because i love you oh so much

so we end here.

we end where we began, with me sitting in my pajamas with jonas’s voice filling up the air around me, except now, there are doodles of sana pinned up behind my laptop and everything means so much more. 

i started skam without knowing what the fuck i was getting into. the moment i knew i was fucked was when eva showed up at the skatepark to talk to jonas. i got goosebumps and thought, oh, shit, here comes another one, because i fell in love with fiction when i was three and by now, i know what it feels like when someone else’s world hits you hard. i have loved novels and series, characters, movies, and shows, but in the words of my dear even bech nӕsheim, i have never felt anything quite like this. ever.

so we end here. we end with love. i love you, i love these characters, and i love skam.

takk for alt.

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After watching the 'Even' clip about 10000 times I've definitely come to the conclusion that Isak whispered something to Even when they were hugging and even whispers something quick back and who wants to take bets it was something like 'I love you so fucking much' because he was smiling after he said it skfkdkgkdkfkdkvkg

Oh I bet they whispered something incredibly sweet :’)

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There are roughly one million reason I love you and your work and your posts because you're such an inspiration and talented person. I can legit only barely draw stick figures with hair, let alone take the time to create about a billion different incredible masterpieces (they all are; "incomplete" sketches I love so freaking much) and you're just some crazy inspiration to me. Your shattered glass stuff is amazing and I've started an SG fanfic featuring Sides & Sunny, but need a cover. Ideas? ❤️

Oh gosh aren’t you so sweet! Thank you so much, you’re too kind.
I’m really honored and for a cover, maybe you could do them like bickering or wresting? I really like doing those Sg KOBB things but idk really about Sunny and Sides

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Do you have headcannons for Jon or anyone else seeing one of gendrys and aryas little arguments? Once they're all reunited

omygoodness i love your ask thank you so much for this! (btw my headcanon involves jon just meeting gendry for the first time)

  • arya and gendry causing a fuss at the great hall because apparently, arya was eating way too fast according to gendry
  • jon freaking out deep inside while acting all cool and chill cause a boy is arguing with his lil sis and he doesn’t know whether to punch gendry or to stop arya from killing him by the looks of it
  • “oh please gendry, it’s not like im gonna choke”
  • “yeah keep talking while you eat and you might soon enough”
  • sansa smirking at the two of them because gods, these two are trying so hard to act normal with each other when something else is clearly going on and it’s adorable
  • bran thinking, yes if arya doesn’t stop talking, she might actually choke with the speed that she’s devouring that chicken
  • and bran taking a good look at gendry and approving because, “Gendry would be good for Arya, as she is to him. I know this is true, I dreamed it
  • Lem laughing at their argument with a nudge at gendry’s side while saying,“You might actually steal kisses from a princess now!”
  • arya blushing and shouting at gendry with “you stupid bull i hate you! AND SHUT UP TOM”
  • rickon hearing the commotion and smiling to himself because gendry is so in love with her sister and even though he just reunited with her, he can see despite the death glares she’s sending gendry’s way that she loves him too
  • if the way that she looks at gendry like he’s the only one at the hall isn’t proof enough, he doesn’t know anymore
  • meanwhile, hot pie’s rolling his eyes because if these two idiots start kissing again after an argument he’s gonna lose it 

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I'm really invested in your legacy! (I care more about it than my real life rip send help) could you recommend some other legacies as well? I also love @blursims's legacy and @peonypixel's legacy! :D

Oh my lord, you’re too kind! That makes me feel more motivated<33

Okay so, I have a hard time following stuff and I usually don’t spend too much time on tumblr which I feel really bad about because I wanna show love to lots of other people, but there’s a few stories and legacies I follow that are just amazing. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

@nicotinc has a super super great story. It was detailed and so emotional, it really gets you feeling some type of way. Her sims are adorable as hell too. Not to mention, she’s a super sweet person! 

@sammyshuno is also another great writer! They have a story and a legacy for you to explore. Their ‘Where’s Bella’ story was amazing and everything they post is also frikn amazing. They have lots of talent and very cute sims.

@tinybittoxic actually has a legacy, but there’s lots of drama and I live for drama loll. Her story had so many twists; it keeps it entertaining for sure! Check her ouuuut!

@fragilesims has a really adorable legacy I’ve been following for quite awhile! It’s honestly so cute because her sims are so silly when they interact. I believe she just started the difference in the family tree challenge too, so that will be fun!

@merenguesims is doing an animal crossing legacy challenge she made up herself which is actually the cutest challenge and most creative challenge I’ve ever seen. On top of that, her sims are ADORABLE WOW. 

I hope this helps you out anon!

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i feel like "kurapicha" would become kurapika's nickname because a tiny child kept mispronouncing it and it just caught on within the group even after they left. killua mostly uses it to tease him.

