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The search for trekkies

Every 7 years I feel a sudden urge to watch a lot of Star Trek and since my dormant Star Trek-feelings have awakened this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to follow more Star Trek tumblrs. 

Reblog/like this if you post Star Trek (TOS, AOS, TNG, VOY, etc.) sometimes or all the time, so that I can follow you. That is if you want a geeky 20 year old woman to follow you. It would help me out a lot because I honestly need more of Shatner’s ripped shirts, Nimoy’s flawless makeup and Kelley’s cute face on my dash. Seriously though, DeForest Kelley was SO CUTE. SO. CUTE. God damn him and his little booty shake…

I have an idea/question, because I’ve seen Elriel lots on my dash and it got me thinking (and because I am tired as shit of couples everywhere): I want Elain and Lucien to be mates but of the best friend quality.

First, because what Lucien needs is a friend, he needs to learn what friendship means before throwing him into a relationship and Elain needs a break to rationalize what the fuck happened but mostLY MY SMOL GINGER ONE NEEDS A PROPER BFF.

So omg can’t you imagine Elain braiding Lucien’s hair while she talks to him of Azriel and Lucien is like first world shipper of them and goes “omg woman just kiss him.” Lucien using his cunning little head to set them up. Lucien and Cassian being bros and shipping elriel like mad. Lucien getting excited when he sees shadows because “omg he is here my ship is sailing.”. Lucien using court politics to bring Elain to the Night Court and when she talks to him about it he is there checking his hair for split ends being the suavest wingman going “I have no idea what you are talking about”

also excuse you but lUCIeN AND TARQUIN EVERYONE????

Teddy Ghost/Swagger Bishie ideas/story kinda

Dash starts crushing on his favorite punching bag because despite being weird and a dork Fenturd is kinda nice and cute and if he weren’t so antisocial and puny he’d have girls hanging off him constantly.

Dash getting jealous when other people bully Fentonio and starts defending him in a kind of ‘this is /my/ punching bag, get it?!’ way.

But then he sort of cools down on the actual punching because Fenton looks so tired and he’s barely making C’s he must have some sort of learning problem and is up studying all night poor thing.

(Side note, I have a headcanon that Dash won’t bully people with disorders. You never see Dash bully special needs kids, and yeah I get it’s a cartoon but at my school if you bully the specials you’re some kind of monster and everyone will hate you. But seriously Dash never really comments on kids’ glasses or braces. It’s usually their social status, interests, and size difference that he makes fun of. No one really gets bullied for things like blindness. I guess it’s one of those unwritten rules to not pick on the problems that nobody can help having.)

Dash starts noticing small things about Fenton. How he’s constantly dropping things and it freaks him out occasionally. How he has to wear a belt now to keep his pants up because he has lost a lot of weight now that Dash thinks about it. How when, on the odd occasion, he grins so big his eyes close after he gets a good grade. And god, those eyes, if the damn things were any bluer Dash thinks they would be glowing, and they kinda do sometimes when he’s angry or during the ghost attacks, just for a moment, if only Dash could get closer in those moments because sometimes he swears they look green from a distance.

When he picks Fenton up to threaten him or to stuff him in a locker Dash notices how cold Danny’s hands are, and for some reason that worries him a little. It worries him more when he gets in the boy’s face and can feel his cool breath even though it’s a good eighty degrees outside.

Dash wonders why Fenton avoids the locker room until the bell has rung and everyone else has left. His friends don’t seem worried, though. Dash has even heard them talk about how he doesn’t get the time to shower properly at home because he’s always so busy with ghosts, so he assumes that Fenton helps his parents with their dumb gadgets as well as doing homework all night of course why else would he be so exhausted all the time?

One time Dash accidentally leaves his phone in the locker room and returns to look for it. Instead he finds Fenton, dripping wet with a towel around his waist digging through his locker for something. What shocks Dash is all the scars and bruises on the boy. There’s a bad one in particular that streaks across his back like a jagged lightning bolt from his left arm to the right side of his waist. It looks deep and painful and Dash knew that wasn’t there in the beginning of the year. He grabs his phone and runs out of the locker room before Fenton has a chance to realize he’s not alone.

