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He looks more like lady gaga than Mikey Way dammit


“These two cats were cunning and rage married– a hideous and terrible pair.”

Classicat #34: Mewdame and Mewnsieur Tailnardier, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

A lot of Iconic Tailnardier moments from the book didn’t make it into the mewsical. Like the time when Mewnsieur Tailnardier tried to torture Jean Meowljan with a red-hot chisel (it didn’t work.) Or the time Mewdame Tailnardier threw a paving-stone at Inspector Chatvert’s head (she missed, but it was still pretty Iconic.)

They’re not very nice cats 

I kind of wanted Cas to snap at dean saying “you wanna talk about cosmic consequences?? How about: the DARKNESS. And the fact that YOU KILLED DEATH, DEAN, I don’t think you get to say anything about what I did.”


I’m gonna raise hell

@menaceanon Pirate AU… I loved it so much I could not help but draw it hahaha

The outfit of Maria is from here

And the words are from this song which u can find here


“The Angel of Mewsic”

Classicat # 35: The Phantom of the O-purr-a, from the novel by Clawston Leroux

Clawstine Daae met a mysterious cat she believed was the Angel of Mewsic. Turns out he was just some normal cat named Eric who kinda just happened to be really good at ventriloquy and mewsic and cold-blooded murder. Life’s full of surprises sometimes

Rose Colored Glasses

A ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ AU
For the @jonxsansafanfiction Valentines Challenge
Day Six: Pretend Relationship
Summary: Margaery is certain that one of these days Snow’s brooding is going to get them all killed. (Inspired by @goodqueenalys awesome TMFU AU edit).

The French Riviera, 1963

There is a minute shift in Snow’s posture that sets every nerve in Margaery’s body on alert.

She takes a drag from her cigarette, her other hand inching discretely under her hem towards the piece strapped to her thigh. She does a quick scan of casino floor.

The front entrance? Clear. The mark? Still seated at his table. And Sansa…

Margaery’s finger drifts away from the trigger when she spots the source of Snow’s agitation.

Sansa is in uniform as one of the casino’s cigarette girls, peddling some of her wares to Sorensen’s lackies. The one closest to her says something that has Sansa giggling and grabbing onto his bicep for support.

Margaery looks back over at Snow who has murder in his eyes. 

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“To the Radiant Southern Sun, I give you Queen Susan the Gentle.”

Classicat #15: Susan Paw-vensie, from the Calicos of Narnia by C.S. Mewis 

In a fantasy world where the main deity is a lion (a big cat), it actually makes a lot of sense for the main characters to be cats


Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.


This is a copy/paste from Facebook about the protests at the Evergreen State College. The mainstream media is running wild with a single white man’s lies about the situation here, and the school’s administration has done absolutely nothing to contradict it, leaving it to the students to try to counteract the dominant narrative through social media all on their own.

Please, PLEASE reblog this. This has gotten to the point where people are literally trying to hit black and brown students with their cars when they’re off campus. One of my Native classmates cannot go downtown without a white escort. I was in a terrifying situation Friday night where a white supremacist nearly pulled a gun on the black students I was with, and then tried to get in the house after we locked the doors and hid upstairs. White supremacists are feeling emboldened by the fact that even liberal media is buying into what Bret Weinstein is saying. The dominant narrative HAS to be changed, or people WILL die.

This is an “Evergreen myths vs truths” sheet prepared by a fellow TESC student. It’s a good introduction to anyone trying to understand this situation (and the student gave me permission to repost it, so feel free to copy and paste it) the rumors/myths/untruths are marked by number; the accurate statements are all marked by the letter “a”:

Want to know what is actually happening at Evergreen!? Don’t listen to media sources that constantly report fake news and news that is only partially true. I work and go to school at Evergreen, and I was actually here.

This is a small list of false claims made by several sources:

1. The protests were about Bret
a. 1 ten minute protest was about Bret. The others were about the administration continually dismissing acts of racism on campus aimed at students, faculty, and staff.

2. Bret was blocked in his classroom for five hours
a. Again, this protest was only about ten minutes

3. Professors and administration were run off campus by students
a. Nobody was run off campus. Students protested, loudly, but they did not force anybody off campus. I was at the protest. Students went to a faculty meeting and asked faculty to participate in the protest, faculty willingly left their meeting and joined the protest.

4. Day of Absence required all white people to leave campus
a. Day of Absence has been around for 30+ plus years where there are workshops both on campus and off campus related to diversity training and racism. Traditionally, workshops for students, faculty, and staff that identify as people of color have been held on campus and diversity trainings and workshops for white faculty, students, and staff have been held on campus. This year the training and workshop locations were switched. Nobody is required to participate in this event. In reality, there were only about 200 spaces available for white students, faculty, and staff to participate in off-campus training at a school that has somewhere over 3,000-4,000 white students alone. Nobody has ever been required to be on or off campus during this day. Bret was never asked to leave campus. He was only sent a mass email which invites students, faculty, and staff to participate so that they can reserve their spot. All students, faculty, and staff were also invited to a movie on campus this day. I was on campus this day, it could not have been more ordinary. A side note: The emails stated explicitly that students, faculty, and staff should participate in whichever workshops they feel comfortable in.

5. Students protested Bret because he chose to hold his class on campus during day of absence.
a. Students protested outside of Bret’s classroom because he has a history of “reply all” emails where he spouts tone-deaf bullshit and demeans other faculty and staff. An example of his tone deaf statements, he said that he was a better authority to speak about racism because he was a scientist. Bret is not a person of color. Faculty that act like adults and not martyrs show up to teach classes this day without sending bullshit “reply all” emails and have never been harassed or protested.

6. Bret and other white people have no say in Day of Absence/Day of Presence.
a. Bret was invited multiple times to participate in the planning of Day of Absence. Bret sent “reply all” emails that he wasn’t invited to participate. Faculty and staff sent “reply all” emails and private emails with days, times, and locations of planning meetings and was invited (before and after he accused people of not inviting him). Bret never attended.

7. White people are being discriminated against.
a. No. Reverse racism is not real. In fact, you can often find white supremacist propaganda and graffiti posted around the school. Evergreen is also the whitest school I have ever been to, Evergreen and Olympia are alarmingly white. Out of my entire program, only a few students are people of color and all faculty that I am aware of in my program are white.

8. Students ran the school.
a. Not even partly true. Students demanded change from an administration that continually ignores racism directed at students, faculty, and staff. Students feel the new president has not done enough against racism on campus compared to the college’s previous president. Classes at evergreen are co-taught. Racism is so bad on this campus that faculty have dropped from classes they were teaching because of racist co-teachers.

Also worth noting, students that led the protests were young and fresh out of high school. People this age understandably make mistakes. They could have been more organized for sure. The problem is that Bret is an adult and should act like one. His white-male fragileness has made him feel like a victim. Instead of handling this through the appropriate channels, such as the college itself, he aired his grievances to controversial media sources and continues to do so.

Some of the shows that he has appeared on has called for white supremacist rallies at the college. Because Bret’s ego is so fragile, he has put students, faculty, and staff at risk and although his colleagues are receiving direct death threats and students have been threatened to be slaughtered, Bret continues to spout bullshit through controversial media. Bret was never going to be fired for being a tone-deaf idiot. But now that he has put so many lives in danger because of his recklessness, I believe he should be.