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If you’re going to leave my life, at least close the door behind you. Because the cold winds still rush through the door and linger around my home, leaving an eerie chill that just reminds me of you. And of course I get curious so from time to time, I follow the footsteps you left behind and each time I see you, you seem perfectly fine.
—  K. Swann
an analysis of jughead's dream~

so, the opening sequence of 1x07, ‘in a lonely place’ was jughead having a dream in which him and betty were a married couple, and he’s in a happy family with the coopers. 

he seems really skeptical. like he’s finally getting a moment to not feel sad and that doesn’t seem quite right.

then his dad’s drinking infiltrated this happiness.

all of a sudden, everything went sour, the dream seemed too sickly sweet. something wasn’t right. then, the knife jughead was holding, was in archie’s back.

essentially, he feels guilty. he thinks that in his getting close to betty, he’s stabbed archie in the back. literally.

he also believes that he doesn’t deserve the happiness of being with betty. like it or not, he really does have feelings for her right now.

jughead carries the weight of everyone else’s problems constantly. he’s homeless and his dad is alcoholic and he hasn’t seen his sister in what we can assume is months/years. yet he’s so there for everyone.

essentially, this dream was just a little look into jughead’s thoughts and feelings, and the more involved he gets with betty, the more the guilt seems to consume him. he really does feel like he stabbed archie in the back.

tl;dr: protect my son k thanks

so yeah that sums it up for today’s long, wordy post. i know ive been doing a lot of these lately, but it’s because ive been sourcing images for aesthetics, and i need to put them together. and i’ve only just now started doing the long posts again. i’m doing my best to use gifs and break up the text though.

the follower count on this blog is insane. i gain literally 50 new followers a damn day and its amazing. i love all of you. stay tuned for more aesthetics and stuff? i guess?
i take requests for aesthetics, and i love reading you guys’ theories, so send them to me!

xoxo, v

so in honor of valentine’s day (and reaching my goal of 500 followers!!), i just want to say thank you to all of u who follow me for being so lovely and kind. you’ve made being on this website really fun. i especially wanted to send all my mutuals an extra bit of love tho because i think you’re all amazing and i’ve loved getting to know you and/or seeing ur beautiful blogs ❤︎❤︎

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since I am near 2.5 I decided to make a mutuals appreciation post for all the lovely people I learn from every day ♥ I hope I don’t forget anyone because tumblr can be funny

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(just ignore the shitty banner) I just reached 100 followers (yeah!), and i know that it might be not much to blogs with 3000 or more, but for me it’s something really big. I’m so happy right know( i’m literally dancing lol), i truly appreciate it that you all decided my blog is worth following and i’m so thankful for it♡♡♡

To celebrate this a little bit i thought i’d my first follow forever! Here are a few blogs and people that i absolutely admire and which you should definitely follow because they’re great and i love them
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Could you possibly name these mutuals? I'm looking for more people to follow 😁

Hehe sure! Prepare for a super long list though because I’m just gonna list all my mutuals <3 (I’m sorry if I miss anyone, I promise I still love you!)

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They’re all amazing blogs and people! Most are either jikook or sugakookie blogs, but also writers, giffers, informants, theorists, just a lot of great people! Go check some out if you’d like ^-^

Animes with a large yaoi fandom that are NOT yaoi/BL~

UPDATE: To the idiots who are actually flaming me, how cliche and illiterate can you get, it’s hilarious. 

I’m probably going to lose a shit ton of followers and get a lot of hate on especially on a bishies blog like this, but I’ve been thinking of making a post like this for a while and frankly, need to let this out of my chest. 


So to my disturbance but unsurprisingly, I noticed a lot of people who like anime, but have not seen the following animes I am about to list, thought they were shounen-ai, boys love or yaoi. Because of that, a lot of people avert from them dismissing the animes off as pure fanservice for crazy fangirls. 
I understand this because I was and still am one of those people who stayed away. 

