because i like fish

Other directors: Let’s make this monster scary and undesirable as much as possible because monsters are supposed to be like that :)

del Toro: I want this fish monster to be as sexy as possible like make him quite attractive and very sexy also he should be pretty fuckable let him be fuckable bc he’s sexy leT HIM BE FU

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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate


katsuki ♀ (you can also see a kuhli!), yagi ♂, and kaminari’s ♀ tanks! they’re all wips and i hope to add more decorations/hiding spots to them in the future- i just added the driftwood today! 🐟🐟🐟

Good guy Nami (???)


In which our beloved monster ambassador fends off the attacks of the well-intentioned but misguided gym teacher.

I can’t seem to stop drawing them in stupid situations sorry X’D Also, I decided to give D-bag #3 a face–


BTW Frisk senpai’s popularity shot up even higher due to this incident–

Things that happened during our first "actual" dnd campaign yesterday

Our dm saying “and then time froze because God has to take a shit brb”

A cat and a mouse being gay lovers and hating their owner

Said owner drawing terrible shitty drawings of the cat and leaving them all over

Said owner also having a cheese grater in her drawer

I should also mention that my adventurer (Cyrus) was robbing her

@lonely-mothman ’s character (Dez) trying to beat his fuckin meat in a cold shower

Cyrus kept trying to fucking steal shit

Cyrus also threatened to stab the drug dealer and black market bouncer, Mario, in the eye

And no that’s not just a name it was actually the plumber himself, mario

We fought for like 20 minutes about the logistics of fish sperm (Dez is a fish boy) and then fought about which one of them would be the top and the logistics of Cyrus’ jizz (he’s a slime boy, don’t remember the actual name. Ooze something. I think it starts with a g)

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we got 3C with victor how about consider this....3C with yuuri. He'd probably be sooo embarrassed ;;;)

snz meme


Imagine Woozi tracing random words and shapes on your skin when you fall asleep in his arms.

So I actually played through the Joseph route last night and SPOILERS it was just as awkward as I thought it would be given how I’d always gotten the ‘walk Mary home’ scene before and now it was Not That but I learned some stuff about Joseph and…

I do not get the sheer amount of loathing Joseph gets.

Like, okay. Route wasn’t my favorite. Some of the writing seemed to be actively trying to make me uncomfortable, and yeah, it seems like that was the point.

But Joseph seems like a nice guy with a good relationship with his kids who makes bad, thoughtless choices because his marriage sucks. The weirdest thing I’ve read is that the whole third date, which occurs on his yacht after he forgets to fill the tank and you get stranded, was all carefully calculated to put him in a position of power. Like, are we looking at the same Joseph?

Joseph seems like a guy who’s affection-starved. We see Mary at her worst with him, being downright cruel and dismissive of not just his beliefs but the people of the community who come out to help the church. But even when we see her at her best, with Damien and to a lesser extent Robert (I say lesser because that women drinks like a fish with Robert), she’s still not nice, per se. She’s less prickly, but her sense of humor is still abrasive, still focuses on picking on you, needling you. And I say that as someone who really likes Mary and wishes her the best.

Joseph seems to need someone softer, someone more emotionally open. During his route, that’s you. And Robert seems capable of this as well, at his best, which might be why they seem to have been a thing, whether you think it was brief or not.

Joseph wants someone to be nice to him. He wants someone to take his thoughts and beliefs seriously, to laugh at his jokes and have his back. To spend time with him and make him laugh. To play with his kids and bake brownies with him for bake sales and help him with mixers and chill with him in the margarita zone. That doesn’t make him bad. And latching onto people who give him that, even just a smidgen of that, doesn’t make him bad either. It makes him flawed, and sad, and human. Just like Mary. Just like Robert. Just like every other character in the game.

Give this man a half decent ending, good god.

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we played this at a classics crew date so, fuck marry kill with the first & second triumvirates maddie

first triumvirate: 

fuck caesar. i feel like any longlasting relationship with him would’ve resulted in my death and also i’m really extra about caesar so this is the way it has to be. remember when he crossed the rubicon and started a civil war like a boss ass bitch? i’m into that. being stabbed 23 times? not as much.

marry crassus because the dude was so fucking loaded, he was buds with caesar and he hated pompey which are good qualities in a husband. 

kill pompey. friends with cicero which is straight up unforgivable. seemed like a tool. started a civil war. also not that i frequently jack off to busts of roman patricians but his bust is fucking ugly. a two at best.

second triumvirate (ho boy): 

fuck mark antony. if anyone is surprised by this, you haven’t been around my blog for long enough. my boy and i have a lot of things in common, mainly being drunk sluts with suicidal tendencies. plus, he possibly married cleopatra and she manipulated him into killing himself so i don’t think that would work out very well. 

marry lepidus… u know what… i feel like he’s the sort of guy that u could walk all over. u could get away with doing whatever the fuck u wanted to do and he’d probably just leave u alone before dying peacefully. dream marriage. 

obvs i would kill octavian because there is nothing i like about him, he was a limp fish of a man and used other peoples’ successes for himself (i mean i understand this is ancient rome and everyone did this but he took it to an all new level). dedicated like ten years of his life to demolishing mark antony into the dust. he was also devious af so i feel like you’d always have to watch ur back if u were anywhere near him, and u’d probably slip up one day and he’d kill you so. no thanks.


Wip - Bait/Tackle Shop

I did manage to fix the foundation (did what @baufive suggested and saved the color preset. Had to click ALL of the pylons till one took) but it doesn’t stick. The next time I save and reload the game it’s right back to the original. I’ll just live with it for now. 

In the meantime, don’t y’all want some dead fish carcasses from my refrigerator? lol Had to work with what I have for fishing cc (side eyeing you Sandy @aroundthesims. Just kidding) If I add anymore to the lot it will be too much. It’s set for provisions to be sold  when the time comes. 


let the boyfriends be boyfriends

Gotta love pet stores.

Wanted an algae eater. Not knowing much about plecos, I inquired into the algae eating potential of a pleco. Should work! I purchased a small clown pleco. It is the most expensive fish I’ve bought to date.

Got home. As the bag is floating I do some research on my new fishchild. I’ve not purchased an algae eater. I’ve purchased a driftwood muncher.

Nice. Now to go buy some driftwood so I can keep my expensive fish alive.