Horny rich moms getting down….I’m down”. The slightest thought of Dean with someone else put you off and you got up from the couch. Sam rolled his eyes, “Dean it’s a case about sex related deaths….why would”.

Standing beside Sam you chimed in, “ This isn’t going to be a Stacy’s mom thing Dean, looks like someone’s been watching a little too much porn”. You laughed at your own joke but Sam put his hands up, still not fully understanding your relationship with his brother.

Dean smirked, “Aw princess don’t worry you fit into one of my other favorite categories, tight ass”. It was Dean’s turn to laugh at his own joke while you sighed in annoyance. Before you could open your mouth to reply Sam stopped you, “ Okay you two I’ve had enough of this conversation…it’s like living with two horny teenagers..”.

As Sam walked away you got in, “ Don’t act so pure Sam we share a computer!!”. Again Sam threw his hands up, surrendering to you two. Dean finally got up and high fived you, “Good one princess, I’m dying to know what searches you don’t share with Sammy”.

With a wink Dean was already down the hall catching up with Sam, leaving you there all hot and bothered. You instantly thought about what turned Dean on, what he looked like when he was turned on….and if you turned him on.

Trying to distract yourself you decided you’d start to pack. You’d gotten a text from Sam saying the plan was to leave in an hour or so, and then you’d be on the road. You packed the essentials, but also something a little more risky.

You decided to wear your favorite black lace panty set, feeding the part of your mind that told you something might happen with Dean. To feed the insecure part of your mind you put on your normal clothing over it. Just incase you laid out your second favorite set; it was light pink.

Before you knew it your door opened, and there stood Dean. You tried to quickly close your suitcase, but it was too late. He caught the cover before you could close it, “And what do we have here princess?”.

Dean held up the thong with both hands, smirking like a madman. Trying to not show your true feelings you played it off, “ Something only someone who earns it gets to see”. You needed to pretend that this situation didn’t throw you off, or else he would know.

He licked his lips, “ And what do I have to do to earn it?”. Before you could answer, or to be honest struggle to answer, Sam was also at your door. Strangely Dean hid what he was holding, which meant your panties were currently in his pocket.

Sam’s voice stopped your mind from running away, “ You guys ready? We should really hit the road”. You and Dean looked to each other before looking back to Sam. You smiled, “Yeah I should be ready in a minute, I’ll meet you and Dean in the garage?”.

You wanted to make things awkward for Dean once, aka leaving him with your panties. Sam nodded, “Alright, come on Dean”. Dean hesitated for a moment, but trailed after his brother.

It felt good to know Dean was struggling to explain something for once, and you found yourself laughing. Before you knew it though he was back in your room.

He sling shotted them at you as if he was eighteen again, “ I have only two reasons for liking these; seeing you in them, and getting you out of them”. You couldn’t help but laugh, there really was no one else like Dean. Laughing about the situation helped reassure yourself that he was just trying to get a reaction out of you.

Before he left you spoke, “ Sure Dean, everyone wants to get their best friend out of their panties”. That was the closest you got at telling him the truth, and you turned around in order to not even see his reaction. If you hadn’t  turned around you would’ve seen Dean struggling, his mind and tongue on two different sides.

You were something else to Dean, hard to understand because he felt so much for you. There were so many levels to you, which meant he felt so many different things for you. Normally when it came to girls Dean felt only one emotion; lust.

When it came to you he felt every emotion known to man, possibly even love. Love was not something Dean Winchester ever felt, and for once he was so unsure of himself. Did you love him back, where you only a friend, could you even love him?

To suppress his feelings he acted like he would towards any other girl; sexually. He’d constantly make sexual comments or jokes, but every time he did it just made things harder for him. When he’d summon up enough courage he’d touch you in small ways, trying to feed his desire in hopes to control it.

It never worked though, things just got harder and harder for him, he didn’t know what to do. Sometimes he swore you felt the same way, but if he didn’t love himself how could someone else? So Dean brushed everything off, to scared to actually act on his feelings.

He stood there nearly paralyzed, he was truly torn. Saved by Sam his brother called for him, “Dean come on, what’s with you lately?”. Dean just angrily ran a hand through his hair, eventually meeting his brother.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding in. Packing the rest of your essentials you got ready to leave, preparing for an awkward car ride with Dean. You just told yourself, “ Just focus on the hunt, it will distract you”.

Before you showed up Sam decided to finally address something that had been bothering him. Dean was packing weapons into the back of the impala, mumbling to himself.

Sam stood behind him with his arms crossed, “Look Dean we don’t have long but we need to talk”. Dean just looked up to Sam, obviously still frustrated. Sam continued, “ I don’t know what’s with you but I know it has something to do with (y/n)”.

Dean snapped up, “Look I don’t want to hear it!”. Sam wasn’t phased, “ Look you need to hear it! Is she your friend or?”. Sam had never seen his brother so worked up over a girl before, and he had to assume it was because he loved her.

Dean threw his hands up, “I don’t even know Sammy, I couldn’t tell ya! If you ask (y/n) we’re friends but..”. Sam intervened, “You want something more”. Dean shook his head starting to laugh.

He was so angry, “Sammy when have I ever been in a situation like this? You understand books and I understand girls…but (y/n) she’s so much more Sammy I mean fuck…I don’t think I’ve ever cared so much! When it comes to her damn straight I want to find out all the things that make her feel so fucking good…but I also want to spend the morning after with her”.

Sam smiled to himself, so Dean was actually in love? Dean continued, “ I want to make pancakes with her at seven am…watch a movie…fuck even cuddle….I, Dean Winchester want all these things..”. Sam laughed knowing the true effect you have on his brother.

He finally answered Dean, “ So why don’t you tell her?”. Dean started to shake his head again, “ Because what if she doesn’t feel the same way Sammy? She called me her best friend about five mintues ago…I don’t want to lose her completely”.

Sam wanted to punch Dean in the face for being so damn oblivious. He placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder, “Dean I know she feels the same, I can see the look she gets in her eyes when you enter a room…she lights up”.

Before Sam could continue you walked into the garage, and they were forced to stop the conversation all together. You smiled, “Am I interrupting something?”. They both looked to each other before simultaneously saying, “No” which made you believe you were interrupting something.

You were eager to just get on with things so you pushed down your doubts and got into the impala. The boys followed suit, and the impala was full. While adjusting the rearview mirror Dean gave you a weird look, but when he found you looking back he tried to play it off with a wink.

Brushing it off you asked Sam, “ So how long until we get there…and how exactly are we even going to deal with this?”. The sooner you focused again on the case the sooner you feelings for Dean would become temporarily gone.

Sam turned his head to face you, “ The plan is to go to the sex shop and take the witch out if we can, it shouldn’t be that hard”. You grinned, “ That’s what she said” your grin faded when Dean said the exact same words at the same time as you.

It was yet another reminder that the two of you could be on the same page for certain things, but on more important topics be complete opposites. Sam rolled his eyes, “I guess I set myself up for that one”.

Dean grinned, “ Get ready Sammy the innuendos will be coming just as much as you when someone mentions Star Wars”. You couldn’t help but laugh at that one, and neither could Dean. He looked at you again through the rearview mirror, but his gaze lasted a little too long.

Sam helped break the tension, “Before (y/n) can add to this I’m turning on the radio, just pick a station Dean”.  Just like that Dean picked a station, eager to distract from the tension as well. Time passed quickly as music filled the void, but you’d still feel Dean’s gaze.

Before you knew it you were there, Leawood Kansas aka classic suburbia. The store you were looking for was, “Maledictio cordis” which was in the middle of town. You guessed even classic suburbia didn’t feel the need to hide their horniness.

Sam’s knowledge of latin allowed him to realize it translated to, “ The curse of desire”. That would teach snooty rich people the importance of intellectual growth over financial growth.  It didn’t take long for you guys to find the shop, the only problem was that you hadn’t thought of a cover.

It was a little too late because the three of you had already entered the shop. The woman behind the desk lit up at the sight of all three of you, “And what do we have here, a menage a trois?”. The boys went to laugh but you realized it was the perfect cover.

You placed a stray strand of  hair behind your ear, “ That obvious huh…I guess you can probably see the naivety radiating off of us”. Looking to both brothers you begged them to play along, despite how awkward it felt.

The woman came around to greet you, “Don’t even worry sweetie, everyone starts somewhere! What exactly were you looking for?”. You hadn’t thought quite that far ahead and you found yourself struggling to answer.

Dean luckily saved you, “Well it’s a bit taboo..” you looked to Sam sharing the same look of concern. The woman didn’t hesitate, “I think I’ll have just the thing for you, always the innocent ones huh”.

The woman winked at you, with a “knowing look”. You wanted to laugh but now that the woman’s back was turned Dean was able to communicate more successfully as he mouthed, “Go with it”.

Taking his advice you smiled at the woman, “ Well what exactly did you have in mind?”. To be honest you didn’t want to know the answer. There was enough sexual tension between you and Dean, but now you were in an imaginative relationship about to pick out a sex toy…with Sammy.

She smiled even wider, “ I’m going to let that be a surprise deary, I’m going to take your partner here into the back room and we’ll pick out something you will all enjoy”. You wanted to die right then and there, this was way too awkward.

You opened your mouth to say something but she cut you off, “I can only imagine the whole dynamic of your relationship…” before continuing she looked to Dean and then back at you, “It isn’t naivety that radiates off of you both but rather passion…you can see in your eyes”.

Sam laughed, “I always say the same thing about them…it’s a real dynamic alright”. Your face turned beat red, unsure of how to play this one off. The woman loved it all, “Why don’t I take both men to pick out something to surprise you, in the meantime browse around the shop”.

She began to lead Sam and Dean but then turned back around, “I almost forgot, you both should try out my new perfume, it helps ignite desire”. Before you could object she pulled a small bottle from her pocket, spraying both you and Dean.

From the second you inhaled it you’d known it was a mistake. Sam immediately drew his gun, “ What did you spray on them!?”. Dean had fallen to the floor, and you suddenly felt extremely sleepy yourself.

Unable to keep your eyes open you couldn’t truly process the situation unfolding. All you heard was, “ The cure will make…….it won’t be hard…..they just have to finally….” and then boom you were out cold.

Sam ended up shooting the witch and lighting her on fire. She hadn’t told him about the true cure and swore she never would, so what was the point? Worse came to worse he’d call Rowena and she’d tell him the truth.

Sam managed to get you both into the back of the impala, both still out cold. He knew Dean hated when anyone else drove baby, but drastic times called for drastic measures, and besides he wasn’t exactly in a position to object.  

Before you knew it you felt your body begin to slowly vibrate, and your ears heard a soft hum. Opening your eyes you realized you were in the back of the impala, your head on Dean’s lap. The roar of the engine had woken you up. You shot right up finding out the hard way that was a mistake, “Fuck my head…what happened”.

Dean pushed you back towards his lap, urging you to rest again, “That son of a witch was what happened…she sprayed us with something and then lights out for the both of us”. Sam filled you in on what had happened, and also that he wasn’t quite sure what was going to actually happen to you both.

The entire time Sam was talking all you could think about was how close your body was to Deans, and it felt completely different this time. It felt like each nerve in your body was suddenly awake, and you hadn’t even known they’d been asleep.

Shifting you decided to press your body against the cold impala door, hoping to clear your mind. You were pulled from your thoughts when Dean asked, “Sammy could you turn up the ac, it’s hot as hell in here and we’d both know”.

