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…he said, “You know, in Preservation-controlled territory, bots are considered full citizens. A construct would fall under the same category.” He said this in the tone of giving me a hint.

Whatever. Bots who are "full citizens" still have to have a human or augmented human guardian appointed, usually their employer; I’d seen it on the news feeds. And on the entertainment feed, where the bots were all happy servants or were secretly in love with their guardians. If it showed the bots hanging out watching the entertainment feed all through the day cycle, with no one trying to make them talk about their feelings, I would have been a lot more interested.

The Murderbot Diaries I: All Systems Red, by Martha Wells

This is my precious Murderbot, and I love it to pieces, and everything about it is Relatable. It just wants to bingewatch trash tv all day, and why won’t all these humans stop trying to interact with it and improve its life and make it feel things? 

Please read this novella, because it’s everything you could ever want in a snarky first-person robot tale. The link takes you to the full first chapter. 


We decided to do that [having friends as special guest on 1989 World Tour] because theres a song called ‘Style’ where the performance in the show is actually more of a runway, you have the dancers strutting down the runway. Like a lot of my friends are really great runway models and that’s their job. And they come out to the shows and I know my fans would love to see them… I wonder if we could have them walk it like a runway show. Cara did it, Martha Hunt did it, Gigi Hadid did it, this great actress from Law and Order Mariska Hargitay did it. And I just want to keep it up, I think it’s fun to have people pop up and make special guest appearances on the tour even if they’re not musicians.

Decisions - Tommy Shelby

The reader might be celebrating John’s wedding but that doesn’t change what Tommy did. Every couple has a bump in the road. 

Decisions - Tommy Shelby | part of the Able series

“Penny for your thoughts?” You asked, pushing into a booth in the back of the Garrison where John was lighting up another cigar. You linked your hands around his bicep, and leaned into him a bit.  

John glanced at you and smiled but said nothing. His nerves were getting to him and he felt like his heart was pounding up in his throat.  

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Do you ever question what happened to Veronica after the events in Heathers? I mean she murdered 3 people and watched her boyfriend blow up. No one gets over that easily...

Not saying this would definitely happen but, judging from what she’s been through, here are my thoughts about it:

I think she might be under some trauma. Maybe PTSD. This is a girl who’d seen brutality like this right in front of her. Of course she’d be scared by some degree. She might not jump into a relationship right away. It’s going to take years and years of healing before she’ll be ready to love again and the person should prove themselves well.

She might also have bad anxiety, having recurring nightmares about it. With her state, she would be forced to tell Martha and McNamara about it. I don’t know how they will take it but, at some point, they’re going to look at Ronnie and realize it’s not her mistake in the first place. If they’re willing, their help might be enough to keep Veronica sane.

I hope that there are good therapists around Sherwood, Ohio. Because she’s gonna need a lot of emotional therapy. This too much for her. If a professional can’t help her, her mental health might deteriorate faster. She’ll obviously feel some kind of guilt from Martha and McNamara because people they’re close to died because of her.

Long story short, she’s gonna need a lot of healing. And I mean A LOT. With Veronica’s character, though, she’s very strong-willed. Even though the healing and letting go part is not gonna be easy, she’ll continue to live (especially after claiming Chandler’s power over the school). If not for herself, then, for others.

She’s Veronica. She won’t give up that quickly.

To paraphrase what she said, she is just seventeen. She has still room to grow.

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Why do you like Heather Duke so much? Not that I don't, I was just wondering

O h bo y okay.

Let me clear some stuff up first, this is mainly based off of musical Duke but I *will* bring up stuff that happened in the movie, I have no experience with bulimia, and I am *not* excusing Duke’s actions in any way.

Got it? Cool.

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You have a lot to answer for missy!! Today I decided to watch Assassins Creed purely to perv on Fassy....but no I'm sitting here rewinding because Jeremy bloody Irons is in it and I'm suddenly attracted him!! Why do you do this to me?!

What do you mean suddenly attracted to Jeremy Irons?


Fine… no one can survive this.

A guide to fall helplessly fall in love with Jeremy Irons.

Let me show you something. So he was on the Martha Stewart show like 7 years ago, and he was just… OMG.

In this video, you get playful Jeremy, Sassy Jeremy, “I need my glasses” Jeremy, “I help mum in the kitchen and need approval” Jeremy… i could go on but he’s just delightful.

