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‘F**k me’  ‘Right here?’

I never post 3 in a row, so consider this a mini celebration for getting 900 followers! A Pietro x reader as requested by @beyouluvyou-soul. I hope you like it love! Its around 500 words of fluff. This was hard to write so I apologize because It’s not my best work. An obvious bad word. Requests are open so feel free to shoot me one. Enjoy!


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“Just meet me in my room around 9 so we can plan what we’re going to take.“ I said, looking up at Pietro. The bleach blonde speedster nodded, his hair wafting back and forth. We had been assigned to go on a mission in Brazil in two days, leaving us only a few hours to plan and get what we needed for our trip. 

I staggered into my room and dropped my gym bag on the floor. Pulling at my shirt, I tossed it behind me as I made my way to the bathroom. I peeled off the rest of my clothes as I ran a cool shower. My skin instantly turned the crisp water, warm; creating steam that billowed over the shower door. I lathered my hair in bubbly shampoo as I muttered to my self. "Stupid Idea. We leave in 10 hours and I just had to get in some extra cardio.” After a good 20 minutes in the shower I wrapped my hair into a towel cone and put on a fluffy towel. I opened my bathroom door and saw Pietro sitting on my bed.

 His eyes widened in shock, and he seemed unsure of what to do. I sighed to myself. “Of course you would be here.” Pietro swallowed hard. “It is 9:15. Friday let me in.” he said making every effort to make eye contact. I Pulled off my hair towel and threw it into the bathroom, choosing to deal with the situation at hand no matter how annoying. “Okay so what are we taking?” I began sitting next to Pietro on my bed. “I want to take my knives but have you started training with guns yet? One of us needs to carry guns, and I’d rather it be you because-.” “I’m sorry.” Pietro interrupted, his blue eyes piercing mine. “But it’s very hard to focus when you’re dressed like that.” he said, looking at my towel clad form. 

“Well I forgot that we were supposed to talk at 9, and I want to get this over with so this is what I’m wearing.” I said getting back to task at hand. “Has Cap trained you with guns yet?” I asked. Pietro bit his bottom lip and shook his head. “Are you comfortable with knives? I’ll let you borrow…” I trailed off noticing that his eyes had glazed over. I snapped, bringing him back to reality. “Pietro we leave in less than 10 hours. You really need to focus.” I said my eyebrows quirked. “I know. But I just couldn’t help but think how you would look with that towel on the-” I cut him off by standing up and walking to my closet. “Fuck me.” I whispered shaking me head in annoyance. “Right here?” Pietro asked, his signature smirk on his lips. I glared before walking into my closet to get changed for what looked to be a long night. 

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In honor of the solar eclipse 🌓, my ever evolving witchy fashion💄, and my near 2k follower count🙈, I’m thinking of doing a clothing give away! I have some cute free people slips and outfits that I don’t know what to do with, so I though, why not treat my lovely followers?!

If I get more than 20 notes on this post (only because I want to know if enough people are interested), I’ll shortly follow up with pictures of the clothes and rules.

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Some K-pop songs recomendations.

Okay so, I decided to do this because I got really recently to 1.4K followers ??? That’s crazy, thank you. And also because I love talking about my favs, hehe. I’m going to put here the idols that I listen to the most and name my fav songs of each one of them. Btw, this is probably going to be really fucking long.

After School: Because of youFirst love, Flashback

Ailee: Heaven, Home, I Will Show you, Rainy Days, Why You Think I’m in Love With You

Akdong  Musician: 200%, Give Love, How People Move, Re-Bye

Amber: Beautiful, Borders, I Just WannaNeed to Feel Needed, On my Own

AOORA: Body Talk

BEAST: 12:30, Beautiful Night, Breath, Butterfly, Curious, Fiction (+ Orchesta ver.), Good Luck, Lullaby, Ribbon, Shadow, Virus, When I..



CLC: Hobgoblin, Meow Meow

CNBLUE: Cinderella, Between Us

G-Dragon:  Untitled

Hi Suhyun: I’m Different

Highlight: Plz Don’t Be Sad, Calling You, Dangerous

Hyuna: Freaky, How’s This, Red, Bubble Pop!, Roll Deep

IMFACT: LollipopTension UpFeel So Good

Jay Park: Mommae, Sex Trip, I Don’t Dissapoint, All I Wanna Do, Aquaman, Me Like Yuh, Drive, On It

Junhyun: Flower, Too Much Love Kills Me, Wonder If

K.A.R.D: Oh Nana, Rumor, Don’t Recall

KNK:  KNOCKSun, Moon, Star

LEE HI: Breath, My Star

LR: Beautiful Liar

MAMAMOO: I Miss You, Décalcomanie, New York, Um Oh Ah YehYou’re the Best

MINO - Body

MONSTA X: Shine Forever, Perfect Girl, Broken Heart, Ex-Girl, All In

NCT U - Without You, The 7th Sense

NCT 127 - Mad City, Baby Don’t Like It, BACK 2 U (AM 01:27 ), Cherry Bomb, Sun & Moon, Whiplash, Summer 127

NCT Dream: Chewing Gum, My First and Last, Dunk Shot, Trigger The Fever

Nu’est: Overcome, FACE, Love Paint


Red Velvet: Candy, Happiness, Russian Roulette, Some Love, Wish Tree, Ice Cream Cake, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Dumb Dumb

Ryeowook: Like A Star, The Little Prince

Sechskies: Be Well, Sad SongPom Saeng Pom Sa

Seohyun: Don’t Say No, Magic

SEVENTEEN: Don’t Wanna Cry, Highlight, Don’t Listen, My I, Swimming Fool

SISTAR: Lonely, Loving U

SISTAR19: Ma Boy

Tiffany: I Just Wanna Dance, What Do I Do, Heartbreak Hotel


TROUBLEMAKER: Trouble Maker, Now, Attention

TVXQ: Champagne, Something, Mirotic

VIXX: Shangri-La, Dynamite, Fantasy, Love Me Do, The Closer, Error, Chained Up, Hot Enough, Milky Way, Super Hero, Eternity, Rock Ur Body, Voodoo Doll, Only U, On and On

