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Affaires Douées (M)

word count: 7.4k

genre: smut; CEO!minhyuk

pairing: reader/minhyuk

summary: you’re fashion CEO lee minhyuk’s personal assistant, and in deep denial about your well-reasoned attraction to said man. when he reveals he’s had issues taking care of himself, paired with you seeing him lose his temper in front of everyone, it leads you two to take your business relationship to a more personal level.

a/n: this was inspired by this lovely video which had a yelling minhyuk that had me hot and bothered within seconds. please, suffer with me.


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Always Have Always Will Luke Hemmings Smut for Anonymous

I stood at this party taking a sip from my cranberry vodka, sighing in annoyance as my friend left me to make out with her boyfriend she is on and off with. I felt a guy come behind me and when I looked I was surprised to see my good friend Luke.

“Hey I didn’t know you’d be here.” I said and he smiled and looked down at me.

“Why wouldn’t I be here?” He asked and rolled my eyes.

“Oh I just figured the captain of the soccer team and most popular kid in school had something better to do than go to a college party on a Friday night.” I said sarcastically and he chuckled. We’ve known each other since we were in diapers but once we got into college I would spend my Friday nights in the library while he went to win a game.

“Yeah I did but thought I could swing by and see what all the fuss is about. How about you? No good books to be hitting tonight?” He asked and I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“No just wanted to see what all the fuss is about.” I answered back in a sarcastic tone and he laughed, at that moment a girl tripped and spilled her drink all over Luke and I causing us both to gasp.

“I’m so sworry.” The girl slurred and I looked up at Luke who was smiling and I couldn’t help but smile.

“No worries sweetie. Where are your friends?” I asked and a girl came up behind her and took her drink away from her.

“Right here. So sorry.” The friend apologized and I gave a small nod as she took her friend away.

“My place is right down the street if you want to change into something more dry.” Luke offered and I laughed and gave a small nod before we started to walk out of the dorm room. We had small talk on the way to his dorm and once we got in we were still soaking wet and I walked around his room viewing pictures surprinsingly I was in a lot of them.

“I didn’t realize you had so many of these pictures up.” I stated picking one up of the day we were just starting kindergarten and Luke was crying because I took his Teenage Ninja Turtle figure. “I love this picture.” I said to myself with a small smile.

“I remember I cried the whole day and once nap time came you gave it to me because you knew I couldn’t sleep without it.” He said and right behind me scaring me and making me jump. I turned around and looked up only centimeters away from his lips.

“I miss us Luke.” I whispered and he looked right into my eyes quickly looked at my lips. He leaned down and kissed me and I kissed back as his hands cupped my face. Things started to get heated and once his hands reached for my shorts I gasped causing for both of us to stop.

“I’m sorry Luke. I just don’t want this to be how this happens. Based off a one night fling from a party across the dorm. I—I–.”

“I love you.” He said surprising me and I swallowed in shock. “I always have. But we grew apart in high school then even more in college and then you started dating that jerk Ashton and I didn’t think you felt the same way.” He explained.

“I love you too Luke. Always have. Always will.” I whispered and he smiled and leaned in and kissed me again. I smiled within our kiss and pushed him back toward his bed and he grabbed my hips and brought me closer.

“You know we smell like beer and sweat. We should take a shower.” I whispered in his ear as he started to help me undress.

“Save water shower with a partner.” He growled and I smiled as I led him to his shower and we both finished undressing. “Fuck love.” He grunted and I smiled and shyly covered my body and he slowly walked toward me and moved my arms to the side. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He said before lightly kissing my shoulder and then kissing my lips. He led me into his shower and turned on the water.

I grabbed the soap and started to wash his hair with it creating bubbles and I blew them toward him and he laughed.

“This reminds me of when we used to take baths as kids. You’d always sink my battleships.” He said and I laughed and brought him toward me.

“Yeah but now we’re taking a grown up bath. I can sink something else now.” I said trying to be sexy and I couldn’t hide the goofy smile from my face and he laughed at my line.

“That was really bad.” He said and I laughed and slapped his chest.

“Do you want head or not?” I asked crossing my arms and his face went serious and then I laughed and kissed him. I started to get on my knees and he leaned on the wall, I pumped him a couple times and gave his shaft a long lick causing a huge groan to fall from his lips. I then placed him in my mouth and started bobbing my head and he kept moaning while leaning back on the shower wall.

“Fuck babe I’m going to cum! Fuck! Fuck!” He moaned out and I felt him come into my mouth and I looked up at him and swallowed taking him by surprise.

“Love you are amazing.” HE whispered as he helped me up and started to kiss my neck. His hands found my breast and he gave them a hard squeeze while his mouth attached to my right nipple. I let out a loud moan and grabbed his hair.

