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All the important things I noted down from this interview:

When they shot the “he’s coming for you” scene, they had no idea who the “he” would be. It was a last minute addition to 610 just to give us an idea of what the flash forward would “look like”. That’s why we saw it in the episode before the series finale, because for years the writers were pondering “who’s the he, who’s the he?” and there came a point where they just had to make a decision.

We can put Melissa’s suitcase handle to rest. That was a complete red herring and it’s not coming back in the finale.

Sasha and her husband, Hudson, double date with Andrea and her husband. Sasha and Andrea are really good friends. I didn’t know this!

Aria does not have multiple personalities because she was talking to the trunk of her car. “Don’t read too much into that”.

Sasha and Troian turned over the script of the finale to the back page and drew a Hastings-DiLaurentis-Drake family tree, trying to piece together everything. I thought that was cute. I love when the actors immerse themselves in the story like us fans.

Torrey is legally/contractually on another show but somehow they managed to get her back. The fact that they managed to get her out of luck tells me she won’t be important.

Jason is not in the finale.

We finally have an answer to Ali’s bloody lip in season 3. And you won’t like it. “During that episode and Ali’s life, she was really taunting the girls about these older people she was hanging out with, sort of a bad crowd. In the writers room we never said specifically who it was, but in our minds, it was that group of people. She was trying to make the PLLs jealous, she was hanging out with older people, probably Charlotte and college kids, the same group of kids who threw the poor girl down the stairs. It lives in that world.”

Emison has the most shocking twist in the finale. No comment on what the twist is. Sasha bit her lip the second this question was asked. (Is Ali faking her pregnancy? Is Ali AD?)

The character that has changed the most after the 1 year time jump in the finale is Toby.

The hardest scenes to shoot were the goodbye scene as well as the actual last scene of the show. Marlene confirmed that this so called “goodbye scene” is just a goodbye to “ONE of the characters”. Take that as you like, but I interpret it to mean only one PLL leaves Rosewood meanwhile the others stay.

The very last scene of the finale is a “bonus full circle moment. Although the show ends, the world continues.” Sasha wasn’t shocked by this finale scene but it is “amazing, it sums up our show in a way”. Marlene said: “The mythology of this town will always go on. It’s not gonna end with the end of Pretty Little Liars.” This makes me really happy honestly. Well, assuming that they’re not talking about Addison getting a text from B. I like that the world will always be open and we can think about Rosewood in a year and wonder what’s going on. I like that it’s 99% closure with 1% available for freedom of thought.

Mona pushed Charlotte off the bell tower, even though we didn’t see it. They were probably saving production costs, as they’d have to pay for a doll/fake corpse to throw off a building.

An Emison spinoff is a possibility.

Marlene’s new series “The Perfectionists” could be in the same or similar universe as PLL. Characters from PLL “could” be in the new series but it’s too early to talk about The Perfectionists. “Hopefully in the next couple weeks” Marlene can speak more on the new show.

“There’s a 1 year time jump and a lot happens in a year” was Marlene’s response to Mary injecting/stabbing Spencer in the promo.

BIG ONE: that was Spencer, NOT Twincer that Mary is stabbing!! Marlene kept a very straight face when the interviewers mentioned Spencer having a twin.

There is at least one, maybe two “very realistic” masks in the finale. (We are doomed. I hate the finale already.)

“Everyone knows I love Toby, so the chances of him being AD would be slim.” - Marlene

The final 10 episodes are loaded with clues and they were designed for us to guess it correctly. That was Marlene’s response as to what particular episodes we should watch.


In the promo Aria says “I can’t marry Ezra” - not “burry”

How the mums got out of the basement is discussed in the finale but maybe not in the way we’d like.

Aside from who AD is, Marlene’s favourite question to answer is AD’s motive.

“The viewers will know before the girls” - Sasha

The reason the finale is 2 hours is so that we can process the who and the why.

The person who plays AD asked Marlene not to tell anyone so that other actors don’t act different in scenes with AD.

Marlene told the person who is AD, that they are AD, fairly early on, by themselves. I feel like this rules out Twincer since Troian said that Marlene told her and Keegan together one night on set :(

The hope is that it’ll leave some sort of legacy and that in a few years you’ll look back and remember where you were when you found out who AD is.

Soulmate Joshua

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

Your soulmate must have been an incredibly careful person. Incredibly careful. Because you were pretty sure you had barely ever received anything from them. You had grown up watching your friends gasp happily whenever they discovered some new item showing up in their backpack, or when they reached a hand into their pocket, or even materializing under their seat or at their side.

Sometimes, it made you a little sad, to have less of a connection to whoever your soulmate was, but at the same time, it was endearing to see how careful they were.

And besides, you knew they were out there. One time, right before a really important assignment where you had to give a speech, you lost the flash drive with months of hard work stored on it in the form of your notes and your power-point presentation. Right in the midst of your panic and stress, suddenly, out of no where, the flash drive popped back onto the table in front of you.

Your soulmate had lost it on purpose. So that you could have it back. The thrill of the encounter made you so confident that the speech went better than you ever could have expected. You could already feel yourself loving your incredibly careful, incredibly thoughtful, soulmate.

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Bedsharing Theme Rec List

Originally posted by cupidford

We’re loving this months theme so far! Thanks to everyone who has already submitted fic’s we get so excited when we get a tag notification, ask or email! 

In keeping with May’s theme here are some fabulous stories we’ve read that we’d like to share with you! These are all lovely, sweet, sexy and just so fluffy you’ll squee. Enjoy!

A Discourse on the Inadequacy of a Duvet by guns_and_poses
Words: 1,005, T
Summary: For a prompt: Sherlock keeps stealing the covers when they share a bed because he wants John to move closer to him when they are sleeping but of course doesn’t want to ask. John gets annoyed at first until he realises what Sherlock wants and is more than happy to oblige.John looks over at the folds of covers gathered on the opposite side of Sherlock’s body, then glances up at Sherlock’s face. “You’re doing it again.”

Adjacent by weeesi
Words: 5,711, E
Summary: “Oi. I’ve just asked you twice where our bloody room is.”Oh, John.“Rooms, I meant. Obviously.”The innkeeper blew his nose into his handkerchief, already sodden with the effects of the spring bloom, and shot a knowing look between the two of them. “Ta, lads. Have a good ‘un.”Sherlock rolled his eyes and spun on his heel, leaving John trailing behind him.

A garden party in Sussex by alexaprilgarden
Words: 8,681, E
Summary: Mrs Holmes turns 75 and decides to have a garden party at home in Sussex. She invites Mycroft and Sherlock – and John. Sherlock asks John to play his boyfriend for that weekend. Lots of fluff, summer stuff and a bit of smut.

An Infinity Of Mornings by klein_monsti
Words: 13,070, T
Summary: For so long 221B had been his home, even in those last years when he hadn’t lived there anymore, it had always felt good to be there, it had felt right. And now this place, this sanctuary is gone. At least for now. And Sherlock has no place to stay. In the wake of The Final Problem Sherlock and John rebuild their flat and their relationship.

Assurance by belovedmuerto
Words: 2,382, T
Summary: It’s not so much the ‘you’re half-dead, you wanker,’ or even the broken ribs, the hairline fracture of the pelvis, the dislocated shoulder and knee, and the wrenched ankle.

Bed-Sharing Between Flatmates by  testosterone_tea
Words: 5,053, T
Summary:  5 times Sherlock had an excuse to share John’s bed, and the one time he didn’t need one.

Caught by Salambo06
Words: 1,859, E
Summary: Based on a prompt : “Johnlock necessary bed sharing and one has a wet dream and the other catches them"A hotel room. They’re here for a case, hadn’t planned to spend the night and ended up sharing a room. No, sharing a bed. Suddenly John is very much aware of his own hand closed around his hard cock and the ragged breathing next to him. Closing his eyes for the briefest second, John dares to turn his head just enough to confirm what he already knows.Sherlock, on his side, watching him.

Everything by patternofdefiance
Words: 4,409, E
Summary: John wakes up with an armful of Sherlock.This – situation – is unusual, yes, and definitely unfamiliar, but in no way does it feel wrong.Rather, it feels the exact opposite.  

Ghost Stories by SwissMiss
Words: 22,256, M
Summary: Sherlock’s parents think he and John are a couple. They might be onto something.

In the Morning by erebones
Words: 3,921, E
Summary: for paula bennyslegs: [gets down on my knees] someone please write sherlock and john sharing a bed because of a case… and one of them waking up to the sound of the other having a wet dream please [presses face to the ground] especially if they’re saying the other persons name whilst doing it please [sinks into the ground]

Knotted by naughtyspirit
Words: 23,166, E
Summary: John has to cancel a date because of Sherlock’s case, which leads them to be tied up in a basement from which they have to escape.They get wet, get tied up close and John has to step up and save them.Because he’s pretty. And hot. And just a little bit of a BAMF.

Rainbow Hearts Retreat by PajamaSecrets
Words: 11,638, E
Summary: "It’s a same-sex couples retreat. For those experiencing troubles in their relationship. Consists of group and couples therapy as well as encouraging socialization between the couples. It’s all in their incredibly dull brochure.”“Rainbow Hearts Retreat,” John read. “Sounds… quite gay.”

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sorry for the lame gif

Nitya here! I’ve had this blog for 900 years and some of you guys have seen me through one direction, years of regret superwholock, marvel and dc, the 100, sense8, star trek, star wars, and my final form: kpop. the best part of this has been seeing all my old favs also turn into kpop trash blogs  how we’ve stayed together for so long through all this.  anyway here’s me being gross and loving my mutuals (long post ahead)

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My Last PLL theory....ever

I won’t stop posting PLL or sharing my thoughts, but this will be my last every PLL theory, and it’s gonna be long so bare with me.

PLL Explained:

