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why plagg’s grumpy ass is good for adrien

so when i first started watching ML, I was lowkey pissed about the fact that Adrien got the asshole kwami

like, don’t get me wrong, i love Tikki with Marinette… but poor Adrien has such a shitty life that honestly he doesn’t need some rude grumpy cat spirit fucking things up for him further

like why couldn’t my sad cat son have a positive, supportive kwami like Tikki?

i was salty

but recently… i’ve realized that Plagg is actually perfect for Adrien

think about it. plagg consistently does 2 things:

1. piss adrien off

2. break the rules

you may thnk that these are not good!!! but ur wrong

think about it: adrien is the Perfect Son. he’s a model. he’s gotta smile allllll the time and be perfectly polite and constantly impress important people. he’s not allowed to express anger at his father or nathalie because they’ll just make his life more hellish. he’s literally forced to constantly be calm, cool, collected, AND charming. adrien is literally not ALLOWED to be angry

so what does plagg do? make him angry. plagg helps adrien stop repressing all his emotions. he makes himself a convenient target for adrien to express his frustration towards. he gives adrien an outlet for all of his irritation. and in doing so, he lowkey reaffirms that it’s okay for adrien to be angry. plagg is like the one person adrien can actually get away with being angry at, and plagg delights in it. it AMUSES him to see adrien angry. it’s actually a really healthy way for adrien to get out his frustrations, as clearly plagg isn’t hurt or offended when adrien gets pissed at him

additionally, adrien is clearly the type of dude who doesn’t break the rules. ever. like, the day that he snuck off to school was probably the first time he had ever actually done something he wasn’t supposed to. he’s been trained his entire life to be obedient, and there’s a 95% chance he has a complex about breaking the rules. he probably has a heart attack every time he even thinks about stepping out of line as his civilian self. so what does plagg do? break the rules and get him in trouble

plagg helps show adrien that some rules are stupid and ought to be broken. he demonstrates that the world isn’t gonna end if adrien does something wrong. he helps adrien get comfortable with the idea of not being perfect and messing up sometimes. he pushes adrien to be a little bit less rigid and obedient, and a little more human and flawed

in his own grumpy way, plagg is showing adrien that it’s okay not to be perfect and allowing him to really be himself, not just the actual poster boy of a perfect son

tldr; plagg is actually lowkey helping adrien recover from years of psychological trauma

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I love the 100 Ways stories you're writing you're doing a great job!! Would you consider KuroMahi 26? Thank you 😊

KuroMahi {26: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to”}

“Wasn’t this a great idea, Kuro? A sport that we can do together and that lets you be lazy.” Mahiru smiled proudly. His uncle invited him on a fishing trip and he thought that it would be a great opportunity for them. Kuro could spend some time outside in the fresh air and meet his uncle formally. He sat next to Kuro on the dock and playfully nudged him with his shoulder. Then he leaned against his arm and looked up at him expectantly.

“I guess this isn’t entirely bad.” Kuro said because Mahiru looked so happy. He never fished before but he enjoyed the serene quiet around them. It was a rare moment of peace for the both of them where they didn’t have to worry about vampires or sorcerers. The only thing they needed to worry about was catching a fish for dinner and, considering everything Kuro went through, he didn’t mind the mundane inconvenience.

“Look at you two!” His uncle chuckled behind them and they both jumped a little. Mahiru blushed and put a modest space between them. Kuro frowned at the sudden distance between them and subtly shifted closer to him. Seeing that, Toru smiled. Mahiru asked if he could bring his boyfriend and he was a little shocked that he never brought him up sooner but he was happy to see how close they were.

“So, did you two catch anything yet? Well, aside from cupid’s arrow.” He lightly joked and Mahiru face became more red. His uncle sat next to Mahiru and took out several wrapped sandwiches. “I brought these on the way here if you’re hungry. It’s Nutella so I hope you have a sweet tooth, Kuro. Hey, didn’t you pick up a cat and named him Kuro? Who’s taking care of that guy while we’re here?”

