because i need you on my dash

hello if u think about sending me a message/an ask introducing yourself and then immediately saying “I need Taylor to follow me,” please,,,, just,,,,,,,,, don’t,,,

no one “needs” taylor’s follow. she doesn’t even “need” to interact with us. but your main goal should never be to get noticed, because listen here buckos, here’s the sad truth: she cannot interact with every single one of us.

I know, I’m lucky, she’s interacted with me more than enough times. She’s “noticed” my posts. I’m on her dash. I’m so very thankful for that and I’m definitely not bragging, before I get any responses saying anything about that.

But have you ever thought about the fact that there are millions of us? We are a humongous fanbase, and she couldn’t meet all of us. She’s trying. But it’s slim that we will all ever be met, followed, etc.

And if your main priority is to meet taylor just to meet taylor. Or to blog to get a follow. Or to spam your instagram posts and stories and lives to hope that maybe if you tag her in enough things, she’ll shown up…

You’ll be disappointed. Your purpose in this fandom is to have fun and show your love for taylor!!! Not to get her follow. If she follows, likes, reblogs, then that’s an added bonus.

I’m sorry if this comes off as rude? But honestly, you should be here to have fun, not focus on getting her to press a button to make your blog appear on her dash.

I will not call my identity ‘the [x]-slur’

I have no intention of tagging my identity or referring to it as ‘the q slur’ or tagging posts where I use my identity term as such. If my identity term is not good for you, that’s fine. You don’t have to follow me. You can, in fact, even block me.

But I’m not going to stop calling myself queer, or referring to the queer community - that is, the community of people who identify as queer, which doesn’t include you if you don’t identify as queer, so get the fuck over yourself, I don’t ask people to stop talking about ‘the gay community’ just because I’m not gay - and if that’s a problem for you, then there’s a simple solution:

Tumblr Savior the word queer. No posts including the word queer will show up on your dash. None! In the body of the post or in the tags. 

See how easy that is? It doesn’t make me refer to my identity as a slur, and you don’t have to see it. Or, if you need to, don’t follow me, or block me. In fact, if you have a problem with my identity, please block me. I’d rather not accidentally reblog something from someone who thinks my identity is something I should hide.

I just recreated my blog and I need more Swifties to follow. If you’re an active Taylor Swift blog reblog this post so we can all follow each other!!

doors in survival horror/horror vidya
  • Silent Hill: The door is rusted shut. It also has no knob and isn't real. None of these doors are. What, did you think we'd let you in any of these doors? Fucking idiot.
  • Resident Evil: This door requires an absurdly specific key only obtainable by doing an absurd puzzle. Why is everything in this building fucking locked?
  • Resident Evil 4: Just kick the door in half. You don't give a fuck. Fuck this guy's house, it's my house now.
  • Haunting Ground: Go print out some words on a stone printer. They're like keycards. But rocks.
  • Rule of Rose: Some little fucker is going to shut the door on you. What a prick.
  • Dino Crisis: I hope you like scrabble.
  • Dino Crisis 2: It seems that someone misplaced a large vehicle into this door. Go find a key in a pond to open the other door.
  • Fatal Frame: Hey I hope you like doing silly puzzles because here's a clock, go ahead and input that time you read about earlier.
  • Left 4 Dead: I mean, yeah, that door opens, but the hunter behind it isn't going to make things easier for you. Oops, it was just a horde.
  • Penumbra: Well that door's right fucked, innit? You see those boxes over there? You know what to do.
  • Amnesia: Same as above but with Mr. Struts on your ass the entire time.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: If it's a locked door, you're gonna need a keycode. Hope you're ready to fight the burer behind it. The pseudogiant, too.
  • X-COM: There's a lobsterman behind that door. Don't open it. Don't even open the sub door. There's lobstermen out there. Time to leave.
  • Cryostasis: You're going to have to go into some guy's memories and make it so that he doesn't get dead to get through this door. Or maybe a bear's memories. Awesome.
  • Echo Night Beyond: Look through some really slow moving cameras until you figure out what you need to open the door, then proceed to immediately make a mad dash for the items while a ghost of a little girl kinda jogs towards you in an apparently immensely threatening fashion because your heart rate is literally breaking 300 bpm whenever she's within 3 feet of you.
How to hide the Staff Pick at the top of the dash


So today Tumblr rolled out an update that shoves one of the random Tumblr Radar posts onto your dash, as the first post, without any ability for you to prevent that. I was fucking outraged. If you have XKit, there is already someone who has coded a pull request for the No Recommended extension (fucking props to XKit and open source software in general), but I’m an impatient child and I cannot stand waiting for it to be pulled by an admin. So I made my own. 