I will guide you through this:


2:03 “My bedroom” (The whole castle talk really)
3:35 Playful sassy Jeremy lying about dragons
4:10 “My wife”. RUDE. Ahahaha!
4:44 “MMM!”
5:03 “Can i have one?”
5:35 “I’m a cook”
6:15 Reminder… I AM A COOK
7:26 “Do you want me to whisk this?” (Honestly by this part, you should already be in love)
8:00 Looking for approval. All “Is this perfect, darling? should i whisk again?”
9:05 “Have you seen ‘Damage’. THAT WAS NAUGHTY WASN’T IT?”


0:05 FLIRT
0:35 SASS
1:27 Cutting technique
2:12 CHILD!
3:25 Cookie biting à la Hiddles

I have to make gifs of this tbh… it’s just lovely. I can’t. I love him.



Unrelatable companions and how to interact with those who love them

I love Bill. I enjoy it immensely that we have gay text now. I doubt she’ll be as much to me as Clara was and is, but I’ll be damned if I spend this marvellous season yowling about Bill not being Clara, especially (!!) not to the people who are enjoying the heck out of Bill.

I loved Rose back in the day, and didn’t relate at all to Martha, though that has changed a lot over the years. I felt no need to run around and tell people who loved Martha how much I didn’t like Martha.

I think Donna Noble deserves the universe, and I doubt that will ever change. I have never punched my friend who hates her in the nuts.

I didn’t like Amy at first. She grew on me. Partly because I opened up to liking her more after seeing how much she meant to my friend as a mentally ill character who insists on deserving love.

I’ve always felt conflicted about River. In the end the love for her won out. I’ve always enjoyed watching how my friends read her as an empowered space hero and how much that meant to them.

I think Clara and the Twelfth Doctor have an absolutely unique and special relationship. I think River Song and the Doctor have an absolutely unique and special relationship. I like Clara more than River. I can hold all of these thoughts in my mind. I think a 2k-something-plus-4.5 billion yo alien with two hearts can love more than one person at the same time, but I’m super cool with anyone who disagrees and acknowledges but one Queen of His Soul, as long as they’re cool with my reading as well.

Because that’s all we’re doing here, we’re coming to the show with our experiences and we relate to those bits that ring bells for us, and so does everyone else, and that’s all, and none of us have the one true reading, and can we not shit on each other because it’s so stressful and just makes you bitter and what does it even matter?

Nobody can take your reading away from you, nobody can take what the show means to you away from you. That’s the beauty of fiction, you go there, and you look at it, and it speaks to you, and it becomes part of your story, and it’s yours now, in your mind, safe, forever, meditation.

I’m a little tired of discussing the Martha scene, but somebody always says something that refreshes my feelings on the matter and makes me analyse scene anew.

Bruce was so lost in his rage, and the only thing that slowed him was hearing his mother’s name. If I need to explain why that name was said and why it affected him one more fucking time, I will scream. So I’m not going to.

What I will reiterate is this - He was absolutely still going to kill Clark. Even when Lois was holding Clark, he still drew back that spear for the killing blow. But as he does that, watch his eyes. They drift to Lois, they’re barely focused, but then they do focus and the fog of rage just blows away, leaving only confusion and shame. It’s the most subtle, nuanced and incredible part of Ben’s performance and it was met with ridicule. That’s fucking sickening. Honestly, how did anybody watch that and not see how each and every line and scene direction built up and dovetailed to the next? I know I’ve waxed lyrical in my rage over people not paying attention, I’ve been doing it since the backlash of Man of Steel, but come on, people, how did you not see what was right there in front of you?

There are subtleties and subtextual themes throughout Batman V Superman, the movie is rich with them, but it’s fair to say that none of those subtle details and hidden messages were integral to following the plot, they just made the plot more sumptuous. And certain details were as clear as day, right there on screen. So where were people looking?

I will defend this movie forever, especially the Martha scene. Because it worked. It didn’t need explaining if you were actually paying attention.

I read an article the other day about this movie fast becoming a cult icon, that’s already gaining more and more fans and more love, and I looked into the comments and saw the haters dwindling, just chanting the same old tired arguments. And then I saw people admitting that the film had grown on them, or admitting that they hadn’t really noticed a lot of elements the first time around, and it filled me with joy.

Maybe there is hope for people, after all.

