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I feel like it is still a little ways in the making before it happens…but…isn’t it time for us to see Billy take on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme?
That’s what I have been wanting to see for forever now. He’s one of my absolute FAVORITE Marvel characters and we know his origin(s), we know his past, present, and distant future…but not how he gets there.
Yeah, right now it is still high time for Dr. Strange because of his intro to the MCU. (Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was AWESOME and completely enjoyed his movie.) But! If you read the comics, it just seems like Billy coming along would be an answer to the current problems.
Um…spoilers ahead if you haven’t caught up yet.

~Dr. Strange~
1: Dr. Strange fought the whole cult of Empirikul. All of them were focused on killing off all magic. In some of the panels, we saw a lot of other magic users brought together to be burned at the stake (like Scarlet Witch, Magik, Doom, and a couple of others). Wiccan wasn’t there.
2: Dr. Strange and this depowered team of Witches and Sorcerers went out and about collecting magical items to fight back and Wiccan still wasn’t there.
3: Where was he during all this “Last Days of Magic” storyline? Did he experience any of it?
4: Mordo shows up quite a while after all this. Dr. Strange is still weak with practically no power…yet Mordo was still powerful and magical as ever. My bet is that Wiccan is too.
5: Now Mr. Misery is Dr. Strange’s focal point baddy. So much of his plot device is that he’s a price Dr. Strange’s magic has cost him. All magic comes for a price…but it seems that only the good guys are having to pay any of it.

~Scarlet Witch~
1: She went on a long long journey to heal magic. LONG STORY SHORT, she found the source of magic and defeated what was weakening it.
2: During all this, she met her mother and discovered that she is still on a path to self discovery. Namely…who the hell is her father now?!
3: If her mother was super powerful, I feel and hope it’s safe to assume that he was/is too. Maybe that ties in to why Billy was born to write the laws of magic?
4: Wanda has also been paying a price for her magic. Each spell she cast aged her and brought her closer to an early death. That’s been reset…but it sounds like a “law” that can be “rewritten” by someone.

~Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme~
1: Billy is revealed to be the Sorcerer Supreme in the future timeline. He is wearing the Eye and has the Cape of Levitation…
1.a: THAT I ALSO WANT EXPLAINED!!!! (It looks like the fashion love child of Cloak and the Cape. Did Cloak also die and just bequeath himself to Billy and/or just merge with the Cape?) Dr. Strange noticed the cape and all Wiccan said was basically, “Long story.”
2: We know that Dr. Strange dies and that’s what ultimately makes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme get passed on.

~Young/New Avengers/Future Xmen
1: Yeah Billy/Wiccan is still growing and powering up…but he’s basically already proving to be unlimited. He started doing magic on his own. He’s practiced, trained, and become more and more powerful.
2: Everyone keeps saying that he is the Demiurge and is destined to rewrite the laws of magic.
3: Also…he joins the Xmen and ¿leads? them.

Well…doesn’t it feel like it’s FINALLY time that story begins?

It is time to see “Wiccan” appearing on our local comic book shelves.

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I'm sobbing I really love the way you write Namjoon??? Like 'A Favor' is 12/10 the best I love it so much but to make myself sleep at night I gotta pretend that him and reader do end up together at some point just to give me peace of mind ILYTHO :'D

Thank you!!! I don’t write about him a lot because I’m scared of not portraying him right. All I see is these daddy Namjoon aus, and I have nothing against them, I enjoy reading them, especially the well written ones, but I feel like he’s different in real life. He gives off daddy vibes, but he also gives off cute, shy, nice guy vibes to me, so I see him as a mix of the two - cute and shy while he’s getting to know someone, and then slowly turning into someone more dominant as he gets more comfortable around the person. Also why am I thinking about this right now, i should be going to bed, not thirsting over Namjoon

things i need closure on after the raven king (in no particular order)

-Do Ronan and Adam ever have a real talk about their relationship? How does it go? Does Adam tell Ronan about the conversation with Gansey? How does everyone else find out about them dating?

-When Gansey and Adam had the “so how do you knoooow you love someone” conversation, Blue and Ronan were definitely having the same conversation in the kitchen, right? And Blue definitely requested a high five or fist bump from Ronan when he admitted he kissed Adam

-Blue and Gansey can kiss now, so how long does it take before they become insufferable because they’re kissing at every possible moment?

-Is Sarchengsey real? Is Cheng just a weird third wheel or is it a poly ship? I have to know

-How do they deal with their PTSD? All of them? Do the two ships comfort each other? I need to read scenes of the two ships comforting each other.