“Umm…” Mahiru tried to think of something to say. He was never a great liar and fumbled over his words. He was thankful when Kuro answered for him.

“Didn’t you leave him with Koyuki?” Mahiru nodded with a relieved smile. When Toru continued to ask about the cat, Kuro smoothly changed the topic. “Do you know what happens when you put Nutella on salmon? You get salmonella. So, we shouldn’t be eating the two together.”

“Great point!” Toru laughed while Mahiru stared at Kuro in shock. Since when did Kuro make puns? His uncle reached over and patted Kuro’s back excitedly. “I’m glad that Mahiru found himself a punny man! He’ll always have someone to make him smile with a guy that appreciate a good pun. I’ll catch us a large mackerel then. How about you two have some fun on that rowboat while I do that?”

Toru gestured to the small rowboat tied to the dock. While he gave them an encouraging smile, Mahiru looked more hesitant. “Are you sure, Uncle? You don’t get time off work a lot and this was supposed to be a family trip. Won’t you get lonely fishing alone?”

“Go on and have fun with your boyfriend.” Toru waved away his concern. Regrettably, Mahiru had to grow up sooner than most kids and Toru wanted to give him an opportunity to be a normal teenager and enjoy his youth. “Thinking simply, I have a whole school of fish to keep me company. Just promise to cook us a delicious dinner tonight when we get back to the campsite.”

“Alright. Thanks, Uncle. Kuro and I will only be gone for an hour and then we’ll come back to help you fish.” Mahiru gave his uncle a smile before he went to the rowboat. Kuro had already climbed inside and held out his hand to help him. They sat across from each other and Kuro paddled them towards the middle of the lake. Once they were far enough from the dock, Mahiru had to comment.

“Salmonella, Kuro? I didn’t know you were into puns.”

“I’m not. Your uncle’s important to you and I want him to have a better impression of me than that guy that broke into your home. I’m glad he didn’t recognize me from then.” Kuro began to explain and stopped rowing. “I remember you saying that he liked bad puns. So, last night, I looked up dad jokes and fishing. I thought they might come in handy.”

“My uncle does love his puns. They’re so simple but impactful. At least to him they are.” Mahiru laughed softly and then he leaned forward to take his hands. “Thank you, Kuro. It means a lot that thought of that but my uncle will love you even if you didn’t have a bunch of fish puns prepared.”

“Really? How do you know?” Kuro tilted his head a little and Mahiru said confidently.

“Because I love you and, thinking simply, he’ll accept anyone that makes me happy. You don’t need to pretend to be anyone else in front of my family so just be the lazy cat you are.” Mahiru told him softly and Kuro looked down at their joined hands. Honestly, he was a little worried meeting his uncle formally because he knew how highly Mahiru thought of him. So, Kuro wanted his approval.

“Well, I just read through a bunch of bad puns for nothing. Can’t deal. I’ll just use them now.” Kuro moved to sit on the bench next to him. He wrapped his arm around his waist with a shy smile. “You’re the sunfish of my life so eel always love you. You caught my heart and I’m hooked on you. Lets cuttle, Mahiru. There’s no need to be koi. We’re too far for your uncle to sea us.”

“You can stop now,” Mahiru face was red from a mixture of laughter and embarrassment. The puns were far from funny but they still made him smile. He covered his face and leaned away from him to hide his blush. The boat began to tip because of that small movement. Kuro tried to catch him before he could fall over the side but that only caused the boat to tilt more. They both fell into the water when the boat flipped.

They swam to the surface and Kuro gently patted Mahiru’s back when he saw him cough harshly. “I guess my puns were so bad that the universe wanted to stop me too. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to flip the boat.”

“It was an accident. Anyways, your puns weren’t that bad. I certainly heard worse from my uncle. That cuttle one was a little nice.” Mahiru laughed and swam closer to Kuro. Hidden behind the overturned rowboat, his uncle couldn’t see them so Mahiru wrapped his arms around Kuro’s neck. “But no more bad puns for you. Just be yourself.”

