because i need to wake up early tomorrow

some actualyuuri/braveten updates ~~~

Just some stuff going on for anyone who cares:

  • I JUST HIT 2000 FOLLOWERS! That’s super surreal and thank you so much to everyone who follows me for putting up with my usually low-quality drabbles and rants!!! <3 <3 <3 ILY ALL!!
  • I won’t be around tomorrow because I have a programming competition!!!  So if you notice significantly less posts spamming your dash that’s why
  • The first chapter of if i’m never your hero, my vigilante AU, is currently on schedule to be posted Tuesday night (12am est) but that’s changeable! So much homework this week OTL
  • ASKS: If you sent me an ask BEFORE today (March 24th) and I haven’t answered it yet, that’s because it was a prompt/headcanon/au that I wanted to write something for (whether it be a drabble or bullet points). I will get to it eventually, and I probably did receive it! I have about 110~~ prompts/headcanons/aus in my inbox right now, but I’ll get through them all eventually!!! Just waiting until I have more time bc I want to read them all thoroughly!!

I’m frustrated I just wanted to relax and play a damn game for a bit but now I won’t have any time because I need to wake up fucking early tomorrow for a LONGASS day of physical labor and I’m already goddamn exhausted

okay so I’m having a little moment of “the future is uncertain and i’m scared of that but also excited but confused ah i just have too many ideas/theories that i need to discuss with ppl/i need to hear what others have to say”…

basically, where do you guys see Dan+Phil in 5 years or so?
To elaborate, I mean, how do you see their relationship with YouTube change?and also how do you see their relationship, as either a duo/couple/brand, change? 


Ok I saw a couple of people wanting me to them so I will. I will be doing blog rates for the rest of the weekend. (To keep me busy and help me relax cuz trust me I need it) You can send them in tonight, but I won’t be doing them rn because I am very very sleepy and I need to wake up early tomorrow for camp.
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