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Imagine Wrench Getting You To Go ‘Alien Hunting’ With Him

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You glanced up from your laptop with an unamused expression as Wrench held up the camera, a ‘^^’ face on his mask.

“Soooo?” He asked, excitement in his voice as he looked from the camera to his mask.

“No.” You said, dropping your eyes back to your laptop and tapping away.

“Come on, (Y/N)! Why not?” He whined out like a child, scooting closer to you and slowly pushing the top of your laptop down.

You let out a frustrated sigh and slammed your laptop down, scaring Wrench enough to make him jump backwards, his mask changing to two circles. “Because, aliens are not real.” You finally said, glaring at him again before you set the laptop next to you and stood up.

“Pfft, you don’t mean that.” He said, waving a hand in the air, his mask switching to his normal X’s. “Come on, just join me on the roof, I’ll show you it’s for real.”

You let out an exasperated sigh and got up. “Fine, let’s go.” You finally agreed, grabbing your coat and yelling back at the others that you and Wrench would be back later. The hacker was ecstatic that you actually agreed and couldn’t stop bouncing as you two made your way to the outskirts of San Francisco, finding a quiet spot near water where you two could sort of see the night sky, although most of the stars were dim because of the light pollution.

You sat next to Wrench on the rocks, listening to the water splash against them as he scoured the sky for anything unusual.

A beep came from Wrench and he looked down at his pocket, pulling out his phone and reading something. He let out a nervous sigh and pushed it back into his pocket. You gave him a look of concern. “Everything alright?” You asked him.

“Yeah…” He muttered before his mask glanced over at you. “Question, would you… I don’t know… maybe wanna go get some coffee and donuts sometime?” He asked with a nervous laugh before quickly adding on, “Just the two of us. Me and you. No one else, just us.” He scratched the back of his head before trying to add on again. “I-I mean, not in a weird way! Just as a, y’know, friends hanging out. U-Unless, you know, you want it to be something else, then I mean, we can make it something else but, I-” You cut him off by laughing a bit too loudly at his nervousness. His mask turning to a ‘/ \’ like he was offended, and his shoulders slumped.

“N-No! No don’t take that the wrong way, I was just wondering when you would finally ask me.” You giggled, making him perk up. “Yeah, no, totally, I’d love to. Let’s make it a date.” You grinned, making his mask light up with all different kinds of emotions. ‘!!’ being the main one.

“Awesome! Yeah! Let’s do it! But tomorrow, because right now…” He turned back to the sky and gestured widely at it. “I gotta prove to you that there is life out there!” He yelled out the last part, making you roll your eyes but giggle at him nonetheless.


the only appropriate response when Shianni asks you this tbqh.

Were you expecting a pun with “Take”? Ha! Take that!

….wait. Ogh.

[Extra knowledge: Betelgeuse is a star from Orion and Sirius a star from the Canis Maior. In Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter and the Canis Maior was his main hunting dog]

ooohhh nooo @ dog training


Supergirl has new classes, including a bRAVERY CLASS where you introduce dogs to a new thing every week. While I think Asher maybe wouldn’t do spectacularly (I felt that things went too quickly for him in the second set of reactivity classes), if I’m more of an advocate for him, it could be great…

AT THE SAME TIME, I was trying to get Gunner into agility! I checked out that humane society course, yeah? Well, I emailed the instructor this week, because the new classes were up but I didn’t see any agility. Turns out she has a new job so she doesn’t know when she’ll be teaching there again and her response was literally “maybe later?” when it comes to teaching agility. 😭  y u do this (i mean i get it i’m not judgin i feel it i’m just Sad)

Soooo, maybe I’ll check out the dog club again? But then they’re going to want Gun to go through all the initial obedience courses, I believe. (And I’ll need to be careful about avoiding our previous instructor and I’m just kinda socially anxious about going there now.) Hmm.

I also was going to sign myself up for dance classes this summer for therapy & exercise related reasons which is of a similar price range as dog classes, so I definitely need to pick and choose here..

Sometimes I think Kira and Garak are like mirror images of each other.

While Kira has a direct, assertive, truthful, violent, honorable, steady persona, Garak is all about ambiguity, delicacy, politeness, secrecy, instability. Of course he can be threatening, very much threatening, but in a completely different way.

I understand why the DS9 writing didn’t put them to work together a lot in the episodes of the series while it was running, but man, if there was a good 8th season, I wish they could develop their relationship more, specially after The Dogs of War.

The Luxury Ball arrives on the doorstep of the cottage in Cerulean without much fanfare, tucked safely away in a package filled with necessary certificates and supplies. It contains a Furfrou, Lusamine is already aware, a lovely Kalosian species she had spent quite a bit of time fawning over in her many trips to the region in the past. Despite this, she cannot bring herself to feel any excitement at the prospect of receiving it (him, she’s been told). Instead, she looks upon the package with a hint of resentment before reluctantly taking it inside.

He is a service Pokemon, specifically trained to aid her in her now tediously boring– and yet perilous– daily routines. Not a pet for her to baby, not a Pokemon for her to use in the occasional friendly battle. Not hers.

