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Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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Mistaken Love. [Jin] pt.2 end

[pt.1] [pt.2end]

I turned up at his apartment and knocked, letting out a big breath of air as he opened the door to greet me. His usual handsome face seemed dull, the glimmer in his eyes disappeared. He looked sad, to the point where it’s pitiful. I didn’t like seeing him this way, not because I’m jealous of the fact that he’s dwelling on that woman, but because his regular go lucky character was hidden.

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Fog (Part I)

Pairing: Finn x Reader, Balor x Reader
  His eyes, his normally oceanic eyes, were no longer the blues of the sea, but matched the attire he had on his body. His pupils were past being blown, the black covering his eyes almost entirely, save for the crimson red that had spider-webbed its way out from where his irises should have been.
Word Count: 3.4k
Warnings: Nothing I think in this part…? I’ll tag warnings in each individual part though.
A/N: So originally I had this as an idea in my head for like, a 500-700 word drabble… and whoops, here we are with what will probably end up being a series. The first set of text in italics is a flashback, the second set is a dream. Hopefully they make sense.

Also, this series is dedicated to the very lovely and dear @castielscamander. Without her, this may not have turned into anything and she has been such a huge help for me fleshing this out. Babe and Bubba forever.



Getting the word that not only was I being called up to the main roster, but to Raw specifically, was a dream come true. I remember Hunter pulling me aside at one of the NXT TV tapings and letting me know I had to pack my gear up after this last set because I was heading to the red brand and just… sobbing into his shoulder. Not my finest professional moment, but at least he knew how badly I wanted it. I made my debut a week before SummerSlam last year and put all the girls on notice, letting them know that things were going to be different now because The Ringleader was there to run the show.

After just over a year of being on the main roster, you’d think by now I would have gotten used to it all; the get-up-and-go schedule, the flights, the driving, the almost non-existent days off. It sure was a lot different than how things were in NXT, yeah, but having this career was all I had thought about since I was literally eight years old. It’s something that I felt was in my blood and a part of my DNA, so if that meant I had to acclimate to functioning on an average of three hours of sleep and living out of a couple suitcases, then so be it.

But one thing I still hadn’t gotten truly used to? The mercurial nature of Finn Balor’s eyes.

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Stay This Little

REQUEST: from @wardley10

Hey love. I’ve a prompt that before Harry goes off on his solo world tour, Fionn and he are babysitting a toddler that the reader and Jack have together. You all met when you worked together on Dunkirk. Jack gives the guys instructions before he leaves for work and he also makes phone calls to the lads during the day (with banter but also being a protective Dad) to make sure his daughter’s okay. A trip to the park, ice creams and feeding ducks ensue. Hope this makes sense. Thx xxx

A/N: I didn’t know how much I needed this in my life until I started writing it. Thanks love!

Title: Never Grow Up 
by Taylor Swift

“Mate, stop stressing, everything will be fine. You asked me because I’ve done this before, yeah?” Jack nodded and sighed, scrubbing his hand over his face. He’d rehashed his instructions for the fourth time, as well as handing Fionn a written copy and Harry was ready to throw Jack out of the house on his arse.

“We get that you’re nervous leaving her with someone else, but she’ll be fine. She already loves us, mate and we’ve got your’s and Y/N’s numbers if there’s any problems-“ Jack looked at Fionn in alarm, cutting the younger man off.

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slickandsolangelic  asked:

Heya isis~! Tis phil sliding into your askbox again. I just really wanted to ask- is it me, or does V just come off as super submissive? Like, just relationship wise- he's really always been catering to Rika's needs throughout their relationship, but that was just him giving in to her and agreeing to do whatever she wants. He's never even been embraced, for the lord's sake, because he was only the one who had to do the embracing!!! (1/2)


And like… I just really want to pour all of my affection onto him by the gallons, ya know? I think deep down he just wishes to be properly loved, and I hope the afterending includes that when it comes out. Thoughts, Isis? <3 (2/2)


Evidently this will have SPOILERS FOR V’S ROUTE, so if you’re on mobile scroll down really fast!

Aaaaaah, I love your asks, I’m so happy you’re dropping by again! <3

This is a really complex question and I think it deserves a complex answer… And boy did this get long!

V’s submissive behavior has many reasons and it’s extremely layered, but it basically comes down to three things, in order: 

  1. How his childhood and teen years left him empty inside;
  2. His mother’s fate;
  3. And his lack of love.

Point #1 - His childhood: Jihyun is very submissive because he is empty inside. He’s kind and he’s gentle, he has an upstanding moral code and he’s overall a wonderful person, but he lacks a life purpose. Since his childhood he was shaped by his father and his tutor into becoming a businessman, a small marionette that repeats what his father says (Mr. Kim is so manipulative that he event poisoned his child against his own mother, and probably controlled his entire environment, too), feeding him pragmatic, cold, and even cruel life lessons, but eventually he awakens thanks to his mother’s help, and discovers a desire within himself (art) and his true call. 

