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Leap of faith

Summary: That time when you wanted to go skydiving and Bucky didn’t love the idea. 
Characters: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: None, this is absolute fluff

A/N: Needed a bit of happy after a long week at work, so here’s some snarky Bucky with a side of fluff.


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“I’m not kidding, it feels like flying, it’s so amazing.”

Steve’s voice is exuberant, blue eyes bright, while he visualises the experience for you, his enthusiasm painting a colourful verbal picture. The longer he talks, the more he fidgets, his inability to stay still a direct correlation to his excitement, and his eagerness to tell the story puts a smile on your face.

He talks and talks about every jump he’s ever tried, a shocking number in actuality, and you indulge him as the early sunlight slides across the kitchen floor. 

It’s late morning before you hear the slow, quiet steps shuffle behind you, and you feel his arms curl tightly around your waist for a sleepy hug. The minty smell of toothpaste floats under your nose when he presses a light kiss to your neck, nuzzling his face into your hair. 

“Morning,” Bucky murmurs, eyes still half-closed when he breathes deep, letting the scent of coffee and your freshly scrubbed skin roll over him. 

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under the sea - tom holland

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—- this is another very very very very short story for tom holland, this time it’s just a lowkey cute moment between Tom and the reader.

IS MY WRiTinG GEtTInG WoRSE?!?!?!!?

“Tom, I want to watch the Little Mermaid.” 

I pout at my husband as we rummage through different Disney movies that we could possibly watch. 

“We watched that yesterday love. Do you really want to watch it again?” He asks pulling out the Little Mermaid disk from the pile. I look at him in shock.

“Did you seriously just ask me that? Tom you should know by now that of course I would re watch the Little Mermaid, and you should know why. I mean it’s because the Little Mermai–” 

“The Little Mermaid is your favourite Disney movie, ya-da ya-da. I have heard you say it over one thousand times.” He puts the DVD into the console before heading towards me and moving me onto his lap. 

“Darling, would you mind moving your head.” 

“TOM, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MOVED ME.” I semi-scream at him as I see him starting to laugh. He pushes me off him so he can see the screen as I tumble down to the floor. 

*after the movie*

I hear Tom humming something to himself, so I nudge him. 

“Oh hey, whatcha singing there babe?” I ask him moving closer to him, he looks at me before looking down as he hums the tune of Under the Sea.

“Go out with me.” He whispers in the tune of the song, making me turn my head. I tilt my head to the side confused.

“Go out with me.” He says clearer than the first time, and I roll my eyes and smile, knowing exactly where this was going. 

“Darling it’s better, when we’re together. Why don’t you see?” He sings looking at me with those innocent brown eyes as he leans towards me.

“We are already married, you dumbass!” I state pushing him to the side, as he chuckles. 

“Love me Y/N, why don’t you love me?” He fakes a sob as he places his hands on his heart, wiping fake tears that were running down his face.

“Calm yourself you drama queen. I wouldn’t be wearing this ring if I didn’t love you.”  I say showing him my ring finger, with the beautiful ring on it. 

“Oh that’s so true darling.”

Oosh I cringe at myself. 

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Hello can I request a scenario were todoroki's s/o wants to binge watch all of their favorite movies as a kid because they know todoroki didn't have much of a childhood??

Hello lovely, I very much hope that I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!

“Let’s start with this one.” His partner says after they covered which movies Todoroki got the chance to watch and which he didn’t. Looking at the piles of movies Todoroki never even heard off, he doesn’t know how to feel.

His mother watched some movies with him whenever his father wasn’t around and those are some of the few good memories he has from being a child. Still, seeing all the movies he never knew, things that other kids grew up with, he feels odd.

His partner’s hand covers his and snaps him out of his thoughts. Their gaze is warm and a little worried.

“Is something up? If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to.” They offer, giving him a soft, comforting smile. “I don’t mind you know, I just wanted to show you some things.”

Silently inhaling, he gives them a small shake of his head. “No, I’m fine.”

His love nods slowly and lets the movie start. They settle beside him then, their arm and leg warm against his and Todoroki finds himself taking their hand.

This is good, he thinks then after they finish the movie and start a second one. He leans a bit more against his partner, how takes the chance to turn their movie watching into a cuddling session as well. Maybe he gets to have good things in his own way and with the people he chooses to be with.

