because i know some don't agree

When you’re around someone, so much, for so long, they become a part of you, and when they go away, you don’t know how to live without them.

I hate all the people that thought they would make a fortune out of ruining Michael Jackson’s life and all the other people that agreed to help and join in the bandwagon, making up some ridiculous stories and selling them to tabloids. I hate his lawyers who decided to settle this case because they cared more about their reputations as lawyers than wanting to save him. Evan Chandler’s lawyer filing a lawsuit against Michael for slander makes me sick to my stomach. I hate the police that were blinded by racism. I hate those pathological liars that insisted they were telling the truth. I hate the Neverland workers that kept changing their stories they were selling as they received more and more money. I hate people who, even to this day, say shit like “Spoken like a true pedophile” and think what they know is is the only truth and everything else is invalid. If I asked them to tell me about what really went down, how all of this started, who was involved in the case, all they would be able to tell me is “That little boy said he was molested by Michael Jackson. He’s creepy as hell anyways.” I bet these people have never even bothered to research the case, and know not even one of the small details that make this a complete, total fraud and an extortion plot. If you want to comment on a subject so sensitive as this, especially one that completely and utterly destroyed the life of a human-being, you should at least try to do some research beforehand. If you really looked, you’d know that it was all lies. People that keep demeaning him because they think he was a pedophile are just proving their laziness/stupidity. Don’t be lazy. Everything is out there. Why is it so hard to be a decent person? It’s not that hard to not be mean to people. It’s not that hard to treat other people with respect. How can someone be so shameless? I genuinely don’t understand it. I understand money is great and all but how can you live with yourself knowing you destroyed the life of an innocent person?

Do you wanna know THE sentence that changed my life forever and since nothing has ever been the same?

“ Agent Mulder. I’m Dana Scully, I’ve been assigned to work with you.”

So, yeah. This is what I am here for. To love this series, to love its actors and to connect with the others who has similar interests. We are here for the same things, let’s follow each other, let’s chat, debate and have fun. I’ve made some great friends on this website and I’d love more people to have this chance. Tumblr should be a fun place! If we disagree on important things, fine. We can respect that, respect each other and live in peace next to each other. “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” 

Some Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about the argument that “If the electors go against the outcome of this election it will set a dangerous precedent for the future, where electors can do whatever they want” and I think that while, yes, possibly this is true, it doesn’t change the fact that the alternative is waiting four years, or even two years for any real change within the system to take place. In that time lives will be lost. This has already gone too far. This is an extreme circumstance, and while in any other election that would be a perfectly valid argument, this is not a normal election. Donald Trump is dangerous, volatile and narcissistic and he poses a threat to not only the security of the USA, but of that of the rest of the world. Not only that, but his election has encouraged racists and bigots to come out of the woodwork, and however you look at it, America has taken a step backward in terms of equality.

Even if you ignore that, and focus purely on politics, Hillary got the highest number of votes. By choosing to elect her the electoral college would not be doing whatever they wanted, but would be following the will of the people. I think that is an excellent precedent to set. A democracy that does not follow the will of the people is no democracy, and needs to be changed. Do you think the Trump administration will let that happen? Do you think the GOP will? Unfair elections with narrow margins repeatedly favour the republicans. You saw it with Bush vs Gore, and you’ve seen it now. If there’s any chance of abolishing the electoral college and rendering every vote equal it’s with Hillary. If you want a fair democracy, that needs to happen.

Now let’s get real.

I’ve seen the argument that overriding the election results will incur massive backlash from the right, which, honestly, is true. It would. It will. I imagine it will get violent. But here’s the thing. It already is. Violence from the bigots and racists that make up the worst of the republican parties has escalated hugely, and under a trump presidency it will not be discouraged. America needs to send a message to those people that they are absolutely in the wrong, because they will not come to that conclusion by themselves. There is no longer a clean and bloodless option. Either you have angry racist backlash, or you have open racist violence. And there’s another kind of Trump supporter, the kind who don’t approve of the bigotry and racism he spouts but are so encapsulated in white privilege that they don’t see it as anything more than political incorrectness. To them he’s a straight-talking punch to the political system advocating for the middle class. They don’t understand the struggle their fellow Americans with less privilege are going through. They will feel resentful. They will feel like the system let them down. They will feel like their voices don’t matter, and it will be so much harder to convince them of our cause. But lives are at stake. For the past couple days I’ve been trying to look for the positive in this situation, and the best I could come up with was “Well maybe the next four years will open moderate eyes about Trump, and they’ll be less inclined to tolerate bigotry.” And maybe I’m right. Maybe it would. But that is not worth the cost in human lives and trauma that will be paid for it. 