Lets start from the beginning. Well as far back as we can. It was 1980 something, Mary  hadn’t been out of Radley long but she was finally ready to get back to a normal life and go to college. She meets Ted, he’s sweet and just the kind of good guy a “bad girl” like Mary needed. They date. She gets pregnant. The first person she decided to tell was her sister Jessica, she had hoped this would bring them together as she wanted her sister to be a part of her child’s life. But we know Jessica she was born jealous. She makes up a lie to get Mary sent back to Radley. Mary wasn’t able to tell Ted she was pregnant. And now she was doomed to have her child in Radley. Jessica and her jealously of Mary getting pregnant first is what led to her affair with Peter Hastings. Ken was always away for work, making getting pregnant hard, but if she timed things right Peter could get the job done. And that is just what happened. Mary had Charles first he was taken by the state. About 6 months later Jessica delivered a boy too, Jason. She goes to visit her sister to rub it in her face only to learn that Mary’s baby was given to the state. Jessica, wanting everything of Mary’s decides to get custody of Charles making him her and Ken’s child. Once Jessica got custody of Charles the DiLaurentis moved far away from Mary and Peter to Georgia. The DiLaurentis family lived in Georgia happily for years, Even Mary was able to get her act together and was released from Radley. Jessica become pregnant again, this time with twin girls. Around this same time Mary pretends to be Jessica in Rosewood and meets up with Peter (who she knew was Jason’s father) and they have a moment. Mary ends up pregnant with Spencer. Jessica gives birth to two little girls in Georgia. Mary learns about this. She goes to Georgia to find Jessica, that’s when she realizes that Jessica has Charles. Mary is upset. She feels that Jessica stole Charles from her and decided to take one of Jessica’s babies for revenge. Jessica knows it was Mary who kidnapped her baby and she turns Mary in. Mary is sent back to Radley (very pregnant) but the baby was never found. Jessica and Ken decide to move back to Rosewood because they were “the people who lost a child” to all their neighbors in Georgia. So the DiLaurentis’ move back to Rosewood. Jessica tells Peter and Veronica what Mary did to Peter. Mary gives birth to Spencer in Radley and Peter and Veronica raise her.  Jessica and Peter even got all the kids together once so they could meet their siblings (the Campbell apple farm - the baby the boys met wasn’t Alison, it was Spencer) A few months later the bathtub incident happens, and Jessica and Ken (worried that Charles is more like his mother than they believed) send Charles away to Radley. All is well for a few years then one day while visiting Charles, Jessica meets Bethany and her father. Bethany is about the same age as Alison and reminds Jessica of her with her blonde hair and pretty eyes. Jessica starts to wonder if Bethany could be her long lost child. She starts to buy Bethany gifts (the yellow dress, a horse, etc) and show her a little extra attention when she visited Charles. One summer Charles was able to go to a summer camp and Jessica spent a lot of time with Bethany getting to know her and even developed feelings for Bethany’s dad. But Bethany did not like this. She felt her dad was cheating on her mom with Jessica and it made her angry. This went on for a few more years. Then one day Bethany comes up with a plan to get rid of Jessica for good. She sees who she believes to be Jessica standing on the roof, without a second thought she pushes her over the ledge. Only it wasn’t Jessica it was Marion. Distraught at what she had done she blames it on Charles. But of course here comes Jessica to cover it all up. And before Bethany knew it, Charles was gone. He had died. The next time Bethany see’s Charles, he is now Charlotte. But Charlotte doesn’t introduce herself to Bethany as Charlotte, she introduces herself as Alison DiLaurentis, Jessica’s daughter. Charlotte tells Bethany how much she hates Jessica and how she would love to get her out of her life. Bethany believed every word, until that day when Radley called Jessica to come get her daughter Alison, Jessica shows up and it’s Charlotte dressed head to toe in Alison’s clothes. Bethany overheard Jessica telling Radley that this wasn’t Alison, but Jessica leaves with Charlotte anyway. Now Bethany doesn’t trust “Alison” (aka Charlotte) or Jessica. (hence the tapes and drawings) But there wasn’t much Bethany could do from Radley and she needed a plan. A good one. 

Meanwhile. Alison’s twin is not Bethany Young. Alison’s twin grew up in Georgia, knowing nothing of her real family. Until one day a girl named Shana kept calling her Ali. The twin told her I think you have the wrong girl. Shana insisted not, that she looked just like her summer time friend Alison. So Shana shows the twin the picture. Twin can’t believe her eyes it was like looking at a picture of herself. So she asked Shana about this “Alison” girl and Shana told her what she knew. The twin made Shana promise not to tell Alison, and Shana agreed. When summer time came around Alison made her annual trip to go visit Grandma D. While she was there her twin watched her and studied her. She saw how Ali treated people badly. She even watched Ali play her mind games with Shana. Twin had enough, she decided to go to Rosewood to find out what was going on with the rest of her family. Shana even introduced her to a girl named Jenna who lived near Rosewood that twin could stay with. While in Rosewood she was mistaken for Alison a few times. Once by a girl named Mona. She played along trying to be a nicer version of Alison. After seeing how Ali’s life was, her twin decided she needed to know more. The A game starts. The twin starts watching Alison carefully and reaching out anonymously to others when she needed answers. That’s how she discovered NAT club. She is the one who paid Ian to film Ali and her friends. Twin decided that Ali doesn’t deserve this life anymore that she takes it for granted. So she plans to kill Alison and take her place. But her plans go on hold when Jenna and her mom needed to move to Rosewood (As Jenna’s mom was moving in with Toby’s dad) But Jenna told twin that should could stay at their place in Cape May. 

Flash forward. The first secret. Twin is now reaching out to Mona (Ali’s enemy) more often via anonymous texts and emails. She convinces Mona that now is the time to take down Ali. She tells Mona exactly what to do (send the voodoo doll, leave the A notes etc)… It’s Jenna’s first week in Rosewood and she is already invited to a Halloween Party. She heads to the costume shop to pick a costume when she see’s Ali. She knew it was Ali and not twin. Twin had already told her all about Ali. After Jenna’s run in with Ali she calls twin and tells her that she met Ali. Twin pushes her to steal Ali’s spot as it girl and suggests showing up dressed as the “better gaga” Twin is officially kicking off her plan with the help of Mona and Jenna. Only one thing didn’t go as planned. Twin had no way of knowing that Charlotte and Lucas had planned their own special treat for Ali that night. (Ali getting attacked in the house) This actually helped twin because once Ali knew it wasn’t Noel she became aware that someone really was after her.

Moving on. Charlotte and Lucas continue to play silly games to make Alison look bad (the Radley stunt, etc) Twin takes notice and decides that she would like to recruit Charlotte (not knowing Charlotte is related) So she reaches out and asks Charlotte to meet her at Jenna’s. Charlotte who is half playing Ali, half playing with Ali, suggests that Ali stop putting up with Jenna and do something about it (this was Charlotte’s way to lead Ali to the person who was possibly after Ali) So Charlotte doesn’t show up that night, but Alison does and with the help of her friends (who thought they were after Toby) Alison throws the firework into the garage, blinding Jenna and hurting twin. The twin got away before the police came. But now she was super pissed with Alison and her friends. Putting most of the blame on Alison of course. Over the next couple of months Twin and Mona continued to torture Alison. And watched Alison slowly screw over more and more people. (Getting Charlotte kicked out of UPENN, the issues between Ian & Melissa, etc) Every time Alison ruined another life, twin reached out. Ian and Melissa were supplying the NAT videos so twin had knowledge of all the secrets. Charlotte was playing double agent and still pretending to have Ali’s back despite helping plan Ali’s death. 

And finally we get to that night. Charlotte had already convinced Alison that if she couldn’t figure out who was after her she’d have to go on the run (hence Ali saving up money, passports, etc) Charlotte just wanted Ali gone but had little faith that the mystery person would actually do it. So Charlotte sends Bethany the top with a note from Ali, knowing this would set Bethany off. Bethany comes to rosewood to find Ali & Jessica (really Charlotte and Jessica). Meanwhile, Twin has given Mona orders to take Ali out. But Mona mistakes Bethany for Alison and hits her, but she hears someone coming (Melissa) and takes off. Melissa who had just heard Spencer and Ali fight see’s a girl (appears to be Ali) laying on the ground. Assuming the worst of Spencer, Melissa pushes the girl into the hole (that Mona dug) and starts to bury her. Charlotte walks up startling Melissa, and seeing what Melissa was doing. They speak about it for a second before being seen by Jason. At this point they both run away, leaving the girl in the hole only partially buried. Charlotte comes around to the front of the house and believes she see’s Bethany, she hits her upside the head. It’s actually Ali. And Jessica has seen it all. Jessica buries Ali for Charlotte, and calls Wilden to take Charlotte away (presumably back to Radley) Grunwald comes along and pulls Alison out. Alison is later picked up by Mona. Alison tells Mona what happened. That someone hit her in the front yard and that her mother buried her. Mona knows the girl she hit was in the backyard, realizing she did not hit Ali. She did not follow orders. Instead of killing Ali at this point she talks Ali into faking her death and running away. Which is exactly what Alison did; Leaving the yellow top and her Ali bracelet with Mona. During that night when Mona left to gathering somethings for Ali (most likely from the DiLaurentis house) she returned to the grave to see if anyone was in the grave. She finds Bethany, dead. She puts the Ali bracelet on her then recovers the hole. She returns to Alison gives her her things and off Alison goes.  Mona informs twin that Ali is dead.

Now twin just needed to wait for the right time to take Ali’s place. It can’t be too soon because Ali’s family and friends might know its not Ali. So with the help of Mona, she learned how to act like Ali while also transforming Mona into an It girl and subsequently Hanna too. Finally the twin was about ready to make her move, Ali would come back from the dead, but things took a turn. The DiLaurentis’ decided to move away. Twin had Mona take the rest of Ali’s stuff. (When Maya’s family threw it out) Twin was going to need to learn a lot more about Ali. But then a body is found. Everyone finds out it’s Ali and now twin cannot just take Ali’s place. So with that plan being a no go. Twin decides to finish what she started and get back at the girls for being bullies and and blowing up Jenna’s garage. This is why Mona had no real reason for being after the liars, she was just doing the twins work. But during Mona’s reign as A the twin started noticing things. Someone who looked like Ali visited Hanna in the hospital. Someone saved Emily from that garage. Twin learned Ali was actually alive and that Mona had lied to her. So she made Mona out herself as A. She had hoped this would mean that with Mona locked up Ali would come home, then twin cold take her place again. But Ali didn’t come home. And Mona met a girl named Charlotte. Charlotte was the perfect pawn for twin. So via Mona she let Charlotte believe that she would be taking Mona’s place as A. Charlotte really wanted to play the game but couldn’t do that from Radley. So Charlotte leaves Radley and gets herself a place in Rosewood. For the twin the goal is to prove Ali’s alive, for Charlotte its about finding out the truth about her family. Eventually the twin tells Charlotte who she is, which makes Charlotte more on her side. Seasons 3 & 4 are the twin, CeCe, & the liars trying to find out if Ali is alive. Remember there were 3 redcoats in the sawmill in Ravenswood. Ali, Charlotte, & the person who led them to Ezra’s lair. The twin led them to this lair for a reason, this was to make Ezra look more guilty than Charlotte. Once the twin has confirmation that Ali was alive she tells Charlotte she needs to leave the country (because she is accused of murder). Charlotte leaves the country and Ali is exposed, just like the twin planned. This time she sends Shana to kill Ali (because Mona didn’t do it the first time) But instead the liars (Aria) killed Shana. 

So just to add things up: The twin is after the liars for the Jenna thing and the Shana thing. 

So twins next plan to take Ali’s place involves getting Ali and the liars put in jail. At this point (other than Aria) the liars haven’t killed anyone. So she convinces Mona to fake her death. Which Mona agrees too (the blood) The twin comes in and she and Mona fake the crime scene. Of course it looked like Ali in the surveillance video. Because it’s Ali’s twin. This is the first time Mona actually meets the twin (hence her being shocked) But don’t forget she was in on this. 

Once Ali was in jail. Twin just needed to get the liars to Charlotte’s dollhouse, and why not ruin their names in the process. The liars are arrested then kidnapped, making it look like they had escaped. While in the dollhouse, the girls were being tortured by several people. The twin, Charlotte, Mona, Noel, & Sara. The plan would be to keep the liars their permanently. Eventually cluing them in. But holding them captive none the less. Mona would be eventually released having no memory of her kidnapping or the faking of her death. This would clear Alison’s name. She would then be taken to the dollhouse and twin would replace her for good. But the twin didn’t plan for the liars to be smart enough to figure out about Charles… At first the twin decided to play along in their quest to figure out who Charles was. Having Noel stand in as pseudo “Charles” what she didn’t plan for was them catching the damn place on fire. She was literally leading Alison there that night to bring her to the dollhouse. Once the girls had escaped her plan was ruined and Charlotte would be left to take the blame. (Game Over, Charlotte)

But of course Charlotte couldn’t let the game go.when the twin didn’t want to play with Charlotte anymore, Charlotte tried to assemble her own team, (Jenna, Noel, Archer, Lucas, & eventually Mary) She still wanted to play with the girls. But she needed out of Welby first. Finally she gets released. The twin did not want Charlotte to interfere with the plan she’s been coming up with for the last 5 years. So after Charlotte was released, the twin killed her. Using the plan from Spencer’s paper. Already trying to frame someone. Mona is still working for her. After Charlotte is killed she starts tormenting the liars trying to get them to give up evidence that Ali killed Charlotte. It’s just like her plan with Mona only this time someone will really die. She literally plays the girls against themselves. She knows who killed Charlotte and she convinces the girls that it’s possibly one of them, to the point that the girls actually do start incriminating themselves. (Killing Archer) Meanwhile the twin has also taken over all of Charlotte’s minions (Jenna, Noel, Archer, Mary, Sara, Lucas) with the promise that they would be finding Charlotte’s killer, again playing them because she already knows who killed her. Lucas built the board game. Archer got the money. Noel was gathering information. etc… They all played their part. And they all die off once they’ve been exposed or have said too much (Sara, Noel) Jenna hasn’t died yet because the twin has a soft spot for her. But she’s still expendable if she doesn’t play along. Which is why she is holding something over Sydney to force her to play too. By the end of the game one of the liars will go down for Charlotte’s death and the others will be left suffering. 