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I'm a new person to the doctor who fandom (and show) (I'm on Smith and Jones where you meet Martha?) but I was wondering (if you don't mind, I just can't find an answer anywhere) why do people ship rose with other doctors other than the ones she interacted with.

hi there! i hope you’re enjoying DW (and i hope you love martha. i love martha ♥)

okay the short answer here is a “because we can”

the longer answer is that we see rose interact with two doctors in canon and the chemistry is palpable in both pairings. so it’s easy to extend that same sense of chemistry to other doctors if you’re inclined to do so. it’s a feeling of oh these two are soulmates and therefore we want to ship them in all possible iterations. there’s just a lot of stuff showing how important rose was in the doctor’s life (not all of which you’ve gotten to yet) so it’s easy to expand on that. not everyone does though. just like some people only ship nine/rose or only ship ten/rose, some people only ship rose with the doctors she canonically met. it’s just a personal preference :) (and boils down to the “because we can and it’s fun” answer)

i’m afraid this was probably not an informative answer. i was literally about to turn out the lights to go to sleep when i saw this message pop in and got my laptop back out to answer it! enjoy watching DW! Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have :)

Can we just take a moment to talk about how powerful the ‘Martha’ moment in BvS was. Like I know it’s been parodied a lot, because people just didn’t understand what it meant. A lot of the problems I see people having with this moment was that Clark doesn’t call her mom, and instead calls her Martha. Save Martha. So, why did he do that? Well if people had been paying attention they’d know that he also called Batman by his real name, Bruce. This means that he knows beneath that cowl is the billionaire playboy who’s most famous story is being the survivor in the shootings of Thomas and Martha Wayne.
Clark purposely chose, even in his dying moments, to try to save two people that day by calling his mom by her real name. He wanted Bruce to know he has a chance to save Martha, save a mother, and remember what it meant to be a 'good man’, as his introductory asks how many stayed that way. He is saying it to save BOTH of them, even if he gets killed by the Batman. Throughout the movie we constantly see Clark saving people even when they either don’t want it or don’t deserve it. Hell, he even saves LEX LUTHOR.
The moment does exactly what it was supposed to. It shows that Superman understands why Batman is doing what he’s doing, and wants to save him just as much as his mother. He knows by saying Martha it will affect this man who watched a mother by the same name suffer unjustly. And that is so fucking powerful.

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Does Clark post farming memes? And if he does is he being serious or ironic? And in your stories what type of farm did the Kents own? (Sorry for all the questions, I grew up on a farm so I love actual farmer Clark Kent)

no one knows how ironic they are

they had a little family farm with chickens and goats and a lot of heirloom varieties of corn. they were really into the classic three sisters combo (because hippies) (they did not actually have any idea what they were doing for a long time and by the time they figured it out they were kinda attached to what they were already doing) (and also martha can’t resist weird heirloom seeds, that woman goes NUTS with seed catalogues hot damn).

and jonathan got really into bonsai trees for a while, but those were more of a long-term investment.

… there was also the weed.

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Can I has some cute heather duke head canons?

Hell yea

Currently Im (pretending to) work on a thing is hcs that could? Probably be considered dukesaw and ill post that eventually but until that day have these

(Doing modern au headcanons because its all i know)

-duke loves memes and chandler hits her sometimes for quoting them (duke has totally said dicks out of harambe)

-isnt a huge fan of swimming but has a lot of swimsuits?? No one knows why

-she liked orange fanta until chandler yelled at her for it

-runs an instagram on which people can submit anonymous opinions of people at school. She thinks no one knows who runs it. Everyone knows she runs it.

-(Martha and Veronica submit nice opinions to balance out the mean ones. Chandler submits opinions about Duke and only about Duke. It’s mostly mean stuff.)

-has a lot of shoes. Doesnt wear most of them.

-looks great in high heels. Wears them to spite chandler

-lives life out of spite for chandler

-wow she and chandler do not get along

-likes cats and horses

-has a european warmblood named Verschnörkelt, his barn name is Spanky.

-spends a lot of time with her horse. How she has time for school work? No one knows

-pays nerds to do her homework

-was homeschooled for like 2 years before she got bored

-had braces

-burned every picture of her with braces

-probably had a cat at some point

-wears red to spite chandler

-actually gets along with veronica??? They have a lot of private conversations over text and are always exchanging weird looks. Chandler doesnt like it. Mcnamara ships them.

Thats all i got for now :0

(send me asks about anything)

Bruce Wayne recalls the death of his parents.

I really like this portrayal of the Wayne’s murder. 