-Re: Gansey’s family’s salty texts about “ohhh I guess you don’t care about us, huh?” How does he tell them what happened? Does Blue call Helen and say to her “YOUR BROTHER DIED! FIGHT ME HELEN!” Does Gansey go to them and they immediately see that he’s been literally beyond the grave and they embrace him and all is forgiven? Does he actually explain it all or give sort of a half-ass non-magic explanation?

-Because Glendower turned out to be an archaeological find instead of a supernatural one, does Gansey tell historical societies? Is everyone so so proud of him please? Does he get like a prize for being smart and stuff? Is he featured in Time magazine next to Blue, Ronan, Adam, and Cheng with lil cute interviews and pics of him and his king, who may have turned out to just be a dusty skeleton, but is still an impressive find?

-Does Adam move to the Barns? Does he move out of St. Agnes? Or maybe he takes Ronan’s old room at Monmouth so that he can still get to his job in time? But now he doesn’t pay rent so he can quit the warehouse job and still keep on at the mechanic shop? Also, does he get a full ride scholarship at his college? Where does he go? Does he plan to study law? Will he specialize in domestic abuse and social work and save kids who remind him of himself?

-THE VILLAINS. How does Laumonier respond to one-third of them being dead and the murder of Piper? How does the general magical-artefact community respond to this, after the whole dramatic fleeing scene? Does Henrietta finally get left alone? Do Laumonier seek revenge on the Gray Man? Speaking of the Gray Man, how does he restructure his life to not be about murder? How does the shock of a real demon and the destruction of Laumonier and the Greenmantles reverberate throughout the supernatural artefact community? Does Gray’s vision of a nicer supernatural trade come true?

-Seondeok. How exactly did her relationship with her son work? On the one hand, it seems like she views him solely as a tool (the “damaged goods” line) but she also seems to love him in her own way (”something more”). Does she find out about his involvement in the whole thing? Do they talk about it?

-How do they find out what happened to Noah? How do they mourn him? Do they go to visit his grave and his bones? How do they remember and honor him? Does Gansey tell them how Noah, in a way, saved them all?

-In time they all, I assume, tell each other the parts of the story the others didn’t know. How does that come about? How do they all react?

-I MUST know how the women of Fox Way react to Pynch and Bluesey being open about their relationships. I MUST see Calla and Orla being utterly obnoxious. I NEED Gwenllian to be grossly honest and come up with rhymes about the king and the mirror kissing or something. I HAVE to see Maura and Artemus fawning over their daughter and her boyfriend. I LIVE for all the women making sly comments about Coca-Cola shirt and the snake dating.

-How did Fox Way recover? How much did the women know about how everything was going to turn out? Also, how does Gwenllian continue to settle into modern life?

-When does Ronan quit Aglionby? DOES he quit Aglionby? And how do Adam and Gansey get back to school? How do they deal with the practicalities- explaining why they were gone, why they missed the fundraiser, making up schoolwork? Please let me see them profusely apologizing to their teachers who are like, “you gotta be kidding me, you two are the best students in the school”

-When and how do Blue, Gansey, and Cheng decide to take a gap year? How do their parents/counselors react? How do the planning sessions go?

-I want to see all my children slowly recovering, becoming happy, realizing that their lives are not in danger anymore, that they are OK, that they are in love, that their friends are all alive. That their lives are beautiful and full of possibilities and open.

-How does Gansey react to a second rebirth? What are his first words upon waking? What are everyone else’s first words? Do they all pile on him in a giant hug? Do policemen come by to ask about the cars and the giant piles of blood and dream-stuff and Gansey starts Ganseying his way out of it and the others are like “YOU JUST DIED. WE CAN HANDLE THIS FOR YOU”

-I want to think that when he wakes up, everyone is crying and happy, and then Adam, being Adam, knows that Gansey needs to hear something majestic, and he looks at him and says, “Rex Corvus, parate regis corvi” and Gansey knows that he was the king they were looking for all along

-Ronan and Adam hold each other for like 500 years afterwards and promise to never let each other be hurt, and Ronan tells Adam that it was not his fault, and that they love each other and I CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO

-OK, Opal. When is she named Opal? How does she recover from her own bout of unmaking? What kind of childhood does this kid have? Does she ever learn to speak English properly and eat normal food? Does she make human child friends and go to school and they find a way to explain the hooves? Does she call Ronan “dad”? Does she call Adam “dad?” PLEASE

-What was Declan calling about re:Matthew in the car? I assume Matthew was also being unmade or slowly dying since his dreamer was being unmade. Does Ronan catch up with him about this? Does he go visit them in D.C.? How does the Lynch family recover from their ordeal?