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What do you feel is the worst representation of batman

worst? that’s a hard one - i can find myself entertained by most versions of batman, because i love him and i’m a lil hoe like that. i think it depends on what we’re constituting as a good representation and a bad representation, and without letting my personal batpinions leak too deeply in it, i’d say a good representation is something that keeps you entertained, and a bad representation something that doesn’t, and that’s still gonna differ from person to person.

since you asked me, i vote christopher nolan’s batman. i’ve fallen asleep halfway through every single movie. i don’t remember most of the plots, other than the really ridiculous stuff (let me punch you in the spine, batman, it will fix you through transference of machismo) and mostly it just doesn’t seem very batman. batman doesn’t rely on his bat gimmick half as much as he does in the comics, catwoman - who is this person? i know them not. there was none of the wild, wacky stuff that even the darkest, grittiest batman comics had - i mean, in TDKR, he rolls up in gotham on a horse, and that’s one of the comics we like to complain about for sending batman spiraling on this ‘realism’ thing.

i say this as my personal opinion, and the opinion of a dweeb on the internet who would love to someday write a batman comic but probably never will, but i think to get a good batman you need balance. you need to know when to make the audience laugh, and you need to know when to make them hurt, you need to know when it needs to be comic book-y and when it needs to be real, and you need to know when to use batman, and when to use bruce wayne, and you have to do all of that while remembering why each part is important. that’s a really hard job, to be quiet honest. i probably don’t know how to do any of that. 

I never know where to start so I'll go straight to the point

I love every single one of Rupert’s roles but one character in particular is the one I keep returning to.
Robert Smith, ladies and… ladies!
Watching this sassy piece of ass is still one of the best pleasures for me. THIS is kind of character Rup has to return more often to. Despite his toughness he doesn’t lack in caring and sweetness. And did I mention those curls?! Omg those are soooo effing cute!!1!)1!
What was I talking about? Oh, right, um yeah so that doesn’t mean I like him more than others (because I love Ben, Charlie, Malachi, Tony and even Alan just as much) but he just kinda stands out in some ways.
For some reason I couldn’t find any gifs of Rupert from this movie ( @thefinalhorcruxx I’m looking at you pleadingly) but it feels like Rupert himself was enjoying playing this character in particular Thank you for bearing with me through my rambling. Oops nevermind, I found a gif. But I’m still looking at @thefinalhorcruxx

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I also agree Tadashi shouldn't come back. It just... wouldn't make any sense? The message of the movie was learning how to cope with grief and loss so if Tadashi came back to life, then what would've been the point of killing him off in the first place? That's why I don't agree with #tadashilives or sunfire!Tadashi because if Disney went with either, it'd feel very forced and shoehorned in my opinion. There's nothing wrong with wanting Tadashi to stay dead as long as he's loved and remembered.

Yeah. It’s not that I personally don’t like the ideas of him coming back, it just…doesn’t feel right. I understand the sunfire!Tadashi theories and they are interesting to discuss, but it almost feels too easy to go that route. If there was a sequel and a fire related character was involved in some way, we’d all know who it is. 

I think with the series coming out, we’re going to (hopefully) see more of Hiro’s process with dealing of Tadashi’s death. And I feel like the more we see of that, that less sense it will make *shrugs* 

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What was coming out like for you ?

Well, not terrible, my mom and stepdad were always really cool about it. It was actually an accident. I was talking to mom one morning about something and like, I thought she had figured it out because that’s how she is. Anyway, I was like “yeah so you know I liked my old friend X anyway, so” and she goes “wait.. Wait. You liked him? Ok, Imma grab some coffee, and sit down and we can talk about whatever but no, I did not” lmao. She’s great, I love her. My dad was a little more intimidating so I told my stepmom first who is super duper chill, and then later that day I go to see a movie with dad and he’s like “your step mom told me, I’m not sure I understand fully yet but I love you and what you do is up to You” - since then he’s grown A LOT cooler. And he was never mean about it

I got lucky. I really did. Besides being teased all the way up to my senior year of highschool (I came out the summer of my freshman year in college to my family), but hey, weren’t we all


Not long ago i think i read that the filming of Avengers 4 was going to start soon (maybe i dreamed it or read it wrong, tell me please if I’m wrong). If this is true then how come Tom has cut his hair so much? I mean, he looks awesomely hot but…
1. What if he has no scenes in the last movie because something really bad happens to Peter during Infinity War?
2. Maybe there is a huge gap time between third and fourth movie so it is okay for him to be on it with shorter hair.
3. He doesn’t have to film in a time so It has time to grow It again.

Please, tell me im overreacting here bc as much as i love his new haircut it still fucked me up.

