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Enough is ENOUGH

// listen I’ve tried to keep the peace but this person has gone out of their way to get many others involved, and constantly try to initiate unwanted contact, so you know what?


Why? For failure to respect my wishes and constantly trying to bother me after I’ve disclosed many times I wish to be left alone. I’ve had enough.

How did it all start? It began with him shipping me and my friend during a game

Lots of people were in that match, lots of people saw. It was VERY dangerous for myself because my parents often watch me play games, they know who I talk to online and they are homophobic. To imply my friend and I were a couple would be detrimental, but that’s its own issue. Lav did apologize for this, but because of how dangerous and insensitive his actions were, me and my friend wanted to minimize and stop contact with him respectively but instead of respecting our wishes, Lav began harassing and instigating us.

I got messages from several people over the course of some months that where the beginning of a disturbing pattern.

At the time it was shown that he “didn’t know what he was doing” or “didn’t understand” despite constant warnings. It’s no excuse. 

I’ve colour coded separate people so you know they’re different..

I appreciate friends wanting to come to help others in need, but the full story was not given.  Our conversations where private and between adults, but Lav has continued to bring others into this and spreading misinformation to make himself seem like a victim.

He has convinced mutual and non-mutual friends to reach out to us on his behalf instead of just leaving us alone. He claims to be distressed by our presence but instead of blocking us and moving on he continues instigating.  

In January of this year this happened… He tried to claim a fraudulent purchase report on a donation he had given to my friend back in August of last year. At the time my friend was going through a financial crisis and asking for donations, but this donation was also given after he’d been blocked. 

How do I know this report was malicious and not a normal refund request? I have the following screen shot of a conversation where he says he’s doing this to specifically cause trouble for my friend.

I don’t understand where this whole court thing is coming from, let alone why he feels its even necessary. If he’s having trouble because the people who he is harassing told him to A) cease and desist, B) Leave them alone, or C) Go enjoy the splatoon community elsewhere and stop harassing people who clearly do not want involvement in his affairs then there’s an obvious solution; Stop.

To bring it all back. I’m not saying inkling-lavender can’t have fun and enjoy splatoon, I’m not saying he should leave tumblr,. What I’m saying is I’ve seen this shit and SO MANY OTHERS have too and people are distancing themselves for a reason. He’s trying to make himself look like a victim and abusing his friends kindness by having them harass others on his behalf, telling them only parts of what happened and leaving out that we’ve politely and impolitely asked him to stop trying to contact us for over half a year.

What I am doing, is asking that he LEAVES US ALONE. And that he leaves others out of this because its none of their business. We can co-exist without interaction.

And to readers, please be aware of this because I’m sure he’ll try to make himself look like the victim again, but the only reason I felt the need to make this post was because he has not stopped. Even now he’s still harassing me and my friends. Even after being told to back off, being told to leave us alone and being blocked.

We’ve had him blocked on all platforms for months and he has continued to try and pester us through these tactics. We want it to stop.

I’m sorry this is so long, I don’t want any hard feelings but I’ve had it.

Don’t abuse my trust again.

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I legit cried when I saw lav for the first time he is so beautiful, like, have you ever seen a man so full of love and light that it just, it shines in their features, oh boy I can't even express this, I'm love him he deserves the world and I just??? Wow. Wow. I didn't even know something this perfect could exist but here we are. I hope he is happy because he deserves it, and if he's not then he better be pretty close. Stunningly sweet. I'm crying again