Sam looked confused, “Dean are you okay it’s 52 degrees out..”. You backed Dean, “No Sammy it’s actually really hot in here, maybe just roll down a window?”. Sam only became more concerned and decided to pull over.

Dean was annoyed, “ Come on Sammy you can’t handle the fact that we’re both hot…why is it such a sin to roll down a damn window!”. He finished the sentence by holding his head, obviously in pain.

Sam pulled out his phone, “ The problem is that you both should be freezing but you’re burning up AND some witch sprayed you with something! We’re gonna get a motel and I’m going to call Rowena”.

You laughed, “Come on Sam it can’t be that serious…maybe we just need to sleep this one off?”. The more you spoke the more you realized you were wrong, your body started to ache all over.

Sam held up a finger warningly, “ I’m not listening to either of you, you’re both too damn stubborn and I’m the one driving here!”. You were waiting for Dean’s response but he was hunched over in pain.

You rubbed his leg trying to ease the pain, but instead it caused him to moan. His eyes went wide, “ I uh…I don’t know what that was…Sammy call the damn witch”. You stood there unsure of what to do, your mere touch had got Dean to moan.

Sam turned back around, “ I’m taking this next exit and we’re staying at the first motel we see”. You and Dean both just nodded, trying to get a handle on things. Your thoughts went to Dean, and the ache throughout your body intensified.

Looking over to him you could tell he was also in pain, but was he thinking about you too? Before you could think any longer Sam pulled into the motel, “ Sweetest Dream” making things even sketchier.

Dean read your mind, “Really Sammy this place?”. Sam pulled in anyways and went to go buy a room, ignoring his brother’s comment. Turning to Dean you took him in again, trying to assess the situation.

When Dean saw you staring he met your gaze and held it, an extremely intense look in his eyes. You tried to dull the moment to stop the heat rushing to your core, “ You don’t look too hot Dean…I think that witch really messed us up”.

Dean licked his lips, “ But you look damn good princess I-”. His sentence was cut off by Sam opening up the car door and shutting the car off. Sam picked up on the fact that he was interrupting something, “ Look incase this thing is contagious I got a separate room for the both of you…I guess you can continue talking in there”.

Trying to hide your desire you got out of the car, “ Have you called Rowena yet?”. Sam nodded his head and helped you and Dean unpack into your shared room. After he placed your bags down he added, “Rowena said she’d be here any second, she’s coming with Cas”.

Dean came and sat down next to you, nearly on top of you. It felt like a magnet was pulling you both together and it took everything in you to not rip his clothes off right then and there. Again Dean rested his hand on your knee, tracing light circles with his thumb.

When you noticed what he was doing you moaned out loud, it felt like Dean was very well rubbing your clit, not your knee. Immediately you looked up at him, “I’m sorry…it just feels so good”.

Dean bit his lip and moved his hand higher up your leg, his touch getting more and more intense. Sam got up and moved towards you both, “ Woah guys… I’m right here….I think that witch really did mess you up”.

With a puff of air Rowena and Castiel where now in the room. Rowena walked over to you both, “ I’ll be the judge of that deary”. It was hard but you snapped out of the trance Dean was putting you in, turning to Rowena.

She looked you both over like a doctor would do; felt your forehead, took your pulse, checked your pupils. Once she was done she rested a hand on her hip, “ Well it’s a simple cure but”…why was there always a but? She continued, “ To cure it they need to sleep together”.

You blushed, “ We what….?”. She smiled, “ Oh honey don’t play dumb the spell only works when the two people sprayed are in love. It’s simple really; you can either sleep together and become cured or let your desire eat you alive”.

Looking to Dean he didn’t seem as hesitant, he wasn’t shocked or beat red like you. Sam crossed his arms against his chest, “ I guess the only thing is to leave you both alone?”. All your nerves came back, of course you wanted Dean but you were afraid he only wanted you because of the spell.

Rowena agreed, “ Sure thing Sam, it’s really all up to them”. Castiel finally added something, “ I wish you both the best of luck with this battle”. Once again the true meaning of a situation flew over his head.

Sam put a hand on his shoulder, “ Sure thing Cas, let’s just go”. With that they all left the room, and you and Dean were alone. You were torn, part of you wanted Dean so badly but the other part was to scared.

Dean put his hand on your upper thigh again, hoping to incite the same pleasure he had before. You got up from the bed, “ Dean I can’t do this….I want to so badly…but not like this”. Your mind was going crazy, but so was your body.

Dean raised an eyebrow, “ What do you mean (y/n)…like this?”. You were trying to process so much emotionally and physically that you couldn’t hide your first thought, “ I don’t want you to sleep with me because some spell Dean…I want it to be real”.

He almost looked hurt, “ This is real (y/n) I want this….I want you”. Still you weren’t convinced, what if it was just the spell talking? You shook your head, “ No Dean, right now your body wants this but tomorrow when you wake up next to me your brain won’t want it..not even for a second”.

Dean got up from where he’d been sitting, “ Didn’t you hear what Rowena said? We have to be in love for this to work…and I didn’t need this spell to let me know how I feel about you princess. I’ve loved you before this but now that I know you feel the same way I’m not scared to lose you”.

Your jaw dropped Dean confessing your love to you was something you’d never thought you’d hear. He took your hands in his, “ I hid what I’d felt because I didn’t think you’d ever feel the same way…didn’t think I deserved you…but what Rowena said reassured me”.

Instinctively you moved your hands to his chest, “ Dean I love you two I never thought you’d feel the same way”. You sentence trailed off when you realized you were actually touching him, again your core aching.

Deans hands moved to your hips, “ You’re so beautiful princess”. He was barely touching you but it was intoxicating, and you needed more. You started to push him back until he fell on the bed, taking you with him.

Straddling him you grinned, “ You don’t look so bad yourself Dean”. Again his hands found your hips, pushing you closer to his body. Resting one hand on his chest you finally leaned down to kiss him.

When your lips touched it felt like you entire body was on fire, and his whiskey flavored lips lit the match. As the kiss went on his hands roamed all over your body, as if he was trying to remember even the smallest details of your body.

You clothes were soon discarded but when Dean noticed you were left in just your bra and panty set he stopped completely. For a moment he didn’t say a word, truly taking you in. Dean then licked his lips, “ you’re even more beautiful than I ever thought possible”.

You bit your lip, his full attention too much for you. He placed a hand on your cheek, “You really are (y/n)”. Hearing him say your name like that drove you crazy, you wanted him so badly.

To let him know how you felt you kissed him again, knowing it would reassure him. As the kiss went on you felt Dean’s member press against you, and that alone made you moan his name.

When he heard you he bucked his hips towards you, needing you just as badly. He nearly begged into your ear, “ Say it again”. This side of Dean was something you only dreamed about, and having it be your reality made you soaking wet.

Before you could answer Dean slide your panties to the side and brushed your clit. It sent shivers down your spin, “ Dean please”. If your eyes weren’t closed you would’ve seen Dean grinning like a madman.

So many nights Dean had laid awake thinking about you in positions like this, coming undone right before him. He massaged your clit, “ That’s it princess, please what?”. If you weren’t so needy you would’ve cursed him for being so smug.

You looked down to him, “ Dean I need you to fuck me…please Dean”. Dean took off his own shorts, and completely took off your underwear. Slowly he undid your bra, and marveled at the sight of you completely naked.

He brought your body closer to his and sucked on your breast, swirling his tongue around your nipple. It was a small area but the pleasure radiated throughout your entire body. With his other hand he massaged your clit again.

You were already getting close, “ Fuck me Dean…I need you”. He flicked his tongue over your nipple before bringing his mouth back up to yours. Dean passionately kissed you again, “Fuck you sound so good begging for me”.

You felt Dean pressing against your entrance, his eyes looking for any doubt in yours. You cupped his cheek, “ Dean I’m sure I love you so much”. His eyes lit up, “ I love you two (y/n)”. With that you felt him slowly enter inside of you, your walls stretching against him.

Adjusting to his size you slowly rocked your hips back and forth. With his hands on your hips Dean guided you, helping you pick up the pace. You both kept moaning, you’d both never felt something this intense before.

As you went faster Dean massaged your clit again, “ Shit (y/n) you feel so good”. Dean took his finger that had been rubbing your clit and licked it, groaning at the taste. Your jaw dropped and the only response you had was to moan.

You started to pick up the pace, needing more of him. You bounced up and down on Dean’s dick and he hit your g-spot each time. The sensation of him pulling out and entering you fully all too much.

His thrusts started getting sloppier, “ Fuck I’m so close”. You felt like your orgasm could hit at any second, “ Me two Dean”. Dean started giving his all into every thrust, and you did the same.

You moved your hips in a circular motion around him, becoming sloppier yourself. Dean massaged your clit even faster getting you closer and closer. He was grunting and cursing, “ Cum for me (y/n)…fuck..cum for me princess”.

His words turned you on even more, pushing you over the edge. When your orgasm hit your body was no longer on fire, but rather waves of pleasure washed of you. Wave after wave rippled through your entire body and your only response was to call out his name.

Dean did the same, and you felt him twitch inside you. As he was cumming all he did was moan your name. All he could process was you and the pleasure you were giving him. His orgasm shook through him.

When it was over you both were left panting, looking into eachothers eyes. Dean pulled out but you still straddled him. Sheepishly you asked, “ Well we’re cured..still love me?”. He laughed and moved to his side, pulling you with him again. Dean dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb, “ Always have, always will”.  

BTS Reaction To: When You Haven’t Shaved in a While (M)

I didn’t know whether it’d be easier to access as a post itself rather than an answer to an ask.

Author’s Note: before saying anything, I really don’t think that any of bts would care if you’re shaven or not. I mean, everything still works down there the same  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯; but you’re looking for something a little specific! I got you fam <3 

When you said “nsfw as possible,” I took it as descriptive as possible. I hope this isn’t too lengthy! It seems like my reactions usually just turn into mini-drabbles. 

seokjin: If your boyfriend Seokjin was ever cooking, it was hard to get his full attention, no matter how pressing your current problems were.

But when the scrumptious aromas of your favorite breakfast meal led you into your apartment kitchen with only a old tank top, tight boy shorts, and nothing else covering you, his usual concentration cracked.

Before any morning greetings or any other gestures were exchanged, his usual position at the kitchen counter was gone and now in front of you.

With those strong arms, he grabbed you by your waist and placed you on the kitchen counter, right before gluing his mouth to yours. His unusual behavior had you coming out of your morning daze and moving your mouth against his with the same amount of passion and desperation.

“If you keep coming into the kitchen like this,” your boyfriend breathed, moving his lips along your jaw and behind your ear, “I’m never gonna be able to cook anything for both of us ever again.

His hands, which were previously taking turns caressing your full breasts and your supple hips, were now teasing at the top of your boxer shorts. This took you by surprise; he never rushed like this, preferring to enjoy your body like one of his favorite foods.

“W-wait,” your hands slid to cover his, halting his movements.

“What’s wrong?” His eyes traveled up to meet yours again that it was almost impossible to deny him from going any further.


“I haven’t shaved yet…”

“Hairless or not, I’m still gonna make you cum around my dick all the same.”

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yoongi: As a perfectionist, Yoongi became frustrated on the job at least twice a week. You, fortunately, were the perfect source of stress relief, resulting in multiple late-night trips to his studio every week.

