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“Xander? What if I’m really nobody?” 


Because I Love You | Theo Raeken x Y/n

episode : 6 , season 6 

prompt: Takes place when Liam ‘ressurects’ Theo with Kira’s sword.

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Liam, Hayden , Mason and you discuss about Liam’s plan of buying a lightning rod to catch ghost riders.

“A lightning rod costs 25 hundred dollars…” Mason trails off. Liam and you grimace, not knowing what else to do.

You guys were able to figure out that Mr.Douglas saw the ghost riders, asking him for help. Mr.Douglas explains how he can’t even build a conduit that could even absorb that much energy.

As you all walk out of his classroom in defeat, Liam speaks up.

“What if… we find someone that can absorb that much lightning?” Liam suggests, you and Hayden turn around to face him.

“ I don’t think even Kira can absorb that much energy” Hayden huffs at Liam’s bizarre idea.

“Josh did it, he ate electricity” Liam states; you raise your eyebrows.

“ Good job Liam. You did it. Now lets go resurrect the dead” you sarcastically say.

“ Josh may be dead but his powers aren’t” Liam says looking down. Your breath hitched.

What is this boy suggesting right now?

“Liam….” Hayden trails, looking at him suspiciously.

Hours later, Mason comes by to pick you up.

You bite your lip nervously, unsure of what Liam has in plan; hoping that it doesn’t involve who you think it involves.

You close your eyes drifting off as mason sped through the streets.

‘Hi, name’s Theo Raeken…..’


‘That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl’

‘Babe! Come take a picture with me ‘

‘You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met ‘

‘Shut up Raeken’

‘ I love you y/n’

‘…. I love you too’

Your eyes open as Mason abruptly stops the car. You rub your eyes vigorously; not believing you even bothered to think about him.

Every step you took leading to the tunnel got heavier, your heart pounding. You see Liam and Hayden eyeing you.

“You Okay y/n?” Hayden asks, placing her hand on your shoulder. You glance at Liam to see him looking away from you. Your heart gets heavier.

“I don’t know”

You guys start walking into the tunnels to be greeted by Mrs. Yukimura and Kira’s sword. She hands it to Liam telling him whatever happens, Liam will be at fault.

At this point you were shaking in fear, you already know what’s going to happen.

The last time you saw him he was dragged into the ground. You cried endlessly. Your love literally was dragged into hell.

You watch as Liam stabs the concrete with the sword; Hayden tried stopping him but was too late.

You watch as a familiar hand sticks out of the ground, you grab onto Hayden; not believing what’s actually happening.

He jumps out of the ground and grabs Liam by the collar.

Yelling and asking where is his sister; then continues to scream that he’s gonna kill us all.

Hayden quickly jumps in and pleads with Theo, explaining that they brought him back. You stand there heavily breathing, not knowing what to do.

Liam retaliates and grabs Theo, yelling that he’ll send him back. You look up to stare at Liam.

“No” you said lowly. Theo and Liam turn to you.

You watch as Theo’s eyes widen.

“Babe…” you heart jumps out of your body as those words left his lips. Your emotions overwhelm you.

So there’s only one solution.


You turn around and quickly ran out of the tunnel, seeing him after all he’s done, scared you.

You hear heavy footsteps gaining onto you, you push a little harder to run faster but to no avail. Strong arms wrap around you forcing you to stop.

You hadn’t noticed earlier, but tears were streaming down your face like waterfalls.

“y/n calm down” he whispers, holding onto you.

“ LET ME GO” you scream, thrashing around. All the things he’s done to your friends, the people he has killed, rushes through your head.

“ y/n its me” he says softly

“ yeah, a god fucking murderer let go of me!” you yell, thrashing around will only exhaust you, so you stopped, just silently cried.

Seeing you like this, pained Theo. He did what he had to do to survive with the dread doctors, to protect you. His heart aches seeing you sob so much over the fear of him. He listens to your heart beat, the one thing that calmed him, is now pounding out of control.

He closes his eyes, as he intakes your scent he has yearned for forever. He slowly lets you go, knowing that he has lost you forever.

You quickly made distance between the two of you, wiping your tears angrily.

“I’m sorry y/n” he says sadly, looking down.

“Fuck off” you growl.

“ Theo we brought you out so you could help us with the ghost riders, they took our friends and a whole lot of others” Liam interjects. you feel Theo’s eyes scanning you, so you walk towards Hayden.

