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Mistakes || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 1)

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Angst

I thought you might want to see this.

The words rung out in your head on repeat. You remembered the exact moment Chae Ri had told you. It had been a couple weeks ago, while he had been away on tour.

She had knocked on the apartment door, and you had welcomed her in with open arms, expecting her for your weekly movie night. What you had not expected was for her to pull out her phone and show you a picture of him, with another girl.

It had been taken by someone who had been out the same night as them, only to be posted the next day and it soon made it’s way all over social media. It was on every platform and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing it.  

You tried to push the image out of your mind, laying in the empty bed. Your attention was brought to the empty sheets beside you where the body was missing. The warmth that had been promised taken away by a too long flight.

There was a loneliness that you were unable to shake off. It was clingy onto your bones, weighing you down and causing your thoughts to run rampant. What was supposed to be a night for you to remember the way it felt to be with another, became a night for you to be reminded of his absence.

Your breath came in shaky and your lungs felt ready to collapse. Evey feeling, every sound, seemed tripled by the empty bedside. Where another body once laid, you wondered if he would ever return.

The picture seemed innocent enough at first, one you would have approved of at first. He had been polite to the girl, or she could have tripped and someone caught the photo at the wrong time. The girl was sat in his lap, looking happy with her position on him.

It wasn’t until you were alone that night, staring at the image in bed that you recognized the white knuckles and the harsh grip on her hips. He had pulled her down and we holding her there.

The girl hadn’t objected, returning the lust-filled gaze he gave her. He did it knowingly, knowing you would see it, knowing that it would ruin you. Your imagination ran rampant with the thoughts of what happened after the photo had been taken.

Jungkook had cheated on you.

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An honorable human relationship — that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word “love” — is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other. It is important to do this because it breaks down human self-delusion and isolation. It is important to do this because in doing so we do justice to our own complexity. It is important to do this because we can count on so few people to go that hard way with us.

It isn’t that to have an honorable relationship with you, I have to understand everything, or tell you everything at once, or that I can know, beforehand, everything I need to tell you. It means that most of the time I am eager, longing for the possibility of telling you. That these possibilities may seem frightening, but not destructive, to me. That I feel strong enough to hear your tentative and groping words. That we both know we are trying, all the time, to extend the possibilities of truth between us.

The possibility of life between us.

Adrienne Rich

For the fitblr low on cash:

It’s okay not to have the latest Nike app/sportswear.

It’s okay to go without the FitBit.

It’s okay to not eat clean if you can’t afford the produce.

It’s okay to not be able to afford quinoa or almond flower.

It’s okay to order a pizza if it’s all you can afford. 

It’s okay not to have a gym membership.

It’s okay for your workout to be push-ups and sit-ups because you don’t have equipment.

It’s okay to miss a workout because you worked an eight hour shift and just need to collapse on your bed.

It’s great if you have the resources to get these things. It’s great if you are able to eat clean and go running every day and track everything on your FitBit. I know I do. But if your lifestyle doesn’t give you the time or the money to do those things, it. is. okay. You’re putting in your best effort and you care about your body. That’s the most you can ask of yourself. Remember, you need to love your body. Don’t break it in the process.

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A reaction from BTS towards your death. Thank you in advance ❤

Thanks for the request! <3


Kookie would be absolutely crushed. He wouldn’t be able to focus, making it hard for him to perform at his best so he’d end up taking a break from work for a short while. During this period of time, he’d be very anti-social, locking himself away from the other boys. When they tried to talk to him, he’d just break down into tears.

“I just need to be alone Hyung…”

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You were the girl Taehyung trusted with everything, loved with all his heart and imagined having a family in the future with. You were his everything. So when he find out you’d passed away, he wouldn’t be able to process it. At first, he’d try to power through it, pretending everything was normal. However, eventually he couldn’t hold back anymore and he needed a break from the Idol life for a while.