Dash begins treating Danny differently altogether. He wonders where in the fresh hell the kid got those scars. He knows he’s freaking Danny out by staring at him but never approaching him, never even saying a bad word to him about his family or his friends or anything. He can’t help it. Danny Fenton is less of a punching bag and more of an enigma to Dash now.

There’s a burn scar on Danny’s left hand Dash notices. It’s on his palm, and Dash only catches a couple glimpses of it as he and Danny are assigned as lab partners for this week. He wonders if he got that from goofing around in his parents’ lab. But then, Danny doesn’t seem the type to play around with dangerous things. With a sinking feeling Dash wonders if he got that from some kind of experiment, and this leads to a thought that his parents were using Danny as a lab rat. Dash dismisses it, because seriously they make enough money to buy real lab rats and Jazz doesn’t have any kind of marks like that on her hands.

Dash wonders where Danny always goes when Danny Phantom shows up.

He swears he sees Danny helping Phantom out at the amusement park when Phantom takes down the giant RV ghost. It makes him wonder if he got those scars from helping Phantom.

Dash thinks about throwing a Christmas party and inviting Danny and his friends with the excuse that Paulina put him up to it to lure Phantom again. When really, he wants to make Danny smile at least once at Christmas, because Danny is always in a bad mood when the holidays come around. It makes Dash wonder what could make Danny, who was so eager about Halloween and Thanksgiving and any holiday really, hate the mother of all holidays.

Dash sees Danny’s relationships and feels that little green goblin of envy growling in his chest. It’s everything he can do not to punch Danny for dating Paulina, and Valerie, and even his goth friend. Instead he takes it out on Mikey and the chess club and band and everyone who isn’t Danny or his football friends.

Dash confessing to Kwan about his crush on Danny, nothing else, and Kwan laughs and says “I always kinda knew. I mean, you do listen to boy bands and sleep with a stuffed bear named Fenton.”

Dash accidentally sneaks up on Danny and startles him. Danny responds with an automatic left hook, catching Dash’s cheek and knocking him over with more force than Dash thought was possible for someone so thin. He apologizes reluctantly and helps Dash to his feet and walks away, leaving the jock to wonder where the hell Danny learned to punch like that and where that strength came from.

Dash taking advantage of his tutoring sessions with Jazz to find out things about Danny, like that he likes to mow the lawn because he likes the smell of cut grass, or that he likes sea salt and vinegar flavored chips, and that he doesn’t like drinking bottled spring water because fish live in springs and fish pee. Dash’s favorite is that Danny likes old rock bands like Bon Jovi and Queen and the Eagles as well as Dumpty Humpty.

Dash always thought that Danny was a little of a pig when he ate. But now that he watches him the jock realizes the boy eats as if he’ll never see food again sometimes. As opposed to Foley who just eats like his mother never taught him what a fork was. For some reason it worries Dash.

Dash never knew that Danny drew. He never draws in class or at lunch. And it’s no wonder. For an assignment they have to include an illustration and Danny did that part. It stuns Dash at how quick and good he is. But suddenly Danny is surrounded by kids admiring his drawing and wanting him to draw them too. Dash shoos them away because honestly Danny is stressed out enough he doesn’t need these losers ordering him around. Danny just looks at Dash in shock.

I just have this total headcanon now of Satin and Chenille deciding to make an outfit for Branch to celebrate him joining the Snack Pack and being like, “Yes, this is totally going to go with that blue!” and Chenille just pulling back and being like, “Um… I think you mean green?”

And there’s this whole fight and the entire town picks sides and poor Branch is in the middle of it getting dragged around by trolls to look at him in different lighting situations and peeking at his skin and he sees Poppy and just like dashes over to her.

“I almost wish I hadn’t gotten my true colors after all!”

And Poppy having to decree then and there that no one was allowed to decide colors for anyone because True Colors are in your heart and also they needed to back off her man. And Branch is hiding behind her like a scared kid.

