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I feel like there's a lot of negativity about the finale so I just wanted to share why I'll still love the show. One of my three best friends and I picked up the first book in the series just because it had four girls on the cover that reminded me of us. Then we found out it was going to be turned into a show and have watched it ever since. Even though we have moved to different places since then we still both watch it and feel like it's something we'll always share.

That’s amazing, I love that story! As much as a lot of us say we hate it or we’re glad it’s ending, you know, we all have reasons why we still love it too. 

I met three of my best friends on this blog. I never would have met them without this, and that’s so scary to think about because they have been my solid ground (and hopefully I’ve been theirs) for so long now. This show did remarkable things for a lot of us no matter what state it’s in now <3

So Netflix really out there cancelling out of the best shows? Sense8 was amazing, it had good LGBT representation, characters with different races and cultures, beautiful cinematography, interesting plots and an amazing writing.

They also had the nerve to cancel The Get Down earlier this month, a show were the cast was 99% Black/Latinx and now they are coming for the only diverse show left.

Netflix actually keep 13 reasons why that didn’t even needed a second season because it was legit only ONE BOOK, Hannah is dead and the 13 reasons are known plus the producers of the show ignored the warnings and got people wih mental illness suicidal but of course money and mainstream media speaks louder.

Sense8 and The Get Down deserved better. The LGBT community deserves better and so did the minorities represented in those shows. To everyone that didn’t got to see sense8 I recommend you to do so and fall in love with the beauty that was the show and the intriguing plot lines.

I understand that both series had a big budget but if the reason to cancel sense8 was the expensive locations then for anyone who watched the season 2 finale knows that for season 3 location wasn’t going to be an issue. PLUS Netflix did a terrible job promoting both shows so idk how they could’ve expected a bigger audience.

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Why do you want to fight Nicholas Sparks? And how would you challenge him (thrown glove, e-vite, etc)?

Thrown glove, definitely. This has to be PERSONAL, even though my problem with him is really everything he represents.

I have talked before about how his brand of dreck has basically killed the romcom, but I don’t think I’ve talked about why I hate his brand of dreck, so gather around, chickadees, for “How do I hate thee, Nicholas Sparks? Let me count the ways.”

1. Tragedy porn. Look, honestly, I liked “A Walk to Remember.” Mostly because of “Only Hope” and Shane West’s face, but I liked it (if I watched it today, even divorced from the whole of Sparks’s canon, I would hate it, but that’s a separate issue). But as time went on and I watched a couple more of his movies and then heard about the others, it’s just … look. I know that we make stories to make people feel a certain way. We want to elicit an emotional response. And that’s a good thing, you know? And I know I rail about darkness and sadness a lot, but I’m not even saying that stories should only try to elicit good emotions. That feels shallow.

But with Nicholas Sparks and other tear-jerker-type stories (see: reasons I never got into Grey’s Anatomy, reasons I’m more likely to read straight-up darkfic than what people call “sads”), the emotional manipulation is incredibly blatant and formulaic and … I don’t know, is “cheap” the word I want? I don’t see the point in a story that says “Here’s a thing you love. Fate is going to take that thing you love from you. The main character is going to lift their chin like Scarlett O’Hara and say ‘tomorrow is another day!’“ I don’t feel like it’s something the creator is sharing with me, I feel like it’s something they’re trying to do to me, and I don’t take kindly to that.

2. White Cis Hets Touching Foreheads.

3. His whole brand is marketed to women, books and movies both, they’re chick flicks, date movies, stuff For the Women, but he sure is a dude. Not that men aren’t allowed to write romances, but it’s just that slimy feeling of “a wise man making money off all those silly weepy romantic women” rather than “a wise man showing that it’s okay for both women and men to cry over a love story where tragic things happen.” Like. Nora Roberts sure doesn’t have this kind of franchise. And I can’t say I enjoy reading Nora Roberts, but one could excise the sex from her books and make movies and market them to women, but somehow nobody got to be a romantic-book-adaptation juggernaut until Sparks. Partly because he’s a man and partly because

4. Happiness Isn’t Art. There seems to be this implication that because things end badly, because they’re sad, because they make you cry, it’s okay that they’re romantic. The sadness makes sure that they’re art. And fuck that, honestly? Tearjerkers are fine, whatever, they can (and should, I don’t want to stop people writing for the genres that appeal to them) exist in the world even if I don’t want to consume them, but nobody in this world gets to tell me that the unhappiness elevates them higher than the romcom. That it’s better than Nora Roberts not because he’s a man but because the sadness makes it somehow more worthy.

5. Look at that face. Tell me you don’t want to punch that smug face.

6. Sometimes you just read a book or watch a movie and know that the person behind the story is ideologically opposed to you in pretty much every possible way.

