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“He’s making a funny face.” John Watson is definitely in danger.

I think Sherlock looking at the ‘Miss Me’ note at the end of The Lying Detective will be revealed to be some great audience misdirection: because we are switching between the scenes between John & Eurus and Sherlock on his own, we link them together. Of course we do, it’s only logical- Sherlock is reading this ‘Miss Me’ note and, like John, the puzzle pieces are slotting in place…

Except, that’s an assumption on our part. What if that isn’t what Sherlock is thinking- or at least, only partly? We don’t get to see the entire realisation scene with Sherlock, we just jump straight back to John being shot– what if this is Sherlock realising John is in danger, just like The Blind Banker? He’s about to run off and save him.

Endless thanks to @marcespot‘s Garridebs video for making this click for me. <3

i decided to make this list because it seems like every learning source only teaches the very basic animals, and though that is great, i know some of us out there need or desire to learn more. if you find any mistakes, please let me know so that i can correct them. also, if i missed anything, let me know so that i can add it. happy learning! i would love to see this translated into other languages ♡. if you follow me on memrise, i will be making courses for each language.

portugesespanish: english

o búfalo el búfalo: buffalo
o esquilo la ardilla: squirrel
o elefante el elefante: elephant
a águia el águila: eagle
o leão el león: lion
o lince el lince: lynx
a cobra la serpiente: snake
o gato el gato: cat
o cachorro o cão el perro, el can: dog
o lagarto el lagarto: lizard
o jacaré el caimán: alligator
o papagaio el loro: parrot
o gambá la zarigüeya: opossum
o texugo el tejón: badger
o castor el castor: beaver
a ovelha la oveja: sheep
o bisão el bisonte: bison
o urso el oso: bear
o corvo el cuervo: crow
a anaconda la anaconda: anaconda
a galinhola la gaviota: woodcock
o ganso el ganso: goose
a formiga la hormiga: ant
o tamanduá el oso hormiguero: anteater
o antílope el antílope: antelope
o rato la rata: rat
o raposo el zorro: fox
a lebre la liebre: hare
o tatu el armadillo: armadillo
o morcego el murciélago: bat
a tartaruga la tortuga: tortoise, turtle
o dragão el dragón: dragon
o chacal el chacal: jackal
o peru el pavo: turkey
a coruja el búho: owl
o pelicano el pelícano: pelican
o babuíno el babuino: baboon
a baleia la ballena: whale
o rato grande el bandolero: bandicoot
o cervo el ciervo: deer
o veado el venado: venison
o pássaro el pájaro: bird
a ave la ave: fowl
o geco el geco: gecko
o abutre el buitre:
o rinoceronte el rinoceronte: rhinoceros
o macaco el mono:
o cisne el cisne: swan
o canguro el canguro: kangaroo
o furão el hurón: ferret
a cegonha la cigüeña: stork
o cardeal el cardenal: cardinal
a ostra la ostra: oyster
o bagre el bagre: catfish
o símio el simio: ape
o pato el pato: duck
o pavão el pavo real: peacock
o tubarão el tiburón: shark
o lagarto, la lagartixa el lagarto, la lagartija: lizard
o javali el jabali: boar
o delfim, o golfinho el delfín: dolphin
a lontra la nutria: otter
a hiena la hiena, la asquerosa: hyena
o lémure, o lemur el lémur:
o pelicano el pelícano: pelican
o porco, o leitão, o cerdo el cerdo, ek chanco, el puerco, : pig
a borboleta la mariposa: butterfly
o caracal el lince: caracal
o camaleão el camaleón: chameleon
o guepardo el leopardo cazador: cheetah
o leopardo el leopardo: leopard
o flamingo el flamenco: flamingo
o chimpanzé el chimpancé: chimpanzee
a cacatua la cacatúa: cockatoo
a iguana la iguana: iguana
o guaxinim el mapache: raccoon
a foca la foca: seal
o lobo el lobo: wolf
a zebra la cebra: zebra
a pantera la pantera: panther
a vaca la vaca: cow
o coiote el coyote: coyote
o cordeiro el cordero: lamb
o caranguejo el cangrejo: crab
a lagosta la langosta: lobster
a aranha la araña: spider
o crocodilo el cocodrilo: crocodile
a mula el mulo: mule
a pomba la paloma: dove
a libélula la libélula: dragonfly
a cascavel serpiente de cascabel: rattlesnake
o coelho el conejo: rabbit
o alce el alce: elk
o alce americano el alce: moose
o pinguim el pingüino: penguin
o peixe el pescado: fish
o atum el atún: tuna
o salmão el salmón: salmon
a truta la trucha: trout
o camundongo el ratón: mouse
a rã la rana: frog
o girino el renacuajo: tadpole
o sapo el sapo: toad
a codorna,a codorniz la cidorniz: quail
a gazela la gacela: gazelle
a girafa la jirafa: giraffe
a cabra la cabra: goat
o ouriço el erizo: hedgehog
o gorila la gorila: gorilla
a galinha la gallina: hen
o galo el gallo: rooster
o hipopótamo el hipopótamo: hippopotamus
o papagaio-do-mar el frailecillo: puffin
a marmota la marmota: groundhog
o pardal el gorrión: sparrow
a cobaia el cobayo: guinea pig
o orco-espinho el puerco espín: porcupine
o jaguar el jaguar: jaguar
o coala la coala: koala
a lhama la llama: llama
a alpaca la alpaca: alpaca
o boi el buey: ox
o ocelote el ocelote: ocelot
o avestruz el avestruz: ostrich
o periquito el perico: parakeet
o plátipo, o ornitorrinco el ornitorrinco: platypus
o urso polar e oso polar: polar bear
a rena el reno: reindeer
o tigre el tigre: tiger
o tucano el tucán: toucan
o puma el puma: puma, cougar
o iaque el yak: yak
a abelha la abeja: bee
o felino el felino: feline
o cão, o canino el canino: canine


