because i love their relationship


I really like Vernon and Woozi as a pair. They are both fairly silent and have some type of mutual respect for one-another. 

Woozi said he wants a mind like Vernon because of the meaningful and deep lyrics he can create while Vernon praises Woozi’s compositions and natural talent. I feel like these 2 can have a serious conversation and enjoy each others calm energy, apart from wild Seventeen.

Can I Just

Bun is one of the best writers out there, and everyone needs to know that. Whenever her fingers move across a keyboard, and words are turned into stories- my heart swells with every character and plot and feeling that she tries to convey. @rbuns, you are amazing, and I’m so lucky I have you as a friend. <3 <3

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a good to remind ourselves that we sh3ith shippers are truly blessed. not only do they make a very striking and physically appealing couple, any romantic relationship they could potentially have would be one built on mutual trust, respect and affection. they are the epitome of friends to lovers and everything that is good about that.

l i t e r a l l y such a power couple. seriously, that’s part of why i love their relationship so much. because they canonically have a friendship/relationship that is built on mutual understanding and support. they are everything that a good, healthy couple should be - supportive, caring, protective, understanding, and respectful of each other. they don’t just follow each other blindly, either - they discuss things, they try to understand each other’s perspectives and emotions, they try to support each other VIA mutual understanding and respect. like they are so good for each other. they’re similar in a lot of ways, but different in a lot of ways too. and they use their differences to support each other and make each other better people

it baffles me when people don’t see just how great they are for each other both as friends and as a couple… 

nice things are for nice girls

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Set during the end of CA: TWS, because I really loved how the movie portrayed their relationship.

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Note: this is my Marvel-centric account, and this work is published under my Marvel-centric pseud, but it all still falls under the main Ao3 username of the_space_between_stars.

Natasha remembers the first time she saw Captain America.

It wasn’t during their meeting on the Helicarrier, or when he got himself lost in Times Square, or when S.H.I.E.L.D. dug his body out of the ice.

No, the first time Agent Romanoff sees Captain America, she is not yet Natasha.

She is Natalia Alianovna Romanova, one of the twenty-eight students of the Red Room’s Black Widow Program, training to live a life in service to her country.

It is the early days of training, and all twenty-eight of the original girls recruited to the program are still alive.

Natalia herself has yet to take a life.

Their teachers show them films reels of America’s propaganda-toy-turned-hero, the so-called ‘Star Spangled Man With A Plan.’

Natalia thinks that his costume is overly conspicuous, and wonders if that’s what had gotten him killed. (The teachers are reluctant to admit the details of his demise, given the fact that the Tesseract had been lost alongside America’s golden boy.)

She quietly vows to wear something much more subtle when she graduates.

She overhears a couple of her peers discussing his good looks, and privately, she agrees. Even teary-eyed from the smoke and covered in soot as he emerges from the smoking ruins of yet another destroyed H.Y.D.R.A. facility, there is a charm to him, an indelible aura of good that Natalia simultaneously abhors and clings to, preserving every detail of the grainy film in her mind.

Unlike her peers, however, she is not stupid enough to give voice to such treasonous, dangerous thoughts about a member of the enemy they are training to fight.

The two spiderlings are gone the next morning, and once again, Natalia pulls her silence around her like a shield.

(It is not made of vibranium, but it protects her just the same.)

Only one ever returns, but it’s clear that whatever adjustments they’d needed to make to her brain have left her irrevocably damaged.

She washes out a month later, neck snapped by Yelena on the training mats, and Natalia doesn’t flinch at the sound that echoes around the room, the sound of her vertebrae giving out beneath the other girl’s ruthless strength.

Three girls make the mistake that Natalia does not, and two of them are visibly limping during training the next day. The third has bruises on her knuckles and looks considerably worse than the others.

Natalia knows not to fight back, they all do, but it seems as if this girl has decided to ignore all sense of reason.

She is killed two weeks later, and Natalia is the one whose kick caves in her chest.

Seventy years trapped in the Arctic have done little to diminish his looks, but the innocent boyishness Natasha still so vividly recalls from her days in the Red Room is gone, replaced with grim half-smiles that never really reach his eyes.

His features are sharper now, worn by pain, if not by time.

His overall demeanor is no less heroic, but far less light-hearted.

This ice may have kept him from aging- the serum, too, given the fact that Natasha still doesn’t look a day over twenty-something- but it hadn’t kept him from changing.

Natasha doesn’t think she’s ever seen smile as brightly in this day and age as he did in black-and-white beside the Howling Commandos.

She tries her best to coax him into the 21st century, makes lists of things for him to try and pushes him towards girls who are safe and sweet and everything that Natasha isn’t.

Now, standing across from him beside the false grave of the man currently slinking away into the shadows, holding a file she’d had to pull favors she probably should have kept in reserve just to obtain, she can’t help but feel as though she’s failed.

For all her efforts to ground him in the present, he’s now asking her to help him chase the ghosts of a past that she’s far from ready to face, even if her lurid history has already been plastered across the internet for all to see.

She’s just glad that Fury had thought to keep her real date of birth off of the official files. It keeps quite a bit of her laundry list of sins quiet, along with the fact that a variation of the serum currently coursing through Steve’s veins also flows through her own.

(And if it keeps the whole truth from the man standing in front of her for just a little bit longer, well, Natasha’s never claimed to be selfless.)

Still, she hands it to him with a smile that she’s had years of practice to perfect.

She makes one, last-ditch attempt to pull him out of the past.

“Will you do me a favor? Call that nurse?”

“She’s not a nurse.”

“And you’re not a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent,” she retorts, well-versed in the flow of their verbal sparring, and he finally concedes.

“What was her name again?”