Despite wording to the contrary, she has the sense to figure that this is the only reason she has been allowed to have him. He has been trained not by her, but by professionals she is familiar with only on the most basic of terms, for a singular duty. He is beholden to his training and her health only, not her ideals; unlike her precious babies, he is not dangerous. He is not unpredictable.

At least he will make the house feel a little less empty, Lusamine supposes. Lillie has left her again, gone off to explore the region unhindered by her mother. It had not been a question and rather a statement of fact Lusamine could not argue against, but she had given her blessing anyway. She had encouraged it, in fact. She could no longer stand the hopeless, concerned, wary looks Lillie gave her, she’d told herself– and Kanto surely had much beauty to offer. It wasn’t right for Lillie to miss it for her mother’s sake. The least Lusamine could do for her was let go, and allow her to experience some semblance of a normal trainer’s journey.

That thought had been especially (unusually) clear on the day she’d decided it. Today, she doesn’t feel nearly so certain. Be that as it may, it has already been decided– and it is about time she learned to fend for herself again.

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Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

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  🤔 spring day or not today?

Depends on my mood, but Spring Day mostly…

🐕 choose the bts dog 

I would say Holly because of his Kumamon chew toy, but I’m going to have to give it to Soonshim because fluffy white dog, need I say more?

🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?
I’m sorry to say it but Nams would probs die first. He wouldn’t know how to fend for himself very well physically. It’s not like he can rap away his enemies… And Yoongz would probably last to the end, he would sloth around to save his energy and I just have this sense that he would be able to fight well/maneuver his way around conflict.
🔪 your favourite part in cypher 3
I like the part from 0:00 to 4:25. Like it really starts to lose its sound 4:26 onwards…


Prayer Request for my dog.

Oh sweet darling,
How I loved you,
and with joyful abundance you loved me.
I pray you get well.
And that God shall watch over you.
God please, love my dog as you have loved me.
Show thine eyes of mercy upon, my dog & my family,
Oh lord please hear my prayers.
May my dog make a healthy recovery.

So recently my dog had a heart attack or problem like it. She is now in the animal hospital and I am grief stricken. Please pray for her, and pray for me. My faith is being tested, and I’m really trying to feel God’s love. I know They do love me but right now it feels so far away. I don’t want to lose faith, and I want to trust God because in my sadness is when I need Them more than ever. If my dog does pass away, I pray we will be reunited in Heaven. I know some people don’t believe animals go to Heaven, and it makes me afraid and confused, i dont want to be stuck between loving my dog and loving God, I believe I can love both and God loves both me and my sweet pup. We’re all God’s creatures.

Concept :

Luke Garroway is so kind because he feels so goddamn guilty and thinks that it’s his duty to do so.

It started as a young boy, whenever he wasn’t fast enough, strong enough or brave enough to stand up for someone, he would feel guilty.
One time though, he comes home to see his neighbor crying on his doorstep and Luke knows, he knows that he has not been quick enough to stop his father from dragging him into the room in the back of their mansion. After that his neighbor never builds home for stray cats anymore, Luke sees that and takes it upon himself to do it instead.
When he enters the Shadowhunters academy Luke already adopted many habits from people he feel could not protect enough but then he starts losing people for good, he sees his friends going to missions and never coming back, so he smiles brighter for Louis, he listens intently to people whenever they feel bad because that’s what Rowan would have done…
Someone once asked him if he wasn’t afraid that he would lose himself trying to keep everyone, he ponders it for a moment but then he sees the faces of everyone he ever lost and thinks that his loss would be worth it.
When he becomes Valentine’s parabatai and sees him spiral into madness, he gets even nicer to balance out his parabatai’s whereabouts so for every bit of kindness Valentine loses, Luke picks it up.
It stops when he enters the Circle, or at least, Luke hides it then.
But it gets worst once he gets his life back in order, it all comes back to him suddenly and he feels so guilty for every downworlder’s life so he only get kinder for the little werewolf girl, the warlock boy, the vampire he got by surprise, for everyone.

At one point he will lose himself in this guilt, he knows it, even if everyone around him now thinks of him as a kind and caring guy Luke knows that he’s only like this because he deprived the world of such kindness that he has to balance it somehow.

At one point Jocelyn will look at Luke and sees him as who he really is, a scared boy that beats himself up for everything, she will see him as he sees himself and she will swear that even if it takes her an eternity, she will make Luke understand that this kindness comes from himself just as much as it comes from the others.

(More concepts to go, I kind of liked doing this so this might be a serie, as always asks and requests are appreciated)

Dogs of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mirzam “Miri”
Handler: Jemma Simmons
Breed: Rottweiler
Trained for: PTSD, psychiatric (anxiety, panic attacks), eating disorder NOS
Tasks: Grounding, interrupting flashbacks, alerting to panic attacks and finding others, enforcing physical boundaries, meal reminders

Can often be found: Circling a wide ring around Agent Simmons in the lab. Marching down the halls in pursuit of or being followed by a trusted agent. Keeping a watchful eye in the family room or kitchen.

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“Extended whine bouts were also heard when bush dogs curled up to sleep together. Familiar pairmates attempted to take the favored position of resting the chin on the top of the partner’s back and emitted extended whines while doing so.” (x)

do you ever have to stop reading a research paper because it makes you picture something so adorable