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To be honest, I wish I didn’t have to be writing any of this, because I find the idea of explaining someone else’s relationship completely ridiculous, but I need to say it, otherwise I’ll burst. 😡
I’ve been seeing the hate some Dylan O'Brien fans have been spreading towards Britt Robertson, his long-term girlfriend, and, before you say anything, I’m not here to preach saying you have to like her because she makes him happy. That’s totally, up to you, after all, it’s your God damn life. Still, some of the messages you’ve been publishing and spamming other writers I follow with, are really concerning me.
Dylan is not a fucking baby, he knows how to protect himself and he is with her for a reason, wether we like it or not. Plus, as much as I think we don’t anything to do with his personal life, I must state that Britt is not some maniac or a psychopath who will murder him on his sleep. She’s just a girl. Shocking, I know. 🙄😂
At the end, I guess all wanted to say is: quit it because… Well, be a human once. Give the girl some rest, for fuck’s sakes, she has done nothing but date the actor you love.

Just want to clarify that. Wearing no make up at all doesn’t make you ugly. As a person who looks up to youtubers and likes to be inspired I’m disgusted in this. I’m not sure who the YouTuber is as I’ve never watched her videos nor did I watch this one. I think some people with large followings need to stop and realise that they have young followers and promoting being barefaced is to be portrayed as being ugly in my opinion is fucking disgusting. LET GIRLS BE BARE FACED AND LET THEM FUCKING EMBRACE IT GOD DAMN. LET THEM FEEL BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE FUCK THE LORD KNOWS THEY ARE!!! I’m so angry I had to rant

((Alright, sooo… I’ve got two long shifts coming up tomorrow and Sunday, on top of the one I had today, so I might not be on tomorrow… If I am though, or afterwards… whichever it ends up being… My goals are as follows:

  • Wrap up the Brier Arc
  • Wrap up the Brian and Hemo Arc

Sound good? Sounds good.))


Wow I cant believe I made more god damn ocs
Any way heres some new characters for yet another series im working on but this time its with @medicallydrawing !!!!!! There will be more character bios to come because I still need to make the ones for the characters Sam designed, along with more on them, but for now have these. (Also shout out to my friend Skylar for helping me name tall ass edge lord McGee. I dunno if he’ll see this and if he does if he wants to be tagged or not but his Tumblr is Onierokinetic you should totally go follow him)

Hannibal Rewatch: 1x08

Season 1, Episode 8: “Fromage”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

This is just gonna be a straight live-blog this time, with pauses for longer thoughts on occasion. There are… a lot of occasions. This is a lot of live-blog. SETTLE IN, FRIENDS. It’s “Fromage” time.

GAHH WHAT IS THIS FIELD & STREAM CENTERFOLD, oh my god warn me next time I almost choked on my Vert Chaud. He is literally stretched out in front of a bed with two buttons undone working on a boat motor surrounded by fluffsome dogs, I just…. *sips drink while cocking an eyebrow* Bryan….

Will you actually live in an Andrew Wyeth painting. I adore Wyeth’s beige bleakness so it’s like this is finely designed to rend my heart apart, and I sincerely appreciate it. Also the fact that Will is hallucinating animals in pain is bringing me a lot of pain. It’s almost like the animal’s voices are his own cries, but he has to frame it as others he can help, because god knows he’s not gonna help himself.

Cello Kid: “I should learn to play the easier strings first, then the harder ones.”
Tobias: “No you shouldn’t.”
Me: “Damn straight, that’s why you’re not allowed a saddle when you’re learning to ride.” *sips drink again, Westernly*

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I intentionally avoided the shit that transpired today but I always get a little mad when this crap comes up. 

Guys. Friends. Kids. Adults. Humans. Dogs. Carrots:

The serious shipping shit needs to stop. I am sorry but this is one thing I will put my foot down about. I might lose followers for this because I am more than fully aware that some of you don’t see a problem in this “shipping” as you call it but there is a problem. It is a problem because real human lives are involved.

You know when you were in school, and your friends would decide that you and a boy should date, and they would do everything in their god damn tiny power to get you two alone/get you on the swings together/make him eat your mud pie (not a euphemism)? Remember being so annoyed because it was really fucking embarrassing especially if you didn’t like him and actually worse if he was a nice boy who you could have been friends with?

I’m not saying that the people being shipped cannot handle the conspiracy theories and day-after-day insanity. What I am saying is that we do not under any circumstances have the right to put such a strain on a real life relationship, be it friendship or otherwise.

Youtubers have lost friends in the past because of shipping. Think about your otp and imagine how you would feel if they stopped hanging out because you had spent three days tweeting them about that time the wore the same colour of shirt.