-How does Ronan recover from being unmade, from seeing his best friend die before him, from the constant nightmares, from the death of his mother for God’s sake?

-How does Adam recover from his worst nightmare, that of hurting the people he most loves, and being blind when the boy he loves is being unmade and KNOWING he can’t do anything about it? How does he recover from his abusive family and the trauma of losing Cabeswater? Is he still a magician? I think he is- he can still scry and read tarot.

-How does Gansey recover from losing Glendower? How does he deal with being made of Cabeswater? With the awful trauma of seeing all his friends suffer and knowing he had to die for them? With dying and coming back?

-How does Blue recover from killing her true love and watching him die in her arms? How does she deal with finding out her father is a tree? How does she deal with finding out that she’s part tree and part mirror? What adventures does she seek in this regard? Does she bond with Artemus about their shared love of the trees and the stars? How does she even handle going back to school?

-How does Cheng recover from the horrors he witnessed, without even knowing the whole story of them? How does he slowly make his way into the group until he is loved by all of them? How does he handle going back to Litchfield and explaining everything to them? And speaking to his mother? With all the trauma of having been kidnapped?

-How do they all reshape their lives? How have their lives changed, and how have they, in the most mundane and wonderful ways, stayed the same? What are their dreams for the future? What adventures are they looking forward to? What’s next for Blue and her raven boys?

I just needed to list all that to recover from my sorrows after reading this book. Feel free to add any more questions. And @maggie-stiefvater feel free to ANSWER these questions, since you’re the one who broke my damn heart with this book


“Stay away from Y/N Jace.”

“Why? Because you like them? Newsflash, so do I!” Jace replied and looked up at the taller boy, “I’m not going to leave them alone so you can swoop in and charm them.”

“I’m not going to do anything unless you give me a reason to. Don’t go after Y/N and neither will I. Deal?” Alec proposed, extending his hand.

“Deal.” Jace shook his Parabatai’s hand with a sigh. He knew that he was so going to break the deal and he knew that Alec was too.


Requested by Anon

Authors Note (PLEASE READ): Hi everyone, we just wanted to clear something up. We know that Alec is gay and we respect his sexuality (and are super happy for him and Magnus because they are the ultimate OTP right now). But we have noticed that some people do get offended when Alec is imagined as anything other than his canon sexuality. Therefore we are not going to post any gender specific Alec imagines but instead, we will make any imagines about him (such as this one) gender neutral so it is up to your own interpretation. We just wanted to clarify this so please do not message us claiming that we are homophobic as we are not :)

All the love xx

Portal Headcanon Idea

A lot of people draw Wheatley reading books upside down.
But what if, he reads them upside down, not because he doesn’t know how to read, but that he actually learned to read upside down.

Maybe Chell eventually tells him that’s not how you’re supposed to read a book. Maybe she even teaches him the right way herself!



After the newest chapter of One Piece I had to draw this.
Really I couldn’t resist and the ones they also had read it surely know why xD
I’m totally not sorry for this >w<

Also a few sketches of Marco <3 Man I love that guy (Law is still on 1st place <3) Everyone who had read the new chapter knows why I’m on such a Marco-Hype right now >w< So I had to share my favorite sketches and because we haven’t seen him after the timeskip yet, I decided to give him a new look by myself. Also I think he would be a great father. That’s the reason for the pictures with the little girl <3 Most of them are only some practice for emotions and perspective >w< Also some Luffy and Marco interaction <3 I think he will ask Marco to transform into Phoenix first.

One Piece, Marco the Phoenix/Portgas D. Ace/Monkey D. Luffy © Eiichiro Oda

so because i’m like SUPER OBSESSED with beauty and the beast right now –– going to see it AGAIN tonight omg –– and because there are AWESOME rule!63 beast peeps now, i’d love like an au thing with ellion.  like i don’t know how many of ya’ll have seen / read beastly, but like a thing where ellion’s stepfather ranks up some debts –– like he always does tbh –– and pays them back by essentially trading / selling ell to the beast.  OR like how in beastly that there’s two people working for him because his dad pays them, so like ell getting sent to the palace because they need like a human working around that joint??  IDK just gimme some pretty au things OMG 

