because i knew next to nothing about this a few weeks ago


Dawn knew with the twins moving out in the next few weeks, it was time to broach the subject of money with Tom again.

Dawn: “I know we discussed this several months ago, but I think we need to talk about our children’s attitude to money again.”

Tom: “Okay..”

Dawn: “I was thinking, when they move out, maybe we should limit the funds in their trusts to about £20,000, that’s still incredibly generous, but they can’t live off that forever, so they will at least have to find some kind of job to support themselves.”

Tom: “I guess that seems fair.”

Dawn: “Good, I think so too, I don’t want my children to become layabouts just because they can afford to do nothing.”

Tom: “Are you going to be the one to tell Liz or should I?”

Dawn: “Let’s not tell Liz until we really have to, she’s going to struggle with this concept the most I think.”

Tom: “She’s more like her aunt than she’d like to admit.”

Dawn: “I’ll say.”