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I fail to understand how some people can measure love through no. of episodes aired ! For you, it was just 4 episodes, and for them? Eeerrr, who knows they must have been together at dragonstone for weeks and months! Show makers aren’t going show you every interaction or how many moments it took them to fall in love! It is for you to figure it out that they don’t own a time machine! Duh! Sansa even pointed out that Jon didn’t write to her for weeks! Funny as no one noticed that.

I started watching GOT almost a month back. I never had interest before my friend recommended it as she wanted a partner to marathon the seasons (LOL). I saw their parallel lives unfold in the 1st episode and so on, and realized that at one point of time they will come together. And no, I didn’t even stop to check online that they already met each other in season 7, so there was no way I could have shipped them from the start! Nearly choked myself when Melisandre asked Danerys to summon Jon!

At first, I was utterly shocked as to how some ardent GOT fans who have been watching & reading series from 7 years and 20 years (books) didn’t see this coming?!! Iam not mad anymore that they have haters (becoz haters are gonna hate) and call their chemistry forced but the fact that those ardent GOT fans didn’t realize that their  Ice & Fire are Jon & Danerys is really, really sad!

It is sad but does that give me the right to impose my views or my likes on them? No. I don’t want to do that.

Some speak about the lack of connection and chemistry? Ha, Of course, you can’t see it if you have never understood their parallel lives! *Sigh* Chemistry does have some contribution of actors but majorly it is your emotions, your connection with their story. I never shipped jonsa, dany/jorah/darrio or any other couple in GOT, but no it doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry/connection. We should not be thinking about your ship or vice versa because you and I should be busy loving our own even if they’re not together anymore. If you don’t agree… don’t ship. Simple. Why spend your time in our tags? Incest, forced chemistry, Mad queen, Cheater king, Intention of Allegiance, Sex is too early! Like…STOP! We know our ship better! Thank you very much!

Jonerys shipper, please don’t feel disheartened to see the hate! You should pat yourself because you chose to see their journey together despite never sharing the screen even once for 6 seasons! Even if they have a bittersweet ending, I don’t care because I just feel blessed to see them together as fire & ice and people will sing their song for years to come!  *Phew* I am done with all the hate!  

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(1/2)My boyfriend and I had a huge arguement about rape culture. I told him how, as a woman has been raped and sexually assaulted many times, I am afraid of any man I approach and do not trust them. He said that was bigoted and profiling and the same as white ppl being scared of black ppl cause they're racist. Do you know of any way to explain why that isn't the same?

(2/2) he also said I should stop doing it and so should all women or “our society will never be able to reach true equality ”

It’s quite rich coming from him to say this, knowing you have experienced the very thing you are talking about. Like, does your experience account for nothing to him?

To answer your question, one is racist because the assumptions of black people being scary are based on stereotypes and cherry-picked instances of violence, as well as state propaganda.

The other one is pragmatism, because males commit the majority of violence (statistics vary depending on the study). Women should fear men for their own safety. If we are not cautious of the men around us, we could end up missing signs of their abuse and violence.

Here are some stats about male violence I found (though it was a quick search):

The statistics mentioned above that mention incarceration rates do not take into account things like unreported crime as far as I could tell, so rates of violence could be much higher, as they are only taking into account convicted crime. Some of them did break down by type of crime, so you can tell which are violent crimes, sexual crimes, and which are crimes like drug possession.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you want me to look for more info! :)


yes iam defending the people aka ”creeps” as you call them yes what they did was wrong but I will not stand and watch someone bullying and dehumanizing someone no matter how bad what they did was and iam sure many other people on this platform agree because you’re not the only one that gets this on a daily basis and you know what we do we ignore them or block them we don’t get use our internet influence to bully someone it is not our job to judge these people you’re not a white knight your not the police also blocking people that don’t agree with you what a class act does that mean iam a “creep” to

every time i see a white gay on here claim that being closeted bears no psychological trauma i laugh because i know how much painstaking care me and all my nonwhite lgbt friends take to hide ourselves and to endure our families homophobia/transphobia. how there is a deliberate form of emotional labor involved in this process. how draining it is to juggle communities and prioritize people who’ll never fully see you as human (whether it’s cishets in your ethnic/religious community or whites in the lgbt community). how we all get deathly terrified at even the slightest suspicion that our parents might’ve seen or heard something that would tip them off. how the concept of coming out isn’t something we can actually consider. 

