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I am such a fan, I think she’s kind of a genius, she is a savant. She told me hilarious stories about starting out in Hollywood. She was an extra in a movie called Tumbleweeds and she said she was so far in the back that she got stung by a bee and had to leave and no one even noticed. She worked in the executive dining room at Universal as a waitress and later, when she did Bridesmaids, she drove on to the lot to work and she said tears were streaming down her face. She’s awesome. I’m really crazy about her.
—  Annette Bening on Kristen Wiig (x)
Ed's hallucinations try to help him with his feelings

Hallucination Ed: “Okay let’s try this one last time. I’m here because you love yourself.”

Hallucination Kristen: “I’m here because…”

Ed: “I loved you.”

Hallucination Ed: “Yes good job.” *Points at Hallucination Oswald* “Tell us why he’s here.”

Ed: “…Because…”

Hallucination Ed: “Come on Ed you can do this. There is a pattern here.”

Ed: “…I hate him?”

*Everyone groans*


vm rewatch � 1x10 An Echolls Family Christmas

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Hello!! i was wondering if you knew of anyone planning to write up your Nygmobbleot AU, the one with Oswald as Maroni's spy (and him falling for Ed and being buddies with Kristen?) BECAUSE I LOVE IT! it's literally the best AU oh my lord. i just wanted to ask as i need this AU in every form :)

Hey there, I’m glad you like it!! <3 (and I want to thank @en-sam-malas again for this awesome idea! **) 

Btw I don’t know if there’s a fan fiction about it already, tbh! 

Does anyone know if there’s a fic? :)


make me choose
norasergeants asked Nora & Aidan or Nora & Sally

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If that's the third best joke what are the top two? :)

Well, best jokes I don’t know actually, but the parts that made me laugh the most are:

1) The transition between “I saw a ghost, ghost are real” and the YouTube video

2) “The rent is 21,000$ a month” “burn in hell”

and then 

3) “She thinks they’re all doors. That’s sad. She is a scientist.”

So I want to say the real reason why I loved the Ghostbusters (2016) so much.

It’s not because of how hot Kate was, or how much I love Kristen Wiig.

It is the fact that it is the best female led movie I’ve ever seen. Yes the women are genuinely funny, but the thing that made me so happy was that they were so supportive of each other.

But when I was on my way to see the movie I was scared that they were going to have that plot line where Abby and Erin were going to get into a fight and split up because Erin wanted to get their name out there or whatever.

This was a strong fear of mine because that is the typical plotline with characters of this type.



and that made me so damn happy!!

The only split up was outside of the movie! And the whole movie is about these two bffs coming back together AND NEVER GOING BACK!

after they got back together they never doubted each other again.

When Erin gets a bit cray with the ghosts Abby doesn’t leave or whatever she’s just like we can’t do it that way, and Erin is basically “yeah you right I just kind of need this” and Abby is just like “I know but there’s a better way”

that fight plotline is my least favorite. It gives me too much anxiety. AND IT’S IN EVERY SINGLE FEMALE MOVIE. BUT NOT GHOSTBUSTERS!

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also Holtz and Patty are just immediately a part of this group without anyone getting jealous!

like Erin comes back and Holtz doesn’t get hurt cos her friend’s old friend is gonna ruin their friendship, she’s just like welcome to the club I’m gonna rib you so hard but you’re alright

and then patty just comes in and is immediately part of the family