because i like molly more than irene

You guys, I think we have one part wrong with the Drink Code. @thememacat pointed something out in a different post that made me think about all the times you see red wine in the show. We have been discussing red wine to mean desire/love - much like red wine looks - but I think it’s a lot more specific than that. I think red wine should be “love declaration”.

Molly drinks red wine while she’s outed at the Christmas party for loving Sherlock. John gulps red wine before his attempt to propose in TEH. Both a mark of love confessions. The declarations, however reluctant, are soothed by the consumption of that wine.


John had a bottle of red wine in ASIB but was thwarted in his attempt to drink it because Irene showed up. And what was he drinking after Battersea? Red wine again? When he was attempting to discuss feelings?

John’s blog in ASIB talked about him having “more news to come” regarding his break up and life with Sherlock but he never have any news after that. He wanted to out himself, especially once Irene did that for him. So he got out his red wine and tried to pave the way for a love declaration.

We all know how that worked out.