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We decided to do that [having friends as special guest on 1989 World Tour] because theres a song called ‘Style’ where the performance in the show is actually more of a runway, you have the dancers strutting down the runway. Like a lot of my friends are really great runway models and that’s their job. And they come out to the shows and I know my fans would love to see them… I wonder if we could have them walk it like a runway show. Cara did it, Martha Hunt did it, Gigi Hadid did it, this great actress from Law and Order Mariska Hargitay did it. And I just want to keep it up, I think it’s fun to have people pop up and make special guest appearances on the tour even if they’re not musicians.

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sorry im late!! but rosemary rue and sage if youre still doing them :^))

thank u el :-) 

rosemary: what cartoons did you grow up with?

we’ve never had cable, so i used to watch a lot of pbs kids shows!! like cyberchase and arthur and even martha speaks. i still watch them if they’re on lol

rue: forest or field?

generally i like a good forest, i love trees and the shade and the sun and the natural shelter of a forest. it just feels right to be in a forest. fields are fun because you can run around but there’s no competing with a nice wood (do not make a dick joke djflkdsjf)

sage: greek god/goddess you relate most to?

hum i’m not sure!! i’m not going to lie and tell you i didn’t grow up on percy jackson. i totally did and all my opinions of the gods are super biased towards rick’s writing of them. a bit of artemis because she’s a huge lesbian, but maybe more demeter because i have mood swings and i like to make things grow (not that im good at it, hence my failed garden last summer but at least i got some really good broccoli from it)

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We decided to do that because theres a song called ‘Style’ where the performance in the show is actually more of a runway, you have the dancers strutting down the runway. Like a lot of my friends are really great runway models and that’s their job. And they come out to the shows and I know my fans would love to see them… I wonder if we could have them walk it like a runway show. Cara did it, Martha Hunt did it, Gigi Hadid did it, this great actress from Law and Order Mariska Hargitay did it. And I just want to keep it up, I think its fun to have people pop up and make special guest appearances on the tour even if they’re not musicians.
—  Taylor Swift on having her friends as special guests on the 1989 World Tour (ITV Lorraine Interview)
Failure- A Martha-Centric One Shot

The lovely Martha is hurting after her failure to become a goddess today, and that makes me sad. I’m going to make myself more sad by writing about. Okay, here’s a thing. There’s a lot of platonic Marthlington, because I love that more than anything if I’m honest. It got fluffy very fast. Enjoy!


Martha hadn’t been this scared in her life. Not ever.

There had been the time when she was hunted for her disbelief in her uncle Mianite. She’d nearly died many times, but that was better than this. She could beat any soldier.

She had been scared to propose to Steve, but that, after long last, had turned out for the best. It was Steve- he wasn’t anyone to fear.

This was different. This meant overcoming herself, and she wasn’t sure that she could do that. Despite this, she stood tall in the rune circle.

James, the lovely wizard, gave her a supportive thumbs up. She smiled graciously at him.

“We all believe in you,” Jordan reminded her, standing with the other heroes. “You can do this.”

The mystic took a deep breath. “Alright, here goes nothing.”

She activated the spell. The runes glowed, coming to life on the earth around her. She felt her entire being shaking, as if trembling against some great force. Martha wanted to scream out, but whether in pain or ecstasy she didn’t know.

The feeling consumed her entire being. She felt like a lightning bolt, full of electricity, power, and overwhelming potential.

And then, everything was burning.

Martha crashed down to earth, every cell in her being trembling and calling out in pain, seeming to be chastising her all at once for what she had attempted. The hot ground below her stung her knees, but she barely noticed. She was extremely tired.

“This….” She whispered, voice hoarse, looking around. Every where around her was the color of blood. She was already sweating from the heat. “Where am I?”

She heard a cry behind her. It was Jordan, falling out of a portal created out of the not-so-considerate wizard Waglington’s magic. “Wag!” He cried.

“Where…?” She tried again, feeling ready to collapse.

Jordan met eyes with Martha, dawning a confused expression. “Martha? Well, this is the Nether. Wag, did you send Martha here?”

By magic, James’ voice echoed through the hellish landscape. “I certainty did not! Martha, are you alright?”