Uncle Toru and I will get along because I love my bad puns XD

[100 ways to say, “I love you”]

i can’t believe ??? i actually lasted this long ??? i’ve tried running this blog so many times in the past, and every time i end up chickening out because i worry that i’m not good enough, or that nobody wants to interact with a character that so few people actually KNOW about. can you BELIEVE i established this blog (on a different account) almost FIVE years ago ????  i was ridiculously shy, and this year i was finally able to break out of that and talk to people, and HOO BOY am i glad i did. i’ve met so many amazing people on here, and made so many new friends. 

while i know for a fact i can credit some of this to my beloved deltas and how much they’ve helped me grow this past year, there are many people here who also helped me and my blog grow into who it is/i am today. so thank you, so so SO much. i love you guys so much and i hope we continue to talk/interact in the future💙💙💙 i have a shit memory, so i might’ve forgotten some people, but know that i love you to pieces still !!!

this got so much longer than it was supposed to be i’m so sorry omf

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Stu Shares Sunday 10.8.17

Hey guys! I am liking how Season 13 is rolling out and I hope you all are too! I know we have new ships and old ships getting attention in our writings. I just want to remind everyone to tag me in stuff if you want me to read your work OR if you want to nominate someone else’s work. (Weeks go Thurs- Wed) I know there are more readers than writers and I love getting recommendations! xoxo Stu


(Each week will not have EVERY category)

Reid: High brow and/ or nerd related entries.

Hotch: Smut and/ or Angst

Garcia: Fluff/ Empowerment

Prentiss: LGBTQ featured (Can qualify for more than one category. I am not limiting the amount of queer art!!!)

Morgan: Edits or Crack/ Shit post

JJ: Domestic life/ Happily Ever Afters

Rossi: Throwbacks

Greenaway: Too short, need more!

Blake: Heartbreak

Callahan: Hot hot hot

Lewis: Academic contribution to the fandom

And the winners are…

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Jumin Han Fic Chapter 2

Hey guys, thanks to constant requests and me having some down time I was able to get Chapter 2 done. Love is always appreciated my sweet peas, muah!
Chapter 1 Here
hapter 3 Here

           “Gen Ed classes fucking SUCK,” MC thought to herself while she was speed walking to her literature class. “As if I’m not busy, stressed out and sleep deprived enough.”

           She approached the classroom and all the girls were standing outside of the classroom and she rolled her eyes. “Ugh, not again,” she thought to herself “Don’t these basic bitches have anything better to do than cake their faces and stuff their bras for some spoiled ass rich kid.”

           Sure enough, the herd of girls were all flocked around Mr. Jumin Han. He was apparently some sort of foreign exchange kid, heir to the C&R Empire.  He looked absolutely unfazed, bored even, at the crowd of women surrounding him, trying to seduce him; probably because he was used to being fawned over.

           One of the girls in her class pretended to slip and fall into Jumin’s lap, “Oh my!” she cried out as she innocently looked up at him while batting her lashes rapidly at him.

           Jumin smiled at her and she smiled back. “Lord, please just smite me if I ever become that pathetic,” MC mumbled to herself. Her ears perked up when she heard Jumin say something to the girl, who was for some reason sprawled across him. “You poor thing, how did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?” he said with his cold hard steely gray eyes.

           MC had to stifle a laugh, “Rich boy has got style,” she thought to herself as she walked into the lecture hall and took her seat.

           Class dragged on for what felt like forever, the professor split them up into a group to discuss the reading for today. The rich kid was in her group and naturally, all the girls in her group gravitated towards him. She took her seat at the opposite side, she didn’t want to associate herself with stuck up rich people that have had everything handed to them. They began discussing the story and who they would die for and of course she had blurted out the first thing that came to her mind, which was her cat, toothless.

           MC found herself the last place she ever wanted to be, at the center of everyone’s attention. One of the bimbo’s egged the laughter on by calling her pathetic, wanting to die for her cat, when she felt the hairs on her neck stand up. Someone was staring at her, she turned her head to the source and found herself looking into a gray abyss. Jumin was staring at her when he realized he flashed her a million dollar smile. “He probably thinks my panties are soaking right now, doesn’t he, that entitled piece of-“ she thought to herself as she briefly squinted in annoyance and then rolled her eyes. She probably should not have done that, she thought to herself, he could hire a hit man or have her expelled for hurting his fragile ego, but she was done caring for the week.

