because i like baekhyun


despite being on stage countless times before, they still get nervous 

if you say you haven’t had the urge to publicly scream chen’s opening part in ‘heaven’ you’re sincerely lying or we’re simply nothing alike 


Fan’s self written song “Mochi Mochi” dedicated to Baekhyun 😊😢

Inked Up

Oh no it became a full blown AU… So after I drew this, I couldn’t get the idea of Tao having done his own tattoos out of my head… and so Panda Ink Tattoos was born (thank you @etherealtao on twitter for the name!!). It’s Baekhyun’s first tattoo and who better to get it from than his main beef bro Zitao <3

please do not reupload or edit 


“Who are EXO anyway?” Well…..

EXO Reaction To Their Girlfriend Getting An Undercut

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exo reaction to his girlfriend getting and undercut please


Xiumin: Making a mental note to figure out who her stylist is and see if they want to work with EXO.

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Luhan: Babe, you went to my stylist, didn’t you? But I like it! Now we kind of match! *let’s go back to that Luhan instagram picture…*

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Kris: I don’t care what you do with your hair as long as you don’t do this without warning me! *and then you gasp because you had no idea he’d shaved his head and then he proceeds to play with your hair*

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Suho: I really like it Jagi, do you think I can get one too? We would match!

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Lay: *asks you to show it off for him, like a hair model* Truly gorgeous baebei, I like it a lot.

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Baekhyun: *can only laughs because he was expecting it but he shuts up when you mention some of his more questionable hairstyles* It looks good now let me touch it!

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Chen: *is immediately commenting about how sexy it is* Oh jagi, now you look hotter than half the idols out there!

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Chanyeol: *sorta awkward because he wasn’t expecting his sweet girlfriend to get such a badass haircut* Oh wow, you shaved half your head…I was not expecting that…

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DO: *Gives you those eyes, which makes you get a little embarrassed and self conscious until he confesses that he does like it* Sorry I made you self conscious but I was just a little absorbed in your new look

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Tao: *his mind may just be going somewhere dirty* The only bad thing about that hair cut is that it makes holding her hair during sex much harder…

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Kai: *compliments you immediately and then stars playing with your hair like a cat with a ball of yarn* Oh it’s so easy to mess with now!

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Sehun: *Sehun would be surprisingly silent about it, just getting a smile on his face while he looks at you with your new look* My girlfriend really is beautiful.

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