because i mean obvs

  • Me before playing Pillars of Eternity: Great! With five companions slots I will be able to take my favorite companions with me at all times! There is no way I will love ALL of the 8 companions, after all!
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: ...
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: I was so wrong.
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: I'm crying each time I choose party composition and venture forth.

anyway beauty and the beast is rated 16+ in russia i……………….. i’m done

I hate when it gets super windy because Big Scary Noise™ and ….. it just puts me one minor thing away from panic like ….. I have this dinosaur sticker (?) on the bathroom mirror and I was putting a towel away and I thought it was a spider and ….. I accepted that I was going to die …. in that moment I knew I was gonna die….

Neither of them spoke. Quigley reached across the table to squeeze Violet’s hand. She smiled at him, but drew back her hands and folded them in her lap. She didn’t want to risk falling in love again—that had never turned out well in the past. Not with the boy who’d asked her to the seventh grade dance as a joke, not with the girl in the eighth grade who had said “I love you” in a strictly platonic manner, and certainly not with this young man who had caught her attention only to be lost at sea mere days later.
—  Bi the way, here’s a paragraph from my fanfic wip