But the twin never expects for the girls to figure things out. But I think this is actually going to end up being the case. One of the liars will figure out it’s the twin but she won’t be able to tell the others. Eventually someone from the twin’s minions will try to switch sides and help the liars most likely Mona. The twin will be caught and arrested but not before one or two people die in the cross fire (my guesses are one or two of these people; Lucas, Mona, Jenna, or one of the liars- Not Spencer) 

We’ll prob have a time jump of the liars finally living an A/AD free life and see how they are. Alison and Emily will prob be together trying to raise the kid. Spencer and Toby will be friends but not together. Ezra and Aria will probably get married. Caleb and Hanna will probably get married. 

Other things the twin was a part of:

The lodge fire, the twin was the person on the plane. She is the one who knew how to fly. Duncan never met the real Ali he had always met the twin when she was pretending to be Alison. The only time the liars ask Ali about Duncan is when Spencer drug-dreams her up. This was probably the twin at the time. And not actually Alison.

The girl outside the window when Hanna and Mona did the Ouija board was also probably the twin because it led to a pissed off Mr & Mrs D.

So that’s it folks. Ali has a twin and her twin is AD. Ali never knew she was a twin. It’s why she had so many baby pics (there were two of them) Jason was brainwashed to forget it just like he was with Charles. 

For more on how I deducted it would be her twin check this theory out!

I’m screaming because I decided to combine these two requests and it ended up longer and more convoluted than expected BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AAA @chiimei @anonymous Thank you for sending them in! c:

From the prompt list (x) || Ao3 link (x)

It wasn’t the first time he’d thrown himself in the line of fire to protect her, and while Ladybug was always grateful to have someone always looking out for her, she couldn’t help but worry that one day irreparable damage would be done to him and she would be without her partner.

Chat Noir was reckless and often in peril, and most of the time it was because he was covering for her in one way or another. As years of their partnership went on, her fear of losing him built up over time. The only thing she could do was build a dam over the river that was her feelings on the matter, because she knew Chat Noir only wanted to protect her, and she couldn’t fault him for that.  

Today’s akuma attack, where she actually saw a sword go through her partner’s stomach, broke that dam in one fell swoop.

It all spilled out and she completely freaked out, and when Marinette freaked out she lost sight of everything and anything in her immediate vicinity, and it was by sheer luck that she had her freak-out in a completely secluded area with only Chat Noir as witness.

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Okay as promised, here is the (probably in)Complete List!

Compiled with the help of the amazing Aly @aquamarineoblivion

We saw the show on Wednesday, July 12th. We sat in the right hand box seats, with the 39 dollar rush tickets. Here is our (long!!!!!) review!

-At the beginning an ensemble member with an incredibly intimidating Russian accent said “Anyone with their phones out will be found by the KGB. Repeat offenders will be sent to Siberia!”
-During “Moscow” Marya SHOVES Sonya out of the way to go touch Natasha on the cheek and Sonya looks,,, a little offended
-During “The Private and Intimate Life of the House” both Mary and Bolkonsky pull audience members onstage
-Also I was really surprised but a lot of people found the line “They are there upon his head” really funny? Guys… it’s not that funny…
-Anatole’s Incredibly Dramatic Entrance™ in The Opera which he flung his head from side to side and walked in through the door in a way that, yes, would have been amusing had he not been s o g o o d l o o k i n g
-In “The Opera”, when they say “and took his place in the front row next to Dolokhov,” Anatole and Dolokhov do this elaborate bro-hug-handshake (think The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan) 
-Oh god in “Natasha and Anatole” whenever Anatole looks away from Natasha for like a second, Natasha would wrench open her locket and gaze into it like “don’t cheat, don’t cheat, don’t cheat”
-Then in “Charming”, Helene just… straight up rips the locket off Natasha’s neck and replaces it with pearls
-Literally everything about The Duel
-For the first like 2 minutes Anatole was just… lying in Dolokhov’s lap
-The Intense Strobe Lights
-The dancers got glow sticks and bracelets like it was a rave
-Halfway through a lady with glow sticks dripping off of her lay down on our staircase and asked us if we were enjoying the strobe lights as much as she was, then proclaimed, “I love glow sticks… Okay I’m sleepy I’m just going to lie here now”
-I didn’t see this but @aquamarineoblivion tells me that there was a guy on Stage Right wearing just chain link pants and humping the ground????
-Okay people talk about the people in BDSM gear but it’s not just like a guy with handcuffs, it’s (I think) Marya(!!!) in full-on leather straps with a whip and 2 (female) ensemble members in jet black bras and lingerie like, acting it all out kind of graphically almost?
-In “The Duel” Pierre walks towards Dolokhov after shooting him and then when Anatole says “Pierre STAND BACK!” he just stands there with his arms out like a target looking so hopeless which would have been heart-wrenching had I not thought of that “reverts into a T pose” thing because that was EXACTLY what he did
-As “The Duel” is transitioning into “Dust and Ashes,” when you can physically feel Pierre’s existential crisis, the two ensemble members in BDSM gear push past Pierre and Anatole (standing on the stage left stairs), almost knocking Anatole down 
-”Dust and Ashes” was… incredible and Oak sings it SO WELL oh my god
-In “Sunday Morning", Anatole positions himself at the side of the stage so that Natasha sees him in her mirror
-”Charming” is even gayer in person
-Oh god “The Ball” was a trip and a half
-EVERYONE except Natasha and Anatole were wearing elegant 19th century fursuits (the guys wore bear and wolf masks, the ladies wore either cat ears and tails or wings)
-After they danced the ecossaise, guys started dancing with guys and girls with girls
-During “Letters” when Dolokhov goes “a letter which I composed!”, Anatole looks at him exasperatedly like “BOI”
-I didn’t notice much of “Preparations” because it’s hard to pay attention to a song when an Incredibly Hot Lady with a violin wearing just a black bra and short skirt is twerking on the staircase near your box
-Although I did notice what might have been The Funniest little detail in the show- Anatole says “lend me fifty rubles,” and then when Pierre takes out his wallet and removes the 50 rubles, Anatole takes his wallet instead like GET FUCKIN PLAYED PIERRE and he (Pierre) is just like standing there like “that bad man just took my wallet”
-Balaga is incredible. Just. Incredible.
-Sonya is dancing in Balaga? Like? Why is you here sister
-Anatole and Dolokhov kiss in Balaga!
-Marya and Helene kiss in The Abduction!
-It’s two totally different dynamics though- Anatole and Dolokhov aren’t really making a big deal about it, it’s almost like “oh hey everyone’s focusing on Balaga, we should have a goodbye kiss”. However, Marya and Helene just like stand there for a minute and a half sucking face and then come apart looking so… shell-shocked and just kinda hold hands and stare into the middle distance for the rest of the song
-If you think Lucas Steele is hot, let me assure you that Lucas Steele with a violin is… also hot
-”The Abduction” was the Best song but I won’t say too much about it because of the Tonies performance
-In “Pierre and Anatole” when Pierre says “besides your pleasure” he motions towards Anatole’s crotch (and not subtly, either)
-Also Anatole looked so scared when Pierre was threatening him with the paperweight that you kinda almost felt bad for him?
-Oh god the saddest moment in the show wasn’t Dust and Ashes, it was in Pierre and Andrey. At the end, Mary runs towards Andrey to hug him, and Andrey pushes her away, and walks away just like his father. ;_;
-Of course after the show in case you were too sad everyone comes back on and dances in a circle to the “whoa-oh” melody (from The Duel + Balaga) 
-Dolokhov was wearing eyeliner (I know nothing about makeup, but according to Aly, it was on point)
-Just… the whole thing was such an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE???????????????????????????
-Oh yeah and then at stagedoor, everyone’s sharpies were kind of dying except for Lucas and Oak (of course.)
-Oh yeah and Natasha was played by Shoba Narayan who was SO SO SO GOOD? I was a little sad at first but she filled the Natasha role PERFECTLY???
-All in all: a life-changing experience. I would rate it 1812/10. Made me appreciate the plot, soundtrack, cast, and crew so much more.

Hold On, I Still Need You


Longing doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. It’s going to be a torturous five years, but Clarke is nothing if not stubborn and she’s definitely not one to back down from a challenge. She opens to the next page of the notebook and writes it down - 1825.

1825 days until they get to start living for themselves. Together.

Bring it on, Praimfaya.

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Prompt: Can you write Spencer confronting Alison about her feelings for Emily instead of Paige?  

Alison fiddled with a pillow in her grasp, avoiding the eyes of her brooding best friend towering over her.  Spencer had arrived in a tense manner about 10 minutes ago, but between Alison busying herself with anything in reach and Spencer struggling to approach the topic in the forefront of her mind, the two girls have yet to say a word.  

“I need to know where your head is at.” The brunette sighs, remembering the argument she had with Emily earlier.

She knew approaching this topic with hostility wasn’t the best option because of how defensive Emily had become.  Emily and Alison’s relationship has always been turbulent, Spencer watching from the sidelines through most of it while Emily fell in and out of her feelings.  Judging from their talk the other day, she was back in again and much too far in to be able to be pulled out.  

“About what?” Alison tilted her head in confusion.

“About Emily.  What are you doing Ali?”

“What do you mean? I’m keeping the baby and I-“ Spencer was already frustrated, if Alison was going to keep playing dumb, she wasn’t going to get anywhere.

“And you invited the woman that has been in love with you since she was 14 to live with you.”

“She doesn’t feel that way anymore, she wants Paige.”  Alison looked down in a defeated manner.

Spencer catches the insecure tone replacing the usual disdain that accompanies the name, “Well what do you want?” She asked, not wanting to reveal Emily’s current feelings yet.

“I want her ” Alison hesitates, “to be happy.  And me having this baby will make her happy” her voice falters with the knowledge that she’s not sharing everything that she wants to.  Her walls were beginning to crumble, her half-sister’s words were starting to get to her.  

“And there it is again.  The only reason why you’re going through with this baby is because it’s what Emily wants.  Why do you want this baby, and don’t you dare try to bullshit me.”

Alison hesitated before unleashing the truth, “I want to do something good.  I want to create something pure and real.  I want the chance to raise a child with the best person I know and the woman I’ve trusted with my life since I was 14.  Emily is the truest part of my life, she’s always been the hardest to disappoint.  Everything I feel is amplified if she’s involved.”

Alison slowly began to realize what she had been feeling all these years.  Being on the run and not having a solid family to fall back on led her to skip truly living her formative years.  She was always in a life or death mindset, trying to understand other people’s intentions with her, she was never able to think about her feelings for Emily.