“ I’ll do it, anything for y/n” he says staring at you.

“ what a dickwad” you whisper into Hayden’s back, currently hiding from him; like a small child.

Theo chuckles a little.

Good to know her personality hasn’t changed at all

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” Theo huffs, glancing at Liam.

Don’t worry Y/n, I’m going to protect you whether you like it or not.

Because I love you.


‘I’ve been on a bad run. I meet these women. I make them laugh, it’s the best sex of their whole life, and then they just can’t keep up. They get jealous, they feel inferior, which they usually are. And it’s all broken hearts, division transfers.’


monochrome + yellow bc thats the only highlighter i have 😂  ft. BTS ears (can u recognize who? hehe) and my intensely growing column of essay to-dos.

entering war mode exam/essay season early because i took 6 courses and apparently love p a i n. for anyone else who needs to hear it: if things don’t work out, it’s really, /really/ not the end of the world!! :’))

I love re-watching season 6 because I can enjoy soulless Sam without being anxious worrying what’s wrong with him

And my personal favorite…

Because, seriously…

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I feel like there hasn't been a slow burn ship in a long time. Around the early 2000's, ships wouldn't become canon until, like, the 2nd to last season. Nowadays, the longest we have to wait for a ship to become canon is 2 seasons--which sucks because that means you have 6+ seasons of fluff. That's why I love Bellarke because they're the only ship on a show that I watch right now that's slow burn

Soooooo true, I feel like people are not used to this SLOW of a slow burn ship. Nowadays people are like “oh watch this show, it has a really good slow burn ship!” And then you look and they get together after 2 seasons and feelings are canon on both sides after like 1 season 👀 sorry but that’s not a slow burn ship. Back in my day that shit took like 8 seasons lmao


AoS Winter (Re)Watch: One FitzSimmons scene per episode
               1x01 “Pilot”

60 Favorite Spuffy moments

1. “Hello, Cutie.”

Why I love this moment: The chemistry between Sarah and James in this scene is absolutely wonderful. It also establishes a certain complexity between Buffy and Spike. It’s the start of a not-so-black-and-white relationship, not just good and evil.

2. “She plays the…”

Why I love this moment: Why is he helping her? I think this little moment gives us foreshadowing into Spike’s eventual change. And it also shows that he doesn’t totally hate Buffy, which is adorable.

3. “You got any of those little marshmallows?”

Why I love this moment: Okay, this isn’t exactly a Spuffy moment. But it does highlight one of the best things about Spike: his humor. And I guess I like to look back and see things like this because I go: “Aw, he was always a little softy.”

4. “Spike had a little trip to the vet…”

Why I love this moment: Basically, I just love this scene/situation in general, but the fact that Spike is under the impression that he could just run on over to Buffy and she’d help him with the “impotence” is so funny to me. But the thing is she sort of did help. I mean, she tied him up, sure, but she also didn’t kill him. So????

5. Kiss the Librarian

Why I love this moment: It’s not just the moment pictured here that I love. It’s everything from “Giles, help! He’s gonna scold me!” to “Giles, make her stop!” to “Put the telly on.” The bickering is wonderful to see, for me. 

6. Something Blue

Why I love this moment: Again, not a moment. I was going to divide this up into its respective moments, but that would take forever. So we’re gonna do this. While they were engaged, I loved how much they reminded me of Spike and Dru’s relationship. Because, let’s be for real, Buffy was acting crazy as hell. And Spike was still very predatory and dark. But he was also very fluffy and sweet. So, ya know.

7. “Lips of Spike!”

Why I love this moment: They fucking saw that they were kissing each other and it fucking put it into their heads. You know it did. It sure as shit did for Spike. 

Gif credit: x

8. “Because it’s wrong.”

Why I love this moment: I understand that this is Faith in Buffy’s body, but Spike doesn’t know this. You know what he knows? That, holy shit, Buffy is actually pretty hot, and did she say “pop me like warm champagne?” Also, what he says after that (”you and I are gonna have a confrontation”), doesn’t that sound so strange? Like, almost as if he had to say something threatening to avoid thinking about…well, you know.

9. “Oh, I saw that!”

Why I love this moment: Well, for one, Spike is being a little shit. That’s always great. But it shows early on how well he understands Buffy (”looks like neither boy is entirely welcome.”)