Just to sum up, I guess … I’m a person who loves reading and writing love stories. I always have been, since I was a little kid. If there’s tragedy and difficulty along the way, sure, I’m willing to go along with that, but when there’s someone who consistently says “no, this is only worthy if I take happiness away from you, because happiness isn’t art, because romance is only worth of attention if tragedy interrupts it,” then I get ready for a fight. And since he’s very much the trend leader there, I am pretty much ready to meet him in the pit at all times.

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Jamilton hcs?

  • Thomas and Alex play chess against each other and its one of few times they don’t speak, Alex tends to play footsy with Thomas hoping it would distract him. Meanwhile Alex is pretty distracted by how handsome Thomas looks deep in thought
  • They let the other check their work and somewhere in red they have passive aggressive compliments like “wow dipshit you actually know how to get to the point without rambling in your work, good work Alexander” or “Thomas, I’m surprised, one may think you actually cared enough to use that big brain and a thesaurus” 
  • When they walk side by side they don’t hold hands, Thomas crosses his arms when he walks and Ham walks with his hand tucked into Thomas’s back pocket, his eyes on his phone
  • Purposely ruining the ending to the other’s book because they want someone to discuss it with already
  • They talk watching their shows together VERY seriously and spend hours debating on the show
  • Alex watches Thomas ramble on for hours, which is unlike him, over some detail he missed and breathes “I love you”. OF course Thomas doesn’t hear him
  • James is fine with Jamilton as long as Alexander stops picking a fight with their other friends (Monroe and John Adams)
  • James is really the only Thomas friend that Alex can stand and its only because Alex and James are both young geniuses; Alex also refers James to a better doctor (Angelica) for his on and off colds
  • Thomas composes a piece of violin music which is fast and very complex, Alex asks him what its called because he’s been playing it over and over again and Thomas very naturally says “Harmony du Hamilton” he plays it when he’s nervous and needs to exhaust his nerves
The Sleepy Scholar

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Words: 2.1k+

Prompt: College AU + Library AU

A/N: This is my AU day imagine for the @hamwriters Write-A-Thon! I’m excited to get this out because I had this finished for like 2 weeks or so now haha. Special thanks to @helplesslylins and @secretschuylersister for proofreading and pushing me to do this! I love you both immensely <3 Enjoy!

P.S. Y/F/I means your first initial!

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This all started a week ago. You were doing your typical 11-3AM shift at the campus library. Many people would shy away from the graveyard shift but it was your favorite because it was quiet and no one was typically at the 24/7 library past 2 am so you would binge TV shows or read one of the many books that surrounded you. Plus, your classes were in the afternoon so it was most convenient for you. However this week, there was one lone student that would stay at the same table, nose in his book as he mumbled words until he fell asleep at the desk every night without fail. It was only the 3rd week of school and already some poor soul was in the library until ungodly hours. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the mysterious man with the bun, every time you went to clock out he was face down on the desk, using his arms as a makeshift pillow. By the eighth consecutive night of the stranger’s appearance, you couldn’t keep watching as he wasted his life away. So, that night when you clocked out you brought a water bottle, the PB&J sandwich you never opened, and a blanket you kept in the break room with you on your way out. You delicately placed the blanket over his sleeping form and set the sandwich and water bottle in front of him, along with a short message on a Post-it note.

“Take a break! -Y/F/I”

You took a closer glance at him, mystery man was actually really cute when he was asleep. Before he could catch you staring, you left the library; giving a quick wave to Claudia as she clocked in to take over the information desk. You were leaving Pre-Calculus the next morning when you got a text from Claudia.

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be still

it’s finally here!!! i expanded (maybe a bit too much) on this blurb and this is the final product. the blurb is incorporated into this version with some edits and added scenes between so even if you’ve read the blurb i wouldn’t skip over the parts you think you know because most of it is slightly different. also!! i made a playlist for this so if you’re interested in listening to it while reading you can do that. i’m really proud of this one so i hope you guys like it! please let me know ur thoughts!!

warning: smut (;

questions, comments, concerns.


There were no words to describe just how much I hated Harry Styles. The way he dressed like an off duty model, the way he never cut his goddamn hair, the way he always got what he wanted. The way everyone practically worshipped the ground he walked on made me sick.

I had a more concrete reason for why I hated Harry, but that’s another story. Everyone thought I was just jealous of him, but I wasn’t. Why would I be? Sure, he was a great actor, but I was a great actress and we’d never really have to compete for parts. When he turned up at the theater a few years before, everyone quickly became enamored by him and the theater went from being mine to his.

But this isn’t about that. This isn’t the story of how I grew to hate Harry Styles. This is the story of how Harry Styles lit my soul on fire and made me feel something for the first time. This is the story of how Harry Styles gave me his heart even though he had absolutely no reason to.