Am i making any sense?

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Your own theories about "Angry Birds Movie 2" :3

This is a little late but to answer!! Here’s some things I think they could do and things I’m pretty sure they will do

  • The pigs are going to come back, definitely. Of course they would, no matter how much we wouldn’t want to.
  • Red is going to be more open and less anti-social but not too much. Development will be shown but he will still be the same character.
  • Hopefully Bomb gets more screentime and development because I love him and he deserves more moments that revolve around him besides just exploding. Which I’m sure he will have more control of in the sequel. 
  • I am on board with both ideas of Silver coming up on the sequel and on the Stella flock having more relevance. I doubt we will get both and well, I’m honestly rooting more for the Silver idea because I love her more and because she has been seriously pushed aside, like, more so than the birds people always complain about like Hal for example, only appearing in a single game. I’d also love to see her personality in action. But the Stella flock idea also is great to me especially for Stella and Gale. I hope that if they do go for the Silver idea that Stella sill gets attention somehow, since she’s my favorite female bird.
    • I mostly want to see Silver mostly around the headcanon age I have for her?? I still will see her as a teen in the Toons verse no matter what happens but it’d be nice for her to be a teen personally just to shut down those age policing shippers I’ve had to put up with…>.>
    • If not though she can be a young bird I won’t be too upset. She’ll be adorable either way <3
  • LGBT representation is always nice and Rovio’s clearly been wanting to have it for awhile (Chuck’s sexuality being so clearly not straight and Stella and Gale almost becoming canon in the considered Agri Birds game, and the two lesbian couples in the background of the first movie). I’ll be glad no matter what we get.
  • Hopefully Mighty Eagle isn’t so…ridiculous and more signs of that wise aspect he had from before shine through.
  • My Red boy better get some respect from saving the eggs in the last movie!! Also I want him to bond with the hatchlings more and develop his love for kids, please and thank you. 
  • I need….backstories….for Chuck and Bomb…..if they don’t mind. 

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I followed you because your profile pic is jude law and that was when I went through a phase where I was in love with him when he was younger and I sat through one of the worst movies I've ever seen only because he was in it and I thought he was cute also you're really funny and cool and I love ur blog!!! k bye that's all sorry for the lack of punctuation

thank you so much!!!! but also what was the bad movie. was it alfie

Reasons To Love Damien

-his beautiful, silky hair

-make-up game is on point

-he reads fanfiction

-flower arrangement hobby

-fascination with goth

-knowledge of Victorian history

-respectful parenting towards Lucien

-This part:

I could talk about how important this is for a parent to do in regards to mental health and simply allowing Lucien to choose for himself if he needs/wants professional help. A+ parenting. Not to mention that Damien was not yelling at Lucien and was basically like, “I care about you and I want to see you improve, but you need to make that choice for yourself. Just know that Im here to help.”

-how polite he is

-very romantic, in his own way

-writing letters, enough said

-that brave face he made during the movie scene, so cute

-speaking of the movie scene, this part too:

He was so scared he instinctively sought out for physical comfort just by mere hand holding!!!!

-he is so smooth

-His views on death and life is actually beautiful. Basically don’t dread on fearing death because you could miss out on enjoying life.

-when he brings mc dad home after the second date, he friggin’ gives mc a handkerchief as a gift!!!!!

-and no one could forget his love for dogs

-Also, he is so cute in this outfit!!!!! I love those large glasses on him, they look good on him.

Lets fast forward a bit, shall we? 

-After the whole Duchess adventure, mc and Damien has a sweet conversation about Damien being perfect the way he is, he is more than a goth prince and mc doesn’t mind at all. Then he freaking ASKS MC’S PERMISSION FOR A KISS!!! That is so charming and sweet!!!!! 

-After this scene is the conclusion of the route, Amanda’s graduation party. We have a chat with all the guests and Amanda until we have our final scene with Damien. I can’t explain how much I love what he says, so I’ll just put it here so we can appreciate it.

“But I think I can make an exception for you.” God, why does he have to be so damn smooth?

I think I made my point. Damien is an amazing character.

I’m seeing comments and posts about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being too weak and unreliable, but that’s the whole point of Homecoming? Peter is new to the whole superhero business but y’all expect this fifteen year old to be a full fledged Avenger in his first movie? I loved seeing him run into fences, watching him make a fool of himself, and crying for help because he’s a dumb kid and that’s what they do. They are naive and immature and they make stupid mistakes. He’s still learning and we really get to see how vulnerable and weak this Spidey is. Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t as epic and heroic as the previous Spidey films but that’s why it works so well. We get to really see a grounded and unskilled Peter Parker grow and I’m so excited to see him become the greatest hero in the MCU. 