All she ever knew was that aching feeling whenever she had to leave her.  How desperate she was to be near her, to hear her voice, to be in her arms.  How hard she tried to be the person that Emily saw, the person deep down under that facade she put.  She wanted to be with her.  She wanted to have the courage to tell her.  

“You’re in love with her.” Spencer concluded with a sad smile, watching how Alison’s face softened and her eyes watered.  

“I’m too late.  She gave me a chance, and I didn’t take it.  She moved on.”  Alison admitted, her voice cracking.

“Alison.  How many times has Emily ‘moved on’ only to come right back to you?  I came here because I was worried because I can see her falling for you all over again and I didn’t know you felt that way about her now.”

Spencer was tired of watching Emily struggle to get over Alison.  When Emily first admitted to being in love with Alison, Spencer couldn’t understand why.  She had seen how Alison had treated her when they were younger and could never wrap her head around how Emily was always chasing her.  But as she spent more time talking to Emily, she began to understand.  Alison was different when she was alone with Emily.  She was trying to be someone else.  Someone better.  

“What am I going to do?” Alison groaned, burying her face in her hands.

“That’s up to you.  But personally, watching her go to her second choice because she doesn’t think you feel anything for her is heartbreaking.” Spencer sat down next to the blonde, placing a supportive hand on her back.

“I’ll tell her.  I just have to find the right moment.” Alison spoke determinedly, relieving the tall woman next to her.

“With news like that, any moment is going to be the right moment.” She laughed lightheartedly.

“I hope you’re right, how did you know something was going on with me?”

“Call it familial intuition.” Spencer smirked watching Alison throw her head back and laugh, all worries leaving her mind.

Favorite Things-chapter 9

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Avonlea discovers something about Max’s past.

Word Count- 2.2K

Warnings- Non-con, Creepy Max, Angst

Author’s Note- Thank you for waiting so patiently. Hopefully, I haven’t lost too many readers, because it’s been like 2 months. This chapter was hard for me. Smut and Fluff is so much easier. It’s kinda short but I’m out of practice. Fingers crossed my mojo comes back. Read, reblog, and review!

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The next few days were a dream as Max and Avonlea fell into a domestic routine. He imagined this was how their life would be when they finally became a family. She would wake up early, working while drinking her way through a cup or two of coffee. He would quietly leave, trying not to disturb her train of thought, leaving her sticky notes of encouragement along with a small something to eat.

Max spent his mornings going over leases, blueprints, and other arrangements that had long since been ignored. He called all the tenants to let them know that August had passed. He knew he could update this building to be one of those trendy places to live with the parks and easy access to amenities now that his grandfather was out of the picture. It was all a matter of keeping the current tenants happy while bringing in younger blood.

He would go back to Avonlea’s apartment around noon to make them some lunch. He had watched her make her salads enough times to know what she liked. They would chit chat about their day so far while eating, and he would leave again. He didn’t want to overstay his welcome, smother her with constant need for her presence. He knew the time would come for him to move back to his apartment, but hers felt more like home than his ever had.

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What Freedom Feels Like

It didn’t take five minutes after they got home from the baby shower for Cosima to guess what her girlfriend was thinking. She could tell exactly what the blonde woman was dying to say but resisting for the sake of her partner. Cosima gave a half smirk and nodded, “Go on, say it.”

Delphine smiled meekly, somewhat apologetic for her next words. “I want one.” Cosima sighed, and Delphine immediately moved toward her, grabbing her hands earnestly. “But, ma cherie, it isn’t important right now, there’s absolutely no rush.”

Cosima let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and squeezed her girlfriend’s hands. “It’s fine… I just… god I’m not good at kids.”

Delphine’s smile warmed and the slight crinkles around her eyes became more prominent. “It’s not a discussion. Right now, we focus on curing your sisters.” Cosima smiled and kissed her girlfriend lovingly.

It wasn’t until her Colombiana sister asked her girlfriend out did it rush to her. It was like a wave of emotions, the entire life she had experienced since meeting Delphine flashed before her eyes in a few seconds, and she realized how much love she felt for her girlfriend… and how easily that love could be taken away. Sure, no one was after them anymore, and a terminal illness was not threatening to take her life at any moment anymore, but so much had changed for her in just a year really. As quickly as it could come she knew it could just as easily be taken away.

Camilla left the examination room, and Cosima quickly hid her face from the forever naive clone, before walking in to see her beloved doctor. They quipped back and forth for a bit, mentioning their plans to next travel to Brazil when Cosima lost her wits. She stared at Delphine, completely focused and taking in every single detail of her. The slight crinkles that had developed in her smile, from stress aging her beyond her years for sure. The long blonde curls reaching past her shoulders, who knows how long it would be if she straightened it again. Those light brown eyes that still twinkled when she looked at Cosima as genuinely as they did when they first met. “What is it, ma cherie?” Delphine asked, snapping the other scientist out of her daze.

Cosima blinked and smiled widely before grabbing Delphine’s hands. “Marry me,” she says daringly, more of a command than a question, and Delphine’s hazel eyes go wide with befuddlement.

She pulls back slightly, shaking her head as if she had misheard. “I’m sorry… q-what?” Cosima noticed how her girlfriend almost fell into her native tongue.

“Marry me,” Cosima said again, moving forward as slightly as Delphine pulled back.

Delphine stares wide eyed at here bespectacled love as if looking for some sign of jest. She pulled one hand from Cosima’s grasp and ran it anxiously through her golden curls. “Cosima…” she began, sounding breathless, “where did this…” She stopped again and inhaled shakily. “That’s so sudden,” she settled on.

“Yeah,” Cosima agreed, “I don’t even have a ring or anything.” Delphine chuckles nervously at the confession and runs her hand through her hair once again, but the fact that she didn’t let go of Cosima’s other hand gave the younger woman confidence. “I was just thinking, how much we’ve been through, how much I love you… and how quickly that can all be taken away.”

Delphine grabbed her other hand once again and pressed, “Cosima-”

“Hold on,” Cosima shook her head and looked down, “let me finish.” Delphine nodded and squeezed Cosima’s hands reassuringly. “I’ve never loved anyone as much as you, and I never want to be with anyone else… and I know that no one is chasing us anymore and that we have our whole lives to be together…” she sighed and looked up into Delphine’s shimmering brown eyes, “but I know what it feels like to lose you, and I never want to feel that way again.” Delphine looked like she was about to protest. “I’m not saying this out of fear because I’m done being afraid. I’m done being afraid, and that starts with you. With us.” Cosima squeezed Delphine’s hands and held them close to her heart. “I’m not afraid of losing you, and I want the whole world to know that despite all the odds we won… we kept it together, and we always will be.” Cosima took a deep breath and quirked a smile, “So marry me, Delphine Cormier.”

Delphine, smiled brilliantly, those crinkles at her eyes creasing as tears begin to flow from her brown eyes. “Okay,” she says, “I will, mon amour.” She pulls her shorter girlfriend towards her and kisses her deeply and passionately.

When they finally pull apart they’re smiling ear to ear, and Delphine’s eyes glimmer with mischief. “You will get me a ring, though, yes?”

Cosima laughed loudly, “Now who’s being cheeky?”

“Cos? You with us?” Sarah’s sharp voice shook her back to reality.

Cosima smiled at her sister, adjusting the bow tie of her white suit. “Yeah, just…”

“Nervous?” Alison, her bridesmaid-slash-wedding-planner filled in for her. Alison gave her an understanding look, and as the only one of the sisters who had had a wedding before, Cosima assumed she might be familiar with a bit of what’s going through her head.

“Everything just happens so fast,” Cosima sighed, fidgeting with a loose dread. “I love her, so much. I want to be with her always… but this… a wedding? It feels so formal. So traditional. So…” Though Cosima was wearing a suit, they both had decided to still wear white, and while Felix was officiating, the ceremony was scheduled in the same manner as a regular wedding. Delphine would walk down the aisle to meet Cosima and they would say their vows and I do’s, and it would be just that. A wedding. “It doesn’t feel like us.”

“I agree,” said a familiar French accent, and Delphine walked down to the basement where they were waiting to begin. It was a simple backyard wedding in Alison’s backyard, with only close friends and family invited. Cosima immediately moved to meet her bride-to-be halfway, and she ignored the anxious expression that made it’s way to Alison’s face.

“Hey, you okay?” Cosima asked, checking in on her fiancée who, while still beautiful, looked pale as a ghost. She was wearing soft make up that made her glow, and her blonde curls were in a half-up half-down tie with braids crowning her head. Still through all the beauty Cosima could tell she was just as nervous as herself.

Delphine cupped Cosima’s face with her hands and smiled warmly. It seemed that just the contact with Cosima brought color back to her face. “Mon amour, je t'aime toujours, and more than anything I want to be with you forever, yours and yours alone, but” she paused, biting her lip as if her next words would break her own heart, “I don’t feel like I’m marrying you in this. This doesn’t feel like our wedding. This is someone else’s dress, and someone else’s day, and I’m just borrowing them.”

Cosima smiled at Delphine, assuring her that her words were understood. “We should elope,” she suggests, sounding more sure of herself than she had all day. “Screw the wedding, right? Let’s run to the courthouse, sign the papers, then go home and watch a movie.”

Delphine chuckled and ran her hand through Cosima’s dreads. “I would love that very much.”

Alison cleared her throat and butted in. “I’m sorry, so are you two not getting married?” She looked almost crestfallen by the news.

Sarah wrapped an arm around her more uptight sister and smiled. “Sorry Ali, better luck next time.” This did nothing to stop the pout from forming on their purple-haired sister.

They’d been married for two months. Married. Wives. A lifelong partnership. And Delphine couldn’t be happier, really. She scrubbed at dirty dishes as her wife lazily switched through tv channels on the couch in their living room. She then saw that vision again, a playpen set up for a child, and she looked down. Delphine has never considered herself much of the domestic type, but she had never really been in the position where it was possible for her. Her childhood was all work and no play, her parents sending her off to boarding school before she’d even stepped into a classroom.

And she learned, everything she could. She was never great at making friends. Most of the girls in her classes were not as eager about science as she was. In college she dabbled around with a few boys, but those relationships were mostly physical and never lasted very long. She finished school and immediately set to work, never looking back. She’d been solidly single for 5 years before she met Cosima, and with one kiss her whole world flipped upside down.

Now she was married, and she had this whole new world to explore. Waking up with the same person beside you every morning, little fights about leaving clothes on the ground when the hamper is right there dammit, or coming home from work to a surprise home-cooked meal. And Delphine found that these were the moments she treasured most, not the grand romantic gestures, but the simple moments of just being with the person she loved.

She set the dishes aside in the drying rack and went over to tuck herself beside her wife. She loved thinking of that. Despite being several inches taller she curled up and rested her face in the crook of Cosima’s neck and sighed contentedly. Cosima sighed as well, always happy to have her love beside her and readjusted as to hold Delphine closer to her. “There’s nothing good on. You want to pick something?” She asked, setting the remote on her wive’s thigh. It was their weeknight routine to enjoy a late night television show before bed, but Delphine simply took the remote in her hands and without looking up pressed the power button. She pulled her arms around Cosima and inhaled deeply, taking in her love’s scent. Cosima chuckled, “Oh, is it that kind of night?” she asked cheekily.

Delphine pulled her face back and just looked at Cosima, staring at her sincerely. Her gaze never left Cosima’s dark brown eyes. Cosima blushed and ducked her head slightly. “What? What’s that look for?” Her smile only grew wider however.