it’s genuinely humorous when you realize that white gays will never be able to move beyond their perspective and view our lives through a lens of empathy. like white sociopathy is real and i’ve really seen it among white gays especially. like they will never be able to relate to that Ethnique Gay Terror. that’s what i’m calling it now. patented! 

Okay look.
No matter if people’s totally extra theories are right or wrong or out of this world and over the top, I 100% support it because honestly when was the last time this fandom has had this kinda excitement!? (Over 3 years ago!!)
It’s entertaining and fun to read into every single little thing that’s happening and so interesting to see all of our minds come together to try to understand one mind (Taylor’s)!!! Don’t you think!!!? Also, Taylor knows what even the tiniest changes do to us as a fandom and you have to admit!!! THIS IS HUGE!! ALL OF THIS MEANS SOMETHING!!! She knows what she’s doing!!

So fuck it, let’s get crazy y'all!! I wanna hear ALL the theories and dramatic excitement because I LOVE IT

BTS and Their Future Spouses

So this thought has occurred to me, there are only 7 members of BTS and they are all bound to get married some day. Meaning only 7 people, boys or girls, will be their s/o. Now I know for a fact that I’m never going to get married to one of them but I’ve accepted that they will be happy. As an ARMY I just want them to be happy and I think we can all agree that we want to see them happy even if it isn’t with us. Because their happiness is our world.

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As an ENFP, do you ever find it extremely difficult to become friends with new people and actually open up to start with? I'm also an ENFP and struggle with this soooo much! Sometimes I feel as though everyone just expects me to be good at talking to people because they know I'm an extrovert and I'm really not that great at it. It makes me so insecure :(

Y'all extrovert means that we need people
It don’t mean that we’re any good at getting them
ENFPs are literally an ambivert. Needs of an extrovert but social skills of an introvert 😔
If possible ENFPs would have thousands of friends and hundreds of best friends but our feet is in our mouths😭😣

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Hey Rosy i've been on a hiatus but i'm back and all what i see is vindication and positive things the writers so subtle preparing the fandom for what it is coming,Antonio Negret!!(OLICITY love scenes feels)directing BELIZA speculations about them getting together sooner than later,i'm jumping that train too,the canon moment/s happening in the finale of midseason,BELLARKE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEASON 5 IS THE BEGINNING OF OUR FULL ROMANTIC TRIP don't know if i'm gonna make it until jan/feb.

Welcome back from your hiatus. 

There has been SO MUCH validation! It’s remarkable. You missed us all freaking out. (you also missed the drama that people created because they were bored after the hiatus so good for you on that one.) But yeah. So much. From the sizzle reel to JR’s confirmation that bellarke are and have always been the center of the story, to the repeat of the fairy tale and mythic themes, to Clarke and Bellamy and the Delinquents being the heroes, to the script to screen releases which have absolutely emphasized that bellarke is the center and Clarke in particular loves Bellamy Blake. And Antonio Negret? OMG. We really couldn’t hope for anything better than a scene like Olicity’s first time. That is just such an amazing positive sign.

It’s awesome. 

