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Given the wedding speech, the Olympics party, and the interview, it seems embarrassing Yuuri becomes a favourite hobby of Chris' lol. Does Yuuri revenge himself by withholding the reason he can poledance? Like, giving ridiculous reasons like 'I work for a global spy organization and was undercover at a strip club' 'I was a firefighter and got bored a lot' etc whenever he asks, with 'I didn't care for breakdancing' thrown in there. Though maybe he's not really confident enough withpeople for that

Yuuri would definitely troll Chris about why he can pole dance but Phichit would let it slip in the end!

As for Chris it’s not so much embarassing Yuuri is his favourite hobby it just happens on occasion. He produced the pole at the Olympics party because he’s Chris but he made sure none of the photos ever got released because he was sure Yuuri wouldn’t want that. The best man speech was because I have never been to a wedding where the best man speech doesn’t contain 101 sex jokes and maximum embarrassment for the couple and Chris just takes it to a whole new level. 

The interview on the other hand was because Chris had the misfortune of ending up in the hotel room next to Viktor the night before. And initially when he heard certain…activities… going on in the room next door he just sent lots of suggestive emojis to Viktor and left it at that because he’s happy for them and also he’s Chris. But then it kept going and he was trying to sleep so he sent Viktor another text like ‘I’m happy that you and Yuuri seem to be having such a good night but we all have to wake up early tomorrow morning and I think I speak for this whole corridor when I say we would like to get some sleep’. Then a hour or so later it’s getting ridiculous so he’s like ‘Viktor it’s one in the morning tone it down’ which coming from Chris is seriously unusual but he needs to sleep goddamn it. And his final text is just like ‘VIKTOR I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HAVE TO HEAR YOUR BOYFRIEND SCREAM YOUR NAME ONE MORE TIME’. So the next day when he walks past as Yuuri is getting interviewed the opportunity is just too perfect and he’s like ‘revenge’


December 25th

“For the love of God!”

Remus Lupin kicked the tire of his car with all the rage that had been building up in him for the past half an hour. Granted it was his fault, he hadn’t listened to what they said on the news about snow but it was Christmas and he had to get to his family or his mother would break his legs like chopsticks. Hope Lupin was a small woman but a force to be reckoned with when it came to family dinners. However, Remus’ car wasn’t afraid of Hope’s wrath, it’s tires had given up long ago but Remus had only now pulled the car over. Remus checked his phone but it was dead, too, it was a Christmas miracle that everything went so wrong. He looked around at all the pretty houses around him, all of them lit up and adorned with red and gold, laughter audible from each one except for one that was a bit down the road. The house looked beautiful but it wasn’t festive at all, the lights were on but there wasn’t anyone inside celebrating Christmas.

Remus hated asking people for help and the fact that it was Christmas night made his decision even harder, so he took a deep breath before he bowed his head down a little to keep the snow from getting to his face, it was so cold that each snowflake burned his already fragile skin.

He stood in front of the house before he knocked twice, he started cleaning the snow off of his brown coat, as he was bend over cleaning the snow from his pants the door opened and Remus made the mistake of looking up, it was a mistake because he almost fell down when he saw the ethereal creature that opened it.


“I- I’m,” mumbled Remus as he straightened himself before opening his mouth again, he saw the corner of the lip of the creature curl up. “I was wondering if I could use your phone–” 

Remus showed the dead phone in his hand to the angel that was standing before him with sweatpants on and his hair in a bun. He had pale grey eyes and the blackest hair you can imagine, his cheekbones were like stairway to heaven. He was holding a whiskey glass in his pale hands and he raised his perfectly shaped brow before inviting Remus in with a nod..

“I’m terribly sorry to bother you on Christmas, I just–”

“Do I look like I’m celebrating, mate?” interrupted the sweatpants god, he tugged a loose lock of his hair back into his flawless messy bun. “I generally learn people’s names before I let them into my house.”

“I- yeah, sorry. I’m Remus,” he replied, as he took his scarf and coat of because it was really very hot inside. “So about that phone?”

“Aren’t you in a rush Remus? Just when I was getting happy that I won’t be spending another Christmas alone,” he smiled as he showed the phone standing on a marble stand just a few feet away. “Thanks for asking by the way, I’m Sirius.”  

How could he be so thick? He forgot to ask the Greek God his name which was partly his fault because Remus literally forgot how to breathe let alone talk every time he looked at Sirius. Now that Remus thought about it, with a name like that, this man could be an actual Greek God.

