because i miss his beautiful face

“I thought he wasn’t good for you, why would you miss him?”
I miss the way he made me feel, even about myself.
I miss how he could make me laugh about anything.
I miss the way he looked at me, and the way he’d swipe his hair away from his face every few minutes, and how he held his rolled cigarette between his two fingers.
I miss how he asked about my day even when it was always the same answer.
I miss how he’d call me beautiful even in the early morning when my curls were a frizzy mess.
I miss how he always apologized even if I was wrong, just so we wouldn’t go to sleep angry with each other.
I miss him because he was different,
He made me feel ways I’ve never felt before, boy would I kill to relive those moments with him again.
—  @bl00dytears

Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.


(So I just realized I spelled ‘taught’ wrong, sorry for the misunderstanding~)

“So, Captain Levi…  Some citizens in the city informed me that here I would have found ‘humanity’s strongest’, but all that I see is just the same little, annoying brat I had to bear a long time ago” you stated, sarcasm dripping from your voice.

You had barged into Levi’s study without even knocking, causing the Corporal to glare hardly at you. The (H\C) woman had been rather sassy and rude, but in his eyes you had never been more beautiful and charming; your (E\C) eyes glittered with excitement and mocking spirit, while you put your foot on the Captain’s desk.

“And I see the same, old, sour spinster I had to listen to a long time ago; is that a wrinkle I see on your face?” he smirked, satisfied with his remark. He would never admit it out loud, but he had missed you, very much so.

“Well it might be. Or it’s just your sight getting worse and worse because of old age” you smiled with mirth and smugness. Back to the old days, the two of you had shared the same kind of arguments everyday, never getting bored of bickering like an old married couple. He had missed that part of you too.

You sat in the chair in front of the man, crossing your legs and planning on testing your long lost student just a little more.

“So shorty, I assume that you’re still the same cleaning obsessed moron you have always been, aren’t you?”

“Yes, just like you’re still the same pathetic old hag you’ve always been” 

“Well I’m happy to hear you say that because starting today I’ll be residing here and now I know for sure that this pathetic old hag won’t be sharing a room with you”

“Tsk like if I would let that happen”

“Oh and who exactly are you to tell me what I have to do, brat?”

“I’m the reason you’re here, aren’t I?” he smirked again thinking about the good old memories he had shared with you.

After all that was just their way of flirting

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"wake up, you're about to miss your stop" nurseydex

Dex starts awake and squints, disoriented by sleep, and is met with the most beautiful green eyes he’s ever seen in his life. They belong to an equally beautiful boy, who has an odd scar in the shape of a strike of lightning on his forehead.

“Huh?” is all that comes out of Dex’s mouth (of its own accord, because his brain is too busy trying to process the adorable way the boy’s dark hair swoops over his left eye, causing him to shove it back out of his face).

“I mean, technically it’s our stop, but either way you don’t wanna miss it.”

“Miss what?” Dex asks, because his stupid brain is still not fully functional.

“Your first day at Hogwarts, bro,” the boy says, and cracks a smile that could outshine the sun.

My feelings on Millard

I absolutely love Millard as a character because people love him for his personality. Because he’s invisible, people who look at him in a romantic way only base this on his positive traits. This is really important to me, especially in a time where almost everyone judges based on physical appearance, no matter what you say about inner beauty, There are people who still care more about a face then a brain. Millard really shows how great a person can be, no matter what they look like.

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Omg that last picture of Alex you reblogged, he looks so fucking good, the quiff, his nose, his tight shirt and his fucking arms!!!!!!!! I love how we can see his arm's hair, it seems so real... does that makes sense? God, I'd take a bullet for this beautiful boy

That makes complete and total sense. There’s something about seeing the more “normal” elements on his body that make him seem more real to me. Like seeing the sweat on his skin, or scars, or in some HD pics, the spots he missed on his face when he was shaving. It just makes me wonder what it would feel like to touch him; stroke his nose or trace those muscles in his arms. One of the reasons why I love the quiff hairstyle is because he’s not hidden beneath a mop of floppy hair (which I still love btw) but the quiff, when it was freshly cut and perfectly slicked; fuck it just made all of his features stand out more. His cute elven ears and his prominent nose and that jaw. Kill me. Also the way he closes his eyes when he sings and his long eyelashes, and his soft hands and that vein in his neck. I’m basically listing everything about him I love. That’s fine. I would take a bullet for him, too. He’s just. He’s perfect. xx


“I didn’t think you’d show.”

