because i love today!!!

Going on a date with my husbands…

Okay so I made myself an imagine, big whoop.

When the founding fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and included the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, I believe they meant Lucoa’s thighs.

“And I will not forget the men who died and gave those thighs to me
And I would stand up, next to you and defend them still today
because there is no doubt I love this milf
God bless the Lucoa”


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.



#bouncing together to the rhythm


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

the best cure for being miserable is the misery of someone you hate. or puppies.


Finished the armatized cutiepie <3

ok but like I’ve decided that I should handle all my life problems like Stephen Strange

aka: fly into the dark void and kill myself, repeatedly. 


all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.