because i love their onscreen relationship

I love the fact that James and Tyler are so comfortable with their sexuality and that their characters being gay doesn’t affect the way they interact with each other off set. It’s refreshing to see that. God knows some straight men shrivel up with fear because their masculinity or sexuality is being threatened. It’s also nice to see they don’t treat an on screen gay relationship any different from an onscreen straight relationship.

What I love so much about Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is that it is exactly what I want. I’m ace (and sex-repulsed at that), so it’s unbelievably hard to find partner. I actually start panicking if I feel like someone is flirting with me because I may have to have “the conversation” about how I don’t want sex and that it isn’t negotiable.

But Victor and Yuuri just have this beautiful trusting connection. They look at each other with such love, and they are so comfortably intimate without sex being the focal point.

What they have shown so far in this series is what I want so badly, and I don’t even care if we get an onscreen kiss or if they ever explicitly say they’re dating. It’s pretty obvious that Victor and Yuuri are in a relationship, and it’s beautiful.

Thank you, lovely creators, for giving us a healthy, loving relationship that focuses on trust and emotional intimacy.

so like, i feel like it’s fair to say, at this point (after ep 8), that yuuri and victor are in a relationship and it’s just not fully explored onscreen because this anime is about skating, not two dudes sitting in a hotel room talking about their romantic feelings (AS MUCH AS I WISH IT WAS)

but like… they’re so natural with being affectionate with each other now? no more yuuri getting flustered and losing his gd mind they’re just kinda… gay boyfriends. i really like it. it’s nice to see this love just blossoming behind the barrier

I will say I’m a little biased because I think Katie Mcgrath and Melissa Benoist’s onscreen chemistry is amazing,and would love it if the writers of supergirl would take advantage of that and explore that relationship a little more beyond just friendship,but since I feel like they want to keep super girl heterosexual (unfortunately)…why did they phase James out? I felt like they actually spend time building that story arc,and the chemistry was simply better! This mon-el Kara thing seems forced and rushed and has that old fashion ‘relationships must have toxic discourse’ quality that I really hoped today’s storytellers had moved past! Kara and mon-el feels like CW’s desperate attempt to have a straight white couple on their show,because god forbid they defy the status quo! Since the show moved to the CW they’ve really downplayed Kara’s independent spirit and to me that’s the most unfortunate part.

Leverage is killing me

Kil. Ling. Me.

My Nate/Sophie feels are too strong. Those two have me hot and bothered. There was a post on my dash earlier from a young woman who felt unrepresented in media because she’s 25 and has no sexual/relationship experience. I felt for her, not so much because I, too, was in my 20s before I had any relationships, but because women my age so rarely get to have onscreen romances *with men their own age*. Gina Bellman and I were born in the same year–1966. Timothy Hutton was born in 1960. How many times have you seen a man in his fifties paired up, in a movie or on tv, with a woman born in the same decade as he was? Daniel Craig’s wife isn’t half his age, but the “Bond girls” are. A middle-aged woman who still wants love, sex, and romance is a figure of fun, or at best, a “cougar”, preying on younger men. Sophie Devereaux is neither, and Nate Ford is madly in love with her, with a sexy, intelligent, competent, independent woman in her forties.

My OT3 feels are too strong. Eliot and Hardison fist-bumping because Parker dancing her way through laser beams amazes them (and probably turns them on)? That is one of the most polyshipping things I have ever seen. I’m not sure I can really see Alec and Eliot having sex with each other, but I *can* see them having sex with Parker *together*, with having a high degree of physical intimacy that maybe stops just short of getting each other off.

I know already that the series ends with Sophie and Nate retiring together and the OT3 taking over the business. I want to see that, and yet the thought of it is breaking my heart.


(about portraying the relationship between Matt and Karen onscreen): One of the first things that I did when I started working on the show was that I found a whole bunch of artwork of Matt and Karen in romantic situations and stuff like that. And I just sort of made myself a board of it because the artwork is so impactful. I don’t know - what I love is the idea that even though we’re literally not playing any romance yet, I love the idea that in the back of my mind somewhere, I can have sort of that image of them.