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He’s a favorite bird, easily on the top 10. I relate to him a lot, since I also have a resting bitchface and am very quiet irl. He’s clearly adorable even though he’s creepy, and he’s always enjoyable. He’s not THAT much of a fave for me mostly since I like other birds more (since they’re less like me and I don’t like characters who I relate to TOO much most of the time), but I still really love him. I think I like his movie self more surprisingly, because he seems REALLY messed up XDD In Toons he’s also great though. 


He had his own blaster out and fired a cluster of tight shots above her head. Jyn could only guess one of the rebels had been aiming the explosive her way. Cassian had shot one of Saw’s rebels to save her life.


“Tell that to the one who killed our men.”
Jyn looked to Cassian. In her mind’s eye, she saw him fire his blaster in the plaza, felt the grenade explode over her head. She remembered the cold, guiltless sensation that had passed over her then; shame found her now, gripped her heart, and she tore through it with anger.

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Considering it's Lance's birthday today, can I ask for some Lance headcanons?

happy birthday to the goofiest guy in the galaxy!!!

  • [*you became friends with lance!] [*lance will now die for you]
  • keith: “we’re not rivals” also keith: “he triple dog dared me shiro i gotta-”
  • fun fact: alteans can’t roll their r’s
    • the first time lance does it there’s some confusion
    • coran: “did you just… growl at me??”
  • part of the reason lance looks up to shiro so much is because he reminds him of an action movie hero
  • lance, dropping his weight on pidge: “oh no gravity is increasing on me!” pidge: “lance get your bony butt off of me right now before i kick it” 
    • >:o his butt isn’t bony you take that back!!!!
  • lance and coran are morning people. everyone else is… not
  • lance: “god i hate him” hunk: “me too” lance: “you have no idea who i’m talking about??” hunk: “solidarity, bro”
  • he really loves his weird friends
    • “lance can you please stop introducing us to people as your ‘weird frien-’”
  • allura: “alright, lance, shake it” [lance shimmies] “…the container lance”
Dating Tom Holland would include:

A/N: this is way longer than I expected but I ope it’s still good :) feedback is appreciated!!

Tom // You

  • Him being super touchy in public
  • Always wanting to hold your hand
  • Or put his arm around your waist
  • Or rest his hand on your thigh
  • Literally anything that includes any kind of physical contact with you
  • But not in a sexual way
  • Well sometimes it is in a sexual way ;)
  • Like teasing you under the table at some kind of formal event
  • Or when you’re having dinner with your family
  • You being super mad at him for doing that in front of your parents
  • Thomas Stanley Holland!!! What the fuck is wrong with you??
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about, darling
  • You getting incredibly sexually frustrated whenever he did that, which usually lead to sex ;)
  • Sex with him being either quick, rough and loud; or slow, quiet and passionate
  • But good nevertheless
  • Marvel movie marathons
  • You too would be watching Iron Man all cuddled up
  • And Tom would be constantly talking about how he knows RDJ
  • Tom, I swear to God. Shut the fuck up.
  • Tess joining your movie marathon
  • Or Harrison
  • Tom and you pretending to be annoyed by the fact that Haz was there
  • But actually not minding because you two love him to the moon and back
  • The three of you being absolutely inseparable
  • As well as Tom’s siblings and you
  • And the SM:H cast and you
  • Basically everyone in Tom’s life adores you
  • Especially Tom
  • Him literally staring at you in awe every time you do anything
  • Anything
  • You could literally be making his sugary tea
  • And he would be staring at you like you were an angel
  • What’s wrong?” You’d ask, turning to look at him
  • Nothing’s wrong, darling.
  • Then why are you looking at me like that?
  • It’s just… How the hell do you manage to look so perfect all the time?
  • You’d roll your eyes. “Like you’re one to say that
  • This happening at least once a day
  • Which usually lead to the two of you going on and on about how much you love each other
  • Harrison, Jacob and Harry being totally sick of you two.
  • “We get it guys. You love each other. Can we move on before I throw up?”
  • You two being all over twitter, facebook, instagram or any kind of social media as #couplegoals
  • for weeks
  • Tom’s fans absolutely adoring you
  • Because you make Tom happy and that’s all they care about
  • Hearing his morning voice for the first time after your first night together when you to visit him while on tour
  • Like you’d both be laying in bed in the morning,and you’d be looking at him while he slept
  • Thinking about how much you love him especially after last night ;)
  • Stop staring at me. It’s creepy.
  • You having at least three mental orgasms after hearing his raspy morning voice.
  • Shut up, Stanley.
  • He’d immediately open his eyes and rolling over till he was on top of you.
  • Don’t call me that.
  • He would say that in a really dominant tone, and he’d still have morning voice
  • So let’s just say you’d be pretty turned on
  • So you decided to tease him a little
  • Or what?
  • You don’t want to find out, love.
  • You’d both have teasing little smirks on your face
  • Oh, I think I do, Stanley
  • Hot, needy, loud morning sex!!!!!!!!
  • Harrison banging on your bedroom wall
  • “Oh, bloody hell!!! It’s nine in the morning, stop shagging, for fuck’s sake!!”
  • Both of you bursting out in laughter
  • Resting your head on his chest and wrapping your arms around his waist when you’re done
  • Him kissing the top of your head and holding you as close to him as possible
  • I love you so much, it’s insane
  • I love you too, Stanley.
Peter’s homemade suit