In a world both frightening and unlucky, there are a few comforts. One of them is making new friends. Friends can make you feel the world is smaller and safer than it really is because you know people who have similar experiences. When you meet people like that, you may find your world feels a little more complete. Like the missing piece of a puzzle.

when they’re children some of the older, meaner kids who hang around the temple (for not all of them are initiates like he and Baze) like to hide Chirrut’s things. he has places for all of them, his hand wraps, his left-handed practice bow, his books with the raised lettering, all have their place so he always knows where to find them

he never says anything, just hunts them down with Baze’s help. then one day when his training guando is missing, he sighs and turns to start searching when he collides with Baze, clearing his throat and mumbling, “I have it here.”

Chirrut never has to go looking for his things again, because Baze always has them, and Baze is always there beside him

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hello! i finally got around to watching the netflix episodes and i loved them and they made me go re-read the books which i hadn't done since i was younger. i was just wondering why you think the show, and the film, chose to portray count olaf as a comical character? like his wickedness doesn't really come across as well by making everything he says/does funny? am i completely missing something? would love an opinion by someone who knows the books very well!

Count Olaf is kind of a difficult character to translate onto the screen, because you don’t find many children’s books with villains who are as awful as he is. I think the main reason why they’ve chosen to make him more comical in the adaptations is that they don’t want children to find Count Olaf so scary that they can’t watch the show/movie. It seems like they try to make him a little more “family friendly” which, like you said, kind of keeps his wickedness from coming across the correct way. In the books, Count Olaf does make you laugh as well, but that’s usually because you’re laughing to yourself about something incredibly stupid that he’s said, and it doesn’t happen nearly as frequently as it does in the adaptations.

  • Taylor: Tonight, I'm gonna make them a nice dinner, then I'm gonna put the ring in their champagne glass.
  • Arika: You might as well put it in their cham-lame glass.
  • Taylor: Okay, Miss Know-It-All, what would you do?
  • Arika: Okay, first you gotta get, like, 50 candles, right?
  • Taylor: Mm-hmm?
  • Arika: You spread 'em all over the room with some rose petals....
  • Taylor: That's right, because the roses are beautiful, and they make the room smell amazing.
  • Arika: Like a meadow in springtime.
  • Taylor: Mmm.
  • [Lifeline walk in]
  • Lifeline: What are you guys talking about?
  • Taylor: Nothing; guy talk!
  • Arika: Yeah, bitches and hoes.

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You said that L acts weird to throw Light off but he acts the same way with the members of the task force. He wouldn't want to seem stupid when he wants them to pay attention to him and being taken seriously. or am I missing something?

Nope, you’re not missing anything; I paraphrased quite lazily, haha. To actually get into the TL;DR of it, first impressions can alter your initial perception of a person. Light, for example, is conventionally attractive and because he obeys social rules, he comes off as being more trustworthy, likable and respectable. 

When you run into a person like L, however, who legitimately looks like they haven’t brushed their hair, haven’t put any thought into making themselves presentable and in many ways ignores social etiquette – that comes off as “stupid.” That’s not to say that this is a fair/valid judgment, but simply that the bias exists either consciously or unconsciously. 