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hi can we collectively stop doing the “x character is my child and i love them but this series is trash and i hate it” thing that tumblr fandom does.

because really, you’re just lying to yourself, and you do really love the series because its clearly compelled you to be invested in it, which is demonstrated by both your devotion to participating in fandom and your love for the characters. you simply haven’t yet figured out how to be critical of the books/tv shows you consume without having that criticism ruin your entire enjoyment of it. Tumblr mindset has convinced you that in order to enjoy something it has to be a completely unproblematic neutered flop of a story otherwise you yourself run the risk of being problematic and will be cast down from the ranks of tumblr society like a morally corrupt heathen.

But once you realize that you are allowed to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy, because of and despite it’s faults, you’ll be so much happier I promise. 

For my fifty-seventh Evangelion book review, here is Hiramatsu Tadashi Animation Gashuu (Tadashi Hiramatsu Animation Art Book), published by STYLE.  This is a new book that just came out this week (although people who went to Comiket in December 2016 were able to get it sooner), and it is a collection of illustrations by Tadashi Hiramatsu, a key animator for the Evangelion TV series and movies.  As you can probably guess from the cover art shown above, he has also done work for various other titles, including character designs and animation direction for “Yuri!!! on Ice”.  Cool! Oh, and if you’re disappointed that there aren’t any Evangelion characters on the front cover, don’t worry… Rei Ayanami appears on the back cover, standing atop a cute drawing of some flowers.

This book is not available in English or French, but pretty much the only text is the table of contents at the beginning, then short descriptions accompanying each illustration, and then a two-page interview and the credits page.  So the book mostly consists of pictures, ranging from black-and-white production sketches to full color promotional art.  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover artwork hidden underneath is a small but charming illustration of the artist’s hands drawing a line.  As for an example of what kind of stuff can be found inside the book, check out this pic of Kaworu and Shinji playing musical instruments that look like the Spear of Longinus and Spear of Cassius:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures!

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why do you ship jaime/brienne? do you think they are going to be endgame or just a lots of wasted moments on screen?

oh boy. wow okay, i just love them?? this is gonna be a super incoherent mess of both book and show canon, so sorry in advance lmao.

jaime and brienne are just so good for each other. they challenge each other, they change each other, they grow together and separately because of their relationship. they are constantly pushing each other to be better. they tear down each other’s walls and then build each other up again. they balance each other out so well. naive, honorable, good brienne and damaged, arrogant and experienced jaime?? like wow, goodness. 

they teach each other so much. jaime shows brienne how knighthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and shatters a lot of her naivety about the world. brienne originally thinks so much in black and white. jaime killed the king, so he’s bad. renly danced with her, so he’s good. but jaime helps shift her perspective on “good” and “bad” because he’s such a morally-grey character (one of the reasons i love him so much). brienne teaches jaime about the value of true honor, not the bullshit he was fed in king’s landing, but real strength and dignity. something that you have to find inside yourself, not something you put on like a mask when it suits you.

one of my favorite aspects of their relationship is the idea that “things aren’t always as they seem.” jaime and brienne both have these concrete ideas about the world and other people that completely shift because of their relationship. jaime originally calls her things like “wench” and “ugly”, etc. because 1. he’s an asshole (lol) and 2. that’s all he saw at first. but big, strong, “ugly” brienne turned out to be so soft and “astonishing”. in the same way, arrogant, selfish jaime finds himself constantly putting himself at risk for this girl he barely knows. saving her from being raped by the bloody mummers, jumping into the bear pit to save her, etc. jaime becomes someone who saves people, rather than hurts them. brienne does that, and jaime changes her as well. brienne only saw jaime as a “kingslayer”, an “oathbreaker”, a “man without honor.” but then she learns the truth about the sack of king’s landing when he opens up to her - because jaime wants her to know this, wants her not to think so terribly of him, her of all people. jaime doesn’t want brienne to think of him as “the kingslayer” but as jaime. and after that, he is always jaime to brienne, and it crushes my soul. 

brienne names his sword “oathkeeper” and vows to save sansa stark in his name. not just because she wants to save sansa, but because she wants jaime to be proud of her, because she wants to “find his honor.” she can’t bear the idea of failing him. brienne dreams of jaime fastening a rainbow cloak around her shoulders and shouts his name in her sleep. she’s constantly wishing that he hadn’t left her. and jaime finds himself defending brienne even after they’re separated. he yells at men who call her “wench” and insist that her name is brienne. it’s a complete turnaround from how they originally saw each other. they’re no longer “the wench” and “the kingslayer” to each other, but jaime and brienne. two imperfect, messy humans who care so damn much about each other even if they don’t want to. no matter how much they could say they don’t, the prove themselves wrong with every action they take.

do i think they will become canon? as far as i’m concerned they already are. they have a meaningful relationship that’s extremely important to the story, and that matters whether they get married and have babies or not. (but god i wish they would). i’m terrified that jaime is going to die before the thing is done, either while he kills cersei or saving brienne. but even if they don’t become “canon” in the way you mean, their scenes will be by no means wasted. show-runners and writers don’t just throw a bunch of shit into a show and waste screen time on things that don’t matter. everything we’ve seen on game of thrones and in the asoiaf books so far has had or will have a major payoff, including jaime and brienne. will they live happily ever after? i’m not sure (though i hope). but their arc will absolutely come full-circle by the time the show/books are finished, that i can guarantee. it’s all leading up to something big!

i probably left out about 1000 things, but i don’t really do like “research” meta, i just spew my feelings all over the place and hope for the best lmao. basically i just really love jaime and brienne. they’re one of my favorite ships of all time and arguably one of the best ships in game of thrones/a song of ice and fire (and like, all media, tbh). they’re so good and i want to die because of it!!!!!