“Babe I have a question. Don’t get offended but we’ve separated for a while and I want to know—“

“If I’m still a virgin? No Luke I’m not but I’ve only done it one other time with Ashton and I didn’t like how he did it. But I want to do it with you. I have an IUD so no condom. Please.” I whined nad he smiled and kissed me roughly. He kissed my neck and lifted my right leg to wrap around his waist while he pumped himself once more. He slid into me and I moaned while he grunted. I smiled and clawed his hair while his hips started to move forward, he knew the perfect pace to go at and I was so amazed because sex didn’t feel like this with Ashton.

“Fuck Luke I’m not going to last long!” I moaned and his hips moved faster and I felt the pit of my stomach release as I came hard with Luke following right after me. We were both panting and had smiles on our faces, I finished cleaning myself off and then helped Luke clean his hair and once we finished we got out and I changed into his clothes.

“This was amazing.” I said as I laid on his bed and he turned on his TV before cuddling with me.

“Our moms would be so happy right now. They’ve been planning our wedding when we were in their wombs.” He said and I laughed and slapped his chest. I looked up at and kissed him before I felt my eyes droop. “It’s okay love go to bed. I’ll put our clothes in the wash and tomorrow we’ll go get breakfast and I’ll walk you back to your room.” He said and I smiled and kissed him again and gave a nod before I felt my eyes close and my breathing slowed. 

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I can't access emojis right now but would u mind doing all of the emojis from the character head cannon ask meme for imayoshi please? Ty!

☾ - sleep headcanon :

Imayoshi only turns to napping if he’s really tired. Because he’s basically lost in fatigue, there’s a 99% chance that he forgot to take his glasses off. Anyone that happens to walk by should expect Imayoshi snoring away with his glasses placed in the most awkward position on his face. 

★ - sad headcanon :

Though he didn’t really expect to, Imayoshi shed quite a few tears after the 3rd years’ last match. The whole thing seemed pretty unsettling for him.

☆ - happy headcanon :

Imayoshi got to a point where he debated whether or not he should continue playing basketball in college. When he decided to go through with joining STRKY, he couldn’t help but to feel it was one of the best choices he’s made. 

☠ - angry/violent headcanon :


■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon :

He’s a surprisingly messy liver. Clothes are strewn around the room, books meant for studying (not necessarily used as much as they should) are tossed about, random objects are scattered in the most bizarre places- really though Imayoshi clean ur fucking room.

♡ - romantic headcanon :

Imayoshi practically loses it each time his s/o steals his glasses. He’s actually a bit hesitant to admit it, not wanting to give his partner the satisfaction, but he finds the action incredibly adorable of them.

♥ - family headcanon :

There’s nothing Imayoshi loves more than teasing his sister to pass time. While she finds it extremely bothersome, it’s just a strange way the two bond.

☮ - friendship headcanon :

He’s probably the best friend to go to for an out-of-nowhere hangout. Basically just text him that you wanna meet up and he’ll text you back right away asking where.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon :

Imayoshi has a huge interest in psychology. He takes pleasure in learning about it, or straight up messing with people’s minds.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon :

The only reason why he dislikes spontaneous people is because they’re difficult to read. If there’s one thing Imayoshi truly loves is being able to wade through people like a book. Impulsive people lack “easy readings” in his eyes.

▼ - childhood headcanon :

One of his favorite childhood memories is the countless times his father took him on an overnight fishing trip. Imayoshi claims that there’s nothing better than being out in the open sea and being able to fish out all the possibilities. (wow very poetic) 

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon :


♒ - cooking/food headcanon :

Imayoshi is an utter mess when it comes to cooking. The only thing he can make without completely screwing it up is rice. Even then it might taste a little sketchy.

☼ - appearance headcanon :

This man has the loveliest dimples you’ll ever see in your life.

ൠ - random headcanon :

There isn’t a person alive who could successfully lie to Imayoshi. He’ll catch you even before you decide to lay one on him.

Tennessee Teacakes: The Babymoon

Hello, my little cupcakes!! Sorry for the wait! But here is the eagerly anticipated babymoon! Hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what you think!! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Tennessee Teacakes

(rated ma)


September 11th-15th 2019

Harry Styles vastly underestimates his pregnant wife’s desire for pasta. They’ve been in Sorrento for fifteen minutes and the bellhop couldn’t get their luggage out of the boot before she—ever so politely—demanded a plate of gnocchi and a big glass of water with lots of ice and lemon. He’s always proud to call Grace his wife, but he can’t help lingering at the check-in counter, which is a across the room from where she’s sitting on a couch. She’s making those sounds again—the ones that were typically saved for his ears only—and people are staring as she shovels forkfuls of pasta into her mouth. He tries to smile. After all, she does look cute in her floppy hat and sunglasses and dress, but he can’t ignore the marinara sauce that’s dripping down her chin.

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