It’s Klaroline + any time period so here’s a sequel to Bloody Thump (the one where Caroline and Klaus are on their way to stop the expression triangle from being completed then oops, time travel!) It’s also a (belated, of course) bday request from @turnandturnagain who has a VERY cool blog who I am happy to see on my dash because it is filled with interesting and pretty.

Bloody Thump (Part Two)

Caroline needs a little distance.

Her heart continues thrumming erratically as she watches Klaus feed, she’s digging her nails into her palms until it hurts, mentally screaming at herself to look away.

It was so, so wrong to find this hot.

Admonishing herself is useless. She can’t stop watching.

She’s not sure how much time passes until Klaus seems and a soft noise of satiation drifts from him, loud in the stillness of the clearing. It does nothing to loosen the knot of arousal sitting low in her belly, pushes her traitorous brain into imagining what the sound would feel like if he muffled it in her skin.

She’s not picky. The soft plane of her inner thigh, the curve of her breast, the crook of her shoulder.


If she’s going to manage not to shove him against another tree she needs to leave. Now.

Caroline mumbles something about washing up and whirls, walking blindly into the woods.

There had to be a stream or something somewhere, right?

Hopefully it was really freaking cold.

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EB: don’t encourage him.

TG: been married for years

EB: oh my god.

TG: got one kid

TG: a lil salamander daughter

EB: leave casey out of this.

TG: shes a real nice kid

TG: does the blep thing a lot though

EB: she does actually! it’s really cute!

TG: pretty damn cute yeah

Mairon loves to tempt Melkor. And while it’s true he loves to tempt his enemies and prisoners, it’s different with Melkor.

He tempts Melkor solely because he wants to be seduced and in addition, it’s a treat to see Melkor so flustered. Melkor tries to keep his expression solid when Mairon teases him, touches him in the right places or does anything that drives him mad.

But it usually works to no avail; and within seconds Mairon is trapped in Melkor’s embraced or positioned on his lap with the two unable to pull away from each other.

Above all, Mairon loves to see that hungry look in Melkor’s dark eyes. To a stranger it would be terrifying, but the dark gaze screams dominance and the urge to devour and this is what drives Mairon mad. And if Mairon is successful in his temptation, then he’ll let Melkor have him without a second thought.  

hello ! i need more blogs to follow so like/reblog this if yoU are/or post anything from this list and ill check yoU oUt! ~u^ 

  • are hskin/fictionkin
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  • preferably anything aboUt calliope (me), roxy, jade or any of the other hUmans 
  • green aesthetics 
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  • are roxy 
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  • post stUff aboUt magic! that stUff is so cool! 

Someone talk to me about Tony and Natasha being friends, because my dash is full of negativity where Natasha only tolerates Tony or outright hates him, and I think we should talk more about Tony and Natasha where:

  • Tony’s idea of “revenge” for Nat stabbing him in IM2 is sending twelve dozen donuts to her office at SHIELD (this spawns an epic prank war between the two)
  • Tony never takes Natalie Rushman’s employee info out of SI’s databases, and if she ever needs it, she’s got a rock-solid alias waiting for her (all of Natalie’s paychecks go straight into a secure account, she’s got stock options, and she’s built up a good couple months of vacation time).
  • Nat gives Tony a private number to reach her “in case of emergencies”. She’s not at all surprised when she gets a call a week later because Tony wants to surprise Pepper with a romantic, homemade dinner and just set the kitchen on fire
  • they have movie marathons where they watch WarGames and Swordfish and mock Hollywood’s idea of computer hacking

Talk to me about Tony and Natasha, please

I’ve seen a few posts on my dash from the last few hours of people reblogging stuff from user “colethewolf” and agreeing with the stuff he says. Just need to say that if you reblog anything from him that I find hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist or just plain disgusting, I will unfollow you and block you. I don’t want anything on my dash that “colethewolf” has posted because that little boy is toxic and I don’t need to see it.