However, at this point he’s been so damaged by his father’s intentions and the pressure to reach excellence, that he feels that, if he starts seeking a new goal, he’d make mistakes and essentially become a failure of a being. He was shaped to be something his entire life, and now his life foundation is being shaken to the core. As a consequence he keeps his fear of failure, but now has a desire to escape from the mold his father set for him and become someone else. He seeks something, but is too afraid to go for it, so he’s in an awkward middle point, where he is lost and has nothing to define him, nothing going on for him….

Point #2 - His mother’s fate: … And then his mother, very lovingly, taught him things he never heard. She encouraged him to seek his true self, to see beyond what his father wants (as did Jumin!). He was still under the influence of his father, so he was rather bratty towards his mother, rejecting her and questioning her lessons, even if they, very slowly, started to produce the desired effect… 

But then, she died. She died protecting him, and by getting her diaries, Jihyun could, for the first time, understand his mother’s point of view and see her inner mind, her struggles and fears. Now he had another kind of pain to add to his list, because now apart from his lack of purpose and fear of change he also has the regret of not understanding his mother’s love while she was alive, and not providing her with the love she deserved and wanted from him after such a tragic life. He couldn’t provide her love when she needed it the most, the love she desperately wanted, and therefore he became fixated with the concept of love…

Point #3 - Lack of love: … But that beautiful lesson his mother transmitted didn’t completely get through, because despite his desire to provide love, he didn’t know how, because there was not a single healthy relationship around him that showed him how it’s done. His father was a monster to his mother, the family he basically considered his own (Jumin’s) consisted of his friend and a man that switched women every other month, and he could never form a true loving bond with his mother because of his father’s meddling… How could Jihyun know what love was about? So for him, the idea of love became something idealized, something romantic, a pure, endless, unconditional love that is always there no matter what. What his mother never got, but deserved. Something that was always there, through thick and thin, and never stopped, no matter what. 

So we get these three elements: Jihyun’s lack of self and purpose, his regret over his mother’s fate and his desire to provide endless love without knowing what it is. What happens? Jihyun decides to make endless love his life purpose. He’d provide endless love, pure, unconditional love and that’s what his entire self would become about. He’d make up for not loving his mother, and he won’t have to take risks regarding his true life call in order to define his self. It was the perfect solution for him… And so happens that’s when he met Rika, someone that needed the love he was so desperate to provide… But it turns out she was the literal worst person for that, and it was a cocktail for disaster.

V doesn’t know what healthy love is, therefore he never questioned the fact that Rika was abusive and selfish. How could he, if he never knew better? For him, his life purpose was all about providing love to whoever might need it, in this case Rika, without ever doubting it. It was his duty to love her despite everything. He nurtured her, he loved her, he complied to her every whim, he took her to therapy and tried to help her get better, because all of that was his sole reason to exist, He was caught in the middle of doing his best so that she’d recover and fulfilling her every desire and whim, no matter what the cost was for him. 

Now, after this background explanation, let’s go to the core of your question: 

Jihyun is really submissive because he believes that’s what true love is about, and he thinks that if he doesn’t love “properly” (that means, unconditionally) he is worthless as a human being, therefore he takes all of Rika’s abuse because he believes that’s why he exists, to love her, but he never even considers that he also deserves to be loved back.

Jihyun is all give, and Rika is all take. Jihyun blames himself for everything, and Rika blames everyone but herself. It was an awful combination that ended with Jihyun being abused to hell and back, but with him believing that he deserved it and it was his life mission. He was a sun, meant only to provide for others, never to be nurtured himself. 


Jihyun’s sole focus through the entire route is to keep MC safe… But what he didn’t expect was that MC’s focus was to help him back, too. MC’s insistence that he matters, that he’s important, and that he should look after himself helps Jihyun learn what true “unconditional love” is about. It’s not about giving your all to the point where you become a martyr, it’s about supporting each other, being there for each other, caring for one another and helping the other move forward. Because both people in a relationship are EQUAL. Therefore, he has to see his own worth and see himself as someone worth being LOVED before providing the love he wishes to give. Only then a relationship becomes equal, and only then unconditional love is meant to exist.

That was the lesson his mother gave him and he couldn’t understand.

Mrs. Kim loved Jihyun because she could love herself; she found in her child a reason to love herself, and keep living.

Now, Jihyun finds in MC (and the RFA) a reason to love himself, and by loving himself he loves her better, and gets the courage to find a true life purpose and his true self.