But after having the pleasure of diving into actually watching/reading Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, Hunter x Hunter, K-Project, etc. you start realizing how damn deep these works of fiction are and you really enjoy the characters and plot once you zone out the fandoms. 

There is no yaoi or BL whatsoever and any fanservice added is simply added in the anime and is in no way canon to the original work, manga.

I won’t be mentioning sports animes or reverse harems cause they’re full of guys, the fandom is bound to be crazy over that so I’ve given up hope. 

Basically, I just want to be a bitch and crush fangirly dreams so this post is pretty much me proving to newcomers why these animes are not yaoi and the men are not ‘gay.’

Okay, if you hate this already, stop here, backspace, block me, whatever. If you agree, carry on.

If you do happen to carry on but don’t agree, DO NOT attempt to argue or fight with me on this. Sorry to say, but I’m not really that open-minded and I stand firm on my beliefs here so if you don’t agree, then don’t ever socialize with me. Everyone is happy. We’re good.


Let’s start with Durarara!!

Let’s start with the most popular and raging ship in that fandom. Shizaya.
Shizuo and Izaya have been confirmed that they feel only hate and dislike towards each other. They literally want to get rid of each other. That’s it. And somehow, that is interpreted as ‘love’ by fangirls. 
In any case, the author already answered that Izaya was ‘normal’ and that he ‘has his needs.’ In Japan, that equates to being a healthy, heterosexual male who has normal sexual urges now and then. 

Despite claiming to love all of humanity, Izaya does flirt with women a lot and even said how he wants to date one or a few of them when they threatened to kill him. 

Shizuo used to have a crush on an older woman who sold him milk. He was originally supposed to be paired up with Namie by the author. He is also ship teased with Vorona and she to him.

Never had Shizuo shown any interest in men. 


Now on to K-Project. 

Reisi has been canonically ship teased with Seri. Seri has been revealed to harbor a bit of a crush on him. 
Reisi has no other feelings towards Mikoto other than wanting him to take responsibilities as King and a comrade. Mikoto is 100% indifferent to everything aside from his clan and family. 

Yukari Mishakuji is beautiful. He talks femininely, use makeup and skin care products. He paints his nails and is obsessed with everything beautiful.

He also said that he would only date Nagare Hisui IF he was a girl. If that doesn’t not ring a bell, I don’t know what does. 


Let’s go on to the ever so famous Kuroshitsuji and its famous bullshit rumor about it being “supposed to be a yaoi.” 
A Japanese person runs a blog on this website responsible for translating Yana Toboso’s blog. 
She has already confirmed that literally, no one in Japan including the author herself know anything about that made up rumor. As time went by, the rumors only got worse to the point that even non-shippers believe it (like I stupidly did in the past)

Both Yana and her editor already said too many times that Sebastian and Ciel feel nothing for each other aside from business, hostility and distrust. Let’s also add that Yana had GFantasy publish Kuroshitsuji. A company that strictly prohibits yaoi and BL of any form.  

Ciel throughout the manga and especially in the latest chapters had only shown concern and love towards Elizabeth Midford. Ciel, a cold-hearted child obsessed with revenge was legitimately about to throw his life on the line when Lizzy was in danger during the Campania arc. 

Whether this can be interpreted romantically or platonically on Ciel’s part is more ambiguous, but there is no doubt that the two care greatly about each other. 

If Sebastian really had ‘feelings’ for Ciel like so many fangirls like to believe, he would definitely do everything in his OP demonic power to get rid of Lizzy and have Ciel for himself.

Instead, he actively teases Ciel and respects Lizzy as well as support their fiancee relationship. Any ‘feelings’ he has towards Ciel is that of a predator and his dinner. 
Sebastian also has a lot of fun interrogating women in certain, special ways. Something he has never shown interest in doing with men. 


Finally, Hunter x Hunter.