Delphine felt emboldened by desire and said assuredly, “Let’s have a baby.” Cosima’s eyes widened, and it was her turn to be stupefied by a statement. Delphine pressed forward, wrapping her arms tighter around Cosima’s waist. “Cosima, mon amour, my life has done nothing but gotten better since I’ve met you, even when we were not together I always had you in my heart. Our life now, together, has been the happiest time of my life… and I want to continue that with you. I want to take that next step. I want to have children with you.”

Cosima took a deep breath, eyes far away, but she still leaned into Delphine, seeking the comfort of her embrace. Delphine willingly sat up and pulled her wife to her chest. The couple sat there in silence for a bit until Cosima’s breathing steadied. The brunette slowly wrapped her arms around Delphine and exhaled. “Babe, I… I don’t know how to be a parent.”

Delphine chuckled, “Neither do I, ma cherie.”

Cosima herself chuckled at her own words. “Well, duh,” she says under her breath. They’d never been parents before, how would they know how to be mothers. Cosima’s mind was flying a mile a minute, every scenario playing through her head. “I’m infertile,” she says softly, almost ashamed.

Delphine rubbed her back, acknowledging the pain that followed that line of thought. “But one of your sisters isn’t,” Delphine whispered to her, offering it as a suggestion. “It wouldn’t be the same, but… biologically the baby would be half of you.”
Cosima seemed to consider this option but voiced a concern, “The other half… wouldn’t be you.”

Delphine hummed, considering this as well. “But I would carry it. It would come from me and from you. That’s more than good enough for me.” Cosima still seemed hesitant so Delphine whispered to her, “You don’t have to decide right now. We have all the time in the world.” They both knew that wasn’t exactly true, but it did help to ease Cosima’s mind a bit.

Cosima took a deep breath and held Delphine’s hand. They were at the OB-GYN, and her wife was about to be artificially inseminated with her sister’s eggs. Delphine squeezed her hand, bringing her back down to earth, and smiled at her. “I’m the one that’s going to have the tube inside me; why are you so nervous?”

Cosima gave her a guilty smile and confessed, “It’s just… gonna be real when it happens, right?”

Delphine’s face softened, and she reached up to cup her wife’s face, We’ll be ready,“ she says assuredly, “We can handle anything.”

Nothing and no one could prepare Delphine for labor. None of the lamaze classes or baby books could prepare her for the sensation of labor. “Merde!” she cursed loudly, grinding her teeth so not to scream. Contractions were coming about a minute apart, and it was hardly any time for her to catch her breath in between.

Cosima was beside her, an arm wrapped around her, and another holding her hand tightly. “It’s gonna be alright babe, just breathe.”

Delphine wasn’t sure if she muttered something mean in French or if she just thought it as another contraction made her ears ring. “Cosima!” she yelled furiously, and Cosima winced at the pained voice. “I know how to breathe.”

Cosima chuckled at the less-than-threatening breathy words that left her mouth in a shaky voice, and Delphine was almost annoyed if she wasn’t so focused on the pain in her lower abdomen. “You asked for this, babe,” Cosima says in jest.

Delphine wants to snap at her, but she isn’t wrong so she instead grumbles out a, “Tais-toi, s'il te plaît.” Cosima chuckled again.

Labor was four hours which was three and a half hours too long frankly, but at the end of the day an exhausted and sweaty Delphine held one of their two kids in her arms. Twins, one boy, one girl. Cosima held the boy, the nervousness she felt when holding Purple at the baby shower so long ago was nowhere to be seen. She smiled at the baby and cooed softly as he slept in her arms. The girl was also asleep in Delphine’s arms, and she looked so at peace Delphine couldn’t believe that just half an hour ago they were screaming and squirming their way out of her vagina.

Cosima looked up at her the same time she did, and their eyes met. Cosima smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. “You were right,” she says softly, “We’re ready for this.”

Delphine smiled and scooched over slowly to make room in the tiny hospital bed. Cosima carefully climbed in trying not to disturb the baby. Delphine rested her head atop Cosima’s and sighed contentedly. “We can handle anything, mon amour.”

Cosima nodded slightly and snuggled into her wife. “I love you, Delphine,” she said into her neck.

“Je t'aime, Cosima,” she says back, and the new family takes a well earned nap.

Three hours. That was approximately how long Cosima had been asleep before a fierce cry had waken her up. She knew that it was Beth who was screaming because by now she could tell the difference between their piercing wails. Still half asleep Cosima walked habitually to the fridge and took out a prepared bottle of breast milk and turned on the bottle warmer. That kid really needed to get on a proper sleeping-feeding schedule, and soon.

As she waited impatiently, sweater clad arms wrapped around her waist, and a warm and familiar body pressed itself against her back. “Bonjour, ma cherie,” Delphine whispered into her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. Cosima pressed back into her wife and leaned her head against messy blonde curls. “Thank you for taking care of her this time.”

“Yeah, twice in a row,” Cosima muttered, but not bitterly, “You owe me one.”

She felt Delphine smile against her. “Okay,” she says softly, “I owe you.”

Cosima switched off the bottle warmer before checking the clock. Five am, far too late to go back to sleep before work. She sighed and made her way to the nursery where Beth was screaming her lungs out. Luckily Scott was a heavy sleeper and could sleep through an earthquake, so Beth’s cries went unnoticed by her twin brother. “Hey, Bethy,” Cosima mumbled, pulling the little girl from her crib. “That’s a mighty wail you got there. You hungry?” She cradles the baby in one arm and presses the bottle to her lips. Beth begins to suckle, harder than she has to and coughs slightly, expecting more of a strain. “Yeah it’s not straight from the source, but it’s still Mommy’s milk,” she says, patting her on the back to help her from choking. Beth takes half a bottle before drifting off to sleep once more, and Cosima removes the nub from her daughter’s mouth. “Lucky girl; wish I could do that.”

Once again arms encompass her, and blonde curls drape across her shoulder. The two mothers stay like this for a while, rocking in unison to keep Beth from waking. “This is everything I’ve ever wanted with you,” Delphine whispered in Cosima’s ear.

Cosima turns slightly to glance sideways at her wife. “Now you’re just being cheesy,” she says in jest.

Delphine’s eyes sparkle with mirth, and she whispered, “But you love me.”

Cosima stuck out her tongue before leaning down to put Beth back to bed. She turns around and properly wraps her arms around her wife. They press their foreheads together, and Cosima sighs. “I do,” she says softly, “I love you so much.”

“Je t'aime aussi,” Delphine replied before kissing her briskly. After a moment the warm smile turns to one of desire, and Delphine whispers lowly, “Can I make up what I owe you before work?”

Cosima’s eyes flicker as well, and she runs her hands down her lover’s body. “Only if you’ll take care of the kids if you wake them.”

Delphine nearly snorted but drew Cosima closer. “Deal,” she says before sweeping the brunette off her feet and leading her back to bed.

All Started With a Song Part 7// Conor Maynard

Word Count-  1852

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) so sorry it took so long. i was at my friends and couldnt get time to post. heres part 7. i hope you enjoy. im also not going to lie ot you guys, i have no idea when part 8 will be up. this is laos the longest imagine ive written so far!


You groaned as you rolled over in your bed, the loud noise filling your ears. Your alarm was going off. You slowly reached your hand out from under the blankets and shut it off. You were so tired but you knew you needed to get up. It was currently midnight. You needed to pack everything into the car, get to the airport and get everything checked in by 2:30.

You reluctantly got out of your oh-so-warm bed and walked to the guest room.

“Ali, get up. We have to get ready,” you whispered, lighting shaking the brunette.

You walked to the other side of the bed, “Livy, c’mon. We have to get ready.”

“Why did we stay up last night? We’re so dumb,” Alice groaned, sitting up.

“I regret it so much,” Olivia whined, pulling the blanket over her head.

You laughed lightly, grabbing the blanket and ripping it off the bed.

“You bitch! What did I ever do to you?!” Olivia shrieked.

“Get up you lazy bums. I’m making breakfast,” you said walking out to the kitchen.

“By making do you mean getting the cereal and bowls out?” Alice smiled, following you.

“And the milk!” you retorted.

“Hey Liv, can you bring me some Ibuprofen? My head is killing me,” Alice lightly shouted. A few moments later the blonde came out with a bottle of pills.

“Why did we do that last night?” She groaned.

“Because we’re dumb and immature,” you laughed.

“Not so loud please,” Alice whispered, swallowing 2 of the pills.

“Sorry,” you gave her a smile. “Maybe some Cheerios will help.” You passed her a bowl full of her favorite cereal.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as she took a bite. “God is real.”

You and Olivia laughed.

“Did we take any videos from last night?” you asked, handing Olivia her bowl.

“Let me check,” she took a spoonful of cereal while opening her camera roll. “Oh. My. God.”

“What?” you and Alice asked in unison.

“Look,” she had a weird look on her face when she handed you her phone.

You looked at the screen, mouth wide open.

You were stood on your bed, in an old t shirt and booty shorts. You were clearly drunk and very happy.

“Y/n!” shouted Alice. “Give your bae a quick shootout!”

“Yeah!” Olivia giggled, her grip on the phone shaky.

“I don’t have a bae,” you said sadly. “But I will give a shout out. Shout out to Conor Maynard for being a grade A asshole.” You hoisted the bottle of beer in your hand into the air. “You really know how to treat a girl. Hope your mommy’s proud of you.” You kneeled on the bed and got really close to the camera.

“Oh, and I think I might love you…” you said quietly. And then the video ended.

You stood there, not realizing the tears that had shed down your cheeks.

“Oh babe,” Olivia wrapped you in a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“No. Don’t feel bad. I was drunk, I said something I didn’t mean.” You lied through your teeth, hoping they would believe you. “We’re going to LA in a few hours, we should be happy!”

“Speaking of that, we should really get ready.”

“Oh crap,” Alice said looking at the clock. “It’s already 12:45.”

You three quickly washed your dishes and rushed to the bathroom. You guys spent the next 45 minutes getting ready, jamming out to music and packing your essentials into your carry ons.

By 1:30 you three were stood at your door, making sure you had everything.

“Carry ons?” you asked.


“Check,” Olivia placed her hands around the straps of her backpack.

“Phone and charger?”

“Got them both,” Alice said phone in hand.

“Where’s your charger?” you asked.

“In my bag.”

“Prove it.”

She sighed, “Yes mom.” She took her backpack off, opening the front pocket to reveal her various chargers.


“Check and check, “she had her charger in one hand, phone in the other.


“We packed all of it into yours.”

“Oh right. I have the necessities, Liv has the snacks and you have the activities,” you pointed at Alice who nodded.

“Suit case?”

“You can see them!” Olivia chuckled.

“I’m just going through the list we made!”


“Yes! We both have them! Can we please go now?”

“Yes! Let’s go!!” you squealed, shooing them out the door. You placed the key in the lock and turned it. “Hold on, I need to do one more thing.”


You ignored their questioning looks as you walked across the hallway, knocking on the door. The door opened faster than any of you expected.

“Mornin’,” said the very attractive young male who just happened to be shirtless.

“Hey Alex, here’s the key. Feel free to eat any food you find and use my Netflix.” You smiled, handing him the key.

“No problem,” he smiled, leaning against the door for support. “What exactly am I doing again?”

You chuckled, “Just making sure no one breaks in.”

“Right,” he straightening himself. “I can do that.”

“Thanks again,” you reach up and kissed him on the cheek. “I owe you.”

He smirked and closed the door. You turned around to two girls gawking at you.