WINNER: Baby Baby, Fool, Really Really, Sentimental, Different

If you’re going to leave my life, at least close the door behind you. Because the cold winds still rush through the door and linger around my home, leaving an eerie chill that just reminds me of you. And of course I get curious so from time to time, I follow the footsteps you left behind and each time I see you, you seem perfectly fine.
—  K. Swann
BTS REACTION: You send them flowers

I KNOW that you guys are only here for my fluff ;-; EXPOSED! Anyways, here’s some fluff. And holy chetos, we are almost at 500 followers and I don’t even know how or why ??? Love you all so much, please take care of yourselves and have a nice day!

-Admin Goddessmoony

P.S. I used pictures of the flowers instead of gifs of the boys bc I don’t really know flowers and I bet I’m not the only one.

S E O K J I N:

You had to cancel your date to celebrate his success of getting “Awake” on the Wing album because you couldn’t get out of work. He’s upset and you feel guilty since you know how hard he had to work to get Big(S)Hit to approve his song. In hopes of making amends and showing him that you are truly sorry, you send him his favorite flowers to your shared apartment on his day off.

He wakes up and sees red roses sitting on the kitchen table. He takes out the card:

“These are considered the most beautiful flowers ever but still they will never be as beautiful as you!”

He turns around and you’re leaning against the door frame. He comes close, “Your damn right they’ll never be.” He smiles at you before leaning in for a kiss.

Red Roses: Love and desire.

Y O O N G I:

He has been locked up in his studio for the past week working on music. You miss him so much, it’s hard to sleep without him curling up around you, but you don’t want to disturb him. Namjoon, who goes to check on Yoongi and help him out, tells you that he is getting desperate and frustrated. Instead of possibly messing up his focus with a message or phone call, you send some flowers through the leader.

When Yoongi wakes up from another late night in the studio, he sees a pot of sunflowers on the piano. He reads the cards with his gummy smile, already knowing the flowers are from you.

"I believe in you! Doesn’t matter what you create, I know it will always be good because you created it with all your heart.”

Reading this makes him realize how much he misses you and the realization that he left you alone for a whole week saddens him. Later that day, he goes back home and glues himself to you for the rest of the day, trying to show you how much he missed you.

Sunflower: Signifies pure thoughts, adoration, dedication, or dedicated love.

H O S E O K:

It’s been so long since he’s seen you, because of his tour and your job as a competitive dancer. You specialize in ballroom dancing and he is afraid that you might leave him one of your dance partners while he is away. Especially because the choreography of the dances require you and your partner to be physically close and emotionally connected so that you two can display the dance at it’s full potential. Not that he would hate or blame you for it, it’s would be his own fault for not making more of an effort to stay awake when talking to you. He tells you this one night while the two of you are on call and quickly reassures you that he’s just tired, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. You insist that he goes to bed and try to reassure him that you love him with all your heart.

The next day, a staff member comes up to him before their concert with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. He reads the card:

“The waltz can only be danced by two lovers and I would wait for the rest of my days just to dance it with you.”

His nerves and insecurities are overpowered by the overwhelming love he feels for you. The fans definitely notice that he has a wider smile and is dancing with more confidence. He’s dancing for you.

White Chrysanthemum: Truth and loyal love.

N A M J O O N:

Being in a secret relationship with the leader of BTS requires carefulness. Instead of going on cute coffee dates or walks you two have to meet in the privacy of the dorm or your apartment. Of course you don’t mind at all, on these days you two learn more and more about each other, consequently falling deeper in love. One time, you tell him about your interest in flowers and their meanings. He loves to hear you talk about her passion and listens attentively. He remembers every flower and their symbolism that you’ve told him.

On his next day off, in the late night, he hears a knock on the door. When he opens it there is no one in sight, only gardenias sitting in front of the doorway. There is no card but he remembers the meaning of the flowers and knows they are from you. He quickly picks them up, hiding his pleased smile behind the flowers to block the incoming teasing.

Gardenia: Purity and sweetness, indicates secret love.

J I M I N:

He has to perform for Hit The Stage and really wants you there as support. He even asks the staff to reserve a seat for you where the other boys are going to sit. However, you get really sick and can’t make it. He reassures you that it’s fine as long as you get better. But you know how nervous he gets before a show, always afraid he is going to make a mistakes. Being in your presence brings him confidence because you radiate with love and support. You worry that he will become a self-fulfilled prophecy. So you make a call.

On the day of his performance, he is enters his dressing room to get changed for his performance when he sees small vases of orange roses ornately placed around his dressing room vanity with a card taped on the mirror.

“I don’t need to see you to know that once again you were the best up there. I’ll be waiting to hear all about it soon.”

His cheeks pull up in a smile and hos face burns when he reads the card. He feels just as fuzzy and confident as he doesn’t when you are there. He asks the stylist to pin a rose to his shirt.

Orange Roses: Intense desire, pride, fervor, and can also convey a sense of fascination.

T A E H Y U N G:

You and him have been trying to have a kid for a while, but you always fail to get pregnant. You went to the doctors right when you two decided to try to have children, so you know that you are able to have a child and healthily carry it to full term. However, he couldn’t fit time into his busy schedule to go to the doctors. Since you two are have been having so much trouble he fears it’s his fault. He doesn’t think he will be able to take it if a doctor confirms it. Even though he hasn’t talked to you about it, you know that he’s blaming himself. You can see it in the way he can’t look you in the eyes for days when another test comes out negative. You won’t be seeing him this week because it would be easier on him to spend nights at the dorms than at your shared apartment due to his busier schedule. You don’t want him to stress himself out and possibly have it affect his work.