Diane Edwards, also known as Marjorie as a pseudonym, was Ted Bundy’s first love and first real girlfriend. The two met whilst attending the university of Washington in the late 60′s. When Ted became incarcerated for the kidnap and attempted murder of Carol DaRonch, Ted was evaluated by Dr. Al Carlisle on the 90-day-diagnostic team at the Utah State prison. Here is an interview Dr. Carlisle had with Ted’s former love about their relationship.

Al: What did you like about him?

Diane: I was very caught up by his ability to talk. You know, he could just off the cuff come out with anything and it sounded good. And he wrote fantastic letters. He put a great deal of import on a person’s ability and intelligence, in their quickness of mind. 

Al: Did he ever seem to be involved with anything illegal? 

Diane: I didn’t know of anything. If I had I’d probably have been real scared. I’m a real chicken. 

Al: Did he seem to have any friends?

Diane: No, and that was weird too. There were none that I knew of. 

Al: What did he do in his spare time? 

Diane: I don’t know. He had a bike and he rode around on his bike. He also went skiing every once in a while. 

Al: Was he good?

Diane: Oh yes, he was very athletic. 

Al: What was Ted like as you saw him at the time you were going with him?

Diane: He was aesthetic and he was brilliant but he was not terribly social. He always had sort of a bowing manner, always trying to get people to believe he was humble and that he wouldn’t walk on anybody’s toes. Like he was pleased to be in somebody’s presence. He seemed to have a great deal of insecurity and lack of finesse in dealing with other people.

Al: Insecure in what way?

Diane: He was a very passive person. He had an oddity which I thought sort of went with this lack of confidence. It was a put on. His actions were to make people feel, “poor Ted, sweet little Ted.” Yet I think he had this feeling that he was very… sort of debonair. 

Al: Like he…

Diane: Understood the world.

Al: Did it ever seem like he was hurt by a girl? 

Diane: Not that I knew of. I felt he hadn’t had much contact with women until he got involved with me. We pretty much experienced each other together that way. 

Al: In the beginning, did he ever sleep with you and not have sex?

Diane: Did Ted tell you that?

Al: Yeah, he did. 

Diane: We did a lot of that. I wasn’t experienced at all with sex and I wasn’t on any birth control methods and I didn’t know if I wanted to do it. We did a lot of playing around but it didn’t culminate sex. 

Al: Did it ever seem that Ted just wanted sex or do you feel that he was in love with you?

Diane: He never made me feel like it was just a physical thing. I believe he was in love with me. I was very turned on but I wasn’t experienced. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Al: Did he ever seem to get frustrated with that?

Diane: I guess he did. Yeah, I’m sure he did.

Al: It’s been said that Ted was an angry person. Did you see any of that in him?

Diane: No, Ted didn’t show a lot of anger when I was first got to know him. We were truly in love with each other at that time. It was a great emotional relationship. 

Al: Can you say anything about his relationship with his mother? 

Diane: I was under the impression that he cared about his mother and he felt sorry for her. He felt she was a competent person who got messed up with a nothing of a father. I think that he liked his mother a little bit because he felt that she was sweet. He seemed to adore his little brother, his younger brother. That seemed to be the only reason, when we were together, why he went home. It was because his brother was smart.

Al: Ted said that you and he would have some arguments or quarrels. What was he like in those situations?

Diane: Oh, pitifully weak! This was my main criticism of him after the year and a half of our relationship. He kowtowed to me. He wasn’t strong. He wasn’t real masculine. If I got mad at him because he did something he sort of felt apologetic about it. He wouldn’t stand up for himself. There was no use getting mad because the person didn’t react. And the things i got mad for were primarily that he lied. It wasn’t that he out and out lied. He fibbed. It wasn’t necessary that he had to be like that. It wasn’t actually that he had done a bad thing in his mind. It was that he was saying something he knew would sound good to me.

Al: For example?

Diane: Instead of saying his pants came from Sears, he said he bought them at a high class store. He would make something appear to be what it wasn’t to impress me. Of course, we came from very different backgrounds. He was very concerned about those things, and about his lack of experience. I had experience in small things like restaurants and the things that would be important to a young coed. In the beginning of our relationship he was always reverting back to the need to sort of beg because he didn’t have anything. He didn’t have a car. He, in fact, would sometimes tell me he hadn’t eaten that day because he didn’t have enough money. It never seemed to bother him that he was using people. 

Al: Would he borrow from you?

Diane: He never did off me because I never gave him a cent. Sometimes I felt he was spending his last dime to buy me something. 

Al: How did your relationship with Ted end?

Diane: I began cutting it off in letters at first, before it ended. He knew it was coming.

Al: How did he respond to this?

Diane: Oh, sort of begging. I told him it was never going to work, that he wasn’t the kind of person I needed. I loved him dearly but I couldn’t exist with him. I just wasn’t comfortable with the things he did and the way he kowtowed to me. I just didn’t feel he was straight with me all the time. i pushed him away and I cut off my ties with him. This was about 1966 or 1967. It was in my junior or senior year in college.