“I miss her Jimin…”

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Jiminie would be so sad to lose you, it would break him. It would stress him out and he’d find it hard to focus on anything. Jimin would focus on work a lot, forgetting to eat and drink most of the time. The other members would have to remind him to eat because otherwise, he wouldn’t even bother. If he could, he’d just practice all day.

“Yeah hyung, I’ll eat later…”

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The usually happy and smiling Hobi would be swapped for a quiet, poker-faced one. It would be hard for him to do anything after he found out you’d passed away. All he would be able to do would be dance, for hours and hours. He’d dance until he was sick. Dancing was something that made him happy, but nothing could make him happy after what had happened.

“I’m sure a few more hours dancing wont hurt, it’s only 3AM.”


He wouldn’t believe his ear when he found out, he’d be in denial. After performances and interviews, he’d lock himself away from the others. It’d be hard for him to be the leader, he’d often leave Yoongi to work on songs alone and skip practice whilst he spent his time alone.

“I’m gonna go now.”

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After finding out you’d passed, he’d become violently quiet and anti-social. He’d aways be hidden away, working so hard he wouldn’t eat for days at a time. All he wanted was to be left alone. Just before he’d stop working- whcih rarely happened -he’d burst into tear and cry for hours.

“Go away. I’m working.”

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When you passed away, Jin wouldn’t be able to cope. Since he’s sort of the peacemaker of the group, there’d be a lot more arguments.  He’d either resort to eating way too much or he wouldn’t eat much at all and he’d constantly overwork himself.

“I’m fine, I’d just like to be alone.”

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I don't think this was the best reaction, :/ But I tried! -JL <3

My theory about Killian’s secret, EQ, next week’s episode and Killian’s adventure

Episode 14 it’s an episode about Regina and The Evil Queen, yeah? Yeah. 

I think The Evil Queen knew for a very long time that it was Killian the person who killed David’s father, why else would she be the one who starts this? She was the one who taunted David in 6A. She wants to tear them apart, all of them, to destroy their happiness. So yes, she knew about David’s father for a very long time and she saw this as an opportunity to break everyone. 

I think, at the beginning of the next episode, EQ will pay a visit to Emma while she is alone (or to Emma while she is with Killian and maybe Mary Margaret is there as well) and spill the secret, I can already hear her saying “Congratulations for your engagement! But how can you accept it with what he did to your father?!” because she is a bitch and she will make Emma curious and nervous about what Killian did to her father and Killian will have to tell her the truth. Emma will be, of course, mad at him. But NO, I don’t think she will give him the ring back, I don’t think they will break up but yes, I think she will be mad and need some time to process everything

Next week’s press release says: “ Hook, determined to make things work with Emma, turns to his old friend Capt. Nemo for advice, but Gideon torpedoes his plan before he’s able to set things right.”

I strongly believe that after Emma will leave him, Killian will go to Nemo for advice and help, because where else could he go? David? He might be 1. asleep or 2. be there when Killian admits what he did and be really really mad at him. So Killian goes to Nemo, Nemo is on Nautilus, and they talk, Nemo gives Killian a speach about family, and how he can make things right for Emma and her family.

 During the time Killian is with Nemo and Emma is thinking, Gideon sees how lost in her thoughts she is, he realises that Killian is Emma’s weakness (because honestly, he IS) and that she is vulnerable when she isn’t with him so he goes after Killian to get rid of him and be able to fight Emma. He finds him on Nautilus, still with Nemo, prepared to go after Emma. So Gideon does something (opens a portal or something) and sends Killian, Nemo and Nautilus on Agrabah (and yes Liam 2 too, because he will be in 6x15) which will be the start of Killian’s adventure in Agrabah with Nemo, Liam, Jasmine, Aladdin, Ariel and so on. He’s adventure there will be to find a way back to Emma. 

I am 85% sure this is what will happen because we’ve seen enough of EQ, we know what she can do, and spilling the secret means breaking our heroes. Also Gideon needs to know Emma’s weaknesses and Killian is one of them, he gets rid of Killian, he is one step closer to break Emma.