He arrives at the dorm late and is very eager to get a goods night rest. He hadn’t performed his best today and is frustrated at himself. He turns on the light and sees a bundle of blue irises set on the left side of his bed. The attached cards says:

“Don’t lose hope baby! We’ll have proof of our love soon enough.”

He can’t help but smile at the way you described your future child. They really will be the proof of your love, a part of both of you, and he will cherish you two with his entire being. Ten days later, you find out you’re pregnant.

Blue Iris: Faith and hope.

J U N G K O O K:

Some people say that video games are a waste of time, but for him, it is something that helps him distress and lets him act like the nineteen-year-old he is. When the Korean Office of Overwatch calls him, asking him to be the face of their team, he couldn’t be more than happy. He arrives there and they test him to see how good he is. After a few matches, they end up telling him that he is good but not good enough. He feels upset at this, he’s an idol, he doesn’t have the time to play the game as much as he’d like. When he gets home, he texts you. You are out of Seoul on a business trip and when he tells you about what happened, you call your favorite flower shop. He is in your apartment, where you knew he would be, playing Overwatch when the doorbell rings. He pauses the game, mainly because he doesn’t want to miss it if it’s an important package. Instead of a package there is a basket of gladioli hanging off the doorknob.

He takes the basket off the doorknob and reads the card hanging off the handle.

“No matter what you will always be my number one player.”

He giggles to himself and can’t stop smiling. He sets the basket next to him when he starts playing again and proceeds to destroy the competition.

Gladiolus: Strength of character or moral integrity, can also represent infatuation.

-Admin Goddessmoony & Admin Skittles

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“she’s a little heartbreaker,”
my mom said on a careless sunday afternoon
and I puffed up with pride
because how pretty must I be
to break a gentle boy’s heart
everyone always said I led you around
on a golden string
with my sweet voice
and my face too comparable to a painting
for you to deserve
they said I broke your heart
your dream girl runaway
but the truth is,
I never broke your heart
you broke it yourself
and you broke mine
and sure, you never led me around like a lost dog
but I did follow you like one
with my face too pretty and voice too sweet pining
after a boy too gentle and far too destructful
I told them I was a heartbreaker
because maybe it would make me feel a little less pathetic
when I chased after you
with a big hopeful smile
all over again
—  Miriam K, heartbreaker

Stone walls will fall
Young hearts will break
For so long
We’re so strong
We shine until we fade
But don’t stop burning

We the kings - Stone Walls


WAHHH F**K, I DIDN´T REALIZED THAT I HIT THE 1500 FOLLOWER MARK!! @_@ THANK YOU, YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE FOR LIKING MY SHI… MY BEAUTIFUL *cough* ART! :D Please, feel the love I send to every one of you through my mental powers <3

I am so sorry for not posting at all the last few days. But I am a bit… tired. Because it is SO HOT! You can cut the air with a knife!! -.-; So .. bäh. Not cool at all. + Work is … boring. So. BORING. BUT I have to be there. Thats not cool, too. I will be happy when I have a bit of a free time next week, so that I can be more active ;) But until then, here is a Albino-Kaneki. With. A. TREE! And a heart :D haha. 

Ah, and I wanted to confirm that I will maybe open a shop when I have my vacation on the end of august. I promise nothing. :b We will see if I have the confidence to make that step ^^ ~

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Holy crap! This is a lot of people following me now! I’d like to just say that I appreciate all of the people that send asks and interact with my posts! You all are great. This blog has been a bit of a side project for me and I never imagined I would acquire such a large sum of people who like my reblogs and posts (as infrequent as they are). Thanks so much everyone!

On to the follow forever!

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Anyway, thanks for reading everyone!

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Animes with a large yaoi fandom that are NOT yaoi/BL~

UPDATE: To the idiots who are actually flaming me, how cliche and illiterate can you get, it’s hilarious. 

I’m probably going to lose a shit ton of followers and get a lot of hate on especially on a bishies blog like this, but I’ve been thinking of making a post like this for a while and frankly, need to let this out of my chest. 


So to my disturbance but unsurprisingly, I noticed a lot of people who like anime, but have not seen the following animes I am about to list, thought they were shounen-ai, boys love or yaoi. Because of that, a lot of people avert from them dismissing the animes off as pure fanservice for crazy fangirls. 
I understand this because I was and still am one of those people who stayed away. 

But after having the pleasure of diving into actually watching/reading Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, Hunter x Hunter, K-Project, etc. you start realizing how damn deep these works of fiction are and you really enjoy the characters and plot once you zone out the fandoms. 

There is no yaoi or BL whatsoever and any fanservice added is simply added in the anime and is in no way canon to the original work, manga.

I won’t be mentioning sports animes or reverse harems cause they’re full of guys, the fandom is bound to be crazy over that so I’ve given up hope. 

Basically, I just want to be a bitch and crush fangirly dreams so this post is pretty much me proving to newcomers why these animes are not yaoi and the men are not ‘gay.’

Okay, if you hate this already, stop here, backspace, block me, whatever. If you agree, carry on.

If you do happen to carry on but don’t agree, DO NOT attempt to argue or fight with me on this. Sorry to say, but I’m not really that open-minded and I stand firm on my beliefs here so if you don’t agree, then don’t ever socialize with me. Everyone is happy. We’re good.


Let’s start with Durarara!!

Let’s start with the most popular and raging ship in that fandom. Shizaya.
Shizuo and Izaya have been confirmed that they feel only hate and dislike towards each other. They literally want to get rid of each other. That’s it. And somehow, that is interpreted as ‘love’ by fangirls. 
In any case, the author already answered that Izaya was ‘normal’ and that he ‘has his needs.’ In Japan, that equates to being a healthy, heterosexual male who has normal sexual urges now and then. 