Al: What was his reaction?

Diane: He cried. He cried. He was really falling apart in front of me. That’s when he went out to Philadelphia to run away from the whole thing. It was to go to school. And I would call him when I needed attention.

Al: When you finally cut it off, what did he do?

Diane: I dont know. He left. I took him to the airport or something. He called me a couple of times. He sent me flowers and some cards. 

Al: After you and Ted broke up, the two of you continued to talk on the phone from time to time. What was your impression of his life?

Diane: He floundered around for years and years and years, never completing anything, going from one place to another, getting involved in all the wrong things.

Al: Such as?

Diane: The politicking. He was a member of a group in the Republican party that would go around to the opponent when they made speeches. He would tape them and then rephrase the speech and use it against the opponent. There was a black man running for something in the state, I believe. Ted helped him by driving for miles in his VW, and I just didn’t trust any of that stuff. I’m pretty conservative. I got the feeling that he was sometimes associating with people who used drugs. He told me he did that but he said he didn’t try them himself. This, of course, was in the early stage of our relationship. 

Al: When he was going to the University of Washington and Stanford?

Diane: Yes.

Source- Violent Mind by Dr Al Carlisle 


Childhood Friends / 4875 words

Catch up

September 2017

Part One

“I’m so excited to meet him, I can’t even tell ya!” Ella giggled, helping me to set up my tiny flat for the evening.

I couldn’t help but feel like I’d invited round one too many people. There was barely enough room for me to manoeuvre around my flat, never mind anyone else. I’d budged every single item in my room so they were pressed against the walls, but it genuinely hadn’t made much difference. People were bound to be tripping over one another all evening.

“He’s excited to meet you too!” I cooed. “He’s a bit desperate for you all to like him.”

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I need more single parent Liam fics in my life. Liam with a little girl, who’s the apple of his eye, spoiled rotten by not only dad but her grandparents and aunts too. This kid is loved more than she’ll ever know. The day she starts kindergarten is Liam’s worst nightmare, he purposely didn’t send her to nursery school because he couldn’t bare to be apart from her for 7 hours of the day. The time has come though, to set his baby girl free, let her be. She’s more than excited, interacting with other kids, being a kid herself.

Liam meets his daughters teacher, expecting an old crotchety lady like he had over twenty years ago. Nope. No. Mr. Malik was neither old or crotchety. He was beautiful and kind and soft and he smelt so good. Not to be creepy at all. He knelt down to Natasha’s level and introduced himself, quelling whatever fears the little girl may have. It warmed Liam’s heart, seeing someone treat his daughter with the kindness and respect she deserves. Mr. Malik stands up and introduces himself to Liam, their hands meet for a shake and it’s cliche but fireworks go off in the distance, birds start to sing, this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Dear Rika Sympathizers #2

And regarding V… I felt really awkward getting his good ending. Idk, something is off with him. He’s bad too. He hurted Rika. And the way he talked to her sometimes was…. yeah wow you won’t make her feel better you know ? He somehow abused of Rika’s love and I’m sorry but it’s like insidious poison, even if the person who’s infected doesn’t say she’s against it (because obviously she isn’t aware of it), it’s against her free will. V abused Rika in a moral way. In my way of thinking, V’s actions were nearly as bad as Rika’s. And V’s appologize made me awkward to, I know he was desesperate to fix things but it didn’t feel right. Idk.

This is something I’ve just read, and I’m fuming again. - I could’ve just reblogged it, but I don’t want to start a witch hunt on this right now… 


Excuse me??? 

He’s bad too. He hurted Rika. And the way he talked to her sometimes was…. yeah wow you won’t make her feel better you know ?

The point of this Route wasn’t to make an abuser feel better, the point was to make V feel better. To make him become more honest and fyi, honesty isn’t beautiful sometimes. Honesty can hurt. He has never said a bad word about her. He respected her until the end? He was simply honest and made a cut he should’ve made years ago?

Can you make up your mind? 

  • “I don’t like V because he’s been lying the whole time.” 
  • “I don’t like V because he’s been honest in his route.” 

Pick one, god damn it. 

He somehow abused of Rika’s love

What love are we talking about right now? There was no love. Both of them were obsessed with each other. Rika obsessed over V just as much as V over Rika. 
Was V or Rika the one who said they love the other one so much, they’d even stay if they were blinded or tortured? 
Are we playing the same game? 

V’s actions were nearly as bad as Rika’s.

Excuse me #2???? 
Making a mistake in your first relationship is nearly as bad as blinding, drugging and stabbing the one you “love”? 
Nearly as bad as manipulating, drugging, brainwashing and abusing a child who has up to that point, never done anything wrong in his entire life? A child that didn’t even know other children weren’t treated like dogs by their parents? 
Nearly as bad as drugging god knows how many innocent people and literally making them your slaves? 