You’re gonna need AdBlock Plus. I’m assuming you already have it installed because if you’re interested in hiding shit you don’t care about then you’re the kind of person who already has it. We’re going to be making a custom filter.

Go to the ABP filter preferences.

Go to the Custom filters tab.

Make a new filter group. Give it whatever name you would like.

Click on your new group, then on Add filter, and then give your filter this text:

Close the filter preferences and refresh Tumblr. The post is gone! Now you can enjoy your dash without corporate bullshit being shoved down your throat. Cheers!

N.B.: This is a very hacky solution and is in no way intended to replace a more elegant one. The pull request on XKit is a lot better, but I would have needed JavaScript for that and that’s not a thing you can do with ABP. I only did this because I’m impatient and decided not to wait until XKit decided to go through with the pull request and put out an update for their extension. I absolutely recommend using their solution when No Recommended updates to 2.2.2.

a list of good things:

  • derek hale
  • derek hale getting a well deserved backrub
  • derek hale wearing clothes that are comfy and make him feel relaxed
  • derek hale sleeping and sleeping deeply
  • derek hale having nice dreams
  • derek hale smiling just because
  • derek hale being the little spoon, wrapped in the arms of his boyfriend whom he loves and trusts and who he knows loves and trusts him back
  • derek hale having a solid and permanent home, a roof over his head and rooms that are decorated in the way he wants them to be
  • derek hale treating himself to nice things because he deserves it and he knows he does
  • derek hale being happy and safe and away from all the bullshit

Let me bless your dash really quick with some pictures of one of the most precious people on this earth. The Wang and only (see what i did there ;) ), my King, Jackson Wang. Grab a water bottle and take a seat because you’re going to need to quench that thirst soon. 

Are you ready? Ok, LET’S GO Im not ready myself

Jackson with glasses + suspenders combo OMFG kick me pls

My cute King ♥

Why does he look like Jonghyun from SHINee in this pic below? lol

Look at how smol he is!!!!! Puppy King

Jackson well fed is also my aesthetic

Brown hair + glasses + smile = ♥♥♥♥

Are you still alive? …No? Me neither! :D

anonymous asked:

Hi! Your art is so pretty and it makes my day when i see it on my dash! If its not too much trouble, could you draw some red erisol?

you’re in luck anon! i have an already colored sketch in my folders! 

I really need some new people to follow because my dash is pretty dead lately, so if you post at least a couple of the listed things then reblog/like this for me to check out your blog, and I’ll probably follow you! (If I follow you and you don’t follow back then I’ll end up unfollowing.)

  • Supernatural 
  •  - Destiel
  • - Castiel
  • - Dean Winchester
  • - Jensen Ackles
  • - Misha Collins
  • - Cockles
  • - Coliver
  • - Jack Falahee
  • - Matt McGorry
  • Teen Wolf
  • - Stiles Stilinski
  • - Stydia
  • - Sterek
  • - Dylan O’Brien
  • - HO’Brien
  • The 100
  • - Bellamy Blake
  • - Bellarke
  • - Clexa
  • - Linctavia
  • - Murphamy
  • - Richard Harmon
  • - Bob Morley
  • - Bichard
  • Friends
  • The Office
  • Shameless (US)
  • - Gallavich
  • Sherlock
  • - Johnlock 
  • Sense8
  • New Girl
  • Skam
  • - Evak
  • - YouSana
  • TWD
  • - Daryl Dixon
  • - Jesus
  • - Desus
  • The Bold Type
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Game of Thrones
  • iZombie
  • Lucifer
  • OUAT
  • TVD
  • The Originals
  • Parks and Recreation
  • NCIS
  • Modern Family
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Gossip Girl
  • Merlin
  • Jessica Jones
  • Orphan Black
  • The OC
  • True Blood
  • Suits
  • Private Practice
  • Boy Meets World
  • The Fosters
  • Death Note
  • Bleach