“An honorable human relationship — that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word “love” — is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other. It is important to do this because it breaks down human self-delusion and isolation. It is important to do this because in doing so we do justice to our own complexity. It is important to do this because we can count on so few people to go that hard way with us.It isn’t that to have an honorable relationship with you, I have to understand everything, or tell you everything at once, or that I can know, beforehand, everything I need to tell you. It means that most of the time I am eager, longing for the possibility of telling you. That these possibilities may seem frightening, but not destructive, to me. That I feel strong enough to hear your tentative and groping words. That we both know we are trying, all the time, to extend the possibilities of truth between us.The possibility of life between us.”

Adrienne Rich, from On Lies, Secrets & Silence  

Sometimes I need to take a break from everything to just relax and do nothing. Because this transition into adulthood isn’t easy. I can’t explain it but it’s this idea of knowing that I can no longer just sit and watch the world go by. It’s realising that you now have to fix your own problems and that you can no longer be oblivious to what goes on around you. It’s the idea of knowing that you have to take on new responsibilities. This transition is a long process, it’s hard because your changing and adapting whilst trying to transition away from your old care free habits. So sometimes my idea of fun is to just relax and stay in bed and give myself some time to breathe.

White Bear

The Black Mirror episode White Bear is so incredibly fucked up. And, like, I know this is par for the course for BM, but still.

Besides the fact that torture is bad and no one should experience it, even if they’re a murderer, there’s also the fact that they aren’t even torturing a murderer. The memory erasure blows that rationalisation to bits.

Every morning, they create a brand new person solely so that this person can experience suffering, and then they kill them each night, starting the cycle again the next day. It doesn’t matter what her physical body looks like - they are torturing babies every day for entertainment. White Bear Justice Park is a factory farm for humans.

There is a sense in which the show did manage to convey the type of emotions that might make you want to inflict suffering on someone who films torture for fun. That’s because I have a very strong impulse to personally murder everyone who ever visited that park. They are very much all complicit in something incredibly evil.

I need fan fiction in which park visitors with a shred of decency decide to break her out and, in the process, shoot the director in his smug fucking face.

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When Owen pulled away from the hug I noticed a lot of people saying " Oh you're done crying.. okay bye" but they're wrong because when Owen pulled away he looked in her eyes to make sure she's ok and he was waiting for her to say something but she simply looked down letting him know she's not ready to talk yet and that's why he said "ok" and walked away because he doesn't want to force her into talking. I'm so happy I ship Omelia ❤️l'm in love with their love.

I am too :) 

And yes, Owen pulled away because the elevator ride had come to an end and he resumed his path because he is going on with life and giving her space exactly like she asked him to, but at the same time he doesn’t fail to be there when she needs him.

I think Amelia looked away not because she isn’t ready to talk, I think now she finally is (it doesn’t mean it will be easy and she will simply blurt out everything though. And of course, that conversation wouldnt take place in an elevator and especially not on that moment when she was still processing a lot of pain).  The reason for her to be avoiding looking him in the eyes is because she was too embarrassed and feeling very vulnerable. If Amelia did make eye contact with him, she would break down even harder and they were in an elevator, at work.  

Owen would never have left her if he wasn’t sure she would be fine, hence why he took his time making sure she was okay before she left. His “okay” was his realization that she had let out what she needed at that moment to regain stability and resume what they were doing before they met. 

Why do weighted blankets gotta be so damn expensive?! You’d think they’d let us off with a break but nooooo…like where the hell am I gonna scratch up 300$ just so I can sleep at night?! And because I live in Canada, everything shipped from the US costs 10,000$ and my first born in shipping. SO FRUSTRATED

Villain!Matt tho

Your Villain!Matt AU is everything I never knew I needed and in one of your posts you asked for more ideas so here:

- So Matt wants ultimate revenge upon Shiro and hurting the other paladins is one way he’d do that. Imagine if he actually captures one [it could be Hunk/Keith/Lance; any of them really] after the end of Season 1 when they’ve all been separated and manages to hold them for awhile. Before the others can reunite, figure out one of them is in dire danger and figure out a plan to rescue them, I imagine Matt’s probably done… A lot of damage by then. He hasn’t had time to perform a full memory deletion [I imagine THAT would take a long while] but he has unfortunately inflicted quite a bit of physical torture. Hunk/Keith/Lance [H/K/L] are probably very mentally disturbed too; they pleaded and pleaded with Matt to try to convince him that his family’s okay but of course that wasn’t enough to break the mental rewriting [and ya know the torture itself].