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"it's clear tetsu and momoi are meant to be the canon ship. there's like nothing between aomine and momoi anyways. he doesn't even like her or care about her" says my datefriend as i realize that they are not very good at reading interactions apparently. rest in rip

send this to them lmao

‘canon ship’ is an official, confirmed relationship between two characters who have romantic feelings for and/or are sexually attracted to each other. because relationships, usually, involve at least two people. this is a mind-blowing concept i know lmao.

the only ships that are ‘canon’ in knb right now are tsuchida and his gf, kiyoshi and riko, but the latter ended their relationship for whatever reason.

canon as an adj just means ‘official’, as in contained in the source work or stated by the author. in knb’s case, the only canon sources are the manga, which was obviously created by the author, fujimaki’s words, which can be found in databooks (in the form of trivia and interviews, fujimaki does not write *everything* and poll the fans lmao) and partially the novels, since they’re a natural extension of the manga, even though it’s not written by fujimaki himself but by a hired novelist instead (because mangaka typically have no time or even skills to write those). the plot, the timeline and even trivial information correlate with the manga and rely on the info fujimaki himself has provided to the author. the events in the novels are canon, they did happen, in the canon timeline, so you can say for sure that: reo has a crush on akashi, aomine and momoi have hugged, nijimura has met himuro in the states, aomine survived school on momoi’s notes, etc.

now that the definitions are out of the way, these are the facts, as well as some information excerpts behind them for those who are too lazy to look them up themselves:

kurmomo and aomomo are not canon ships. self-explanatory.

momoi’s romantic feelings for kuroko are canon. self-explanatory.

kuroko not reciprocating those feelings at all is canon. should be self-explanatory, but:

  • fujimaki’s comment on momoi’s profile in the character bible:
    ‘I love her, but she’s not my type. Maybe it’s because Kuroko’s not swayed at all…?’

kuroko not being sexually attracted to momoi is canon. refer to the previous excerpt, as well as the extra chapter about his ‘date’ with her.

aomine being momoi’s potential love interest is canon:

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Thanks a lot I'm still reading the manuha of it right now when I'm finished I'll start the novel can't wait for him to outclass everyone especially the jerks from his old team. About that I feel like everything that said was an excuse and they actually have been planning to kick him out for a long time probably because he's always been better than them. Oh about the levels I just read about that so he can only get to level 50 and has to wait until he gets to another stage whatever that place

[continuation] was called. I know they talked about apm not sure what that is but I think the main character has the highest of that maybe it has to do with how many moves your character does in a minute? Anyway, thanks for answering my questions I’ll be sure to tell everyone about this series and your blog. ^^

Upon reaching level 50 Ye Xiu passed Heavenly Domain Challenge and entered Heavenly Domain (main server with the best players and high-leveled dungeouns).  

“Lord Grim, the first Level 50 character to reach the Heavenly Domain.” [x]  While usually it’d be at level 70. “ But because the Heavenly Domain was created on year five of the game, the level cap had been Level 55 at that time.”. “ However, an only Level 50 Lord Grim couldn’t even enter the Heavenly Domain dungeons. He couldn’t even do any quests. This was also because of his level.” [xx] So he still needs to keep leveling till lvl 55.

Hand Speed/APM – Actions Per Minute. The total number of actions a player can perform in a minute.

Hand speed is categorized into two types: Absolute hand speed and Effective hand speed.

Absolute hand speed is just how fast you can hit the keyboard and click the mouse with your eyes closed. It’s how fast you can move your fingers.

Effective hand speed is how many useful actions you can do. It is absolute hand speed after getting rid of all of the useless actions. This is what most players refer to when they talk about hand speed.

The faster the hand speed, the more actions a player can make. Skill usage in the game was complicated. So the number of fine actions that needed to be done were high. High hand speed can mean faster skill combos, more quick and precise movements and more attacks done. This is why hand speed is often associated with skill, though it is not the only factor. [Glossary] There is also a game knowledge.

The MC has an effective hand speed. For example, in the first chapters-when he was casually playing he had relatively slow hand speed, yet when situation requires complex movements and lot of skills - his hand speed raises. And without wasting time on unnecessary moves (like for the ‘cool’ moves). 

So I can’t say that he has a fast hand speed. Huang Shaotian is known for the fastest hand speed.

Thank you for promoting Quan Zhi Gao Shou! 

Single Christian Ladies

The other night, I went to watch Christian comedian Michael Jr. If you haven’t heard of him, look him up on Youtube ‘cause he is hilarious! What’s great about him isn’t just his jokes, but the messages he delivers in between. One message in particular had me all ears.