This is so damn lovely oh my g od 

This is ways, ways too cute and I can totally see Killua carrying on the teasing and everyone else starting slowly to get too used to it. No turn back anymore for the Pika :’D

this is really so cute thank you so so much for sharing <3333

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Migraines are the worst! I suffer from them too and hey just suck the life from you. Would you choose Maedhros pre or post Thangorodrim? Feel better!

Oh, this is an interesting one! My first instinct was to say pre- Thangorodrim simply because Maedhros who hasn’t suffered is a good thing.


Part of the reason I love Maedhros like I do is because he suffered so much and yet didn’t let it break his spirit. Instead he learned “to wield his sword with left hand more deadly than his right had been” and fights back fiercely against Morgoth’s forces, eventually forming the Union of Maedhros. That all his efforts failed in the end is heartbreaking to me! 

“The stars are just as beautiful as you.” || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – Hey guys! i’ve got two requests after this one so ill post them tonight for you. Thanks for all the requests too guys! and we now have 88 followers and its CRAZY! thank you all so much, I love you all x

- E x

— Joe’s POV —

She gives me goosebumps just looking at her. the way she see’s the world was always so different to how I always saw things yet it was still so beautiful. everything she saw was still so perfect.

It was our one year anniversary, and I was taking her out to dinner, or as she liked to call it ‘we were taking each other out to dinner’ because she refused to let me pay.

“Oh hello there, m’lady.” I say as she steps out of her apartment complex and onto the footpath where I was stood waiting for her just outside my car.

“Hello, sir. looking dapper tonight!” she says, taking my hand as I open the car door and help her get in.

Wearing a black dress that was just above her knees, and was quite low cut but not too ‘cleavage-ey’ and some black converse, toning it down slightly but I didn’t mind, that was who she was. That was the thing I loved most about her, she was never really girly, but she accepted that and she was herself. She was never afraid to be who she was.

“You look amazing, perfect in fact.” I say, just before slowly closing her door and walking around to the drivers side.

The drive over was amazing, as the darkness slowly fell around us yet having her around me made me see everything in the light. As if nothing bad ever happened.

As if everything was always this perfect.

We get to the restaurant, and I walk around and help her out of the car. “Thank you, handsome.” she says to me, taking me hand and getting out of the car, then stopping to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

We walk in holding hands, feeling electric run through my body as she touched me.

“Want to go down to the beach after this?” I say, looking her in her bright Y/E/C eyes and seeing the whole universe.

My whole world spins for her and only her.

“Sure. your in a very romantic mood tonight sugg!” She whispers, earning a giggle from me and herself.

We finish up the meal and head down to the beach.

The beach held a very sentimental meaning for us. The first date we went on we went down to the beach, and we sat and talked for hours. Its like tie stopped and neither of us wanted to leave. It was just me and her, the universe had disappeared. Everything was perfect in that moment and I couldn’t have wished for anything more than her, and a year later I still have her.

Around an hour later, reaching midnight, we were still sat talking. Nothing bothering us except from the occasional dog bark, but even that couldn’t snap us out of the euphoria we were in. everything was complete. I had her, nothing else was needed.

“Look at the sky. Its completely black, yet its lit up.” she says, looking up in awe.

“the stars are just as beautiful as you. and that’s hard to achieve.” I whisper, intertwining our fingers as feeling the butterflies come back like I had on the first time we sat on this beach.

“you are on it tonight!” she says, laughing and turning her head to look at me, her Y/H/C flowing beautifully in the wind.

And right in that moment, its like time paused. Nothing was different, nothing changed.


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Just wanted to say you're super adorable and I love when your selfies pop up in my feed because you have the cutest face

Oh shit! You’re gonna make me blush!!! Thank you so much cutie 😘💨💋


It took my long enough, but Ive finally watched it. Binged it it two days. Best time of my life, BECAUSE HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS! So, as you can see, im going to be stuck here for a while. Oh boy. 

Please, I need fanfictions and comics. SEND THEM TO ME! I dont care about the ratings. 

(Ford is a sensitive owl who needs to be protected)

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Dear Boynie, I just saw a post asking me to reblog if I've never sent anonymous hate to someone who shipped the wrong ship or some such thing. I've never thought to send hate to anyone, but I have sent anon love to bloggers I like. So here it is, Boynie. Roci and I love you and your wee cheeties and your blog. Oh, and we can't forget Murtz because we love him too. We're glad you're back and thanks for the podcast. Anon #46.

Sunday, June 25, 2017 (1815 Standard Outlander Time)

Dear Anonymous Rider of Rocinante, AKA Anon #47,

If this isn’t the sweetest message I’ve ever received, I’ll eat raisins. Sigh. ❤️

I’m with you, Dear Anon #47, I don’t get the hate thing either. Of all the things I could think of to waste my time, that’s not one of them.