“I believe this was my fault,” Dianite’s spirit spoke in their minds. With no body’s vocal chords to use, he could only be heard in the consciousness of others. “When I tried to stabilize you, I must have pulled you into my domain. I’m sorry, Martha, but without Mianite to counteract my pull, I’m afraid this cannot be done.”

Martha’s heart sunk. She had failed. As her spirit gave out, so did her physical form. Luckily, just as she collapsed, James pulled her back into the overworld with his magic. Instead of burning her entire front half on the nether rack, she collapsed into the soft grass outside her home. James, only a few feet away, quickly moved to her aid.

“Martha!” He cried, moving her onto her back and cradling her head in his arms. “Are you okay?”

Martha wanted to cry, but she was too tired. Instead, as she laid in James’ lap, she murmured, “I’m sorry, James. I failed you. I’m so sorry.”

“No, no, no, Martha,” James began, running his fingers through her hair. “You didn’t fail anyone. This wasn’t your fault- you were amazing. You survived just fine, and we can try again another time.”

Martha shook her head. “No, we need Mianite. He will never help me. I had to be strong enough to overcome myself, and I wasn’t. It’s impossible. I’m too weak.”

James was incredulous. “You, weak?” He gasped. “Martha, you’re anything but weak. You can see into the future, for the gods’ sakes! You can perform any spell imaginable! You fought your way through guard after guard in the Inertia to save Steve and Andor. Seriously, that was all you. We heroes spent that whole mission dicking around with puzzles. You just survived the most dangerous spell ever conceived, dammit! Martha, it is literally impossible for anyone to enact that spell and survive, especially if something goes wrong! You’re impossibly strong. You are incredible.”

Martha looked up into the eyes of the wizard. “You’re too nice to me,” She groaned, but she was smiling.

“I’m your Champion, I have to be,” He played off, but he was blushing.

“I love you, you idiot,” She laughed, feeling infinitely better.

Waglington feigned shock. “Martha, you’re cheating on Steve with me, again?!”

Martha tried to shove him, but her arms did not cooperate, instead she groaned. “You know what I mean. In the friends-yet-champion-and-almost-goddess-way.”

James rolled his eyes. “As long as Steve doesn’t have to rebuild my tower again, that’s fine by me.”

“It better be,” Martha laughed. She felt exhaustion tug at her entire being. “I don’t think I can move right now.”

“Want me to carry you to your bed?” James offered.

“Yes, please.”

People say that its tough dealing with white fandom when a black woman becomes the "Martha"*.   But I'm starting to realize that its even worse when she doesn't.

(*To me, “The Martha” is a black female character who is hated by a majority white fandom and sidelined by the canon because she might gain a white male’s affections.  The majority of her haters are white women.  See also, Guinevere.  The reason I don’t think that Abbie became “the Martha” is because she’s treated much better by the show, isn’t billed as a side-character or a replacement goldfish, and she has a lot of vocal defenders in the fandom to drown out the typical attacks. )

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what clara means to me

When I was catching up on Doctor Who before the fiftieth (I watched 5-6 on Netflix and up through Name on some now-defunct website all in Augustish through November 23, 2013, while starting my first semester of grad school), I’ll have to admit, I didn’t ‘relate’ to Amy at first. I thought she was awesome, and I connected with the idea that both her and the Doctor are running away from emotional issues. I understood Amy better on a rewatch, and now I love her, but I wasn’t Amy. (She was for others, and I love her for that, for her passion and her pain and her stubborn belief, but I wasn’t her, and that was okay. I was learning from a story of someone different than me, which is something fiction is a vehicle for.) I wasn’t someone who was able to run away from my looming responsibilities. I wanted to stay and I wanted to run and there was absolutely no way I could do both.

But Clara? Almost as soon as I met her, I felt the jolt of hearing a character say things that I wanted to say–”Well, for your information, I’m not sweet on the inside, and I’m certainly not–” (which on a sidenote makes Clara ‘bigger on the inside’); “Dare me” regarding the idea of doing something that’s scary but adventurous at the same time; “Come back tomorrow” because here was someone who wasn’t dropping everything to run away with the Doctor, who also keenly felt the call of home and friends and family and responsibilities.