Are you fucking trying to troll or are you seriously this stupid? Like even an 8 year old will tell you those two aren’t to compare. 

I know he was desesperate to fix things but it didn’t feel right

Make up your god damn mind. What the fuck is he supposed to do? Just let everything go the way it is? Let Rika continue destroying innocent lives? Keep lying to everyone, including himself? 
He’s actively trying to make a change? He’s active trying to fix the mess he made? He DOES fix the mess he made. What the fuck isn’t right about that?????? 

anonymous asked:

What proves that Kaneki really loves touka and that he's not just desperate/ in need of someone . Their relationship is odd and his love for her is so out of nowhere imo

They started as friends, they learned to know each other in that aspect first, build a connection&relationship, and THEN develop romantic feelings for each other. The fact that both know each other so well as friends make the whole romantic dynamic way more intense and it’s easy for them to feel comfortable with each other, to trust each other. Kaneki knows how she is, she definitely knows how he is, they don’t need to learn those things from each other anymore.

I’ve always said that Kaneki would’ve never return the kiss + have sex if he didn’t love her, because she was his friend, and Kaneki would never play with her feelings making her believe that he loves her when she confessed how she felt minutes before. He wouldn’t have done all of this with her if he didn’t feel the same way, because Touka was his friend. I just really love the progress of their relationship, i’m pretty much content with it and they went through a lot together before giving this next step, there’s nothing better than a friends to lovers dynamic. 

edit: lolol i just woke up and read your comment really fast, didn’t realize you were sounding salty 😂  whatever, i’ll still answer this in a cute way because i’m a cinnamon roll okie 

its so hard to talk about connors family on askconvan and i deleted the last responses i did about zoe when i was having a meltdown over the blog and my art and characterization a while ago now,

but its such a complicated thing to capture in askblog responses! like. the guest art of course will feature the kids All being pals because i love that its an end goal and its Fun, but like,

the family relationship the murphys have is so complicated! like. people often send asks that are just like “connor apologize to zoe” “im sure she’ll forgive you”

but thats the thing- connor doesnt really feel like he deserves her forgiveness! he doesnt want to make her feel like she HAS to forgive him just because theyre siblings. he knows what he did was awful to her. and he knows she probably wishes he had died because that wouldve been easier for her to deal with than him living through his attempt and the hell that comes with that, like (and she’d never admit it but of course she has thoughts like that- everyone has thoughts theyd rather not admit)

i havent gotten to explain the Incident on my blog yet but there is reasoning for why it happened but he knows thats not an excuse, thats just reasoning. he doesnt want to hurt his sister and hes protective over her and thats why hes avoided her (she’s avoided him too) ever since his attempt. he doesnt wanna hurt her. but we also see zoe in “if i could tell her” being so excited to learn her brother (even though its fake) thought her hair was cool and stuff like that you know! she still cares too! its just. complicated, and hard, and it sucks

its just all very complicated and hard to do on an askblog but its important to me, but also like im . tired and relate to connor and evan and soe and askconvan is a great place to just draw and show the boys recovering and being happy and sometimes people send asks to me criticizing that too like ! its an askblog! its hard! im trying my best! b

When am I gonna get married to the love of my lesbian life? When am I going to propose in a spot meaningful to us? When are we gonna get so stressed wedding planning that we have to take a weekend off and spend it camping? When are we gonna argue over colour combinations and I’ll finally let her have the one she wants because I’d let her have anything she wants? When am I gonna cry when I see her at the altar? When are we going to dance to Heaven Is A Place On Earth under a disco ball that I know is tacky but insisted on anyway? When are we going on our honeymoon in Europe? W H E N

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+ (continuation of future baby) Lance gets super excited that he was going to have a family in the future, but all the sudden Pidge shows (who wasn't there before because she was working on something) and the little boy that was from the future looks at her all excited and yells "MOMMY!" he jumps out of Lance's arms and runs to Pidge all happy. The other paladins just stand there in shock, and Lance gets really flustered. Pidge that doesn't know what's going on just stands there really confused.

Holy quiznak, it got better

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the idea of Sam knowing, but thinking that whatever is going on between Dean and Cas already happened? Them fighting like exes in 12x10, for example. Dean correcting that perspective with what was actually going on between him and Cas I think might be a good way to bring more casual fans who don't see Destiel yet up to speed, what do you think of the idea?

I love this idea BUT I think Sam knows Dean is just not ready yet and he’s just frustrated that both of them want to be together but aren’t addressing it.

HOWEVER this is exactly what I want and hope from MARY because Mary has been framed as Cas’ mother in law all season and acted like they are a couple.