But you know, I’m feeling a lot of vindication, but people are also doing a lot of retconning, saying they always knew and it was obvious and of course come on. LOL. and I’m like. really? you haven’t been arguing me this whole time that bellamy was being villainized and clarke was a badguy whitesavior trope and jr was just baiting us with bellarke and clarke didn’t love bellamy. Oh they always believed. *ahem* then why was my inbox blown up on a daily basis with fears and panics and antis and doubts and arguments against and bellamy hate and clarke hate and mistrust of the writers and lack of faith in bellarke? i believed, and people kept coming to me because I believed and could give evidence for why i believed.

And it turns out, well, not to be *arrogant* but I was actually right. 

Bellarke is the center of the story. My word for it was “backbone”. I’ve been saying it since 2.05 when Clarke was in Polis and in love with L. Y’all didn’t believe me. Y’all thought it was a crack theory. I said it was their story. And y’all were like, no the POV has shifted to L. And I was like NO Clarke is the hero. Bellamy is not the villain. He is the hero. I said you’re not paying attention to the story of Arkadia as the struggle for his soul and redemption, and you said no, it was racism. Bellamy is being treated unfairly and he’s been turned into the villain to prop up L as the hero. But who’s the passing note now? Who’s the hero? Bellamy. And you ARGUED. SO much arguing. And bellarke is mythic in nature. And it is circular in which we keep coming back to fix our mistakes. They are straight up saying it’s a reboot and they’re going back to the beginning now. 

Oh, and I even got the whole motherhood theme. I SAID that either Clarke or Octavia would have a baby, and while neither of them got pregnant, Clarke is now a mother and has a child. Not only did people ignore my theory, argue against it, send me hate over it, but I got anon shitposts for it, saying how dare I make our girls suffer the indignity of single motherhood, it just proved what an evil person I was. (reminder, I am a single mother.) And here we have Clarke Griffin, single mother alone without even another person to support her, fighting mental illness. Got it. Said it. Got shit for it. Vindicated. Welcome to post apocalyptic fiction, kats and kittens, where the theme is re-starting humanity, and you can’t do that without mothers and children. 

 And CLARKE DOES TOO LOVE BELLAMY. You guys. I’ve had so many people, bellarkers included, argue with me that Clarke didn’t love Bellamy that way. 

And alls I gots to say is…


another person, Bellamy Blake, WHO SHE LOVES. 

Honestly, I’m just really enjoying sitting back and having so much of my meta be confirmed. They’re telling the story I said they were telling. 

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Was that it for Altruist? What about my little alpha bby? Will you do the tanko version of Namida Kareru na?? What about the Kusabi Keri sequel??? ARE YOU GUYS OKAY??? TAKING CARE OF YOURSELVES??? EVERYONE EAT A DECENT MEAL TODAY??? (Many questions and you guys are probably overwhelmed by asks and I want my omegaverse but not at your expense so thank you for all your hard work!! I'm so extremely grateful you have no idea!!!)

Yesterday asks tapered off and then today people are raring to go again, but asks are great. I like talking to our followers even though I often don’t know what to say. Um… I think that’s it for Altruist, haha, sorry… I think Alpha Bby will be okay, because it’s BL, not a tragedy. (I try very hard not to read them). 

Tanko version and sequel are on our list yes. When I mean our, I mean in the realm of possibilities. We’ll have to see when it comes out. But tanko definitely!

Um… I assume everyone is okay… One of us has a cold… I’m personally looking for two jobs for heavily personal reasons.. Uh… The baby on board is looking adorable as ever? School hasn’t started just yet for some… Is that enough? Are we good? oMo????

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Do INTP's like teaching something? Like playing basketboll or video games etc.

Maybe? We probably don’t go out of our way to teach people, but it is fun to impart our knowledge. (I tutored in English as one of my jobs in college, and I liked it, so there’s that.)

But it can be hard, because we can be a bit perfectionist about stuff, and if the other person doesn’t get it right away, we can be impatient with them. Of course, that probably varies from person to person, but I know it could be a potential problem. 

