because i love what they stand for


You: “What am I supposed to think, Isaac? We never talk about this, you never even try to and I just don’t know where we stand or what I am to you!”

Isaac: “You don’t have to worry about that.”

You: “And why’s that?”

Isaac: “Because I love you.”

Happy Birthday, Xiumin!!!


This little fluffball is literally the sweetest thing and we are so blessed to have him!

I feel like in a lot of ways, Minseok is underrated. He is an amazing dancer, singer, rapper, actor and the high-note king. Minseok said before that he thinks not having a talent is probably his talent, and honestly that’s probably true. Because he can do anything. So although he doesn’t have a talent that really stands out like the others, he’s talented in all kinds of ways, which ultimately might be even better.

I really want to tell him that he shouldn’t push himself so hard. He always goes on a diet and tries to get skinnier but honestly he’s fine as our little Baozi! That’s what makes him adorable. He always tries to be perfect in any situation, but I really want him to take it easy. Everyone makes mistakes, no one can be perfect. Fans will love him for him, so he should just be himself.

Thank you for being our lovely and cute Xiumin and for working so hard. You are truly amazing.

Plus all the Xiuchen 😝

I wish you a very happy birthday! And for me you are still 27, not 28 😉

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Hey, so i was rewatching the raven scene from 3.05 where she takes alie's chip and one of my favourite moments is when she stands in front of Alie because it looks like a mirror reflection! I thought that was such a good way to foreshadow 3.10 when Alie and Raven become 'one'. I was wondering what your favourite shot from that scene generally is? If you have one that is!

i love when i get messages about older episodes. before i go into a deeper analysis about my favorite shot(s), 3x05 is definitely one of the strongest episodes in season 3 in my opinion. i was absolutely floored about certain scenes and the direction overall because tim manages to bring the characters to life in a way where he puts a lot of focus on them as individuals but also starts to fuse the overarching story line together (more on the subtle end - but still) in a way that makes everything all the more powerful and intense.

so, very good episode for real.

but now onto your ask and regarding your favorite shot, i loved it too

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Welcome friend! I hope you have a great time with the new blog!! That being said, how do you feel about doing some Johnny relationship headcanons ;3cccc

I hope you like my first headcanon; I’m so nervous! I hope this is what you expected!

-After the accident, Johnny’s world’s kind of broken into pieces, and it becomes harder to establish a close relationship with him - love relationships, then, appear as something unlikely - to his point of view, impossible, more because of his own perception about himself-He thinks that if the people whom he had held associated with when he was the young energetic promising jockey had not cared about him when his life had been twisted by the event - then how would he stand a chance now as his career’s been ruined?

-That being said, when someone’s really been able to break that wall that his own insecurities built around himself and actually became so special to Johnny that he was sparkled by the light of love that he once again thought would never come across him to the point of starting a relationship with them - he’s going to enjoy every single moment with their s/o - maybe at the beginning of the relationship he’ll still be a little scared that he’s not worth his S/O’s love or that they’re not going to stay, but as he learns more about their S/O he warms up and actually acquires more of a dorky facette

-He loves to take walks with his s/o, either the two of them alone or along with Slow Dancer - he actually loves to bring Slow Dancer along because he is really keen on teaching their s/o how to ride on its back

-He likes to show affection on public - subtly. Maybe they’ll be just sitting and chatting with people and Johnny will squeeze their hand, or kiss them on the cheek. If s/o does the same when he least expects it, prepare to see this boy go red like a tomato



Because I love this child and he needs more love, especially his relationship with Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While Phichit is an incredibly friendly lovable cinnamon roll, he won’t stand for anything threatening his best friend Yuuri, even if the threat happens to be someone Yuuri loves. Yuuri clearly adores the Victor he knows now (just as much as he idolized the distant figure in the past), but Phichit won’t forget how much Victor hurt Yuuri in the past, unintentional or not.

I headcanon that on top of being a skilled figure skater, Phichit is an academic genius who skipped grades and entered college in Detroit super early where he met Yuuri, which explains their long acquaintance despite the age difference. He is very, VERY protective of Yuuri. I’ll put up a more detailed headcanon post later (and if there’s interest, possibly prequel comic of pre-YOI anime Detroit college days).

Also, extra:


ngl I am low-key worried about Rogue One, but only because my boy Darth Vader is in it, and idk what incarnation of Vader they are going to use.

Filoni!Vader: yEAHHHHHHH!!! i am PUMPED to be on the DARK SIDE man I LOVE KILLING REBELS! *flies a tie-fighter with the Force so his cape can billow while he stands menacingly under a spotlight* I’m angry all of the time and I’m like OBSESSED with killing Obi-Wan! *chugs a Red Bull through his vents* WHO WANTS TO GO NEXT?