  • Captain America
  • - Bucky Barnes
  • - Steve Rogers
  • - Stucky
  • - Sebastian Stan
  • - Chris Evans
  • - Evanstan
  • Marvel
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • X-men
  • Disney

  • Ed Sheeran
  • Halsey
  • 5SOS
  • 1D

  • books / reading
  • LGBTQ+
  • feminism
  • #blacklivesmatter
  • memes
  • quotes
  • animals
  • scenery

Imagine Toshinori and Aizawa get into a heated argument while drunk on who is the best mentor and this is how it follows:

Toshinori: *hiccups* Oh yea? Only one way to know

Toshinori: *calls Izuku* M-my boy…I need you to come to this address. It’s an emergency. And bring..*whispers*

Aizawa: *calls Shinsou* Hitoshi come to this address. 

Izuku: *dashes to bar*

Shisnou: *steps in bar with a wtf face*

Aizawa: Okay on a scale of 1-10 how good of a mentor am I? 

Shinsou:  -10.

Toshinori: *Looks at Midoriya* what do you rate me?

Izuku: +++++++100.

Aizawa: *hiccups* it’s because he idols you 

Toshinori: *slaps Izuku’s notebook on the table* Izuku hit him with the facts. 

Ken Penders is going to purposely stir the pot to drive controversy for attention because of the breaking information that Archie was canceled through Sega.

Why do you think he’s suddenly pumping merch and pages for his comic?

He is using the breaking information to get YOU to throw up his controversial content, so he can get people to check him out, because he, in and of himself, has to ride information because he, in and of himself, isn’t actually worth your time.

I am offering some advice, do what you will with it-just a list:

Stop blogging him.

Stop spreading his comic.

Stop reblogging people who do.

And let him die in obscurity.

Unfollow him on Twitter.

Ignore him as he controversially stirs the pot.

Throw water on his little fire and let the toxins wash away.

If the last twitter he made didn’t determine that his acts of prejudiced nature are obviously sensational to you, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Don’t let his demonstrably unreasonable derailed actions get traction.

Show solidarity and focus on something else.

I don’t know why people want to talk about it in the first place, but what would I know, there’s reasonable doubt that my content is nearly as interesting since I am only giving available to you simple art that is sporadic and instantly discardable.

And I’m not even talented.

So maybe it’s because I don’t offer wide reach news on actions within the community. However this Ken Circus that seems to make it to my dash whenever he does something extremely trivial has become extremely noticeable as of late and it’s interesting to me the timing of the slew of new content.

I only have one kind of content, and maybe other people on here need something to talk about between information getting put out otherwise which is why they give attention to broad unimportant controversial actions cultivating attention being given to a small minority within the community in favor of whatever else they could be doing with their own time. To me though this feels like it is just legitimizing content that focuses on aspects of the community that spread a sentiment of a part of the Sonic community that I would honestly rather assume everyone would desire to move on from. In other words *I want this to end*

In fact I would even argue the constant chatter existing around the external actions of a person who has easily become irrelevant actually has only made him relevant, and even continues to encourage him.

I want to ask why.

Why do we have to constantly drag this out?

Is there not content identified within the colmnulitive existence of the Fandom that could benefit from the amount of attention we grant Penders on his every waking tweet?

Ken Penders is designed specifically to be reported on, but it kind of reminds me of another person that states controversial things to stay in a spotlight.

Not to assert it’s necessarily the same, but akin to a smaller group Ken serves a specific capacity of wasting our time just as much as Trump does to a much larger group.

Personally I’m not going to ever be talking about this man again, I won’t be rebloggimg or discussing him, because he’s robbed me of my time. I want to protect my time proportionally to what I believe it’s worth and Ken Penders just doesn’t really come to mind when I think of something I could be doing with it-from here on out-

That is all I have to say about that.

Sharing is Caring.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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The search for trekkies

Every 7 years I feel a sudden urge to watch a lot of Star Trek and since my dormant Star Trek-feelings have awakened this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to follow more Star Trek tumblrs. 

