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Mini tutorial: Use subdivision surface modifier to smooth baking results

I’d like to share this trick I recently discovered. Please read my other tutorial on baking shadow for clothes if you don’t know what baking is.

Here’s a baking result. You can see the shade is a bit rough with harsh edges. Normally I’ll do a surface smooth filter in Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to smoothen the result before going into Photoshop. 

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Dear Future Wife,

You might not realize it at first, but I can be incredibly sappy. I cry whenever I watch videos where dogs have been rescued. I have a soft spot for rescue Pit Bulls, given that I was raised around them.
Proposal videos make me smile – Justin Baldoni’s is one of my favorites; well-crafted and elaborate, if a little long. Rose and Rosie warrant a mention, too.

If you ask me to marry you, there will be tears. If I propose, you might worry that something’s wrong, because I won’t be able to get through my speech.
I’ll cry at our wedding. I won’t be able to believe how beautiful you look when you walk down the aisle, and that we’ve come so far in our relationship. My wedding squad will need to have tissues on hand.

I’ll probably tear up again when I say my vows, and when you say yours. I hope our wedding photographer is amazing at photoshop, and has some brilliant filters to work with – no one wants wedding photographs of their face glistening with tears, their eyes a lovely shade of red. I’m as vain as I am sappy, and I want to look good in the photos, even if I’ve been tearing up all day.

My speech at our reception won’t be on par with Tom Fletcher’s. I’m much more of a writer than I am a musician.
But I’m going to get teary-eyed. Yes, again (and hopefully, so will everyone else).
No, it won’t be the last time. There will be tears on our first wedding anniversary, during the birth of our children, and, well, pretty much at every milestone we hit.

And that’s okay, because I’m proud of you – of the person you are, of every single aspect that makes up the woman I love: how professional you are at work, how tender, understanding, and loving you are with our children and our pets, and with me, how you never stop working towards self-improvement, how utterly brilliant you are.

I’m proud of us; how much we would have weathered to be there together, standing in front of the people we love the most, telling each other that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together, what we mean to each other.
A love like ours is one I have wanted and waited for my entire life, and I will be in awe of the fact that it is within my grasp. Finally.


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uuUUHH QUESTION it is how do you make your art look sO NICE thanks (your art looks very nice) (esp your colors n your faces) (it isn't actually a question if you wanna talk about your process feel free but it's mostly just a roundabout compliment)

omg im crying this is very sweet!!!

And i’m not very good at explaining my process but lately I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from artists like jc leyendecker and mead schaeffer , especially in terms of their use of color! I very much recommend checking them out; leyendecker in particular is one of my favorite artists of all time and when I really need some inspo I always go to his work!

Also, if you want to go for this style of painting, I recommend paint sai over photoshop because it’s blending style is a little more conducive! Focus on the areas of light and dark and in terms of hue, dont be afraid to experiment. If you look at Ollie’s face in the last pic you’ll see that I relied mostly on greens, yellows, browns, and reds but there’s actually a bit of blue-grey in there as well! And here’s the brush I used for the majority of the last picture 

Thanks again and hope this was at all helpful!!!

[Saeyoung x F!MC]

My first scenario. This takes place before you and Saeyoung meet. I’ll give it a name later when I edit it bc I am lazy asf. Wanna nominate names?? xD Just kidding/

Writing is something I constantly need to practice, like my music, but I haven’t written a chapter for any of my fics in around three months, so this might be, well, craptastic. 

T/W: Anxiety, panic attacks. I wanted to write about this because I get these all the time. This morning, I upped my dosage of Lexapro to 20mg, because it wasn’t working as well at 15mg as it used to.


Saeyoung was sitting in his ‘director’s chair’, possibly trying to mimic Jumin. He wasn’t jealous of that business man or anything, but sitting in a chair like this gave him the false sense of productivity he always loved. 

He started to fidgeted around in his chair for a bit before reaching over to get a fistful of Honey Buddha Chips. He was working on his current project that Vanderwood had been hounding him for and he assumed it was time to get it done.

Not before I check on MC, he said to himself.

It was fair to say that he had been growing fond of MC, even if it had been just five days. And developing a close bond with her, or with anyone for that matter, was not what he wanted… It wouldn’t be ideal. And he didn’t need the burden of caring for someone when he could barely care for himself.