10. “Oh, God no. Please, no.”

Why I love this moment: Do I need to explain? Basically, I saw this coming as soon as Angel left the show. So, I wasn’t surprised, but I just love how Spike doesn’t even try to deny it or get rid of the feeling. He’s just like, “Oh, shit. Fuck.”

11. “And…you have stupid hair.”

Why I love this scene: Let me just explain by typing out his internal dialogue.

Ah, shit she’s found me. Fuck, this has gotta look bad. Okay, explanation time, be cool. Out for a walk…bitch. Fuck, the ‘bitch’ was unnecessary. Don’t hate me, please. Okay, be sassy. Be super sassy. Insult her boyfriend, that’s what other dudes do, right? Fuck, abort. Abort quickly. Final word, always have the final word. You have stupid hair. Shit, gtfo. 

12. “I’ve always been bad.”   

Why I love this moment: Because, Spike, no you weren’t lol. And also, Buffy gets to sit there and listen to the backstory of William the Bloody. Not the traditional way future couples tend to get to know each other, but it happened at least.

13. “You’re beneath me.”

Why I love this moment: Because we see where Buffy stands with Spike. It’s important to know that because then you can see her growth, which is amazing. Also, it lets us know that Spike isn’t just trying to get into Buffy’s pants; he really loves her. 

14. “Is there…something I can do?”

Why I love this moment: He was supposed to be freaking blowing her head off! Yet, when he saw her sad, he immediately tried to be there for her. And he didn’t push. He just sat with her. And you know she appreciated it because she ended up telling him about her mother. Such a beautiful scene.

15. “I need to show you something.”

Why I love this moment: For one, this is a very “no, bad Spike” moment, because his noble act of ratting on Riley is totally selfish. But I chose this gif because it’s such a funny line. And he’s so flustered about it, too. Super cute.

16. “Do you really think you’ve got a shot with her?”

Why I love this moment: “No, I don’t. But a fella’s gotta try, though. Gotta do what he can.” Just…Spike breaks my heart here. He loves her so deeply that he’d rather be in Riley’s position, to be close to her but not have her. That’s big. And it’s got to be miserable for him.

17. “I lie awake every night!”

Why I love this moment: He’s trying so hard. Like, he doesn’t understand it himself, he just knows he loves her and he really believes she could love him too.

18. The first “I love you”

Why I love this moment: Well, of course, it’s the first time Spike says “I love you” to Buffy. So that’s huge. Buffy being repulsed by it is hard to watch, but necessary for the story. And Spike is prepared to stake Dru. For someone as twisted as Spike, that is, like, the most romantic thing he could ever do. So, if you think like Spike, this scene is really sweet. And he also draws her. So there’s that.

19. “I’m gonna help.”  

Why I love this moment: Because he wants to help Buffy. Not for credit, either. Because he wants her to be happy. He even tells Dawn not to tell her. This is sort of a big leap for Spike, if you think about it. Like, the tattling on Riley thing was selfish. This was extremely selfless, though. A big step.

20. “I won’t forget it.”

Why I love this moment: This is almost like classical conditioning for Spike. Basically like a “you did good” thing. He was so shocked that Buffy kissed him, and here’s why I think that was: He didn’t expect to get points for doing the right thing by not telling Glory that Dawn was the key. He didn’t do it for points. He just did it because he knew Buffy would be destroyed if she lost her sister. 

21. “Right person, person I loved. I’d do it.”

Why I love this moment: This is just the perfect thing to say, isn’t it? I can’t explain the look she has on her face here, but her reaction to Spike saying he’d do something crazy for her…perfect.

22. “I know you’ll never love me.”

Why I love this moment: It’s not just this moment but the moment Buffy let him back in her house. He’s just glowing. She means so much to him. It means so much that she’d trust him with protecting the most important person in her life. “’Til the end of the world.”

23. Spike loses Buffy

Why I love this moment: He lost the love of his life and it broke him. Badly broke him. The shot of him right before this point, when he first sees Buffy’s body, is so sad. It’s like he’s trying to see anything else but what is in front of his face. How hard he’s crying is just so heartbreaking. I don’t think he even knew how much losing Buffy would kill him.