Essentially by the time H/K/L are recovered they themselves are in extremely bad shape [their healing process would be a whole other aspect but lets ignore that for now] and Pidge/Shiro are even more distraught because Matt’s their sibling/close friend! But he’s committed a horrible crime to H/K/L!? But he’s been brainwashed so how accountable is he really!? Queue angst and drama because everything is in such a fucked up state.

Okay wow this is getting long [SORRY!] so Imma try and quickly end this ramble of mine. Through sheer determination, Pidge/Shiro manage to break the mental rewrite that has happened to Matt; but it’s not a happy-ending from here because now Matt’s sane again but he has so! many! scars! He’s done so many bad things! He’s deeply hurt all of the paladins; he feels like he doesn’t deserve to live. Why does he get a ‘happy ending’ with everything he’s done? From here on Matt and the paladins go through a GIGANTIC [and very slow] healing process. Everyone has scars because of what’s occured and it takes ages for things to reach a positive state. BUT I NEED THAT POSITIVE END because I can only take so much angst.

Ok wow Im so sorry for this… This AU is literally just so good [my fav] and I had to share this with you. I hope I haven’t annoyed you!


as soon as i read the title i was just

Oh man, oh man I can’t imagine what Matt would come up with. He’s so morally screwed that there really isn’t anything he’d not be willing to try on H/K/L. Not to mention his relentless tendency to get what he wants. He’d try to get information out of them first, no doubt. He’d want to know where Shiro is. Oh, oh and he is very very observant too. He wants to get in your head, he wants to know what makes you tick, and he’d pay close attention to how H/K/L react to the things he’d do.

more under the cut 

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As someone who identifies very strongly with Yang, I just want to point out that her “recovery” is very in character. People seem to think it’s rushed because she’s being all upbeat now, but I’m pretty sure Yang is just doing the same thing I do and copes with her problems by convincing herself that everything is going to be okay even though it doesn’t feel like it at all. Denial, denial, denial until t becomes the truth. Tell yourself you are doing better and you will start to feel better. Does it work all the time? Absolutely not. Breaking down sobbing at 2am when your emotions suddenly hit you out of the blue is part of the process. But during the day when you need to do things, and especially in front of other people, you keep up that bright smile and tell everyone you are doing fine until you start to believe it. Can’t have dad worrying about her all the time when he’s got other things to deal with, right? Just gotta power through.

Is she all recovered now? Absolutely not. But she’s gonna tell herself she is, because it’s the best way she can make herself get there. Fake it ‘til you make it.

A List of Reasons Not to Love Me Anymore

Here is a list of everything wrong in our relationship:

  1. Me.
  2. I thought I wasn’t allowed to be emotional.
  3. Every time I got worked up or started crying or was unhappy, I thought you shut down.
  4. I thought you didn’t want to deal with emotional me.
  5. But you were just giving me the space you thought I’d need.
  6. I should have told you I need you here.
  7. Instead I boxed up my feelings, because I thought that’s what you wanted.
  8. Me.
  9. I didn’t know how to tell you what I wanted.
  10. So every time you did it wrong, I just sucked it up, and tried to move on.
  11. You didn’t even know you were bruising me.
  12. But I stacked up all the pain like a tower around me.
  13. And got mad at you for not seeing the things I was hiding.
  14. Me.
  15. I never asked who your friends were.
  16. I never asked for the details.
  17. I couldn’t tell when you were sad.
  18. I thought you were always happy, too happy.
  19. I never took the effort to look deeper.
  20. I was too self absorbed.
  21. Obsessed with my own perception of our relationship.
  22. I never stopped to ask how you saw the world.
  23. Me.
  24. I let the distance between up stretch to infinity.
  25. I saw it as insurmountable.
  26. A wall you were regularly hurdling seemed too high for me to climb.
  27. Me.
  28. I had a plan.
  29. I had a thousand different plans.
  30. But I never knew what yours were.
  31. I forgot to check in, so I didn’t notice your plans had changed.
  32. I wanted you to have a goal, something to work for.
  33. But I never told you what I wanted.
  34. Me.
  35. I didn’t set clear expectations.
  36. I thought you were settling for too little.
  37. I still do.
  38. Me.
  39. I wanted to give you the moon.
  40. I struggled to give even myself.
  41. Me.
  42. I wanted you to take care of me.
  43. You wanted my input and opinions.
  44. Me.
  45. I didn’t appreciate all you gave me.
  46. Me.
  47. I didn’t love the things you love.
  48. Me.
  49. Me.
  50. Me.

I hope this list helps you move on.

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Been noticing your tags. I really want a break up at this point. Instigated by Aaron. I feel like he needs to find and love himself before he can love Robert and even consider loving the baby. I feel like he's getting lost in this mess. I want him to realise he deserves better than this. I don't want things to come so easy to Robert, like they always have done lbr. I want him to go to WORK to get Aaron back. Ughhhh. Their relationship is so unhealthy right now, I just can't stan it.

Oh anon… I wish I knew for sure how I feel about this whole mess to answer this properly because tbh I don’t…

Before the reveal I wanted them to take a break, so we could have Robert focussing on Aaron (respecting his needs to have some distance between them but still there you know) and himself, and so Aaron could have time to process everything that has happened to him and focus on his well being. But after the reveal I was glad they didn’t because it’s harder to fight for your relationship and working through it than “giving up” even for a little while. So I was proud of Aaron when he made that decision, and I have so much respect for him.

But after last night’s eps I think they might need to take that break after all (or talK ABOUT THIS???!!!!!)… They are both clearly not okay and they are not coping. Aaron keeps pretending he is fine with everything when he is actually shit scared (and probably feel alone since nobody gives a damn about him rn), and Robert is terrified too which makes him snappy at Aaron. But at the same time idk how they would deal with a break??? (and how well ed would handle it too….).

So I’m sorry anon I suck because I don’t know where I stand in all this… All I know is that I want this sl to be over, I want them to have scenes that doesn’t involve her or this sl, I want someone to ask Aaron if he is okay, I want Victoria to remember who her family is (and have her brain back),… because I’m tired.

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omfg, i saw your hate Olitz ? But why ? everything about them is so tragically and passionately beautiful :(

Hi Anon! To be honest, when I read you saying that Olitz are “tragically and passionately beautiful“ I completely felt my heart break. Seriously. And I needed some time to process my thoughts before replying, because it’s really hard to explain why you actually hate a ship without sounding too much like hating. But the truth is, I hate them like I never hated any other ship in my life. They are the worst. So I’ll just go ranting on it, and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I can’t pretend to see anything good in this ship, when I really don’t. For this, I’m not sorry.

External image

I don’t find them beautiful in any kind. Sure their situation is tragic, and their love is insane - awfully insane. But I can’t ship a couple who romanticises horrible values.

Let’s start with Fitz. Some people find his love for Olivia incredibly passionate and beautiful. Good for them. I find it disgusting, and I don’t even call it love. Calling her at any time of the night, and he doesn’t seem to care if she needs this call, because he needs it. Summoning her all of a sudden without even consulting her, just because he wants to see her - and who cares if she’d rather do something else.

External image

And when she asked him to let her go, he just acted like he did, for her own sake - while having her followed by his men - and Jake, in season 2. What kind of love is that?