But MC… She seemed persistent already. She wanted to get to know him, despite the short time knowing him. She was funny in the chatrooms, seemed to give good advice and seemed to always act as an intermediary when two people were having a row. She was kind and sweet and… Saeyoung really liked her already.

Stupid, stupid fucking feelings, he told himself, sighing heavily. He let his hand rest in the palms of his hands as he looked through the footage. Not in her bedroom, the kitchen, the fire escape… ah, there she is, she’s in the living room on the couch and she’s… oh. He stopped midway through this introspection of his when he saw MC shaking on the couch.

Her knees were tucked tightly into her chest and she shook like a seismograph. She seemed very disorientated. As he looked closer, he found MC crying, shaking in fear. She was nervously fidgeting with the cardigan she was wearing and her eyes seemed to droop with heaviness of anxiety but also exhaustion. She was gasping in heavy strokes.

Saeyoung fetched for his phone and rang her immediately. It was like he felt a splint deep in his heart as he watched her in on what he thought was a panic attack. He was right and while he wasn’t so knowledgeable on them, he wanted to help her at the very east. 

She picked up her phone and tried to pretend she wasn’t crying. It didn’t work. “H-hello?”

“It is I, Seven-Zero-Seven, the Defender of Justice, here to help you!” he proclaimed. He paused and smirked in spite of this moment. “Meow.” He could hear her try to force a laugh, but all he heard was a sob followed by a hiccup. The familiar pain in his chest before spread. “Is everything okay? I can see you crying through the CCTV.”

She cursed over the phone to him, she had forgotten that while she was in Rika’s apartment, he could constantly see her. She apologized for the state she was in and told - no, begged - him to hang up.

He absolutely refused. 

“I can see you’re upset, MC… I want to know if there’s something bothering you…”

He listened as she sobbed before confessing. “I-I… I c-can’t breathe…” she managed. She told him that her beta-blocker hadn’t worked. 

He had no idea about this. Even with his background searches of her, nothing came up regarding her mental health in anyway. 

Not many people made the effort to understand or stuck to what they thought they knew or what society and the media told him.  He felt really sorry for her as she continued to explain how she hated going to people because people accused her of looking for attention when clearly, she was upset and in need of support.

In need of validation. And he himself knew what that felt like, what with his horrible struggles with depression. Instead of just listening to her, he wanted to be the one to do that.

Anxiety apparently made one more empathetic than most… maybe she could be someone he could go to if he ever felt worse…

“Okay, put your two feet on the ground and take deep breaths. I’m not going anywhere, I am here for you and I will be here for you in the future,” he told her. She even recognized the change in ‘707′s’ tone. “You’re not looking for attention if you genuinely need help or someone to talk to.”

“Now… close your eyes, keep your feet on the floor to ground yourself. Place your hands on your tummy. These pass very quickly from my understanding.”

He watched her follow his requests through the monitor. He talked her through this panic attack and he’d gladly talk her through the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

He felt genuinely happy in the chatroom when she was there… he should make her feel happier or at peace in return.

Talking her through this was going against everything he built himself up to be: the closed-off hacker who hated the life God had given him, who was reserved and would never let anyone or anything get close to him… But that didn’t matter. 

She wiped her eyes as he began to calm down. She thanked him for his generosity and compassion. For his patience… just for being there, because sometimes, that was all she needed - to know that someone was there and would listen to her.

A part of him wanted to stay talking to her again though…

“I saw a great cat meme earlier today, MC! Jumin would be so pissed, it looks exactly like her!” ‘707′ proclaimed.

“Seven… did you make this cat meme by photoshopping Elly into the–”

“S-Shut up!”


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i had once, a long time ago, compared changing computers to being the digital equivalent to moving house, except with today’s machines you have to do it once every 5-6 years because the roof starts caving in and the walls starts to rot. i still stand by that simile, and also that changing hard drives but keeping the same laptop is the like doing a renovation after the house burnt down.

anyway: this is all to say that my laptop’s old hard drive has died and i need to splash out on data recovery and it fucking sucks (but at least i can use it again)

please pray for me that my 1000+fonts, my photos and my 4.5gb of photoshop resources make it through in one piece, thanks

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What program/tools do you use? Do you brain storm with blue-line sketches at all? What does your work flow look like? (Sorry for so many, but I'm really curios and your work is stellar.)