Lucas!Vader: high-key wanna die if any of you rebels could do that for me i’d appreciate it. *slaughters thousands of rebels effortlessly* come on man did you even try. damn this self-preservation instinct of mine. *sees obi-wan* HELL YEAH I’M GONNA DIE I CAN’T WAIT! *kills obi-wan in one swing* what.

Comics!Vader: *doesn’t say anything, but if he does it’s going to be one badass line like “ALL I’M SURROUNDED BY IS FEAR AND DEAD MEN”* *has a lot of flashbacks to the time when he had hair* *is sad a lot* *surrounded by quirky fun characters because this is anakin skywalker we are talking about*

  • Me: You know what? I'm tired of hiding my love for my otps, I'm tired of always hiding in fear of being judged because I ship the gay. I WON'T STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE. THIS. ENDS. NOW. From now on we shall stand, we shall print fanart on our shirts, we will put fanart on our phone, we will put the otp as our lock screen and not care who sees! We will-
  • Person: Hey can I borrow your phone?
  • Me: *erases files of otps, swipes away the saved fan fiction, exits out of Ao3, AFF,, Wattpad, and Devianart, changes lock screen to generic flowers, changes home screen to generic cheesy quote, deletes tumblr and instagram*
  • Me: *cough* Of course
my therapist asked me

Whats missing from your life?

I thought about this question for a long time after you asked me. And after days of racking my brain I still had not come up with an answer, that is until I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning waiting to order my coffee as I do nearly every morning. When there was an elderly couple in front of me, they were laughing with each other, and it made me smile. There I was being pessimistic because it was 7 in the morning and I was so overly tired and in a bad mood. But they were standing there as though there was no where in the world they would rather be. And I thought to myself I wonder what its been like, sharing a cup of coffee with the same person for that many years. And that’s when it dawned on me. I knew what was missing.
Seems like a pretty simple answer, huh? But I don’t necessarily mean love in the way youre probably thinking about it. I mean it in the simpliest of ways, in the “drive safely”, “text me when you make it home”, the “I hope youre doing okay”, or “have a good day”. I mean it in the sense of friendship, companionship, dependency, empathy, and affection. I mean love in every sense of the form. I mean It in the having someone to turn to on your darkets of days, or someone to share the brightest of ones with. I mean it in the singing in the passenger seat of your car kinda love, or the eat frozen yogurt and cry on your bad days.
But most importantly, the form of love I am missing, is self love. Many times I am so concerned with being there for others or trying to help everyone around me, bringing them up, that I forget about me too. i think that’s why i keep looking for people. because i’m looking for that love that’s missing from my life in someone else. and i keep being let down because no one is going to love me the way that i should love me. I wanna be so content within myself that I don’t look for these things in someone else anymore. I wanna sing in the car by myself, I wanna buy the elderly couples coffees and I wanna be okay knowing im going to drink mine by myself.

I’ll always love you even when you can’t stand who you are some days. I’ll always love you even when you aren’t sure with what mood you’ll be in today. I’ll always love you whether you’re happy or sad or no matter what anyone has to say. I’ll always love you and I promise to love you for as long as I live because true love never fades.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #13.
I’m sorry if I seem different sometimes… if there are times it feels like I’m not the same person any more – but the truth is I’m not.
Living with pain changes you. It’s exhausting… Every morning I wake up and I go to war… with my body, with my mind, with the world around me. Every day is a struggle to keep my life as close to normal as possible whilst fighting negativity and despair. I try my best to stay positive, if not for myself then for the people around me but it’s difficult to smile sometimes when all I really want to do is cry.
I’m not asking for your help – but what I do need is your continuing love and support. So please understand that those times when I may not seem like myself it’s because I’m smiling on the outside when there is a whole world of pain going on inside you can’t see or understand…. So just stand by me – because knowing you’re there no matter what makes everything that little bit easier to bear and makes all the difference in the world.
—  Ranata Suzuki | Living With Pain
My personal hero of Episode 11?

There is so much love, so much passion.
And with this, seemingly small move, she helped JJ to not fall into the depression that is often followed by a severe anxiety attack.
Because let’s face it, that’s exactly what he had. A panic attack.
She snapped him out of the moment… The moment he would probably have drowned himself in self doubt.

She showed him that for HER he is still the best.
And then others join in. Because for THEM he is also the best.

And it’s so pure and speaks to me on so many levels. I cried.
Like a baby. And I’m not scared to admit it.