“Sharon,” she says, ignoring the warring waves of relief and bitter disappointment threatening to pull her down and break her body against the sharp rocks of the stormy sea raging within her chest. “She’s nice.”

(Nice, the way Natasha will never be.)

The brief silence between them is strained in a way that it hasn’t been since the start of their partnership all those months ago.

In the end, she looks away first, unable to bear the weight of his gaze, heavier now than it’s ever been before, loaded with all the things that they both know she’d never let him say, all the things she’d run from if he ever voiced them aloud.

Nice things are for nice girls, and Natasha Romanoff hasn’t been nice since the day of the fire that had left her an orphan.

She steps forward, presses a kiss to his cheek and pulls away before he can so much as blink, his hand sliding off of her waist in an echo of the embrace she knows he longs to give.

She walks away, and he doesn’t stop her- he knows he could, they both do, and it’s just as dangerous as all the things Natasha has spent her life trying to avoid.

The look in his eyes that she doesn’t turn away quickly enough to avoid is almost enough to make her change her mind.


She settles for a last warning tossed over her shoulder, and fills it with the concern she tries so hard not to feel, because he is not hers to care about.

Love is for children, she reminds herself, but it’s not enough and she knows it from the way her stupid, stubborn heart continues to ache in her chest as she moves to leave.

“Be careful, Steve. Might not want to pull on that thread.”

Then she’s gone, another ghost in a field of graves.

She doesn’t allow herself to look back.

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Amos Burton Appreciation Week - Day 3: Favorite Relationship

In show, his friendship with Naomi definitely takes the top spot.  I mean, the entire reason I fell for this show was the relationship between Amos and Naomi.  I’ve written fic, drew an entire comic, keysmashed a ton of feelings meta.  I love them.  I love their relationship. The End.

Not really because I am a brevity fail when I talk about them lmao.

The thing that just absolutely murders me about these two is the physical intimacy they share.  Other than taking Naomi’s hand on the Donnager in an attempt to comfort her [y’all know I’m never gonna shut up about that], Amos doesn’t really initiate/do any touching, it’s Naomi that we see reaching out (which we see her do with pretty much everyone - Jim, Alex, and Miller) and I’m just a giant sucker for that kind of fluff especially when it’s between friends.  I really fucking appreciate seeing that kind of physicality between people instead of acting like it should be reserved between romantic couples.  Fuck that.  I want media that reflects, well, my life and my life has a whole lot of snuggling with my best friends because the idea that only one person should fulfill all your physical comfort needs is bullshit.

I love when they’re reunited on the Donnager, she touches his face and chest. After they fix his leg and he’s starting to drift off, she pats his cheek “All better.” “Whatever you say Boss.”  When they’re in the middle of space battle and he needs to go fix something or they’re dead in the vacuum, she grabs his hand because she’s worried.

Naomi is [book] canonically the person Amos trusts most.  She trusted him with her life when everyone else thought him a psycho.  Amos doesn’t think much of himself but having her trust him for no reason at all beyond her gut telling her she could, meant everything.

And then we get to Caliban’s War [book spoilers].  He trusts her enough to share his history with the Baltimore squeeze trade with her.  I love the book version of that conversation so much more than the show’s.  It still stands as my favorite scene in the series so far because it gave me this really emotionally powerful scene between my two faves where he opens himself up to her, for her.  My jam y’all.

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But I can’t talk about favorite relationships and Caliban’s War without also talking about Prax.  I ship them like Fedex yo but I’m gonna stick with what we’ve been given in canon so far and still sticking to the books because we haven’t been given as much in the show yet.

With Prax, I love that we get to see the sympathetic side of Amos.  In the books, almost instantly, he is very gentle with Prax.  He never doubts they’re gonna find his daughter and he is absolutely going to murder the fuck out of everyone that had a hand in taking her.  I think saving Mei, for Amos, was very much about preventing another child from getting turned into a monster like he believes himself to be.  But Amos sees this man who’s letting himself starve because finding his child is more important to him and I think he respects the fuck out of that.  Here’s someone that cares about their kid and I’m gonna help him get her back come hell or high water.  And I loved every single page of it.

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would you be pissed if Jon kneeled to Dany?

As long as it makes sense in context and there’s development… because I believe he’s gonna refuse at first. I think they might clash a little at first, which I’m cool with because I love relationships that start off rocky.

But yeah, I know a lot of people are worried about this… honestly just wait for it to air! Leaks are so toxic. If you hate Dany and Jonerys, you may still hate it in context idk. I love both, so I’m interested to see how it all plays out (or if it even plays out at all).

My bet is that if he does it in front of Cersei it’s to prove the point that Dany has an upperhand because the North (via Jon) supports her. I think Jon will begin to respect her and believe in her as a ruler, and therefore want to support her. I don’t see the BotB as a battle for independence… so I don’t see how people can make the argument that all these people died for Northern Independence. Am I missing something? Did the Boltons lead an Independent North? Regardless, I think a parallel to the partnership that Robert and Ned had is cool. Robert didn’t dictate the North, and Dany wouldn’t either. Maybe Dany will give the North independence like she did with Yara.


So, are you ready, you think? To start dating? No, definitely not. My grief group said that I wouldn’t be ready until I can get through the whole story of Michael’s death without tearing up.


the boy who lived

I swear every time I see mon-el being a toxic asshole, the karamels immediately post about how cute and funny it is??? Like??? Mon-el not respecting her enough to keep their relationship quiet, Mon-el verbally attacking her in public, Mon-el being overly and aggressively jealous, Mon-el not even respecting her enough to not just barge into her own home when he knew that wasn’t what she wanted, and a shit load more???? Like this isn’t cute or funny or romantic, it’s an unhealthy and toxic relationship which is being shown as the ideal on a family show, and that scares me.


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