For the most part, though, we’re generally fairly good at explaining things. That’s one way auxiliary Ne is really helpful.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

Okay, like, we ate at a Hooters tonight. I don’t know if it was tamer than American Hooters because it was open and in a mall so people were walking by and could see the staff and everything, but we were in it because the menu was varied.

The waitress comes by and sets down a plate of knives and forks and asks, “Do you want to play a game? We have dominoes.”

One of our Indian guests looked vaguely terrified and definitely didn’t want to do it. It wasn’t until after she left that we realized he hadn’t heard her add the actual game she was offering.

He was under the impression that she had wanted to play a game with the knives and forks.

Just wanna state, that just because Dino turned 18 (19) this year, doesn’t mean I’m going to start writing smut about him. Just because they turned legal this year doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to start thinking about writing smut about him. I’m going to put this in caps to people will stop bugging me and know that this is pissing me off; IT DOES NOT MAKE ME, AS A WRITER, COMFORTABLE WRITING SEXUAL SMUT FOR SOMEONE WHO TURNED LEGAL NOT THAT LONG AGO. I STATE ALL THE TIME I’M MORE COMFORTABLE A YEAR AFTER THEY TURN LEGAL. Now please, stop commenting on our posts and sending in messages, about Admin Chey, not writing smut for 99 liners.

It’s fucking irritating, I don’t care if I’m a bitch for this, this shit is annoying. I’ll write whatever you guys ask for, but don’t force me out of my comfort zone. That’s too much.

Our eclipse glasses are SOLD OUT

We only had a small batch of solar eclipse glasses and they sold out quick. And that was like three weeks ago. Multiple times a day I have people coming up to ask if we have any because their friend told them we had them. I tell them we sold out three weeks ago, which of course prompts them to ask where they can get them. I don’t freaking know.

And another thing! If you and I are just supposed to be kicking it, don’t invite random people to our outing. That’s so disrespectful. I’d like to have some type of prior knowledge and from there I can let you know if we can kick it or we have to postpone because you want to turn everything into a party.

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As an INTP I wonder. For people to find our emotions is Sadness always the one hardest to get to? I can express anger maybe panic but hardly ever sadness and pain. It's like something is restraining me by the neck to never say a word even though people know I'm not feeling the best. They'll never know that I'm necessarily sad or in pain. Or a feeling of helplessness

I do understand. Sometimes it seems hard to talk about sadness without sounding melodramatic, and we tend to shy away from that. To us, it just seems ridiculous. Besides, who wants to hear about our problems? We generally suppose that no one does (partly because we are uncomfortable listening to the problems of others). 

Also, it can be frustrating to be sad, as often we begin to feel melancholy for no reason (a side effect of too much introversion, by the way). And, as creatures of reason, that’s awfully annoying. 

The thing is, empathy is a hard trait for an INTP, but empathy is a two-way street. You need to learn how to give it, yes, but you also need to learn how to receive it. And while restraining your feelings is definitely a good thing, I think you ought to be able to decide when to restrain them. If you can’t decide when to let them out, you don’t have any more control over your feelings than if you can’t keep them in. 

However, your problem is a common one among INTPs. Not totally sure how to successfully solve it for good, but we can always work at controlling our feelings a little bit more.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

One year ago...

I posted ‘Lost Paladins’ on 

On November 4 of last year, I posted the series on Archive of Our Own.

I’ll be honest, I never expected it to be as long as it is…but you know what? :-)

It grew because I heard back from people, and I continued to hear back from people. So thank you, everyone, for all your love and support. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. :-)

I’m hoping to make a longer post later, but that’s what I wanted to say! <3

Not gonna reblog the post again to say this just because meh. But on that alligator baby making the distressed noises and people who don’t know crocodilian behavior equating it to kitten-like behavior…

Hoo yeah, that baby is extraordinarily scared. And while the distress calls of a baby gator ARE adorable by our standards, I cringe every time I see that post. But yeah, I’ll also fight that guy over “REPTILES DON’T FEEL LOVE” statement. That mentality is distressingly pervasive even in the reptile community among otherwise educated keepers. And the arguments to back it are… Honestly bullshit, generally.

