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Clark’s Niece - Part 7

I’m so sorry that this took at long!!! But I finally wrote it!! Let me know what you guys think, or if you want drabbles from this story line!!!!


You wake up to the feeling of fingers gently running through your hair, slowly brushing the stray wisps away from your face.

“Stay just like that, Beloved. Do not move” A phone camera goes off, “I need to keep this, as I will not see you until tomorrow”

“We’ve been apart for longer, Dami, no need to get all sentimental on me”

Damian lets out a soft chuckle, pressing a kiss to your forehead, he pulls you close again, “We’ll need to get up soon. Brown and Cain will be here soon to take you to the Manor”

“I know. I just need a few more minutes with you”

The two of you lay in bed, enjoying each other’s company, “Did you ever think this day would come?”

Propping yourself up on Damian’s chest, you flash a cheeky smile, “What day? The day Damian Wayne gets married? The press is going to be a nightmare”

Your fiancé nuzzles into your hair, “Do not worry about the press, beloved. Lex and my mother have the security detail handled. I would like to see a reporter get past Mercy”

“Me too, actually. It would be hilarious”

Twenty minutes later there’s loud knocking on your front door, and Stephanie announcing her arrival. “Come on, Y/N!! You better be up and ready!!”

“I’ll let them in, you get the coffee ready?”

Damian groans, but heaves himself out of bed, “Of course.”

Stephanie and Cassandra hurry you through breakfast, and before you know it you’re giving Damian one last kiss and being hustled into a waiting car.

“So, what the plan?”

“Well! We have to have one final fitting on your dress, check over everything at the Manor, make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow, and have the best sleep over in the world!!”

“Who’s gonna be at the sleepover?”

“Me, Cas, Bab, and Diana”

You nod, “So it’s a bridesmaid only sleepover”

“Yup! I called Diana, she’s already at the seamstress’. She really took being your maid of honor seriously”

As you grew up, you and Diana had become closer. The Amazon princess taught you a lot about the world, about fighting, and about friendship. After Damian and Conner, you would say that Diana is your best friend.

“Good, lets hurry through the fitting so we can grab a coffee”

Cassandra lets out a soft chuckle, “More coffee?”

“Steph only let me have half a cup!! It’s sacrilege!!!”

Stephanie bursts into laughter, “Fine, fine. We can all get coffee before we head back to the Manor”

“Thank you!”

Once everything is done for the day, and the five of you are all gathered in the huge nest-like cinema room, you finally manage to break away from the group and call Damian.

“Hello, Beloved”

“Hey, Dami”

“I have missed you, Amira, more than I can ever convey”

“I missed you too, but we’ll see each other tomorrow”

Damian sighs, “I wish you were here now, I hate to sleep in our bed alone”

“I know you do, love, but it’s only for one night. Have you practiced your vows?”

“Of course, I would not forget them because they are what I think every time I think of you”

Diana steps into the hallway with you, “Stephanie grows impatient, Y/N. You will see your love tomorrow, tonight it is time to spend with friends”

“I have to go, babe”

“Of course, I love you”

“I love you too, Dami. Dream of me”

“Always. Goodnight, my Beloved”


Slowly pulling the phone away from your ear, you turn to your best friend, “Is it bad that I miss him?”

Diana’s smile is sad, “No, it shows that you truly love each other, and love is something to be cherished. I hope this night passes quickly, so you may be returned to your love”

“Thanks, Diana. It … it means a lot to have you here. I know that you’ve know me since I was a child, but I’m really glad that you’re my maid of honor, that you’re my best friend”

Diana pulls you into a hug, “You are the sister I never had. I brings me joy to see you find happiness. It is my honor to be your friend, Y/N. I have never been in a human wedding, but I know that yours will be beautiful”

“Thanks, Diana. I’m … I’m so nervous, but at the same time I’m so excited”

“You know that your uncle will cry, yes?”

You smirk, looping an arm trough Diana’s and leading her back to the sleep over, “I’m counting on it”

The next day is a flurry of motion. Between getting your makeup and hair done, and practicing your vows, making sure that everyone has arrived, and then getting into your dress, you begin to wonder why you and Damian didn’t elope.

“Well, well, well … aren’t you the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen, darling”

“Uncle Lex!!” You fling your arms around him, “You’re late”

Lex chuckles, “I’m never late, everyone else is always early”

You roll your eyes, “I thought it was the brides job to be late for the wedding, not the escort”

“In all seriousness, thank you” Lex leans forward, pressing a careful kiss to your cheek, “When you and Damian first promised yourselves to each other, I told him that I wanted to walk you down the aisle. That was my one condition to allowing you two to continue dating. But you chose me all on your own, when you have hundreds of better people to give you away, you still chose me”

Hearing Uncle Lex’s voice thicken makes your eyes fill with tears, “You had better stop, Steph will kill me if you make me cry before I even get to the alter”

He lets out a hoarse chuckle, clearing his throat and straightening his suit jacket, “I’d have to ruin that pretty dress with blood stains, darling.” Lex glances at his watch, “Come one, the bridal procession should be starting soon.”

Most of the ceremony is a blur. You and Damian can’t stop staring at each other, just gazing into each other’s eyes.