Can I just talk about how proud Peter was with his homemade Spider-Man suit? In the beginning of the film, he wasn’t aware that Tony Stark made him a suit so the kid brought his own costume. When he was filming everything he said “Okay, Peter. You got this. You got this.” while looking at the mirror looking nervous but excited at the same time because out of all the people, he was going to help Mr. Stark fight Captain America. 

So when Happy said, “What are you wearing?” Peter was so confused and the camera showed him looking down to his outfit while saying in such an innocent way, “It’s my suit!”

You can tell it in his tone of voice that this was something he was very proud of. He most likely even sewn it himself. It’s something a 15-year-old with not much allowance can come up with. It wasn’t about just looking cool (for a kid), it was something that he would be wearing around comfortably, swinging here and there. I mean, it’s made up of a hoodie, long sleeved shirt, and joggers. Tony may have made fun of it and called it pajamas, but it’s something Peter was happy about because he designed it himself and you can even notice the spider symbol on his hoodie chest was drawn using a sharpie. He didn’t have resources but he improvised.

His homemade web-shooters? According to the Art of the Movie book, his web shooters have two separate cases that contained two chemicals and when he presses the button, it mixes as it moves forward to produce his webbing. That’s pretty darn neat that he came up with it and manufactured it himself. And I absolutely loved the fact that he was making his web fluid during chemistry lab class in secret when his teacher wasn’t looking and that’s just pretty realistic because again, he didn’t have the materials at home. He’s a dumpster diver and I wouldn’t be surprised if his web-shooters initially came from that.

And his mask? It can squint and everything and then I realized, he made it especially like that because his senses are dialed to 11 and he needed to focus because there was just too much input for him. As much as possible, he’d like to prevent sensory overload. I liked the fact Tony took this into consideration as well since the new suit was able to do that too.

Peter’s a resourceful kid and I loved that about him. So when Happy showed him the new and improved suit made by Tony Stark, he was so over the moon and went “Oh my god. I-I… I don’t understand. Is it… is it for me?!” It was just so pure and the innocence around it was amazing.

And honestly? He deserved it. He deserved it so much and I’m so happy for him that he got a multi-million dollar suit and yet he still kept his first suit.


In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker is 15. He builds Lego sets with his best friend. His voice cracks when he gets in a heated conversation. He openly cries when he’s sad or hurt. He calls for help when he needs help, and is so heartbroken when he knows he can’t get it, that you hear it in his voice.

In the new media, we are always told characters are in high school, but they don’t look or act like high schoolers. They are too put together, too perfect. I’m not saying that’s bad, or bashing on anyone who’s worked with characters like these, but it’s so easy to relate to Peter in Homecoming because he’s so imperfect. He has flaws, he cracks under pressure, he sweats when he’s nervous.

I’m 15, and I can see myself in the way he greets his friends, talks about his passions, and reminds someone he’s not fourteen, he’s a year older. I can relate to him and his troubles talking to the people he likes, and dealing with bullies. He’s such a kind-hearted character and Tom Holland did so well with his acting during this movie, and I want to thank him for that.

I’ve loved Spider-Man for a long time, and Homecoming is the best movie adaptation I’ve seen of the character so far. A perfect balance of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, not just one or the other.

It’s an amazing movie, and everyone involved in making it should be extremely proud.