Despite claiming to love all of humanity, Izaya does flirt with women a lot and even said how he wants to date one or a few of them when they threatened to kill him. 

Shizuo used to have a crush on an older woman who sold him milk. He was originally supposed to be paired up with Namie by the author. He is also ship teased with Vorona and she to him.

Never had Shizuo shown any interest in men. 


Now on to K-Project. 

Reisi has been canonically ship teased with Seri. Seri has been revealed to harbor a bit of a crush on him. 
Reisi has no other feelings towards Mikoto other than wanting him to take responsibilities as King and a comrade. Mikoto is 100% indifferent to everything aside from his clan and family. 

Yukari Mishakuji is beautiful. He talks femininely, use makeup and skin care products. He paints his nails and is obsessed with everything beautiful.

He also said that he would only date Nagare Hisui IF he was a girl. If that doesn’t not ring a bell, I don’t know what does. 


Let’s go on to the ever so famous Kuroshitsuji and its famous bullshit rumor about it being “supposed to be a yaoi.” 
A Japanese person runs a blog on this website responsible for translating Yana Toboso’s blog. 
She has already confirmed that literally, no one in Japan including the author herself know anything about that made up rumor. As time went by, the rumors only got worse to the point that even non-shippers believe it (like I stupidly did in the past)

Both Yana and her editor already said too many times that Sebastian and Ciel feel nothing for each other aside from business, hostility and distrust. Let’s also add that Yana had GFantasy publish Kuroshitsuji. A company that strictly prohibits yaoi and BL of any form.  

Ciel throughout the manga and especially in the latest chapters had only shown concern and love towards Elizabeth Midford. Ciel, a cold-hearted child obsessed with revenge was legitimately about to throw his life on the line when Lizzy was in danger during the Campania arc. 

Whether this can be interpreted romantically or platonically on Ciel’s part is more ambiguous, but there is no doubt that the two care greatly about each other. 

If Sebastian really had ‘feelings’ for Ciel like so many fangirls like to believe, he would definitely do everything in his OP demonic power to get rid of Lizzy and have Ciel for himself.

Instead, he actively teases Ciel and respects Lizzy as well as support their fiancee relationship. Any ‘feelings’ he has towards Ciel is that of a predator and his dinner. 
Sebastian also has a lot of fun interrogating women in certain, special ways. Something he has never shown interest in doing with men. 


Finally, Hunter x Hunter.

Ever since a shounen like HxH attracted female viewers, no doubt because of the generous amount of bishounens on there (Hisoka, Killua, Illumi, Chrollo, etc,) the yaoi fandom now dominates the place and Killua and Gon became the most popular ship.
Even more than canon ones like Meruem and Komugi. 

I have run across people who even said that Killua and Gon are canon and that there can be nothing to challenge that. (apparently fangirls think they own shit now)

Killua had said countlessly that Gon was his “dear friend.” To anyone with common sense, a friend is not the same thing as a lover lol. There is nothing between the two little boys aside from a beautiful friendship that often occurs between children and adolescents even if a website like tumblr might find this shocking.

Let’s finish this with Hisoka, a character that has much controversy recently regarding his sexuality ever since certain people including I headcanoned him heterosexual cause we can.
But because of that one simply headcanon, people I personally knew and I were attacked, harassed, badmouthed and mocked. 

Until Togashi or Ishida confirms anything, Hisoka is left ambiguous. 
That does not mean that we cannot analyze canon evidence however.

When it comes to every single male character in HxH (including Illumi and Chrollo, the two male characters often shipped with Hisoka,) Hisoka has only expressed desire to fight and eventually kill them. This stretched down to Hisoka’s only ‘friend,’ Illumi. He has absolutely no problem killing Killua just to earn Illumi’s wrath to have the opportunity to kill him.

Hisoka’s interest in fighting Chrollo turned into 100% indifference when he learned the Phantom Troupe leader could not use nen courtesy of Kurapika.
Gon is just another toy he wants ripened to have the pleasure of killing.

The only person Hisoka is intimate with, tried to sleep with, get a date with, shared his past and his abilities with is to the beautiful female character Machi.
This extends to the latest chapter of 357 where he seemingly spared her at least temporarily out of respect.

Even when Machi threatened to chase him down to the ends of the world to eradicate him when he playfully makes her choose between him and Chrollo, he seemed satisfied with that.


For Shingeki no Kyojin, the most popular pairing in the Western fandom is Eren and Levi.
In the Japanese fandom, the most popular ship is Eren and Mikasa.

While I’m at it, SNK’s author answered in a Q&A that he purposely wrote Levi to have an attraction towards Petra Ral. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my throwing shade analysis of the above yaoi-dominated animes. 

(Also, I own none of the drawings used.)

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Another prompt! YAY! I love your writing and I hope you can write the number 3. Thank you 💕

3. “Make me”  Again, thank you for 900+ followers! <3 :) I want to dedicate this drabble to @drchee5e, because you’re an awesome sweetheart and your comments on my writing always make my day. Thank you for being the amazing person you are! <3


Hiccup wasn’t expecting Astrid’s early morning visit the day after they’d returned to Berk. They’d each agreed to give each other some space for their short vacation away from the Edge, so seeing her was a surprise- a delightful surprise- but was none the less unexpected.

“Morning, Astrid.” He greeted with a smile. “Watcha doin’ here?”

“Nothing to do.” She explained, jumping up onto one of the old wooden tables, fiddling with one of the tools. “I was hoping you’d have some ideas- or maybe you’d like to take me on a flight.” She flashed a smile.

Hiccup tucked his notes under one arm, grabbing his arm gauntlets with the other and wrapping them tightly over his wrists, picking up the papers once more and waving them. “You know you’re supposed to be taking it easy- with your ankle and all.”

“Pssh.” Astrid grunted, “like I’m gonna let that slow me down.”