Reblog/like this if you post Star Trek (TOS, AOS, TNG, VOY, etc.) sometimes or all the time, so that I can follow you. That is if you want a geeky 20 year old woman to follow you. It would help me out a lot because I honestly need more of Shatner’s ripped shirts, Nimoy’s flawless makeup and Kelley’s cute face on my dash. Seriously though, DeForest Kelley was SO CUTE. SO. CUTE. God damn him and his little booty shake…

witchy starbucks orders

i present to you my list of my starbucks coffee properties for the witch on the run! as a coffee addict i do brew lots at home, but i am a sucker for the fancier starbucks orders. enjoy!

*i drink/order all my coffees with almond milk for the property of luck, and my local starbucks has shakers of cinnamon and nutmeg along with chocolate and vanilla - see if yours does too! and of course, you can further personalize this to your needs in the case of an intolerance or allergies*

1. pumpkin spice latte, cinnamon, nutmeg: 
i am a big believer in the psl! as a clairvoyant, pumpkin spice with extras helps strengthen my gift because of its properties. I have taken to drinking this when working on my grimoire! 
ORDER: pumpkin spice latte, almond milk. at the sweetener bar, add a dash of nutmeg and two of cinnamon. if iced, no whip. 
PROPERTIES: espresso - clarity and focus; pumpkin spice (pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) - luck, abundance; cinnamon - psychic awareness, energy, strength; nutmeg - clairvoyance, clarity

2. triple shot cafe latte, one pump vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg: 
i love espresso. if you prefer sweeter/milder coffees, one shot will get you started. if iced, no whip. 
ORDER: cafe latte, almond milk. a single shot vanilla syrup and triple espresso shot. at bar add two shakes nutmeg and three cinnamon. 
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; vanilla syrup - peaceful mind, luck; cinnamon, nutmeg - see 1 

3. caramel macchiato: 
a very simple order you can get in the drive through! caramel is one of my very favorite flavors in the world. those who prefer more sweetness, you’re in luck - this one is with extra from its original recipe!
ORDER: caramel macchiato, almond milk. two pumps sweetener (or more if you prefer).
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; as caramel is simply boiled sugar, i focus my energy on its properties. sugar - love, positivity, and of course, sweetness! this is beneficial if you need your mind lifted re: love, especially negativity in a love situation

4. peppermint mocha
a wonderful holiday order, both with the flavor alone but also its properties - plus it is drive through friendly as well! the properties are very appropriate for the holiday season when there may be family stress, and also is positive for the love that comes with the season. order hot with whip.
ORDER: peppermint mocha, almond milk.
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; peppermint - abundance in the home, soothing, cooling (emotionally), relaxing mental tension; chocolate - love and friendship; dark chocolate - grounding, passion in love, prosperity 

5. crème brûlée latte 
another drive through order and an option for those who prefer more sweetness! this is a VERY sugary order for those who enjoy such. order hot with whip. 
ORDER: crème brûlée latte, whip 
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; sugar - see 3; crème brûlée syrup - i have never found a specific established property list for crème brûlée itself, so i can only share my personal experience with its use. lifting energy, emotional richness, strengthening relationships of all forms

6. salted caramel mocha 
a personal favorite of mine! and as this one is the simplest along with 4 and 5, it is my choice for the witch in a rush. order hot with whip.
ORDER: salted caramel mocha, almond milk. 
PROPERTIES: espresso - see 1; caramel - see 3; sea salt - protection, purification, cleansing 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any character concepts for rogues besides guilded thief/classy catburglar/dashing highwayman? I need a few ideas for my next character and am sorely lacking in the thinking department rn. Thanks :)

  • Professional gambler/cardsharp
  • Spy
  • Wandering performer (acrobat, juggler etc)
  • Con artist
  • Master of disguise
  • Forger
  • Pirate
  • Sky pirate
  • Fencing master
  • Rebel
  • Smuggler
  • Fence
  • Poison specialist
  • Deserter
  • Thug
  • Investigator
  • Assassin
  • Vagabond
  • Treasure hunter
  • Bard College dropout
  • Failed cleric of the God(dess) of Fortune
  • Try a concept that’s not based on skills and abilities. Like, noble kid disinherited by daddy. Or dwarf miner whose village was abandoned because the ore dried up. And then build a Rogue (or whatever) around that. It’s pretty cool.