I’d love for her to be the one who gives us this as it would also likely give Dean her seal of approval if she was just like “well I assumed you were together already??” when he thinks he’s coming out to her and is all worried about it :P

Cuddles during ep 36 between my candy and Castiel from the game MCL. It’s another fake polaroid shot because his leg was weird and I didn’t know how to fix it since I made this a couple of months ago(used a reference for the pose, but I can’t find the link right now, sorry)

Also, I’m switching my candy’s names so now she’s going to be Abigail Victoria Baines. I’ve been re-thinking her character a bit and Abigail fits her better

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Do you know what the HanaHaki disease is? (I think that's how its spelt) i wanted to do a ask but it involves this angsty disease if you do could i ask for Hitoshi with a crush on s/o (who loves him back but she doesn't know he loves her and vice versa) but he goes to check on her and shes her coughing up flowers and he thinks its because she has a loves someone else i just need angsty fluff haha lol -FlowerAnon

Oh yes! I love AU’s with this angsty disease! :D

Shinsou Hitoshi:

  • He starts coughing up petals the day he meets her. It’s the cliche ‘love at first site’ that is in all the movies and television shows. Only he knows it’s not reciprocated because he’s coughing up petals
  • He’s heard of this syndrome before and knows it’s caused by unmet feelings for someone, and since he’s suffering from it, it means that his feeling for his S/O are not returned
  • It really hurts him in more ways then one. Not only will he love of her never be met, but overtime he sees her he has to rush away and hide
    • He doesn’t want her finding out that he’s sick and has feelings for her
  • Little does he know that his S/O has been trying to avoid him as well. She has fallen for him, but thinks that she’s no good for someone like him
    • He actually has a useful quirk, while hers is pretty useless
    • She also doesn’t want to distract him from working towards his dream of being a hero. He wants it so much and she loves him too much to let him fail at it
  • Soon enough, she is considering surgery to stop the petals from coming, but she’s terrified that these wonderful but painful feelings for him will also disappear.
  • One day her disease is acting up way too much so she hides out behind UA and cries her feelings out. Every once in a while she hiccups out a petal, which only makes her cry harder and feel pathetic
  • Shinsou grows worried and goes to look for her. Even if he knows he’ll start coughing petals when he sees her, her safety is much more important to him.
  • When he finally finds her, his eyes go wide at the scene. She’s tucked her knees in and she has big fat tears running down her cheeks. Around her are petals, and overtime she coughs more come out.
  • He rushes to her side and kneels down in front of her slowly. He reaches his hand out and strokes her hair. 
  • She looks up and bites her lip when she sees that it’s him who found her like this. She loves him with all her heart, but he was the last person she wanted to find her like this
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • “It’s not obvious by the petals?”
  • He pauses and looks away from her. He’s heartbroken that she does not like him back, but feels terrible that she’s in the same position as he is
  • “I know how it feels. To like someone a lot and not have them love you back…” He mumbles and leans against the wall next to her.
  • Her eyes widen as he coughs up a few petals of his own and she collapses into his chest and starts crying.
  • They both sit next to each other trying to decide to say something or not. Eventually Shinsou just holds her and keeps quiet. Even if he can never love you like he wants to, this is enough for him for right now.

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Considering Emilia's friends all went "No way, you did it!" including Nathalie I'd say the show didn't plan it. Emilia wanted to it but no one was sure she would besides for GOT her wig is ordered and made months in advance so I'd say she'll definitely still wear it as it costs so much. She just wants to feel like Dany when she's not wearing the wig as well.

Agreed. Saw some speculation in the notes of another post that Dany cuts off her braid because of her failure in losing Viserion, but Dany’s failed before, like it or not, and kept her hair intact. And even if Dany did get a haircut, Emilia’s picture was still not the right color to be Dany hair. I stand by the idea that this is a personal choice. But I love it. Because like I said earlier, we will have more photos for modern AU edits hahaha. 

I know that we could do them with Emilia’s brown hair, too. But the Valyrian blonde is such a part of Dany’s character that it feels weird to have her brunette even in an AU. 

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Omg Jade, i'm so excited about your AU events! Hopefully your writings could make everyone satisfied like always❤ how about Badboy! Aomine has love hate relationship with nerd girl (reader) she couldn't stand with his bullies anymore so she starts to change her appearance(she has his ideal body type) and he's ask her out? Maybe NSFW because of the sexual tensiom between them.. thanks

A/N: So, after I finished this, I realized the only factors I kept of your ask were Aomine as a bad boy and the girl as a nerd. I focused more on her irritation with him and his personality than with him bullying her though he is tactless (as we all know). Also, because you specified “nerd girl” I do have some common tropes here purely for the sake of description. Anyone can be a nerd but without actual physical pictures, I have to rely on my word choices to paint it.