First off, the way this scene goes down is very visually and symbolically remarkable. This scene takes place just after Bruce learns of the rumor of his family having mob involvement. An officer accidentally knocks over a photograph of Bruce and his parents in a happier time. It is a nicely framed photograph which symbolizes this idealized image of his family in Bruce’s mind. Like the glass, Bruce’s perception of who his family was was shattered. Having this be the segue into Bruce remembering his family’s murder was very impressive because it was that event that put him on the journey to become Batman and ties into the final scene of the episode. If his parents were corrupt and immoral, then what was the point of all this?

I really enjoy that the game doesn’t cut away completely to a flashback. Over the past 90 years people have seen the Wayne’s die a ridiculous amount of times. While It is important every stand alone batman film/ story have this, it can still be a bit repetitive. Their death is a crucial part to the narrative regardless of how often people have seen it. 

Having shadows behind Bruce in this scene is brilliant. The imagery is as haunting to Bruce as it is to the viewer.  I also like that Bruce doesn’t turn to look at the shadows. They’re behind him (in his past), but always with him: haunting him like ghosts. 

Another interesting thing to notice is that in the brief moment there is a cut away from the room, we’re shown movie tickets instead of pearls. An iconic bit of imagery from the Wayne murder (that shows up time and time again) is Martha Wayne’s pearls which can symbolize their family structure shattering or even Batman’s own fall from grace. 

Instead, we see three blood stained tickets floating down as pools of blood begin to form. This can be used in turn with Martha’s necklace to symbolize their family’s fall from grace. The Blood stained tickets could represent that all three Waynes have been permanently damaged by this event: Thomas and Martha Wayne dying from their injuries and Bruce forever scarred from the event.

In many retelling’s of this scene Martha and Thomas die almost instantly. Other’s have Bruce and his father exchanging farewells before Thomas inevitably bleeds out as well. However, this version had the final sounds of the scene being Martha whispering ‘Bruce’ as she died. It’s strange because typically batman stories will choose to focus on Bruce’s relationship with his father. Martha typically doesn’t get a lot of attention except for her necklace or her scream. Perhaps the developers wanted to give her a bit more focus or maybe this was meant to show Bruce’s loving relationship with his mother. 

All in all this scene felt very unique and i applaud it.

@cinnamonclem for getting me into the Batman mood.


Beautiful, gay as fuck Bill Potts.

We’ve had six episodes of her, and most of the fandom loves her. unsurprisingly like I mean

Originally posted by jessequick

look at her

but there’s something I noticed

Remember Rosita? Ya know from that little Christmas special where there was a dude who thought he was the doctor and he even had a companion? That was Rosita. And the REAL doctor saw her and made the comment

Originally posted by who-lligan

and it was an obvious reference to Rose and her Rosiness.

But it wasn’t JUST Rose she was referencing.

I mean look at her

Originally posted by blueboxtraveller


Big bushy hair that is everywhere? River.

Helpful and loves unconditionally? Martha.

Sassy and gives out to the doctor because she loves him unconditionally? Donna.

And I think Bill is going to be someone like that too, but with Amy and Clara’s traits too.

I mean, think about it. In 10x01 Bill asks a lot of questions and is fascinated and confused by space and time and the TARDIS. But, as Twelve said, when she doesn’t understand she smiles. That’s very Amy Pond don’t you think?

And she’s assertive and caring with the “Save him” scene in 10x03, as well as the fact that the “Just imagine what it’d be like if someone did this to you” scene exists AND the fact that CLARA’S FRIGGIN THEME played. That’s very Clara.

She has Rose’s “Doctor what?” and “Forwards or Backwards/Future or Past” “Forwards/Future,” Parallel.

She has River’s bushy hair and Martha’s “Student who ran away with the doctor who was pretending to be a patient/lecturer” parallel.

And Donna’s memory wipe scene even though Bill didn’t get her memory wiped but was VERY close and also had Donna’s “Save someone/him” scene from both 4x02 and 10x03.

Just a really long post to think about.


When they were younger in the Modern AU Martha’s father HATES George to the point he takes every chance possible to tell George he will never be good enough for Martha. At one point in a fight with her father, she said he can’t force her to leave George and in response Martha’s dad made the comment: “You’ll marry who I tell you too or you won’t be finishing law school and you’ll be out on your ass.” This happened when they asked for his blessing to get married because George knew she loved her family and it would make her so happy to have their support. It lead to an argument afterwords between George and Martha because he was scared that he was going to ruin everything she worked so hard for by staying with her. There was a lot of yelling and crying in that argument and when George went to leave she pulled him down and sat on his lap and begged him not to leave. He admitted that he was scared but he loved her too much to leave and make her cry.