OwO…. *hands you a tissue*

Harry Potter reread IV: a bunch of losers, basically
  • I think my favourite thing about Chamber of Secrets is that Harry, without a hint of irony, refers to Draco Malfoy as his “archenemy”. like… Harry. you’re the boy who lived. you defeated the Dark Lord. 3ish weeks ago you were face to back-of-head with him. he murdered your parents and still has it in for you. DRACO SODDING MALFOY IS NOT YOUR ARCHENEMY.
  • Harry pretends to do magic in front of Dudley to set their hedge on fire (??? 12-year-olds) and yells “JIGGERY POKERY! HOCUS POCUS, SQUIGGLY WIGGLY!” and let me tell you something: I read that and started laughing in the middle of Piccadilly Gardens and I could not stop. picture tiny Daniel Radcliffe bellowing that at the top of his lungs and you’ll laugh too. I’m laughing now. I will probably laugh again when I check this post for typos.
  • Justin Finch-Fletchley had his name down for Eton. this meant very little to me when I was younger but now it’s KILLING ME. his dad’s probably in the House of Lords. Justin probably says stuff like “jolly good eh what” and tries to teach them all RUGGER. he thinks quidditch is a HOOLIGAN’S SPORT. he meets up with all the Etonians IN THE VAC and fabricates stories about his ELITE PRIVATE SCHOOL IN SWEDEN, WHAT! oh yes, it’s just SPIFFING, OLD BOY. half the reason Ernie Macmillan is so pompous is because he feels completely outdone by Justin and Justin manages it without even trying. “sod that for a laugh,” thinks Ernie. “I will be THE POSHEST TOFF.” meanwhile Justin’s trying to herd the thestrals into a game of polo and throwing galleons into the lake as practice for joining the Bullingdon Club.
  • “Malfoy sank to his knees; Harry had hit him with a Tickling Charm, and he could barely move for laughing. Harry hung back, with a vague feeling it would be unsporting to bewitch Malfoy while he was on the floor, but this was a mistake; gasping for breath, Malfoy pointed his wand at Harry’s knees, choked, "Tarantallegra!” and the next second Harry’s legs began to jerk around out of his control in a kind of quickstep.“ this passage is, quite possibly, the best thing I have ever read in my life. Snape has to wade in and cancel their spells before Draco can even stop laughing. I am so happy.
  • Hogwarts was founded roughly 1000 years ago by the gang, so like between 900/1000AD. they didn’t have plumbing then, did they? at least, nothing like the plumbing we have now. definitely no sinks and stalls and cisterns. what I’m getting at is this: did Salazar Slytherin know that the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was going to wind up being inside a girls lav? I hope so. I really, truly hope he did. I like to think that he was a bit of a joker. like, who’s gonna look in the girls’ loos for the entrance to an epic, wizard racist, pureblood chamber of HORRORS??? fucking no one. sucks to be you, Godric. Salazar: 1, Hogwarts: 0. booyah.
  • I know that everyone is on the “Dobby’s heard great things about Harry, haha, I bet Draco told him!” train, but yo, Dobby jinxes the bludger to go after Harry because he overheard his master saying that Harry was at Hogwarts. please consider this: Draco writes his 86th letter of the year home about HARRY POTTER and how AWFUL HE IS, FATHER, REALLY and Dobby happens to overhear a conversation (one of many) between Lucius and Narcissa like “again, he’s talking about Potter AGAIN, Narcissa, what do we DO, he’s EMBARRASSING ME!!!”
  • I think that I may actually be quite fond of Gilderoy Lockhart. he sleeps in rollers, wears florescent turquoise robes with a matching gold-trimmed hat, his ideal birthday gift is harmony between all magic and non-magic people, his favourite colour is lilac, he replies to all his fanmail, he shanghais Harry into acting out elaborate scenes from his books during class and he makes them compose poems for homework. I know he’s a liar and a fraud and a bonafide shitty person, but he seems like a real sweetie. he probably thought he was doing Harry a huge favour by requesting he spend detention helping answer letters. Gilderoy really just wants to help. he’s trying his best in a dog-eat-dog world. he’s also astoundingly gay, now that I… think about it…

okay so i feel like i always see all Drarry posts with fanart/fanfic/headcanons, etc., that involve Hermione in some way Knowing All and Being Exasperated by it, but here’s the thing….

Hermione ISN’T THAT OBSERVANT, y'all. She’s probably much more interested in reading her new textbooks or researching something fascinating abt the wizarding world then in knowing what the other people in her year are getting up to (aside from Ron and Harry of course-but they tell her everything ANYWAY).

You know who probably IS observant, tho? Ron. Think about it. He’s a people person. He grew up in a large family. He probably had much more talent and practice at reading people than Harry and Hermione. When considering Drarry, there’s also the fact that Ron has been best friends with Harry since the very first train ride to Hogwarts. They know each other better then anyone else.

Now. Remember back in sixth year, when Ron was dating Lavender? Lavender, who along with Parvati has a reputation for gossiping?

I present this speedily-written dialogue for your consideration:

“I worry about you, won-won. You’re always hanging out with Harry, and he gets you in trouble every year!”

“Er, well..”

“He hasn’t been putting you in any danger, has he? Because if he has, I’d certainly like to give him a piece of my mind and-”

“No! Honestly, Lav, he seems more interested in following Malfoy around then anything else.”



“Er, yeah. I reckon Harry fancies him.”

“OMM. Parvati-”

“Lavender, no!”

“Lavender YES”