           Her classmate poked her arm and began teasing her, calling her a lonely cat lady and laughing. She felt herself smile because it was true, she had no time for some guy to come in and make her life a mess and then just leave, all she needed was toothless. She pouted and said to her classmate, “I love her so much, of course, I can’t leave her! Plus, people always let you down, in the end, my cat would never betray me.”

           It might seem sad and very somber, but she lived by that motto, trust no one, always depend on yourself and always keep in mind that eventually everyone will end up breaking your heart, that way you aren’t blindsided when it actually happens. Her heart throbbed slightly but she ignored it, she was much stronger and as long as she was able, she wouldn’t need anyone else.

           She snapped out of her thoughts, abruptly, thanks to the bell ringing. She grabbed her things and started to leave. She pulled out her phone to text her sister when what felt like a brick wall knocked her down. She looked up and into the flawless handsome face that belonged to Jumin Han. He looked down at her, just staring.

           “You just going to stand there?” she asked in annoyance, “or are you going to help me up.” He smirked and offered his hand, she refused it and stood up on her own, brushing herself off.

           Jumin bent down to pick something up and was staring at her phone. MC yanked it out of his hands, “Hey nosy, that’s, mine!”

           Jumin looked at her and spoke in his smooth husky voice, “I apologize, I was admiring the picture of your cat that you have on there.” MC felt bad and felt her soften a bit at the mention of toothless. “Maybe I shouldn’t have been so mean. “ she, thought, “Maybe I should apologize for being a bit-..” her thought was interrupted by Jumin speaking again.

           “However, I will accept an apology from you, not only did you walk into me but you were also very rude.” He said matter-of-a-factly.

           She gritted her teeth, “I spoke too soon.” She chided herself silently.  “I am so very sorry I bumped into you, your highness. Maybe if you didn’t stand there like an entitled brat then I wouldn’t have bumped you.” her words dripping in annoyance.

           Jumin Han narrowed his eyes at her, and MC decided that this was the perfect time to roller her eyes and walk out. Perhaps she would regret it later when he ruins her life, but she was not about to start taking shit from an entitled spoiled brat who probably has not even had to worry about a single thing. She knew she was going overboard and she was being mean, she couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of his lifestyle, about being so carefree. 

          “Hoping that things would change won’t change anything, though,” she thought to herself. “I need to take my destiny into my own hands and shape it.” She texted her little sister that she was on her way and made her way out of school, and onto the cold campus that sent chills down to her bones.

chapter 1 here

( taken from my moms instagram) hey @sixpenceee ! As said above, this is our old landlords doll. Her names grace and she is a life size doll. She sat in the living room corner where everyone can see her. Whenever we are down there my mom and i would have the strong need to talk to her, and if we say something kinda rude(me mostly) she would look slightly upset but still have a smile. Its because of that, that i always try to say nice things to her. Also, you see that cat next to her? That cat would get really upset if you try to touch Grace.

Meow (00q)

@fellowshipofthegay this is your fault ♥

Meow (00q)

James Bond was well aware of the young Quartermaster’s fondness of cats and had often heard him talk about two furry companions he needed to care for - it was a speech that always came up whenever he requested Q to do something shady for him - so, he wasn’t surprised to find two pairs of strangely glowing eyes staring at him in the dark when he broke in Q’s messy apartment.

The mess was unexpected: Q had always looked tidy and fastidiously clean with his perfectly shaved jaws and perfectly organized office. Books were piled on the floor in rickety towers of Victorian romance and sci-fi thrillers, an armchair seemed to be the appointed place of coats and scarves, a knitted blanket was careless thrown over the worn leather couch and, from where he was standing, the kitchen table looked as if it was ready to cave under the weight of some strange new prototype Q had brought home from the office.

