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how courferre met + how they got together?

Oh man, anon, this is so broad, where do I even begin?  The possibilities are endless.

  1. One of my favourites will always Enjolras, Courfeyrac, and Combeferre growing up together.  Courfeyrac and Combeferre meeting on the first day of kindergarten when Combeferre is one of the kids who’s anxious and upset because he’s never really been away from his mother or father or sisters before and now he’s in this big room with strange things and where he doesn’t know anyone.  So when all the other kids are exploring the new toys, Combeferre’s kind of tucked himself away with some blocks.  And then this boisterous kid bounds over and plops himself down right next to Combeferre (so close he’s almost sitting on him because Courfeyrac has never understood the concept of personal space) and introduces himself as Hello I’m Courfeyrac I’m five years old and I can speak Spanish – can you?  No, that’s okay – and if you like you can come play dinosaurs with me there’s plastic ones over in that tub and they’re really cool but I get to be the long-neck. And Combeferre just blinks at Courfeyrac and looks at the blocks in his hands, and feels really shy so he says uncertainly “…I was going to build a space ship…”  Undeterred Courfeyrac says “Alright!  I’ll bring the dinosaurs over and we can make a space ship for them to fly in.”  He brings back a bunch of dinosaurs, plus a blonde boy who’d started playing with them in Courfeyrac’s absence, and the three of them become inseparable.  How Courf and Ferre got together?  Literally took the next 13+ years because at that point they’re so intertwined that they can’t even see that they’re friendship has really just been friendship since they were about fourteen.  Enjolras had the pleasure of watching all of this with increasing exasperation because it was so painfully obvious but no matter how many impatient hints he dropped it took until prom for them to get a clue. (They were both so jealous over the thought of the other going with someone else that they had to do something.  That something ended with them making out in the school parking lot, as witnessed by a positively horrified Enjolras.)
  2. Or they could meet in a university lecture, when the teacher mentions some social issue in passing but damn did Courfeyrac notice it and he notices that the prof is a hundred percent disgustingly wrong so up shoots his hand.  The next five minutes is him and the prof arguing back and forth on the issue, Courfeyrac getting more and more frustrated because he knows he’s right, he just can’t get the words out right.  And then the cute boy in glasses who was sitting next to him stands up, says five words which perfectly summarize Courfeyrac’s argument and completely shut down the prof.  Never has Courfeyrac seen a greater burn and there may or may not be scattered applause when he and Bespectacled Savoir sit down.  Afterwards Courfeyrac is sure to ask his knight in baggy sweaters out for drinks.  After Combeferre eventually invites Courfeyrac to this activist group that he and his best friend formed Courfeyrac knows he’s gone on this boy.  And after Combeferre goes on an excited, hour long rant about the possibilities of solar power to him at three in the morning months later Courfeyrac realizes he’s a 100%, completely in love with this boy. And after Courfeyrac interrupts the rant by kissing him and Combeferre kisses him back and they finally fall into bed together he realizes that yeah, this is gonna be a good thing.
  3. Or how about one where they meet online and originally it starts with them nerding out together over Star Trek but soon their friendship spreads.  They talk about other fandoms, about classwork, about friends, about shit that’s happening in the news (do they ever talk about that, both of them get fired up when it comes to social issues).  And it spreads not only to different subjects but across more and more social media sites and various parts of each other’s lives; they’re constantly sending messages back and forth on Twitter, or tagging reblogs for each other on Tumblr, or texting (though never Snapchat, no selfies, nothing that would reveal who they are, there’s something… special about the anonymity that both are a little scared to break).  But then one day Courfeyrac gets a text from Combeferre in the middle of class that reads “I’m in literally the most boring English class right now please save me.”  And Courf grins and texts back under his desk, “Dude, me too!? Seriously, there’s no way in hell yours is more boring than mine, mine is being taught by an actual dinosaur.”  In response he gets: “Dinosaurs are fascinating, I’ll have you know.  Mine’s droning on like Professor Binns from Harry Potter.  I’m so bored I’ve been counting the freckles on the back of the neck of the guy who sits in front of me.  I’m at 47, he has a lot.”  And Courfeyrac rubs the back of his neck self-consciously then, wondering what Combeferre would think of his freckles and texts him back… only to realize then that as soon as he hits send the phone that belongs to the guy sitting behind him vibrates and he sort of chuckles.  So Courfeyrac turns to look at the nerdy guy that he’s never really thought about before and realizes… that he doesn’t know the kid’s last name because how often do teacher’s actually call anyone by their last name, really?  The first day of class, if even?  So he asks potentially the weirdest question he’s ever asked an almost perfect stranger: “Have you been counting my freckles?”  And the guy behind him gawks and then flushes bright red and let’s his head drop onto his desk.  “Oh no, you’re Courfeyrac, aren’t you?” They’re sent to the hall for bursting out laughing in the middle of class.  
  4. Or how about them as a queerplatonic couple where they meet at a really disappointing LGBT+ event?  Where Combeferre was sat in a corner of the bar with his drink and his ereader because he’ll be damned if he goes to try to interact with them again but he’s also not going to be scared away until he’s finished his damn drink, thank you very much.  And then Courfeyrac ambles up with his drink and starts chatting with him, asking him why he’s all the way over here, to which Combeferre responds “Apparently asexual isn’t queer enough for certain people in here.  I always forget that when a person isn’t actively fucking the same gender they become heterosexual.”  And Courfeyrac just howls with laughter because thank god someone gets it, he’s been picking fights all evening because there are people in here that think that calling yourself a bisexual aromantic makes you a ~special snowflake~.  So they end up leaving and going to talk more and basically become best friends over night.  They’re not sure what to call their relationship over the next couple years because it’s not friends but Courfeyrac doesn’t do boyfriends and Combeferre doesn’t do friends with benefits but this is a commitment, this is a for life thing and they just sort of stumble across the idea of queerplatonic partners and they both know immediately that that’s what they are.
  5. Or maybe you’d prefer a high school au where Courfeyrac is genuinely, unspeakably awful at math.  He hates it and it hates him.  He once threw his math homework into the fireplace when he was thirteen.  Math retaliated by adding letters.  It’s an ongoing battle.  So he gets a tutor, another student his age named Combeferre.  Courfeyrac introduces himself and cheerfully warns the boy “Just so you know, I’ll probably hate you by the end of this” and Combeferre calmly promises that he’s tutored plenty of people in math and he’s use to it.  Sure enough, half way through the first lesson Courfeyrac closes his book, thanks Combeferre for his time, and cheerfully informs him that he does, indeed, hate him, before walking out.  Courf still goes back next week though, and this time last the entire time, but still ends it by informing Combeferre that he hates him and everything he stands for.  This continues and after every single lesson (and possibly a couple times throughout depending on the unit) Courfeyac happily informs Combeferre that he hates him. Neither are quite sure when “I hate you” started to achingly, painfully mean “I love you” but Combeferre understands that too apparently because the rest of that lesson is spent making out in the far corner of the library.
ark's year in review, belated