Tonight was one of these nights, and as of now, you were pressed against his lap, grinding your hips furiously into his.

“Take these off,” your boyfriend mumbled, too focused on the sensitive skin at your neck to remove your clothes himself.

“Y-you’re not scared someone will come in?” You tried to make up any excuse possible to prevent him from seeing your not-so-shaven lady parts.

“What?” He rolled his eyes. “I don’t think that’s ever stopped either of us before, and I don’t think Namjoon has ever minded walking in and seeing-”

“Um, okay,” you interrupted him. “That’s gross, but touching me when I haven’t shaven in a little while is probably even more gross.”

Rolling his eyes again, Yoongi’s eyes, which were moments ago clouded with lust, now had a hard emotion of annoyance.

“Regardless of having shaven or not, I still plan on making you cum in the next five minutes,” Yoongi said rather bluntly, squeezing your thighs. “But it’s ultimately your choice: take it or leave it.”

“I-I’ll take it.”

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hoseok: You were never a morning person. Hoseok, on the other hand, was a whatever-the-day-called-for person. So, if he had the sudden urge to eat you out until you woke up to an orgasm in the early, early, hours of the morning, you weren’t too surprised.

You enjoyed his initial touches in midst of your half-asleep daze, but this time, you yelped as he began pulling your panties off of you. He lifted his head from between your legs with a confused expression on his face.

“What? You’ve never, in the long time we’ve been together, ever opposed to me going down on you!”

“I’m pretty sure you’re opposed to going down on me with a bush blocking your way…”

“Well, I’m still having my morning snack, whether there’s hair down there or not.”

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namjoon: As you lied on your stomach scrolling through Pinterest, you felt the bed dip behind you. Namjoon usually slept during most of his days off, so you didn’t think too much of this sudden movement, that is, until you felt a few open-mouthed kisses against your thighs.

You moaned instinctively at the sudden affection and set your smartphone down beside you.

Rough but soft hands reached up to tug down your Nike shorts, and you tensed up at the dominant action.

His mouth, which was now teasing your aching clit through your flimsy underwear, felt heavenly against you, but your anxiety at not having shaven in a little while picked at your growing bubble of lust.

But his hands held your hips firmly in place, allowing him to continue his assault on your clothed nether regions with his skilled tongue.

“Joonie,” you managed to breath between your noises of pleasure, “I haven’t shaved in a while…”

He usually wasn’t silent during moments like these, but there’s an exception for everything. Instead of answering your worries, he simply pulled down your underwear and spread you apart, all before burying his face between your legs once again.

You hadn’t gotten oral like this in years.

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jimin: Unexpectedly, your boyfriend’s Southeast Asian wing of the world tour was cancelled for bad weather.

This was good and bad for two different reasons.

Obviously, the good was that he would be back in your arms sooner, but the bad was that expecting to not get any action from him for several weeks, you hadn’t been too meticulous with your usual feminine grooming routine.

But like usual, as soon as he came through the door from his long flight, Jimin was already on top of you, trying to get as much of his expert mouth, his skilled hands, and his toned body on as much of your body as humanly possible.  

“Fuck, baby, I don’t think I can wait that much longer,” your boyfriend groaned, reaching to pull down your leggings and underwear all in one go. “I need to be inside of you now.”

You shook your head.

“I-I haven’t shaved since you left…” you murmured, closing your legs shyly. “I don’t think you want to-”

Ignoring your insecurities, he reached into his sweatpants, pulling out his raging erection. You gulped at his bashfulness.

“Do you see this baby?”

You nodded weakly, involuntarily biting your lips at his arousal.

“Then, I think it’s more than obvious to both of us that I won’t care about that when I’m fucking you right now, tomorrow, or ever.”

taehyung: For a couple of days or so, you scurried away from Taehyung whenever he tried to initiate something. Tired of relying on his hand, he decided to make his next move when you were showering; it was the probably the best situation, considering you’d be wet, naked, and afraid.

But when he pulled back the shower curtain, he expected maybe a scream or some curse words, but not you covering your nether regions as if it was your first time.

Taking his confused look as a question, you answered timidly, “I haven’t shaved yet…”

He stepped into the shower immediately and pressed up against you from behind, allowing you to feel the frustration building up inside him over the past three days.

“Baby, if you really think I’m gonna deny myself your sweet little pussy,”

Taehyung paused his sentence to rub at your clit, spurring a whimper from you,

“Because of a few stray hairs, you got me fucked up.”

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jungkook: As the maknae of the group, Jungkook’s urges were more unpredictable than the other members. So, if there was a minimal amount of people around and little to no distractions, Jungkook would pounce when agitated, regardless of the current situation.

Even if you were in the middle of watching the latest Ironman movie that he was so adamant on seeing in the group’s dorm, where his hyungs were bound to be returning to at any given moment.

“I k-kinda wanted to see what happened at the end of the movie,” you complained, attempting to shy away from your boyfriend’s irresistible touches.

“But, baby, you hate Marvel movies,” Jungkook whined, dipping his hand into the waistband of your shorts. “And what’s under these shorts seems a lot more interesting to me right now.”

You keened as his skilled fingers worked at your clit through your flimsy underwear. “But, baby, I haven’t shaved…” 

Despite your protests, your hips ground against his hand, trying to get that friction you’ve needed for so long. It felt too good…

“But, baby,” he repeated the phrase again, nibbling at your sensitive earlobe and causing shivers to wreak havoc on your poor body. “I don’t care about that, because your cute little pussy still tastes and reacts the same way.”

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anonymous asked:

would it be okay for you to do a college au for lee daehwi please? ;3; your college au's are always so amazing and I love reading them!

  • major: psychology 
  • clubs: book club, part of student government as treasurer
  • is that kind of student. the one who does their homework three days in advance, teachers are the ones emailing him about recommendations, tutors others in english, and still manages to look very handsome doing so
  • even though it’s only his first year in college,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,How
  • daehwi claims he has a “system” but when people ask him what it is he just winks and is like ;) a magician never gives away his secret!~
  • (cheesy, but we love it)
  • he initially wanted to go into the literary department, but something about psychology really fits his personality. he kind of likes to over analyze and make predictions 
  • which he claims is NOT the case
  • but his best friend somi was like “daehwi on our first day you literally introduced yourself to that kid daniel and went “from your handshake i can safely assume you’re in the emt field” and now daniel is convinced you can read minds.”
  • but daehwi is like please! that’s not over analyzing- 
  • youngmin: you told me i had a complex about my hair after i told you my favorite color
  • daehwi:,,,,,,,,,,but youngmin it has to do with the fact that people who like green tend to-
  • somi: you’re doing it again
  • but daehwi,,,,,is just a sunflower,,,,,a positive hardworking boy who sometimes comes off a little demanding but he’s,,,,not he’s just trying to help
  • lots of people have already resorted to being mean about him because of their own jealousy but daehwi does his best to push it away,,,,even to the point where he always apologizes in class if he talks too much or seems like he’s looking for attention
  • and somi is always like don’t do that bro but daehwi,,,,as collected and cool as he looks walking through the campus with his psych textbook in hand and a cup of coffee in the other
  • daehwi is just as nervous and scared about being unliked like everyone else,,,,,
  • which is why you really like him
  • see if daehwi is the clean-cut, proper student then you’re the opposite,,,,the type to sit with your legs up on the desk, doodle on your homework, maybe not even show up
  • and you have psych 43 with him,,,,human emotion and,,,,the teacher is always droning on and on about the reading and the only person who ever talks is daehwi
  • who seems so damn bright in a class that is so damn boring
  • and you’ve heard the way people sneer under their breath when he brings up a point, the eye rolling, the ‘whats the point of taking this class if all we hear is that brat talking?’
  • but you’ve also seen daehwi grit his teeth, keep raising his hand, and completely strive to do the best even in a room full of negativity
  • and sure,,,,,you’re not the straight a, study in your free time kind of person daehwi is friends with but you like people that fight for themselves 
  • and one day as daehwi is explaining something you hear someone make a joke calling him something rude and it’s annoying you so you suddenly stand up
  • causing daehwi to freeze mid-sentence and the teacher to raise an eyebrow
  • and you point to the person and you’re like “wanna say that louder, i heard your friend laugh and i want to laugh too.”
  • the teacher is motioning lazily  for you to sit down,,,,but tbh it doesnt really look like he cares all that much and daehwi is like “it’s ok -”
  • but you’re like “c’mon say it. i wanna hear it. make me laugh.”
  • and the person looks terrified,,,,because you’ve never been known to take things with a grain of salt and you’re crossing your arms waiting
  • and the teacher is like “this isn’t high school, sit down-”
  • and you’re like “uhuh i will, but you-” you point at the person now cowering in their seat “ill see you after this lecture. i wanna hear that joke up close and personal.”
  • the teacher just mumbles for everyone to calm down and when you sit back you smirk to yourself knowing god damn well that person will bolt the minute class is over
  • but you also feel daehwi scoot over and he’s like “hey,,,,i don’t usually whisper in class but you shouldn’t fight anyone!!! college expel people for that-”
  • and ur like “don’t worry there’s not going to be a fight that coward wont wait for me anyway”
  • and you look to the side to see daehwi’s obviously concerned expression,,,,,,and ok what - why is he so freaking cute???? 
  • quickly you look back toward the front where the teacher is pointing to something haphazardly on the board 
  • but you feel it,,,,,your heart beat,,,,,,your stomach doing flips,,,,,
  • and with one peek to the side you see it again,,,,,,,,,daehwi’s,,,,,,,,cute,,,,,,cute cute cute,,,,,face
  • as expected with class over you see the stampede of kids run out and the first person infront is that guy you called out
  • and you chuckle to yourself until you suddenly feel someone’s trembling hand on your shoulder
  • and you turn and daehwi is there,,,,,,that face of his flushed pink,,,,,and he’s like “i,,,,,know he was joking about me,,,,,,yo-you didn’t have to stand up for me-”
  • but you’re like “no, i did. daehwi you’re too good for most of the people here. for me especially, but also for those scumbags who try to make you feel bad about being smart. sometimes though, you need to say something so they’ll shut up.”
  • with that you sling your bag over your shoulder and you turn again to leave
  • but daehwi’s voice reaches you again and he’s like “im not,,,,,too good for anyone. but most of all,,,,im not too good for you.”
  • like for a moment you’re confused what does that mean-
  • but then you see daehwi rush over to stand in front of you and that pink flush has gone fULL on red
  • and he’s fiddling with his fingers but he’s also like !!!!! i,,,think you’re amazing and ,,,,, i wish you’d pay attention more in class because i can tell you’re very smart and i just,,,,,,,,l-like—-lik—–aPPRECIATE who you are,,,,,,a lot,,,,,,,,and-”
  • you feel a smile tug at your lips because,,,,oh,,,,is daehwi,,,,,trying to confess something?? but at the same time you’re like thank u,,,,for thinking im capable of more,,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,daehwi
  • and he’s shaking a bit with embarrassment but he’s like y-yes
  • and you step closer to push some hair from his eyes and you’re like “i like you too ^^ or appreciate if thats what you smart kids say.”
  • and daehwi is like RGOJFDLgiefd REALLY but also he’s like,,,,,,,,i m-meant it in a romanti-romantic way
  • and ur like yes i know baby
  • and he’s like baby???!??????? and ur like,,,,oops sorry ur just so cute i had the urge to call you that~~
  • and daehwi is like gijkl i knew u were straightforward,,,,and confident,,,,but ur also,,,,,,flirty,,,
  • and ur like hey hey don’t over analyze this rn mister and he’s like !!!! right!!!!!
  • but it’s cute because you never would have expected the sweet, dedicated student to fall for you,,,,,,,,,,(especially since ur pretty  sure uve slept through ur class with daehwi like 10 times)
  • but apparently daehwi is fascinated and when you reach out to hold his hand u think he might be overheating but ur not 100% sure 
  • college boyfriend!daehwi is,,,,,,amazing. mostly because he really likes sappy things even if he tries to hide it at first,,,,like he likes candles and flowers and romcoms,,,,,,tried to watch a horror movie with you but ended up curled in your lap asking if it was over,,,,,is too shy to come over to your dorm ever which is like so angelic and pure of him he’s always like we should meet up somewhere comfortable like a cafe!! ooo what about the library??? even better,,,,study hall?? like what a nerd but also what a sweet human being???, but he also has a fun side too sometimes daehwi will say something about someone that’s so blatantly savage but he thinks he’s being like observational and you have to put a hand over his mouth before you burst out laughing, makes handmade cards for every holiday, tries to recopy and organize your notes for you but you’re like letsssss cudddllllleee insteeeadd and for a good amount of time he can resist your charm but at some point he melts too, but you melt more than he does because daehwi is soooo good at being obliviously adorable that it hurts, when he’s concentrating and cutely making “aha!” sounds when he solve a problem to sleepily asking you to pet his head, isn’t big on pda but got super giddy over the idea of having matching phone cases, totally made you his phone wallpaper, his phone background, has a photo of you two on his nightstand, sometimes learns corny pick up lines from jisung but is too smart to actually try them out (unless he really wants your attention then you get a text thats like did it hurt when you fell from heaven and ur like ,,,,,,,,daehwi ??? do you have a cold??), refuses to admit he’s sick when he’s sick you have to practically drag him by the ear to the uni nurse, likes knowing you’re thinking of him especially when you two get a moment of alone time and you kiss him and mumble that you wanted to see him really badly and he still gets all shy and squirmy about it but on the inside he is DYING of HAPPINESS, thinks stuffed animals are cute so you guys got couple ones (you almost physically fought samuel when he said that was corny), stays up to study but still manages to have better hair than you and it drives you nuts like hOW, sent you a recording of him reading his notes from that class you have together and it was so smooth and nice you fell asleep to it LOL, wears soft cardigans that you always want to steal but daehwi is like we can just go buy you one?????, you hold daehwi’s face and tell him he deserves the world whenever someone says something dumb or he feels down, somi loves you guys and keeps telling everyone on campus that you and daehwi are set to marry soon, does this cute thing where when he has a surprise for you he can’t help but jump around and get all excited which lets u know he’s hiding something up his sleeve tBH he’s kinda easy to read, has an amazing singing voice that you didn’t know about until he actually wrote you a song for your birthday about how he loves you like a lot and you practically threw yourself into his arms and he laughed against your neck but seriously daehwi is so perfect you never understand how you got sOOOOO lucky (he says the same thing about you tho hehe) 