“What the hell was that?” Olivia asked.

“That’s my neighbor Alex,” you said, grabbing your suitcase and beginning the long walk to the elevator.

“Why have you never mentioned him?” Alice asked, following you.

“Never came up, I guess,” you shrugged, approaching the elevator.

“Can we also talk about how its Alex. As in Jack Maynard’s friend Alex.” Olivia trailed off.

You laughed, pressing the elevator button, “It’s not a big deal guys. He doesn’t really socialize with anyone but the boys.”

“Have you guys hung out?” Alice pestered, following you into the elevator.

“Once, but it was when I first moved it last year. He was nice, but then had to leave cuz Abe needed help with someone. We just never clicked,” you shrugged once more.

“Why are you not freaking out?” Olivia questioned.

“Because I wasn’t going to use him to get to Conor, so why try? Yeah he’s nice and stuff, but I’m not that kind of person. Also he’d find out sooner or later that I’m a fan of him and his best friends.”

“You have a point, but I would have been all over that,” Alice laughed.

“Do you want his number?” you joked.

“You have it?” she gawked.

“No,” you laughed. “I just wanted to see your reaction.”


It took you girls a solid 10 minutes to figure out how to get everything in the car, it was like a giant version of Tetris.

The car ride was full of out-of-tuned singing and dirty looks from people who were stuck at the stoplight next to you.

When you finally got to the airport you parked in the long term parking and walked inside. It took about 20 minutes to get through security. You had to stop and beg the security to let you take the snacks on the 11 hour flight, which they eventually allowed.

You stopped by a Starbucks because you were all running on about 2 hours of sleep.

“Guys look!” Olivia smiled, pointing out the large windows that displayed all the airplanes.

“Let’s get a picture!” you giggled.

“Hi, could you please take a few photos of us?” Alice asked a teenage girl.

“Sure!” she smiled a big toothy smile and took the phone.

You guys took some facing away from the camera, some facing the camera and some sitting on the ground. After thanking the girl, you exchanged pictures.

While you were sat at Gate 4 waiting for your flight to LA, Conor was an absolute mess.


“I fucked up mate,” Conor sighed, spreading across the couch.

“And I don’t feel bad,” Jack said annoyed. Conor did this to himself.

“What do I do?” he asked his younger brother.

“Let her go. Bro you lost her, just accept that.” His brother sighed, pausing the game to give Conor his full attention

“I can’t,” Conor sat up, squeezing a pillow tight to his chest. “I like her a lot.”

“Then why did you ‘forget’?” Jack asked, using the finger quotes when necessary.

“Because I was jealous, I wanted to make her jealous. But I regret it,” he groaned, slamming his head into the pillow.

“If you regret it, why did you unadd her on everything?”

“I don’t know, I was upset that I just let her leave.”

“Bro, you’re so fucking stupid.” And with that Jack got up and went to his room.

Leaving Conor by himself while he was sad was a bad idea. He always did things he would later regret. And this time was no different, he opened his phone and went to Instagram. One lil peek wouldn’t hurt.

Yes it would.

He typed in your username and noticed you had a new picture. The picture was of you and two girls, the same two girls from your previous post, in front of a giant window of what looked like an airport. All three of you were in a squatting position. Alice and Olivia had their fingers pointing at the camera and you were in the middle, hands in prayer formation.

His eyebrows knit together in confusion as he read the caption.


spontaneous vacay with my besties? i think yes!

Where were you going? Why? Who were you going to see there? What were you going to do? He clicked the picture and went to the brunette’s, Alice, page. He was even more upset after seeing her post.


a spoon full of travel makes the sadness go away

Her picture was off you three, once again in front of the giant window. But this time you were in the middle, one arm wrapped around each girl. Alice was throwing up a peace sign and the blonde, Olivia, had her hand on your face, squishing your cheeks together. He once again clicked on the picture, this time going to Olivia’s page.

Her post was of you three facing away from the camera. Conor couldn’t see your face but he knew you looked beautiful.


LA, we’re coming for ya ;)

California? Why were you going to California? What was in California that wasn’t in London?

Lots of things you idiot.

Conor was half tempted to message you about it. But then he got a call.

Incoming call: Anth

Anth? Why was Anth calling him?

“Hey bro, what’s up?” Conor asked, curiosity filling him as he laid back on the couch.

“Before I tell you anything, you have to promise not to get mad or do anything stupid,” Anth said slowly.

“What are you on about?” Conor chuckled.

“Promise me,” there was no laughter in Anth’s voice.

“Okay… I promise. Now tell me what’s going on,” he sat up again.

“Y/n is coming to LA to do a cover with me,” Anth said quickly, fear consuming him.

It took Conor a few seconds to respond but Anth never expected him to say what he did.

Change - Jason DiLaurentis

Requested by anonymous. Prompt: “Just shut up and kiss me.”

You stepped into another compartment of the train, needing to get some fresh air from all the dancing. You pulled up the hem of your dress and made your way down the train in search of refreshments.

“Nice costume,” Noel said as you walked by him. You glanced over at him and rolled your eyes.

“Thanks.” He began walking in step with you, his eyes checking over your body in your Poison Ivy costume. “Can I help you, Noel?”

“Just want to know where you’re going.”

“Why do you care?” 

“Because I was going to ask you to dance,” he said with a smile.

“No, thanks.”

“Come on, just one dance,” he said, stopping you.

“Well there’s plenty of desperate girls out there, so you can go ask them,” you said, stepping up to the refreshments. Noel scrunched up his nose and grabbed the bottle of water you were reaching for.

“Leave me alone, Noel.”

“Just one dance, Y/N.”

“I think she told you to leave her alone.” You looked up and saw Jason standing next to Noel. Noel swallowed and handed the water bottle back to you.

“Sorry,” he said before walking off.

“God, it would take a man to make him respect me,” you said. Jason laughed and you looked up at him for the first time in months. “Thank you, by the way.”

“No problem.” The two of you stood in awkward silence before you looked back at him.

“What are you doing here, Jason?” you asked finally. He laughed slightly and shrugged.

“I just needed to spend some time away from everything. I need to begin to move on.”

“So no luck with Ali’s remains?” He shook his head. “I’m so sorry,” you said, touching his arm. He smiled at you and took a drink. You were both being pushed around by the other people on the train and weren’t getting the chance to talk at all.

“Do you want to go somewhere a little more private?” You blushed even though you didn’t want to and nodded. You followed Jason through multiple train cars until you got to the very end of the train. You stepped outside into the crisp night air and took a deep breath.

“Much better,” you said. Jason smiled and leaned against the railing. You leaned over the railing and looked at Jason. “So how are you doing, Jason?”

“I’m fine.” He looked over at you and could tell you weren’t believing him. “Really. I’m okay.”


“How are things with A?” You sighed and looked at your hands.

“The same.”

“You guys don’t think I’m a suspect anymore, do you?” You laughed and shook your head.

“No, I convinced them otherwise.” You though you noticed a flush across Jason’s cheeks and felt one growing on your own. You heard a thud from behind you and saw a cloaked person running away. Jason reached for the door and found it was locked. 

“Shit,” he mumbled. You tried looking through glass but there was no one in the compartment. You shivered and leaned against the railing again. 

“Here,” Jason said, shedding the red jacket he was sporting and wrapping it around your shoulders.

“Thank you.” You sat in an uncomfortable silence for a while before you started laughing.

“What?” Jason asked in confusion.

“Nothing. I just can’t believe how things have changed.”

“Like what?”

“Like the fact that I can talk to you without worrying about Ali ripping my throat out.”

“She wouldn’t let you talk to me?” 

“No, not at all. She always said you were off limits to us.”

“That’s not really for Ali to decide.”

“I know, she always said you were weird, too.” You stopped and looked over at Jason who smiled awkwardly. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Besides, I never thought you were weird,” you chipped in.


“No I thought you were kind of cool. And hot,” you said, surprising yourself. Jason laughed and leaned a little closer to you.

“Don’t worry, I know how Ali felt about me. She was never very secretive about her opinions of people. It’s probably what got her killed,” he said, staring off into the disappearing track.

“Oh, and just for the record, I always thought you were the prettiest of all of Ali’s friends,” Jason added. You blushed and looked up into his eyes.

“Yeah?” Jason nodded and it seemed like he inched closer to your face.


“Good. Because I definitely am,” you joked.

“I’m not denying that. This may sound weird, but I always wanted to take you away from Ali.”

“Take me away?” you asked.

“Not like that, but I always thought you were too good to be her friend.” You blushed and smiled.

“It doesn’t bode well to speak ill of the dead.” Jason nodded.

“You’re right. All I’m saying is I didn’t want her to be a bad influence on you.”

“Maybe I was a bad influence on her,” you teased.

“I doubt that.”

“What, you don’t think I can be bad?” Jason shook his head and laughed. 

“No, I didn’t say that. I don’t think anyone influenced Ali positively. If she acted more like you, she’d probably still be here.”

“You’re probably right.” Another awkward silence followed with the both of you touching shoulders and staring off the end of the train. 

“So, Y/N, if you were such a bad girl, why didn’t you ever talk to me?”

“Probably my fear of Ali? Of rejection? Or the fact that you were a few years older and way out of my league?”

“I’m not out of your league. You’re out of mine.” You laughed and didn’t hear the door open until it was too late. You felt hands on your back as you were pushed off the side. Jason reached for you and grabbed onto your hands as you hung from the railing of the train.

“Who was that?” you shouted.

“I don’t know,” Jason said as he pulled you back onto the train. You sat down on the floor and tried to regain your breathing. Jason crouched down next to you.

“Are you okay?” he asked. You nodded and looked up at him.

“Thank you.” He nodded and brushed a hair out of your face. You leaned close enough to Jason to kiss him before stopping.

“Ali would kill me if she knew what I was doing. This is so off limits. I-”

“Just shut up and kiss me,” he said. You smiled and brought your lips to his. Jason wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. Your hands were on his chest and neck as he deepened the kiss and his tongue slipped into your mouth.

“Y/N, ar-” You pulled away and saw Spencer and Emily standing in the doorway. “Oh, sorry,” Emily said. You stood up and brushed off your dress.

“Hey, guys.”

“Are you okay?” Spencer asked

“Uhm, yeah, kinda. I was just pushed off the train by A, but Jason saved me,” you said, motioning back to the older DiLaurentis sibling. The girls nodded and looked at each other.

“Okay, well we’ll see you back inside,” Em said before walking away. You ran a hand over your face and looked over at Jason. You both laughed at how awkward that just was.

“That’s going to take some getting use to,” Jason said. You blushed and stood in front of him.

“What will?”

“Us. If you want there to be an ‘us’.” You nodded and stood on your tip toes to kiss him again.

“I would love that. It will be a change.”

“A good change, though,” Jason added before taking your hand and leading you back onto the train.

Knock, Chapter 5

You might be pregnant but that doesn’t mean you wanna get married. 

Simon/Reader, Angst, Fluff

Words: 1687

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4

On the drive back to the Sanctuary Simon’s Jeep is filled with other Savior’s making it impossible for you to ‘talk’ to your soon to be ‘husband’ or in other words making it impossible for you to shout at the dickhead with the moustache. So although he’s sat you in pride of place next to him you don’t look him in the eye as you stew in silence and when he reaches his hand to rest on your knee you shove it away, edging your body closer to the door, the word ‘asshole’ running around your brain and begging for release from your sealed lips.