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will looks like such a pretty nerd in that fbi photo like, it's no wonder hannibal fell so hard look at that soft puppy *~*

I read your ask and was smothered with the image of Will Graham being a giant comic book nerd (his dad would buy him comics as a kid because they were cheap and Will liked to read and he could walk into a gas station/grocery store and pick one up/let Will choose whichever one without being worried about the price

Will would grow up and save his money from the odd jobs he takes to buy a ticket to a comic convention and get hit on by literally every single person because he really is the prettiest nerd with those curls and those big glasses he wears to avoid any and all eye contact and those gorgeous eyes that change color depending on the light framed by thick pretty lashes–he’s devastating–and all he wants to do is to buy that damn rare comic he heard was going to be sold here, but the social aspect is killing him, it feels like every five minutes he has to step outside and get some air away from all those emotions and then get hit on again

and then when he finally can order his merch online? And he has a stable job with some spare income? He can’t stop himself from buying that limited edition Captain America

and all this culminates in Will living on the first floor of his two story house, Hannibal asking why he doesn’t use the second floor and Will wondering which would scare Hannibal ‘loves classical music and likes to slip French into every other damn sentence and would probably rather die than eat a Big Mac’ Lecter more, Will secretly liking how he felt when he killed or the fact that the reason he lives on the first floor of his house is because every room of the second story is filled wall to wall with boxes of comics.)

(answer: Hannibal asks to read his favorite comic book–because love–and Will word vomits his nerdiness at him at such a rate Hannibal’s pants are off and Will is showing him his favorite panel of bare chested Captain Rogers.)

I’m still in a Reibert Mood™ so I’m here with more headcanons. Here’s my first post!

  • Bertholdt is always cold, Reiner is a furnace, so Bertholdt will use this to his advantage.
  • Since Bertholdt is always cold, his hands are freezing. He’ll go up to Reiner and put his hands under Reiner’s shirt or on the back of his neck to mess with him.
  • Something Reiner does that pisses Bertholdt off is that he pees with the door open if it’s just them. To make it worse, if they were in the middle of a conversation, Reiner will attempt to continue it. Bertholdt refuses to interact with him in any way during this.
  • They always say they don’t need to buy the other anything for birthdays, anniversaries, etc and do they follow it? You bet not.
  • They have a very good connection with each other. They can easily tell when the other is uncomfortable just by body language or how they look at the other. No one else can pick up on these cues.
  • They one time forgot their anniversary. They were visiting Reiner’s parents (I headcanon that Reiner is very close with his parents and they adore Bertholdt) and Reiner’s mom casually asked them what they did for their anniversary the week before. They were so confused for almost a minute before it hit them. They always remember important days like that, but they’ve been so busy with life that it completely flew over them. They were in disbelief about it at first, but after a while, they found it quite funny. A few days later, they went on a date to make up for it.
  • Reiner one time cried about how much he loves Bertholdt when he was drunk and Ymir got it on video.
  • Reiner tends to forget that Bertholdt is actually really strong. Bertholdt can carry him/pick him up with barely any issues and every time he does that, Reiner is like :O.
  • When they were buying the bed frame that took them almost five hours to build, it took them like twenty years to pick out the right one because Reiner would lay on the mattress that the frame was being showed off with (”Reiner, this isn’t about the mattress. We’re just looking at the frame.”) and wouldn’t want to get up.
  • Occasionally, Bertholdt will nod or shake his head when asked a yes or no question, especially if he’s busy working on something or is getting really immersed in a book. Reiner can be in another room and ask him a question, and when he realizes he’s not getting an answer because Bertholdt most definitely did one of those actions, he’s like, “Babe, I can’t hear a shrug or nod!”
  • They both love storms! They’ll curl up and listen to the rain hit the roof and depending on how severe it is, they’ll open the windows (if they have screens on them) so they can hear it better and smell the fresh rain. 
  • They love to cuddle. They take turns being the big and little spoon. Bertholdt likes to listen to Reiner’s heartbeat and Reiner likes to put his head on Bertholdt’s lap. They love cuddling so much that even on the hottest day of summer, they’ll still do it even though they’re covered in sweat.
  • Reiner does the classic resting his cheek against his hand with a soft smile and look at Bertholdt with so much love. When Bertholdt notices, Reiner will be like, “You’re just so cute.”