And that’s what I love so much about Yuri!!! on Ice. It’s so real on so many levels. It shows so many struggles other anime (or shows, or movies) rather hide from because they don’t want their watchers to feel down.
but YoI shows it. It shoots right through our hearts… but then it also shows that there is always light at the end.
Always someone to stand by you.
Always a way to overcome things.
Not alone, but with the people who love you.

I LOVE Yuri!!! on Ice.
Because it’s pure emotion.


Remember what it feels like. All of those times in school when you see him standing down the hall, and you cannot breathe until you’re with him. Or those times in class when you can’t stop looking at the clock because you know that he’s standing right out there waiting for you. Don’t you remember what that’s like?

Why does Sherlock need a romantic relationship to be complete? Like, there is John, standing there in front of him. And that is important. John is important. John, just *as a friend,* is important. Why does there have to be some kind of realization linked to some kind of potential romantic relationship? I was actually really irritated by that. Like, John has this whole enormous speech about how Sherlock needs to go be with a woman because the woman is alive. What about the fact that his best friend is standing in front of him, alive? Even if you don’t think Sherlock Holmes is in love with John Watson, why is it that Sherlock can’t be “complete as a human being” without a woman? Or even without sex? Why is it that John thinks Sherlock needs *someone else* to make him complete as a human being? Why can’t John be enough for that? Or Mrs. Hudson? Or, you know what? Why can’t Sherlock be complete as a human being *on his own*?


❝ I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I am changing the things I cannot accept.❞

- A N G E L A   D A V I S

↳ for @girlsvstrump

Believe me. I loved you. I did. Why else would I wait for hours just to fit myself in your schedule? Why else would I adjust my sleeping patterns so that I could catch you awake? You were busy. You were pursuing your dreams and that you were good at what you were doing. I understood that. You strived to find time for me, and I appreciated that. But I needed more. I couldn’t stand days of not seeing you because unlike you, I didn’t have anything to keep me occupied. Over time I realized that I needed you more than you needed me, and that I was miserable. I needed to get out
Everyone else was discrediting what I felt because I left you. They said I didn’t love you. They were angry at me for breaking your heart.
I’m sorry. I know I hurt you. I’m sorry for wanting the things you couldn’t give. I know it was selfish.
But I loved you. Nothing will ever change that. It was real. It didn’t work out, but it was real.
—  waferqueen

I’m laughing because imagine yurio winning gold and yuuri and viktor are the other two on the podium and an interviewer asks yurio “what was your biggest motivation this year?” and yurio is like “well if i’m first these two can’t stand next to each other because i’m in the middle so they don’t smooch 24/7”

Let me just say this


not only because she’s the one who created this hole that sucked the life out of all of us, but also because of EVERYTHING that her work is FIGHTING FOR.

She tweeted earlier and thanks to this for the translation

“No matter what everyone in the real world thinks of this work, the world within it will remain a place where there will be no discrimination for what you love. I will protect that world, no matter what it takes, even if it’s the last thing I do.”

She STANDS FIRM for what she believes is TRUE and REAL. She made us fall in love with each and every character she made. She dares to show us what life would’ve been if there is NO DIFFERENCE in the treatment of showing who you really are, who you love and who you care about, what you are passionate about. And she is ready to protect that world that she created for all of us, with all her whole being, never fearing what others would think

I hope that her work could touch many lives, and start even just a spark in each and everyone’s hearts. I hope that this thing that she created would create even just a ripple, no matter how small, on the history of the world, because this show already MADE HISTORY on the face of ANIME WORLD.

Harmonious Love

A bottle to promote harmony and love in a relationship. 

  • Sea Salt
  • Lavender
  • Passion Flower
  • Rosemary
  • Cumin
  • Ginger
  • Basil
  • Sage/Sandalwood oil
  • Mint
  • Marjoram

Salt for a fresh, clean foundation

Lavender for a calm love

Passion Flower to inspire harmony and friendship between both partners 

Rosemary to inspire both partners to keep a youthful outlook on love and the relationship

Cumin to inspire fidelity

Ginger to keep passion for one another

Basil to remind each other to forgive and communicate

Sage/ Sandalwood to promote manifestation of wishes both partners have for the future, each other and their relationship 

Mint to remind both partners to keep things fresh and be inspired to try new things and have fun

Marjoram to strengthen love between both partners 

I had a rather large heart bottle waiting to be used, so I decided to make a bottle to remind me and my partner of some important parts of our relationship. The idea with this bottle is to put it somewhere visible. Every time you or your partner sees the bottle, they’ll be reminded of what it stands for. It’s meant to embody key points of a good relationship. 