find others here: ong seongwoo | kang daniel 

Reasons to go see the new Power Rangers movie

I’m a child of the 90′s. Power Rangers reigned supreme in my household when I was growing up. And when my brother, who is 9 years younger than me, started getting into Power Rangers, it was a way for us to bond. So obviously I was excited about the reboot.

Originally posted by lunarskye

Listen, I might be biased because of my nostalgia, but damn did I love this movie! Here’s why everyone should leave their house immediately and go watch this film.

1. Diverse Cast: I don’t really need to say it, but this cast is insanely diverse! So many different groups are represented in this movie! Every ranger is of a different ethnicity, which is acknowledged and appreciated by each member! And, beyond the surface differences that can be seen, there is an LGBTQ ranger and a ranger who is on the autism spectrum. One of my favorite parts is that we don’t need to speculate whether or not he might have special needs - he just comes right out and says it. “I’m on the spectrum…It’s a diagnosis.” And while he might have been protected a little more by the others, they didn’t try to baby him which is common for a lot of people who don’t often interact with people who have special needs. Instead, they utilized his strengths and worked with him to build his weaknesses.

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2. Fantastic Acting: I gotta give a shout out to the actors who played the rangers. Holy cow, were y’all amazing! I’m honestly stunned with Becky G’s performance and how well she did, but that’s mostly because I haven’t followed her music career and seen what she can do. Girl, you were so good! And I believe that this was the first movie some of them have ever acted in. I’ll admit that the script was a little corny sometimes, but honestly it was 10X better than any script from the tv show, and the actors played them SO GOOD!!!!!

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3. Great Chemistry: Some of these friendships felt so authentic and beautiful to me. A few interactions didn’t really excite me (Zack & Jason, mostly), but the rest of them held their own. Kimberly & Trini and Jason & Billy, for instance. The two girl rangers had such amazing chemistry together and every scene they did felt like they’d been friends their whole lives. There’s a lot of people shipping those two, but I’d be genuinely upset if anything less platonic happened between them. I just want Kimberly to be the girl friend that Trini comes to for girlfriend advice because their friendship is so great! Jason & Billy really were the BROTP of the movie though. The way Billy always looked to Jason for any minor thing had me laughing my ass off.

Originally posted by weaseltotheface

4. A Really Good Bad Guy: Anyone who’s ever seen the tv show knows that Rita Repulsa was kind of lame. She did the same thing every episode and hardly ever left her evil lair to do her own dirty work. Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa was actually kind of a scary bad guy. She wasn’t all talk, and the girl wasn’t afraid to get nasty. I can appreciate that in a villain.

5. Nostalgia: If you were also a big fan of the tv show, this movie has loads of amazing easter eggs for you! I was literally in the theater chanting “Megazord! Megazord! Megazord!” Not to mention Alpha’s “aye aye aye,” and the songs being played, and just ugh! My childhood heart was hurting.

Originally posted by originalyellowranger

6. Potential Sequel: The ending was set up for a sequel (wait for the credits and an extra scene will come) and honestly it has so much potential for what could come of the power rangers! I need it, and frankly, it hasn’t done that well at the box office so without your support there might not be a sequel at all!

All in all, this movie was really good and I would just love to share it with everyone and tell them to love it!

Something’s Brewing

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A/N: Ahhhhh!!!!! It’s my first fic/imagine whatever you want to call it!! I;m so so so excited to post this and I could not have done it without the help of my lovely friends Em ( @spideyparkerimagines), Bee ( @teatimewrites) I would not have been able to do it without you two!! And thank you so much to @holy-smoaks96 for the title! Please please please send in feed back on this because it’s my first time writing for a character(s) that aren’t my own!!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader 

Word count: 2159

Tips: Bold and Italic are from Y/N, just italic are from Peter!

Peter Parker was running late to school, again. With the late night he had last night, Spiderman duties, hanging out with Ned, cooking and having dinner with May, and doing all his homework, he slept straight through his first 2 alarms.

When the brunette haired boy finally wakes up, he starts running around his room looking for his jeans, shirt and sweatshirt, and shoes. And his backpack.

“Shit!” Peter looks out into the alley outside his apartment window where he thought he left his backpack last night. “Another backpack lost. May’s gonna kill me.”

Peter shakes his head and walks into the kitchen to tell May goodbye and hurry off to school.

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your wish is my command ;-)
also this contains some domestic!reddie <3333333
how about i just… start writing these tattoo hcs and fics. nothing else. 
ever. again. 

lmao just kidding

it’s a little long but… you know me by now. i couldnt write these short even if i TRIED

(part 1 part 2)

  • so richie and eddie move together when they’re both 20 and it’s a cute lil condo
  • the day is february 12th when they do it
  • even tho richie has been basically living at the kaspbrak house for the past 12 months, it’s their ACTUAL own house now
  • so richie now has a full-hand sleeve on his left hand and it is so freaking hot
  • then there’s obvs the wolf tattoo and the heart on his chest and even a lil ice cream cone on his ankle. (*cough* 4th of july parade when eddie bought them ice cream *cough*)
  • eddie can’t handle all the hotness that richie is bc now he’s seeing him literally every day
  • and he can’t stop staring at his boyfriend’s beautiful ink covered body
  • like when they’re cuddled up watching a movie
  • “eddie my hand is not the screen”
  • “idc”
  • when richie is making them breakfast without a shirt on eddie is just admiring him from afar  
  • “wow im tapping that
  • when richie falls asleep eddie is just tracing the outlines of the tattoos with his fingers and this is a fact™
  • one time richie got a scratch on one of them and eddie was freaking out … and it wasn’t over the germs first
  • and once a girl working in the movie theater said richie’s neck tattoo is really cool with a way too wide smile that triggered eddie
  • “IT IS ,,, ISN’T IT????” he calls from behind richie and immediately sneaks his hands around richie and the girl is a little weirded out (and disappointed probably) and just hands them their tickets
  • that’s right don’t look at my hot tattooed boyfriend he’s mine -eddie, all the time @ everyone who looks at richie a little too long probably
  • anyway one morning they’re sharing some lazy morning kisses in the bed and eddie is again completely heart eyes over his punk!boyfriend
  • then richie starts kissing eddie’s neck and eddie says something richie wasn’t expecting
  • “richie,,, i want a tattoo”
  • richie makes a weird slurpy sound mid- hickey sucking and lifts his face
  • “what???”
  • “yeah”
  • “you want a tattoo????”
  • eddie blushes a lil bc richie is so confused
  • “yeah” he nods
  • richie kinda just stares at him bc eddie???? his pure eddie wants a tattoo???
  • but then after a good five seconds (where eddie regrets saying his wish out loud) he’s like aw hell yES  
  • “well damn okay SURE”
  • eddie is a wide smile happy boi bc he has the cutest idea
  • they make an appointment for eddie and it’s to leah
  • they eat chinese food out of the cardboard takeaway boxes on their living room floor that night
  • “what’s it gonna be tho” asks richie
  • “you’ll see” eddie just says before munching some more spring rolls
  • it’s a small tat so leah had time for eds the next day!!
  • eddie is a little nervous bc it’s his first tattoo and he has no idea how much it’s going to hurt and taking from richie’s face that one time… well .. yeah
  • “r u nervous” leah asks as eddie sits down to the chair
  • WTF DO U THINK he wants to say
  • “a lil” he in reality says bc he’s a sweet boy
  • leah just smiles while she’s preparing the stuff
  • “dont worry im a good tattooer”
  • richie is a worried boyfriend™
  • “eddie r u sure you wanna do this. r u sure you’re not gonna pass out or anything. i mean it’s your first one.”
  • “richie im FINE”
  • “ok but i can hold ur hand”
  • eddie’s tummy fills with butterflies bc richie is the cutest
  • richie is sitting on the left side of eddie’s chair as the tattoo will be on his right arm (the outside bicep) and richie can’t see it this way
  • “ok im gonna start now” leah says
  • eddie mentally prepares himself
  • “just saying eddie u can still grab my hand”
  • and in goes the needle
  • eddie winces and immediately grabs richie’s hand
  • “its ok bby” -richie
  • (<33333: eddie, and me writing this and probably you, reading this)
  • halfway tru eddie lets go of richie’s hand
  • “why’d you’d let go are you pASSING OUT”
  • “no im fine richie your hand is just sweaty”
  • blushy richie but also upset richie bc >:( why wont eddie hold his hand thru this painful experience >:(
  • the tattoo hurts of course but it’s not as bad as eddie would have imagined. besides he did get his arm broken by a killer clown so
  • “oookay!!! it’s done!!!” leah then finally says and eddie whistles in relief
  • “BOUT TIME I WANNA SEE IT” says richie
  • eddie gets up and richie grabs his arm gently, staring at the tattoo on it but frowns
  • “what is it…”
  • it’s a odd pair of roman numerals
  • “it’s a date” eddie says
  • “what date” richie asks
  • wtf eddie he’s confused he thought you were gonna tattoo like. a squirrel on a skateboard or something
  • “don’t u know any of the numbers?” eddie asks, he’s waiting for richie to get it
  • “i know tha one means 1” richie says
  • eddie smiles
  • “and that means 2.”
  • “yes….” his bf is cute when he has his thinking face on
  • “2…12…” richie frowns
  • “and what date would that be” eddie asks, amused
  • “february 12th” richie says
  • he thinks about it for a moment
  • then his eyes widen and he moves his gaze up to stare at eddie who’s already staring back into his eyes and has a warm smile on his face
  • “you….. you… you tattooed the date we moved together….???” richie asks
  • eddie nods
  • richie wants to CRY
  • he can’t believe eddie would tattoo the date he moves together with someone like richie
  • because to richie it was obviously the best thing to ever happen to him because his childhood home was a hellhole and now he’s living together with his boyfriend who he adores and he couldn’t be happier
  • but eddie????
  • THAT EDDIE. would tattoo. a milestone. like that. on his skin. forever
  • “holy shit” eddie blurts out
  • “what”
  • “are you CRYING
  • richie however doesn’t even try to hide it unlike eddie did when it came to the inhaler
  • “i can’t believe u tattooed that” he sniffs
  • “well obviously” eddie smiles and wipes a tear from under richie’s eye
  • “i love u” richie says
  • “i love u too bunny” eddie says
  • ((bc he might just call richie bunny??? just decided))
  • then there’s a clear of throat so quickly they turn around and richie wipes some more of his tears away
  • “im sorry you guys are really cute and everything but i got another customer coming in five minutes so” leah says
  • “RIGHT. sorry” eddie says and hands the money
  • thank you’s are exchanged and then the cutest gay couple in town walks out of the shop
  • “know what richie???”
  • “what?” richie asks, still taken aback and a little absent because he’s still trying to process how does eddie kaspbrak love him so much
  • “i think im gonna get a new one next week”
  • richie stares at him wide eyed
  • “probably to my other arm or something” eddie casually shrugs
  • just imagine cute sweet eddie suddenly getting tattoos. imagine cute sweet now tattooed eddie wearing oversized sweaters and smoking cigarettes. and imagine him getting a nose ring. imagine his brown hair getting a lil longer and messier….
  • because richie did
  • and now he’s going to pass out