Someone said today “If you get the feeling a ship is canon, stay the fuck away from it.” I think that is exactly right. I know you love them together. I do too. But remember they are actual. human. people.Breathing air, eating lunch and sitting on sofa watching Judge Judy, just like you.

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this is my first tour omg i am excited as fuuuck. do you have any blog recs to me? I really need (want, whatever) to follow some but I always end up in negative blogs and those are not fun at all! I love yours btw :D

Hello lovey! LOVE YOU TOO! 

I would follow my wife Robyn, because she is sweeter than apple pie and will make you all sorts of happy.

My daughter Maddy, are you in the mood for Louis and Harry’s legs? No? Then join a meltdown. <3

My mistress El, who has recently become my daughter. I don’t know anon. Welcome to the Game of Thrones. 

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To stay updated in everything follow Kati (Honestly, are you confused and need a timeline? She has like 147.)

We’ve barely been following each other, but I feel this URL on a spiritual level (and they are pretty damn amazeballs) Ryan. (KAT) I was so close. That is amazing. 

For someone who understands Niall is our God, Diana

For someone who just loves Niall, Shannon

Want some media info and just an all around badass? Hannah.

I just love her blog so much. She makes it so easy, because she just blogs pictures and fanart and it’s all neat and organized and sometimes that is all I want. JACKIE

Because again, sometimes I just want to blog without seeing negative things, Karla. Like a breath of fresh air. 

There’s more of them I’m probably missing and I’m sorry. I’ll do a follow forever at some point. Maybe. I don’t know. If I reblog them continually, they are my faves. 

Bothersome Guitars


It’s was just past three am, and you were sat curled up on the couch. You had the entire gang over at your place for a small Saturday night get together. Calum and his girlfriend were seated on the floor right below you, their backs pressed up against the couch, Michael and Luke were seated up against the wall across the room, a guitar in both boys hands, and Ashton’s girlfriend was seated over with your best friend in front of the tv, playing FIFA, while Ashton was sat next you, going on and on about the most recent antics that had taken place in the Irwin household. All of you had had at least two or three beers, a nice buzz going on throughout the room, affecting all of you. This being said, Ashton was especially chirpy this evening, getting to overly excited telling his story, giggling fiercely at whatever he was going to say next, making it hard to get the words out. But for some reason, you just couldn’t put your mind to paying attention to him. Your eyes and mind kept wondering to your boyfriend, whose fingers were furiously plunking away at the strings of his guitar, and he and Michael were no doubt bickering over how some part of a song went. But it wasn’t unusual that your eyes were wondering to him, your had always loved when he had a guitar in his hands, there was just something about it that made you so, well, turned on. You weren’t entirely sure if he knew though, but your wouldn’t have been surprised if he had caught on, considering you basically pounced on him and dragged him to the nearest bedroom after every show of his you’d been do. “Hey, hey, you with the face.” Ashton snapped his fingers in your face, trying to get your attention back. “What? Sorry, got caught up in my own thoughts, continue.” you smiled apologetically, sort of embarrassed you had been caught. “Well then, Harry went up behind my dad and dumped the bowl of noodles on his head, and my dad had totally freaked out and-” you never heard the rest of the sentence because sure enough, your thoughts turned to Luke, and so did your eyes. He just looked so good like that, concentrated, fingers moving quickly, switching between strings and frets. You thought it was one of the hottest things, ever. “Okay seriously, you lookalike your about to take him right on the couch in front of us all.” Ashton burst out laughing at your obviousness. You looked up at him sheepishly, before getting up and excusing yourself. You quickly walked over to where Luke and Michael were sitting, and the two of them both looked up when you stopped in front of them. “Hey babe, did you need something?” Luke asked, while Michael gave you a small wave before turning back to playing, strumming the same thing a few times, over and over again. “Yeah, do you mind popping into the kitchen with me for a sec, I need your help.” Nodding, he handed Michael his guitar before pushing himself up and following you into the kitchen. “Okay, what did you need my help with, can’t reach something on the-” He never got to finish his sentence because you had quickly turned around, pushing him up against the counter, planting you lips against his roughly. Pulling back some time later, he looked at you with eye brows raised. “What was that for?” he chuckled at your forwardness. “You and that god damn guitar of yours, and I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.” He laughed loudly at your remark, stumbling some, the alcohol taking its toll, before grabbing your hand and pulling you down the hall and up the stairs to your shared bedroom. The last thing you heard before the door closed was Ashton yelling “You two had better be using protection up there, I’m too young to be a godfather!” Luke just laughed, before pressing you up against the door and kissing you hard again.