Hiccup sighed in exasperation, “Sometimes…” he muttered under his breath.

“Where’s Toothless?”

“That useless reptile baled on me, believe it or not. Hi-tailed it after Sven’s sheep- apparently they escaped again.”

Astrid chuckled and rocked back against the table, palms flat on the wood and head tilted to one side as she watched him. Hiccup smiled and continued his work, glad for the cool breeze that wafted through the open Forge from time to time. For once, the fires were out and the billows lazy, for Gobber had decided to take the day off and leave the Forge to whatever it was Hiccup needed it for, which it just so happened he had zero plans in the works- or at least, none that were ready. Spending time on a flight with Astrid sounded much much much more appealing then toiling in a sweaty Forge all day. He preferred to do that at night, when the air was near frigid.

“Have you seen the others?”

Astrid nodded nonchalantly, “Oh yes. I spotted the twins annoying your Dad-”

“Well, I’ll be hearing about that one tonight…” Hiccup groaned.

“-Snotlout going through the weapons, and Fishlegs flew off on Meatlug.”

Hiccup paused, turning to look at her suspicilously. “Please tell me you listened and did not go for a morning flight on Stormfly alone…”

She smiled slowly. “Maybe just a little one…”

Hiccup slammed the papers and charcoal onto the table, swinging about to stomp over to where she was seated. “Astrid!”

“I’m sorry!” She exclaimed- not sounding at all regretful, “but Stormfly was practically begging-”

“We all know that dragon loves to sleep in Astrid.”

“-that is besides the point! She wanted a flight… and who am I to deny her?”

Hiccup sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose, silently wondering if she’d ever listen to him. What if one day… when she was pregnant…

Oh gods, brain, shut up. 

…she’d probably never listen to him. He thought forbiddingly.

“Astrid, please…”

She huffed and crossed her arms, biting her lip before looking away, “I’m fine, Hiccup. A little twisted ankle isn’t going to keep me down, you know?”

He remained silent, mulling over this and finding it to be very much true. Ever since the lightning incident, she’d been more insistent. More… stupid wasn’t quite the word, but brash. Even after she’d tumbled off Stormfly and hurt her twisted her ankle badly, she refused help. Not even Hiccup’s. She’d forced herself to walk all the way back to her hut on her own, and only then did she let Hiccup help her bandage it.  

He understood, he really did. He’d felt much the same way after the Red Death, where all everyone wanted to do was help, and he just flat out didn’t want it. He wanted to prove his worth… while he still had the chance. Of course, his father, Toothless, Astrid, and the gang- the whole of Berk- had shown him he didn’t need to prove anything… but how was he going to do that with Astrid? 

She was so dang stubborn.

He moved forward and grabbed her arms gently, turning her to face him. He stared at her seriously, taking a deep breath before saying quietly, “Astrid, I need you to listen.”

“Stop treating me like a child.” She muttered with a deep frown.

“Sorry.” Hiccup said distractedly, “But I need you to hear this, okay?”


“Make me.” He teased lightly, hoping to lighten her mood. But she instead gave him a sharp look, before looking away and huffing angrily.

“Now… will you please listen?”

Her eyes went downcast, but she didn’t try to move away. Hiccup took that as permission, so once again picked up the pace.

“You don’t need to do this, Ast. You’re injured, and you do not need to act fine-”

“I am a warrior.” She looked up and jerked her chin defiantly. “Warrior’s don’t let anything stop them.”

“And you don’t have to.” Hiccup said, ducking his head so he could look up at her. “You can still be Fearless Astrid Hofferson without hurting yourself further. I should know- I went through the same things you did… remember?”

She looked away, “It’s not the same.” She protested. 

“Yes it is!” he pulled away, kneeling down so he could tap her ankle. “Just because you hurt yourself, does not mean you’re weak! It only means you’re human- which each and every single one of us are. ‘Every warrior must be taken down- just to prove they can get back up again’.” He quoted quietly, fingers brushing over the boot that covered the bandages beneath it. “And you do know you don’t need to prove anything to me, don’t you?”

She shuddered and looked down at him, sliding off the table to hug him fiercely. “What’ve I done to deserve you?” She muffled against his hair.

“Been yourself.” He replied softly. “You’ve been Astrid Hofferson, sweet, kind, loyal, brave, and strong.”

She laughed shakily. “You’re copying me- that’s what I called you.”

“-when I said I was weak. I want you to know, Astrid… you are everything but weak.”

“You copy cat.”

Hiccup grinned, but didn’t pull away. The hug was comfortable and felt right, so he did not wish to disturb the peaceful moment… she was starting to sound like herself again.

“You okay…?”

“Mhm, I am now.” She kissed his cheek. “Somehow… you always know how to fix everything…”

Wrap your arms soft around my shoulders, and I will tell you a story of the days that seem far away in a haze of yesterdays. The times when you knew my name, but you didn’t know my two favorite colors or the kind of cereal I like best or the way I sing to music when I clean. Back then, you just sort of existed, right? You thought I was nice, and I thought you were too. I cried a lot as time went on. When you became more than just an existence, I cried because I spat back your words of kindness and told you I cared more. You taught me that was bullshit though. You didn’t yell like I did, you taught me with soft words and long silences and calm hugs through my storms. You spoke of my worth, of my strength, and of my independence. You spoke of my existence without your love, how my worth would never waver when you could not say ‘I love you’ back. And when you finished those words, you left a little time to speak of your own love, so I might not forget that you did indeed love me. I was always a quick learner in school, but you were patient when I was not quick with you. You waited until my practiced words didn’t need practice anymore. When I told you I loved you without the rushing fear that you could never say it back. Those days seem so long ago. Now my ‘I love you’s are soft and warm, they slip out like water that was never meant to be controlled. I will tell you this story though because you forget your patience sometimes, and you forget all you have taught me. I have not forgotten, and if you choose to follow a different path that I am not on, I will still have not forgotten your lessons. That, I believe, is far more valuable than the lesson of my two favorite colors.
—  Miriam K

Wow! So I can’t believe I’ve hit this milestone, but I hit 1000 followers this week! When I first started this blog I thought I would be lucky to get even 200. I am so excited and happy to share fandom with all of you beautiful and wonderful people!