Thank guys. Rant over. Move on to happier things!! :)

Don’t erase Viktor Krum.

I just saw something pop up on my dash saying that Ron is the only boy Hermione ever cared about in canon and I want to rage. In Halfblood Prince, Ginny says that Hermione and Viktor were in a relationship, she cared about him, and snogging happened a lot. Don’t act like Viktor didn’t exist when you’re complaining about everyone needing to be canon, because you’re not being canon by pretending that he wasn’t Hermione’s first affection/kiss/etc.

Change whatever you want if you aren’t going to follow canon, but if you’re actually going to argue that Viktor was a “tool to make Ron jealous”, you are seriously deluding yourself.

You don’t have to ship Krumione, but it happened.

I know this is rich coming from a blog that ignores Romione to follow JK’s other plan for Harmony (even I don’t erase him because the boys weren’t that nice to her as a girl but who was? VIKTOR), but I am very up front about being AU and again, do whatever you want to be AU, but you can’t use Krum that way and argue that in canon he isn’t important…BECAUSE IN CANON HE IS VERY IMPORTANT. Not just for Hermione’s development, but a lot of that as he’s the only boy that treated her with respect, and treated her like a girl. Like a desirable girl.

Ugh, just.

Viktor Krum is important to Hermione Granger.

anonymous asked:

Is funny see Tders talking about if carzekial happen, we (carylers) would be disrespectful with Khary. I mean, we aren't them. Their fav died and they spread hate to Mel. And now they are pretend to feel sorry to KP for something its never gonna happen. i dont think they dont get it that we looove Zeke, that KP is fucking amazing. We not shipping him with carol, does not mean we dont like him!

I honestly never never saw Caryl shippers being mean to KP or zeke. My dash is filled with love for him, and honestly, he is one of my fave characters. This is just bs that abc/haters are spreading around because they need to reach to make us look like assholes when they own this tittle with pride.

i havent seen a flower shop and tattoo parlor au in a while but a new one just cropped up on my dash so ofc i need to follow suit (again) lol

i dont have time to design karkat right now but consider: florist dave who is a quiet dude and mostly just keeps to himself and his plants, who finds solace in them because theyre quiet and respond positively to him and surely if something can grow under your care, flourish even, you must be an okay person right?

karkat works directly across the stree. he grew up in a kind of shitty neighborhood but it taught him some valuable lessons- one of them being that tattoo artistry is a lucrative business. he loves leaving his mark on people in a very bold and permanent way.

they both know the language of flowers and sometimes karkat comes in to look through flowers for inspiration on his next project and  dave always drops what hes doing to make quiet star eyes as karkat moves through his aisles of greenery.

dave probably gets a tattoo just for the sake of having karkatas handiwork on his body and karkat comes along frequently for inspiration and flowers to set on his front counter to spruce the place up.

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how do u feel about the Pewdiepie drama

Well I can’t exactly avoid it, he’s literally the biggest Youtuber and everyone ever is talking about it. I see at LEAST one post a day about it on my dash.

I feel he made a bad choice. Obviously he shouldn’t have payed those guys to say what he did, but he could have also completely cut out those parts of the video - Or, better yet, not posted it at all. There were so many REALLY EASY WAYS to avoid this nonsense. I don’t like that so many Youtubers are defending him and excusing it as a joke just because they like Felix or are friends with him, I just think he needs to take responsibility… Like an adult… It’s 2017, we shouldn’t still be excusing gross shit as jokes to make it okay.

I only saw the initial video and a couple videos of people defending him, like Markiplier and H3H3 (who’s opinion I was curious about because he and his wife are Jewish). I think Felix made a response video, but I haven’t watched that. I haven’t kept up with his content since 2011, if I’m honest.

I think the one thing I enjoy about the variety of muses on my dash, is that Itachi cant be friends with most of them but I want him to try because he needs friends. Not just that but the amazing muses on my dash, from all fandoms are lie night and day and I freaking love the writing partners I have and will have. Okay. I digress but I love you all, that’s the point.♡