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“I Could Worship You Forever”

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Everything around him is grey. That’s all he’s ever known. There’s this emptiness in him, the ache of something missing, the need for something more. The dull colours around him are his normality and he’s grown accustomed to their familiarity. It doesn’t stop him from longing though. Longing for the love, the happiness, the completeness that comes with meeting your soulmate. 

“Harry? Harry!”


“You alright man? You zoned out for a little there.”

“Yeah… Yeah I’m fine.”

Shifting his eyes to where Harry’s were lingering, Mitch sees what had caught Harry’s attention. It was a couple sat on a table adjacent to them, the look of adoration obvious on their faces, the desirous look obvious on Harry’s.

“You know it’ll happen for you, right?”

“Sure, that’s realistic. You’ve got Sarah, you’ve found your soulmate. I’m 23 and I haven’t seen a bright colour in my life. Maybe there just isn’t someone for me, maybe I need to accept that I don’t have a soulmate.”

“Hey don’t talk like that. There’s a soulmate for everyone. You’ll meet yours, there’s no doubt in my mind.”

“But how am I supposed to know if she’s my soulmate? What if I’ve already met her and let her go?”

“If you have doubts that she’s the one, then she’s not the one.”

Mitch’s words are replaying in his mind, ‘there’s a soulmate for everyone’  but he just can’t shake the though that maybe there’s not. The lack of that kind of love, the eminence movie scene kind of love, has left him as a desiccated mind, a series of dried out dreams and thinly aching hope. Music is brittle against him, words fall to the floor like glass. 

“Oh I’m sorr-”

He’s knocked, literally, out of his mental pity party and as soon as they touch, he feels it. The lightening strike little bullets his mother told him about when he was younger. The memories of bedtime stories about love and how it would feel like electric blue neon lights among pitch black longing come flooding back. He doesn’t know what to do, this wasn’t something he’d prepared for because he’d lost hope of it ever happening for him. It’s when they lock eyes that he sees it. The dullness around him fading away and in its place is vibrant, screaming colour. Everything iridescent and brand new and so, so, unbelievably happy.

“Oh my god, it’s you”

Her voice breaks his astonished trance and, he swears, love has a voice and it is hers. Her dropped jaw and wide eyes reminiscent of his own.

Oh my god.”

“Like it’s actually you.”

“Oh my god.”

“Like you’re actually you and you’re right the-”

She’s cut off from her ramblings with his lips, it’s raw and desperate and he’s holding her face in his hands like he’s scared she’s going to disappear. It’s like everything was suddenly worth it, like their love is the only thing worth living for. They had to pull apart to breathe but his hands remained on her face, his forehead rested against hers, not wanting her too far him yet.

“I can’t believe I found you. I’ve been waiting so long for you. I don’t even know your name and I already know I’m going to love you for the rest of my life.”

“Y/N, my name’s Y/N.”

Her name feels at home in his head and she’s crying. The overwhelming sense of love that’s in her veins is something so alien to her. He’s so beautiful, she’s never seen someone quite so breathtaking.

“I’m Harry- H, you can call me H. Everyone I love calls me H.”

The words ‘I love you’ seem so inadequate. Obviously he loves her, she was made specifically for him to love but he only knows that tonight he’s feeling more love than he’s felt before and he can feel this growing every time he feels her touch. All he knows is he’s going to love her until his last breath. He can’t let her leave yet, can’t be without her so soon, needs the hazy happiness that she brings around him for now. Forever.

“Would you like to come home with me?”

She watched him offer his hand to her and as she took it she knew she was already home.

Everything feels like it’s falling together, like she slips into his broken places as if they were holding hands, their fingers interlocked by pain and love, like with her past scars don’t even matter. They only exist because of a path that led him to here. To her. To this. He was loved gently that night, his lips drank red wine from her glass while they spoke quietly about anything and even the smallest things mattered. It’s funny how happiness is so easily expressed yet it also makes us so easily vulnerable. They felt so safe with each other, like their ghosts knew each other in past life’s, not scared of the secret truths they’d shared with only each other. 

He’s always believed in love, never like this though. He’s heard it in church bells and the laughter of children. He’s felt it for people and places and the way the sun paints the sky. He never thought it would consume him the way it has with her. With her it is beautiful beyond measure and frightening beyond compare and it always feels like something more than love. More like adoration, more like she’s the sensation of falling he gets when he’s sat still in his chair.

He makes her feel like a poem, like one of his poems where his fingers have touched every single goddamn word. He is the moon and she is the ocean, only he gets away with disturbing her tides. He wants to kiss her madly and decadently with everything in his being tuned to her beating heart. He wants her pulse on his lips. Always. They know they’re each others forever’s, confirmed in a whispered conversation between them as she’s falling asleep in his arms for the first time and he’s wondering how many times he can fall in love with the same person.

“I need you.”

“For what?”

“For life.”

coffee? - tom holland

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this isn’t requested, but i’ve had this idea but i was gonna ask someone else to write it because my writing has literally gone to shit. but basically you’re doing work placement/apprenticeship on the spiderman set. you’re like 17/18 (if you’re not use you’re imagination) and tom flirts and yeah lets give it a go. i’ll probably worth half of this and then went and listens to blind or some rap and then came back to this like four days later. i’ll stick to acting instead of writing thnx. PS m’ sorry if some of the terminology I use you don’t understand, I’m a drama student so there might be some terminology (probably not though). 

requested; nah boi

pairing; tom x reader

warnings; terrible flirting

word count; 950 words 

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  • okay but falling asleep on peter in the evening 
  • of course it’s an accident 
  • not that you just wanted to be closer to peter 
  • because there’s no way you could be developing feelings for your best friend 
  • no, not your adorable best friend who makes you so unbelievably nervous
  • but still is always the best part of your day 
  • definitely & completely platonic, of course
  • it’ll just be like you & peter are sitting on the couch 
  • definitely not cuddling just sitting very close to each other
  • watching movies while you have the apartment to yourself bc may’s out running errands 
  • it’ll drizzling a bit outside but it’s nice white noise as you snuggle closer because lord peter is warm
  • and then the rain gets heavier 
  • and it’s so relaxing & so is snuggling with peter
  • and man his shoulder looks so comfy 
  • peter has to hold in his gasp when you let your head lay on his shoulder 
  • no he definitely does not have a crush on you how absurd
  • but yes you’ve discovered peter’s shoulders are like fucking pillows 
  • your eyes just start to droop and… you know…
  • aunt may comes home to peter, still very awake due to the closeness between you two & you, fast asleep on his shoulder
  • he’s so torn between letting you sleep, moving so you can sleep on the couch or taking you to like an actual bed to sleep 
  • but this is PETER 
  • he’s super insecure and is thinking
  • ‘there’s no way she’s sleeping like this at this angle, it’s a really awkward position’
  • but he can’t help but hope this means something?? but also is supa anxious
  •  ‘what if she wakes up and forgets that she fell asleep on me and she’ll think i’m trying to take advantage of her or something oh no thaT IS THE LAST THING I WANT’
  • but now he’s shifting a bit too much 
  • he’s still thinking ‘she definitely can’t be comfortable on my shoulder i should let her like lay down on the couch’ 
  • but then you stir and he freezes instantly like 
  • he’s adorably afraid about waking you up because you’re so peaceful when you sleep 
  • aunt may walks by again and sees peter has barely moved 
  • he obviously still have no clue what to do with this cute girl he has a crush on snoozin on him 
  • he’s like wide eyed at may like HELP ME
  • may just whisper yells at him she’s obviously tired! go, like, i don’t know, put her in your bed! 
  • peter gets so pale
  • thought overload 
  • i-in my bed? really? what if she thinks it’s creepy?? what if she think i’m a creep????
  • may is facepalming at peter and all his little worries
  • no! stop overthinking it, she’s just sleeping!! plus i’m pretty sure girls swoon over this type of thing!
  • but you, a lil sneak
  • you’ve been awake this entire time 
  • you definitely awed silently at how worried peter was about being a creepy 
  • like how many times do i have to say what a gentleman
  • you’re definitely hoping that he’ll actually take you to his bed 
  • because one that’s adorable 
  • and two, you are a little cold out on the couch 
  • three, sleeping with peter yes please but strictly platonic of course
  • peter, nervous out of his mind but with may’s encouraged nod
  • slips his hand gently beneath your knees and the other around you waist till your practically curled into him 
  • he can’t help his little heart jump when you snuggle closer 
  • & to peter you’re the lightest thing ever like what 
  • he walks so softly & slowly, trying his best to make sure he doesn’t wake you 
  • slipping into his room, he’s suddenly faced with an entirely new problem
  • “oh no do i put her under the covers or on top?? is it creepy to put her under the covers?? what if she’s cold???” 
  • you’re still awake but getting sleepier by the second
  • because peter is like a goddamn space heater and you could completely fall asleep right there in his arms
  • but peter’s already moving, as delicately as he can, putting you under one of his blankets 
  • smiling when you curl up instantly
  • he’s really fucking surprised when you whisper out of nowhere 
  • nooo, now i’m cold 
  • peters just like what yOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING
  • oh, um i can get you another blanket? or you can, uh, y-you can get under the covers if you–
  • you peek your eyes open, grinning before you grab his sleeve and tug him towards the bed
  • peter, blushing but extremely pleased, gets the message and like awkwardly scoots in beside you 
  • are you sure?? i don’t want to make you uncomfortab– 
  • shhh, you’re warm and i don’t think you’d ever be capable of being a creep peter parker so shhhh and sleep
  • it’s silent for a couple more minutes before you notice peter keeps shifting nervously
  • so you just grab his hand in a silent message like “it’s fine, you’re fine, you can sleep” 
  • you give it a little squeeze and get one in return, not knowing that peter was watching as you smiled at that
  • he wants to tell you then
  • he wants to blurt out how much he loves every little thing about you & would be happy to even watch you talk about the dumb things
  • like your strong opinion on that flavouring of gummy bears or something
  • because he’s just a loveable dork who loves you too much 
  • and he desperately wants to tell you
  • but instead
  • this is enough for him at the moment
  • so he just closes his eyes & sleeps, breathing in the heavy rain outside, the glow of the streetlights and the smile of girl he’s in love with 

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Ok,,,,ok so,,,,,platonic hance hcs?