“I’m sorry, I was just in a rush I guess,” he said as he stared at the phone in his hands.

“Stop saying sorry for everything you do, please call who you must and tell them you are okay,” suggested Sirius as he went back to his couch right in front of a majestic chimney. “Don’t forget to tell them you will be staying with a friend because your car is not going anywhere tonight.”

Remus furrowed his eyebrows at this very brave statement but when he looked out the gigantic window right behind where Sirius was sitting, he knew he didn’t have much of a choice because it was impossible to see from the snow. It wasn’t snowing, it was like someone was cutting the clouds in half. He dialed the number with shaky hands, he knew just who would pick up.

“Hey!” he said almost crying.

REMUS JOHN LUPIN!” Sirius turned his head suddenly with a huge grin on his face that made Remus’ knees weak. “I told you months before if you missed this diner I would serve you for dinner on New Years Eve.”

Remus could feel his cheeks warm up as he was sure Sirius could hear everything his mother was saying at the moment. 

“Yeah,mum… I’m sorry… No I’m really sorry… I will be there tomorrow I promise… I’m not lying for the love of God… Yeah… Uh-huh… I got somewhere to stay I guess…”

“What do you mean I guess?” whispered Sirius from where he was sitting, he was hanging from the couch to make Remus hear him. 

“I’ll call you when I leave for home,” concluded Remus and he put the phone down with an embarrassed look on his face. He loved his mum to bits but she was sometimes a bit too much. “Can I have a charger, please?”

“Wait a second,” said Sirius as he hurriedly went to another room and came back with a charger and he placed it into Remus’ palm. His skin was almost as white as snow and he was just as cold. “We have a long night ahead Remus, do you want something to drink?”

“Tea would be gr–”

“Whiskey it is then, great choice,” teased Sirius as he went for his liquor cabinet. “This is Christmas and you are stuck here, you are not drinking tea.”

He plugged his phone in spent at least half an hour trying to get to all the messages and calls that he received while his phone was dead, he knew it was rude but it was Christmas and he had a huge family he had to call.

When Remus was finally done, he went to the couch to sit down as he took the fancy glass from Sirius. He didn’t want to about what the hell he was doing, staying at a stranger’s house was not something he would do. But this man with his hair and his cheekbones and his ridiculous smile and the way those sweatpants hang from his hips were very inviting, not that anything would happen but it was a good view at least.

“I like your mum,” said Sirius with a smirk as he took a sip from his new glass of high quality whiskey. “She’s quite something.”

“She’s worse than this snow storm on holidays,” laughed Remus. “She misses me that’s all but yeah, you heard her war cries.”

Sirius laughed and Remus heard summer in his laughter despite all the snow that was falling outside. He didn’t know why he was feeling what he was feeling but he hadn’t felt like this in forever and this was such an unnecessary thing, he really didn’t need this nor did he want this.

“So I you don’t mind me asking,” continued Remus as his throat burned from whiskey. “Why are you alone on Christmas?”

“I hate my family,” replied Sirius simply, he used that word so freely, it was a bit scary. “They are bigoted, idiotically conservative and mentally abusive. I made the mistake of coming out last Christmas, it was chaos. They invited me out of obligation this year, so why bother?”

With that he tipped whatever was left in his glass into his mouth and licked his lips slowly as he walked back to the liquor cabinet and brought the bottle with him this time.

“I’m sorry about that,” muttered Remus as he did the same. He didn’t know if he should feel bad for Sirius or feel happy for himself, not that he would ever look at him like that. 

“What did I tell you about saying sorry?” smiled Sirius as he poured them more liquor. “Also, you should probably warn me when you want to sleep because I rarely sleep before 3 am.”

“Why would you ever do that to yourself?” yelled Remus, that was a bit too much but Remus never had the strongest metabolism for whiskey. “Sleep is a beautiful thing.”

Not as beautiful as you are though.

Remus realised he should be careful about those thoughts because he was known to tell whatever was on his mind out loud.

“I can’t help it. I always work late at night and now my sleep schedule is fucked up,” he explained and cursing had never looked so good. “So Remus John Lupin, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a TA at the university,” he replied as he ruffled his hair. “I know it’s kinda boring–”

“You are hellbent on selling yourself short,” interrupted Sirius, he loved doing that. “I bet you think you are not good looking.”