Is The White Princess Empowering? 

I love period dramas. Like most things in my life, I blame Xena for that. This past week I was able to watch a special screening of The White Princess through Refinery29. It was an interesting watch. I am not a fan of Phillippa Gregory’s interpretations of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses. However, I do often enjoy these types of shows because, despite it all, I know there are good acting and eye candy. The White Princess was no different and while I was watching it and listening to the Q&A after, I was thinking about how we tell the stories of women in history. Specifically as to how they choose to portray empowerment. This got kinda long, but I hope all my other history lady loving nerds will see where I’m coming from. I’m enjoying the show, but I just gotta call something out…

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When Darkness Falls, The Sun Also Rises.......

After some careful thought and reflective contemplation this morning, I have decided to write an ode to the most important thing I know today, and that is the beauty of real people, and their place in the land of make believe.

I have read many posts today that eloquently state everything that has run through my head, and my heart since the two people we came to enjoy, admire and even love decided to show us that they may not be who, and what we thought they were. No matter how much we analyze, explain or even rationalize it all…it hurts, and it hurts some more than others. As far as I am concerned, they lost a fan in me today. Oh, not because of their personal life, or the fact that after THEY decided that it was OK to offer a f*ck you to fans when it could have been simply stated months ago. My blog will let them go. They do not deserve me.

My true ode is to ALL SHIPSTERS and fans who invested themselves in the success of OL and the two obscure actors who have benefitted from YOUR efforts.

To all of the smart, witty, logical, thoughtful, funny, snarky, and LOVING members of this community, you are the true stars. TV shows and actors will come and go, but real people with real life and integrity stands FOREVER, and each of you made it the bright spot in what we now know is an insincere world Your gifs, posts, support, charitable giving of both time and money, and endless promotion of both this show and these people are what MADE them a success, so never think they don’t owe you, because they do.

So, I will close by saying this. I am a fan of the books, and since Voyager is my favorite book in the series, i might tune in for S3…that jury is still out. I have unfollowed Sam and Cait because quite simply, I am not the fan they want. I am not the ass kisser, the automatic believer in users, and have absolutely no patience for fake news, and they are now fake news for me, or to be precise…baboons! Isn’t that the message they wanted? Well, message received. Only, we are not the ones who are the baboons…others have now confirmed that title!

I am sending a huge hug to those who need it the most today, and that is reserved for my shipsters. Everyone here are still the masters of their ship, whatever ship you choose. And I will ship with you. I will no longer support those who chose to smash it. They are now on their own, and I look forward to new excursions!!

Much love to you sweet shipsters!! We will enjoy the warmth and the sun again!!🌞❤😙

can we talk about the inscription for a bit? yes, we should.
For me, at least, it is so powerful. SO POWERFUL. And so romantic and a declaration of love, but I am getting ahead of myself, let me make a list of the reasons it is perfect.
1. I’s on Meditations. Apart from this book general message, that says ‘you won’t live forever, do something that matters now. don’t be like your enemy. be good, love, make a change and not just talk’, which is Thomas’ philosophy (another way to know Thomas) —it is a book they obviously both loved. They read quite a lot I believe, but this was their special book and the inscription made it even more special.
2. It says ‘KNOW NO SHAME’ how damn powerful is that. Simple and powerful. Thomas tells James not to be ashamed because he is not like how the society wants him, because he does not follow their standards (their light, their reasons, their judgments). As part of lgbta+ community, this is so important for me to say on writing on a show that was supposed to be set in the 18th century. And of course, it gives you more perspective on how James was dealing with this whole thing, which I will not analyse here cause it will make this longer than it already is. But anyhow, it makes you wonder what made Thomas actually write that about.
3. It says ‘know shame’ and it has both of their names. It could have been anonymus. “My truest love, know no shame.” BUT NOPE. If Thomas is gonna do something, he is gonna do it right. It would be hypocritical after all to give him such message without adding ‘James’ (also notice how simple it is? no ‘lieutenant’, ‘captain’, ‘mcgraw’, just James) and ‘TH’.
4. MY TRUEST LOVE. this is more like a shippy thing (not that the others aren’t but yes). It could have said anything, ‘my love’, ‘my greatest love’…nothing, but instead it says this. TRUEST LOVE, I have no words about how this makes me feel. Who has the courage to call someone ‘my true love’. ‘my truest love’. Just askjhfakjhsakajkhdkasjh. how is that for analysis.
5. The effect it had on James even after all this time. It was something from Thomas, it was something that had a great meaning to him, it was on a book that no one else was allowed to read.

okay but why don’t you tell me reasons you love the inscription

anonymous asked:

Could you write a supergirl imagine where the reader finds out Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam and he freaks out bc he thinks she's gonna break up with him and he goes to her house in tears to try and get her back but she's chill about it and is just like "you're not your past and you're not your parents, I know you're trying to change and I love you for it" and that's the first time they say the L word to each other?