He doesn’t love her. He is just obsessed with her. He doesn’t care about what she wants or what she needs, because he wants her and he needs her, and that’s all that matters to him. He does everything she tells him to do, not really because he wants to make her happy. No. He just wants to win her over. So of course, he doesn’t notice the sad look in her eyes everytime he’s around her. He doesn’t notice how miserable she feels because this whole situation kills her. She desperately loves him, that’s a sure thing. But she’s not happy. She knows she can’t have him for herself, and that’s why she needs to move on. She knows that. He knows that. But he doesn’t care. Because he loves her, he wants her, and that’s all that matters. He is the most selfish person on TV. He doesn’t deserve even a piece of her love for him. And what kills me is, while he’s the only one always putting his own desires over hers, everyone in this show makes her look like she is the one to blame. Because poor Fitz couldn’t stand living without her even for one minute…

He also treats her like his property. Season 2 again, I was horrified by one scene in particular. After he learned about Defiance, Fitz decided to stay away from Olivia. I understand that. But then, after 10 months without seeing her - though it was his decision, he just went after her in the hallway, while she was trying to walk away from him because that was too painful for her. Then he just grabbed her arm, led her to a closet, banged her against the wall.. And then, what? He told her “This was just a one-time thing, nothing has changed, I still hate you” something like that.. BUT when he found out she was seeing someone else during that time, he had her followed again. Like, she was his property. Seriously? Is that supposed to be beautiful?

Let’s move on to Olivia. I love Olivia Pope. She is a strong and independent woman, yet she is very sensitive, she needs love and protection, just like any human being in this world. She is a beautiful woman, and I’m not talking about her physical appearance. She, in her heart, is a beautiful woman. But I hate the Fitz’s Olivia Pope.

Because that Olivia is always sad, and miserable. She is willing to give up everything she believes in, for his one-hour calls. And she has no self-respect, and no independence when she’s around him. She can dig into her own trash to get her phone and hear his voice (it happened in season 3, I can’t remember the exact episode, but I remember the scene very clear). I mean, do you know what people, in real life, dig into the trash, to get food, booze, clothes or anything? It’s not because they want to - because, honestly, who would do that for fun? It’s because they don’t have any other choice. To survive, they have to forget about their dignity, their pride, and just dig into a trash. And I never saw anyone doing that with pleasure. They always look terrible, as they must feel, I think. I also know someone who did that in the past, and that wasn’t the best part of her life.

But Olivia did it. To have Fitz’s call. No dignity. No pride. For Fitz. Is that beautiful?

She’s never happy with him. OK they bang for a few hours, he tells her he loves her, promises a thousand sunrises and shooting stars and big houses in Vermont so she can make jam - she said she wasn’t a jam woman, by the way, but Fitz always cares about her, right?.. So many empty promises, for what? A few hours of happiness, and then a hundred days of misery. That’s what she has signed for with Fitz. And he doesn’t care. he is happy with it. She isn’t. But still she loves him. So she loves someone who cannot make her happy. But all I want is to see Olivia happy, be the strong and independent woman I know she is, and finally find peace in this messed-up world. So, how can I love Olitz?

Last, but not least - I am a huge fan of Mellie. Because yes, sometimes you can love both Olivia and Mellie. ;)

That woman is not easy-going, and I can get that Fitz, at some point, stopped loving her - even though horrible things happened to her. I mean, there are things he didn’t know about, like how his father raped her. She never told him and just let her marriage fall apart. Plus, she has quite a foul temper. No, Mellie isn’t an easy-going woman. And she played a part in their marriage wreck.