Not a problem! 
I think I’ve answered a question like this before, but it was a while back so here we go.

Long post ahead!

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okay so since a couple of people asked me already, here is my tutorial on how i color manga caps! this way is pretty simple as im still learning and trying new things. it’s a bit time consuming and you’ll need a basic understanding of photoshop, but overall it’s not very difficult!

the first thing is find a manga scan you want to use. this is the one im using its shishio from hnr of course

External image

before we do anything make sure you’re on RGB mode (image>mode>RGB color) otherwise colors wont show up. 

duplicate the background layer and make sure only the background copy visible

okay now for some cleaning and rendering stuff! luckily this particular mangacap is already pretty well cleaned, but if not i usually adjust levels, or duplicate, filter>blur, and multiply a layer on top which should take away any pixelated icky things. also remember the stamp tool is your friend. sorry i wont really go into detail with all this ahh

theres a bunch of different ways to render, but what i personally think is the easiest for manga caps is using color range! just click on the rectangular marquee tool and then right click on the image and choose color range. now click on a white part of the cap and press ok.

External image

when it’s all selected, hit ctrl + x to delete the background. crop out everything else you don’t need and it should look something like this: 

External image

erase (or select and cut with lasso/pen tool) anything you don’t want. here i erased everything in the background and i usually erase the little grey shading spots around the neck, eyes, nose, and mouth as well as a personal preference.

tip: if you want to make sure you got everything, put a dark/black layer underneath! (new layer>edit>fill>black)

External image

HECK YEAH NOW ITS COLORING TIME !! pat yourself on the back you’ve done well im proud of you bby 

(here is a color palette i made especially for shishio a little while after i made this tutorial. you can grab skin tones and stuff from there idk)

first, you have to duplicate your background copy again. you should have two background copies now. layers are important !!! each thing you color will have a new layer between the two background copies 

External image

i usually start with the skin. i use a normal hard brush and erase any mistakes as i go. i just noticed i picked a horrible color but its okay because you can always fix colors later again, using a black layer behind is pretty convenient to see if you’ve missed anything or if you’re coloring outside of the lines

External image

you would normally repeat this step for hair, clothes, etc. (also another remind to make sure you make a new layer underneath the previous for each thing you color !!!!!) but since shishio’s hair is already colored in, you’ll find that photoshop won’t let you color over it. now you’re going to need to hold on to your anime plushies and body pillows, because things are going to get a bit complicated 

if you want to color the actual hair, make a layer above the background copies and set it to screen. however, im only coloring in the highlights so you would do the same thing except set it to multiply.

External image

the eyes will also be above the background copy. set it to multiply.

External image

once you have a base color for everything, it’s time to shade!

make a new layer above the layer you’re going to shade and create a clipping mask. this basically makes it so it will only show up on things you colored on this previous layer (try coloring a spot outside of the skin, you’ll see what im talking about)

External image

i cant really explain how to shade, since im not very good at it myself but after you figure out where the light source is, just try to picture where the shadows will be.

External image

im sorry i dont have a tablet but i tried my best with my mouse to show you how/where i shaded

 i used a soft brush (0% hardness) with 55% opacity to shade around the forehead, neck, nose, ears, jaw, and clothes

External image


resize to 500px and add backgrounds, textures, adjustments and stuff or throw a psd or two on there to make things nice as such:

External image

extras: (don’t ask me why i do this, it just looks cool okay) flatten all the layers excluding the psd and make two copies —

filter>blur the first copy and set to multiply
set the second copy to screen

change the opacity according to what you think looks best 

External image

this was my final product: 

External image

i hope this helped at least a little! im sorry im not very good at explaining, ive never done a tutorial before, but if you have any questions or need some clarification please ask. good luck!~

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teach me your editing ways pls

scenery screenshots like my most recent post I use this reshade preset and Topaz Clean, Denoise, and Detail (Detail really helps my photos imo)

for regular legacy photos I use the warm n colorful action in photoshop and once again Topaz Clean, Denoise, and Detail

