because i love penguins


I LOVED THIS SCENE. It was one of my favorites from the Christmas special. Yes, it was touching and sweet… especially after they made it seem like Mama Rodriguez wasn’t gonna be cool about her gay son. Yes, it was adorable how hard Hernando is trying not to cry.

But that’s not why I loved it. I loved it because Mama Rodriguez referred to her son as “baby penguin”… and then he walked over to her like a fucking penguin.

“Come here, my baby penguin…”

  • Snedward: you hurt me, Oswald. Deeply. And you are saying that you did it because you love me?
  • Evil Penguin: Yes!
  • Snedward: Well, then, I did the same, Oswald. I hurt you because I love you. And now I'm going to kill you.
  • Evil Penguin: Whaat, do you love me?!
  • Snedward: Now you understand that what you said doesn't make-- what
  • Evil Penguin: and we are gonna be like boyfriends?
  • Snedward: Oswald, I'm telling you that I'm going to kill you
  • Evil Penguin: and we are gonna kiss and that stuff?
  • Snedward:
  • Evil Penguin:
  • Snedward: Nevermind.

Good morning! 😀 I wanted to share this new commission I did for a lovely client because it’s just too darn cute! 😍💖 I love drawing fluffy baby penguins. 🐧💕Well any fluffy baby animals to be honest 😜 But if you had to pick, what’s your all time favorite baby animal? 😊🍼🐾

PS: If you are interested in commissioning me just send an email to 😉

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

Cr1tikal in the AU who basically does not get involved in any gang wars whatsoever but does graffiti across Los Santos and basically every gang knows him and doesn’t touch him because he’s a really cool and kinda weird guy that they always say “hey” to when they see him tagging a wall behind the store they’re currently robbing and he just waves awkwardly because he doesn’t do good with people

Also he wears a hoodie and a realistic penguin mask.

VeggieTales Sentence Starter Meme

“A giant air compressor to blow fruit flies off your dresser.”
“According to my calculations, you can do… nothing.”
“Because I love my duck!”
“But if I sing for your poor sick penguin, he will feel better in a day or two.”
“But you can’t come because you don’t speak French.”
“He walked into financial aid, fell and broke a bone, showed them all his bills and got a great big college loan.”
“How am I supposed to cheat at Go Fish?”
“I am GOING to DIE.”
“I am that hero.”
“I have a meeting with the action figure people in ten minutes.”
“I’m a talking weed, you’re a talking carrot. Your point was?”
“I’m gonna go home and take a nap!”
“It’s [name]’s fault. They broke the plate. I tried to stop them.”
“I’ve got slushie in my ear.”
“Puppies are cuddly, puppies are cute. They’re never nasty or mean.”
“So [name] isn’t a robot?”
“That stuff is for sissies but bunnies are cool!”
“The message is: STOP IT!”
“They paid for a full 79 minutes of entertainment, pal!”
[tuba noises]
“You better keep your nurse well paid.”
“Was that Godzilla in the hall?”
“Where the crews come cruising down the plane!”
“Why do you need a hairbrush? You don’t have any hair!”

Once upon a time Lappy was a Hab.  I remember his trade to the Canucks.  I was so happy.  That’s the team I grew up cheering for.  Only trade he’s been through since that one that I loved even more was his trade to the Penguins…though to see him back with the Canucks and with Juice would make me cry tears of joy.