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Requested: Hi! I have a 6 year old half sister and 6 month old half brother, so I’m quite a bit older than them, and I was wondering if you could write something were Y/N and Shawn babysit them and just lots and lots of fluffy goodness please! Love your writing ♡


“When is Shawny coming?” Your little sister asks for what seems like the hundredth time today. You’re watching your six year old sister and six month old brother for the weekend because your parents went out of town for your dad’s business. It’s the first time that they’re leaving your little brother home with you. Since he’s only six months old, he’s a lot of work to care for, but you love your siblings and don’t mind watching them for the weekend.

“He said he’d text me when his airplane lands, remember? And you’ll be the first to know when that text comes.” You want to be irritated at her for asking the same question so many times, but you can’t actually bring yourself to be irritated because its adorable how excited she is to see your boyfriend. You’re just as excited to see him, and you’re glad that your little sister has taken so well to him. Sometimes you joke that she likes him more than she likes you, and it actually might be true. 

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I literally fucking hate how society blames women for being catty and bitchy and passive aggressive while men are praised for being straightforward and just fighting and getting shit out of the way because 1st of all shut up with these weird generalisations but 2nd yall realise that women are literally raised to keep their mouths shut and be good and polite and keep unpleasant things to ourselves right?? so when someone we know hurts us the only thing we can fucking do is go and talk to other people and fucking vent and so yeah I’m gonna be passive aggressive as shit if I don’t like you because I am not gonna be nice if someone is shitty but I was also raised not to make a scene and to sit down and shut up so I’m gonna let out my aggression in subtweets and snarky comments like just stop


Take this in

Early in the episode Kara white lied to Lena about grief baking and instantly Lena laugh scoffed and said “liar!”

Then the scene where Kara first told Lena about Jack “The nano swarm is dangerous and Jack is covering it up”, now notice the responses from Lena

Lena: You’re Wrong, Jack would never hurt anybody

Kara: Lena I’m not lying

Lena: *looks her square in the face* then you’re mistaken

Points being “you’re wrong” and “You’re mistaken”, clearly these 2 spend way more time together than what we actually get to see, Lena completely avoids using the words “You’re lying”, because Lena KNOWS Kara wouldn’t lie to her about something as important as this, she knows when Kara is lying, do you know how much she must be staring at Kara when she’s not looking? To know things like this, Lena is extra, and the fact that Kara was indeed “wrong” and “mistaken” just shows how much attention Lena pays to Kara, because she knew she was wrong and mistaken and NOT lying, she knows Kara so well she knew Kara had jumped ahead to a conclusion before knowing for sure.

Lena Luthor is madly in love with Kara Danvers and I don’t even think she knows it to be honest, I don’t think either of them know it about each other, whatever happens they’re built on a healthy and supportive friendship, and tbh I’m fine if it stays friendship, with how they’ve been built as friends it’s already so satisfying to watch, but to be honest the gay was so heavy in 2x18 and it centred around 2 ‘straight’ girls and the canon lesbian was on screen for all of 5 seconds

Supercorp is canon, romantically or platonically, Supercorp is canon, I’m happy with that

i got demons to deal with, unsheathe the sword, blue flames ablazeok let’s do this 

Headcanon that Lup and Taako take a jacket and robe to redesign them however they want because screw uniforms, fashion is key, but since the ship resets after every world, they get to redesign them differently every time.
One world Lup makes her robe a cape, the next its a pancho
Taako makes his jacket cropped and bedazzles his name in it, the next time he makes a sweet vest


Some cool things I got while at MagicCon/Bonn!

I was given an adorable niffler print from @mrsmarymorstan, a Vax pin from @the-doctors-psychic-paper, and a Sorgenfresser and Hobbiton magnet from my sons at @loubellecosplay. Thank you all so much!

And I got some Ri bros badges and a tiny Bofur. And Haribo of course…

@mirkwood-spider-express MADE ME A SHAWL with matching mitts and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, THANK YOU!




thank you

i want to just thank everyone on here that’s ever sent me a message of support, that’s sent me feedback on something, that's replied to a post that i never replied to, or that even follows me even when i don’t follow them back.

please believe me when i say i really really really fucking appreciate each and everyone of those messages and every one of you. i literally can not believe i’m almost at 1000 freaking followers. for someone like me that’s never had more than 3 friends at once, if any at all? someone that was bullied into homeschool? someone that was literally a mistake? yeah, it means the fucking world to me.

i appreciate when you stick around during my bad days and negative posts (and i understand when you don’t) but it’s beyond comforting to know i have people that voluntarily listen to me, be it my rants, my mass effect ramblings, or just general blabbering. i thrive off every note, every message, every follower.

i hate that majority of you live on the other side of the world where i can’t just meet you or thank you hug you or feel welcome/loved/appreciated or even be there to support you. (but at the same time i’m a nervous awkward yucky wreck in person so it’s probably just as well)

but all of you guys are my friends. i can not express enough how graeful i am. i know that doesn’t seem like much when all i am is just words on a screen, but i hope you remember that someone gives a fuck about you, and from the bottom of my heart i’m sorry if that’s the only love and appreciation you receive when it damn well should be coming from the people around you as well.

i was super depressed when i started writing this but right now i feel invigorated to uplift my spirits and press on and remind you guys that you are loved so fucking much from someone you don’t even know, someone that WANTS to know you. don’t ever EVER feel like you’re meant for loneliness when all the right people are just in the wrong places. it’s a big world, and while the distance sucks, these bonds can reach even further and deeper.

i love you. thank you. keep going. <3