Remus felt like his tongue froze, what was he supposed to reply with to drunken flirting from a completely gorgeous stranger? So he did what he knows best, he changed the subject.

“So, umm, what do you do?”

“I’m an attorney, family business, but it happened so I roll with it,” he stated as he grinned. “You are very good at changing the subject.”

“You heard my mum, if I don’t change the subject we talk about my sex life during dinner,” said Remus and immediately regretted it, he looked at his glass guiltily and realised that he was actually on his third glass. “I didn’t mean–”

“Another way of saying sorry, you are incredible,” teased Sirius as he put his glass down on the coffee table in front of the couch and came a little closer, Remus never thought breathing was a hard thing to do before but he could still feel Sirius’ scent, strong and spellbinding. “So, I like to think that things happen for a reason.”

His bloody perfect eyebrow was raised again and Remus wasn’t thinking straight so he just nodded.

“Your car didn’t break down in this street without a reason, I think Mr. Lupin, we were meant to meet,” he continued, he used his hands a lot as he spoke and it was the most marvellous thing Remus had ever seen, the fact that he was already dreaming about his hands all over him was not a good sign though. “So, you are going to stay here tonight and you will leave with my number in that phone of yours, just in case you need an attorney someday.”

“Okay,” whispered Remus, because that was all he could manage. “I think I should sleep because I need to wake up early tomorrow.”

“We were just starting to have fun,” mumbled Sirius but he stood up nevertheless to show Remus to his room. “Don’t be scared I won’t bite.”

You could if you want to.

Remus followed him up the stairs trying so hard not to stare at his back but the damn sweatpants weren’t helping. Sirius showed him to a not so small guest room on the left and walked back out.

“If you feel like you can’t sleep, I’m downstairs,” he reminded with a lopsided smile and went away. 

Remus crawled into the extremely soft bed and was asleep in a matter of minutes thanks to the alcohol in his veins.

Sirius was flabbergasted by the luck he had this Christmas after everything that went down last year. A tall, lanky man with the warmest eyes was sleeping in his guest room and Sirius was still reeling from everything that happened in the past six hours since it was around 3 am at the moment. He slowly got up and turned the lights off. He climbed the stairs carefully scared that he would wake up the most beautiful man to ever enter this house besides him, when he reached the top he realised that Remus had slept with the door open. He was softly snoring and was drowning in the huge duvet over him. His clothes were on the dresser and it didn’t take long for Sirius to understand that he would kill to get in that bed at that moment. He slowly turned around to enter his own room as Remus hummed in his sleep. 

This is what I call a Christmas miracle.”

Sirius always believed things happened for a reason, he knew things would happen in the order they should, he had had troubles with his anger as far as he can remember and this new belief was helping him deal with it sometimes, it also helped him makes sense of things like this. Sirius firmly believed that Remus walked into his life for a reason and he was intended to find out why it took so long and what it was for.

He slipped into his own bed and shivered as the cold sheets touched his skin and undid his bun to sleep comfortably. When he closed his eyes, all he could see was honey eyes, long limbs and a shy smile. For the first time in a long time Sirius Black was excited to wake up.

Hey, Babe//Jung Jaehyun

Summary: In which Jaehyun is your idol boyfriend––currently on tour––and he sends you lots of cute videos and pics bc ya’ll miss each other lots ;u;

Genre: fluff!!!!

Word Count: 858

A/N: I apologize for the title it is so cheesy omg. 
Okay, for some reason, I got OD notes on my last post (omg I’m honored guys ;u;), so here’s another one for y’all :D
I also reread my last post, and OH MA LAWD, the number of grammar and spelling mistakes I made is tragic omg I am so sorry.
In my defense, it was like 2 AM when I finished it, and I did not proofread it because I had just spent 9 hours writing an essay for IB literature so… :D heh rip me 
But anyways, STORY TIMEEEEEEE!! 
P.S. Send requests!!!

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*Jung Jaehyun is so attractive MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY POOR SOUL*


The first time you saw Jung Jaehyun, he wore a cold expression: eyes narrowed and lips pressed together in a tight line. When your boss brought you to meet the NCT members, you approached cautiously: bowing politely and waiting for their response. 

Rather than the quick, much-too-serious greeting that many rookies resorted to, the bunch of boisterous boys shouted their team introduction loudly before introducing themselves individually. You laughed as they showed off their different charms, secretly anticipating what the mysterious Jaehyun prepared. 