CAS and In-game pics that I don’t need to rush like Legacy Posts because most of us know… they take time. Well personally for me they take 2-4 hours to edit because I try to perfect everything. I use Topaz as a ‘base’ and then add shadows, highlight, contour, and liquify my sim from there :D Will make an updated Speed Edit in the future to give you some more reference though! 

thanks for asking :D

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i wanted to know if you could show me how to make ur gifs? i love ur tumblr so much btw! ❤

i’ve been meaning to make a tutorial for a while so here it is, finally!  
This is made for beginners! so it’s quite text heavy and long asf but still simple enough to follow (i hope) 💞

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To all the kind people messaging me and saying so much kind stuff to Bani… thank you so much… (T//ω//T) Bani is very happy and red in the face… I know you want to know how I do these gifs… But I’m really not great at explaining things… I hope I can at least show you some steps… I draw everything in Paint Tool SAI and I use a small Wacom pen tablet for drawing… I only use the default brushes that are in the program… also, I never went to an art school or had any lessons for this… so I really can’t tell if my method is efficient, since it is self-taught (^q^||)

First I do a weird looking sketch ( O ∀ O||||||)

Then I do a less weird looking sketch…

Clean lines

I basically just redraw every frame again, and also change some things that should moving…

I save all the images to a folder and open them in Windows Photo Viewer… I press the next button to see it move and to what I need to change… in the end, I’ll have more frames because I use some drawings more than once in the animation…

Coloring every layer…


I put the images into Photoshop and save as a gif there… 

I use After Effects for a glow effect, because I can (#゚ロ゚#)

And then I need hours to compress the gif and lower the frames to 2mb, so that tumblr will allow it ლ(ಠ益ಠლ huagh…!!

Done! _(┐「ε:)_

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Sighs sorry for being a burden but I need to vent a bit. My mother just photoshopped my face and showed me how good I'd look as her ideal. And then she proceeded to tell me how I'm basically academic shit and at rock bottom. And then scolded me for being rude when I agreed with her in an exasperated manner. It's in the AMs here, I'm an adult(ish) and I can't sleep because of everything and I'm not sure whether I'm being oversensitive or whether I'm justified to be mad/upset? Apologies again

Well, no. I think in this case you’re completely justified in feeling bad. Parents should never do or act like that. No matter their child’s age. It’s one thing to not like every single tiny aspect of a person, it’s another to point them out and be rude like that.

When I was growing up, my mom was very much the same way sometimes. We didn’t get along. But, I can’t speak for you and your mom, all I can tell you is that we are never going to be perfect to everyone. Even our parents. But, we can be as perfect as we can for ourselves, and really that’s all that matters. Sometimes we have to make ourselves happy first, and you should do that. Are you happy with who you are for the most part? Then fantastic. It doesn’t matter what your parent thinks. I could’ve changed a lot to make my mom happy, but I instead followed my dad’s advice and just kept doing me. And I was happier that way.

Sometimes parents don’t know how to parent properly, my mom and me fought a lot, but she didn’t understand me too much then. Now we get a long really well. It may have taken years but it happened.

I can’t promise that’s what will happen with you, but just be yourself, and as people grow, parent or child, sometimes things can get better.

Sigil Making Process, by Richtor

We received an ask sometime last night regarding a personal method for how to make sigils. Since we’re unsure who that was directed to, we are going to answer that individually. I also want to add a thank you to the person who asked, for the added compliment to our sigils; we do work hard on our designs, and I’m sure I speak for all of us here at TSW when I say that recognition is appreciated. :)

With that being said, here is my own method for making sigils.

I start with a statement of intent. Pretty basic, a trait shared throughout most of the resource links. I tend to write mine all in capitals now, but that’s not something that needs to be done. The statement ultimately depends on what the sigil needs to do for me (or requested by others to do): “The book in which this sigil is written cannot be lost or stolen;” “I am confident in social situations;” “I am conquering my stage fright.” As you can see, the statement can be for almost anything - my favorite thing about sigil magic is how flexible it is, how much ground it can cover, how many things you can do with it.

I also try to keep the statements in present tense, with words like “is” or “am,” versus “will” or “shall.” This lets the sigil know when to act / work. Using present tense words implies that these things are already happening, so the sigil knows to start doing it as soon as possible; if you use future tense words, the sigil will work, but it is unsure as to when it will take effect - could be weeks or even months.