Thank you SO much for expressing your love for me 🙋🏻, Rerun 😺, Belle 😸, my blog ♉️💩, and Murtz ⚔️. We’re delighted to say, “We love you too, man!”

Hope you and Rocinante have a wonderful Sunday and a great week. We’ll be thinking of you and your positivity.


boyneriver-fraser, BS, MS, PhD, lots of shady trees

File No. 47W

P.S. Your third-next message will be your 100th. Perhaps we could celebrate with a reveal of sorts? You must know I’m always wondering about “Don Quixote’s” alter-ego… 😬

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just discovered your blog & I love it 💕 I wouldn't call myself a witch but I am getting more and more spiritual by the minute. your blogtheme is so pleasing and inspiring especially since I am on the other side of the spectrum (black all the way 🖤) 😊😊😊

oh my goodness, you are so kind! 😻 hehe, i always love when “opposite” blogs attract - it’s so silly, because the majority of my wardrobe is actually black. 🙈🖤🙊 (who would’ve guessed)?! thank you so much, and i hope you have a really beautiful day! ♡ :,)


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 


                                                                                      I could only love in my dreams.

oh but i love so easily. i want to be an enigma, or cool and collected, or mysterious and lovely. instead i blurt out information you don’t care about, tell stories that last too long, declare my passions. i gush and trust and wish too hard. i chase people away because i like them too much, i chase people away because i don’t like people very easily. i accidentally mention things like my mental illness and am somehow surprised that people are uncomfortable around me. i’m trying to get better. i’m trying.


“I wanted everyone to be able to relate to [Diana], not only women but also men, not only girls but also boys because at the end of the day you can’t empower women if you don’t educate men about [women’s empowerment]. As far as Diana concerns men and women are the same and I think that was a smart decision because once you don’t make a big deal out of it and then you just show how weird this is when people make a big deal out of it: ‘Oh you’re a woman so you can’t get in the Parliament, you’re a woman so you can’t vote’ and you’re like ‘What?!?’. Diana was the ‘what’ and I thought it was very refreshing and the smartest way to show that we should be equal, that we are equal. ”  – Gal Gadot

It’s time for another Hiveswap development team interview!

Hey there, Hiveswap and Homestuck fans! Ash here once again, and as promised, it’s time for another interview with the talented folks on Hiveswap’s development team! And don’t worry – if you missed the first interview, with our environment art director Rah, you can find it right here!

Who’s in the hot seat today? Why, it’s Adrienne, our lead animator! She can tell you far more about her work on the project than I ever could, so without further ado, I’m going to hand things off to her – after reminding you all to take good, long looks at the wonderful examples of her work peppered throughout this interview. Take it away, Adrienne!

Introduce yourself to the fans! What is your specific role on the Hiveswap team?

Hiya! My name’s Adrienne and I’m the lead animator for Hiveswap. I work together with Angela, the animation director, on roughs, cleanup, background and cutscene animation – anything that moves!

When and how did you get your start on the Hiveswap project?

I was hired full-time in January 2016, but I started doing some sprite conceptualization in late 2015 in tandem with [S]:Collide work (I animated sprites for the main big bads and did thumbnails for some of the sequences).

Tell us a little bit about your career background! How did you get your start in animation? Do you have any advice for others looking to enter this field?

Homestuck is basically my career background, ahaha.

I drew a lot of fan art for Homestuck after I finished catching up in late 2012. I got some attention from my work and I was asked to do comic pages for Paradox Space. Then I did work for the Homestuck calendar. Then I just became more involved in the comic after that by doing thumbnails, sprite animation, comic pages, snapchats… and now I’m working on the game… it’s been a wild ride from fan to full-time fan.

But as for how I got started in animation, a lot of it was influenced by anime and then DeviantArt while I was growing up. I grew up with Naruto and loved Norio Matsumoto’s work in it (he did the key animation for the best episodes!). And on DeviantArt, I liked following OCTs (Original Character Tournaments) and was particularly inspired by Unknown-Person’s work.

My general advice would be to value learning and exploration, and have less expectations of what life should hand you – it makes a lot of circumstances feel like a pleasant surprise and a good opportunity to learn something new. That’s how I felt when I stumbled into this field anyway, haha.

We’re making a video game, so of course the question must be asked: what’s your favorite game of all time, and what games are you playing currently (if any)?

Agh, what a difficult question. My most-played genre is colorful multiplayer shooters like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Splatoon.

I finished Nier: Automata recently and now I’m working through Persona 5. But when I’m not working through that game, I play Breath of the Wild (most of my time is spent riding my horse around Hyrule – it’s very calming).

Are there any games that you currently use or have used as inspiration for your own animation work here on Hiveswap, or just in general?

I generally use Homestuck flash animations as an inspiration for Hiveswap sprite animations.