Oh, hell yes. Let’s go.

Just warning you,,, these are gonna be all over the place.

-They were roommates even before they were put on the same team for the simulator, and have been best friends since the very first day

  • Lance walked into their dorm with headphones in, singing Shakira, probably at the top of his lungs in Spanish
  • When Lance realized Hunk was staring he shrieked, jumped a foot in the air and then just kind of,,, awkwardly waved
  • “The name’s Lance” with a voice crack
  • Hunk was having a really bad day up til then but he just burst into laughter

-They talk about their homesickness a lot, both at the Garrison and on the castle

  • They have a lot of uplifting chats— they know all of each others insecurities

-Lance loves Hunk’s hugs more than life itself, or just interaction with Hunk in general for example

  • ‘surprise piggy back rides’ as lance calls them where he just jumps on Hunk’s back
  • They watched cheesy movies and would crowd into one bed and cuddle, something they still do at the castle on occasion
  • Hunk likes to pick Lance up when he’s in the middle of a sentence because he’ll shout really loudly like “so anyway Keith was all like wow I’m emo and— hUNK!!! PUT ME DOWN!”
  • Lance also loves surprise trust falls because Hunk always catches him (unlike Keith,,,, Lance is still salty)
  • ,,,Hand holding
  • And they obviously have a secret handshake

-Lance admits that he’s a bad influence on Hunk— they would sneak out almost every weekend

  • Once Lance nearly got arrested
  • Hunk has sworn never to tell another living soul but he has pictures from The Incident™ and may or may not have sent them to Pidge

-They have the stupidest arguments that usually end up in both of them laughing hysterically at the sheer ridiculousness

  • Never actually been seriously mad at each other

-Hunk once visited Lance’s family for part of summer vacation and they all loved him

  • Lance’s mom taught him all of his favorite recipes, which Hunk surprised him with
  • At the Garrison Hunk would always say hi when Lance skyped them

-And because of that Lance starting crashing Hunk’s Skype calls and,,,, his moms love Lance and think he’s wonderful

-Iverson made fun of Hunk once, and Lance was not happy

  • After comforting Hunk, Lance decided he’d take all the blame for shifty simulator flying on himself
  • He also pulled a series of pranks on Iverson and blamed them on Keith
  • Lance got caught, but it was worth it even if he got detention (Hunk snuck him thank you snacks)

-Basically if you tease Hunk, Lance will mess you up and Hunk is always nice,,, EXCEPT for when someone makes his best friend upset

-Hunk and Lance started having conversations with ‘bro’ being every other word ironically to piss off Pidge

  • and now they can’t stop

-Hunk’s headband was a gift from Lance

  • Because Lance was straight up RAISED on Naruto, and now it’s like an inside joke between them
  • Because everyone thinks that the headband is really cool and it’s literally a gift from his best friend because of the anime they binge-watched together at 3 AM after exams
  • speaking of exams

-Hunk would tutor Lance in academic classes, because Lance was sure that his teachers were out to get him

  • And Lance would, of course, sneak into the simulator room with Hunk late at night and teach him how to fly it because Hunk’s always liked the idea of piloting

-They still give each other hugs before all the dangerous missions, because they both know there’s always a chance something could go wrong

  • And whenever one ends up in a pod the other hardly ever leaves the infirmary

-Hunk is 10/10 best wingman, best supportive friend, best bro you could ever ask for

  • Lance tests out his pick up lines on him
  • Lance also puts in a good word for any girl Hunk likes while he blushes in a corner

-Hunk knows all of Lance’s weird skin care routines and is so used to them by now that it’s almost comical

  • Lance: *walks into the room in a robe, a towel around his head, full face mask with cucumbers and headphones on, bopping his head to the beat*
  • Everyone: *stares*
  • Hunk: *without looking up from his computer* oh, hey lance

-Hunk gets nightmares

  • Lance is basically his security blanket and you can’t convince me otherwise
  • Lance has sang to sleep at least once okay
  • Let me have this

-They both know really random trivia facts about each other, and try to work them into conversation as much as possible

  • “Did you know that Spanish is Lance’s first language? When he first got to the Garrison, he could barely hold a conversation in English! He was almost…shy! And look at him now! A chatterbox!”
  • “Oh my god,,, don’t tell them that.”

-They also have,,, like,,, ten million inside jokes both from during their space adventure and from before

  • Keith: That alien looks kinda like a huge jellyfish.
  • Lance: Wow that’s a pretty nice hat
  • Hunk: *snorts*
  • Everyone: ?????
  • Anytime anyone says the word peaceful, they both shout (in unison) “mAYBE PEACEFUL MEANS SOMETHING E L S E IN ALTEAN”
  • Back at the Garrison, one time Hunk was talking about how much he loved salsa because he knows Lance’s mom made it sometimes and he wanted a conversation starter but… Lance thought he meant the dance and signed them up for a club so,,, now they salsa dance together at every party
  • And of course they quote Naruto at each other whenever it’s remotely relevant like
  • Allura: The aliens on this planet are a very close knit species. We don’t want to separate them; they want to ensure the protection of their people.
  • Lance, nodding: When people are protecting something truly special to them, they truly can become… as strong as they can be. *wink @ Hunk*
  • Allura: that’s… that’s very wise Lance
  • Hunk: *chokes on his food goo*

-Thank you for your time and if you want more headcanons just let me know because while I mostly do writing this??? Was so fun???

How would NCT U (minus Mark) + Johnny + Hansol confess to you?


Hello Anon! Thank you for the request. I’m so excited to write and post this since this is my first request. Please bear with me because I have no idea if my writing is any good or not! Thank you and enjoy ;-)

Hansol: I see Hansol as a guy who’d fall completely head over heels for someone, yet keep it quiet for so long. He’d constantly be in utter awe of you, always smiling and staring at you when you’re not looking. Obviously, you wouldn’t have realized his feelings either, even though you were also head over heels for him. 

One time, you’d catch him staring at you when you two were eating at the dorms. “Hansol?” you’d ask. “Hmm.” “Wh-what are you looking at?” Suddenly a wave of confidence would overcome him and he’d move his chair a little closer to you, so close that now your knees were touching. You gulp. He smiles. “You have no idea how much I admire you, do you?” He’d blurt out. Reaching out, he’d reach forward and place one hand on your arm and the other on the back of your head. When you didn’t say anything, Hansol said: “I was happy to just like you secretly, but now I really can’t help it. I like you Y/N…b-but…but it’s okay if you don’t like me back. I’m really sorry for that. I mean, i know it’s a bit weird me sud-!” You leaned forward, kissing his lips softly, but then suddenly pulling back and looking down in embarrassment. “I like you too, Hansol”.

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Johnny: Obviously, this guy is full of confidence. He’d be so certain of his feelings and would take every opportunity just to compliment you and talk to you. At first, you thought he was just being nice for the sake of being polite, but when you noticed how he always avoided girls other than you, or turned down their offers of dating, you questioned why. Why wouldn’t he want to go out with these gorgeous, model-like girls/guys with perfect laughs and interesting lives? You were kind of hoping that this mean that he liked you, but that little voice in the back of your head would always remind you that, Johnny would never, ever, ever date someone like you. 

“Oh Johnny! That is hilarious! How do you do it? You know, you should show me those photos one day!” An SM trainee was currently stuck to Johnny, leeched to his side ever since he entered the practice room. It was clear Johnny was uncomfortable, and although he may be confident, he definitely wasn’t comfortable in telling them to basically “go away”. When he saw you, he practically pleaded with your eyes to come and save him. You walked over grabbed his hand and walked straight back out of the room to a different practice room, him following closely behind. You couldn’t watch them fuss over him like that.

Johnny was stunned at your actions and immediately questioned you on this, as the door shut behind you. “Y/N…? Thanks for that. I can’t deal with her right now?” “Why do you always turns down dates Johnny?” you asked; it had been bothering you for so long. You hoped he’d say something like “because I want you”. But when he actually said that, you were now the one stunned. 

“Me? You want- me?”

“I want you. I really do, have you only just realized?” He grinned at you. “What do you say? Wanna give it a go?”, opening his arms.

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Taeil: I think Taeil would have to know you for a very long time before confessing to you. Maybe even years. Probably because he’d want to make sure his feelings were real and it wasn’t some kind of high school crush. But with you, within weeks, he knew it was real. He’d still wait ages before confessing. Not out of shyness or embarrassment but because he’d want to ensure that he did all he could to make you like him back. He wasn’t going to wait months to confess and then get turned down, especially by you. You also liked him back and you also had the same thoughts on confessing (waiting a long time). I don’t think he’d necessarily ask you out straight up. He’d start by handing your hand more, complimenting your hair or outfit. He’d move on to asking you to go shopping with him or ask more for your opinion on what he should wear. Then he’d move on to more physical contact; he’d hug you more and have his arm over your shoulders. It was would be so gradual that you didn’t even realizing what he was doing (not that you were complaining though lol)

Then suddenly, all those pent up feelings would be out one day. 

You’d both be alone at the dorms, probably watching some movie and eating food. You begged him to watch a rom-com with you, which he happily let you do. On the couch, you had your head on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around you tightly. Sitting like this together was normal for the two of you, despite being “just friends”.

But, when you lifted your head to look at him and tell him how funny that scene was or how romantic it was, he suddenly kiss you pushing you down on the couch so he was hovering your body with his. Of course, you’d kiss back, leading to a passionate make out session between you two (yum. nice one)

Taeil pulled back, blushing profoundly from his sudden outburst. “Sorry Y/N, I guess we just made up for all those months we could’ve been kissing for”.

