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๐Ÿ—ฃ Help ๐Ÿ—ฃ Cross Gene ๐Ÿ—ฃ

To all of the people who are always talking about never having the chance to get into underrated groups because you only hear of them after they disband, here is your chance. Cross Gene recently had a comeback (February 7th) called Black or White. The MV is gory, but the concept is really cool and the song is honestly amazing.
Even if you have other groups you love who have released new songs please give Cross Gene a chance and please vote for them and/or stream Black or White.
They also have other bops like La Di Da Di and Play with Me!
This is very important because Cross Gene is at risk of disbandment and it would mean so much to their fans if you could give them the time of day.
Note: I am tagging other groups to spread awareness, so if you see this, even if you don’t stan Cross Gene, please reblog this!!

๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽถ

The funnest parts, to me at least, about being into Kpop while not(currently) speaking Korean, is looking up a song I really enjoy and finding out the lyrics and meaning the song was portraying. 
But one of the most interesting thing about Kpop, to me, is the ability to feel the emotions without even knowing what they’re saying. I can’t tell you how many times I end up crying over a song that is actually really up beat, then find out the lyrics were really saddening. So, here’s a list of my favorite songs(and some songs in general) that have insanely beautiful and/or meaningful lyrics. Enjoy.


Truly the ‘I am a boss ass bitch’ anthem in my mind. A a club-worthy beat, topped with lyrics screaming about self-worth and body confidence, 2NE1′s song is definitely one that makes you feel like a Queen, and damn ready to show the world your power.

I refuse to be compared
I’m telling you the truth
If we’re talking about my value
I’m a billion dollar baby


Basically a 180 from 2NE1′s song, Toy touches on the feelings of being so low in your own thoughts and being nothing more than a toy for someone to play with until they’re bored of you, to be so consumed and desperate for love and affection, one doesn’t really care that it’s not truly love and affect their getting. 

When I’m no longer useful you would secretly throw me away
If only I can be remembered
Even just a little bit
Everything, I do it for you
I’m a toy, toy

TAEYEON- 11:11

(I believe, I read this once, but can’t find the article again)
The lyrics’ writer’s original meaning was towards her deceased father and wishing he was with her again, the song’s lyrics were altered a bit to fit into wishing for her former lover to be back again, and trying to overcome the breakup in a beautiful melody.

Everything finds its place and leaves
You took all of me and left
But like the two hands of the clock in my heart
I keep lingering in the same place


Honestly 2NE1 are such a girl’s best friend when it comes to life. Both songs touch on being cheated on, and putting themselves first and not putting up with such an unforgivable act.

For that lipstick on your collar
I can’t ever forgive you
Every day, your phone’s always off
It doesn’t seem like you’re going to change oh oh


The first time I read the lyrics, it honestly made my heart flutter, it was so sweet. The lyrics are full of the positive message of loving oneself and not looking for flaws that don’t exist, or simply don’t matter and just because they’re there, doesn’t make us unattractive or ugly in the slightest.

No matter how much I take you apart
And look and look at you
I can’t find that part of yourself
That you think isn’t pretty


Topped with a very explicit video, both MV and lyrics heavily express and talk about a frustrating relationship and unwanted sexual advances, something I found really enjoyable and brave for a song seeing as there’s so many songs that have such underlying assault lyrics that it concerns me.

Fxxk U, don’t want it now
I don’t wanna lay down next to you as if it’s natural
Fxxk U, you know, Fxxk U
I don’t wanna do it like this
This isn’t how I feel


Theorized to be a goodbye song to past members, the ‘annual sad Christmas EXO song’ expresses fondness for an unseen/spoken for individual, singing words of love and adoration for someone long lost. 
Playing into the theory, the lyrics never indicate a significant other or female as most ‘love’ songs do, so I find myself agreeing with the song being a sad goodbye to memories made with the ex-exo members.

The way you cry, the way you smile
I wonder how much they mean to me
The words that I regretted when I looked back
I will apologize but just listen
I will sing for you, sing for you
Just act casually


Lyrics that portray their emotions and thoughts after a breakup, that seems to be built on material wants, the cash, the diamonds, the pearls you spend, it’s nice to see lyrics that recognize an unhealthy relationship and although feeling the emotions of this person clinging tightly and refusing to leave them be, they stand their own and refuse to fall back into the relationship.

