because i love them too much and i will ship them forever

Alright, time to talk about Tauradonna. I’ve been waiting for this reunion forever, and their complicated, broken romance is just begging to explored further. And man do I want to see them come back together. Things aren’t looking so great right now, but the potential for their relationship is just too good.

First and foremost though, I want to make it clear that I disagree with the notion that Adam has ever hurt Blake. Intentionally, anyway. Obviously turning into a cold-blooded killer during his revolution has caused her some personal distress, but Adam doesn’t strike me as a person who didn’t genuinely love her.

Blake’s reason for leaving the White Fang was because Adam had taken things too far; he stopped caring about humans and had no problem letting them die. That doesn’t say anything about how Adam treated Blake as a person, or their relationship with each other.

In fact, we see that Adam cares very much about the people under his command and their well being when he told Cinder to back off, so why wouldn’t he care about Blake that much more when they were personally involved together?

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I'm sure that brettonio will be endgame because they are just too good to not be and they both deserve this so much and he is everything she i looking for and vise versa, they are 100% a match for each other I'm sure they will have problems and especially with Laura coming but I know they will get over it

yes there are ALWAYS problems in relationships!!! that is what i’m telling myself! and especially with it being a drama show we can’t have rainbows and sunshine forever! but ughhhh the suspense is too much! i want to know what happens in that episode!!!!

and they compliment each other so much and individually i love them to pieces. they deserve happiness with each other!!!!!!!!!! i mean so many people are shipping them and they got a ship name like RIGHT AWAY this isn’t just a short relationship here!