One of the cats - a pompous black Persian with a pug nose - sauntered over to him and scrunched its face up to loudly meow at him in a displeased tune. James immediately dropped to his knees and tried to shush the bratty fur ball “Ehi ehi.. you don’t want to wake Q up, do you?” he urgently whispered and attempted to scratch the cat’s ears to persuade it into staying quiet.

Curiously, the other cat approached James too, suspiciously sniffing at him and puffing up its fur in a vain attempt at looking more threatening than its small size and cute pointy tail suggested. It glared ominously at 007 before rubbing against its companion as if to stake its claim and warn him off and mewled haughtily when he didn’t immediately remove his hand from the black and soft fur.

Cats - James never was fond of them.

He got up and stealthily made his way to Q’s bedroom, careful of avoiding any item that might have been abandoned on the floor. As he quietly paced the flat shrouded in darkness, the devilish cats followed him and had the brilliant idea of trying to trip him over and didn’t desist in their evil plan until James successfully reached their owner’s bedroom; at that point, they raced in and jumped over the bed.

James glared heavily as his irises took in the possessive and satisfied way with which the two cats curled up around Q - one nestled in his mop of endearingly messy curls while the other took residence on his chest and tucked itself under his chin - and begun to happily purr and leech warmth off the young quartermaster.

As James took a step nearer to gently wake Q up and beg for him to stitch him up, so that he could avoid a trip to the hospital, the cats grumbled in a way that reminded him of guarding dogs.

Q stirred in his sleep and mumbled something incomprehensible before snuggling deeper in the blankets and letting out a contented sigh.

For a moment James forgot his attempts and studied Q’s youthful features slackened and completely unguarded, the beauty of his face and the stupidly cute dimple at the corner of his shiny and plump mouth, slightly parted in a slight smile that showed off a glimpse of perfectly straight and white teeth - he didn’t know how Q could have some work done with every kind of idiot slobbering all over his edible looks and sexy cleverness. Not that he was one of those, absolutely not: he visited Q’s branch so often because he wanted to pilfer some cool and shiny gadgets - flirting with an exasperated Quartermaster definitely wasn’t in his agenda.
James took another step and the pug-nosed Persian hissed menacingly at him and startled Q awake.

The younger man quickly groped for his spectacles while furiously blinking at him as if it would have helped to bring him into focus and carding a finger through one of the cats’ fur “What the hell are you doing here 007?” he inquired, voice heavy and roughened with sleep, while putting his glasses on “Shouldn’t you be still in Damask?”

James cleared his throat and tried to ignore how alluring a sleepy and tousled Q sounded “I need some stitching up” he grumbled.
Immediately, Q appeared to be more awake and patted on the mattress “Let me see” he ordered, fingers already twitching at the prospect of getting to work.

James gingerly sat down, rolling the right sleeve of his shirt up to bare his bleeding forearm, and smugly smiled at the cats that mewled displeased at their owner.
Q petted them as he studied the deep gash “Nothing worse than usual” he sentenced and smiled relieved “I’m going to retrieve my first aid kit” he said before bouncing out of the bed and disappearing into what James presumed to be a bathroom.

His icy blue eyes admired the sinful way the flannel pjs trousers clung to Q’s shapely and perk bottom, licking his suddenly dry lips and trying to keep his cool. As soon as the younger man reappeared, James studiously avoided looking at him and witnessing how low those trousers sat on the other’s sharp and jutting hipbones or whether his stomach was sculpted with toned abs or softened by a slight belly - he didn’t need that kind of knowledge.

Q sat next to the agent and efficiently started to clean the wound to better assess its entity with clinical eye. As soon as he started sewing the flesh closed, Q begun his usual distracting blubbering to keep 007 from focusing on the pain “Pampuria and Romeo don’t like you”


“My cats - they don’t like you”
James glanced at the evil brats climbing onto Q’s lap “Well, it’s a mutual feeling” At those words ugly mewls filled the air “How can you stand to live with these tyrants?”

A little smile blossomed on Q’s mouth “I love them” He shrugged and tied the surgical thread before bandaging the agent’s toned forearm up with careful but efficiently quick gestures.