“And _____-san with Aomine-san,” sensei announces. The female of the equation groans quietly, head smacking against her desk. Glancing around she’s unsurprised to see the notorious bad boy of Too absent…again. Why oh why does sensei hate her so? It’s bad enough to have to work on a paired project but with Aomine Daiki? The most narcissistic and lazy asshole she’s ever met?

The fact that he’s ridiculously gorgeous doesn’t help matters either.

After class ends, she’s fortunate enough to come across his pink haired keeper. “Ah, Momoi-san,” she calls garnering her attention.

She smiles brightly, waving. “Hello, ______-san, how are you?”

“Eh, could be better,” she confesses shaking her head. The pink haired girl tilts hers with curiosity to the reply but she ignores delving further into her personal problems by getting straight to the point. “Do you know where Aomine-san is?”

Momoi’s pink eyes widen before a devious smile curls up her lips. “He’s probably on the roof. I know his favorite spot; do you want me to take you to him?”

“That would be great, I don’t have a lot of time.”

The two walk briskly to the stairs heading up. By the time they’ve reach the top, Momoi’s companion is breathing a bit heavier, the weight of her backpack making her wish she’d had the foresight to leave it behind.

“Dai-san!” Momoi calls, voice shrill to impart maximum annoyance to her friend.  

“What do you want Satsuki?” Aomine grumbles, blue hair visible near the edge of the platform upon which he lays.

“_______-san needs to see you! Be nice!” she shouts then winks before leaving.

Time passes but Aomine has no intention of getting up. If she wants to talk to him, she can come up here. His arm lays across his eyes to block the blaring rays of sun but he jolts up at the feel of a shoe kicking the bottom of his own. He hadn’t even heard her climb the ladder.

“What the hell,” he snaps, eyes opening to look up.

Above him stands who he’s dubbed the “nerd girl”.  She pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose in a manner reminiscent to Midorima. “I could ask you the same thing,” she snaps, eyes hidden behind the glare of her shields. “It’s impolite to keep a lady waiting.

“Yeah, well, if you see one around let me know and I’ll make sure to jump right up,” he retorts, satisfied to see a faint blush of what he can only assume is anger flooding her cheeks. It makes her almost look human.

“You’re an ass,” she asserts. Setting down her bag, she unzips it and hands him a paper.

“What’s this?” he asks blinking.

“Our paired assignment that we are unfortunately required to collaborate on. It’s 25% of our grade Aomine-san, so I would appreciate it if you don’t dawdle in doing your part.”

The basketball punk scans over the text before scoffing, “What is this shit anyway? Tch, I don’t have time to worry about this right now.” He stands, holding out the paper which she refuses to take.

“I’m not doing your work for you, Aomine-san,” she says firmly standing as well, the difference in their height making her swallow her nerves. She’s not exactly afraid of the looming male but he definitely has an aura about him that makes her apprehensive.

And she hates herself for noticing the tone of his muscles; she hates it even more that he doesn’t miss that she’s staring.

“Heh, why don’t we compromise, hmmm?” He takes a step forward but she refuses to retreat so now his chest is almost touching her decidedly large one. “You handle the assignment,” he murmurs, hand reaching out to play with some loose strands of her hair. “And I’ll handle you.”

Heat floods her face at his insinuation followed by righteous anger. Her hand moves before she can think, smacking him across the face. “You’re a pig,” she hisses, gathering her bag and storming down the ladder. She leaves with a parting, “Meet me at the library at 5:00, we’ll go over the details then,” thrown over her shoulder before the roof door slams shut. Behind she leaves Aomine fuming.

He’s never backed down or lost a challenge before and he isn’t about to start now.  “The only one who can beat me, is me,” Aomine mumbles, gathering his belongings.

That evening, she takes a seat in one of the study rooms and waits. And waits. And waits. Of course, the jerk would be late. When an hour past their meeting time goes by, a deep boiling anger bubbles up. She isn’t this person, isn’t one to go off and strike someone, to want to yell and scream at them but Aomine Daiki is decidedly good at getting her dander up. She loathes the injustice that someone so pertinacious and self-centered practically has the world at his feet just through sheer arrogance and entitlement.

And to top it all off, she knows he’s in a gang, a delinquent through and through and yet everyone, including teachers, fall to his feet like he’s some sort of god!

All because he’s good at basketball.

Ok, so maybe he’s better than good, maybe he is the best, but still, there are more things to life! More things that make people great, make them valuable and important!

Finally, she’s done waiting, grabbing up her bag and huffing out the doors making a beeline for the gym. It’s unlikely he’s even there given his penchant for skipping practice almost as much as he does class but she has to try. She has to get him to realize she’s not a push over and she’s not a patsy.