Ever since a shounen like HxH attracted female viewers, no doubt because of the generous amount of bishounens on there (Hisoka, Killua, Illumi, Chrollo, etc,) the yaoi fandom now dominates the place and Killua and Gon became the most popular ship.
Even more than canon ones like Meruem and Komugi. 

I have run across people who even said that Killua and Gon are canon and that there can be nothing to challenge that. (apparently fangirls think they own shit now)

Killua had said countlessly that Gon was his “dear friend.” To anyone with common sense, a friend is not the same thing as a lover lol. There is nothing between the two little boys aside from a beautiful friendship that often occurs between children and adolescents even if a website like tumblr might find this shocking.

Let’s finish this with Hisoka, a character that has much controversy recently regarding his sexuality ever since certain people including I headcanoned him heterosexual cause we can.
But because of that one simply headcanon, people I personally knew and I were attacked, harassed, badmouthed and mocked. 

Until Togashi or Ishida confirms anything, Hisoka is left ambiguous. 
That does not mean that we cannot analyze canon evidence however.

When it comes to every single male character in HxH (including Illumi and Chrollo, the two male characters often shipped with Hisoka,) Hisoka has only expressed desire to fight and eventually kill them. This stretched down to Hisoka’s only ‘friend,’ Illumi. He has absolutely no problem killing Killua just to earn Illumi’s wrath to have the opportunity to kill him.

Hisoka’s interest in fighting Chrollo turned into 100% indifference when he learned the Phantom Troupe leader could not use nen courtesy of Kurapika.
Gon is just another toy he wants ripened to have the pleasure of killing.

The only person Hisoka is intimate with, tried to sleep with, get a date with, shared his past and his abilities with is to the beautiful female character Machi.
This extends to the latest chapter of 357 where he seemingly spared her at least temporarily out of respect.

Even when Machi threatened to chase him down to the ends of the world to eradicate him when he playfully makes her choose between him and Chrollo, he seemed satisfied with that.


For Shingeki no Kyojin, the most popular pairing in the Western fandom is Eren and Levi.
In the Japanese fandom, the most popular ship is Eren and Mikasa.

While I’m at it, SNK’s author answered in a Q&A that he purposely wrote Levi to have an attraction towards Petra Ral. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my throwing shade analysis of the above yaoi-dominated animes. 

(Also, I own none of the drawings used.)

~to those wondering why my ask box is closed~
uhhhh i’m about 1 month away from AP testing so the time has come for me to rly crack down and STUDY (a.k.a start the textbook but whatever lmao) so I closed the ask box for now because i don’t want you guys to leave me asks & I don’t answer them for days bc I’m so busy u guys deserve better !!!!! this next month will be hectic but as soon as testing is over I promise I’ll open the ask box up again!!!!!!!!!
feel free to message me tho i respond much quicker
thank u guys for understanding ilysm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤❤️❤️

Hi everyone!

A huge milestone has been reached for my blog, so I decided to do a follow forever. I hit 2,500 followers (I never thought that I will gain that many)!  Thank you guys so so much for following me! So here are some great blogs that I would highly recommend following. Give them a follow because i love all of them :)


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First of all, sorry for this super cheesy edit! I just can’t help but use this classic line! ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Happy 45th day of the year of the Gregorian calendar (aka February 14, aka Valentine’s Day)!

Here’s a shout out to all my lovely mutuals and followers, especially:

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Whether you celebrate this “special” occasion or not, please know that I don’t, but I’m still going to send you guys lots of positive vibes + virtual xoxo. Because you deserve it!

Daisuki da yo,
Yukina ❤ 

P.S. Due to the time differences, I am just going to post this today (Feb 13 on my end) (>ω^)〜☆

kylamaknae’s 1k follow forever!

im still in shock that i passed 1k…thank you guys so so much! to celebrate this i thought i’d do my second ever follow forever! i did my first one at 100 so i think this would be a good follow up :) 

all of these blogs are absolutely amazing! unfortunately there aren’t that many because i don’t follow a lot of blogs in general, i try to keep my dash mainly pristin only but there are some multifandom blogs which i adore so there are some non-pristin blogs on here as well!  