Aaw this sounds so cute, sorry it’s so late.

Also this turned into a bit of a hurt/comfort fic but oh well.

You slammed the door of your apartment and slid down the wall, burying your head in your hands.

God you were an idiot, you ran out when you found out who Mon-El was.

You didn’t even give him a second look, you just took off.

And the worst was now that you thought about it, yes he was a terrible person back then. But he had changed completely. You knew he would never go back to the way he was.

In fact you knew you could forgive him, and you knew Kara was probably screaming things at him that would put him in the same mindset as Oliver Queen and there was nothing you could do about it because you ran away.

God he probably thinks you hate him. He probably thinks you running away was you breaking up with him.

When actually it was you being surprised and an idiot.

You got up and were about to go see if Mon-El was still at headquarters when you heard someone knock on your door.

The last person you expected to find there was your glossy eyed boyfriend.

“Y/N,” he said, his voice shaking, “please let me explain. Please hear me out.”

Part of you wanted to shush him, to tell him that it was fine and that you forgave him. But the other part of you knew he needed to say whatever it was he came here to say. Not for you, but for him.

“Please don’t leave me,” he begged, tears forming in his eyes, “God just please don’t leave me. I am so sorry. I was an idiot. I should have told you. I know I should have told you. I just didn’t know how. Please Y/N. I can’t stand the world without you. Please.”

He was pacing the apartment now, and even though you couldn’t see his face you knew tears were flowing freely.

He turned to face you, you could see his pain in his blue eyes. You could see his hands shaking and you instantly grabbed him and pulled him into a hug.

For a second he didn’t react, and then you felt him melt into you. You felt his head hit your shoulder, his arms wrap around your waste and you felt his full body deflate.

Neither of you spoke, you needed to calm him down and you knew that physical contact worked best.

After a while you heard him begin to speak, “Y/N ple-”

“Shh,” you whispered, running one of your hands through his hair, “just relax Mon-El.”

After a while you felt his heart beat slow to a somewhat normal pace and you slowly untangled him from you.

You took his face in your hands and looked him straight as you said, “Mon-El I’m gonna need you to listen to me now. You are not your past. You have changed completely and I know you will never go back to the way you were before. I would never leave you, Mon-El I’m sorry I ran but I didn’t know what else to do.”

“No I’m the one who should be sorry,” he muttered, wrapping his arms around your waist again, “I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve any of this. And you deserve someone far better than me.”

“Mon-El,” you repeated, “you are not your past. You are in incredible person and you deserve to be happy. You have changed completely. And that’s one of the things I love about you.”

“You love me?” he asked, you could see her was insure. Disbelieving.

“Yeah,” you muttered deciding to just own your slip up, “I do.”

“I love you too,” he said before pulling you into a hug again.

And okay maybe that’s where you stayed for a long time. And maybe both ended up on the floor hugging still.

But none of that mattered. Because you loved him. And he loved you.


Hope you guys liked that.

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Am I the only one who probably won’t rewatch the series once we find out who AD is? I honestly can’t go back to season 1. I don’t care about some makeup camp in the woods. I don’t care about Ezria going behind Byron’s back. I don’t care about Spencer taking her sister’s boyfriends. I don’t care about Lucas and Hanna working on the year book. I don’t care about Mona’s threats like “I’m still here”. I’m living for the murders, bodies in a trunk, Twincer, the girls going to jail, etc. Whilst the older seasons may have been more exciting because the show was fresh and we had just fallen in love with brand new characters… they’re so light. So ‘bubblegum’. So not my thing anymore! I idolise season 7, both A and B seasons.

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Hey, Sian. I just debated about TV Michonne and Comic Andrea with some guy on YT (I really need to stop doing this to myself). He said they are "nearly identical" and send me a link to TWD page from where he took the statement. IMO, TV Michonne had very unique experiences that changed her into someone that is not Comic Andrea or Comic Michonne, even though the storyline since Alexandria is similar. In your opinion, what are the main similarities and differences between them?

Hi @gizasousa. So sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. I agree 100% with you and you put it so well.

My issue with people (like this guy) saying that Michonne is taking Andrea’s story line from the comic books, or that Michonne is the ‘New Andrea’ is that it takes away from who Michonne is as a character in her own right. It detracts from her TV story, background and who she is.

I’ve heard people say Andrea’s scenes with Rick from the books were played out by Richonne on screen. No. That’s a simplistic way of looking at it, and quite frankly, disrespectful to Michonne and her background as well as her development. For example, the ‘We’re the ones who live’ speech. That was not a ‘We don’t die’ remix. That was Michonne being KEY in getting Rick to see that they needed to fight. That scene worked because of WHO MICHONNE IS to Rick and their journey as best friends to lovers. NOT because Andrea said something to Rick about not dying so they did the same for TV Richonne. Also, Michonne’s language was more positive and the more I analyse the scene, the more I see how it was specifically catered to Michonne and not a remix. That scene was important to Richonne and worked so well because of who they are, what they went through, and what they mean to each other.