Your watched in awe as his cold expression morphed into a much softer one, eyes crinkling into crescents and dimples showing. He cutely sang his greeting, ending it by smiling widely and holding two peace signs up by his face. 

That was pretty much all it took for you to fall for Jung Jaehyun. 

Luckily, you left a similar impression on him, and after a few months of working together, you two officially started dating. 


You felt the smile form on your face when you heard the sound of your boyfriend’s part in “Without You” shamelessly ringing through your apartment. You all but ran over to the counter where your phone sat, picking it up and greeting Jaehyun with a quick “Hello.” 

Ever since he went on tour, he made sure to call you with daily updates of what he did, what he ate, and fun things he just wanted to share with you. He wanted you to experience all the new things he was experiencing, but sometimes it was just too hard to understand what he was trying to say. 

“Hey babe, did you see my messages?”

You furrowed your brows, “What messages? I didn’t get any messages.”

“But I sent them like two minutes ago!”

“Jae, you ‘like’ called me two minutes ago.” You rolled your eyes and laughed at his impatience. “I’ll look at them later, but for now, tell me what you did in Thailand!”

“NooOoOOoo~” he whined, “Can’t you just look at them now? Call me back after you’ve seen them?”

You sighed in defeat, knowing that there was no way you were going to win this argument. 

“Fine, love you. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Love you too, bye~”

Once you hung up, you opened up your “Messages” app, eyes widening when you saw that Jaehyun had sent you 14 new messages. 

Clicking on his name, you were surprised that instead of giant paragraphs of text, he had sent you a series of photos and videos. You scrolled up to his first message––a video––and pressed play.

“Hey, babe, it’s your wonderful and lovely boyfriend Jaehyunnie! I know it’s been hard trying to understand some of the things I’ve been talking about, especially since you haven’t experienced them before. But I’ve been thinking, and maybe you can experience them with me! Instead of my long, and probably confusing descriptions, I’m going to take photos and videos for you. That way, you can see all of us being crazy with your own eyes. I love you, and go play the next video!”

A stupid grin formed on your face as you exited out of the video. The next two messages were photos: one of Jaehyun holding up a finger heart, and one of him and Johnny sitting on top of an elephant. Of course, the next video was of the two of them screaming as they got used to the feeling of the elephant shifting beneath them, your laughter joining theirs as they yelled at the other boys behind them. It was only when Jaehyun addressed you that you quieted down. 

“Well love, as you can see, we are currently riding elephants over here in Thailand. It’s really fun! I really wish you were here. But you don’t have to worry because I’ll take you on plenty of trips in the future! Well, I’m gonna stop this video because the ride’s getting a little shaky, and I feel a bit uncomfortable holding this selfie stick out, but I’ll send lots of pictures and videos of other stuff we do today. Love you! Bye!”

As you looked at the rest of the videos and pictures he sent, your heart swelled up with joy. It didn’t matter what anyone else said because to you, Jung Jaehyun was the cutest human being on the planet. 

When you finally finished looking through the messages, you called him back––this time, through video chat. You wanted him to see how happy his video messages made you feel. 

“Hey, beautiful.”
“Hey yourself.”
“So, you saw my messages?”
“I did..”
“Jae, you are actually the cutest person ever.”
“I’ve been trying to tell you this for months now!”

You shook your head at his cheeky grin. 

“Anyways, I know you miss me, but your videos took up a lot of time. You need to go to sleep, because I’m sure you’re gonna wake up early tomorrow.”

He pouted, “But we barely got to talk!”

“I know, but I’d rather you get enough sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll talk first, and after we hang up, I’ll watch the videos. Deal?”


“Love you, Jae.”

“Love you too, Y/N.”


A/N: Okay, well another author’s note. I have no clue what this formatting is, I am so sorry omg. Well, hope you liked it even though it’s really short D: I also was too lazy to proofread this one, so sorry in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes oops

Like a Hyacinth // BTS’ Jungkook

[A/N] Here is a oneshot which, like my blog’s namesake, tells the story of a love filled with sorrow and constancy.

Your move into a new town goes exactly as how one might imagine it: stressful, slightly chaotic, but overall it’s a productive and bustling day. The movers are quick and efficient in their work, and later when you call your mother you’re proud to report that you misplaced only two boxes. Those will arrive by the weekend, you tell her, but until then, you have plenty of other belongings to sift through and tuck away in their new home.