I barely fell asleep late at night
The ringing sound wakes me up
But I turn around and close my eyes


A beautiful tribute to RiSe and EunB, members of Ladies’ Code that were in a car accident and ultimately succumbed to their injuries, the song regardless of knowing the lyrics is full of such raw emotion from the mourning girls that you can’t help but cry either way. 

But I won’t cry, so you won’t feel bad
I’ll try living without you now
No matter how much it hurts, even if tears keep coming
I wanna smile, I wanna think of you and smile


I gotta be honest, I stopped watching BTS’ MVs because they make me crying instantly? I don’t know what that’s about…but never the less, lyrics of a relationship that has changed, the lose of a friend and longing for things to be remembered and erased.

Did you change?
Or did I change?
I hate even this moment that is passing
I guess we changed
I guess that’s how everything is


Though not as hard hitting in the upbeat live performance of said song, the lyrics punch you in the gut none the less. Spinning emotions of not being the idea beauty in the world of Kpop and South Korea, 2NE1′s song expresses one’s desires to be just like her, I wanna be pretty.

I think I’m ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna be pretty
I wanna be pretty
Don’t lie to my face tellin’ me
I’m pretty


Lyrics that really punch you in the throat about how low people think of themselves, Loser spins an image of self-worth, or more or less the lack of confidence in yourself that I think everyone can relate to at some point or another.

Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world
I was always alone
It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love
I can’t listen to hopeful love songs anymore
You and me both
We’re just sad clowns, tamed, and scripted


First, can we all talk about the Namjin kiss on V-App??

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I legit was screaming and laughing simultaneously. It was so precious and their reactions were hysterical and all the other members were so excited and supportive LOL I LOVE IT.

Okay anyway…about the “Spring Day” MV. My reaction went a little something like the following memes, pics, and gifs.

(None of them belong or were created by me! Credit to all of their owners)

First off homeboy, Kim Taehyung, with his visuals, opening up the video…

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But wait…why are you listening to the train COMING in the middle of the train track! NO V! Don’t DO THIS to us within the first 10 seconds!

Everyone be serving aesthetically soft looks and my heart is melting as fast as ice cream sitting outside in the heatwave. 

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Namjoon starting off with “Bogoshipda”

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And everyone joining in that they miss someone.

*screams* “We’re here BANGTAN! WE’RE RIGHT HERE!” 

CHORUS: “Whoaaaa, whooaaaa, whoaaaaa!”


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And we have this beautiful, picturesque shot of Hobi.

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You can practically hear Hobi screaming before shooting this scene as he climbs up on this train. But he is still so beautifully aesthetic ~


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“How do I look this good when I stare at my washing machine?” Tutorial by Kim Seokjin 

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Jimin: “Come here” 

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When JK was running and you got nervous he was left behind then his hyungs popped up and they were together again.

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And when you realize that they might possibly be depicting & celebrating the death of their youth. They’re wearing bright colors, eating junk food, and wearing crowns. And it explains why, though they don’t look sad, they don’t look thoroughly excited. You could totally relate cause growing up is scary, but it’s all better when you have people by your side to grow up with <3

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You want to grab your closest friends and family to give them a big hug because you realize life wouldn’t be the same without them <3

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Then the MV ends. 

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And you just sit there…contemplating your life. 

And you realize how much you love BTS and how beautiful this song is (as always) <3 

Imagine telling Woozi how much you love Seventeen’s new album and seeing his face light up in glee because he’s so happy to know that you enjoyed the songs.


끄덕끄덕 - 남우현 (Full size)

๋ด„๋‚  (Pitch Shift)
๋ด„๋‚  (Pitch Shift)

๋ฐฉํƒ„์†Œ๋…„๋‹จ - ๋ด„๋‚ 

๋ณด๊ณ  ์‹ถ๋‹ค

I miss you

์ด๋ ‡๊ฒŒ ๋งํ•˜๋‹ˆ๊นŒ ๋” ๋ณด๊ณ  ์‹ถ๋‹ค

Saying this makes me miss you more

๋„ˆํฌ ์‚ฌ์ง„์„ ๋ณด๊ณ  ์žˆ์–ด๋„

Even though Iโ€™m looking at your picture

๋ณด๊ณ  ์‹ถ๋‹ค

I miss you

๋„ˆ๋ฌด ์•ผ์†ํ•œ ์‹œ๊ฐ„

Time is so cruel

๋‚˜๋Š” ์šฐ๋ฆฌ๊ฐ€ ๋ฐ‰๋‹ค

I hate us

์ด์   ์–ผ๊ตด ํ•œ ๋ฒˆ ๋ณด๋Š” ๊ฒƒ๋„ ํž˜๋“ค์–ด์ง„ ์šฐ๋ฆฌ๊ฐ€

Now itโ€™s hard for us to even see each other

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Here’s the masterlist of all my scenarios/drabbles/reactions!