TV Michonne does not need to take any other comic book character’s story. The way she relates to others is because of her journey. I don’t see similarities between her and Andrea the same way others claim there are. Honestly,  there is also not a lot in Michonne’s arc now that even reflects her comic book counterpart (with the exception of being close to Rick).

TV Michonne has been afforded the opportunity to heal, love, and be loved; something that was kept from her in the books. She is in a healthy, stable relationship with Rick that developed from their close friendship (something that RK did not do in the books, regardless of how much sense it would have made).

The only similarities between TV Michonne and comic book Andrea is that their significant other is Rick. TV Michonne is a far better character than the others, in my honest opinion. Comic book Michonne still had more build-up in her friendship with Rick than Andrea had, yet Andrea ended up being his romantic partner. TV Michonne had comic book Michonne’s arc with being Rick’s best friend. The difference is that Scotty G had the good sense to build on their closeness as friends and pair TV Richonne romantically, where RK did not.

Now, there are some instances where the plot has been adapted from the books to suit what is happening on-screen. that is because the show is still an adaptation. But I don’t believe Michonne is anyone other than who she was meant to be. Rick and Michonne got the best friend narrative on TV and it progressed naturally to where it should have been i.e. them being canonically romantic and in love.

While the narrative is at points similar, because it is based on the source material, Michonne is not the ‘New Andrea’ just because they are both Rick’s lovers. Their stories are most definitely not ‘nearly identical’. Richonne on TV is what Richonne in the comic books should have been. Michonne is a leader in her own right. She is her own person with her own story arc, but certain fans out there just cannot help themselves and try to take that away from her.


‘’Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. … “When the snows fall and the white winds blow” - When winter comes; “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives

Quick messy sketch of our lovely Stark sisters and some random thoughts.

EDIT: some of the comments I received proved exactly what I was saying. Nice job :D. The bias is strong in some people. Had you even bothered to read any of my other posts you would have seen that I never trashed Arya…on the contrary I had shown my appreciation for the character and accepted her with the bad and the good. Do you think I would spend my time on a character I hate? I am referring to art. Do you think I would create FREE art of a character I dislike and try to portray her as good as I can (I am speaking of a solo Arya piece I previously posted). Someone said Sansa wished Arya died…well Arya wasn’t some angel either, and Sansa kind of bullied Arya (the whole horseface wasn’t very nice) who also seems a bit frustrated that Sansa got the ‘good stuff’ from their mother (hair, cheekbones, eyes etc). Do you have siblings? Kids growing up sometimes argue/fight and say mean things to each other. That doesn’t mean they mean it. How exactly do you see Arya? ‘Badass’ assassin fighter yay goddess of winter bae of doom? Well, she’s more than that just as Sansa is not beauty without brains. The people who jumped and ‘attacked’ (lol you little wolves you) seem to be the kind that worship a character and ignore its faults and instead will point every little fault of other characters. That’s what you proved in the comments. I never said I blame Arya for Lady or Micah. I was using your own logic of blaming Sansa for Ned’s execution. If one is to blame, than why the other is not? Are these situations not similar? Did any of them did what they did  to kill others on purpose? No. None of them did it to kill Ned/Micah/Lady. ‘Buuuut Sansa said/did that’/ ‘omg how dare you say a bad thing about our perfect goddess Arya’ etc. I never said anything bad, just the things that I noticed, and if you don’t like it…well I don’t fucking care. Most of the fandom is extremely biased when it comes to the Stark sisters. If pointing out the obvious means attacking a character then you have some problems. You are free to create your own art, spread the hate towards any characters  you want….because that’s how you feel. At the same time I maintain my opinion and I would like to invite you to read the books again if you think Arya and Sansa are enemies. They’re part of the same team. They learned a lot and they miss each other, Winterfell . Sansa thinks of her future children and one looks like Arya, the memory of the snowball fight scene when they play in the snow etc. It wasn’t all bad between them. Childish fights mean nothing. If I had a dollar each time someone told their sibling or parent ‘I hate you’/ ‘I wish you were dead’…I’d be rich.

Ned said it best. In winter the wolves must stick together. Another thing he noted is that Arya, like Lyanna and Brandon, has a touch of the wild wolf in her. This wilderness, according to Ned, was what put both Lyanna and Brandon into their early graves. 

 I’ve seen so much Sansa hate coming from show-only watchers (most of the time) and betting that Sansa will die this season  because  Arya is heading North and well there is not much to do for Sansa as she basically sucks according to some people. I love both Stark sisters for different reasons and IRL I share similar stuff with Arya which actually makes it easier to identify with her character. I have close to 0% in common with Sansa …and yet I still like her as a character.