Lmao sorry for ranting…

A Few Hours of Home

I got a crock pot. I have always wanted a crock pot even though, truth be told, I did not entirely know what a crock pot is or does. The crock pot, which I have named CoCo was a gift from my person who pays attention to the absolutely random stuff I say in random moments and gives the best gifts. 

Anyway, here is the saucy little minx, CoCo that is. She’s red. And yes, that is a very big bottle of TUMS on my kitchen counter. I have bad heartburn and have probably developed a mild addiction to TUMS as well. Next to the TUMS is a Pier 1 candle that I haven’t used because I have no way of lighting the candle and I keep forgetting to buy a lighter when I am out and about.  

I am tired because I did not sleep so well last night. I did not really sleep at all. I don’t know why. This is the way of insomnia. Sometimes sleep comes and sometimes it doesn’t. Today was supposed to be a “finish my book” day but my eyelids are heavy and my eyes are dry and, well, it ended up being a run errands and waste time and do laundry day. 

Meanwhile, on CoCo’s first day, around 5 pm, after browsing the Internet for recipes, I came to understand that a Crock Pot aka a SLOW cooker, requires  a LOT OF TIME to cook food. Like, hours. I don’t know how I didn’t realize this. The point is, it was too late, at 6 pm, to start a dish so I would have to do it the next day and start at a reasonable time. Ish. 

Last week I went to Sweden. I had myself a European adventure in Stockholm. I took a tour. I saw a castle where the king doesn’t really live. I saw a tiny house village that provides space for people who live in apartments to have beautiful gardens. I saw so many beautiful people I got angry because it was just ridiculous. Their genetics are out of control. Alien invasion ground zero, obvi. I saw so many bicyclists and runners that I got even angrier. Calm down, Swedes. I was not crazy about the food. I did not find IKEA but I saw a lot of Volvos. The toilets are different. I went on TV, a show called Babel. I did a podcast with a charming and funny woman named Cookie. I met with many journalists. There were photoshoots. When a photographer took me onto the street people stared as he posed me and gave me instructions. They were probably wondering what I was wondering—who the hell is this woman getting her picture taken? I watched Eurovision semifinals, which happened to be in Stockholm, WHILE I WAS THERE! I also had an event at the Kulturhuset where I was interviewed on stage by Mona Masri. The event was sold out. In Sweden! I had a wonderful time. It was absolutely wonderful. I met some amazing Swedish book people and fans. I was reminded of what a dream my career is becoming. I earned this dream. 

FYI, avoid Newark for international flights. It is a Hellmouth. 

My trip was also, as travel tends to be, lonely. I hope, one day, to not have to do all this travel alone. 

Anyway, I decided to make an Italian Pot Roast (recipe from Martha Stewart). First I had to cut four slits into the roast and stuff garlic in those slits. I also seasoned both sides of the meat with salt and pepper. Though I did not know this at the time, I did not put nearly enough salt on the meat. I don’t like salt very much so I use it sparingly but I took that to an unnecessary extreme. Basically, if you are going to make this dish, add some salt and also some other spices. Food needs flavor. 

Next, I browned the meat on both sides in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Sizzle sizzle sizzle. 

Oh yes, the bed in my hotel room was basically two twin beds shoved together with a mattress pad over that and then two separate duvets. The separate duvets were actually kind of clever. It allows for you and your partner to have individual cover configurations while sleeping in the same bed. I HAVE MADE A MENTAL NOTE.

My semester is over and this summer I have a lot of projects to work on–developing my podcast, writing a draft of the Untamed State screen play, book projects, essay commissions, the list seems to be growing not shrinking. I want a vacation at some point this summer. Correction—I need a vacation at some point this summer, a real vacation. The good news is that next year I have a reduced teaching load and I will for the foreseeable future. Something had to give but this will allow me to teach less and therefore be more present when I am teaching and also to write and travel more freely. It will allow me to [redacted]. Heh. I can’t tell you everything. 

Turns out that with a Crock Pot, you just throw all the ingredients in the pot and like, walk away. You hit it and quit it, LOLOLOL. I put stewed whole tomatoes, some garlic, some baby potatoes and some mushrooms and fresh rosemary in the cooker. 

I have been holding back a lot lately in this one situation and it takes a lot of energy to do that. I don’t want to hold back. I want to be free to be full on. I don’t know that I ever will be and, well, that is not ideal. I am working on optimism, though. I am working on cautious optimism so I should say that I think someday, I won’t have to be so careful and controlled and that is when I will be at my best or, perhaps, my betterest which is a word I just made up.  