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*this includes everyone in pristin net (love you all to the moon and back <33)

okay now i have to say thank you guys again so so much!! i can’t believe i reached 1k in only three and a half months, i’m just girl group trash who’s in love with all of pristin so thank you guys for putting up with me! i’ve met so many amazing people and i love all of my friends/mutuals so so much, thank you guys for making my time here so far so wonderful and i hope that we can continue to love and support our girls together in the future!

New series inspired by, but not in, the Slender Man Mythos

(posting again because I’m not 100% sure my posts are showing up in tags at all - new blog) 

 Hi Slenderverse! I feel a little weird posting this here (it feels like a cry for attention instead of promotion, tbh), but in case anybody is looking for some new series’ to check out, I thought I’d post a link to mine here! I probably won’t do that a lot, since it really does feel like begging for views, but once or twice to get the word out can’t hurt! 

 It’s really a hobby project I started last year inspired by all the crazy cool stuff that’s been made in the Slenderverse, particularly by Marble Hornets, Tribetwelve, and Everymanhybrid. I’ve always admired the work those guys did ever since I found the mythos in 2011, and they inspired me to create something of my own. After 6 years I finally have something semi-together! It’s not finished, for sure, but there are 6 episodes up so far! I posted a new one today!

 I should say outright: THERE IS NO SLENDER MAN IN THIS SERIES. NOR THE RAKE. OR ANYTHING IN THAT CANON. So in case that’s what you were lookin’ for, then sorry. I felt like there were so many great ones that I wanted to create something entirely original. 

 I’m gonna be honest with y’all, its not perfect. It can be really cringey and bad sometimes, I know, but I tried my best to take some of the classic Slenderverse tropes and rework them in a new way. It’s really just an outlet for me to practice my vfx and storytelling skills in a way that won’t be directly connected to my actual professional work. And it’s a hobby, so I can’t always guarantee regular updating. My major in college takes up a lot more of my time than I ever expected it to. If this series actually doesn’t suck (like I’m expecting it to, lol) then I will have told a short story that actually holds a lot more meaning (and means a lot to me personally) than it initially seems.

 So, if you’re interested, here’s my little webseries tribute to my love of the Slenderverse and horror ARGs. If you do decide to click the link, then welcome to the trash fire, and I hope you have fun meeting mary, she’s a character.

 note: this blog is the out-of-game source for the series - so feel free to give it a follow for occasional behind the scenes dorkiness. Lots of love, k.

(edit: put in a new link because i too was getting a broken link.. thanks tumblr..)

Happy Birthday, Nakta!

Shin Yooncheol, you absolute beauty, how to put into words my love for you.

Unappreciated doesn’t even begin to describe you. You know what’s unappreciated? Kiwis. Umbrella hats. Things everyone knows about and they just don’t do anything about it. 

I’m afraid people don’t know you. I’m afraid some people will never know the way you love your members, that they’ll be deprived of you whining that your dongsaengs don’t respect you, and the next second, you hugging them because you are such a soft soul it hurts me. 

It seems like people only know you to be the tall one. They don’t seem to know you’re also the producer one, the amazing vocalist one, the team support one, the intense performer one, the robot actor one. They don’t seem to know that you could be anything, that you could be so much more just off raw talent. 

You always seem to be the forgotten one, and I really want you to know that even if not enough people see you, the people who do are inspired. The people who do learn how to have compassion, how to actually, really care for others without expecting anything in return. You show us how to work hard without killing ourselves, show us how talent isn’t everything. You show us that sometimes working hard can get you twice as far as a gift and that means everything to me. 

Shin Yooncheol, I’m going to say this right now, you are so soft. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. You are so painfully self aware, so gentle in your words and actions and so conscious of their effect on others. Sometimes I wonder how someone can be so in touch with so many people’s feelings. 

