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hey guys, I need your help on something. What would you like to see more on this blog? I mean, paintings/illustrations? Comics? Sketches with more or less sense? More pointless fluff? A spice of angst?
because I have tons of ideas but I need to prioritize other things right now, so making a decision is kinda vital :’D  

|| Homecoming ||

{summary: transferring to a new school at the start of your junior year holds many challenges, but befriending two kind boys by the name of ned leeds and peter parker along with his girlfriend, liz, makes things all the more easier for you.

that is, until peter shows signs of developing feelings toward you.}

guys, did you die after that trailer? because i did, and i felt sooo jealous of liz when she was about to kiss peter despite how sweet they looked together. this story is very self indulgent, i admit, but it was made because i adored the trailer so much [♥] that’s why i didn’t write anything yesterday, because i was sooo hyped for the trailer that i knew that seeing it would give me the inspiration to write something for peter ;w;

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**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**

final word count: 6,600+ (holy shit a new record for me for this website!!)

warnings: omg not another love triangle !! who will be endgame? who will it not break even for? find out under the cut!!


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Dougie (with Oliver Cheshire) doing the end screen talk for Glamour Magazine UK YouTube channel and couldn’t keep a straight face throughout the whole 4 seconds it took. 

A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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I remember seeing a quote which said “the things we fear most have already happened to us.” It really hit me because I feel like, for me at least, it’s so true. A lot of my deepest fears did actually end up happening to me. It is sad but also kinda inspiring, because I made it through so many things which I thought I’d never be able to survive. We’re all a lot stronger than we think.

“Please don’t question my sympathies, Seira, Regis,” Frankenstein says with a smile, a smile they recognise. “I know not what it’s like to not fight to teeth and bone.” He steels himself to face Raizel’s face and smiles once more, genuinely, to the children. “You ask it of me; I cannot refuse.”

Remember Six Worlds Down? From the noblesse december event that I never finished? Time to suck it up and Finish It. 

How Shae became an Outlaw

After Shae dropped out of the Nohrian military, they couldn’t bring themself to go home because they didn’t want to be seen as a failure and didn’t want to become a burden on their mother again.

They tried being a soldier for hire and working at several shops, but they had a terrible time freelancing alone and never had much luck with keeping a stable shop job. After a while they decided to leave the city they had been staying in to see if traveling would help them at all.

Shae’s luck didn’t improve much and they ended up with a bandit group eventually. They had begun to resign themself to this fate until an odd person joined their group, a treasure-hunting Adventurer named Candace. Shae was immediately drawn to her because of her charisma and because she had a body type similar to Shae and yet she was still confident with herself.

Shae quickly figured out that Candace reacted positively to praise and started trying to use that to learn things from her. She did eventually agree to teach her some skills of being an Adventurer in exchange for favors and work to benefit her, and Shae agreed because they desperately wanted to gain new skills so they could go on their own again.

Over time Shae learned how to use a bow decently and how to lockpick and effectively steal items from others, and officially switched from being a freelance Knight to an Outlaw. Though it was difficult because she easily got sucked into Candace’s schemes because of owing her and not having the confidence to turn her down, Shae eventually left the group to work on their own again.

Though Shae learned how to steal and scheme people out of items, they decided they would use their new skillset to help people get back things that had been stolen from them. When they show up in Conquest and Birthright, they’re actually on their way to return a stolen item they had been hired to get back.

If they end up on the battlefield on Midori’s paralogue, they’ll acknowledge that they recognize Candace and don’t want to fight her much. If Candace is captured and Shae is in the prison when Candace is, if they are asked to negotiate with Candace they will seem nervous about it but agree and try to talk to her.

A huge, huge thank you!

Now that I am home and somewhat rested (jet lag and con crude are a real thing, y’all), I want to thank every shipmate I spent time with because you guys made this weekend so damn amazing. Meeting Colin was a memorable point of my life but you guys… meeting y’all was the highlight and made this entire trip worth every financial sacrifice I had to take to make this trip happen. So, thank you too @fergus80 @singingisfun @captain-swan-in-the-tardis @linda8084 @pocket-anon @lifeinahole27 @annytecture @kat2609 @tnlph @wheres-your-rum @deathbycaptainswan @mryddinwilt @tlynnwords and some I’m probably forgetting so please forgive me! 

Whether we toured Steveston, saw filming as ‘one of the moms’ (hahaha), watched the episode together, sat next to each other, or simply had a drive by boob hug, every memory will be one I cherish when I look back on this weekend. Without you, this would have just been just a good trip and you made it bloody fucking fantastic!

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Just a thing that really bothers me- SOME people act as if Harry is free and chose Columbia just because he wanted to and that Louis was forced to sign with JGG- now ofc Louis was forced to be with JGG, but like...Harry isnt free at all and i do think he was forced to sign with a Sony label and especially one that has worked with the boys before aka Columbia, yes his management and pr agency are good but they dont have 100% control over Harry because he isnt free yet like the rest of the boys. x

Mhm agree. I don’t think he was like “ah you know what? I’m signing with this people that fuck me and my boy for years because I just love them so much”. A deal was definitely made there and now we have to wait see how things will go from now on 

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I'm so glad Gavin made that post because like I love the trope of fahc Jeremy being all "they won't love me as much as they loved Ray" and then trying to separate himself but then everyone is like "no Jeremy we love you"-Foster Gavvy

yesss its one of my fav tropes. poor lil J thinking he’s not good enough, thinking he’s just the replacement. but everyone fucking loves him, would never consider him a replacement for anything and they all try to prove to him that he’s loved and wanted and so very important to each and every one of them

Its actually really funny because when I started teaching here in Japan I made jokes to my students that because my surname was so difficult they could call me by my first name instead. Came to school the next week and they had all not only remembered my FULL name including middle name, but were pronouncing my surname beautifully despite the fact that Japanese phonics doesn’t carry 2 of the 4 syllables in my name in the first place, while English carries them all.

So what happened, where a school full of Japanese staff and children managed to produce a softly mispronounced version of my surname with phonics they don’t have in their language at all in 1 week, but somehow my own school teachers growing up just couldn’t wrap their heads around it in 7 long years? aye sure right enough.

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I was born and raised a Catholic and go to a catholic school, but I disagree with many of the church's teaching. Especially when it comes to gay marriage, divorce, and things like that. My parents are divorced (most of the ppl I know have split up parents) and my stupid religion teacher was pushing anti-gay and anti-divorce teachings and I was about to slap her but also I hate confrontation. I went home and ranted to my best friend until I was in tears. Long story short, atheism has its appeals

Wait, no! Please don’t stop believing in something because of a religion teacher! I’m so sorry she made you feel this way. Yes, she is, in my opinion, wrong about talking about anti-gay and anti-divorce, but you should not take that to heart. There are many people in the atheist community that continue to bash and insult theists, which is wrong as well. 

And I recall, if I’m not wrong, Pope Francis accepting gay people? Or am I just making that up? Nonetheless, there’s plenty of different opinions and teachings in each religion, and you should decide which ones you believe and which ones you don’t. Not many people agree with everything in their religion 100%. Please don’t let this woman discourage you from believing in God, make that choice yourself. 

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Omg u used to play Zwinky?! I did too!!! It's so hard to find ppl who played it omg

Lmao ;~; I always feel so embarrassed to mention that I played it! 

I played it 24/7 when I was in middle school (or around that time)

I made so many friends there because I was so freaking shy and I am a hardcore introvert