Entering, she sees who she knows to be captain and coach of the basketball team talking quietly. The squeak of her shoes against the floor announces her presence and both males turn to look in her direction. “Ah, excuse me, Imayoshi-senpai?” she calls.

His smile makes her shiver a little. “Yes? Can I help you?”

“I…I’m sorry to bother you but, have you seen Aomine-san? We were supposed to meet at the library and-“

“Ah, so you’re the reason Aomine-kun was all hot under the collar today,” he asserts making her blink in confusion. Coach murmurs something about grading papers, leaving the basketball player and flustered student to their own devices. Before she can ask him to explain Imayoshi goes on, “Please allow me to apologize for the inconvenience. You see, it’s my fault Aomine-kun just now finished. Course, now I understand why he didn’t complain as much as he usually does. What a naughty boy, am I right?”

Deep crimson overtakes her complexion, hands gripping the strap of her bag tighter. Why is she interpreting his commentary so…lewdly?

Imayoshi, ever observant, is tempted to continue this line of teasing simply for the pleasure of watching her squirm but he’s tired and besides; it’s clear this one isn’t interested in him anyway. Shame, she’d be fun to break. Shrugging on his own bag, Imayoshi points towards the locker room. “He’s in there,” then promptly exits the gym, leaving her to decide whether to continue waiting.

Taking a seat on the bench, she goes over her notes, mind wandering between what she’s doing and what’s taking Aomine so long. Undoubtedly, he’s done this on purpose, exerting himself as dominant and not one to cater to the beck and call of others, but he’s never tangoed with someone like her before.

“Yo,” his deep voice rumbles jarring her out of her thoughts. Looking up, she swallows the extra saliva that has suddenly appeared thanks to the sight of him shirtless, tribal markings dancing on his broad chest and over sculpted shoulders. A distinct heat erupts between her legs when she notices his nipples are pierced. How the hell does he play basketball with those?

“Oh, these? I take them out of course,” he comments revealing she voiced the question out loud.

Mortified, she covers her face, a deep groan pulling from her lips. His presence before her on his knees, face level with hers, makes her squeak. “You’d better be careful, _______-san, I just may get the wrong impression if you keep making noises like that.”

Her bosom heaves drawing his eyes downward, his blatant staring making her entire body hum with apprehension. Raising his eyes to hers once more he smirks, leaning forward. Heat radiates off his flesh, their proximity drawing beads of sweat to her brow.

“You know, maybe what you need isn’t a project partner so much as a…fuck partner?” he murmurs, lips millimeters from hers.

“You’re a pig,” she whispers.

“So you’ve already mentioned. And you’re a bitch, what of it?” he replies.

“I don’t like you,” she remarks.

“Tch, you think I like you? Hardly. Though despite your glasses and always wearing cardigans even when it’s fucking hot outside, you’re certainly alluring,” he admits, trailing a heated gaze over her curves.

“This…this can’t…this isn’t happening,” she asserts, willing her brain to work better than her hormones.

“Oh, I beg to differ princess,” he purrs, “I can see you want me, why continue to deny it? Take the offer, it’s not everyone I’m willing to give all this to.”

She narrows her eyes. “And here I thought I’d figured out how you got ahead in life, Aomine-san.”

“What’d you mean?”

She shrugs, glad to feel a bit of her senses (other than the horny ones) returning. “I was racking my brain trying to figure out how you could possibly still be in school and on the team even though you do nothing contributory to either. Well, at least in school. I know in basketball you’re second to none, though I have heard rumors of a certain red head at Seirin that supposedly can give you a run for your money.” She shrugs again, tapping him on the nose. “I just assumed you were a man whore, slutting it up to whomever you needed. How else would you still be passing your classes?”

“You, self-righteous bitch,” he snaps.

Eyes gleaming behind her glasses, she pushes against his chest, denial clear. Aomine may be a bastard, but he’d never truly force himself on her. He gets up, eyes full of fire.

“I believe that’s round one to me, Daiki-kun,” she purrs sashaying her hips as she exits. Turning around, she’s gratified to see evidence of a distinctly firm problem below his waist line. “Tomorrow, after school, 5PM, library. Be there.”

When she’s gone, Aomine grabs his basketball and slam dunks it hard enough to shake the rafters. This kitten doesn’t know who she’s dealing with and Aomine is dead set on turning her hisses into mewls.

A/N: I originally intended to end this NSFW but the progression changed as I went and I really like how things ended here with the bad boy being put in his place. I hope you still enjoyed it!

Hey! Did anyone record or know of a recording from Amy and Mark’s stream last night on Twitch? I was there but my lag was so bad I couldn’t hardly watch any of it. Tbh I think it was because there was only one video quality setting and my laptop couldn’t keep up with it. I hope she’ll archive her streams in the future, cause they seem like a lot of fun and I’d really love to see them~