24. Taking care of Dawn

Why I love this moment: Not a moment, but the whole first two episodes of Season 6. I love it because he didn’t have to look out for Dawn. He could’ve moped or left or literally anything else. But he took care of Dawn because that’s what Buffy would’ve wanted. “’Til the end of the world.”

25. Spike sees Buffy alive

Why I love this moment: Look at his face! Look at how happy he is! He’s in shock but also trying to be gentle because he understands what she’s been through but also trying not to cry. Oh my God, the amount of depth in just his expression is amazing.

26. “How long was I gone?”

Why I love this moment: He counted the days. Counted the days. And, why did she refrain from asking about her death until she was with Spike? Why did seeing him prompt her to ask? Hm.

27. “I think I was in heaven.”

Why I love this moment: She confides in him. To confide in anyone is a huge deal anyway, but especially for these two. And he listens so well. I think it’s so powerful to me because Buffy essentially has to tell Spike because he’s one of the only ones that didn’t help bring her back, and she can’t tell her little sister because it would crush her. But that led to her depending on Spike more and more.

28. The drinking

Why I love this moment: Do you see the way Spike smiles at her?! That is all.

29. Rest in Peace

Why I love this moment: I mean? Because it’s a musical number? Because Spike shouldn’t have to suffer? Because he loves her so much? Because he follows her like a little puppy? Because? James Marsters singing? Because.

30. Walk Through the Fire

Why I love this moment: He doesn’t want to be in pain from loving her, but he loves loving her all the same. He’ll never stop loving her, and he knows it. 

31. The “The End” kiss

Why I love this moment: Finally! I mean, it’s sad because Buffy “just wants to feel,” but overall, it’s a new beginning and it’s great!

32. Randy and Joan

Why I love this moment: Just…now they’ll always be Randy and Joan. 

33. Bringing the house down

Why I love this moment: Well, they did it, duh. And their faces? Buffy’s is more of a “Okay, this is a lot to take in, but God it feels good.” Spike’s is “Wait…is this happening? Oh my God, she’s amazing.”

34. The Aftermath

Why I love this moment: Because it’s classic Season 6 Spuffy. And James is shirtless, but. I just love the interaction between the two of them. Buffy tries not to want him, but she does. Spike is…Spike. It’s a great scene.

35. Flapjack lighter

Why I love this moment: “This flapjack’s not ready to be flipped.” A, what does that mean? B, I get it. Also, the lighter thing? Dude, Buffy wants him. Bad.

36. “Buffy?”

Why I love this moment: The fact that he knows it’s her?! I mean, what ghost would…but still! And James is shirtless…again. A+.

37. “I’m exercising!”

Why I love this moment: Not only the sad excuse for the thrusting, but the fact that Buffy finds it so funny to fuck with Spike. I mean, he looked like he was crazy and all, but Xander should’ve realized. Anyway.

38. “Hey, that’s cheating.”

Why I love this moment: I feel bad for Spike. It’s not fair to him, and frankly it’s kind of insulting that Buffy came to him immediately after she became invisible. It hurt him.

39. “This place’ll kill you.”

Why I love this moment: He seems to care so much about her to do this, but I also think part of it is because he wants her to come into the darkness with him. Nonetheless, I like the scene.

40. “Are we having a conversation?”

Why I love this moment: I mean, them talking at all is improvement. But talking about trivial things like decorating? Good stuff. Although, as usual, Buffy dismissing him makes me sad. 

41. “You belong in the darkness.”

Why I love this moment: Okay, so here’s the thing. I have this scene on the list because it’s an important moment for Buffy because Spike says what she’s been thinking ever since she came back: I don’t belong here anymore. But other than that, I didn’t like this scene. It was out of place. It was too sinister to be Spike. I would’ve liked it better if it was a dream Buffy had or something like that because I don’t think Spike would’ve said those things to Buffy, especially not the way he did. But that’s just me.

42. Telling Tara

Why I love this moment: It’s honestly really sad that Buffy feels this horrible about herself because of what she’s done with Spike. I don’t feel like she has to be that sad, but in combination with coming back from the dead, who can blame her?

43. “It’s over.”

Why I love this moment: Objectively, it’s a really good point in their arc. It had to happen, we all knew that. I’m pleased that Buffy understood that she was using Spike and told him it wasn’t fair to him. But Spike just looked so broken. He would’ve taken her anyway he could, whether he was being used or not.

44. “You glow.”