But first impressions aren’t exactly static. As you get to know people better, you adapt/change your views on them. With Light specifically, it’s clear that L’s appearance and mannerisms do make him go wtf – and thus calls into question if L is for real or not. This matters primarily because of the ciircumstances under which L and Light meet for the first time. When they meet at uni, Light has no idea whether or not “Ryuga Hideki” is legitimately L or if the real L is still hiding. 

But the net effect, going past just first impressions, is that those quirks contribute making Light overthink L because L comes off more unpredictable simply by looking like someone who doesn’t give two shits about adhering to any kind of social convention. 

With regards to the Task Force, L’s appearance/mannerisms don’t matter quite as much because the task force already have formed opinions on L, since they’d been working together prior to his face reveal. L has also already proven his intelligence to those guys via the LLT broadcast, and L doesn’t have to prove his worth to the team in order to be taken seriously. Not to mention, he actually introduces himself as L as part of a “trust exercise” to smooth over anger from the NPA over the fact that L made the FBI spy on the task force. So basically, being introduced as L and removing the question of whether that’s really L or not largely takes the question of intelligence off the table. It also helps that L is, at that point, the only one who has any clue on how to proceed with the Kira case. 

I hope that explains it better!

Considering your love for Alec, I thought you of all people wouldn’t be so dismissive of Alec and Jace’s parabatai bond and would talk about them especially after the last episode. But nevermind I should have known that it’s now a compulsion for everyone here to talk down Jalec or ignore them to become popular amongst the popular circle here. It’s sad though because I always thought that you loved Alec as an individual and not just as one half of Malec.

OMG HI EM!!! 👋 . Geez I missed you. Then I saw this ‘not so anon’ ask on a few blogs and I was like OMG YAY SHE’S BACK!!! Or wait…did you delete again after this? I can’t keep track. 

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it's not tsukuyo's fault that sorachi is terrible at writing women

Sorachi isn’t actually terrible at writing women in my eyes. He does a good job with a lot of them, but Tsukuyo is a big miss for me merely because I can’t connect to “I’m weak when I’m around him” and am not ruled by my feelings for a man like that. 

  • Law: You had scars, Straw Hat-ya?
  • Luffy: “So many scars. You have no idea.
  • Law: You sound like you miss them.
  • Luffy: I kind of do. But at the same time, I kind of don’t? I mean, this year, the first time I woke up and saw frost on the windows? I cringed, Torao, I cowered, it was the opposite of tough. I didn’t want to get out of bed because I knew I’d be hobbling like an old guy all day and I just didn’t want to start. But then, hey—I got up and nothing hurt. Like, at all. I’ve basically hit the physical reset on every mistake I’ve ever made, because one serious car accident doesn’t add up to a couple of years of bi-monthly death-defying shenanigans. So that’s pretty sweet, even if I do miss the scars. The look of them, anyway.

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tell me your eugenie danglars feels!!!!! (if you have any that is!!)

OH MAN!! EUGENIE!!!!!! MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!

I think we have to start for a moment with her terrible family because, like – a major theme of the novel that adaptations tend to miss is that the sins of the father are not the sins of the son, we aren’t all trapped in a recapitulation of past narratives, and we’re free to write our own stories, however hard that may be. We see it with all the second generation kids – even Maximillian and Franz, though to a lesser degree than the main three. There’s a family narrative around each one of them shaping their lives that they have to either accept or break free from.

Danglars’ motivation has always been wealth and status. Fernand betrayed Edmond for love, Villefort did it for family reputation and ambition, and Danglars did it for spite and greed. Later he entered into a loveless marriage (with multiple affairs) to gain a title. He seems to have some real affection for his daughter, but he treats her the only way he apparently knows how – as a commodity to be traded for the best price. I think he does genuinely think that this is what’s best for her, though what’s best for her will never be as important as what’s best for him; after all, it’s how he managed his own personal life. You trade whatever heart and emotions you might have had for a better stake at the table.

And Eugenie grows up knowing all of this. Even her name is a reflection of what her family values. She sees the way her father and mother interact – or rather don’t, as much as possible. She almost certainly know about her mother and Debray. She’s engaged to Albert, whom she doesn’t respect and certainly doesn’t love, because he’s the son of count. When something seemingly better comes along, her father trades up and engages her to Andrea. When that goes south she’s expected to meekly go back to Albert. There’s no question of her feelings or opinion on the matter, because those were never important in the first place. She’s given a model of how to behave: shut up, marry for advantage, and take whatever lovers you want in secret. This would all be bad enough if she were a son, but as a daughter the pressures on her to comply and do what she’s told are even worse. A man might prove his worth some other way, but what value could a woman have besides making an advantageous marriage?