The next few days are tiring. You have no friends or family members living in this unfamiliar town, so the task of unpacking falls entirely on you. It’s a lot of work for one person to handle, but it becomes a routine which you follow without complaint. In the mornings you wake up and get dressed, then gulp down a cup of coffee before leaving for your new job. When you’re done you come straight to the apartment to have a simple dinner and sort through the boxes that are waiting for you in the living room. Sometimes you pass by your neighbour in 707, a man with hair the colour of sullied gold, but he only gives you a nod in greeting and you only nod back. There will be chances to introduce yourself properly in the future, you think as you close the door behind you, but they will have to wait until after you finish settling down.

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Oui Mais Non

Location: 72 Rue Jarry E 

Metro Station: Jarry

 It’s 1:30 am and I should probably be sleeping because I need to wake up early tomorrow to go to a career fair my University is hosting. It’s 1:30 and I should be sleeping but instead I am here, writing about coffee because I prefer spending my time thinking about happy memories and sharing them with 800 of you lovely souls.

That’s right, I just hit 800 followers and I still don’t believe it. To think that even a couple of people read my posts is already heartwarming enough, but 800?! Thank you guys, really.

I am here because I love to talk about my favorite experiences (that obviously involve coffee). I am here at 1:30 am because I want to push away the anxiety of reality for a few moments. And because I dream of coffee. Always. Please tell me I’m not the only one who still wants caffeine in the middle of the night… There must be some other crazy person like me out there. Or maybe not.

This next cafe is special to me because it’s one of the few that enabled me to connect with the ‘atmosphere’ so deeply. I’m going to be honest, this isn’t a very well known coffee shop - certainly not on Instagram or social media. But it’s showed up once on my “nearby cafes” on google maps and I’ve heard about it from one of my friends so it ended up on my list.

I’m not one to look at too many pictures of the location I want to go to because I do like that surprise factor when walking in the shop for the first time.Going here, I wasn’t expecting anything. I didn’t know what Oui Mais Non was all about.

But once I walked in, it’s as if my whole reality shifted to this whole different world. A warmer, colorful world. A more unique reality. A place in a child’s imagination. A safe haven that was real and there and in front of me and smelled like coffee and pastries and … warmth. Looking around, I saw so many various vintage furniture items that decorated the cafe. Some of them looked seriously gorgeous and some of them were hilarious (especially the “it’s Britney Bitch” banner).

The shop was pretty small. It had few seating and was a bit crammed towards the back. But wait. Don’t scroll through my post now in disappointment! Not yet - because the cool thing about this place was what I discovered next. As I was sitting in my little corner with my latte, I saw a little passage way in the middle of the cafe. I left my seat in curiosity and walking towards the passage, I saw that it lead to a whole other section of the cafe. More seating, more decor, more unique details, further into a child’s imagination. More people working and talking and being happy. They all looked at me as I walked in on them enjoying their coffee and good company. I looked way too excited and might have overwhelmed them with my excessive picture taking. I’m sorry…

I went back to my seat, opened my Calculus 3 notebook and attempted studying for my midterm. After about 5 minutes of reading equations, I decided to go the bathroom as a form of productive procrastination. I looked around for the bathroom. I noticed a door that looked like bathroom door but on it, it said “Not a bathroom, it’s the efls’ hiding place. Obviously.” Ah well, better not disturb them. I then saw stairs that went down so I automatically assumed the bathroom was there. I started going down and with each step I took, I was getting more and more convinced the basement wasn’t only for the bathroom. I heard voices and glass clinging… and suddenly - before me was yet another dimension to the cafe. A basement. I invite you to please look at the huge photo set I have provided because no combination of words can describe the originality of this space! Each corner was picture perfect. I made that a point by obviously taking a billion pictures. There were so many people downstairs! How could they have known? Were they looking for a bathroom as well and suddenly stumbled upon the basement like I did? There were no signs pointing downstairs… it was as if it was the cafes secret.And now I was in on it.  

This whole experience made me realize how powerful a place can be. I realized how much a beautiful environment with friendly people can affect my mood positively. At that second, I knew my week was made. My MONTH was made.