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Taeyong: Taeyong is probably the type to give you something when he confesses. However, I don’t think he’d be the type to actually physically confess to you. I can see staying up after practice on his bed, with his laptop on his knees and headphones on his head. For weeks, he’d work on a mix-tape CD for you. For some songs he’d remix one of his favorite songs. Others he’d put your favorite songs on. And for the others, he’d write songs for you- a mix of both rapping and singing. He’d make sure they were perfect for you and that when he sung/rapped for you, he’d out as much passion and love into those words as possible. He might even get his husband Yuta or other husband Jaehyun or son Winwin to listen to them and tell him how to perfect them. On the front of the CD case, he’d just attach a Polaroid of the two of you as well as your name and his. He’d make sure to make two copies- one for you and one for him- and then get one of the younger members like Jeno to hand deliver it to you.

When Jeno gave you the CD, all he said was: “listen to it then talk to him”. Obviously you didn’t know what his was talking about, but when you saw your name and Taeyong’s on the front, your heart fluttered at the thought of him actually making something for you. It wasn’t until late that evening you had the opportunity to listen to it. Like Taeyong did for all those months, you were in your room, on your bed, laptop on your knees and headphones on your head. Resting your head against the wall, you closed your eyes and listened. You listened to your favourite artists singing about love and confessing. You listening to Taeyong’s favourite songs that he ha remixed. And you listened, in awe, to Taeyong soothing voice singing. At one point you could’ve sworn to have heard your name in some of the songs. It took you over an hour and a half to listen to the CD (excluding listening to Taeyong’s songs just a couple more times each)

You phoned him at 3 am in the morning, hoping he was still awake and willing to talk. He picked up almost immediately, quickly bringing the phone to his ear, anxious to hear what you thought.

“Did you make that for me Tae?” you asked softly.

“Yeah. I hope you know what I was trying to say”, he replied, eyes closing as he held his breath for your rely.

“That you like me? That you want me to go out with you?” you raised your voice slightly, apprehensive.

“Yeah. Yeah, I really like you”, he breathed. “Hell, I’m almost in love with you now. It took me months to make that, and I think its just made me like you so much more.”

“Well…I think you/ll find that I really really really almost love you too Tae”.

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Doyoung: Honestly, Doyoung would probably be so adorable when he confesses. I see as Doyoung being very confident with his feelings, like Johnny, and as soon as he was sure of his feelings for you, would want to confess to you as soon as possible. 

He’s always so bright and happy in general but around you this would increase by 364737384744% (that’s a lot BTW) His eyes would light up whenever he saw you. He’d follow you everywhere pretty much, not in a creepy way, but in a nice way (IDK is that even possible? It is now) You didn’t mind his company either. Your naturally quiet manner made him more fascinated by you. Around others, you’d be quite shy, but with Doyoung, you’d be more vocal .Everyone noticed this positive change in you, which only made you like him more. 

One day, when you walking around the city, Doyoung suddenly stopped you in your tracks and asked you to close your eyes. For some reason, you did and blushed fiercely when you felt his lips press a kiss on your forehead, then your nose, then your cheeks. You opened your eyes to see Doyoung looking at you shyly, a light bush across his cheeks. He’d suddenly smile and tell you that he’s always liked you. When you replied that you felt the same way, he’d smile even wider pulling you in for a hug.

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Ten: Okay, I can totally see Ten asking you out by doing something related to dancing. He knew how much you loved it when he danced. You were always so supportive and positive for him, which only motivated him to do even better to impress you. You had known him for for only a short while, but the two of you soon developed strong feelings for each other. It was obvious on both parts. You knew he liked you, he knew you liked him, everyone knew you liked each other, yet neither of you ever made a move. 

However, when Ten overheard Yuta talk about how beautiful you look all the time and how he’d love to dance with you one day, jealously quickly built up within him. Yuta liked you- but only as a friend, and Ten knew that. But that didn’t stop him from feeling just a little bit threatened that someone could easily take you away from him. He decided to do something to confess his love for you at last. When he asked you to be his dance partner for a reality show (which he did not give the name of), you happily accepted- this would be your chance to finally get close to him. 

For weeks, you two practiced together every night after he practiced with his group. It was a mix of hip-hop and street dance with a love story running through it. You loved it. He loved it. Everyone loved it. 

One night, you were practicing together and at the end of the song, instead of letting go of you, Ten kept you close to him in his arms. You were confused as to why he was holding onto you so tightly, his head in the crook of your neck and his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You could feel his heart racing and his breath of you skin.

“Ten? Are you okay?”

“There’s no dancing reality show, Y/N. We’re practicing a dance for nothing…” he whispered, still holding on.

“…oh”, your heart broke. Why would he lie about something like that?

“I just wanted to reason to get close to you. I like you, and you like me. I just made it up so I could build up the courage to ask you out”.

After a few minutes of contemplating on what to say, you finally said: “I’m not mad…unless you take me out, of course”.

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Jaehyun: He seems like an expert when it comes to confessing to a girl. He’d know exactly what to say and do to impress a girl. I can see him being smooth as fuck and always telling you cheesy (and dirty) pick up lines which would only make you laugh and blush slightly. Unfortunately, he’d decide to ask you out via text like a fuckboy. You’d meet up in a city park, though, where he’d be waiting for you with a picnic and blanket with all your favorite foods and drinks. Your heart would suddenly race when you see him there standing with flowers in his hands, wearing a suit for some bizarre reason (c’mon Jae wtf u doing) You’d tease him the entire date about his attire. The two of you would stay there way into the night, where the pair of you would lie on the floor star gazing like romantics awe. 

He’d walk you back home, maybe even giving you a piggyback if you’re lucky. When you arrived, you’d tell him how much fun you had and how you should do it again. He’d laugh at how cute how looked, since you were stuttering over your words. That was only because you really liked me so it was okay. He’d kiss you on the cheek, telling you that he really liked you and that he wanted to take things slow because he wants to get things right. awe.

A/N: Sorry this one was so short and uGLy ew sorry JAehyun

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Sorry I’ve only just realized how long these are omg lol

Bisous, Flo

Spiderman's Little Sister

“Hey, (y/n).”

You’re so used to Peter coming back into the apartment quietly that you don’t jump at his voice behind you. Instead of responding, you snuggle deeper into the couch, hoping he’ll leave you alone. You really don’t want to talk right now.

But Peter’s so bad at picking up signals. He comes and sits next to you on the couch and puts his feet up on the coffee table with a sigh. “The Force Awakens, huh? I love this movie.” When you don’t respond again, he looks over at you.

He frowns at your appearance. You’re sitting completely curled up against the arm rest of the other side of your couch, obviously trying to get as far away from him as you can. Your face is obviously hiding some anger, but you’re doing the best to hide it as you (pretend) to watch the movie.

Peter sighs and turns to face you. “Okay, what’s wrong?”


He rolls his eyes. “(y/n), you’ve been ignoring me for weeks now. Hell, you won’t even look at me.”

“You’re the one ignoring me, Pete!” you whisper-yell as to not wake up Aunt May. “I don’t think you realize how late I stay up every night, waiting to hear your window slide open. I see you limping around after you get hurt, and I hate it. And I’m always the one to cover for you when Aunt May asks about you!” You gasp after your rant, and shift uncomfortably in your seat. “Ever since this whole Spider thing started, I haven’t seen you at all.”

If you were looking at him, you would’ve seen your brother’s heart visibly sink. He had no idea that’s what was troubling you. “(y/n), I…I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” He scoots closer to you and takes your hand. You still don’t face him, and he swallows sadly as he notices the silent tears streaming down your face. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shake your head before finally turning your head to face him. “Because…you’re a superhero now, Pete. You have enough to worry about. Spiderman can’t have a sister to worry about.”

“No.” Peter’s eyes widen and he pulls you into his arms. “No no no no no. You’re not just my sister. You’re my baby sister, (y/n). I’m always worrying about you, no matter what.”

You sniffle and wrap your arms around him, snuggling into your brother’s chest. “I just miss you.”

Peter tilts his head back and blinks at the ceiling. He doesn’t tell you about how he misses you too. Ever since the two of you were little, he’s always been the one to take care of you. After your parents died, you were only four years old. And when Uncle Ben died, he started taking care of Aunt May too.

He didn’t realize that you had started taking care of him, and he didn’t even know it.

“Okay, how about this-”

You cut him off with a loud groan and you throw your head back. “You’re not proposing a compromise, are you?”

Peter blanches. “No.”

When his voice cracks, you look at him accusingly. It only does that when he lies. “Liar.”

He grins. “Alright, alright. But at least hear me out.” He rolls over so he’s laying across the couch and his feet are on you. You immediately push them off, but he ignores you and puts them back. “Tomorrow, we’re having a Star Wars marathon. And from now on…” Peter looks at you seriously. “…I promise that I’ll be around more often. And I’ll come in and check on you every night when I get home. Deal?”

You consider his offer. Peter has solved problems between the both of you this way since you were little. But when you look into his brown eyes, you can tell this one is sincere. “Deal.”

Peter grins. “Good. Now, Spiderman and his baby sister need to spend some quality time together.”

“Please never say anything like that again.”

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The Bet

It started off innocently, honest.

But here you are, sat on your shared bed wearing nothing but one of Harry’s expensive shirts, your legs spread wide across the duvet as a silky blindfold covers your eyes. This will get him for sureyou thought to yourself. Maybe, if winning this whole bet wouldn’t be such a huge deal to the two of you, you would jump into his arms as soon as he walked through the door. Maybe, if you would have given up ages ago, you wouldn’t hesitate to kiss and touch him in the way that you wanted to do since you shook on this stupid thing. 

But a bet is a bet, and weren’t going to lose this one. 

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anonymous asked:

I don't want to bother you or stress you out if you're super busy, but can I request a Soulmate AU fic with Reader and Loki? I don't really have any specific plot ideas sorry but maybe some angst that ends fluffy? Hope that's ok for you 😊 Ps. You're an incredible writer x

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: Soulmate!AU in which you get the same injuries as your soulmate does.

A/N: thank you so much for that compliment, my love! I have to be honest, I was a little worried about this prompt, because I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to soulmate AU’s. I literally just know a single one and I didn’t like that with loki and reader, but then I stumbled across this one and I just fell in love with it and yes, I’ll stop talking now lol. hope you like it bb <333


You made your rounds through the compound right now, wishing everyone well in the fight against Thanos.

You were a scientist, not a soldier, so you had to stay put in the compound while some of your best friends might give their life today.

It was tearing you apart that you couldn’t do much more than wish them luck.

The last person on your list to make your farewells to was Loki.

He was standing in front of a giant window, distracted by the outside world.

You slowly approached him and gently placed a hand on his arm, trying not to startle him. If it was even possible to startle an Asgardian god.


He continued to look out of the window.

“It’s about to start.”

“Yeah. I know,” you lowered your hand and looked outside as well. After a moment of silence you looked at him again. “Promise me to be careful?”

The Asgardian only smiled a little. But it wasn’t a sincere one. You could tell right away.

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You’re drunk, Archie

Archie and Y/N are best friends and have been for years, but they’re in denial of their love in fear of ruining their friendship, until one too many drinks makes it undeniable.

It was the last day of school. My friends and I, for the first time in a while free of concerns, decided that we would be normal teenagers for one night at least. “And what do ‘normal teenagers’ do?”, you may ask. Well, it’s simple: they get lit.

Sheriff Keller was away for the weekend, and Kevin made his house available for us to use for a party.