Lucky for Simon, you want to keep hold of at least a shred of your dignity so you wait for the Jeep to pull over and everyone to file out before you finally turn your attention to him. It’s not the speech you’d been perfecting in your head but it gets the general message across, “you’re a fucking idiot!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you do one where Allison gives birth to a baby boy?

HERE WE GO FOLKS XX almost 5000 words I hate myself, I cried multiple times writing this

Alison Dilaurentis was bored, hungry, and horny. And, when her girlfriend was across town teaching a bunch of teenagers how to swim, that really wasn’t the best combination. Her hand was wrist deep in a bowl of cheetos, and her third watch of the notebook was playing on their TV, meaning that Ali was crying. Again.

“God damn it” She muttered to herself, wiping her tears away and stuffing tissues in the bin next to her. She wanted to stretch, stand up, maybe take a walk. But, the 9 month pregnancy bump she was harbouring made that task seem formidable, and so she settled with curling up on the couch and texting Hanna.

I’m really bored- A

I still think it’s too soon to joke-H

I used to be A all the time. Now it’s tarnished:(-A


Where’s Em?-H

Work. She’s been at work a lot-A

Can’t keep her away from the pool. How are you feeling?-H

In need of a friend. Please?-A

I thought you’d never ask -H.

Ali smiled to herself, plumping her pillow and turning over to Netflix, hoping to find something other than sappy romances to keep her entertained for a while. She settled on a drama about women in the Victorian Era, and eventually found herself becoming drowzy. In fact, she very almost fell asleep, until her front door burst open and the familiar sound of Hanna’s Gucci heels echoed through the hallway.

“Ali?” She yelled, looking around a little confused before she spotted Ali in a ball on the sofa, her hands covered in orange dust, her hair matted and wearing the same pyjamas she had been for a week. “you look like hell” She said bluntly, flouncing over to the window to open the curtains and draw in some natural light. Ali scoffed, pausing the television.

“Nice to see you too” She muttered with a teasing smile. Hanna frowned, holding her hands out so that Ali would reach for them.

“Well, it isn’t. Not when you haven’t showered for a month” She said, crumpling her nose to prove her point.

“Uh, I showered three days ago” Ali said, taking personal offence.

“Ali!” Hanna exclaimed, trying with all her might to yank her off the sofa, only succeeding because  Ali found that she actually wanted to stand up for a while “has Emily even kissed you in the last three days?” She said, not even trying to hide her disgust. Ali blushed, a smirk creeping back onto her face.

“Do you really wanna know?” She teased. Hanna hesitated for a second, and then shook her head furiously.

“I’m leaving unless you go and shower right now” She warned, with a pointed stare in the direction of the bathroom. Ali rolled her eyes, but eventually wandered up the stairs, her hand on her back to ease the pain of walking around with a child attached to her. Hanna sighed in disbelief, clearing up all the food wrappers that were strewn across the floor, laughing at the thought of how much Emily was probably having to put up with in the last days of Ali’s pregnancy. She only took a break from cleaning as her phone buzzed in her back pocket. It was Emily.

Hey, Han. I’m gonna be later than I thought, we’ve been called in for a faculty meeting. Any chance you can watch Ali for a couple of hours?” She sounded desperate, exhausted and completely bored.

“Uh, sure. I mean I’m already here so it’s whatever” She chuckled lightly as Emily sighed with relief.

Is she okay? I mean, she’s not angry, is she?” Emily asked, clearly trying to mask her concern but not doing a very good job.

“Yeah, Em. She’s fine, she’s showering and then I’m gonna take her for a walk around the block”    

Okay, good. Tomorrow is her due date so just, be careful with her. My phones gonna be off for this meeting but I’ll be an hour max, and then you can call me if you need ” Hanna sighed, beginning to get bored of how much Emily loved and worried about Ali.

“Yeah, Em. I will”

And tell her I’m sorry and I love her and I’ll be home as soon as I can.

“Okay! Now go and do work” Hanna teased, hanging up the phone before Emily could say anything else. As she turned around, Ali stood behind her wearing, as usual, Emily’s sharks jumper for a million years ago, and a pair of black sweat pants. Granted, the jumper was a little on the small side now, but it was no secret how much it comforted Ali when Em was stuck at work. “That was Em” She told her, happy to see the smile breaking out on her face “she says she loves you, and she’ll be home as soon as she can and she’s sorry” Hanna recited, Ali’s face slowly falling.

“Right” Ali muttered, walking across the kitchen to grab a banana. “So- what’s the plan?” She asked, trying to mask her sadness at finding out Emily wasn’t going to be home for a while. Hanna froze for a second, but quickly plastered a smile on her face.

“It’s hot outside, do you wanna go get some ice cream?” She said excitedly “or we can just walk around the park for a bit, maybe meet Spencer?” Ali smiled, taking just one bit of her banana before pulling a face and throwing it in the bin. “Come on, Ali. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean we can’t go and have a little bit of fun.” Ali sighed.

“I don’t know, Han. I got a really bad pain in my stomach earlier, I kinda hoped we could just lounge on the sofa and watch TV” Hanna’s phone slipped out of her hand, thankfully landing safely on the carpet, but she ignored it in favour of closing the space between her and Ali and grabbing her by the shoulder. “Ow- what are you doing?” She complained, moving herself out of Hannas iron grip.

“You got a pain in your stomach earlier?” She repeated, waiting for Ali to understand her own statement. “a pain in your stomach, Alison?” She said again, more desperation.

“Yeah? So wh- oh crap. Oh crap” She said, a pained expression taking over her face as she took a seat, suddenly the weight of what was happening dawning on her. And, as good luck would have it, the very same pain washed over as she did so. “call Emily” she muttered, as her breathing rapidly became heavier.

“She’s turned her phone off” Hanna told her, unable to laugh at the bitter irony. “where’s your hospital bag, babe, I’ll go and get it and I’ll drive you across and we can call Em from there” Hanna said, trying to keep her voice calm so that Ali wouldn’t freak. Yet, despite her best efforts, Ali shook her head with vehement stubbornness.

“No” She said, breathing through her supposed contraction and steadying herself on the counter “No, I can’t go anywhere without Em” Hanna rolled her eyes- it was infuriating how sweet they were.

“Ali, she’ll be one hour maximum. She can meet us at the hospital. Come on, you’re having a baby. You can’t put that on hold” The blonde froze from a moment, her hands landing on her stomach. She was having a baby. She was going to be a mom.

She was going to faint.

Clearing her throat, and shaking herself out of all negativity, she stood up straighter as the pain had diminished.

“We can stop by the school and you can go in and get her and then we’ll go to the hospital” She bargained. Hanna pouted, knowing that the High School was on the complete opposite side of town.

“Fine” she said, unable to deny Alison anything when her face was coated with nothing but fear “I will get your bag, you can call the hospital and let them know we’ll be there within the hour” Ali smiled gratefully, finding her phone in the cracks of the sofa and dialling as Hanna disappeared upstairs. She came down a few minutes later, after Ali had warned the overly-friendly receptionist that she’d be there soon, with the duffel bag Emily had insisted on packing flung over her shoulder.

“Come on, then” Hanna said, her face contouring with panic “get in the car”

“Hanna, calm down” Ali said with a chuckle, waddling across the room and unlocking the door. Hanna stood frozen, unsure of how such a responsibility had landed on her shoulders of getting her best friend to the hospital to deliver her other best friends baby. “Hanna!” She yelled, breaking her out of her trance.

“Right.” She said to herself, digging around her coat pocket “Hospital” Eventually she found the jagged metal, and met Ali at the door, squeezing her shoulder but they walked out to the car.

“It hurts, Han” she said through forced breathes as they drove out of her house, leaning over and spasming in pain as another contraction assaulted her body. Her head tipped back and Hanna couldn’t stand to watch, one hand gripped tight in Ali’s as the other clamped around the steering wheel, he eyes fixed on the curves of the road. “Where is she?” Ali said through a clenched jaw, and Hanna gulped as there was nothing she could do to get them to the High School any quicker.

“Soon, Ali. Just hold on” She tried to keep the calm out of her face, and it seemed to work because Ali’s expression softened a little. She shook her head, resting it against the back of the chair as she shut her eyes, her hand still gripped onto her stomach. “Tell me about her” Hanna suddenly thought.

“What?” Ali exhaled, her mouth forming a little ‘O’ as she breathed in and out, trying to steady herself.

“Tell me about Emily” Hanna clarified, the idea popping into her head because if Emily couldn’t be there with them in person then she could be with them in spirit.

“You know” She tensed for a second “about Emily” 

“I know about my Emily. Tell me about yours” Hanna pushed as they pulled up in front of a traffic light. “please?” It wasn’t for her benefit, but maybe if she acted like it was Ali would be more inclined to go along with it. She gulped, breathing a little more easily as the tension subsided for the moment. Letting her eyes flutter open, she smiled softly.

“She’s everything” she said quietly, her eyes closing again “she makes it easier to breathe. She makes you remember that there is good in the world” Her voice was beginning to get weaker, and it became almost a whisper as they entered the main square of Rosewood “she has this little mole at the bottom of her spine and every time you touch it she giggles like a child” A ghost of a smile flickered across her face as she remembered some forgotten memory. Hanna chuckled along with her. “sometimes when she’s talking I forget what she’s saying because I get so lost in her eyes; they’re the deepest eyes in the whole world” She paused to take a breath, and Hanna was scared another contraction was already holding her down, but thankfully she settled into her chair with ease.

“What else?” Hanna pressed her for me, hoping that picturing Emily was helping keep the pain away. Ali hesitated for a moment.

“Her heart is pure gold” She muttered, picking up a coin that was neglected in the glove box and fiddling with it “she’s good and kind and loyal and she deserves everything” Ali felt tears prick at the back of her throat, but she swallowed them. The School finally came into sight. “Go and get her!” Ali exclaimed as Hanna pulled into the lot, unbuckling her belt and sprinting through the hallways. She didn’t even know where she was supposed to be looking, so she belted into the pool area, straight into Emily’s office. When Emily saw the blonde standing there, she looked furious.

“Hanna?” She yelled, plastering a smile as her boss (clearly) was sat in front of her. “Uh, Mr. Mac-”

“No time” Hanna cut her off with a sharp smile “Alison’s in labour. Let’s go, Em” She yelled, and before Emily could even explain she was out of her seat and grabbing her jacket, running out the school and into the car, all but forgetting that Hanna was there too.

“Baby” Emily sighed with relief, opening Ali’s door and kissing her intensely, her hand on the back of her neck as she softly stroked her back, their lips refusing to unlock “are you okay?” She said, finally pulling away. Ali smiled.

“I am now” Emily sighed, kissing her softly once on the lip before getting into the back seat.

“Are you guys done?” Hanna said with a sarcastic edge to her tone “can I drive now?” Ali rolled her eyes as Em’s hand stretched around the seat, not letting go of Ali’s.

“Go” She yelled, and Hanna’s foot pressed down on the pedal, speeding out of the lot and across the town until they pulled up outside the maternity ward. “Okay, Ali, wait a second” Emily said, letting go of her hand and jumping around to help her out. “are you good? Can you walk?” Ali laughed as she gripped Emily’s hand, kissing her on the cheek.

“it’s early. I can walk a few feet to reception” She said joking as Emily wrapped her arm around her back.

“Han, can you call my mom?” Emily asked, her voice laced with repressed fear “she’ll be at home, just let her know what’s going on.” Hanna nodded, pulling the car away to park it before she began her long night in the waiting room. As they made inside without Ali having a contraction, Emily carefully seated her in one of the stupid little plastic chairs as she hurried over to the desk.