He was speaking specifically to single Christian ladies, me being one of them. & he gave a piece of advice that took me by surprise: single Christian ladies, when you’re first getting to know a potential boyfriend…don’t tell him that you’re a Christian. I was like “whaaaaaaaaaat?! Why would I hide who I am?” & it was like he was reading my mind. He went on & said: now hear me out, I’m not saying don’t ever tell him. I’m saying wait to tell him. Because if you tell him right away, then it’s so easy for him to try to be that “good Christian man” that you’ve been looking for. & then you won’t know if he’s being legit or not. Instead, give him the opportunity to show you who he truly is. Don’t tell him you’re a Christian. Give him 4 opportunities for him to bring up God. If in 4 different conversations, he doesn’t bring up God & his walk with God…ladies, walk away. 

It makes sense when I think about it. ‘Cause if you start off telling the guy the kinds of things you’re looking for in a man…including wanting a Godly man who can lead you in a relationship…it’d be ‘easy’ for that guy to ‘look’ like the kind of guy you’re looking for ‘cause you basically gave him step-by-step instructions on how to be that guy. Michael Jr. also made another good point, I think 4 conversations is a fair chance for the guy to bring up his relationship with Christ. & that way, you’ll know it’s all him & it’s all real :)

Fairy Tail

Holy fuck, what the hell is wrong with some of you. You guys were going on and on about how you would stop reading Fairy Tail if Juvia doesn’t come back and now that she’s back you’re complaining about it. Wtf. I hope that if Hiro Mashima does decided to kill a character for good, which I know he is very capable of if you have read Rave Master, he kills your favorite character and doesn’t bring them back because apparently that’s good writing. He has been doing this for 10 years and still hasn’t run out of ideas, if that doesn’t prove how awesome he is then I don’t know what. If you guys were true fans you wouldn’t attack him over every single thing. He could literally stop writing fairy tail right now and you guys will never know what’s going to happen. He can do whatever he wants and he is an excellent writer and all of you should be disgusted with yourself. I am ashamed I share the same fandom as you guys. He probably brought her back so soon from all the damn death threats and because something big is about to go down and he doesn’t want you guys worrying about her but what’s about to go down between Natsu and Gray. And what he is probably doing is getting you guys all calm thinking that he has done this before and that the person will come back but they won’t. It’s a dangerous game he’s playing with us so shut the fuck up because I promise you, he can kill any character he wants. Remember who has the real power and if he is a terrible writer, then why have you been with him the whole time. So shut up and have some damn respect to the man who has brought us all together.

Inktober 5 - 15 years

This Inktober is to wish myself happy birthday.

I got sooooo many messages wishing me happy birthday. And also I got fanarts and drawings. I never thought that one day I would receive something like this. I’m am crying right now. You guys are really awesome.

Since I entered Tumblr, I met so many peoples that helped me and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

I really wanted to thank Toby Fox, because all of this wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t had the idea to create the amazing game UNDERTALE. I know that he won’t read this but I wanted to thank him anyway.

You guys are all awesome and I love you all with all my heart and soul!


So I know everyone wants to know what happened when we met Noel today…

Here’s the gist of everything that went down. Please note: I am writing this once. Please don’t send me asks on this topic, particularly if they are repetitive. If you choose to believe or not believe, that’s your prerogative. I would personally appreciate if people didn’t harass Noel or any of the writers regarding anything in this post. 

The writers aren’t going to confirm or deny right now, they’ve made that clear. One of them already blocked me on Twitter because they didn’t like something I said to them after the finale, so I’m sure they’d just say I’m full of shit. And that’s fine, I know I’m not, the people I was with know I’m not and most importantly, Noel knows what he said and did. Under a cut if there is anyone left who doesn’t want to read it.

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time yet for a hundred indecisions

freerarepairs, day 3, confessions/firsts

Pairing: Kisumi/Sousuke

Rating: T

Wordcount: 12,161

“I thought I told you not to call me any time before 10.” Sousuke channels his voice into the flat tone that he uses with Kisumi ninety percent of the time, but honestly, he’s pretty glad that there’s a street and several brick buildings between them right now, because if Kisumi ever got wind of the tiny, fond smile that’s pulling at his lips, he’d never let him live it down.

“Sousuke-kun,” Kisumi teases. “I thought you’d be happy to know that I think about you this early in the morning.”

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