Anecdotally we have plenty of examples of crocodilian individuals who formed quite strong social bonds with individual humans, despite this being incredibly aberrant behavior for them. We’ve also not only witnessed but recorded alligator mothers seeming to realize that would-be-prey was in fact the children they once took care of, and decided to let them go. Beyond that, in captivity Komodo dragons often display a rather (slow) doggish and even playful social behavior towards their keepers and clearly recognize and react differently to different people. (They seem fond of tug-of-war and squeaky chew toys.) And in the pet trade, monitor lizards and tegus in particular are well known for their social bonds and behavior that appears to be straight up attention-seeking even without physical reward.

As far as overall structure is concerned, modern reptile and modern bird brains are far more similar than those of humans and other mammals. The major difference you’ll find across the board being optic lobe placement and cerebellum shape, with cerebrum proportions varying pretty significantly from species to species. (We currently believe the cerebellum relates to muscular coordination and balance.)

And while it’s more apt to say that modern birds and modern reptiles shared a common ancestor, the fact remains that birds came from reptiles and there’s actually a big debate in taxonomy over whether or not birds should straight up be considered reptiles. The majority side with “yes. Birds are avian reptiles and the traditional reptiles are non-avian reptiles.”

So the arguments about brain structure are also a moot point unless you also discredit the idea of birds being able to form social bonds or “love” because of what their brains look like. But beyond that, our understanding of the brain and its plasticity remains to this day woefully small. For example, while a green iguana cerebrum, believed to be related to thinking and problem solving, is more on par proportionately to a goose’s than a crocodilian’s is… Green iguanas are pretty notably stupid while certain crocodiles are considered contenders for smartest reptiles and exceptional thinkers/plotters despite their proportionately small cerebrum.

We still don’t have any remote idea why mammal brains even have wrinkles. Or if it even serves any purpose at all and isn’t just a fluke mutation that didn’t kill us so it stuck around. Only a few contradictory and completely unproven hypotheses that don’t match up with observations of our smooth-brained compatriots, the birds and reptiles. So honestly the brain structure argument is kinda flimsy at best.

Doesn’t mean every species necessarily forms social bonds. I’d bet the vast majority don’t. And anthropomorphization IS a problem. But so is the reverse, and I daresay that’s a much more prevalent and longstanding one. You can’t approach every species the same way, but you also can’t just go around insisting that an entire class is devoid of ___ because they’re not like what you’re used to displaying that trait.

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hey. can u talk a lil about our fav girl Eponine? im sad and just wanna read about her being happy and loved please and thanks ❤️❤️

Yes!!. I love her!!
Okay, so she is the queen of small happiness- having little candies on her to hand to sad friends, complimenting people all the time, wearing clothes that may not look ‘proper’ because, in her mind, life is shit without other people actively getting you down.
She makes the best soup in the world. That’s all I have but I /know/ it’s true.
Eponine is also the person who you’re really afraid of until you begin to talk to her. then she’s just the biggest nerd, all she wants to do is talk about her D&D character, but she like wears, black eyeliner and old combat books and has the worst resting angry face in the world
Is in a punk girl band. Cossette comes to all the concerts and cheers like the world is ending
Almost cried when Marius brought her flowers because no one does that?? they all assume she’ll think it’s silly??? but she’s always loved sappy shit and the fact that he did that for her meant a lot
makes jewelry out of recycled metal and its really beautiful and she’s made all the amis bracelets (THEYRE NOT FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS)(aww ep you do love us!!) that are unique to their personalities. Courfetrac has a place for his medical tag, Bossuet’s has no sharp edges, Enjolras has his rights embossed on it for when he’s arrested. Everyone cries when she hands them out.
Thank you! I’m always down to talk about her!