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thank you so, so much for reading me – getting to write for you on here has changed my life in more ways than i could have imagined, and it continues to be my favorite thing in all the land.

my otp/aesthetic is opposite friends in love while also at war who have problems staying alive 

2014: the year of staring dangerously

(personal faves are starred. unless otherwise noted assume rated hard E or strong M for sexual situations. i don’t fuck around with fucking around)

les mis

**the tale was all a lie – enjolras/grantaire, canon era. enjolras and grantaire have been in a secret relationship all this time. (warning for major character deaths)

two by two – enjolras/grantaire, valjean/javert, canon era. enjolras sees something he wasn’t supposed to see in the alley.

**twenty-four hours– enjolras/grantaire, modern day. enjolras and grantaire have a casual fuck-buddy thing going that may not be so casual.

amid a crowd of stars – combeferrre/jehan, canon era. star-gazing lovely men in love, plus myths. (rated T)

you indoctrinate republicans – enjolras/grantaire, canon era. subjolras sex in the morning.

evenings, mornings, afternoons – enjolras/grantaire, modern day. topjolras sex at night.

**the slow burn – enjolras/grantaire, modern day. snuggly holiday goodness. 

captain america

what’s in a name – steve/bucky, modern day. the winter soldier has a few questions for captain america.

**past tense – steve/bucky, flashbacks. steve rogers is falling from the sky.

orders came for sailing – steve/bucky, wwII era. steve and bucky have sex in a trench. 

when in sparta – steve/bucky, 1930s brooklyn. steve and bucky have sex in bed in brooklyn.

**over and out – steve/sam, past steve/bucky, modern day. love and loss are sam wilson’s specialties.

now we have met – steve/bucky, bucky/ofc, 1930s brooklyn. steve and bucky deal with bucky bringing a lady to their shared bed.

the irresistible sea is to separate us – steve/bucky, wwII era. bucky’s real mad about steve becoming captain america. steve needs to be punished.

the one where they get married – steve/bucky, modern day. one day i will finish this.

**the dioscuri – steve/bucky, alternate timeline. steve jumps off the train after bucky, and they become winter soldiers together.

meanwhile on rantaire, the secret writing blog

**robin hood au – les amis de l'abc, enjolras/grantaire. oh yes.

grantaire/bahorel – jealous enjolras, modern day. what it says on the tin.

grantaire the virgin – enjolras/grantaire. grantaire’s totally gonna die celibate.

enjolras studies for the bar exam – modern day. grantaire helps.

steve/bucky/natasha – modern day. bucky and nat want steve to join them.

windfall – combeferre/courfeyrac, canon era. best friends are best in love.

hacker au, valentine’s day – enjolras/grantaire, joly/bossuet. valentine’s day is almost a complete disaster.

**the hidden club – enjolras/grantaire, canon era. les amis visit a house of libertine pursuits.

**the holiday party – enjolras/combeferre/grantaire, modern day. everyone has reincarnation issues at christmas. 

enjolras/valjean – modern day. nothing but smut i don’t know.

genderbent amis – enjolras/grantaire. ladies exploring college.

which sky and ocean – combeferre/jehan, canon era. combeferre and jehan are legit elemental wizards.

hacker au, nye – enjolras/grantaire. enjolras and grantaire hack the new year.

star trek au – enjolras/grantaire, space era. grantaire is captain of the enterprise. vulcan commander enjolras is boldly going into pon farr, because why not.

les mis/captain america

**folie a quatre – steve/bucky, enjolras/grantaire, wwII era. the crossover at least four of us were clamoring for.

holy crap that’s a lot of words, and they would not exist without you here to read them. thank you for your comments, prompts, asks, replies, reblogs, likes and varied feedback – these are a driving motivation for me to write.

fandom is a groupthink and i know i’ve also been hugely influenced by your incredible fic, gorgeous artwork, stunning gifs, spot-on headcanons, brilliant meta and lively discussion. every day you all continue to inspire me and i’m so grateful to have found this space to share. let’s be good to ourselves and each other in 2015 and keep creating.