“My girlfriends having our baby” she informed the woman, who smiled wholesomely “my friend called in about an hour ago and you said we should bring her in? It’s Alison. Alison Dilaurentis”

“Ah, yes. Alison” The girl, who couldn’t be more than 25, said with a knowing look “her room is ready for her now. Her doctor is on her way” She said, giving Emily instructions on how to find it. She took Ali’s arm, holding a little too tight, as they went to find her room.

“Em, it’s happening again” A li said, slowing her pace and grabbing onto a ledge, her mouth opening and her eyes cementing shut as she pain swallowed her. Emily tried to remember everything she had learnt at those Lamaze classes Spencer had insisted they had gone to, but in that second seeing Ali hurt was the only thing her mind focused on, and all she could do was hold her close to her chest, stroke her hair and tell her she loved her. A passing nurse helpfully went to get a wheelchair for Ali, so that she didn’t have to walk the rest of the way in such a condition. She was immensely grateful as the finally arrived outside their room, their Doctor also reaching it at the same time. It was just as Ali was expecting, a lot of a machines monitoring both hers and Finns heartbeat, the room decorated in drab beige and boring browns.

“How often are the contractions?” The doctor asked, as Ali’s eyes dropped shut.

“Uh, roughly every 12 minutes. They last about a minute each” Emily said for her, her hand trembling with worry as she held it tightly in Ali’s; she couldn’t remember the last time she had let go. Time passed, with more questions and more monitors. All Ali could think about was the pain that grew steadily more intense, that eventually became constant. It slowly turned black outside the window, and her and Emily had been in the room for almost 8 hours. Still Emily hadn’t let go of her hand. Not once.

“Can I get you anything?” Emily asked again, receiving just a shake of the head as Ali breathed through the pain that threatened to tear in two, holding the oxygen mask tightly to her face. All Emily could do was hold her. “you’re doing amazing, sweetie” she muttered as Ali clutched to the sleeves of her jumper, her head resting on Emily’s chest, her face drenched with sweat, slowly turning redder and redder. “I’m so proud of you” she whispered, finding herself unclenching as Ali flopped back down on the bed, exhausted, as the worst of the contraction passed.

“Read me something” Ali asked, reaching out her hand a tucking a strand of Emily’s hair behind her ear “from Spencer’s book” Emily smiled, reaching into the hospital bag and pulling out one of Spencer’s poetry books.

“She gave this to us as a joke” Emily pointed out. Ali shrugged.

“I just wanna hear your voice” she said warily, leaning on her side that she faced Emily. The brunette looked at with unadulterated love, and flicked through the book to find one.

“How about this?” Emily said, her heart fluttering “She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron” Ali blushed as Emily stared at her with nothing but affection.

“Take it away” Ali muttered, grateful for any distraction.

She walks in beauty, like the night” Emily began, a little rusty, her voice weak from tiredness “of cloudless climes and starry skies” Alison couldn’t bare to look at the little smile Emily couldn’t hide as she recited the poem, and all she wanted to do was kiss her. It radiated out of her, her care and concern, so much so that it became a little overwhelming. “And all that’s best of dark and bright, meet in her aspect and her eyes”

“I love you” she said quietly as Emily took a moment for breath. She smirked, kissing her on the forehead before continuing.

Thus mellowed to that tender light, which heaven to gaudy day denies” As she reached the end of the first verse, she needed a drink of water. Unwillingly dropping Ali’s hand in search of one, she was interrupted by a tender knock at the door.

“Get it” Ali insisted “it might be the girls” Emily looked at her watch. It read 2am.

“Spence?” She said, pulling the girl into an embrace as she let her in the room, Hanna and Aria following closely behind. Ali was so thankful they were waiting it out with her, even if the occasion was tainted by the unbearable pain that never really went away. At one point, she screamed so loudly the nurses rushed in to check she hadn’t given birth there and then. Emily had held her even tighter that time, clambering onto the bed and letting her curl up next to her as the others surrounded the bed.

“I wanna go home” she muttered as Hanna completed a ‘Which ‘FRIENDS’ character are you?’ quiz with the group. Emily sighed with regret.

“Yeah? Shall we just pack up and leave then?” She teased, trying to put a smile back onto her girlfriends face. It worked a little.

“How long has it been, Ali?” Spencer asked kindly, sat by her head as she hummed lightly under her breath; it was a habit Alison had always secretly adored.

“Just coming up to 12 hours” she informed them, tapping her belly lightly “he’ll be out soon enough”

“Is he still Finn?” Aria said, noticing that Ali was engaging a little more than she had been “you haven’t changed your mind, have you?” Ali shook her head.

“Nope” Turning to Emily, she kissed the tips of her fingers “actually, we need to talk about middle-names” She said  joyfully.

“Anything you want” Emily told her “it’s yours” From the corner, Alison could feel Hanna’s gaze on them both, but didn’t particularly care. “great. Then Finn Wayne Dilaurentis-Fields it is” It took a second for Emily to process, but when she did she couldn’t stop the tears streaming down her face. Spencer smiled, a little enviously, from the side line.

“Are you sure?” She sniffled, taking a tissue from Hanna and blowing into it “we really don’t-” But Ali stopped her with a kiss.

“positive” And for a second, as they forehead pressed delicately together, they were in their own world and the pain fell away entirely. 

“Hello happy couple” Their doctor interrupted them with a grin “12 hours down. You’re a hero” she said supportively, standing by Alison’s feet. The girls left them to it again as she performed all the necessary tests, trying to give them an estimate of how much longer. “9 centimetres down, Alison. We’re getting incredibly close.”

And yet still, another hour later, there was hardly any progress. It was dragging, all she wanted to do was meet her baby.

“How are you doing?” Emily said as Alison was becoming visibly irritated. She didn’t reply, but she also didn’t let go of Emily’s hand. 

“Read to me” Alison broke the silence about half  an hour later, and so that’s what she did. Emily read almost every poem in the book, desperate to make the night easier for her girlfriend.

The sun was just beginning to rise as she felt the immediate need to push.

A scream like nothing else ripped through her body as Emily slammed down on the call  button, nurses rushing and crowding around Alison. She took both her hands in hers and craddled them to her chest, as Ali smashed against her, almost sending her toppling over. Before Alison knew it her legs were being yanked open and she was in agony in her most intimate areas. She screamed once more before she refused to continue. She had been stabbed and drowned, beaten and brusied and tortured and held down and dominated, but she would take it all if it meant this nightmare would be over.

“I wish I could do it for you” Emily said, tears streaming down her face but also uncontrollable smiles as the doctor announced the head had been delivered.

“Never” Ali said, before another scream echoed in the room.

“Alison, I need you to push harder, nothing’s happening” The doctor ordered, sending Ali into even more panic.

“I can’t” she sobbed “I can’t do it anymore” Her protests were futile; she had no choice “Emmy, please, don’t make me do it” She could feel as the tears burnt her own skin, her hair matted at the back of her neck. The muscles in her hand had started to give up from the strength of gripping Emily’s so tightly and she couldn’t escape the drumming sounds that flooded her mind  from blood pumping so fast around her body. The pain of pushing was incomparable, she was being shredded in two and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Come on, baby” Emily muttered, holding her even tighter “you can do this. You can do anything”

“Not this” She said as she tried pushing again with no more success.

“Yes, you can, Ali. Don’t stop” And so she pushed again, the sound of Emily’s voice the only comfort that she had.

“Tell me a story” she begged. Emily snapped.

“Paris” It was the first thing that came to her mind “we’re gonna go to Paris and I’m going to buy you a plate full of pink macaroons” Alison took a deep breath and pushed again; she pushed for her baby. “we’re gonna climb the Eiffel Tower and your gonna kiss me until I can’t breathe. The sun’s gonna set behind us and we’re going to watch as it turns gold and I’m not gonna let go of your hand” This time it seemed to be working, she could feel the baby being born the more Emily spoke “and I’ll take you to the French Riveria, and we can lounge and sunbathe and drink all the red wine in France and eat all the cheese from the markets” Emily was running out of imagery, but it became unimportant as the doctor cheered.

“There are his shoulders! Alison, you’re doing brilliantly keep it coming”


“Brilliant! You’re so close, Alison , I know you can do this” All she focused on was the feel of Emily’s skin against her, so warm and so familiar.


“Now we have 10 little fingers” she told them, her clasp on Emily’s hand tightening one last time as she pushed with everything she had.

“And, here we go” And it was everything as the sound of their sons cry entered the world for the very first time. After 9 months and 14 hours, Finn Dilaurentis-Fields was here. His cries filled the room and suddenly it became the only thing she cared about and would care about for a very long time. One moment he was there, and the next he was gone as they went to wrap him. It felt like a lifetime before she held him her arms, Emily weeping next to her as she bent down to kiss them both. His hazelnut eyes found her blue ones and she couldn’t hold back the tears as she looked at him for the first time. His arms waved around in the air and he wailed. It took all the effort she could muster to take her eyes off of him and meet Emily’s.

“You’re incredible” Emily muttered, kissing Alison on the lips, uncaring of the sweat the coated her face because this woman, her girlfriend, had just performed a miracle. A beautiful miracle. “I love you” she said again, tears not stopping.

“I love you too” Ali replied, her voice trembling. She knew in a moment the doctors would have to take him to have him measured but, for now, she just embraced the feeling of family. Of love and of pure joy.

“He’s beautiful” they heard someone say, but neither paid any attention because all they could do was engrain this moment in their memories forever; the first moment of his life, of untainted purity and innocence.

“May I?” Emily said sheepishly, holding her arms out to have her own hug. Without hesitation, Ali handed him over. Extortionately careful, Emily cradled him in her chest. It was a little awkward at first; he didn’t quite fit. She couldn’t get over the responsibility that she now had, nor the overwhelming love suddenly pulsing through her. “He’s perfect” she said as Ali looked up at them both, still questioning what she had ever done to deserve something so beautiful.

Love at First Video Part 31: Boa’s

Misha Collins x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“You’re doing what for your Mother’s Birthday?” You asked Misha as you wrapped a feather boa around each of the kids. You were just getting ready to head over for his record breaking event, and he had just told you what he had planned for his Mother.

“Yeah, I figured she would like the company. Hopefully we’ll even make it down there in time too. She would love to meet you.” He said, as he drove the car through the streets, heading for the park.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Cap! Can you do a drabble in wich Alison tells her dad that she is dating Emily/pregnant? I feel like everybody forgot about Mr. D xD I love your writing btw! ❤

I for one love your optimism. Can you do an established emison drabble where Emily mentions/reveals to Ali what Mrs dilaurentis told her years ago about how she wished Ali could return the feelings?

Where is Mr. DiLaurentis, anyway? I’m not a huge fan of him (which is somewhat evident in this drabble), but, guy, where you at? Anywho, since we haven’t see him in quite some time, he’s not the easiest to write for which is why I portrayed the aftermath (with more fluffy, Emison goodness):

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[request] even though it hurts, i smile

AUTHOR: ongniels (ali)
PAIRING: Ong Seongwoo/Kang Daniel
WARNING: cursing
SUMMARY:   Three times Kang Daniel is jealous and the one time he discovers he doesn’t need to be. 

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Undisclosed Desires (part 10)

Words: 1.4k

Summary: You work with Castiel to find out who killed an entire town of innocent people.

A/N: Sorry for the delayed release. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message is you’d like to be added to my tag list.


You leaned against the motel wall, arms crossed and scowling at Castiel. You had talked to him on the phone a few times about the investigation about the slaughtered town; but this was the first time you two had been face to face since you had left the bunker.

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