I have gone from being mostly Mass Effect to mostly Star Wars to mostly GoT content so I feel pretty lucky to still have so many awesome mutuals from across fandom! To celebrate my milestone and all of you, I decided to list and say something nice about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my gorgeous mutuals!

I put a couple of my ultra-faves up top first to give my best fandom friends their time to shine. After that it is alphabetical, but just know that I love and adore all of you so, so much.

I just want to thank everyone, mutuals, followers, and blogs I follow, for making this blog what it is and allowing me to share my thoughts and emotions with all of you. I am so happy to be here :’)

P.S. I will probably do some sort of small gif or drabble giveaway as well sometime in the next couple of days so keep a lookout for that!

@sweetorganza MY BEST FRIEND ON TUMBLR! The love of my life. I am so grateful for our friendship. I sometimes sit back and think that if I hadn’t had the courage to share my embarrassing boatsex fic, we never would have met. Talking to you every day keeps me sane and I thank the old gods and the new for helping me find another sassy Scorpio Jonerys lover who supports my writing, makes me laugh, and reminds me of what’s important. You’re seriously one of my favorite people in the world Jenn and one day when we’re rich retired ladies we’ll travel the world together sipping wine and reflecting on the war for Jonerys in 2017 hahaha <3

@oadara The queen of Jonerys and Dany defense. One of the first Dany-positive and Jonerys-positive blogs I found. I am so lucky to know you, Yara. You’re smart, you are kind and respectful, and you tirelessly defend our faves and our ship in an ocean of negativity. I’m so glad I met you here on tumblr and am so grateful to share in this ship with you. Being mutuals with you is an honor :D

@angels-are-robots One of my best friends from tumblr. I love you Jeannie! Thank you for beta-ing my atrocious writing and being a good and supportive listener and friend. I hope you are having fun at Comic Con because I am literally dying of jealousy haha. Long live Spider-Man and Jonerys friends XD

@ellimomo One of the kindest and most positive people on tumblr. The queen of reaction gifs and Jonerys AUs. Always supporting me and cheering me on. You’re beautiful inside and out EJ and I love you so much. Thanks for being a good friend.

@annabelleebythesea You make the most amazing gifs and I am so grateful for them. You showed me so many Jonerys parallels that I hadn’t even thought of during Jonerys week last year! I am so glad to share this fandom with you, Tiffany, and every time you say something nice on my gifs it makes me so happy because I aspire to your skills! So glad we are mutuals <3

@luvd80s2 One of my best Jonerys friends! I love chatting with you about our faves and our love for 90s hunks and alternative music haha. Keep being wonderful!

@batfleckwaynes I love your content! You make the coolest gifs and edits and your blog shows the best stuff in the DCEU. Cool url too!

@bellarkes100 We share two controversial OTPs haha. I love Bellarke and I’m so glad to have you in the Jonerys fandom with us XD

@blackfyre-queen We have only been mutuals for a short time, but I am always happy to see notes from you! I love your beautiful icon and that URL—SO COOL!

@blackleias One of my favorite blogs. Epic mix of discourse and humor, and we both love Star Wars, GoT, and a lot of the same ships. You’re amazing.

@blue-roses-in-a-wall-of-ice You are the actual sweetest! And such a good writer. I will never stop being amazed that you’re a young whipper snapper, because you are wise beyond your years. You have a great future in writing ahead of you. I just know it. Your fics are a gift to our fandom!

@cataclismnoir A great blog! Thanks for supporting my content and loving Jonerys with me!

@clairelessly One of my favorite humans. We just became friends this year but already I feel so close to you and trust you so much. You make me smile all the time and I am so grateful that Alex worked with you so that we could meet. You’re a beautiful person in every single way. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

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@daisysy You make my blog feel so loved! I always love getting notes from you on my answers! And I love your blog too and your awesome icon. Long live Emilia love <3

@danykinkfic The official Jonerys stand-up comic. Makes me actually lol at least once a day. You writes great fanfic and are a good friend :)

@doublehex The king of snark. I can never tell how you really feel about anything but I know that most of the time it’s good haha. You’re a good writer, a fierce defender of Jonerys, and some I’m happy to share this fandom with. It turns out we don’t disagree on everything.

@dreamofspring My favorite GoT gif maker. I love your trademark style, your colorings, your fonts. You are the actual best. I am so honored that one of my favorite blogs ever follows me haha. And it always makes me happy when you share my content on one of the fandom blogs you’re a member of!

@elephantirrelephant One of the hottest women in the world. The queen of Hannibal discourse. A cinnamon roll of perfection.

@eliamartvll Okay I mean this when I say it—you are the nicest person I have met on this website haha. I have never seen a negative thing from you, only kindness and love for every person and ship in this fandom. You are a gift and ilysm.

@emison-evak New follower but I love love love your blog! You have the funniest and most excited reactions to Jonerys, just like me. I love reading your asks and answers :D

@fbdarkangel I never get to hear from you but I always love seeing you on my dash! We share a lot of the same fandoms and I am so happy we are mutuals!

@gendryatrash One of the nicest people I know. You leave nice comments on my embarrassing selfies and I am so blessed to know you haha. I love Gendrya and all of your Gendrya content. You’re amazing.

@gendryxaryatrash A great blog. I love your Gendrya content!