Why I love this moment: It’s just a nice moment between the two of them. It’s respectful and almost happy. It makes me cry every time I think about the fact that Spike never really saw her happy before this. But it also makes me happy to know how he sees her. And it seems to make Buffy happy, too. Also, considering that she was a little jealous, I think it’s safe to say that she wasn’t just using Spike.

Sidebar: I’m skipping to Season 7 because the attempted rape scene, while a key plot point, doesn’t make my favorites list, for obvious reasons.

45. “Spike?”

Why I love this moment: How sad is it that he thought his soul was the thing tearing him apart inside? I mean, part of it was, but obviously most of it was the First. I also love this moment because you can see that Buffy immediately knows that something is different. That he’s not the man that hurt her.

46. “Why does a man do what he mustn’t for her, to be hers?”

Why I love this moment: You have to appreciate James’s acting in this scene. Oh my God. So this is terribly sad because Buffy realizes that Spike has a soul, that he’s in pain because of it, and that he did it all for her. To be better.

47. “Someday she’ll tell you.”

Why I love this moment: He’s so confused. He doesn’t know what to think. But we know. And we know this statement came true. We know how heartbreaking that was.

48. “Did you kill her?”

Why I love this moment: This conversation is just gold. “As daft a notion as Spike the soulful killer is, it is nothing compared to the thought that another girl could mean anything to me.” Positively beautiful.

49. Never Leave Me

Why I love this moment: Basically, I’m gonna sum up why I love the whole episode (minus a scene I’ll be specific about after this). Buffy is learning to trust Spike again. And Spike is showing so much growth and maturity that it’s almost painful. I love, love, love these two in this episode. A lot of burned bridges are rebuilt.

50. “I believe in you, Spike.”

Why I love this moment: He’s doing that thing where he glows again. He’s so surprised that she could ever, ever even like him again let alone believe in him. And her taking that step is huge for her as well. She’s forgiven him. She believes in him.

51. “She will come for me.”

Why I love this moment: That was what got Spike through the torture. Knowing that the woman he loves believes in him. And his face when Buffy comes for him says it all. He’s so elated. It’s wonderful.

52. “I’m not ready for you to not be here.”

Why I love this moment: Spike starts to realize that Buffy is falling for him for real. And she’s realizing that, too.

Sidebar: I had to skip the scene in Potential where Buffy “attacks” Spike and they end up holding hands when she tries to check his ribs. I LOVE that scene, but I couldn’t find a GIF anywhere.

53. “You’re the one, Buffy.”

Why I love this moment: I don’t need to explain.

54. “Will you just hold me?”

Why I love this moment: Spike didn’t hesitate at all. Not because he wanted to do it for himself, but because he wanted to do it for her. Just to give her peace.

55. “Terrified.”

Why I love this moment: This, all of it. And Buffy was in that moment with him. Huge, huge deal. Beautiful. Lovely.

56. “He is in my heart.”

Why I love this moment: I was just so elated to see that Buffy finally let herself love him. Or at least believe that she could love him. It’s such a transcendent moment.

57. “Angel said it was meant to be worn by a champion.”

Why I love this moment: God, how do I say it? They so obviously love and trust each other. It’s so beautiful to see the growth they’ve both gone through to get to this point. Amazing.

58. One last embrace

Why I love this moment: This last night they had together…wow. I can’t put it into words. It just fills me with light and warmth. I love it.

59. The final “I love you” and a sad goodbye

Why I love this moment: Because I know Buffy loves him. He may not believe it, but she does. And it makes everything in their past that much more powerful. It is a heartbreaking final moment, both in a sad and in a happy way. Such a beautiful love story.

60. “Spike.”

Why I love this moment: Buffy’s last word in the series was “Spike.” It just seems so appropriate, doesn’t it? He saved the world, he saved the girl, they saved each other, and they loved each other. Until the very end.

“‘Til the end of the world.”


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Same anon here. To be completely honest, I want Teen Wolf to end with Gerard's head on a stick Game of Thrones style, the high schoolers graduated (or at least passing the year by now) and all of them off to college, not worrying about Beacon Hills anymore.

I don’t if it’s because I’m an absolute psycho or cruel but I’d love another death within the pack, because I mean, 6 seasons and two major deaths (not including Boyd and Erica) is just not enough for me, I need my heartstrings to be pulled!! I want to be left in a puddle of my own tears after I watch the final!