“Is that why you put up with me?” James blurted out, grasping Q’s slender and calloused fingers in his own before he could retract them “Do you love me, Quartermaster?”

Q blushed fiercely and refused to look up in those pallid blow eyes that had seduced an impossible amount of women all over the world “Quentin”

James cocked his head to the side in silent enquiry “Quentin - it’s my name” Q stammered.

“Are you telling me that your real name can be shortened with a Q too?”

“I think it must be the reason why I got the job”

James rolled his eyes and took the other man’s chin in his fingers, his digits slightly rubbing against the unusual stubble, and forced him to look up “You’re obscenely brilliant at what you do: that’s why you got the job” James smiled “So, Quentin, do you love me? Because I need to know whether I’ve got to fight your cats for your affection or not”

Quentin blinked slowly as understanding dawned on him “Oh” He licked his lips and smiled “I do”

“Good” James answered cheekily and bent down to finally kiss those plump lips, uncaring of the cats displeased fussing.


Rated: PG
Wordcount: 1704
For: @chicaaago from @fwolfling

Prompt: -A litter of kittens lost their mother to the cold, and are rescued just in time by whomever. They can hardly take of them all, and enlist Skyhold for help, including Bull. He is quite fond of his kitten, Dorian not so much. He grows to love the little thing, but he denies it at every turn, even when Bull catches him cooing at it.

The first time Dorian laid eyes on the cat, she was a tiny ball of black fluff curled in the Bull’s large hand,  even he had to admit she held a certain cuteness. Mostly though he was amused at the baffled look on Bull’s face when Cole had placed her there. Baffled and confused was not an expression that Bull wore very often after all.

“She likes your horns, The Iron Bull,” Cole told him and Dorian watched Bull’s expression go from baffled to bemused to an openly affectionate smile in just as many heartbeats.

“Does she now? She’s got good taste, ” Bull said, raising the hand the kitten was sitting in up to his face. The tiny creature met his gaze solemnly for a long moment then her tiny mouth opened in a yawn. “Aw.” Bull grinned, enchanted. “Look at all those sharp teeth. You’re going to be dangerous when you grow up aren’t you?”

Dorian couldn’t hold back a snort of disbelief. “Dangerous? That thing is literally a ball of fluff with eyes.”

“Yeah, but she’s going to be a dangerous ball of fluff,” Bull argued, still grinning at the thing. Carefully he stroked her fur with a single finger and was rewarded with a rumbling purr that was entirely too loud to come from something so small.

Bull’s eyes went all soft and affectionate at that. Looking back, Dorian would pinpoint that as the exact moment it became inevitable that the kitten would become a permanent part of their lives.

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I love you guys infinitely - transcript

“Hi guys, it’s Leda, and, I don’t really care how raw this video is or how real it is, or anything.
But I’m gonna be deleting everything, tonight.
And it’s really hard because it’s such a huge part of my life. And it’s been such a huge part of my life for such a long time.
I just can’t handle this much pressure, there’s so much pressure on and I can only handle so much of it.
And I’ve- I would’ve stopped this a long time ago, I would’ve stopped youtube a very long time ago, but I just wanted to make you guys happy.
And seeing that I was able to make you guys happy that’s the most important thing in my entire life.
I can’t be happy any more, I just, I need to focus on making myself happy and to do that I need to restart everything and I need to get off the internet ‘cause it’s just very toxic to me.
And this is not a life choice that makes me happy anymore. 
The only thing that comes out of it that’s good is knowing that I make you guys happy.
And I won’t be-…
I won’t be-…
I don’t want you guys to think that I’m leaving because I’m betraying you or that I don’t care.
It’s just that I really need to focus on my life, this is where it begins, I need to start over.
And I’m so sorry that this is the way I have to do it, but I’ve tried everything else and I can’t-, I can’t just continue like this, I can’t.
I’ve loved sharing my life with you.
So much.
You guys mean so much to me.
I can’t even begin to explain how much you actually mean to me and I wish I could show you guys all how much I actually mean that, this is the most I can do and I know this video won’t be up for long, but I just needed to tell you guys without just deleting my channel, I wanted to at least tell you guys quickly that this is, this is it.
I can’t take this much pressure, I can’t.
I know that there’s a lot of people who can, and that they, they’re great people, but I can’t, I’m not one of those people who can take this much.
So I decided to make my very last video in the place where I made so many videos before which is my, my favorite place, that I’ve showed you guys in a lot of videos.
It’s kind of really gross right now and dirty but I decided that it would be a good place to sign out.
I love you guys very much and I really never want you to forget that because every time I said that I really meant it, and I will never not love you guys, there is not a day when I don’t think about all of you and I know that there will never be a day when I don’t.
And I really hope that you all have the most happy genuinely happy lives you could possibly live and… and just know that I’ll miss you guys so, so much.
And I just have to open a new chapter in my life I guess and I need to close the old one.
So, just, never ever ever ever forget to keep smiling because that is so important and it’s-
I want you guys all to remember that you are all important and I really do mean that because you are.
And- and I love you guys, and that’s pretty much it, I don’t really, I know I’m never good at words, I can’t help it.
I love you, and all my cats love you and my mom loves you guys, and- and thank you so much for the most incredible just up and down crazy part of my life, thank you- thank you and I love you.
Okay, bye.”