Eugenie spends most of the novel trying to live up to her family’s expectations while every aspect of her personality pulls against them. Eugenie is…she’s just so bright. Eugenie walks into a room and everyone stares at her. She’s gorgeous, yes, but she’s also bold and strong and opinionated and sharp and clever. There’s so much of her and you can see how trying to give up who she is to be a passive piece in men’s power games would just kill her.

So she doesn’t. When it comes down to it, and she sees her possible futures lying in front of her, she rejects the one her father picked and played out himself. She refuses the family narrative and chooses love and independence and authenticity. Better to be a poor artist living honestly with the woman she loves than a rich countess living a lie. And you know what’s even better?

Dumas lets her have that.

She’s the first one out. She escapes the worst of the fallout from Edmond. She puts on trousers, cuts her hair, and runs away with Louise and gets out of the whole horrible, toxic, deadly world of intrigue and betrayal and dehumanization that is her family circle. She endures some embarrassment courtesy of her half-brother, it’s true, but she gets away and she lives. She’s not cowed by people trying to shame her, she’s angry. Eugenie is going to be fine and I’m proud of her.

Does anybody else ever get the thing where they get into a new band and get super obsessed and just listen to them constantly and nothing else, but then at the end of the first week of being obsessed you start to feel bad and miss your old bands like you’re neglecting them, and then you just kinda start to feel sick because of listening to the same thing over and over and it’s all new to you; but at the same time you don’t feel like listening to anything else?

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Would you want cats? If circumstances were different?

Yes omg 😩 I love cats. I had 5 kitties as a child and one as a teen (who now lives with my mom). That’s honestly probably a big part of what attracted me to sighthounds because I just looove independent hunters who choose you if that makes sense. A flirt pole is basically like a giant cat teaser 😜

Maybe in my future when I have more land and better means to separate them and a house I could catify… idk. I’d suffer through my allergies for the right cat for sure. But saaaaadly it’s not doable right now 😭

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Okay I'm really confused. I keep seeing a bunch of people saying that L is confirmed to be returning for season 4??? did I like miss something? Because last I heard JRoth said that she was definitely not returning..

You have missed the power of delusion in people who don’t have a grip on reality.

Yeah, you know? I’m done with them calling us delusional for shipping the central pairing of the show. I think it’s clear who understands the show and who is lost in a fantasy.

At a summer festival during their last year at high school, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi get separated from the rest of the team.

I wrote this fic last September, when I was having a rather hard time. The inspiration for it was Spyair’s song - Little Summer. I really recommend the acoustic version I linked.
The lyrics always make me feel a lot of things. The strongest is probably nostalgia, missing the long-gone days of, yes, summer during high school, missing the days that actually never happened and, because of where I ended with my life, probably won’t ever happen to me.

SFW, TsukiYama
Words: 967
Also on ao3.

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The Obamas

They were great, they invited everyone into the white house, they played with the kids and joked with the older folks. Every party they had was like a cookout only a little bit fancier. They joked with the people, teased them us little, and weren’t afraid to become our friend. I’ve never met them, but even through a t.v. screen I felt like I was their friend, like If I would met them while walking they would treat me as if I was a long lost family memeber. Imma miss them. They made everyone feel welcome, I don’t think another president and first lady could do that - maybe Bernie or Biden. In the end the didn’t matter if we voted for him because he was black - like us - it mattered that not only did we make history, our president didn’t treat us like peasants or act as if he was at a higher level than us. They treated us like we were all the same, we joked together, ate together, and we’re sad together. He was the uncle that jokes sometimes fell flat ,but you laugh anyways because he tried. She was the aunt that always hyped you up, made good food, and sometimes allowed you to do stuff your mom didn’t allow.

Thank you Obamas.

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Do you ever get irritated by certain trends in fanart and then immediately feel bad about it?

I ABSOLUTELY get irritated by certain trends in fanart!  I don’t feel bad about having my own opinion about them but I try to keep it within boundaries because I don’t want to personally harass someone about the way they draw.  I have as much right to my opinion as they have to their own drawing style; they can put their thing on their blog and I can put my thing on mine.  

Sometimes my irritation is just because I feel they’re missing the point of what makes a character appealing (to me at least - human AUs of alien or AI characters for example); sometimes I feel that they’re trying to “correct” what the character actually looks like towards what they consciously or unconsciously believe people should look like - making a flat-chested character bustier, a heavyset character slimmer, a dark-skinned character lighter or a plain character prettier - and this is a reflection of some of the limiting and damaging prejudices that are common in our world.  Sometimes I just get bored with seeing virtually everyone do some particular thing that seems to be fashionable or popular at that time.