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Dating Jeff Atkins would include...
  • You know each other because you have some classes in common.
  • You’re a friend of Clay and Jeff has heard him mention you, but never asked about you.
  • Sp basically, you’re just aware of each other’s existance but never interact.
  • A couple of months after school begins the jock’s are throwing a Halloween party.
  • Your best friend basically begs you to dress up with her in like cute matching costumes and you don’t want to dissapoint her so you agree to do it.
  • Once you show to the place, the guy in the front door asks for your ticket and you look at your friend like !!!
  • And you’re friend is like ‘you didn’t buy the ticket?’
  • And you’re like 'you never said anything about a ticket you bitch’
  • Of course Jeff, who is is casually walking round greeting everyone, happens to see the whole scene.
  • He feels bad you and decides to help you out of this awkward situation.
  • So he hands 5 dollars to the guy and tells him to let you in.
  • You thank him and try to pay him back but he’s like “Nah! Don’t worry about it:)))”.
  • You both part ways but like 20 min later you have lost your friend and stumble across Clay and Jeff talking while you’re searching for her.
  • Clay offers to help you find her but you’re like '’nah I’ll text her later I think I’m gonna go home’’ and Jeff can’t help but intervine like “going home? No way, you just got here, let’s have fun!”
  • This boy keeps you company the rest of the night – he takes you to the horror tunel, the photobooth, the dance floor, etc.
  • That’s how you meet and start to get to know each other.
  • When he asked you out after being friends for some time he wasn’t afraid of rejection but of losing contact with you.
  • You have weekly movie dates at Crestmont (bc Clay gives you free popcorn).
  • He’ll be really open with PDA, he won’t force you to do anything but will enjoy it if you hold his hand or kiss his cheek.
  • He’ll forget his clothes at your house on purpose because he loves it when you wear them.

“Baby, I left my baseball t-shirt at your house yesterday, feel free to wear it. I mean you don’t have to but do it.”

  • He thinks about you 99% of the time. Like he’ll be studying with Clay but in his head he’s remembering how you two kissed in your date the day before.
  • He refers to you as “his girl” or “his baby”.
  • He’ll be really excited when you meet his parents because he adores you and wants you to be really close to his family.
  • Of course his parents are very welcoming and ask you to visit them frequently.
  • Jeff loves driving to your house after baseball practice and and spending the afternoon goofing around in your room.
  • Most of those times he ends up staying for dinner.
  • Moments where you lay cuddled and talk about meaningful deep stuff.
  • If you fall asleep next to him he’ll pull you closer and caress your hair, kiss your forehead and smile.
  • He’s the type to take you on outdoor fun dates such as hiking, car trips or the zoo.
  • He’ll want to own something yours to carry it everywhere with him, so he can look at it when his day gets rough and feel like you’re there with him.
  • He’ll give you something his as well.

“If you’re ever feeling down just look at this at remember that I’ll always support you and be there for you.”

  • To me he seems the jealous type who prefers to act a bit laidback.
  • Although he can get really intimidating if some guy flirts with you in front of him (like you literally feel him tense up and you make an excuse to leave asap before he does something stupid.)
  • Cause this boy would do anything for you.
  • You guys are best friends, lovers and partners in crime.

Something I noted about the S2 Matsu announcement picture (that I may or may not be looking too deeply into) is that the boys aren’t wearing their standard hoodies.

…Okay so Ichi probably is, but the others’ outfits have caught my eye. Oso and Kara are wearing hoodies, but they’re not the hoodies. Meanwhile, Choro and Totty have completely new looks. And Jyushi isn’t wearing anything lol but seeing the stuff Choro’s holding up for him, none of them are Jyushi’s regular hoodie either.

In fact, none of their regular hoodies can be seen in the announcement picture (again, with maybe the exception of Ichi). There are various clothes on the racks behind them, but none of them look like the regular Matsu hoodie.

I may be completely wrong and might be looking too deeply into it, so don’t quote me on this, but… Maybe the boys’ default outfits in S2 won’t be their hoodies anymore? Maybe we’re looking at (for some at them, at least) their new default outfits?

I mean, we’ve had photos of the boys changing into different outfits outside of their default hoodies before, and we have so many alternate outfits for them already from official apps, merch, etc. So it probably isn’t anything new… But at the same time, that they’re doing this for the official S2 announcement has got me wondering if it means anything.