But she’s still his wife. The mother of his children. And he owes her some respect for that. Showing off with his mistress right before her eyes, imposing that disgusting love story upon her, talking to her like shit, and then - seriously, that was the cherry on top! - keeping her from having her own affair with a man who really made her happy, just because he couldn’t handle seeing another man screwing his wife, while he himself was screwing another woman.. God, Fitz is a pig! Any man who disrespects a woman that much is not a man worth loving. So I don’t get how Olivia can love a man like that. Oh, and remember that Olitz scene? The one in that Vermont house:

External image

Such an Olitz kind of sexy romantic scene. I’m sure every Olitz fan were happy during that episode 8, Season 3. I understand that. But you know the other side of the coin? At the same time, Mellie was trying to contact Fitz. Her husband. She couldn’t, his phone was off. And then she just understood. She asked the secretary to call Olivia Pope to check - her phone was off too. And you could see the pain and humiliation on her face. This is what Olitz does to Mellie, a woman, a human being like anyone else in thos show. They humiliate her. They treat her like she was nothing, just a little bump on their road. They take her pride out of her, and leave her meaningless, confronted to that horrible truth - she is nothing else but a wife. How humiliating is that for a woman? And as a woman myself, how can I agree with that idea, just in the name of a so-called tragic love? Ugh, no, I’m sorry. That is impossible.

So yeah, that is why I hate Olitz. And I always will.

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3 characters: wander, wilson, papyrus


I FEEL LIKE having Papyrus as a McDonald’s manager would make the most sense, because while Wander would be cleanly and perfect at the job, Wander’s got places to be so I don’t think it would make sense for him to work at a McDonald’s. Plus the negative vibes might get him a bit down. Papyrus would probably need a job after entering the human world and since he’s always determined to make everything better for everyone and can’t really process when people are mad at him, working with him would be a blast. Plus, lunch break dates!

Wander would be the most reassuring to be stuck in an elevator with. And since he has that Magical Wander Power where every situation he’s involved in usually turns out okay, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. The only sad part would be spending all that time with him and having to say goodbye after!

and #1 OBVIOUS ANSWER, WILSON DEFINITELY for my lab partner. I’m terrible at the sciences, so he’d obviously be carrying me the entire time but I don’t think he’d mind so much if I constantly praised him for being a Genius™. PLUS i think with all that time together I might be able to practice my Chemistry Skills. O)

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Do you think that it will have any consequences that Stiles' current body is a demonical creation?

Honestly, i’m not sure.

But i do find it fascinating that a lot of the characters on Teen Wolf has experienced transformations of some kind that also involves their bodies.

  • Werewolf transformations - bitten, not born - Scott, Isaac, Erica, Boyd, Liam
  • Kanima transformation that again went to werewolf - Jackson
  • Werejaguar, bitten not born - Kate
  • Full wolf transformation - Derek
  • Demonic possession with body clone - Stiles
  • Banshee transformation triggered by bite - Lydia

What seems to be the common denominator is that these transformations seem to involve some sort of power-up. Like Derek said - they evolve. The werecreatures get speed, power, better senses, Lydia leveled up to geiger teller for death and we’ve yet to see what the full wolf transformation might bring for Derek.

The demonic possession of Stiles did leave him with a new body albeit identical to the one he had. But other than that he on the surface doesn’t seem to have been given any new powers. But i do think the arc he went through managed to fast-track the spark we’ve seen hints of since season 2 at least. In my opinon the examples of stiles being something has escalated this season.

(for regular readers i do apologize for listing this once again - but Stiles Is Something (SIS) is my mantra and i do tend to rant about this at every opportunity)

  • He fixed his jeep without knowing how. Someone with a bit of mechanical knowhow told me the part he’s holding up and is hoping “isn’t important” is in fact vital to making the car run. Still moments later we see them speeding along the dusty roads towards the church.
  • He held down an out of control werecoyote on the full moon, and managed to calm her down and anchor her.
  • He totally killed the chemist in 4x07
  • He broke free of the restraints in Eichen House
  • He locked the door at the hospital
  • He held back a werecoyote trying to hulk!smash the deadpool computer
  • He rooted around in shards of glass without getting a single cut
  • He managed to get a phone call in the middle of the Mexican desert in a deserted town and below a church when there was no service
  • He fell down the stairs at Scott’s house without getting hurt
  • He held down Liam in the shower with Scott and Brett at Deaton’s with Derek. He also effortlessly managed to hold the lacrosse stick steady when Coach was tugging at it with two hands.