I added the meat on top of the vegetables and herbs and covered the ingredients with the lid and turned the heat on high and… that was it. I was deeply suspicious of this dark magic. I kind of thought the Crock Pot was a lie but I had to see this thing through. 

Here’s a random thing. I never look at my credit card bills. I mean, I do when it is time to pay them but otherwise, not so much. Yesterday, I was logged into my credit card app and saw that I was charged a foreign transaction fee for using my credit card in Sweden. I got SO MAD about it. I am really cheap about the strangest things but let Apple release a new, absolutely stupid product for which I have no need. I will be all over that. Except for the Apple Watch. For reasons.  

After around four hours I wondered if the food was really cooking so I looked at CoCo. She seemed to be doing something. Good smells were emanating. The recipe instructions said not to open the lid so I did not but I was very, very tempted. 

Another random thing–I loved that little fight in that one baseball game where Odor punched Bautista and Bautista’s glasses went flying and he was just so stunned. For a moment, baseball was interesting. 

I am mildly obsessed with the rise of Blac Chyna. Here is a great article about her ninja ways. The phrase, “the Lannisters of Calabasas,” is such a priceless line. I applaud you, Sylvia Obell. 

After SIX HOURS, I decided my Italian Pot Roast was ready. Also, it was 9 pm, so like, ready or not, here I come, you can hide, gonna find you, and take it slowly. The pot roast turned out beautifully but it was very under-seasoned which I blame both myself and Martha for. I blame Martha because, let’s be real, Madame Connecticut isn’t known for her flavor profiles. I blame myself for forgetting that.

I am so excited to make other dishes with CoCo. I love this kitchen appliance a lot a lot. 

Last Sunday, I was on C-Span. So bizarre. More people watch C-Span than I would EVER have guessed. I won an Exceptional Merit in Media Award for Bad Feminist from the National Women’s Political Caucus. Lots of interesting things keep happening. I am trying to keep up. 

I am flying across the country tomorrow. I have a couple meetings. I am going to be filmed at a studio for a documentary (?!). Mostly, though, I am going for a few hours of home. That is the truth of it. 

When I cook, I think about making a home, sharing the meal, offering this small act of care and nurture. I am thinking about how home is more than just where you get your mail. Sometimes, home is far from where you get your mail. Sometimes, home is what you build and fight for. Sometimes, home is a wide-eyed smile and open hands. My hands are open. 

beekeeper-cas  asked:

Yes I'd really like that! I liked Rose a lot and was kind of irritated because Martha just kept saying she loves the doctor. So yeah I would love to understand her story !

There’s a few different things I think Martha brings to the story. I could go on forever about it so I’ll try to keep it relatively brief. Let’s break it down into 3:

1. Martha’s arc itself: What I love about Martha’s arc is that it is a story about a woman who is very selfless, always puts others before herself, keeps quiet on her own feelings, finally learning to put herself first. It’s not just her relationship with the Doctor – we see in the scenes with Martha’s family that Martha is often the peacekeeper, Martha has to try and navigate between her parents and her siblings, Martha bears the brunt of that responsibility. Martha puts others before herself time and again, so it is very satisfying in the finale to get to see her choose to leave the TARDIS of her own free will, for her own reasons, for her own good. She recognizes that this is what is best for her, and she does it. It’s a story about Martha realizing she doesn’t need someone else’s approval, that if someone (the Doctor) doesn’t appreciate her she doesn’t have to put up with that, and that it’s okay to put herself first. Women are often expected to put others before themselves, so it’s nice to see Martha get to do something for herself. Also, I really appreciated seeing an unrequited love story that ends not with someone finally “earning” the love they want, but rather accepting that it won’t happen, realizing they don’t need it, and being able to move on.

Martha also, in many ways, becomes the Doctor (which is something RTD plays with a lot actually with both Donna and Rose as well); by the s3 finale it is Martha who has to save the world, Martha who becomes the legend, Martha who outwits the Master while the Doctor is in captivity for a year. Emphasized of course by Martha being a literal doctor, and choosing to carry on that sort of work on Earth with Torchwood and UNIT and later “freelance” with Mickey.