Okay, for my statement of intent I am going with “The book in which this sigil is written cannot be lost or stolen,” as an example. Once I have my statement written down (in all capitals, no spaces between words), I remove all repeat letters. “THEBOOKINWHICHTHISSIGILISWRITTENCANNOTBELOSTORSTOLEN” turns into “THEBOKINWCSGLRNA.” A lot easier to work with than that dense sentence. I “compress” it even further, however, and break down each letter into its basic shapes. “THEBOKINWCSGLRNA” becomes “- | / \ ) O ( ~”. I do this because I personally find it easier to work with lines and shapes over whole letters; sometimes it’s difficult for me to disguise the letters or make them fit together properly.

From there, I am ready to make a sigil. For the most part I just play around with the shapes, put things together and see how they look. I like experimenting with designs and shapes and layout, so my process is never the same. Sometimes I get the design in the first few sigils. Sometimes it can take me 8-10 rough designs to get one that I like / think is good enough. That is based on my own personal sigil aesthetic - it is important that the sigil looks good to you. Sometimes I’ll even ask other people’s opinions on designs, to solidify my own opinion. (Honestly, the boyfriend is usually my guinea pig for that.) I end up with what I call a “sketch sheet,” the page I used to experiment with my sigil designs, and that looks like this:

Once I have my sketch sheet done, and a design that I like, it’s time for me to scan it and upload it to my computer. From there I open it in Photoshop, where I move and rotate them (for the most part they are usually never done straight across, and some even end up sideways because they look better from an alternate perspective), clean them up, and do any other minor edits I need to do. Once that is done I open that file again in Paint Tool SAI, where I make a digital copy. I essentially trace over my sketch with a pen tool - that makes it look clean and neat. Once it’s completely digital, I send it back to Photoshop where I give it that white outer glow. The finished product looks like this (which is what gets uploaded to Tumblr):

And that is my sigil making process. It shares a lot of traits with other methods, but that’s okay for me. It works, and I get attractive looking designs, and that’s all that matters. I hope this was helpful, or informative. 


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* hey, so someone's reblogged one of your many amazing edits (I did my self a favour and went through your page). I was just wondering how you achieve the still background on through the silhouette like in /post/120416727688/a-thousand-silhouettes-dancing-on-my-chest-no ? I've tried and thought of how to do it but yours looks absolutely amazing. Thanks and I hope you have a great day :)

Thank you so much cutie, that’s very nice of you to say. I’ve never made a tutorial or anything before so sorry if it’s not good.

This is a tutorial on how to make the background of your image a solid color.

You do need photoshop and basic knowledge of how to use it.

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Goodbye OUAT..

It feels so surreal but honestly im really impressed that A and E actually came through for us for once….Rumbelle are together with their baby boy….Rumple realized he didnt need the power to be the man he wanted to be…and i get to say i have another OTP that had a HE

While i am sad that belle wont be in S7 i think i will give it a go because off bobby and lana as long as they dont kill belle off and start that GQ shit again….

But ill just live in HE bliss for now…

And on a side note: I dont know if it was done on purpose or not but whoever did the photoshop pictures of belle needs to learn the program better 😂😂😂

Editing tips for Photoshop! (IMVU)

There’s a huge difference of how your edits can turn out if your avi has shadows or doesn’t have them. Personally, I prefer without the shadows because it has a cleaner feel. You can go into the shop and buy a shadowless item for a very cheap price!

Next, you can go into “blending options” in Photoshop. (Or whatever program you use) and choose the bevel & emboss settings. Take off the contour and texture settings because you won’t be needing that. And the settings you decide to use are up to you! Here are the ones that I use: 

THE BURN/DODGE TOOL IS YOUR FRIEND! I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but use it. It makes a lot of difference. Again, it’s up to you how you want to use it. It makes your avi look more realistic! 

And lastly, actions, filters, PSDS! All extremely useful when editing. I’m not going to give out any of the ones that I use, but you can search some up on tumblr, deviant art or google and download a ton to try them out! (A bit of the filter got on the other side, sorry.) 

Hope that was a bit useful to some of you, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. - Hymn ♥