I think for a lot of Americans this has been a wake-up call. But please don’t let the alarm ring for another four years.  It’s time for a wartime decision. Please, America, fight tooth and nail to get this decision overturned. Sign petitions, protest in the streets. Organise. Rebel. Most importantly, Put pressure on the electoral college. There’s no point worrying about things that will happen in the next twenty years when there is a very real danger people won’t surive the next four.

Idk how some people can follow me and be like “wow this is so aesthetic and nice” because all I do is scream about wonwoo ramble about how I wanna punch mingyu and cry over how much I love seventeen like guys I’m clickbait wyd

Can we all agree to not bother loo about any of this anymore? Clearly she doesn’t get it, even though she says she does, hasn’t see TFP and will just dismiss us because “Sherlock didn’t say I love you so John!” She’s making it about herself even though she “knows the discourse”. Right okay. We’ll all go read some Chekhov and leave you alone.

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I'd be glad to know the good "big Larries" your anon follows because I actually agree with your first anon Some/most of them are so fucking ugly and nasty towards harry which is so sad and unreasonable? And there's been so many of them recently? Idk I'd love to be recommended with the good part of this "big Larries" community lol

me, trying to be tactful: uhhh I mean… I personally avoid certain blogs like the plague for those reasons and various others and a fair number of them would I’m sure be considered to have a large following but! it’s always up to interpretation who would fit that criteria I guess gkfjfj 🙂🏃🏻

Watching Gravity Falls with my Roommate: Weirdmageddon Part 3

Me: So what did you think?

Roommate: I liked it!

Me: Good! I loved it, of course.

Roommate: Of course. 

Me: Some people complained that Stan’s memories coming back was a little contrived and just done for the big cheesy happy ending, and I don’t totally disagree, but also–I don’t care, I’d rather have the big cheesy happy ending!

Roommate: Oh yeah, definitely. Though I was a little disappointed with how the zodiac played out.

Me: Yeeeeah, it was built up a lot. I get what they were going for, though–(is about to launch into a long ramble about characters and family being more important than codes and mysteries.)

Roommate: I mean, I thought they were going to use the zodiac to bring Stan’s memories back.



Me: …That’s actually a really good idea.

Roommate: That would have made it significant after building it up so much.

Me: It would have!

Roommate: Stan could still save the day, just bring his memories back with the zodiac.

Me: …And it would have reinforced the message of family too, because Stan’s whole family, as well as people from the town who he’d been a hero to, would have to come together to save him.

Me: The zodiac would have come into play in saving the world just not the way they thought. 

Me: Unlike the memory gun, which we’ve already seen work differently than how it seemed to now, the zodiac never had any clear rules, they could make up anything.

Me: We could even still have that sweet, heartwarming scene where Mabel reads from her scrapbook to Stan, it would just end with it not working. 

Me: Mabel could have insisted they keep trying and maybe Dipper could have suggested the zodiac, thus combining Mabel’s love and determination with Dipper’s cleverness and love of mysteries, uniting the two major themes of the show.

Roommate: It’s a good idea, right?


Okay, you know how Vegeta said that he likes Bulma because she’s strong-willed and Goku agreed to liking Chi-Chi for the same reason? Well, since Gohan is mixed that’s why he’s with Videl. She has a strong character but at the same time it’s a bit toned down in comparison. DBZ ladies are the best.

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There was this saying everyone tells me and well it goes along the lines of "If you like your job, it won't feel like work" or something like that, so, as adults, do you agree with this?

Yes and no. If you love your job, sometimes it won’t feel like “work,” because you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. But you will never find something that never feels like work, no matter how much you love it. There will always be some aspects of your job that you do not like and there will always be bad days where you’re just not feeling it.