I mean, she put traveling on hold to help people out! She’s young and wants to do things but she’s staying put and being responsible and that describes so much of my life up to a certain point. “I keep the book because I’m still going,” she says, and so adventure is not shut out from her life forever. (Nor out of mine.)

And she got to run away with the Doctor, albeit on Wednesdays. But I liked that, too, that she (tried to) maintain both of her lives. She’s only a year older than me, and we’re the same height, and we both studied English in university. (I even taught English for a while.) And so, in a way, I got to run away with the Doctor, too.

Sure, Clara and I are not the same person. (I, for one, am not imaginary. To my knowledge.) I’ve never been in a relationship before, but knowing myself, it would probably start out as foot-in-mouth as Clara’s relationship with Danny started. I’m not sure if I would end up lying to my significant other (and to myself) in the way Clara did, but then, I haven’t lived through what Clara has (fictionally) lived through. But I watched her get more confident, more bold, more risk-taking, and thought, I could do that too.

She still cared, of course; it’s why she looks after Courtney, it’s part of why she can’t drop the Doctor with scorched earth tactics, and it’s why she’d (even in a dream) threaten the Doctor in the hopes (however slim) she could get Danny back. She’s fierce and loyal, recklessly cautious, bold and brave with tears in her eyes, and I saw her and I thought, “I could do that. I could be brave like that. I could let my brilliance shine like that.”

And then…and then her brilliance and her recklessness and her fierce protectiveness caught up with her. She faced the raven, and I was devastated. (I am still tearing up, thinking about it, fyi. The latter glory does not dim the feelings of Face the Raven for me.)

Like, truly, properly gutted. It was the one fate I did not want for Clara. ‘Let her walk away like Martha, or let her do something, but please please do not kill her,’ I thought. I didn’t want her to die like the Ponds or River or Danny. I didn’t want her cut off and trapped like Rose. I didn’t want her wiped of all her character development and adventures like Donna. But most of all, I didn’t want her dead at age 28. (My age, by the way.)

I couldn’t even. I hadn’t cried at Doomsday–sure, it was sad, but I hadn’t sobbed. Same with Last of the Time Lords, or Journey’s End. Or Angels Take Manhattan. Or in the Library. Or in Dark Water. I hadn’t even cried for the four total regenerations I’d watched, but I cried when Clara faced the raven.

I couldn’t talk about it (in fact, this is my first time actually addressing it). Although I intellectually grasped that Clara wasn’t me, that Clara is a fictional character used to tell a story, I emotionally felt that part of that story had been mine, had been about me. It was like I was lying on that trap street, my adventures cut short by a risk I’d had taken in order to protect someone.

So I focused on the Doctor for Heaven Sent because I couldn’t think of the reason he was motivated to punch his way out of hell. And the fact that he was angrier than I was at whoever had set up the trap in the trap street (not because they killed Clara, but because without them, Clara wouldn’t have ended up in a position to be killed).

I love the Doctor, he’s probably my favorite character of anything right now, and Twelve has become my Doctor, but I was still staggered over Face the Raven. (Some of you had some chats with me, so you know what the depth of what I’m talking about.)

And then…and then Hell Bent happened. Part of me still can’t believe it happened, part of me wants Time to get over itself and just let Clara be alive again (but what is alive? is the question begged by lots of Doctor Who, isn’t it?), and part of me thinks it’s really really fitting. It’s by far the best thing that could have happened (I’m still not sure how much the Doctor does or does not remember). Here I am, a week after having watched Hell Bent, and I think of its ending and I cannot stop myself from smiling.

Because Clara has three mirrors, and I’m reflected in one of them, and I’ve been reflected in one of them since “Hello the Chin!” even if I didn’t know it until “Doctor Who?” and “It’s full of stories, full of history”.

Because 7B, 8, and 9 were just Clara’s origin story, the prologue of her story; chapter one has just begun. Where I’ve been before has led me today and the future is wide wide open. And just because I have responsibilities and can’t actually run away from them doesn’t mean I’m cut off from adventures. Life is an adventure, and I’m just taking the long way round.