@gera-3-blog Weirdly enough the first time I saw the boatsex leak wasn’t even reddit. It was your blog with the flailing Kermit gif hahaha. I instantly followed you and then wrote my first Jonerys fanfic. I’m so glad we love BioWare and Jonerys together <3

@guileandgall Another one of my oldest and fave mutuals! Even though my content has changed so much I’m honored you still follow me. I love your writing and your BioWare stuff. You’re a great writer and a good friend and you’re always positive and nice to everyone!

@heylowday You make the cutests sort of fanfic/gifset hybrids for Jon and Dany and I love them! The one of Jon introducing Dany and Sansa was SO SWEET. I love them :D

@hileywwe Always able to make me laugh. A hardcore Jonerys defender and hilarious women I adore.

@i-likecalibrations We’ve been mutual so for long now! I hardly ever post Mass Effect anymore so I am so honored and grateful that you still follow me. I still love your blog!

@insomniarama Honestly one of my favorite people on my dash. You are the khaleesi of funny and interesting tags and like your descriptions says, you have some quality shitposts haha. Excited to watch your live blog of the episode tomorrow night XD

@jon-snuuu A fellow Jonerys lover and defender. I love sharing this fandom with you and you’re blog is wonderful!

@jonvalyrian Badass url and wonderful blog. I am a proud follower haha and love seeing notes from you on my content!

@junsnuh One of my fav mutuals. Thanks for always giving interesting input on my posts and also for giving me a laugh with that icon haha.

@jxlight Your art is so good and I miss it so much. Please make more Nat I miss you!

​ Such a nice person and great blog. Your blog title is very fitting for you because you seem to be a multi-shipper who treats EVERYONE with respect and kindness. It’s rare and I’m so glad we have kind souls like you in the fandom. Also it always makes my day when your reblog my mediocre gifs and tag it “beautiful edit.” You’re kind of the best <3

@khaleesiwhitewolf I love seeing the funny stuff you add in reblogs haha. Glad you love Jonerys with us <3

@ktwrites One of my first Jonerys mutuals! I love having you in the JonerysChat! You’re so friendly and kind and I love talking fandom with you!

@lightning—farron You’re awesome! I’ve seen your edits in the tag for months so I was thrilled to get a follower from you. Cool url, too! Love Final Fantasy.

@lindsattt My friend in real life. Spent too long in China so now I am sad. I miss you and hope I can see you for the wedding. Love you forever.

@lizstargaryen Such a sweetie! I love seeing your commentary on Jonerys and your side blog is great! So glad we have you in our ship.

@maitsiak Another one of my real-life friends who is trusted enough to see my trash side. I know nothing about K-Pop or K-Dramas but everything on your blog is adorable, as are you. I love you so very much. You’re an angel.

@misshoneywheeler The person I can go to when the wank is too much to bear haha. Thanks for tolerating me and providing pep talks sometimes. You write freaking amazing fics, too. Oh and I love your blog and all the beautiful people on it.

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@mrsharington You’re so kind! I love seeing you on my dash and in my notes, and I love your delicious Kit content haha.

@msariayoureakiller The queen of my inbox hehe. I love getting asks from you. They are always so interesting and you give me such great ideas and valuable insights. And you do all of this as yourself instead of anon so I know who to thank for the awesome discussions. So grateful to have you as a follower!

@mudinyourlungs Idk how you got left off the first time! I am so sorry! But you know I love your blog and your analysis of Dany and Jon! You’re smart and you take no shit haha. I love it <3

@naerysv Thanks for doing so much for our fandom! I love our JonerysFics and JonerysOnline blogs so thanks for all you do! You’re the best! Your blog is so beautiful! I’ve been following for a long time and I am

@princessdany One of my fave blogs! Your edits are great and your blog is so cute. You’re the best <3

@repeat-script Love talking with you about Jonerys and sharing your love of Jon. You’re the best!

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@she-3p0 This is my real-life best friend guys. She never uses tumblr but I’m including her because she’s one of the most important people in my world, my maid of honor, my closest friend, and one of the only people from my real life who has access to my embarrassing fangirl side hahaha.

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@unapologeticreylotrash I am so honored that you still follow me even though I am a primaril GOT blog which has nothing to do with ours haha. I love your Reylo content and your sense of humor. I hope we get some Reylo love in The Last Jed!

@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl One of my top favorite GoT blogs. Your tags are always hilarious and your content is such high quality. And your writing! That Jonerys fic you wrote for the contest gave me LIFE. I love following you so much :D

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so in honor of valentine’s day (and reaching my goal of 500 followers!!), i just want to say thank you to all of u who follow me for being so lovely and kind. you’ve made being on this website really fun. i especially wanted to send all my mutuals an extra bit of love tho because i think you’re all amazing and i’ve loved getting to know you and/or seeing ur beautiful blogs ❤︎❤︎

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Thinking Bout You (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)

Hey everyone! Thank you for 300+ followers!!! Yay! This is an imagine based off of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite people. Sorry I haven’t been writing lately, I’ve been stuck in drivers ed (it’s hella boring). This fic is based off of the song ‘Thinking Bout You’ by Ariana Grande (I’m a huge Arianator). I hope you guys enjoy. I love you guys! Hollanders for the win <3
(P.S. does anybody else watch the Saw movies? Cause I really like them. I think I might be a crazy bitch because of it so hopefully someone else watches them too.)