And in addition there is also the possible connection between stiles and a third eye. And trepanation was first introduced to us when Stiles was possessed and in Eichen house - where dr valack also is.

So, i do believe Stiles has also “evolved” but that he hasn’t fully embraced this yet and is trying to keep it to himself.

So what are you now, Stiles?

But whether the fact that his body is a demonical creation as you say will have any other consequences are still up in the air. And it might depend on who created it - was it the nogitsune=bandages? In that case it was a helpful deity (most likely created by Noshiko) that despite his creepy visage was there to defeat Void and in the process help stiles. Or was it Void=Fly? In that case, i’d be a bit more worried because i have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of that, and it is everything but benign.

Or maybe Stiles did it himself? I’ve been arguing hard that he is Something after all. perhaps Scott’s roar did free him of the possession and created the belief he needed to break free - literally - by splitting himself.

I can’t escape, I can’t escape, I can’t escape.

I’ve tried endless times ever since the day my lover’s corpse was returned to us inside a plastic bag. That was the day I realized everything she said to me was true: This twisted city turns people into monsters. She tried to run away by herself when I was blind enough to ignore the awful realities of this place and our existence. She lost the battle against the Badlands. No one knows exactly how she found death but she did and nothing else matters to me.

Everything I did to escape this place during the last month was useless, so I gave up. This place is a fucking trap and the only way to run away is while you are still inside. That’s why I’m going to keep doing what everyone else does: Slowly ruining my body and pretending to have fun while doing it. But it’s not fun to drink out of a bottle of alcohol and letting white lines of rotten dust enter your sistem while your hands are trying to stop the salty tears of pain falling down your face.

She was not the only one who tried to escape the Badlands. A lot of people lost their loved ones and every person left is now just a ghost wandering around, looking for the souls they used to be. The loud sounds of pleasure you usually hear around the streets are now louder and these people’s eyes are empty and look more like small oceans of blood everyday.

Some of us have done things I can’t say out loud just because they needed to survive. Not everyone is strong enough to do nothing to stop the pain. Sometimes they have to cause pain to others in order to feel better about themselves, which is disgusting, but they don’t know how to express their anger and sadness without harming others in the process. We are not complete human beings. We are more like a machine made to destroy everything around us.

I think we are going to dissappear soon. Nobody is willing to get bruised in order to break walls down and finally try to change this place. Every day feels more strange than the day before. The moon looks whiter and bigger every night. The stars look like a million diamonds shining above our heads. Nothing feels real and that’s terrifying.

I’m tired of being the person I am. I know I’m so much more than what this place did to me but lately it feels like I’m a slave to the Badlands. All I want is to stop feeling this way. I need this awful energy to leave me alone.

I wish someone could read this. Too bad the only people who are going to lay their eyes on these words are the ones whose minds are too twisted to understand my sober thoughts. But I’ll hold on to hope. Maybe, someone from the world outside is going to read this someday.

If that happens, whoever you are, please run away from this city while you still can.

I wish I could run away. And I wish this was a movie, but it isn’t. These are the Badlands.


About someone who lost everything including herself inside the Badlands, a girl who spends her empty life wishing that things were at least a little different.

Here’s a piece of what Badlands inspired me to do. I had this in my drafts for a few days, and I decided to finally post it because this album has been the greatest source of creativity I had in a while and I’m happy to share a little bit of my writing. Thanks iamhalseymusic for inspiring me to be a better writer everyday, and thanks halseydaily for such a cool project.

I’ve done so much for you, maybe not physically but emotionally. I fed your ego and starved mine. I let you use me because it meant I was still yours. I took care of you and destroyed myself in the process. I dropped everything else in my life to make it revolve around you. I cried myself at night over you hoping you’d be okay the next morning. I’d break every bone in my body for you. But what I didn’t realize was that the feeling wasn’t mutual.
—  2am thoughts