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Love you all xx

Types of People in K-Music Tumblr
  • The Reactionary
    • Goes straight to your inbox on anon at the mere sight of something they disagree with no matter how small
    • Usually to send hate
    • will probably try to come off as “unbothered” despite obviously being upset enough to come to your inbox
    • Bonus points if they are nonblack but using AAVE to appear more “aggressive” and/or full of attitude
    • We ALL hate them
  • The Condescending
    • WILL correct you on anything not matter how small
    • Bonus points it “sweetie”, “sweetheart”, “sis” ,etc. is used
    • “Please do your research” x1000
    • “You said *insert artist here* only wrote ONE song but obviously they wrote 1.5 songs. Please do your research :)” 
    • Bonus points if the .5 song just came out within the last few days
  • The Emotive
    • HELLA emojis and reaction GIFS/Pics
    • They’re  usually cool but can become “The Reactionary” or “The Condescending” at the drop of a hat because they’re emotional AF.
    • When “The Reactionary” or “The Condescending” traits aren’t present, they just display a lot of emotion in general
    • “I’m literally crying right now because…”
    • “I just love *insert artist* so much because…”
    • “I’m so happy because…”
  • The Peacemaker
    • “Y’all need to chill.”
    • “I understand where both sides are coming from but…”
    • “We gon have this argument every week or…?”
    • SUPER cool
    • But that shit be annoying when you know you right lol
  • The Promoter
    • “Don’t Sleep on *insert artist, usually a kpop group here*!” 
    • “Please support *insert artist here*!”
    • “Respect all the members!111!!!!”
    • Posting instructions on how to stream MVs and buy albums so that it gets counted on music shows and charts.
    • Knows like 50,000 Kpop groups and you’re like 100% sure there’s not even that many active right now
    • “Actually there’s only 48,918 and ¾ths groups active right now so…”
    • Nice as hell
  • The Messy
    • Has similar traits with “The Reactionary” but not nearly as much of a punk
    • Runs in packs so you better be prepared to fight all 96 of they homies too
    • “Ummm actually *insert unecessary shade here*”
    • Has to reply to everything and the reply is always shady
    • Still subposting on Tumblr about you way after everything is like 10,000 years over
    • maybe a tiny bit funny at first? Especially when the people they target are assholes (The Messy vs The Condescending is comedy GOLD!) but then they just start picking fights with everybody and then quite a few people start falling back little by little.
    • Starts drama just cause they’re bored
    • Spreads rumors that can do REAL damage and doesn’t care
    • Uses as many reaction GIFS/Pics (if not more) than “The Emotive”
    • More common in the Khiphop side than in KR&B/Kpop
    • Always spilling tea
    • Bonus points if they have a Twitter too
  • The “I’m not the one”
    • Usually has a squad or “pack” like “The Messy”
    • Probably used to be cool with “The Messy”
    • Cut them off usually after a public falling out (because the messy can’t do anything without making a damn scene).
    • Usually the only people bold enough to call out “The Messy” after they do it then everyone else gets balls too.
    • ULTRA cool, mostly cause they ain’t here for the bullshit
    • Bonus points if they’re down to pull up on “The Messy” IRL\
  • The Observer
    • Never posts shit but usually reblogs
    • Every now and then you see a notification (or 600) from them
    • They lowkey your homie even though they don’t know
    • When they do say something it’s either through tags or in the notes
  • The Extra
    • Funny as HELL
    • Could be “The Reactionary” though.
    • Could evolve to a full on “The Messy” as one prominent trait of them is being cool and funny at first
    • Always Extra
    • No type of chill
  • The Hypersexual
    • Always making stuff sexual
    • Sometimes it’s funny
    • Sometimes it’s annoying because not everything needs to be so extremely sexual all the time. Like bruh, it’s just a GIF of Gray smiling. There’s like  50 of him doing the same thing, chill.
    • Definitely love AOMG. Like for real, they all do.
    • Bonus Points is Simon D is the #1
    • They are probably pretty cool people but it’s personally not the type of content I’m here for so I don’t really directly interact with them much
  • The Overanalyzer
    • Always trying to analyze shit
    • “If One bought a $2 bag of Skittles on Tuesday but Loopy has an $800 Goyard belt, then why this fool Reddy can’t answer B-Free’s calls?”
    • Text posts x20,000,000
    • OT posts not uncommon
    • Means to write like 3 sentences in reply to someone aksing a question but ends up writing a whole Ph.D dissertation
Why I treasure BIG BANG so much.