And just as I got back to my seat, closing my Calculus notebook, I saw a sign on my table that said: “Ici, on encourage les rencontres entre inconnus. Tasse donc ton sac pis invite quelqu’un qui se cherche une place. Ca va te donner des beaux points karmiques.” This means “Here, we encourage meeting strangers. So push your bag to the side and invite someone who’s looking for a place. It gives you really nice karma point” in French. What a beautiful concept. In all aspects, this coffee shop has made me feel so welcomed and amazed.

I invite all of you to try this cafe. And please - take the time to cruise around and look at every detail possible. There’s a surprise in every corner.

ahhhhhh i’m leaving or the Far North tomorrow…….. i’ve gotta pack today…… but i wanna do more art first while i still can……. i might just make some more art…..

there will (IN THEORY) be a lot less art from me in the two coming months, or at least less effort art, because i’ll be busy working and probably half dead when i’m not. may tends to be my most productive art month becase i’m given too much free time, and with my recent Waking Up Too Early problem i’ve just been spending my early mornings drawing. hopefully the sudden jump from LOTS AND LOTS OF ART to A Bit Less Art won’t be too harsh hahahaha

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2:21 AM I need to wake up early tomorrow but my insomnia is kicking me in the a** and it's because I'm worried or anything it's just that I can't sleep. Plus something feels off and I don't like it. I just want to go home it's easier to sleep there...


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Oh my god! I've got an exam tomorrow! It's my last one then I am finished with school. But I will stay awake tonight because of Iron Lady! I need to know what's happening in the next chapter! I need to reed it! 😩😩

Ahaha! Well, it’ll still be here in the morning.

If you really must read it after midnight, you can always go to bed early and set an alarm, wake up, read it, go back to bed.


Greetings! 💞✨


I want to get married ASAP for a lot of reasons but right now it’s because I want the ease of not caring what my hair looks like because it’ll be covered. My hair is incredibly greasy right now, like probably-shouldn’t-have-left-the-house-without-washing-it-today bad, and I can’t imagine what it’ll be like tomorrow. But I also have to run errands early in the morning (that can’t be done later) so if I want to look presentable to do that, I need to wake up even earlier to wash my hair. Normally I’d just wash my hair tonight and sleep in tomorrow but I don’t want to go into Shabbos not having showered erev Shabbos. So…like…wow, HaShem why aren’t I married right now? It wouldn’t even be such a big deal if I didn’t have this whole process for doing my hair (blow it out straight because the only Jewishness I got from my dad’s side is my hair lol) and it takes forever. Then I wouldn’t have to wake up so early. But I do, because I’m stuck with my curly hair AND I’m not married so I can’t just cover it and hide this mess.

I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn’t want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept — as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you!
—  Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 23.
Regret - Yoongi

Type: Angst; Slight fluff

Members: Yoongi x Reader

Disclaimer: This does contain language (swearing). If this makes you uncomfortable then please, do not read this.

*E/G/N means “Ex-girlfriend’s name”*

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Somehow it had all escalated so quickly. The once small argument about dirty dishes had now spiraled out control. Molding itself into a whirlwind of accusations and tears. Yoongi stood on the other side of the room, eyes burning with the bitter resentment he felt for you in that moment. Watching your every move, waiting for you to say one more word. Every last string of self control he had was wearing thin, breaking with each frustrated sigh that came from your mouth.

You rested your hands on the table, hunching over. Tiredly you spoke, “Why can’t you just wrap your fucking head around the fact that I don’t feel comfortable with you being alone with her.” 

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Hey I love your work I have two requests and either one would be AWESOME 1st when are you going to do part 3 of the Temptation AU and also can you do 12 for feysand

hey nonnie! thank you so much, that means a lot to me! Part III of Temptation is already posted here. below is a ficlet for feysand + “Bed. Now.”, it’s a bit angsty, but i was having a bit of a sweetness overload after my other fic. don’t worry though, the end is pretty fluffy too. I hope you like it!


After a long day at work, Feyre Archeron was tired.

At first, she had started working at the Gallery at the end of the street from her and Rhys’ apartment so she could pay for college and get some experience in the field. But over the years, as she painted and painted, and tried to get recognized and things still didn’t go her way, it was a safety net that she wasn’t ready to let go of.

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My daddy is a rockstar - Austin Carlile imagine

So this is my very first imagine, please request if you liked it and want me to make a part 2. And I’ll take all requests and ideas for other imagines ;)

I was tidying and cleaning the house I shared with my husband of 5 years for the hundredth time today. Austin has been on tour with his band Of Mice & Men for a month now, and since they had 3 days off he decided to take the first flight and come home to spend them with me. I was always a bit nervous but most of all excited when he came home from tour. I was once again checking the little present I had for him when I heard a knock on the front door and Austin’s voice.