anonymous asked:

god ive wanted to read this for ages and im terrible at writing BUT jsjsbsjs could you maybe write a florist au! with hyungwon snjsns it's so silly im sorry but i love your writing and you could really do it justice

sure, no problem!! someone else asked me for a soft hyungwon au so~

  • owns a flowershop that specializes in flowers for runway shows and weddings,,,,big events and stuff
  • even though when you walk into it,,,,,it kind of seems like a gem in the rut???? like the outside looks a bit,,,,shabby and when you come inside the place is so cramped and tight 
  • but it’s ,,,, beautiful nonetheless??? because the flowers are all well taken care of and bright and the ceiling has hanging pots with long leaves that tickle your shoulder when you walk by 
  • and ?? hyungwon seems to have this slight fascination with keeping the counter which he works at in the back lit up with candles ???
  • which you’d think is weird for a flowershop,,,,but he claims that the nice smell mixed in with the smell of flowers helps keep him awake on the job
  • since it’s kind of lonely because no one walks in just to buy flowers - most people order his services online and someone else delivers them
  • is so used to falling asleep at work that he keeps a rollout mat in storage along with blankets in case he doesnt feel like going home after a long night LOL
  • brings his dog to work because again,,,most people don’t come into the shop so it doesn’t matter
  • the dogs cute he’s a chowchow and his names tiger lily which is sometimes too long for hyungwon to say so he’s like “tiger,,,,don’t sit on the new shipment of roses ,,,,,,im begging you”
  • friend changkyun helps hyungwon with the online orders and managing the website because hyungwon cant type more than 10 words without accidentally deleting the entire post apparently
  • you’re one of the stage managers at a fashion show for a big brand and since the theme is summer they’d ordered some flower arrangements and whatnot
  • and someone tells you they’re here but when you run out to greet the person all you see is this tall, handsome man
  • and you’re like ‘excuse me, models have to be in the back getting dressed? what are you doing out here?’
  • and the man points to himself and is like ‘me?’
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes you you’re obviously a model go get changed!
  • and you motion with your clipboard but the guy just blinks slowly and is like ‘nope, im not a model. im here with my flower arrangements. where do you want them?’
  • and you’re taken back like,,,,,wait what he’s not a model???? but he’s over 180cm,,,,,his features are striking and pretty,,,,,,plus he has that half dazed look going on that’s so in these days???
  • but he just stares at you and you feel your face go pink and your like,,o,,,oh im sorry right the flowers i need them over here follow me
  • and hyungwon waves for helpers to unload the big arrangements and he follows after you,,,slouching and yawning
  • and you get everything set up and hyungwon is fixing some vines here and there and you’re still,,,,shocked looking at him because is he really just a normal florist???? looking like that????
  • you suddenly catch his eyes though and you get shy and pretend to write something down instead
  • until you hear him coming over and he’s like “im all done” and you’re like th-thank you
  • and he doesn’t leave,,,,,sleepy brown eyes looking at you and you’re like “i-is there anything else?”
  • and he’s like “do  you really think ,,,,,,,,, i look like a model?” and you’re like,,,,,well,,,,,,,yes i mean,,,,,,you’re tall and good looking-
  • “good looking?”
  • you bite back your lip and you’re like objectively,,,y,,,yes you have attractive features-
  • hyungwon seems to grin,,,,the first sign of something that isn’t tiredness on his face and he leans closer 
  • tilting his head he’s like “you’re attractive too,,,,,,here you go.”
  • and suddenly he pulls a flower from behind his back and you’re like ????? and he’s like “in flower language that daisy means would you like to have coffee with me.”
  • and you’re like dfkhss who knew he was sauve too
  • and you’re like “r-really?” and hyungwon is like lol no actually i don’t know anything about flower language but i am asking you to get coffee with me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,cheesy,,,,,,,but you’re holding the daisy and you’re like “that,,,,,sounds nice, id love to-oh mY GOd THE shOW IS StarTING IN tEN MInutes i NEED to gO-”
  • hyungwon watches you dash off, daisy and clipboard pressed to your chest and he just smiles to himself because,,,,,,you’re cute
  • but also a model? he never considered,,,,,maybe he should,,,,,,but nah he’s good being a florist for now~