Westley shrugs, his eyes lighting up at the sight of Madeleine’s beautiful, beaming face. “I thought I told you, Maddie. I’d like us to be friends.”

“Well good,” she grins and tucks her arm around Westley’s bicep. “Because as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve really missed you.”

He nods and takes a deep breath, desperately trying to quell the throbbing of his heart as it races through his chest. “So what is this place?” West asks in what he hopes sounds like a cool and collected tone of voice. “Some sort of carnival?”

Madeleine gasps and swivels around to face him. “How have you lived in Bridgeport this long and never been to the boardwalk?!”

“I didn’t know it was here?” he says, chuckling at the look of astonishment on her face. “What’s so great about it?”

Shaking her head, Madeleine grabs his hand and drags Westley forward. “So much to do!” she mutters. “So little time!”

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Honestly, I HATE when people portray lesbians in media as butch alphas, essentially the equivalent of a “macho” male. It’s even worse when they have an ACTUAL male play a lesbian. Watching Malcolm in the Middle, and seeing a man play a gay girl, was a fresh slap in the face to me, as a lesbian.

So, how is it okay NOW, for Disney, producer of family movies meant to entertain and inform children, have a gay man be the butt of the joke? Have the audience laugh at the character who is not meant to be taken seriously? Have his sexuality made to be something to poke fun of, rather than something that is to be respected?

I missed “Beauty and the Beast” because of homework. But my friend just told me that during the fight scene, three men were trapped in a wardrobe, and when “the closet opened” again, and the three men were shoved out in dresses. The “straight” men all hated it and Le Fou loved it (and yes I had to look up his name, because everyone keeps referring him as “the gay guy”) Like…what century are we living in? Why is this still a thing? Sure, gay men can love dresses. They can love high heels. They can love BEING THEMSELVES. But that scene was clearly something you were meant to laugh at. Sure, you can be yourselves. Just everyone else will laugh at you.

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hello, cutie! concept: chan got a day off so without any doubts he decided to spend it with you, BUT WAITING WOULD BE TOO MUCH OF COURSE that's why at 3 am he appeared in front of your house, knocking at your door like the happiest man alive. well, there's no people on this planet who likes to be awakened in the middle of the night, but when you opened it was impossible to say a word about this hour because you knew -

he just wanted to see you as soon as he could and he was too precious to nag him atm; suddenly he became so quiet and peaceful because he could just hug you really tightly and show you a little part of how much he missed you. he knew that you’ve been sleeping so, without a word, he went with you to your bed and in silence interrupted by the quietest “i love you"s, he looked at your face like he never saw anything more beautiful in his life and you can be sure, he thought exactly the same.

he let you fall asleep in his arms and be sure that you’ll wake up still beside him, what actually happens when he’s humming some melody to your ear and with the most wonderful smile saying quietly "good morning to my favorite, incredible, amazing, beautiful, one and only girl– it’s almost midday so please get up and give your boyfriend the prettiest smile, he was waiting for so long!” /yesterday was short one but i feel like writing today SO I’M SORRY FOR THIS, MY DEAR, I’M REALLY SORRY

(i would propably start all story here that’s why i shOULDN’T EVEN TRY THIS THINGS BUT I LOVE MAKING PEOPLE SMILE AND YOU DESERVE THIS SO MUCH) so hELLO ONE MORE TIME CUTIE, I HOPE YOU HAD FUN YESTERDAY AND EVERYTHING’S GREAT! LOVE YOU! - anon who passed exams somehow and is still able to love jeonghan wholehartedly

i.. i literally have No Words….. i cant stop smiling right now o my god.. what?? what.. what!!!! what what fghjfsdjhdsf how do i even Deserve this in my inbox this is so beautiful like i dont know WHAT TO SAY?????? this is so full of love im gna Scream??!!???? ?!! jeonghan anon i dont deserve u at all ur so precious 2 me u dont even understand how much i lov u and appreciate u omg this.. is so nice i cant believe?

Hey, you want to know who Scorpius Malfoy reminds me of? 

Luna Lovegood. 