The first kpop group that I loved is BIG BANG. It was back in 2008 when I stumbled upon their MV for Haru Haru. It struck me, knowing that I was only in 6th grade by the time. Because of that (and since I had access to the internet), I searched for other Big Bang songs and I downloaded them. It was later that I realized that I am a V.I.P. 

This is my first ever kpop fandom. I am truly happy, and feel so blissful, because I did not initially like hiphop and korean songs prior to this. I knew that they were calling out to me. The message of their songs, the depth of their videos, the hilarious and emotional aspect of their personalities. They were complete, all rolled into 5 members. It was TOP who caught my attention the most. He was my first bias, in 2008. After I had just been introduced to anime. After that, I was a V.I.P., up until now, Feb. 9, 2017. 

Being a VIP gave me a rollercoaster ride. I had many doubts about my favorite group in years 2010 onwards, mainly because of their scandals. But I came to realize and know the truth. I forgave them, they are only people. Faults do not define people, but their actions do. And what are their actions so far? They have been the best group of boys I have ever witnessed. I can’t believe they’re real, to be honest. This group, is just so HUMAN, so REAL. I only saw this kind of friendship and bond in fiction, but this, THEY EXISTED IN REAL LIFE.

I loved, love, and will love BIG BANG with all my heart. I became stronger through them. I felt their struggles, and had went through 9 years of my life WITH BIGBANG. It was a journey. They may not know who I am, and they might not even know that I exist, but I just want everyone, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, to know that they played A HUGE PART IN MY LIFE. I would not be ME right now had I not known Big Bang. The values, the morals, the principles, my joys, my sorrows, my laughter, my emotions all have a part of Big Bang in them. They made an impact so strong to me, that I will never forget our boys, and I will always recount the 9 years (and counting) [that I have spent from elementary school, to highschool to college, and after college graduation] with BIGBANG. A person cannot truly know me if I failed to tell him/her about what made me. It is BIG BANG. 

I always had hobbies, obsessions, idols, and people whom I truly admire. Big Bang is on the TOP of that list. Other than family and friends, I have developed a bond with them, which makes them inseparable from my heart, soul, and mind. I liked other kpop groups, and other bands from other countries, but nothing touched my heart as much as Big Bang. So I just want to thank YG Entertainment also, for making bringing these 5 people, these 5 kindred souls together, and showing them to the world. I am proud of Big Bang and will be forever greatful to them, their music, and just their existence.

Predebut photo of my first ever OTP:

My fetus bias:

Big Bang who is my first love:

My favorite people in the world. Thank you for existing:

And of course, our forever sexy bingu art nerd, Seunghyun:

anonymous asked:

Hello my sweet Dayana I have died and came alive this comeback ~ Did you see the way 2jae made eye contact at that dingo gif I'm melting and screaming Danielle said she wants to smoosh their faces together me too tbh and the incident at the making film???what is your thought about 2jae? I love them so much ~ love you, take care ~

Hi my beautiful anony <3

I was dead and was more dead this comeback ^^ i love reincarnations <3




PS. He turns away because he smiles and couldn’t hold in his love for Youngjae, but who would be able to when Youngjae smiles like that!

[video] [gifset]

Ahhhhh! ok and then the MV making of nEVer EVER (gonna let 2jae die)!

Literally Danielle’s gifset [here it is] is like this:

(reminder these are Danielle’s gifs not mine [X])

*Jb singing wet (whispering sweet nothings) into Youngjae’s ear* *youngjae turns slowly bc..*

*YJ: theres a camera you bum / *JB’s chin comes out a little but just purses his lips to calm down*

*YJ: im laughing at you hyung!’ / *JB smirks*

JB: i should kiss you to shut up.. *looks at lips* / YJ: ‘he can’t do anything to me, there’s a camera’

Yeah but like i’ve said before, 2jae used to be like this, so obvious all the time but since If you do era, it’s kinda like, they toned it down a lot (such as hiding more) and so i’m sure it’s funny to Youngjae that Jaebum got caught by the camera xD

and one other thingy to end with…

Sign (Ars)

Sin (Defsoul)

It’s going to be a beautiful era (filled with 2jae) <3

Have a lovely day anony <3! be safe!