Tbh in my opinion, I really like the idea of their default outfits not being their hoodies again - and I also really like the idea of the boys’ default outfits being different from each other! It breaks the monotony of the almost-six same hoodies haha. Also in a way, it could symbolize the boys slowly finding their own identities completely separate from being identical sextuplets - Oso included - and that they’re slowly but surely growing up…?

…But of course, again, I could be wrong and the new outfits here might just be for promotional purposes :P (That or they actually will be new casual outfits for the boys in S2, just not their default ones.) It’s still a nice thought, though.


“Yes, Sir! That’s all I can do, anyway! I’m still a hatchling after all!


“If you don’t get serious, he’ll catch up fast.”


I am actually so much into Osomatsu-san since the first ep aired, but this is the first strips I made for the series. And my favorite is Jyushimatsu!! (because baseball, maybe?)  I love Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu cute relationship, and I also think Ichimatsu irkedness to Karamatsu is very funny :”)))

The small Jyushimatsu is idea of tumblr user @sirtabris who’s admin of this very cute ask Jyushimatsu blog!!! Her art is so cute and she made the cutest Jyushimatsu ever T__T Please check her blog!

honestly the fact miyuki’s hobby is cooking is really hilarious. like this is miyuki fucking kazuya, cleanup, genius catcher, fucking captain of seidou. this is the guy who got a winning home-run in the seiko game despite injuries, with batting average of .272, a manipulative genius of the field. imagine this tanuki fucking cooking, wearing an apron and cooking. just with a several pots on a fucking stove, talking to the managers about seasonings and shit. imagine him watching cooking competitions and yelling at the screen at the dense and stuck up people with their shit dishes. imagine him going to the grocery store and couponing for every single fucking thing and always buying too much food just no, miyuki just NO STOP YOU DORK.

remember when you were like a satanist for shipping lapidot? let them marry already!

Unexpected Portrait of a Star”

Let’s just say photographer Miyuki was adjusting the lights and the camera before a session on a balcony and while taking an experimental shot , this kid pops in the frame by accident. at first Miyuki doesn’t think much of it but when he sees the picture…welp the kid is gone and he’s left with a perfect picture for his project but since he doesn’t have the model’s permission he can’t use it. Hence he starts the chase. although he didn’t have to look too far; apparently the kid was rising baseball star.

Sawamura Eijun I hate you because I love you. first time I try this kind of painting and it took me an awful long time since I was not happy with it but I am now and I feel proud of the result :’)

(Also: thIS WAS HELL!! I TRIED SO HARD. PRAISE MEEE _:(´□`」 ∠):_  )

So instead of laying in a dark room, with a cold compress, I’m forcing myself to write this Baseball!AU despite my migraine because I love you Linnea. But it’s probably crappy (which let’s face it, it’s not edited so is.)  Anways, I hope you love this.

Castiel watched as his pitcher intentionally walked Dean Winchester for the second time the night. Scared of his .380 batting average and with an easier player to get out, it appeared walking Dean was the easiest strategy.  But damn it, he was going to get hell from him.

“Damn Cas, is your pitcher afraid of throwing the ball or what?” Dean muttered, tucking one of his batting gloves into the back pocket of his baseball uniform pants.  His eyes lingers a little on the little white glove that laid against that firm ass before Dean’s hand covered it, placing his second glove into his pocket.

“It’s more afraid to blow a lead,” Cas muttered back and made a minute signal toward his pitcher when he glanced his way.

With a quick throw, Cas tagged Dean but a second too late.

“Safe!” the umpire shout from behind them.

“Fuck,” Cas whispered under his breath and tossed the ball back to the pitcher as Dean’s home crowd booed from the stands.

“Jeez, I like a few drinks before I get dirty,” Dean said, winking at Cas.

Cas chocked and tugged his cap lower, trying to hid his blush.

“When will you stop asking me to go with you?”

“When will you stop turning me down?”

“Damn it Dean!”

“How about this? Let’s make a deal,” Dean said, turning to watch as Cas’s pitcher pitched from from the stretch. A strike.

“What kind of deal?” Cas asked, unsure.  He knew Dean.  He knew him since they were just kids in T-ball.  He knew the moment he got accepted into his rival university on scholarships with the Rays while Cas got a free ride with the Angels.  He knew when he hurt himself riding his bike, got blisters on his hands from practicing his swing to long, and when he ate way to much of his mom’s apple crumble.

And knowing Dean the way he did, meant everything to him. He didn’t want to screw the one good thing in his life.

“If I steal second, because let’s face it, I’m totally going to steal it,” Dean said, smirking under his batting helmet.  "You have to go out with me.“

"And if you get tagged out?”