“Babe, I’m home !”

I quickly ran to the hall, and as he was putting his bags on the floor I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

“I missed you so much Austin” I said with my face burried in the crook of his neck, taking all of his scent.

“I missed you too Y/N, I’m glad I’m home” he said while kissing my neck.

He pulled away a bit, only to kiss me passionately two seconds later. Throughout the kiss, I suddenly thought of the present that was waiting for him. I pulled away from the kiss and the nervousness was back in my mind.

“What’s wrong babe ?”

“Nothing really, but I do have something for you upstairs. Follow me !” I said as I took his hand and led him to the stairs and then to our bedroom, making him sit on the bed. “Wait a second, ok ?”

I quickly rummaged in my drawer to find a little box wrapped in paper with a grey ribbon around it.

“Open it !” I told Austin after handing him the box.

He looked at me in the eyes and then at the box with a suspicious look on his face.

“What is it for babe ? Valentine’s day is only tomorrow and we don’t use to buy each other presents usually - ”

“I know I know Aus” I cut him off, “But this is not exactly for Valentine’s day you know, it’s something… Special. Open it please !”

I was sitting Indian style on the bed in front of my husband, waiting nervously for him to open the box, anxious about his reaction. He starded unwrapping the ribbon and paper and finally opened the box. He gave me another suspiscious look when he took the little baby onesie out of the box.

“My daddy is a rockstar” He read. “But babe I’m not a da- Wait, are you serious ?!”

“Yes Austin, I’m pregnant ! We’re gonna be parents” I told him, still not knowing if it was a positive reaction or not, even if the two of us have been trying for a few months now.

“Babe that’s amazing ! For how long have you known ? Why didn’t you tell me ?”

“I’ve know for a week now, I’m only 8 weeks pregnant. I wanted to surprise you since you were coming home in only a few days, but believe me it was hard not to tell you on the phone !” I told him.

“I’m so happy ! I can’t believe we finally get to start our little family together. I can’t wait to meet this little baby” he almost yelled, holding me tightly in his arms and kissing my head.

“Well speaking of it, I hope you don’t mind waking up early tomorrow because I have a doctor appointment at 9 AM for the first sonogram.” I told him yawning a bit since it was almost midnight.

“Anything for my babies ! Now let’s go to sleep, I can’t wait for this appointment. And it’s late, you two need some sleep” He happily said, kissing my still flat stomach.

He got up to take boxerbriefs in the drawer and handed me one of his shirts, and then came back to bed crawling next to me.

“I love you so much Y/N, goodnight !” He whispered while kissing my shoulder and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you too Austin” I answered, already drifting to sleep.

Forever and a Day

Captain Swan. When Zelena takes away all Hook’s memories of Emma, the saviour is forced to confront just how much the pirate means to her. [Set during season 3b. AU. Eventual TLK] (For resilient-tophat)


Previously: Part 1


Part 2

Who’s Emma?

The second the words leave his mouth Emma knows that his confusion is true, the confirmation punching her in the gut.

“What do you mean ‘Who’s Emma’?” David asks, clearly not amused.

“I can assure you I’m not.” Hook replies, clearly not playing around. “Who’s Emma?”

Despite her every instinct saying it’s not worth the pain she finds herself answering, “Me. I’m Emma.” 

Hook turns his attention back to her, but not without an appraising glance. She isn’t sure whether to be annoyed or relieved. At least some things don’t change when it comes to this man.

“I was hoping that was you,” he says, smiling flirtatiously. “A beautiful name for a beautiful face…”

If it were any other situation she would have shaken her head at him. Instead she gives him a sad smile, a pool of guilt beginning to form in her stomach.

“How do you know David?” she asks, hoping to figure out the extent of his memory loss. It’s clear that he at least recognises her father.

Hook shrugs. “In the Enchanted Forest. I helped retrieve a compass that brought his wife back here.”

They lock eyes for a second and she wonders what became of the beanstalk, of her chaining him up only for him to later reveal that he would never have done the same.

“Of course I also saved his life in Neverland,” He adds, turning to look at David. 

Emma nods, waiting for him to continue, with bated breath.

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