When I’m working on cutscenes, I look to Professor Layton stuff. I love how they integrated cutscenes with gameplay in that series.

As an animator, you must have some favorite cartoons and/or anime – tell us about them!

My recent favorite is Mob Psycho 100. The raw and rough quality of the animation for that one is my jam and the main cast is really inspiring. Avatar: The Last Airbender is still my top favorite for its epic storytelling and world-building. Naruto always has a special place in my heart since it’s one of the earliest things that inspired me to study animation.

Other big influential works for me were Princess Mononoke and How to Train Your Dragon.

What’s your workstation like? Do you like to listen to any particular kinds of music while you work? If so, tell us about it!

Here’s a picture of my workstation! If you squint at the bottom screen closely, you can see me taking the picture. But anyway… yeah. I am a little embarrassed for people to know how saturated my workstation is with inspirational quotes (there are papers of handwritten motivation on the walls behind me), but that’s just how I deal when the anxiety gets a little rough.

When I want to focus (usually for rough animation and concept art), I pull up an electronic or classical playlist on YouTube (and recently Spotify) or have no music playing at all. But for everything else (cleanup, in-betweens, etc.), I dig into different genres once in awhile but Imagine Dragons and Americana/folk stuff are my go-to. Acoustics sound really nice in these speakers.

Favorite Homestuck character?

Egh, this is impossible… I’m gonna say it’s between Rose, Jade, Roxy, Kanaya, Terezi, and Vriska… um…

Favorite Homestuck ship?

Rose/Kanaya has never once failed me! c: (I think John/Terezi is really funny too.)

Favorite Homestuck flash?

Urgh… I don’t know, there’s so many that I love. In terms of like… cool and creative setup, [S] Cascade probably? [S] GAME OVER is cool too, because everyone died and the stakes just got so much higher. Oh! I just remembered [S] Make her pay as well!

This question is impossible.

(In the above animation timeline, the first frame is held for 4/24 of a second, the second frame for 2/24 of a second, the third for 2/24, and so on.)

Do you have a personal message you’d like to relay to all the Homestuck and Hiveswap fans out there?

Thank you for all your support, and for your patience in making it through the Giga/Mega/Omegapauses intact!

Where can people find more of your work? Link us to your own little corner(s) of the Internet!

If you want to see more of my stuff, my Tumblr is the place to be!

Thank you, Adrienne! Well, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this second Hiveswap development team interview – and don’t worry, there are still plenty more to come!

Now that we’ve gotten things rolling, from here on out we’ll be bringing you a new interview every Wednesday, so be sure to check back every week for a new behind-the-scenes look at the development of Hiveswap and the talented people behind it!

See you next time!

I want to tell a quick story about how important representation in television is, and how Sense8 is really making a tangible difference. You can repost if you like, I thought your followers might enjoy it.

My dad is a wealthy, white, conservative male who voted for Trump. He’s not a hateful person…in fact he’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet and he can talk to a random stranger for hours. But he’s extremely fiscally conservative and tends to have a narrow world view. 

He and I argue a lot. He calls me a naive liberal who has no idea how the real world works. I call him a decrepit old man who wouldn’t know innovation if it kicked him in the teeth. It’s our way of keeping each other on our toes. 

But we love to watch TV together. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Vikings are a few of our favorites. I always held off on showing him Sense8…I honestly didn’t think he’d like it. But one day he asked me “What should we watch next?” and I though…why not?

He absolutely loved it. Yeah he thought the sex scenes were a little gratuitous, but he couldn’t stop watching. He even started talking about it to all his brothers and friends during our BBQ. I was so pumped he enjoyed it. 

But it was one scene in particular that really changed things for him: Nomi’s speech during her sister’s rehearsal dinner in episode 2x8. 

You see, my dad thought Nomi’s relationship with her Mom was unrealistic. He said “Parents love their kids unconditionally. No real mother would ever say those types of things. I mean…she’s not abusive. She’s not a drug addict or an alcoholic. And clearly no money problems at home. A real mom wouldn’t hate their kids just because.”

I was floored and didn’t know what to say at first. He had called me sheltered and naive so many times…and then he says something like that. I realize that it’s because he loves me so much (and would still love me so much even if I were trans) that he found a character like Nomi’s mom not just unrelatable, but completely unrealistic. 

But eventually I say this. 

“Dad…about half of homeless youth are LGBT. Believe it or not, this is one of the most realistic parts of the show.”

To which he replies: “Oh. Really? I…didn’t know that.”

And then a few minutes later Nomi’s says her speech and I look over and my dad is tearing up, just a little. 

“You doing alright over there?”

“Yeah…yeah I just….I’m fine. But I think I get it a little more now.”

So that’s my story. Even old white guy who voted for Trump is heartbroken about Sense8’s cancellation. That says a lot about how big a mistake Netflix is making. 

Submitted by @fourforyouglencoco