because i love her :d

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Honestly, I think Echo deserves a little love. I'd pair her up with anybody because she can do better than Narcissus. (I think this story has roots in both Greek and Rome?? I don't really remember) Apparently Apollo likes Narcissus for his physique, but honestly I'd put Apollo with Echo. Even if nymphs and gods don't tend to mix very well

I’ve started shipping so much different ships bc of this blog but here’s another one,,, okay imagine Apollo singing to her and she just echoes his singing


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie

so i might’ve been watching stardust and i might’ve gotten soppy about vanessa and usnavi so… have a vansnavi stardust au


Benophie AU: Roadtrip

(Ben footage from x)

I like to think that after all the events of Night in the Woods, Mae tries to teach Bea how to play real drums (”Now you take this stick…thing. And you hit the sound part. A lot. Like it insulted your great-grandma or something. Or like those times you really wanted to punch me in the face but didn’t. Don’t try to pretend they didn’t exist. I was there. I saw eeeeeverything.”), but she’s like really good already and plays it off that Mae was a “pretty good teacher, I guess”.

here’s the second of the two commissions i asked the amazing awesome talented superstar inspiration man @earthprincewu to do for me!!! it’s my very first D&D oc, Gaktial!!! 

she’s a half-orc barbarian with a love for gold and for doing things her way, blunt but loyal to a fault. she looks so adorable and amazing and beautiful and everything i wanted in his style!!! i love her expressions too because she’d def do those!!!! and i love how everything is honestly!!!!! thank you thank you thank you toby so so much for the two lovely pieces!!!!!!!!!


When your husband’s a big dork

i ship klema brotp

i just want ema skye and klavier gavin to be 

  • buddies
  • friends
  • bros
  • gals
  • homies
  • amigos
  • nintendo
  • pizza
  • complaining abt each other
  • talking about boyfriends
  • light hearted teasing each other
  • unoffensive burnfests
  • yo mama
  • listening to music in the office with speakers up all the way
  • confidants
  • the person b that complains about winston and gaspen paine to the other’s person a that throws snackoos at the paynes when they aren’t looking
  • buddy convincing the other buddy to coordinate with her boyfriend for a social event
  • “lets get drunk because our boyfriends are going back to their country for the time being and they have jobs and we have jobs”
  • practical jokes
  • practical jokes on miles edgeworth on the entire prosecutor’s office 
  • house keys
  • water your plants while you’re on tour/investigating cases in khura’in?
  • i just 

i just



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were you always such an amazing drawer? (p.s i absolutely love your work :3)

Good day, Lovely Anon! Aww thank you so much, I’m happy you like my work! 

Well, art is a never-ending struggle to keep on moving and to try and improve every single day, even if it’s just a tiny bit, so to answer your question, judging from my self-made Pokédex and this storybook I made when I was 8 about my cousin and me as witches fighting giant bats

not exactly

art trade with the fabulous @funsexydragonball! :D

She asked me if I could draw something with Gogeta, with the option of pairing him up with either Bulma or Chi-Chi (or both X3). I got the go-ahead to do a lady Gogeta, so I decided to draw her with both lovely ladies o3o I drew Bulma and Chi-Chi more well-endowed here than I would if I had just drawn this on my own, because I know how much Miss funsexy loves her db ladies curvy ;D (lady Gogeta would be drawn the same regardless if this was a trade or not lol XP)

I hope you enjoy! :3


(the reason why I’ve been putting this message in my art posts recently is cuz I’ve been experiencing art theft over the last few months =^=)


“We’re all very ordinary in St. Mary Mead, but ordinary people can sometimes do the most astonishing things.”


Relationship development between the Olivias