because i motherfucking love him


Anders + Looking at Hawke


Lemme tell you about how Kaze fell hopelessly in love with me just because I gave him a motherfuckiNG FLOWER BAND 

Imagine For Ilana

Imagine for ilana

“ILANA IM HOME” I heard my older brother Cameron, he’s 3 yeascream from the front door. He was back from Magcon San Diego and I was so excited to see him.

I got off my bed and sprinted down the stairs.

“CAMERON” I attacked Cameron jumping on him.

He spun me around holding me tightly. He put me down and kissed my forehead.

“I missed you Ilana!”

“I missed you too” I started tearing up but held the tears back.

“Hey Ilana.” I jumped a little not realizing we had company.

I looked behind Cameron and came face to face with Matthew Espinosa. Something you should know is I have the biggest crush on Matt, but with Cameron being so overprotective, I’m not allowed to hang out with them.

I felt Matt eyeing me up and down with those deep brown eyes. I felt uncomfortable and looked down at what I was wearing. I was wearing a pink sports bra and spandex shorts. No wonder he’s staring at me.

I feel my cheeks start to heat up. Cameron must of realized what happening and turned to me.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and put on some clothes the rest of the guys will be here in a few” you could tell that he was upset by the tone in his voice.

You turned around and walked up the stairs.

“OW what was that for!?” It was Matt. Cameron must of smacked him for staring at me.

“For staring at my little sister.” Cameron said confirming my theory.

I rolled my eyes before going into my closet and putting on something more covered. I went into my bathroom making sure I looked ok. I fixed my hair and applied some mascara. When I was satisfied I walked back down stairs to see the rest of the boys where here.

“Ilana come still next to me! We are about to play truth or dare!” Cameron insisted.

I quickly came next to Cameron and plopped down on his lap.

“Alright who’s first?” Nash asked

“I’ll go” I said wanting to get the game started.

“Alright truth or dare Ilana?”

“Truth” I responded.

“Pussy.. Anyways how far have you gone with a guy?” Nash asked.

I groaned to myself. Nash was always the nosey one.

“Yeah Ilana. How far?” Cameron egged on.

I didn’t want to say anything because I was NOT a virgin and I was not going to tell my brother that. Before answering the question I gave Nash a death glare in which he just chuckled in response.

“I’ve gone… Um gone… All the way” I whispered the last part so no one heard.

“What did you just say?!” Cameron said. I guess he heard.

“I’ve gone all the way.” I tried to look away trying to not make eye contact with anyone in the room.

“YOURE NOT A VIRGIN!?” Cam screamed in my ear.

“No Cameron I’m not. And can you lower your voice you’re screaming in my ear. Plus I’m 16. Last time I checked you lost your virginity at 14 so shut up” I snapped back.

That sure did shut him up and everyone else in the room. He mumble a sorry to me and laid back in the chair.

“ANYWAYS who’s next?” I said changing the subject.

“I’ll go” volunteered Nash.

“I dare you to go to the supermarket and do the milk gallon throw. And Cameron can go and film it.”

“Done. Let’s go Cam. Maybe we can get pizza on the way home.”

Cam seemed hesitant to let me stay here alone. I mean I can’t blame him. Everyone here are basically sex gods.

He eventually gave in and grabbed his car keys.

“Well while they’re gone, I’ll be in my room” I got up from my seat and went into my room. I sat on my bed and turned on some music.

I closed my eyes and let the music flow through me. After about five minutes, I decided to take a shower since Cameron and Nash wouldn’t be home for a while and the boys are probably playing videos games downstairs. I got into the shower and soaped up then washed off. I got out of the shower since I just washed my hair yesterday. I put my towel on, going back into my room I got my underwear and but it on the bed. Then I dropped my towel leaving me there naked.

“oh wow. I’m sorry I didn’t realize- um wow.”

I jumped and looked up realizing it was Matt. He was standing there just staring at me. Looking me up and down I realized he had a boner. Does Matt find me attractive? Because I sure as hell find him attractive.

“You need a little help?” I bit my lip suggesting to Matt little problem. I was kinda shocked at my boost if confidence, but I just went with it.

He seemed shocked at my response to all of this so I just walked forward. Making sure to sway my hips just to tease Matt.

I stopped right when I was an inch away from him. I winked at him before going down on my knees. Unzipped his pants and shimmied it off him then took of his boxers. His manhood slapped on to his stomach and he sighed a sigh if relief.

I took him in my hands and began jerking him off.

“Ilana fuck yesss” Matt moaned over and over again.

I took him in my mouth making Matts pleasure level go higher. His moans became more frequent and louder. I knew he was close so I stopped what I was doing.

“Wha- why did you stop?” Matt complained.

“Because I can hold back anymore. I jumped to my feet and took his shirt of. I rammed my lips into his. He kissed back licking my bottom lip asking for entrance. I accepted, opening my mouth allowing Matts tongue to explore my mouth.

"Jump” Matt said between kisses.

I obeyed. And right before getting to the bed I looked behind me making sure the door was closed. Matt threw me on the bed and went right for my neck. He planted kisses all over and made sure some of them made a mark.

He got up to get a condom but I shouldn’t him.

“I’m on birth control”

“Oh well with in mind.” He came back on the bed and lined himself up with me and entered. I gasped at the intense pleasure that shot through my body. And by the look of Matt’s face he felt it to. He sped up his pace.

“Ugh Matt keep going” I shut my eyes not being able to bare the pleasure. I could feel myself reaching my edge.

“Matt I going to-” before I could finish my sentence my door whacked open.

Oh shit.


Matt rolled off of me speechless. I look at Cameron and see the rest of the boys behind him. Staring at me. Great. I pull the blanket up to cover me.

Cameron was furious. He was breathing heavily and his face was red. Matt got of the bed and put on his underwear. Once he was done, Cameron lunged for him. He punched right in the face.

“CAMERON STOP” I begged him.

“Why. He slept with my fucking baby sister!?”

Cameron once again punched Matt in the face. Matt laid there groaning in pain. I mean Cameron isn’t a weak guy so I could imagine that hurt like a motherfucker.

“Because… Because I love him.” I blurted out. I hadn’t realize until now how much Matt means to me.

“You love him?”

“You love me?”

“Yes. Yes I do. I don’t know what it is but I do. And you should respect that Cameron. If you were in love with one of my friends you would want me to be happy for you. And I would.”

“I guess so.” He finally budged. He got up from Matt and extended an arm to help Matt up too.

“Well in that case Ilana I love you too. Since the beginning I couldn’t take my eyes of you.” Now that brought a smile to my face.

“Guys can you just like close your eyes for a few seconds?” I said towards the boys and Cameron.

When they did so I jumped out of bed and gave Matt the biggest hug. I got of him but not before giving him and kiss. I got off and got dressed then told the guys they can look again. We all decided to go down stairs to eat the pizza but before I could leave the room, Matt pulled me back in.

“Ilana. Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously.

“Of course I will” I gave him one last kiss before leaving the room and hand and hand with Matt.