We set everything up, moved couches, TVs and glass tables out of the way, and before we knew it, tens of teenagers were pouring inside.

Fast-forward to four hours later, the house is trashed, but no one, including Kevin, gives a fuck.

Archie and I, half empty red solo cups in our hands, were dancing on the table in the kitchen to a crappy commercial pop song, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Before I go on telling you what happened, I need to give you some back story: Archie and I were best friends and had been for a very long time.

We ended up developing feelings for each other at the beginning of our sophomore year, and after many long talks we’d decided to get together, because we loved each other; but at the first bump in the road, we’d decided to call things off before our friendship could suffer irreparable damage.

I loved Archie deeply, but I’d rather have him as a friend than not have him at all.

Back to the party: Archie and I were dancing on a table and sipping on our homemade Long Island Iced Teas – so strong that all you could taste was the alcohol burning your throat, but that’s how we liked them.

Before I knew it, Archie’s hand was resting on my hip as he brought my body closer to his; I could feel his hot breath on my neck and my hands tingled because of it. It tasted like alcohol, which made me feel a mixture of things: I was happy he was drunk, because maybe things would happen between us, which I wanted them to – breaking up was a common decision, but that didn’t mean the things I felt for Archie were long gone and forgotten.

For the same reasons, I was worried. I didn’t want things to happen between us if they were going to ruin what we had.

I was torn, and so I decided to just let things works themselves out – better yet, let the alcohol work things out.

“Your top is wet” Archie breathed in my ear, mentioning a wet spot – probably beer – right where his hand was resting. “Maybe you should take it off.”

I nodded and un-tucked the blue top from my high-waisted jeans, leaving me in nothing but a bright red bra.

The crowd beneath us cheered, making us laugh.

I felt my body being drawn closer to Archie’s, to the point where I was dancing with one of my legs between his. Both of his hands were now on my waist, while my right hand was right were his neck met his shoulder and the left was resting on the area of his chest that was left bare by his shirt, halfway unbuttoned. He was rubbing his thumb on the bare skin above the waist of my jeans, and and I felt his skin burn against mine.

I felt warm inside. Maybe it was the four drinks I’d had, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Archie made me feel warm and fuzzy, which is a cliche, but it’s also true.

“This feels good” I whispered in a heavy breath.

“It does, doesn’t it?” Archie nodded. “But I think I can make it even better.”

His lips were soon pressed on mine, moving in a way that I had no idea how much I’d been missing until then. All the memories of us burned in the back of my mind, and I felt myself responding with a passion that I didn’t know I had in me.

“Get a room!” someone, which I recognized as Kevin, yelled. Archie and I laughed, but complied: we jumped off the table and stumbled, hand in hand, up the stairs.

Clothes were soon coming off as we turned beneath the covers of Sherriff Keller’s king sized bed.

My hands were deep in Archie’s red hair, tugging at it passionately as our lips were locked and his hands roamed my naked body. I needed him. I never would have thought I could need someone that much.

Afterwards, when the party downstairs has died down, I found myself listening to Archie’s breathing and the sound of his beating heart. My head was resting on his bare chest, while his arm was wrapped around my shoulders and our legs were intertwined under the covers.

I was playing with my fingers on his sternum, watching it go up and down with every breath.

“You’re beautiful” Archie whispered.

You’re drunk, Archie.” I scoffed. My fingers stopped moving and my head lifted up from his chest. I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him.

“Yeah, but in the morning I’ll be sober, and you’ll still be beautiful.”

I laughed way harder than I should have. I couldn’t even be mad at him when he said shit like that.

“That is the single cheesiest, dumbest pick up line I’ve ever heard.”

“Agreed” he laughed. I looked at him, head resting on a pillow: I’d done it, from the disheveled hair on his head to the smile plastered on his face, and all I wanted was the possibility to do it again, and again, for the rest of my life.

The smile faded from his face in a moment of realization, before he intertwined his fingers with mine and said: “I miss you.”

Although I knew what he meant, I felt the need to pretend that I didn’t for the sake of our friendship. “I’m right here, Arch.”

Archie shook his head. “No, no, not like that” he slurred.

I found myself giving him a sad smile. “I know.”

“It doesn’t have to be like this.”

“Yes, it does!” I couldn’t understand why he was making things so hard. I loved him and cared about him too much to risk losing him. “You’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had.” I added in a whisper.

“Same goes for you, but, Y/N, I love you. And not it a ‘we’ve been friends our whole lives’ kind of way. I love you as in I wanna be with you for the rest of my life, spending our nights just like this.”

“Archie, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.” I lied back down, staring at the ceiling.

“Stop saying that!” he whined. “I might be drunk, but I know how I feel!”

“You’re making this so hard, Archie” I whispered in a broken voice. I loved him, but growing up means making decisions that you don’t necessarily want to make, and that’s what I was doing.

“I’m willing to try hard for us. We didn’t work the last time because we were walking on eggshells, we were so scared to ruin things that we didn’t try nearly hard enough. We just gave up.”

I nodded. It was true, we gave up on our relationship at the very first rough patch.

“I love you” was my sincere reply.

We were together, again, and despite the fact that we were obviously and understandably scared, we couldn’t have been happier.

In the morning, despite the raging headache, we both remembered the whole thing and there was nothing we regretted.

The gif is mine and it’s from LOL (2012, dir. Lisa Azuelos). Let’s just pretend that Douglas Booth (Kyle in the movie) has red hair.


Mr. Hollywood

Characters: Tom Holland, Y/N


The bustling noise around you seemed to become louder with every minuet. Being more embarrassed than ever as you got pity looks and frowns from every table around you. It wasn’t a crowded place, which made it worse.

A small town dinner off of the highway, it was your favorite place because of the chicken nuggets and because it was an old style dinner. It looked like a place straight out of the sixties and you adored it. You and your boyfriend would come here often, he hated it but you got to chose a place every now and then. He was suppose to meet you here tonight but its been over 45 minuets of you sitting alone in the silver and pink booth.

The waiter would look to you every few minuets to see if you were still there. Your cheeks turned a bright shade of pink every time she looked at you with sympathetic eyes. Your phone was on its last strands of life as you texted your lousy boyfriend for the umpteenth time.

You sighed to yourself. About to grab your purse from the end of the booth to leave. This isn’t the first time you have been stood up by him, but you stayed because he always had some sort of perfect excuse, you melted into his hands every time he spoke.

You looked up from your purse and started scooting down the seat when a boy you’ve never seen before came up to the booth and sat down, smiling at you.

“Hey love, sorry i’m so late, traffic is crazy right now,” the boy spoke with a soothing British accent. “I’m Tom, just go with it, yeah? Whatever guy was suppose to be with you tonight is obviously a dick.” He whispered so only you two could hear.

The waitress looked to you and smiled finally. Your face still in utter confusion at why a guy like Tom was sitting in front of you, voluntarily. “Can I start you with drinks?” She beamed, happy to see that your boyfriend finally showed up.

You both order water and she walked away with a smile. “So, how did you know I was waiting for a guy to show up? I could have been waiting for a friend, or family.” You smirked at him putting your hands in your lap. He was very attractive, probably more attractive than your boyfriend. His hair in soft curls all around his head and a smile so pretty you were in a trance.

“Well, obviously someone as beautiful as you has a boyfriend, and I kinda took a hit or miss. I wanted an excuse to talk to you.” He spoke in a delicate voice, placing his hands on the table intertwining his fingers together.

“Ptsh, shut up,” You tell him as the waitress brings you your waters.

“Are you two ready to order?”

“Couple more minuets?” Tom asked her, she nodded and walked off. “So, this guy you were waiting for, boyfriend? Friend?” He asked, and as you were about to speak he raised his eyebrows, “Friend with benefits?”

“Ew, no! That’s weird,” He sipped his water as you gathered your words. “Boyfriend but I’m not sure anymore. It’s always on and off with him.”

“You deserve better,” Tom said out flat looking at you the way everyone always does, with pity.

“You don’t even know me, what if I’m a terrible person?” You joked with him. He shrugged his shoulders.

“Then I’m wrong and should leave while I can,” You both laughed lightly, “but seriously, he doesn’t deserve you.”

You twirled your straw in your water looking down. You could feel yourself blushing at his words. Tom has said more sweet things to you in two minuets than your boyfriend ever has.

You laughed for the rest of the night. On top of being incredibly good-looking, he was funny and actually seemed interested in you.

“So, where are you from?” You inquired.

“South-west London,” He answered obviously proud to be from where he is.

“What brings you to California?” You asked again as you finished your meal.

“Filming. Well, kinda. I’m filming in Atlanta as well but luckily, I’m here for the next couple weeks.” Tom gushed.

“Filming, huh? How come I’ve never seen you in anything then, Mr. Hollywood?” You teased him, he chuckled a bit.

“I’ve grown a lot since my last big role, you ever see The Impossible?”

“I don’t like oceans, I saw commercials for it but never watched it. It scared me,” You confessed to him.

“Hm, what about In the Heart-wait, never mind, ocean movie. Edge of Winter?”

“Never heard of it, sorry.” You laughed a bit.

“You’re not much of a movie person, are you?” You shook your head.

“Maybe I could show you some, sometime.” He suggested to you.

You beamed bright at his comment.

“One more question,” you looked up at him, “Marvel or DC Comics?”

“DC Comics,"You said innocently. He grabbed his heart and fake whimpered and fell back into the booth.

"You’re killing me,” He said with his eyes closed, falling deeper into the seat.

“What’d I do?” You inquired him.

“Favorite superhero?” He said quickly.

“I thought you said only one more question?”

“Answer the question,”

“As much as I love DC, my favorite one is from Marvel,” He looked at you happy for a moment, almost hopeful. “I love Iron-man.”

He fell back down into the seat, this time all the way so his back was on the actually seat. “What about Spider-man?” He said softly from under the table.

“He’s cool,” You said sipping on your water.

“Cool?” He shot up from the seat, “he is more than cool!” He whisper yelled at you.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” You laughed at him taking another one of his fries.

“I’m about to blow your mind,” he said cockily, “I’m actually Spider-man.”

“That’s cool, man.” You took another one of his fries again without his permission.

“I’m serious! Google it, i’m Spider-man!” Tom got a few looks from neighboring tables you just laughed to your yourself at his reaction.

“I believe you, jeez Hollywood take a chill pill.” You smirked at him lightly.

The waiter brought you the check a little later on and you both fought over who was going to pay for it. Tom was mad that you even brought your wallet if you were suppose to meet your boyfriend in the first place. You guys ended up splitting the bill, still earning protest from Tom but you didn’t care.

Tom walked you out of the restaurant and to your car. You didn’t even care that your boyfriend didn’t show up. You’re glad he didn’t, more than glad.

“I had a lot of fun tonight,” You told him standing in front of your car door, him standing a few feet away from you. “Thanks.”

“Me too,” He cood, the beaming bright pink light from the lights of the restaurant behind him made him seem like he was glowing. “So, about that movie night..” He trailed off, letting you finish the sentence.

“I’d like that a lot,” you smiled. You both exchanged phone numbers quickly, saving your name into his phone.

“Y/n,” He paused, a smile growing on his face. “I realized I never got your name in the diner. It’s pretty, I like it.” You leaned up and kissed his cheek, a smile coming onto your lips.

You opened your car door and got in, leaving him by himself in the pink gleaming lights. Tom smiled at you as you drove away, one thought was in your head: break up with your stupid, lousy boyfriend.