And I don’t just mean in the sense of blond, dead mum, dad’s trying his best, bullied, unpopular, odd. 

I mean that Luna Lovegood is a beautiful character because despite the hardship she faces, despite the ridicule she endures, she’s wise, and gentle, and thoughtful, and kind, and she never changes who she really is. 

Scorpius? He’s very much the same. Scorpius is unbearably sunny and nerdy and wonderful, even when he has no reason to be.

And it really makes me happy. You know why? Because Luna Lovegood was one of the most important characters in the series. She became the perfect role model for children everywhere in that she showed how important it was to be yourself, how valuable the smallest of actions could be, and that you could keep smiling and keep giving to others and keep being the kindest and most beautiful of souls even when the world was determined to beat you down. 

And the world could always do with more characters like that. 

So here’s something that’s been on my mind. Everyone is always saying that the doctor is always making fun of Clara’s looks, especially her eyes. But that’s so incorrect and we’ve finally gotten proof of it. The first thing he said was “look at you..with your eyes..” Because that’s gonna be the first thing he misses, her beautiful eyes that drive him insane. He never made fun of them. Let me tell you what he really was doing. He complaint about them because they were his weakness. What Clara would do was constantly enlarge her eyes, giving him the “puppy face”. I have large eyes myself and I’ve done that to my boyfriend & let me tell you I’ve gotten the same reaction from him as 12 has given Clara. The whole “don’t do that stop that please don’t give me that look stop how do you even do that” so no, the doctor never found her eyes ugly or annoying. He found them beautiful and every time she’d look at him like that he wanted her to stop because it was his WEAKNESS. And the fact that’s the first thing he mentioned in that speech proves it.

I could Kiss You

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           “Jon!” You ran through Winterfell. Jon was back for a short visit and you couldn’t be happier. You seen him at the gates, he was dismounting his stallion, his black hair longer then the last time you seen him, he looked rougher, more like a man not a boy. The wall had roughed him up some. “Jon,’ you called, he looked up and caught your eyes, his face broke out into his beautiful smile. He ran forward and met you half way. “Y/n! It’s so good to see you!” He twirled you around in his arms. “How I’ve missed you!” You giggled, and hugged him tightly. “I’ve missed you too Jon!” He put you down and held you at arms length.

           “I’m so happy I could kiss you” you said, and covered your month at your outburst. Jon smiled down at you, and pulled you close, “Good because I could kiss you too,” he crashed his lips down on to yours in a sweet and passionate kiss. “I missed you a lot Y/n,” he said when he pulled away.

It’s loud.

They’re home, finally; at least that’s what Keith thinks he’s supposed to feel. He likes Earth. Earth is beautiful, and it’s the closest thing Keith’s ever had to having a home. But as he watches Lance, surrounded by smiling faces and teary cheeks, shouts of he’s back, he’s home, I missed you, Keith can’t find it in himself to be happy.

Still, he watches as Lance is pulled into a dozen hugs, kissed a dozen separate times; counts every painful twinge in his chest because each of their smiles is a reminder that Keith has never really had a home.

Lance’s head shoots up, eyes finding Keith’s a moment later. Keith jumps, his heart pounding as Lance runs towards him, twines their fingers together as he pulls him towards his family. Lance lets go when Keith is standing in front of his mother, and for a single, terrifying moment all she does is stare at him.

When she grins wide and bright just like her son and pulls Keith into a bone-crushing hug, Lance’s hand is rubbing soothing circles into his back. Keith looks at him, and when their eyes meet, something inside him begins to warm.

Keith may not really have a home, but now as he’s held in someone’s arms, Lance’s hand finding his again and not letting go, nothing’s stopping him from building one of his own.

VIXX Reaction: How They Would Flirt With You



N: “So, aside from being absolutely drop dead gorgeous, what do you do for a living?”

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Ken: “Hey wassup Ari- oops, I’m sorry, my mistake! I don’t think we’ve met before… There’s no way I would’ve forgotten a pretty face like that. May I buy you a drink as an apology, pretty lady?”

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Hongbin: “Hi, beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off you since you came in and I thought I would be regretting it forever if I didn’t talk to you. So do you mind lending me some of your time?” 

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Ravi: “Excuse me miss, do you have a band aid? Because I think I scraped my knee falling for you.” 