Other times I just figure, is there anything you can’t do, honestly? Is there anything about you that isn’t strikingly deserving of love? 

I want you to know you are loved. I want you to know that even if not everyone knows your name you are not forgotten. You are starkly present, you have carved your signature into everyone who has ever known you and you will continue to, because people will continue to discover you as I and so many others have. 

Because if people like you don’t get recognized, people who don’t ask for recognition, who give, and give more than they have, people who follow their dreams without even considering someone might follow them, then do any of us really have hope?

Happy 24th birthday, Nakta. This year, we’ll try once again to give you everything you deserve, and once again we’ll fall short. And we’ll always fall short, because you deserve more than anyone will ever be able to give you.

Even though the thought of that hurts, we fucking love you. 

So I really hope I haven’t missed anyone (probably lots though :() but I think I’ve finally got an accurate-ish list of my favourite tumblrs. These people are my aesthetic resources, gay angels, and beautiful, crazy talented and lovely people who I am so glad to know, even if we’ve never talked at all! If you’re following me, thank you so much, because I’m a piece of gay, petty trash, but especially to these people, thank you, because if you’re on here you have made a difference in my life, and made my tumblr experience lovely and safe and supportive, and are people I look up to and will support in return + have spectacular content
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(Only like a handful of these people are mutuals so everyone else is going to be like ‘tf is this??“ lol)
Thank you for everything so far, kids!!


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a good piece of art should raise questions but not answer questions about race, culture, character, and nation. 

that’s why I love The 100. it raises these questions without providing clear answers (not so far at least, and i hope they never do). 

this means no single person’s interpretation or conclusion to the authors’ intent is absolutely true. 

be critical readers, my followers. don’t trust that I nor any other meta writer has the “right” interpretation.

let’s learn to be comfortable with our different interpretations and focuses, not condemn or belittle these differences, k?  let’s learn to be comfortable with raising questions more than being “right,” because no one on here is 100% “right.” 

Hey! I recently hit 400+ followers here and I never really made one of these but I  love all my mutuals and cool blogs, and decided to make one because you guys are always so nice to me and your blogs are nice! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

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Bake it in the Oven For Baby and Me - lumosinlove, protectnevillelongbottom - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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So Hazel ( @lumosinlove ) and I collaborated on a little something because I have an unhealthy obsession with bakery AUs, she has an unhealthy obsession with Wolfstar, and we both love our followers and friends so very much. 

If you guys wanted to give it a little read, that would be amazing and much appreciated. The smut to story ratio is like 3:1 because we have no chill.

Hefty and Sickly’s Smurftastic Story (ch. 1)

I can’t believe Tumblr has a smurf fanbase so I mean I really hope you guys might like some gay smurfs fanfiction. This is a story about Hefty and Sickly Smurf, two characters who never interacted a single time but…I think they would be good for each other. If y’all follow me then you know that I love Sickly Smurf with every fiber of my being!!

This one…hopefully doesn’t have typos lmao. I tried to go with the theme of the cartoon rather than the movies, just since there were character differences and stuff? Like Vanity could totally be a dick in the cartoon so…that’s expressed here lol. SO ANYWAY….let me know if you like this because I am so excited to share!! (also please imagine Narrator Smurf telling the story if you want to k thanks!!)

The Smurfs were a people unlike any that humans had ever seen before.

They were small, only three apples tall, and had skin the color the cleanest sky. They were a peaceful people who didn’t believe in the violence that humans relied on so. They loved one another. They lived in complete harmony.

Well….they were supposed to, anyway. 

But this story isn’t about all the tiny, tree-hugging Smurfs. Oh, no, this story is about only two of the Smurfs, two little fellows that I’m sure you will learn to cheer on in their budding love.

But more about that love madness in a bit. For now, let’s see what our two new friends are up to where our story begins, on a lovely day in mid-October…

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