 Funny enough Sansa is still blamed for a mistake she did in season 1/ book 1 while if I were to use the same logic Arya is to blame for Micah and Lady’s deaths because her actions led to that in a similar way Sansa spilling the beans to Cersei ultimately killed Ned (though that was NOT the plan, he was supposed to be sent to the Wall, but Jeoffrey did not listen to anyone and just sentenced him to death). 

Another thing is that Arya killing is constantly glamorized and  praised, while Sansa doing it makes her a monster. Saw some things being said that she could be pregnant with Ramsay’s child and that she would be a horrible person if she aborted it. There is moon tea, darlings! Sansa could have taken it constantly while being with Ramsay. There is also that wonderful fall that could have killed it…or the freezing cold and river…

Been talking to some friends and all of them said that Arya is the kind of girl they admire and her qualities make her more appealing/ attractive…which is a bit hypocritical considering that 100% of the people I’ve talked to were in relationships or married to ‘traditional women’ and not tomboys.

So lots of people think Sansa should be killed off because she is too weak and because there is place for only one Stark sister in the North XD.

But who is more inclined to hit the bucket? Someone who has learnt to keep their mouth shut and think ahead or someone who acts on impulse? Show only watchers are quick to dismiss everything that is book related, yet rely on ‘Arya’s GRRM’s wife fav character he won’t kill her’. Well…that doesn’t hold any water when the show is concerned ;) (plenty of proof in what the show did with Dorne, Jaimie’s redemption, Sansa’s rape, killing off characters that are still alive, introducing useless romances etc). If the show wants shock they would kill someone who is generally loved, not a character plenty of people deem weak. Last year I told everyone Margaery was going to die and people called me crazy XD. 

I personally think we lost too many Starks so far and those 3 that are left (Arya, Sansa, Bran) and Jon should form their pack and fight off winter. Each of them has their special skill sets. 

I was thinking of people that could actually die soon (SOME POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD):

Missandei- from my point of view she becomes a ‘spare’ the moment she reaches Westeros. Daenerys has the best of the best in her council: Tyrion. She teamed with Asha and Theon, Dorne and  Olenna. She is going to meet up with Jon who has his own advisers. Missandei’s skill set becomes pretty much useless. She is a good translator and knows many languages, but in Westeros Dany doesn’t need a translator and Missandei’s knowledge of Westeros could be very limited(I don’t know for sure how much she knows…she could know nothing as Westeros is so different from the places she lived in).

Meera- according to some spoilers she heads back home after Bran reaches Castle Black. Does this mean her mission is done? Possible. I wouldn’t put it past GOT to kill her off (not after what they did last season with so many characters being killed off). She goes home to her father (you know…that guy named Howland Reed who was with Ned at the Tower of Joy). Bran already knows that stuff that Howland knows. And according to some other spoilers Gilly and Sam will find even more evidence about Jon’s parentage. Do we really need Howland/ Meera? Does it even matter anymore that Jon’s parents are who they are? He as a bastard was named KITN. Spoilers point to a romance with Dany. Last season Dany said that she would have to marry and who in the 7 kingdoms matches her own title? Who is left besides Jon? A marriage with her would make him king consort. If she dies (and I think she will die in the last season/book…but that’s another post), he ends up as king of the 7 kingdoms. No matter what…he is in a place of power. Even if he renounces his KITN title in exchange to Dany’s help against the WW (which doesn’t make sense because if she wants to rule the kingdom she must first clean it u…but this is what the spoilers state).

MAMAMOO Scenario: Their first “I love you” with their gf

Mamamoo Prompt:

Could you please do a react to mamamoo’s first “I love you” with their girlfriend/ s/o? Thanks!

Saying I love you to them for the First time!           

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Your first “I love you” would be during your first fight. Something had gone awry and you were both worked up, evidently ending up in a shouting match. It was about your relationship, specifically because of her jealousy. You felt awful for snapping at her, but when she actually said the words “Maybe we should take a break.” it was the final straw and you just screamed back “I love you!”

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Your first “I love you” would be whispered words. Something different from the usual jokey atmosphere that you both create. You’re laying down on the bed, eyes shifting between your phone and her. She’s sitting up with her back supported on a pillow, glasses on with a book between her fingers, before she suddenly blurted out. “Why do you like me?”

You could only reply with “Because I love you!”

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Your first “I love you” was sweet. It was after Mamamoo’s very first Bonsang award on the Seoul Music Awards Show. She came up to you crying of happiness, and through a burst of emotion, had told you that she loved you. “I just- love you so much!” and kept going on about how much she appreciated you.

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When you first said “I love you” to Wheein, it was when she was at her lowest. Her mental health had finally caught up to her, especially with the comments from various (and new) haters on their music videos and showcases. It made her feel insecure and she called you late at night to ask if you could come over