93yoon  asked:

I feel so disappointed in the girls :(((

I love the girls they give me so much joy but im also starting to think that they keep getting into problematic things like decalcomanie mv and now the blackface incident :(

If you want to distance yourself from them, unstan them or even quit kpop as a whole because of these incidents, then it’s okay, it’s very understandable. But I’d like to just say one thing.

Just one month ago, I said a very terrible thing without even realizing that it was terrible; I used the t-slur for transgender people. I had no idea that it was actually a degrading term because I saw people use that term online and on shows to address transgender people. I only found out when I saw a post on my dash and some youtube videos saying how harmful and hurtful it is to say that. So immediately, I did some reflection, learnt more about the terms and issues regarding transgender people and swore to never say it again. There’s no guarantee that my reflection would instantly sink in and that my actions would reflect it, but that is why I need people’s trust – trust that I would try my best to be better and not fuck up stupidly like this in the future. 

What I’m trying to get from my own anecdote is that I made a mistake so I learnt not to repeat such an ignorant mistake. Idols are just like us – humans who make mistakes and probably constantly make mistakes because I know I do. We can’t expect them to be perfect saints all the time.

I knew they had no malicious intent on brownface/blackface, but that doesn’t excuse the harmful nature of the act. However, instead of hate, we should educate. Because if someone does something wrong, we shouldn’t belittle but teach. How can people learn and become their better selves if all we do is chastise without enlightening?

I understand that it would be tiring for some to keep educating, and that’s reasonable, but for those who aren’t, then we should work together and continue doing our best to inform our girls on such issues.

So that’s what I’m going to do: point out their mistakes, educate and give trust that they will correct their wrongs.

BTS has a song called “IF I RULED THE WORLD” on their debut album from 2013. They are actually starting to rule the world of music. Breaking records and music charts just hours after a comeback. Lately, I’ve been rewatching alot of videos of BTS back in 2014-15 and it makes me realize how much these 7 boys have grown. They have went through so much to get to where they are now. BTS started from a small, unknown company and they didn’t even expect 300 people to come to an event. They were happy with even the fewest fans. Now they have thousands of fans that love them no matter what. They were the first group that weren’t in the Big3 companies to win the Daesang. They reached almost 10 million views on an MV before 24 hours. BTS had accomplished so much and they continue to strive to be the best. Please don’t hate them and support them. ARMYs, stop bringing other groups down and insulting them because you’re bringing a bad image to all ARMYs and BTS. If you truely love them, just support them because they are happy with just that. Let’s help BTS become world stars before 2020. (That’s when Jin enters military service.) Please support BTS!

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For all the Namjoon stans out there

I just saw a post where a girl said that she told her friends that Namjoon is her ideal type and they told her to stop joking so she is asking herself if it is normal that he is her ideal type. I have a lot to say on this subject, but I’ll try my best to keep it short.
The first mv of BTS’ that I have ever seen was Dope. And I fell in love with Namjoon’s voice and that’s how I got into BTS. I’m the kind of person who falls for things like voice color and personality first, looks second. But, I was genuinly shocked when I saw posts calling him ugly. Because from the beggining I thought he was really good looking. Like above average. And not everyone needs to think that way. Even though general ‘beauty standards’ do exist, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, and there is so much more to attractivness then looks. However, people’s opinions are greatly influenced by the opinions of the whole group (read about Ash’s experiments for example) and someone labeled Namjoon ugly at the begginig of their career, and now most people, being the sheep they are, blindly follow them, withouth caring to take a closer look. I’m not saying it’s not ok to think he is not good looking, I’m saying that people don’t even give him a chance. And do you ever wonder why they attack him on the basis of his looks? Because they got nothing else. Everything about him is above average, even his looks but someone said that his looks are not good enough so people easily conform to that and use that as a fact. This really irritates me to no end, but what I’m trying to say to you, other Namjoon stans who feel the same way I do is - don’t be bothered by those people because they are a bunch of sheep who can’t form their own opinion. I’m not saying that everyone who doesn’t like his looks is like that, just the people who use that to hate him. And one more thing. I think we’re making a mistake by writing ‘How can anyone call him ugly, he’s gorgeous!’ under his photos because we become a part of the issue that way. By bringing this up, we’ll never be able to let it go. That’s why we should talk in a positive manner, without even mentioning the word ugly and soon enough, it might just go away. I love all of you Namjoon supporters out there and I hope he gets showered with love and compliments for the rest of his life! 💜