“And you two have decided to write your own vows. Damian if you would like to start”

“Y/N … I love you. I’ve loved you since we were children. You were the first person that I ever loved, and the only one that I ever intend to love. You are my sun, the one who gives me life. I will love you until the day we die, and even beyond death. I promise to always take care of you, to always make you happy. I know that we will fight, but I promise to never go to bed angry, and to always wake with you in my arms. You were my first friend, you are my best friend, and are now my wife.” Unbidden tears well up, spilling down your cheeks, “I didn’t mean to make you cry, Amira”

You sniffle, “You’ve always had a way with words, Dami”

The priest clears his throat, “And Y/N, if you would say your vows now”

“I knew that I would marry you the moment I saw you. When you were standing there brooding, I knew that it would be my life mission to make you smile. Damian, I love you, I love you more than the tides love the moon. Every day it feels like my love for you grows even more, and at this point I don’t know how that’s possible. You complete me. You make me whole. I promised to love you when we were children, and that promise hasn’t change. I now promise to stand with you in everything you do, to be your rock, to be the person to take care of you. I promise to never betray your trust, and to stay with you through all life’s adventures.”

The two of you slide the wedding rings onto each other’s fingers. “I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride”

Damian sweeps you into an all-encompassing kiss. The two of you are so wrapped up in each other that you don’t even hear the crowd stand up and cheer. He pulls back, barely an inch, lips still brushing against yours, “I love you … Mrs. Wayne”

“And I love you … Mr. Wayne”

You and your husband quickly make your way down the aisle while everyone cheers.

Once everything is over, the wedding, the reception, the plane ride to your honeymoon spot, you finally fell like you can relax with your new husband.

“I love you”

Lips press gently against yours, “I love you too. Always, Beloved”

“I’m glad you were my first friend, Dami”

Damian curls his arms around you, pressing the two of you close, “This is the happiest day of my life”

Slowly tracing your fingers along the planes of Damian’s face, you smile up at him, “Then I’m gonna make it even better”

Your husband raises one dark eyebrow, obviously not believing you, “And how to you intend to do that, Amira?”

Leaning forward you press your lips against Damian’s ear, “I’m pregnant”


I want to know about the tears, the tears in the end. What were you thinking about and there is moment you are about to smile a moment in which you are about to smile you understood something what did you think about

Timothée Chalamet:
You know what . Its funny of all the scenes , i only seen the film once but that one is hard for me to watch. It so intimate its so close . What i would hope to come across in that moment. If anybody watches this and hasnt seen the movie i would hope to cut this off now. Because i dont want to contaminate that experience for whatever naivety im about to spew .
Just a first love that is coming to a close and everything that reminiscing that about what entail which is the pain of a love lost of that experience being over . And like you said there might be a smile cause its you know what a great experience you got to share. Its the Dr Seuss quote right “dont cry because its over smile because it happened” . So i would hope its a just a collage of all those things.

You ask me why I don’t write poems about you,
and it’s because I don’t know what to say
to a girl that drinks too much
and feels too little,
and asks for my love,
but returns it every other day.
I just don’t know how to give pieces of me
to a girl like you
—  FOR A

wanderingandfound submitted:

So, The Posterchildren is a YA series about superheroes with a focus on representation and worldbuilding. Currently there is one book (Origins - $5.00) and ten short stories (The Timely Tales - $1.00 each). It’s written by Kitty Burroughs (her URL is quipquipquip) and although the author herself is white she does a lot of research for her characters of color. Origins is focused on four teenage “posthumans” at a boarding school to train superheroes (or keep an eye on powerful posters) in Oregon. The first set of short stories is mostly focused on that generation of heroes, although the author has thorough plans for both the previous and the next generation (the next round of short stories is supposed to be focused on the previous generation I think).

(Amira and her son Mal.)

The characters in that piece (which is not of a scene we’ve had yet, but the piece was commissioned by the author so I trust it’s coming) are The Empress and Amira bint Balqis. The Empress is a shift of Corbin Underwood, a genderfluid shapeshifter. (Fun fact! The Empress’s eyes are based off of Amira’s because Corbin is a sap.) Amira’s hero name is The Queen and she has some sort of power with reading other people’s memories or implanting fake ones/blocking them off/manipulating them/I don’t really know it hasn’t really been explored. A side effect is that she has perfect memory. I know that description of her powers sounds sketchy but so far Amira has been one of the most morally good characters (Corbin on the other hand… he’s been a vigilante at times and it isn’t always pretty). Corbin and Amira were part of the Golden Age trio of heroes (think Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman) along with John Wright. Amira was the the main strategist in the team (also what stopped them from being an absolute mess). Now she teaches at the boarding school mentioned earlier. Corbin and Amira had two children, the younger of which is one of the protagonists of the novel.

(From here.)

We don’t really know much about Amira’s sexuality yet besides she “is hella queer” (I think I read somewhere that she first had a relationship with The Empress long before she had something with Corbin’s normal shift but I can’t find it). And I didn’t quite mean for this to get so long so I’m gonna stop now because I could talk forever but I really love these characters. I will totally buy you the novel and the short stories that heavily feature Amira if you want, because I want to support the author in any way I can and I think you might like it.

(Art by yellowis4happy.)

Oh my GOD THIS IS THE BEST THING? Thank you for telling me all this???!!!!!


A: “- Seriously, Bo! You need to clean up all this shit! I’m the principal of Oasis High, I can’t be living in a darn junk yard! Why don’t you take all this crap to the club house!!”
B: “- Because I don’t have one yet?”
A: “ - Well!… Do it when you have one then!”
B: “ - Hey, come here, I know you love me anyway, cutie patootie!”
A: “ - Stop it! *giggles*