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Hyuk: “I never really believed in love at first sight… Well that was before I met you.”

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Leo: “H-Hi… Hum… Y-You’re, like, really cute and-oh god, what am I saying? I’m so sorry…hum… Hi?”

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Request Scenario: Kai have a crush on you, his best friend, but you are unfortunately quite oblivious to whole ordeal. god, take a hint!

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1102

A/N: Oh how I miss writing baby Jongin, thank you so much for requesting this and I hope you enjoy it!


The look on your face is usually a tight grimace from the fact that you could not ever imagine bending or even putting your body in such an awful situation or a smile that could probably break your face because of just how unreal he looked. Today was the latter. It will never cease to amaze you just how beautiful he looked every time he danced. It was like he was apart of the music and the music was just moving along with him. He was under control and there was no stopping him…unless it was you though. Jongin would never ignore you when you bashfully tip-toed into the practice room, but then again. He could never ignore you.

“Y/N.” His chest puffed in and out, showing signs of eventual fatigue from his constant desire to practice and perfect every second of his choreography. The small towel in his hand was already partially a few shades darker because of the sweat that was dripping down his neck and forehead.

“Jongin!” You’ve known Jongin even before people knew him as Kai, so wrapping your arms around his damp body was not necessarily deemed as gross. 

“Agh. I cannot believe you are okay with doing that. You will smell so bad with my sweat all over you.” But you didn’t care, you only held on tighter, feeling his tensed body relax a little after you’ve shown your stubbornness to let him go.

“I haven’t seen you in six months, don’t tell me what not to do. If I want to hug my best friend, I will.” Jongin would never complain to that because he loved feeling your body against his, having your sweet perfume intoxicating him all over again every single time. It has been already a year and he was more or less tired of seeing you smiling at other guys in front of him and hearing you tease him about other female idols. He wanted you to be his and he wanted to be yours.

“You want to go for dinner tonight? Just you and I?” Jongin couldn’t believe it came out so easily…until the small hitch of breath at the end because of the inherit shock of just blatantly blurting out his apparent feelings for you. But alas, you were clueless.

“Awww of course I would love you spend time with just you!” You fingers poked his chest as you both sat against the wooden floor.

Completely clueless.

“Ah yes. Of course. As friends.” He awkwardly enunciated every word, trying to convince himself what was happening.



The smell of the spicy noodles and meat sizzling on pans reached the both of you as you two inhaled the mouth-watering scent at the same time.

“Oh my god.” You groaned in delight, dragging him towards an empty table. It was already so late that nobody who knew who Jongin was would be out, so this was the most peaceful time Jongin has experienced in a while and it was with you.

“So… come on. There are so many stunning girls that you see everyday. Any interest in any of them or are you going to tell me that you are actually into Kyungsoo or Taemin after all this time.” You teased, dabbing your chopsticks in front of his face.

“What no. I mean there is a girl…” The anxiety was rushing back into Jongin and he mentally cursed himself for feeling this way again. As if it wasn’t painful enough the first time.

“Oh my god oh my god. Please tell me who.” You were definitely intrigued to know who caught your shy bestfriend’s attention.

“I’ve known her for quite a while now, but I don’t get to see her too often.” Jongin was too nervous to straight up say it, so hinting was going to be the most direct this conversation was going to go.

Munching on some lettuce and beef, you looked up onto the tattered ceiling, wondering which idol he had known for a while. “Someone from Girls’ Generation?” You were not aware of the boy who was growing more restless as you kept guessing.

“No. She is basically my best friend though.” That has to be obvious enough right?!

“Jongin! Have you replaced me with a gorgeous kpop star?” He didn’t mean you right… no way. You laughed dryly, for some reason or another you didn’t want your doubts to be true though.

“Y/N! It’s you. I cannot believe how oblivious you are. I’ve loved you ever since middle school. You were always there for me even before I was Kai. You were the one that kept me going even after I felt so discouraged when Taemin got debuted first. You were always there and now I want to be there for you. Always.” The small restaurant was dead silent as a few elderly couple and office workers confusedly stared at us.

“Jongi—“ He was kissing you. Your high school best friend’s lips were against yours, but you were frozen until you felt his hands gently rub against your shoulder, urging you to kiss him back. It was sweet and his lips were soft. You felt dizzy when you both reluctantly pulled away, not knowing what to think about this whole situation.