Am I the only one really not bothered by the Tom/Barbara kiss and lack of Patsy/Delia kiss. Heidi has been doing a really good job of writing their storyline this series and they’ve had way more intimate moments than Tom and Barbara have. A kiss isn’t the best or only way to measure the success and worth of an onscreen relationship. Let it build up, because its obvious that they’re story is of more interest than Tom and Barbara’s whose kiss wasn’t exactly that brilliant of a moment. (No hate though I still love Barbara)

Kiliel Week: Day One (1)

This may reveal too much of me (and may make me sound cheap) but the moment Kili looked at Tauriel with that awestruck expression was when I had the feeling of “I ship it.” I think it was because I knew what his expression meant, and I had already fallen in love with their characters the minute they each had arrived onscreen, that I just wholeheartedly accepted their relationship. I didn’t know very much about their cultures (in Tolkien lore) nor did I care. I just saw the direction of which their relationship was going and said “full speed ahead!”

(Not to mention that they made me curious about the genetics that would make a dwarf/elf baby.)

Texture used from Princess_of_Shadows on deviantART.

“I don’t understand the love or hate that Dean/Renee gets. The character Dean Ambrose is not dating Renee; Jon Good is dating her in his personal life outside of work. There’s no onscreen romance or friendship between them. They only interact during interviews because Renee is payed to interview everyone. People are scrutinizing how good or bad a couple they are instead of respecting their privacy. Both haters and shippers are doing the same thing, which is drawing attention to something Jon and Renee would rather keep separate from the WWE. Their relationship doesn’t concern you no matter how cute or not you think it is. Instead of hating the relationship or rubbing it in each other’s faces, you should maybe ignore it all together. It’s not a storyline and no one’s business other than their own.”

Rey Skywalker has nothing to do with me being anti-feminist or thinking that Rey can only be a competent lead because of her family. It has nothing to do with me wanting her to be straight. Nothing to do with wanting Luke to be straight. Sexuality is not a factor here.

No, Rey Skywalker means engaging in a beautiful father/daughter relationship onscreen – which we have so little of in current Hollywood. It means that we got a kickass female out of an endless tirade of “males only!” heroes in Star Wars. It means that a WOMAN is going to carry on the Skywalker legacy. I love the idea of Luke having a child and loving her indefinitely, and I shouldn’t have to apologize. I will go down with Rey Skywalker.

Okay, so.  I just need to talk about this because it was bothering me yesterday and I woke up thinking about it.

There’s a lot of talk out there about C$ as an abusive relationship.  I agree with this assessment.  At this point, when I do watch an episode, I can’t watch their interactions with each other without feeling sick to my stomach.  

I was in an abusive relationship.  I was incredibly lucky that I had the friends I did, that I got out without being physically harmed.  But it happened to me.  So when I see people call C$ abusive, I can’t help but agree.  

But when I see those same people turn around and call Emma weak, a doormat, pathetic.  When I see them say that they just want to punch her in the face, that she should die, that she’s worthless as a character now because her onscreen relationship has ruined everything we ever loved about her, it hurts.  Because the implication is that this is what you believe about abuse victims.  

I don’t actually think that’s the intent.  But when you you say both, when you say “C$ is abusive” and also say “Emma deserves to be punched for what she’s doing,” that is the implication.  

I am aware that C$ is not being written as an abusive relationship.  I understand that the authorial intent is that this is a romantic relationship we should rooting for.  It sickens me to think that this is being put out there to be interpreted as love.  I am not asking for anyone to accept the show as it is or to like Emma’s arcs as they are being written, or even to like Emma as a character.

I am asking you to think about the words you use.  You might not intend harm but you can still inflict it.  Emma is a fictional character, but I’m not.  I find this language harmful.  I believe that we can critique the show and express frustration with Emma’s characterization without saying “she deserves to be punched.”  

1) I am Swen

My name is Sarah but most of my friends call me Az. I’m 27 years old and I live in the US. I love to read, especially anything by Stephen King. I’m a video game fanatic and a cat lover.

2) Why do I love SQ?

Because we’ve watched their relationship grow and blossom onscreen. They have gone from enemies who are always butting heads to protecting and fighting for one another. They understand each other better than anyone else and that is beautiful.

3) I love Swen

Every member of Swen that I have talked to has been amazing. Always helpful and kind, I want to hug you all! :)