because i like to forget tartarus happened

Post Time Skip Juvia

Someone made a point to me in an ask a while ago (I don’t remember if it was an anon or not, and I’m sorry for not replying, as I’ve not been on tumblr as much as I used to be, and so am backlogged with older asks >_<) that Juvia’s insistence on being near Gray/living with Gray after the time skip very well has to do with what happened between her and Silver in Tartarus. 

I feel like they are spot on, and I bring this up now, because people have surprisingly short term memories in this fandom, and especially when those convenient bouts of forgetfulness bolster their shipping preferences. ^_~

Basically, people need to keep in mind that Juvia made a very important promise to Gray’s father that she would TAKE CARE OF GRAY. 

Now, obviously being away from Gray makes that something very difficult to do. And unfortunately, Gray has disappeared on her twice, and both times were done secretly, and under dangerous/worrying circumstances.

First, Gray stops coming back to the home they were sharing after some scary black marks show up all over his body. Then he goes off on a dangerous mission on another continent where her friends confirm that they have a practically zero percent chance of infiltrating and succeeding in said mission. 

We already know, even pre-promise, that Juvia would do anything in her power to protect Gray to the best of her abilities, so imagine to what lengths she would go to AFTER making such a vow to his very own father, who she feels personally responsible in taking away from Gray?

So, of course she wants to stay by Gray’s side. How else is she supposed to be sure he’s safe, and be there to do as his father asked? Likewise, that’s probably a huge reason why she even insisted on staying with him during the time skip in the first place. As long as they are together, she knows that he’s ok, and if he’s not ok, then she could do something about that. That’s also why she said this after they finally met up again:

She was RELIEVED. Because for all she knew during those 6 months, she had already failed in keeping her promise, and the person she loved the most was in danger. So, she was happy to see he was fine.

Plus, Juvia’s promise will probably feed into whatever is coming up for Gruvia in the future. As kanarenee, rieriebee, doosheidoosh and I have discussed many a time, there will likely come a point where Gray fears that he may have lost Juvia for good, because she will try and protect him, following in the footsteps of those important people in his life that he has already lost. However, and as has been said many times before, Juvia will not die for Gray. She will be the one to live for him because she loves him. After all, she can’t continue to keep Silver’s promise if she’s dead. ^__~ 

Anyway, it’s just so sad to see people continuously try and tear Juvia down, when we’ve seen her go above and beyond so many times, not just for Gray’s sake, but for many of her friends, at the risk of her own life. That’s why I don’t understand how the comedic moments could ever affect the perception of a character who has so many serious, self-sacrificing, and heartfelt moments?

I’ll put it in these terms:

In the Tower of Heaven arc we were given two interactions between Juvia and Lucy. The first interaction involved Juvia, who made Lucy’s air bubble smaller, and was impressed she made it to the location. Then, not long afterwards we were given Juvia being possessed by Vilvadus, who was making her hurt Lucy against her will. We saw Juvia reach Lucy through her thoughts, and confess that she considered her as a friend, and that she found FT a warm place. We saw her cry. We saw her try and warn Lucy, so she wouldn’t get hurt. And we saw her able to connect with Lucy and perform the first ever Unison Raid, proving that her feelings were true. They end up defeating Vilvadus together, and hugging each other.

So, which of those interactions do YOU think Mashima wants us to take seriously as the TRUE Juvia? The joke about the smaller air bubble? Or the Juvia who didn’t want to hurt Lucy and already considered her a friend, even though literally nothing happened between the two events to change Juvia’s opinion of Lucy to that extent? 

Or how about a couple of more recent examples?

Juvia was targeting Lucy in the Naval Battle during the GMG, and had recently had a fantasy that she was trying to seduce Gray, but the second Minerva started torturing Lucy, and she fell out of the sphere and needed urgent care, Juvia was one of the first people to look disturbed, and run to her aid. She was also one of the first of Team B to rush in to see Lucy while she was lying in bed afterwards.

And in Tartarus we had Juvia mutter love rival while she was passed out, even though she recently came to Lucy and Gajeel’s aid when the Tartarus members came to attack. She also saved Lucy from Keith’s skeletons by defeating Keith 

And even after the time skip we saw her bragging to Lucy/acting smug over having lived alone with Gray, even though we saw her later admit she has been reading Lucy’s articles during the year apart.

And when it comes to Gray, Juvia was willing to risk Gray HATING HER FOREVER, in order to do the right thing, and defeat Keith as Silver asked. And she didn’t even let things rest there. She made sure Gray KNEW what had happened, even though she was sure she was forfeiting ever having her loved returned by Gray.

A person who is obsessed with someone would NEVER be prepared to let the object of their obsession go. End of story.

So, my point is Juvia doesn’t deserve this constant negativity, and all people do when they target Juvia for her comedic moments, is show their own shipping bias IMO. The comedy is just that. If you dislike it, that’s on you, but don’t be surprised when your opinions hold very little weight because they all stem from Mashima trying to make a joke/being lighthearted and silly. Especially if someone is trying to use the comedic moments to discredit/undermine the true, serious, and insightful character moments. 

IMO it’s like taking Gray and Natsu at their words when they are flinging insults at each other, and trying to beat the crap out of each other, rather than basing the value of their friendship and their characters on the moments like Gray and Natsu taking down Marde Geer together. 

You just look petty trying to paint the comedic moments as character defining, when there are so many serious moments that show the true measure of Juvia’s character. And right now her character is coming off of a very important promise to the father of the person she loves.