“Jongin.” You finished you were about to say before he planted a kiss on you.

“Y/N.” For the second time tonight, Jongin was out of breath, but this time it was solely because of you.

There was so many things that were being said between the two of you without either of you opening your mouth, but it was just simpler to kiss the boy in front of you once again to truly tell him how you felt.

“You should’ve done that earlier.” You giggled softly, watching the pink tint rise to his golden cheeks.


Hope you enjoyed it xx

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“Did I miss my chance?” he blurts out before he can stop himself. He considers pretending like he didn’t say anything at all, taking back the words and ignoring them, but Sakura stills, her shoulders stiff, her hand frozen over the doorknob. She turns, slowly yet rigidly, and Sasuke knows he can’t just take this back because she’s heard him and she will, most likely, let him down gently.

So he tries not to hurt, to be happy for her if he did miss his chance, to be okay with the circumstances if he had to resign himself to a future of watching her be happy without him, but when she finally faces him, he falters and he only just manages to hide his nervousness.

“Did I?” he prods, his tone so soft and worried that any vulnerability he tries to hide makes itself known.

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Dun duhduh duh, may I present to you, the final chapter! It’s really more of a quick epilogue. 

Mini Masterlist 

[Seven months later]

You smiled to yourself as your ears picked up your new favorite sound; the steady clicking of a cane against the tile floor, growing closer with every second.

“Morning, cariño.” He bent over to kiss the top of your head before sitting in the chair by your desk. A soft groan escape his mouth at the movement, and he rubbed his injured thigh that was always sore now.

“Morning, Raf. You okay?”

“Never better.” He grinned as he stole the coffee cup from your hand, taking a large sip before handing it back to you.

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[Based on fankcastle’s amazing gif because it’s sooo beautiful. I hope you like it!]


“It’s a great opportunity.” Derek says. He doesn’t even bother faking a smile, Stiles will know he’s lying anyway.

“I know.” Stiles sighs, reaches out for the screen as if he could actually touch Derek. “Two more months without having sex, though.”

Derek snorts. “I think we will manage.”

Stiles pulls a face. “I don’t want to.” He whines. “I miss your body.”

“Stiles,” Derek admonishes, “if you don’t want to stay then come home, but don’t make excuses. Please.”

“I know, I know.” Stiles concedes, waving his hand around. “I just – England sucks without you.”

Derek feels his walls begin crumble. “Beacon Hills sucks without you, too. But it’s just two more months and then you won’t have to go out of the country ever again.” He thinks about their plans to spend their honeymoon in Paris and adds, “If you don’t want to, that is.”

Stiles looks away, expression distant and Derek knows he’s thinking about their last night together too. “Just two months,” he promises, “and then I’ll be yours again.”

“You still are mine.”

“Yeah.” Stiles smiles fondly. “Yeah, I am.”

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Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are just chillin’ because its like five am and both of them have to go pretend they’re normal in like two hours 

and Clark is like Bruce, Bruce I’m serious, I miss Kansas so much.

Bruce is like ok go fucking visit you’ll be there in two goddamn seconds why are you

no, clark says, no I’m not gonna do it that way, that’s cheating, I want to drive back there (Bruce is like oh here we go and covers his face) drive! back there! Windows down, the local country station blasting as I just cruise through those beautiful limestone hills

Hills, Bruce says. Kansas is–isn’t Kansas supposed to be flat?

Omg Clark gives a BIG SIGH like he’s SICK AND TIRED OF THIS MISCONCEPTION because no, only Western Kansas is flat. And it is super, super flat, but so is a good chunk of Colorado before you hit the mountains so I mean really people just don’t get how pretty Eastern Kansas is

Bruce is pulling up a mental map and is like you grew up in Western Kansas tho

Clark is like yeah, sure but I made my fair share of trips to Manhattan

Bruce actually looks at him. Manhattan?

Yeah, Manhattan Kansas.  the Little Apple. …oh my god did you just smile?


YOU DID you have to come with me when I go back


I’ll let you pick the music

No, Kent, goddammit I’m not going on a fucking roadtrip to the…goddamn Little Apple *SNRK*

I’m gonna have Diana hogtie you and you will go

Fuck you


oh my god gET OUT OF MY HOUSE