2. Martha’s relationship with the Doctor: Obviously Martha’s relationship with the Doctor isn’t the healthiest Doctor/companion relationship, because Martha ends up in a hopeless crush and the Doctor in grief ends up keeping Martha at arm’s length and is often careless with her feelings. The Doctor is in a very dark place in s3 after having lost Rose, who had come to mean so much to him. He was in a really vulnerable place when he met Rose, being with her and falling in love with her helped him heal, and then she was ripped away from him, and he’s just generally in a bad place. Martha handles him with incredible patience and selflessness, and saves his life on numerous occasions. Martha is able to pull him back from the edge again. Like Donna says in Partners in Crime, Martha is a good influence; the Doctor in s4 is not nearly as angry and volatile as the Doctor throughout most of s3. I don’t think you’d get the close bond between Ten and Donna that you get in s4 if Martha had not been in between, softening him up again.

3. Martha’s relationship with the audience: Martha allows the show to acknowledge, rather than ignore, Rose’s absence. This is a bit of a controversial one because some people will claim that instead the show and the writers hated Martha and that in having Ten grieve Rose the way he does in s3 they did Martha a disservice, etc. I disagree; Rose was immensely popular and the audience was always going to miss her when she left, which meant the show had to either ignore how the audience was feeling and carry on as if nothing had changed, or acknowledge it. I think ignoring Rose’s absence and having the Doctor carry on as normal would have alienated many of the viewers who had come to love Rose, and it would have been less satisfying storytelling and character development.

Instead I think the show chose to acknowledge it by having Ten openly grieve Rose throughout s3 and not really appreciate Martha properly, only for that to ultimately be the reason Martha leaves him in the end. I think Martha’s getting out speech works on two levels. For one, obviously, it is Martha talking to the Doctor and the culmination of her story when she reaffirms that she is good, she doesn’t need his approval, and she is going to leave for her own well-being. On another level, if you in the audience have spent the whole season like Ten, missing Rose, then I think Martha’s speech is directed at you, too. She wasn’t second best, she was good. We are meant to sympathize with Martha.

So In the games, Looker is said to have lost his compainion, so I decided to make a pokemon team for him, Based off of the 6 characters I consider main companions.

Roserade- Obiously Rose Tyler, I literally cried thinking about Looker and Roserade, 

Donphan- Captain Jack Harkness, I am going off of the fact that they have similar colors, and that Jack is pretty durable, and in all sense a great fighter. (I was going to do ditto because of the Omnisexual thing, but meh)

MandibuzzMartha Jones,Madibuzz’s Ponytail Reminded me of Martha, and personality too, They are great fighters, and will protect what is theirs.

Mawile Donna Noble, I chose Mawile for multiple Reasons, 1:The Hair aspect, a lot of jokes about the hair. 2: The giant mouth, cuz I love donna, but she is a mouthy one3: with the second mouth being black, and covering her back, I instantly thought of the episode “Turn Left”

Froslass- River Song, I felt like Froslass really capture the first episode River was in “Silence in the Library” The Vashta Nerada seem to be ghostly, and froslass reminds me of a spacesuit. 

Nuzleaf- Mickey…… I chose Nuzleaf and not Shiftry because I felt like Mickey was a bit of a punk, making bad and childish decisions. Still a loyal person, but not fully developed. 

So, in my opinion, this would have Been Looker’s Team, Before he lost them. Based on this I would assume he is a trainer from Hoenn, Because of Snorunt, Roselia, Mawile, and Seedot are all Hoenn Natives. Which would make sense, Because he wasn’t introduced until Gen 4, Specifically Platinum. So he would have started in the Hoenn Region, and then moved to a new one after the Events occurred which caused him to be separated. 

anonymous asked:

Would you talk more about Martha x Donna? I could ship it

OKAY SO, I love RTD but I have to start this post by saying that he fucked up with Martha and Donna. Like, a lot. I have a ton of issues with how Martha was treated and I will always be bitter about Martha and Donna’s respective endings because… I mean, look at what he gave them.

Donna: Stuck with incurable memory loss because it was the only ending that would fit with the creation of Rose’s Doctor clone and tenuous happy ending. Had all agency and character development stripped away from her. Married off in The End of Time and given a lottery ticket as a consolation prize. Issues of plausibility and consent regarding the mindwipe are never addressed.

Martha: Inexplicably estranged from her fiancee Tom Milligan. Last seen as a freelance fighter. She is married to Mickey, a character with whom she has no on-screen chemistry or interaction with, because Russell T wanted to create a Smith and Jones pun (I am not making this up, that is from his own mouth. She got with Mickey for a fucking pun).