“Who said anything about getting tagged out?” Dean winked.  And with a quick glance at his third base coach and then his pitcher, he shouted, “CAN’T TOUCH THIS!” before making a life or death sprint for second.

“FUCK!” Cas said, realizing he missed his chance to motion to his pitcher about throwing the ball back to him.

So he wasn’t surprise when the second base umpire called Dean safe.  Because he knew, Dean always got his way eventually. 

Cunning Celt's Beginner Guide 9 - Magical Ethics

Ethics can be a difficult concept to talk about, largely because it is by nature fluid and ethereal, with few or no set boundaries. There are always ‘ifs’ and 'buts’ and 'maybes’ constantly muddying the waters. It is doubly difficult to talk about magical ethics, because magic is just as fluid a concept, the definition of which can change from one magic user to the next. It is, however, an important issue to discuss, so we’re going to soldier on through.

DISCLAIMER: Usually I post disclaimers at the end of my Beginner Guides, but I need everyone to know upfront that this post is simply stating my own personal beliefs and my own personal values. Continue reading at your own risk.

The first thing to do is to define what magic is. Magic is simply energy that exists in all natural, living things. Personal power, powers of the Elements, powers of nature, powers of the universe. As magic users, we harness some or all of these energies and direct then towards a purpose, a goal. We are the ones that decide that goal. Magic simply is. It does not categorise or compartmentalise into good or evil, light or dark - it simply exists. Our human goals give magic purpose, and our human intentions decide whether it is good or evil.

Many magic users decry cursing as an evil use of power; I am one if those who are pro-cursing, provided sufficient justification. If a person has grievously harmed me or one I love, and I have exhausted all mundane methods of justice or retribution to no avail, then I believe I am fully justified in casting a curse against my aggressor. But to curse someone I merely dislike, or just because I can? That, I feel, is an unworthy and unethical use of magic.
Mundane example: I would use as much physical force as necessary to protect myself or my loved ones, but I would not beat the hell out of a person with a baseball bat simply because I felt like it.

Love Spells.
This is another highly controversial topic within the magical community, and those who know me will be well aware of my opinions on the matter. Spells to draw love into your life, or to make you feel more confident or more attractive are fantastic and empowering. However, spells that focus specifically on a single person with the sole intent of forcing them to love you are, in my opinion, the worst kind of deplorable. Removing a person’s free will and forcing them into a romantic or sexual situation that they would otherwise have no interest in is reprehensible.
Mundane example: I would join a dating service or work out and dress nicely to have more chance of attracting a partner. I would not drug someone or otherwise coerce them into sleeping with me or entering a relationship.

Prosperity/Wealth Spells.
A less controversial subject, but still somewhat divisive and with a few grey areas. Working magic to gain employment, increase business, attract money, etc. are all daily innocent, again, so long as no one else is specifically or deliberately harmed or disadvantaged by it. A spell to steal John Smith’s job or money is just that, theft. On the other hand, if John Smith gained his fortune illegally or from the suffering of others, or uses his fortune to wilfully contribute to the suffering of others, then it could be argued that a Robin Hood style redistribution is in order.
Mundane example: I would apply for jobs or enter the lottery, but I would never rob or steal from someone else.

Working Magic for Someone Else.
There are two schools of thought here - 1) you should always have consent when working a spell for another or casting a spell on them, regardless of it’s intent, and 2) do what you want, essentially. I find myself bizarrely subscribing to both camps. I would argue that consent is always a good thing, even with beneficial spells. If you haven’t asked permission to perform a healing or blessing in someone because you know they would say no, then you have your answer. If you know that the person would have serious issues with you practicing witchcraft, then you probably shouldn’t be doing a working for or on them, either. On the other hand, if I am fully justified in casting a curse in someone, then I am unlikely to seek their permission to start with. Being in the so called 'broom closet’ raises another set of issues. Should you be working magic on someone if you are unable to even tell them you’re a witch? Then again, your choice to remain in secret may well be a personal decision, rather than hiding out of fear. If so, does that give you the right to work magic on someone without their knowledge, or do you truly trust your own perceptions of what their opinions would be? Can you ever assume their consent, even for beneficial spells? That, I’m afraid, is a question only you can answer.

For me, ethics comes down to justification. If you are justified, truly justified, in the magic you are working, then go for it. But if you would never do the mundane equivalent of what your magic seeks to achieve, then it is best to put down the wand. If you are unsure if what you are doing is ethical or moral or not, then it is best to err on the side of caution. No magic is better than unethical magic. Just because you can, doesn’t always mean that you should.