I woke up this morning and found out two very emotionally conflicting pieces of information:

1. Turns out one of friends miraculously managed to get Monsta X tickets so we’re going to see them in NYC, after all?!??! Which is freaking incredible!!!!
But then
2. 히스토리 (HISTORY) has been disbanded, and my heart hurts for them because of this. They’ve been around for 4 years, have done amazing work without nearly enough proper recognition, and, to top it all off, their leader (and my bias), Kyungil, just started his military service a few months ago. I’m so upset. I kind of worried that this would happen when he enlisted because u knew they weren’t a huge group and didn’t have an enormous following, but it still just sucks. This is one of the first groups I was struck by when I first really got into Kpop. Might Just Die just about made ME die. And I love LOST so much (don’t talk to me about the mv, though; that was ridiculous; but anyway…). And now, they’re gone. It’s terrible. I will miss you, 히스토리. You deserved better.

No words can truly represent how proud I am of seventeen. I remember watching Seventeen TV and just hoping these amazingly dedicated and talented boys got to debut and have the chance to succeed and have the chance to make it and get their name out there. When their debut date kept getting pushed back I was so scared Pledis was going to ruin it for them or that more problems would arise but they just continued to work so incredibly hard and when they finally got to debut I was so proud of them because the fun, loud and goofy boys I had watched for years before their debut had made it. They really made it so far. I was able to watch their every comeback and watch them grow together and overall evolve along with being able to see them get passed the poor management, the antis and every obstacle that came their way. All they want is to be together and thats what, for me, makes them so so special. You feel the community, dedication and love they have in their music and you can see it in the choreography too. I cried when i watched the Dont Wanna Cry MV because it really hit me that they did it. They are making their dreams come true, and not only that but they are able to make their dreams come true together. They are working so hard to provide for CARATS and always work to improve themselves and grow with their music too. I have been and always will be a proud CARAT and I can not wait for what the future holds for these 13 beautiful, amazing and talented boys!

Things I adore about Shownu
  • Eye crinkles when he smiles or laughs
  • Goes along with anything his members tell him to do, which usually results in him saying the most hilarious things x
  • He craved Thai food in Hong Kong lmao x
  • “Hi, hello annyeong!”
  • He actually goes along with being the ‘father’ of the group and calls himself appa x
  • Robot Shownu
  • He said he was in charge of being the fish x
  • “Yechoux cream!”
  • Spin dryer Shownu x
  • Shamed a ghost in rock paper scissors x
  • Continues with his interview regardless of a ghost behind him x
  • Amazing dancer, like honestly so good, just watch any of his dance breaks in All In wow
  • Amazing singer too of course, his voice is too much
  • He is such a patient person, I don’t know how he manages to be patient with those six smh
  • King of aegyo tbh x
  • Just a king in general
  • Best at girl group dances really, give him all the awards x
  • He invented the colour pink x
  • His cover of One in a Million got me deceased x
  • Got dropped by a dancer in the middle of his performance but handled it like a pro and finished his performance without missing a beat x
  • Swimmer Shownu x
  • His nickname is turtle because he is good in water but apparently sucks on the ground x
  • All his members love and adore him so much because he’s that good of a person, they all got together to see him off to the jungle and Wonho even left his workout so he could say bye x
  • Mocks Hyungwon’s dance in Hero like theres no tomorrow x x
  • “Hi, hello annyeong!”
  • Lets his members bite him and I don’t even know why x x
  • “I need to do that to buy you beef tenderloin.” x
  • This dance right here x
  • Gets so close to the camera during every single self mv they have x x x
  • Gave meaning to the title ‘hit the stage’ when he literally broke the stage with just his weight alone
  • Looks like he could kill you but is really just the softest, caring cinnamon roll

Dear Pledis,

I really wish someday Jisoo will have his own single, so that I can listen to his angelic voice for full 3-4 minutes.

It really makes me sad that Jisoo got so lil part in this comeback. Not only in part of singing but also screentime in MV. He is also a part of vocal team you know? Jisoo deserves much better. I’m talking like this not only because Jisoo is my bias but because the matter of fact. I also complain when Jun & The8 get just like one line in Boom Boom era. But, now china line get their own song……. can Jisoo has his own song too? Jisoo said that he is in taking step to write lyrics and making melody in the recent article. So, can I have my hope high for oneday pledis will let him release his own song? I wish, I hope, I want, I need it to really happen.

With love,

A Carat & A Joshushushu