But putting aside that negativity, I have to absolutely applaud RTD for the sublime relationship he gave these two women. He didn’t have a lot of screen time to devote to them together, but in a short span of time he still made something beautiful. It blows all that ‘fighting over a man’ nonsense straight out of the water. There’s never any bitchiness or jealousy between them (thank God we didn’t have to sit through another School Reunion, right) it’s just respect among equals. 

In my opinion, when Donna and Martha met each other it was love at first sight. Platonic or romantic, whatever you choose to see, it’s undeniable that they’re drawn to each other from the moment they meet, and are instantly devoted to supporting and protecting one another. They are genuinely impressed by all the other’s achievements. Donna is always trying to make Martha laugh and she pays close attention to her wellbeing and feelings after a trauma - often closer than the Doctor. It’s a case of ladies protecting ladies and ladies loving ladies - and under it all there’s a whiff of special intrigue, or particularly tender warmth. They smile at each other a little too long. They hug a little too long. When they see each other again, they are drawn together, and they delight in the other’s company.

One of my fave moments: “I can see why he likes you. You are good.”

Me too, Martha.

Then there’s The Doctor’s Daughter where Donna is even more protective of Martha than the Doctor, shouting, “Her name’s Martha, and she’s not collateral damage, not for anyone, have you got that?”

This episode is also gr9 because when Martha reunites with the others, the Doctor gets to her first and hugs her and he’s trying to talk to her but Martha’s just

oh my god it’s donna

it’s donna

and she fuckin hurls the Doctor’s skinny ass aside so she can give the bae a big hug

ALSO while we’re talking about sweet, glorious lady hugs, let’s appreciate that in Journey’s End, the first shot after they fly the earth home is on Martha and Donna, who turn instinctively to one another out of everyone else in the room and hug.

Their relationship is just so pure and healthy: they protect each other, they treat each other as equals, they make each other laugh, and they’re a fantastic team when it comes to solving crises too. AND THEY HAVE REALLY GREAT HUGS.

The way I actually started shipping Martha and Donna was by fantasising over how I would fix their respective endings in canon. I’ve always adored their friendship, so I came up with the idea that Martha found her friend Donna Noble in the intervening months after Journey’s End (because hey - did anyone ever even tell Martha what happened to Donna? She deserved to know). She is working with Wilf to find a cure. The Doctor comes back as per End of Time. Martha absolutely chews him out for wiping her mind and abandoning her. She really lets him have it and they actually ADDRESS that it was non-consensual and that the Doctor was wrong to do it the way he did.

The mess with the Master happens, and thanks to Martha acting as Donna’s doctor and administering some kind of partial cure (probably against the Doctor’s wishes because he’d say it wasn’t worth the risk) Donna undergoes a partial regeneration and becomes a stable human/time lord hybrid like Tentoo was (AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE THAT TENTOO, A HUMAN WITH A TIME LORD BRAIN, CAN SURVIVE WHILE DONNA CAN’T honestly the Rose/Tentoo ending is a fucking mess ugh). 

Donna and Martha help save the world, but the Doctor is badly hurt in the process, as in canon. Donna and the Doctor get to have their tearful reunion. The Doctor asks Donna to come with him, but she says no. She gets to confront him over what he did to her. She chooses to leave. She cobbles together a time machine - perhaps by growing a TARDIS or building something of her own - and then she and Martha Jones fly into the stars together. She chooses a life in the stars with Martha, the doctor who didn’t abandon her; the doctor who stayed with her when she was sick; the doctor that looked for a cure; the doctor that saved her.

And THAT is when we discover that the prophecy of the DoctorDonna was actually referring to the duo of Doctor Martha Jones and Donna Noble, who travel time and space together. And the Doctor is terribly sad to see them go, but also proud. So, so proud. Because these are his soldiers - a fiery, red-haired woman who has never wielded a gun and who solves problems by being quick, clever and talkative, and an incredibly tenacious, courageous and compassionate doctor who will never leave a patient behind, ever. His song is ending, but the song of the DoctorDonna is only just beginning. They part on good terms, but it’s obvious he probably won’t see them again - except maybe in specials - and the Doctor carries on, regenerates, and Eleven’s run continues as normal.

I’m not a huge Moffat-era fan, but I was impressed with Clara’s ending because “flying off into the stars with her space girlfiend” is the ending I wanted for Martha and Donna, and that’s pretty much what Moffat gave Clara and Ashildr. Also I really liked Moffat’s not so subtle digs at RTD’s handling of Donna’s mindwipe.

tl;dr space girlfriends are good and pure and could probably solve all the problems in the universe. Let the good ship Martha/Donna into your heart.