Instead of spreading around “if you like your job, it won’t feel like work,” I would suggest a more realistic alternative: “find a job you won’t mind getting out of bed for each day.”

You know something that bugs me? I just saw another one of those “Hogwarts House” things, where Hufflepuff once again embodies the anthropomorphization of the sound of “Hufflepuff,” all fluffy and sweet. You know what Hufflepuff values? Hard work, loyalty, dedication, fair play, and patience. 

Hard work and dedication aren’t sweet and warm. They’re sweaty and tiring and oftentimes they make you angry. Coming off the end of your second 13 hour shift in 2 days? That’s not sweet. Busting your butt to get into med school for ten years and waiting on tenterhooks to find out if you’ve made it, that’s not fluffy; that feels like your viscera are taking flying lessons, and it sucks. Working for years to support your disabled sibling who last you saw hadn’t moved off the couch where they’re watching the latest new Netflix show? Hard work, dedication, and an awful lot of bitterness, resentment, rage.

Fairness? How the hell do you manage that? Wanting things to be fair, that’s striving for an inherently unattainable ideal, because someone will always have been born smarter, faster, better at knitting than you, and some people will always know more connected people than you. How can you go through life and treat the people you despise with the same courtesy as your colleagues? How do you give up an advantage you consider unfair? Is it unfair if you’re naturally better at something? You have moral and ethical questions that will always be important to you, and a world that doesn’t care. I don’t know about you, but the idea that the world and humanity overall don’t care about something that important to me doesn’t make me feel like “tea and sweaters.”

And as for the last, loyalty is one of the best qualities in the world (personal opinion) but it can be very dangerous. Loyal men will follow a leader to ruin. A person loyal to an idea can run into obsession and mania. Dogs will kill and die for a master to whom they have dedicated their obedience and loyalty. People live and die for their countries and their battle buddies, to whom they are loyal. A loyal man is a dangerous man. Unquestioning loyalty can be deadly, and is misleading.

The world would not be a kind place for a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff, if it caught all of the people it claims to value, would be the House of the potentially broken. Their aesthetic wouldn’t always be soft and fluffy. They might be a puzzle box, with an unknown interior; could be a bomb, could be a chocolate. They might be calm sunlight in a meadow, sure, but the storm is still coming. They might be a seed, something green and growing with a bit of care, but it’s anyone’s guess if the plant will be monkshood or sugarcane. 

Not that everyone who wants soft and good things for Hufflepuff is wrong; I just think everyone has missed the potential in the House and in the traits it values.

my strength to reblog controversial posts I agree with and subject myself to the judgment of 50k people is basically gone.  I can’t take the stress of having debates on here.

It baffles me when anti-feminists come at me using gendered slurs in my inbox. They clearly know I think they are pond scum, so what exactly do they hope to accomplish???? When some who aligns themselves against justice and equality hates me it means I am doing something right. If they held me in high esteem I would be absolutely horrified. I do not want you to agree with me because your opinions are trash.

tbh i like that jack didn’t realize he had feelings for bitty till his DAD told him because like he was so fucking gone on bitty, obviously, but he just thought “haha there i my platonic dude buddy” like lmao

i just imagine that one morning he went downstairs and bitty was in the kitchen making breakfast & the sunlight was streaming through and it caught in his hair just right and he was #GLOWING and jack lost his breath and he’s all like “wow” but he doesn’t even understand why

or like it during winter and they’re walking to the haus from morning practice and bitty’s nose is red from the cold and jack leans in sorta subconsciously like he was gonna kiss the tip of bitty’s nose and like he kinda just stops and like “??????” what’s he doing he don’t know.

and then it’s graduation and bitty is saying goodbye and messing around with the blue tie he picked out and jack’s hands are kinda hovering around bitty’s waist and he feels the urge to grab on and not let go but he doesn’t because that would be rude and frankly, weird.

and then his dad is quoting uncle wayne AGAIN ((FOR LIKE THE TWO MILLIONTH TIME THAT YEAR)) and jack is,,,,,awakened. and he’s like “oh right of course” because maybe his dad had to tell him but tbh, in a quiet way he kinda knew this whole time and maybe all he needed was to hear that wayne gretzky quote again. and then he’s off. to the haus. to bitty.