I love you guys infinitely - Leda Muir(hailedabear)’s final video

Clock Ticking for Kitteh Kats Blog

I hate to say it, but I think time is running out for this blog.  I simply cant afford the internet connection any more, at least not the isp bill and my cats medical expenses and groceries.  As some of you know, I am on disability, and for years now I’ve been spending more for my internet than all of my other expenses combined.

It’s been an honor that so many of you have chosen Kitteh Kats for all of your cat and kitten pic needs, and I’m particularly sorry to new followers, but I will leave the blog in place for those who would like to peruse its archives.

The PayPal button will also remain in place  on the blog page for anyone kind enough to help with  my cat, Dory’s medical needs.  Please help if you can.  I hate to see her in pain!  You will have my eternal gratitude and love!

It’s been an amazing journey, sharing the wonder of kitties, posting every day for 4 years, and it’s been a bigger and better part of my life than you can imagine. If it made you smile, I’m glad.  A big part of that has been having all of you along for the ride (I love ou all) as well as finding finding a couple genuine and valued friends… but mostly, because cats.

Andrew & Dory


P.S.  Will reblog once or twice so everyone gets to see, and no one thinks we just disappeared without saying goodbye.


i guess sometimes we just need to take photos of the only things that are making us smile right now. for me, it’s taylorswift and my cat.
so glad i have these two in my life because right now they are the only things keeping me afloat. ❤️💌

so, i haven’t done one of these in a while & i figured it was time. the last time i did one of these, i think i’d just hit like… 800 followers?? & i honestly thought THAT was a lot. but i’m never less grateful for every single one of you that decide to hit that little plus sign & follow me, because it means so. have people that actually like me & my portrayal enough to have me stinking up their dash 24/7. let’s be honest, i’m a rotten fiesta potato. i mean am i right or am i right. i’ve been playing scotty for over a year now, & every time i think i couldn’t love him anymore wOOPS another day goes by and i continue to be in love with a fictional character. but hey, i signed my soul away & i’m alright with it. I’VE ACCEPTED IT. because i really think i’ve done a good job of bringing him to life & staying true to him as well as i know how, & i’m so lucky & happy to be able to say that 1.1k people at least agree in some aspect??? i just, i. i love you guys so much & you’re all so amazing & i wish that i could roleplay with every single one of you but HONESTLY i’m incapable of being that productive. but i still stalk everyone & appreciate everyone and s OB over these people’s writing skills on a daily basis. hell, even if i’ve never talked to them out of character a day in my life. anyway, thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. for loving me & loving scotty & actually interacting with me & liking my posts & being cuties because i notice every bit of it & it always makes me smile!!! ;’)) if i forget everyone, consider yourself telepathically mentioned because i LOVE YOU. 

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