Because it’s such a large bottle, there are quite a few ingredients in this one. You could certainly trim the list down! Added to that, mine contains a lot of lavender compared to other ingredients. I was trying to fill space! I also added magenta and red glitter to catch my eye and be a little more visually stimulating. For those adding glitter, a combination of big glitter and fine glitter works best. The fine glitter dusts the glass and it looks more obvious in person. 

I also personally added a taglock from both myself and my partner. I certainly don’t think it’s required, and I don’t often used taglocks, but I felt moved to use it in this particular bottle. 

I used both loose sage and a sandalwood oil for the purpose of manifesting wishes for the relationship. My partner and I often dream of going places or how our future will be, so I decided two different ingredients were appropriate for the one purpose that has a lot of meaning in our relationship. Be careful with the oil. Use only a drop or so if you can help it. It will clump up some of the herbs and can make the whole thing less visually appealing (if you’re going for the look as much as the intention). 

If you make your own version of this, or have any thoughts on it, I’d love to hear what you guys think! 

a bunch of soft klance headcanons!!

  • so despite everyone on the team thinking keith is super in shape and healthy, keith is actually on the thin side due to forgetting/being unable to eat while living in his shack. so after the Pool Scene, lance keeps thinking about the way keith’s ribs poked through his skin and how he’s noticed keith forgetting to come to meals
  • after this, lance finds himself standing at keith’s door with an extra bowl of goo, a little sweaty with nerves because what if keith laughs at him? what if he’s making his feelings too obvious?
  • keith opens the door to see a sheepish boy standing before him, who stutters through excuses, forcibly ladens keith with food and leaves, tripping over his feet a few times as he does so
  • keith is still, a bowl in his hands and suddenly realizing that he’s been hungry for hours. and lance.. knew? lance cared? 
  • just think about keith realizing that all the things he thought were lance being obnoxious were really just hidden ways of looking after him. he’d thought the rocks lance had put in his bed were there as a prank, but lance had left them there as a gift after seeing keith picking them up on a planet they’d visited. lance shutting down the simulator while keith was training was him wanting keith to stop overexerting himself!!!
  • so keith sits on the floor with his back against the wall, fingers tight around the bowl that lance had touched, that lance had brought for him, because he cared about him…. and feels something warm and new rise in his chest
  • he doesn’t think about it for a while, as they go into battle and emerge victorious time after time, lance’s reverberating whoops loud and vibrant in his ears
  • they leave their lions after a particularly hard fight, surging with energy and life, their smiles big and their hair sweaty and tussled when they tear off their helmets
  • they find each other after exiting their hangers, and while shiro congratulates keith for keeping his head, lance bumps his shoulder with a grin. his face is warm, his eyes are glinting but soft
  • keith… keith melts
  • lance touches his hair, combing his hands through the strands with a tender look on his face
  • “your hair’s all messy,” he says, and keith feels a momentary flush pass over his face before lance is pulling him gently out of the room and down the corridor
  • “what are you doing?” keith askes as he’s lead into the bathroom. lance just smiles and says, “i wanna wash your hair.”
  • despite having lived alone for so long, and being used to relying only on himself, there’s something about lance caring for him that feels less intrusive and more… natural. soft. loving.
  • keith never knew he’d ever want something as simple as someone caring about him, completely and unselfishly, but he’s okay with that. the feeling of lance’s hands on him as he rubs behind keith’s ear with a dorky laugh and a quick joke is more than enough to free him from any doubts
  • keith doesn’t want to be a burden, but god, how he loves being loved by lance.

“…Questioning what your country is or who you are as a nation, that is difficult because you are American; so it’s difficult to be objective. What I’m saying is, we’re from England, so we’re quite objective; and over the past four to five years we’ve been coming to America. We’ve been touring here, and we’ve kind of made a life for ourselves; so it’s kind of like our second home. We love it here. It’s difficult today to be objective about what America is and what it stands for, and who you are; and I really empathize with that. Let me tell you that I know America, we know America, and the America we know is a young America. It’s a young America, it’s a liberal America, it’s a compassionate America, it’s a socially responsible America. It’s an America that doesn’t react to fear with anger, and doesn’t react to anger with fear. It’s also a black America, it’s a Muslim America, and it’s a gay America. We feel it as well. We feel it as much as you. And the thing is, whereas I know what seemingly is half the country is at the moment sided with unfortunately bigotry and racism - all of those things we don’t stand for, but what I’m saying is… is that the other half of the country - aka you guys - is probably the best country that we’ve ever met. And they’re all gonna’ fucking die then we will outlive them. This song is about loving people. *plays Loving Someone*” Matty’s speech // Eaglebank Arena // 11-9-16