- Xoxo K


There was a silence in the room. It wasn’t normal, it was unfamiliar to you. The tv was on, but it was still silent to you. It was lacking the discussions about nerdy movies, the cheesy jokes, and the never ending laughter that you were used to. You weren’t dead, but you didn’t feel alive. You weren’t gone, but you didn’t feel there. You weren’t dumb, but you didn’t have an easy time keeping your grades up. You missed him. He was all you could think about ever since he left for Germany. You knew he was taking his duties as Spider-Man to the next level and that was what he wanted, but you still found it hard to be without him, even for a few days. The trip was so abrupt, so sudden that you didn’t have much time to say goodbye, and you didn’t even get to see each other before he left. You just kept getting thoughts in your head about him. Your thoughts went to his messy hair, the way his arms wrapped around your frame when he held you. There was just no way to forget him, not for even a week. Not a week, not a day, not an hour, not a second. You knew that nobody could love you the way that he did. The way his loving could make your eyes roll back, the way he would make you arch your back. You moved to your bedroom, making your way over to your desk by your window. You picked up a picture of you and Peter at an ice cream shop in Queens. Somehow things turned into an ice cream war and both of you ended up laughing with ice cream all over your faces. The memory of that day made a smile tug at the corners of your mouth as you ran your hand over the framed image. “I just wish you’d hurry up and come back.” You whispered to yourself, admiring the adorable photo. You didn’t have him here with you but at least you had the memory. You tried to sleep, but just as all the other nights, you couldn’t. You tried, but you couldn’t make it through the night. You just couldn’t control your mind from going back to him. You checked the clock. Midnight. You sat up in bed, getting up and walking to your window. You step foot on the fire escape and approach the edge, standing with your arms over the rails, just watching the city. You turn your head to the side and notice a light in Peter’s apartment. The light to his room was on. You were excited. Incredibly excited. Your heart was racing a million beats per second and you quickly climbed over the window sill and back into your room, rushing out the front door of your apartment.

(Peep my favorite gif ever… y'all know why)

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an analysis of jughead's dream~

so, the opening sequence of 1x07, ‘in a lonely place’ was jughead having a dream in which him and betty were a married couple, and he’s in a happy family with the coopers. 

he seems really skeptical. like he’s finally getting a moment to not feel sad and that doesn’t seem quite right.

then his dad’s drinking infiltrated this happiness.

all of a sudden, everything went sour, the dream seemed too sickly sweet. something wasn’t right. then, the knife jughead was holding, was in archie’s back.

essentially, he feels guilty. he thinks that in his getting close to betty, he’s stabbed archie in the back. literally.

he also believes that he doesn’t deserve the happiness of being with betty. like it or not, he really does have feelings for her right now.

jughead carries the weight of everyone else’s problems constantly. he’s homeless and his dad is alcoholic and he hasn’t seen his sister in what we can assume is months/years. yet he’s so there for everyone.

essentially, this dream was just a little look into jughead’s thoughts and feelings, and the more involved he gets with betty, the more the guilt seems to consume him. he really does feel like he stabbed archie in the back.

tl;dr: protect my son k thanks

so yeah that sums it up for today’s long, wordy post. i know ive been doing a lot of these lately, but it’s because ive been sourcing images for aesthetics, and i need to put them together. and i’ve only just now started doing the long posts again. i’m doing my best to use gifs and break up the text though.

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Hello, I was wondering how did Baekhyun become your bias? Also what member do you wish would stay in his lane?

he breathed

No but fr, when I first discovered EXO I remember hating his guts because around that time (early 2014) he was just really hated by a lot of people and since I’ve never been in a K-Pop fandom before, or any fandom like the K-Pop fandom (because EXO are the first singers I ever actually followed and loved) I just went along with the crowd. I remember my thought process was “Oh, everyone hates him, they must hate him for a reason.”

So basically, I really hated his guts for like a good six to seven months, maybe more. I found him annoying, rude and couldn’t stand him. But the ironic thing is I watched Weekly Idol with EXO before I even knew their names or faces and I remember thinking how absolutely gorgeous Baekhyun was when he did the aegyo version of Wolf and I thought he was he cutest little thing. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW HIS NAME OR RECOGNISE HIS FACE SO I JUST COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT. Then, I decided to watch Weekly Idol again since I knew them better at that point and could understand jokes more. Then Baekhyun did the Wolf aegyo and I was like “WHAT?? THAT’S BAEKHYUN?? HUH?!”

At that point I was like “Okay…well that was Baekhyun but…why do I hate Baekhyun again?” and I ended up looking up everything about Baekhyun, and I mean EVERYTHING about Baekhyun and I couldn’t find ONE reason to hate him at all. I couldn’t believe how absolutely ignorant and assuming I had been to pin him as a bad person and after that my love for Baekhyun just grew since I’d spend a few hours of every day looking up things about him. I still wouldn’t admit he was my bias though because I knew how my friend would tease me for hating him one minute then absolutely ADORING him the next. It was at the EXO concert I went to in December last year that I finally admitted to myself and my best friend that I was a Baekhyun biased and she admitted she was a Kyungsoo biased too (because she said she biased Kai) and we ended up, like, crying together asdfg.

ANYWAY I learnt a valuable lesson from that, so now I’m wary as ever in this fandom. Every time I see or hear things I never let them immediately influence my view on an idol until I’ve checked into things myself and confirmed whether their reliable sources or not. Because of that I’m stuck loving Baekhyun for probably the rest of eternity because he is now my son.

And I wanna say I wish Kris could stay in his lane cause god dammit fuck do I love that man, but for members who are still in EXO? Chen definitely needs to stay in his damn lane cause that boy is hoooooo. But I can confirm no one will ever knock Baekhyun out of that top spot.

^^this me with Baekhyun^^

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I agree with that anon. I don't know how you do it? I stress out trying to keep up with BTS as it is and end up giving up because wow, I'm slow and can't keep up with groups as it is. But thanks to you guys I can easily keep up. Thanks a bunch! 💞 Sleep well and have a lovely night and day!

To be honest, BTS is basically my only group that I follow intensely. Other than that I follow DPR LIVE, DEAN, and a few other k-hiphop and k-rnb artists, but no other groups that intensely. Of course I listen to other groups though~ For BTS I do anything… I ended up sitting in one chair posting for BBMAs for ten hours, but you gotta do what you gotta do LOL. Thank you so much for this message. Glad we can help you guys out!
- Kylie