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“The first couple of years I was plagued by a kind of: ‘Oh my god, this is my first role. Don’t f–k it up. Do good, just do good, And there was a kind of personal intensity that went along with it because I was playing a character already loved by so many people who had read the books, and just making sure that she was what people were hoping she would be.” — Emilia on applying for the role of ‘Daenerys Targaryen’.


What can you tell us about season 2 of Stranger Things?
Apparently there’s an episode called “Pollywog,” which is very exciting for me, because I love pollywogs. I know that there’s a lot of story, a lot of twists and turns. We feel like Eleven, or some form of Eleven, is still out there. And so I think Hopper and Eleven have some kind of intense story that surrounds his daughter and him almost taking on sort of a surrogate daughter. And I have been informed there is a very epic punch that occurs this season. Hopper gets to really knock somebody out. I wanted to make sure there was a good punch this season.


I have a new fish-son, he reminded me of a ghost so I have named him Spook or Spooky! I took these pics with my phone so they are not great IM JUST EXCITED ABOUT HIM. He is still only a very new addition and he is already super friendly. I can’t figure out what he would be classified as, he has a delta kind of shape but his tail throws me off because it doesnt have a very large spread but it also looks like it might have feathering?? Either way he is a total mutt and he is perfect. I’ve honestly never seen a betta like him and I love his little “:o” face marking.
He has a little bit of fin damage/regrowth on his dorsal and tail which I’m keeping a close eye on but I am already super in love and I hope I can be a good fish momma for him. 

One day I will get my good camera out and have a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT (not really), but for now these will do.

We Got Married with Bambam

Mark / JB / Jackson / Jr / Youngjae / Bambam / Yugyeom

  • Surprisingly shy Bambam at first meeting
  • Takes you shopping and buys you whatever you want
  • Does girl group dances at your request
  • Hyungs clown him every chance they get
  • You lowkey admire how high his tolerance must be to not get offended by their teasing
  • Shows you a dance solo he’s working on and you’re very surprised
  • Bambam has a very playful image, but everyone often forgets how talented of a dancer and rapper he is
  • Teaches you Thai phrases
  • Basically tricks you into learning things like “Bambam is manly” “Bambam is the only one for me” “I love Bambam”
  • Playful, fresh photoshoot pictures
  • At the wedding, never-ending harrassment from his members
  • But Yugyeom making every eye tear up at his kind words about Bambam
  • Buys you snacks and anything cutesy all the time
  • Automatically smiles when you smile
  • Asks for your number after the first meeting because he wants to get to know you sincerely
  • When you show up to MCountdown and stand in the audience with an ‘I LOVE BAMBAM’ sign while he’s MCing
  • He sends you flowers while he’s abroad promoting
  • Making him do runway walks for you
  • Trusting him to take good pictures of you whenever you go out
  • Isn’t nervous when you meet his members because he’s confident you’ll still like him after meeting them

“It was my first experience with social media and kind of reaching out with fans back and forth like that. And they hated me. Hated me. Because they hated the character, and they hated what the character was doing. So I had to deal with that. I tried to get them past the character - it’s not me! - but they were not listening to me at all, it was so difficult, the fans were insane, and it was a real shock for me. But looking back on it now, I think it was the best first job I could have had, for so many reasons. I’m actually really glad I had that experience before The Flash. I definitely appreciate it when people enjoy my work and say nice things, but I also can read negative things now and not be bothered. Because I love what I’m doing, and I focus on that. And you know, in another way, I think Glee also helped to humble me a little bit. It was just such a grand-scale thing, and there were these actors my age who had become big stars on that show, and suddenly I was working with them. So to be such a small part of something that was such a grand-scale show, it kind of humbled me going forward with everything, I think.”

That song [Favourite Colour], to me, was just my feeling of love, actually. I was very in love when I wrote this song, and I felt myself almost fading into my partner. I felt like we kind of blended into each other — that sounds strange, doesn’t it? — but that’s the best way I can explain it. And I think the production was so key, because it had this sweetness, but it also has, I don’t know, intimacy. I don’t know how they caught that. (x)


“I feel like one of the beauties of Simon is he represents the rest of the Mundane world, so he represents all of the fans who are going to be watching the show. I think the reason they feel for him is because he is a Mundane. He is one of them, kind of dragged into this world, and then taken through this huge journey; the huge roller coaster he’s going to go through. I really would love to see that, if anything for the fans to experience the roller coaster at the same time.”


I’m not a fancy person. I love small spaces. I like tiny cars. I don’t buy things, aside from music and books. I don’t get loads of attention and maybe it’s because I’m kind of boring. I don’t think I’m boring, but I have different interests. I don’t go out much, not because I’m hiding but because I’m not a big drinker. I go out and have a good time, I go to concerts and stuff.”


WHAT’S BEST | PT.4 / EPILOGUE OF “PHOTOSHOOT” {You contact him go talk about what happened between you two and you decide the future of your relationship. ALL THE BOYS / ANGSTY & FLUFFY-ISH

So, sorry for the wait, but the epilogue is finally here :)
As I mentioned I went with an half half kind of thing because I thought some girls were forgivable (especially with Hopie and Kookie) but I broke them up with others because the girl just went too overboard to be forgiven LOL
I hope you’ll like it ~ Love ya, good night or day 😚


In 2007 Michele Laurita photographed Cillian Murphy for Fade In magazine. She shared this story about the session:

He was very interesting to shoot and I kept everything very real and casual. The beer is there because we both were drinking one while we were shooting… I like those kind of things to be on my photographs. The photo shoot actually was done all with 4x5 Polaroids, while this technique was still available. Hence the “look” of the image. I love that shoot.


I f*cking love pop music. I’m not afraid of pop music. A lot of artists are f*cking scared of pop music and there’s no reason to be because pop music is essentially popular music. I write about sex and sadness that, in a way, is almost tongue-in-cheek, without being blatantly ironic or blatantly sarcastic. I definitely don’t want to have some kind of schtick.


[On which films are her touchstones] Lost in Translation was a big one. I love that musical that Björk’s in - Dancer in the Dark. I remember seeing it when I was making the second Pirates, so I reckon I was about 21, and I just sat there and sobbed in a very vocal way that I’d never done watching a film before. It’s a painful experience watching that, but it’s also kind of so unbelievably… not life affirming because she dies at the end, but it has that incredible cathartic quality. Which is why I’ve always loved drama so much. I love that thing of being forced to feel empathetic for people you don’t know in situations you can’t really comprehend. You’re taught how to comprehend them through a film. It is manipulating your emotions, but in a way that allows you to grow if you let it. It’s magical.

“When you’ve got this group of girls who need each other as much as we need each other, in this climate, when it’s so hard for women to be understood and portrayed the right way in the media… . now more than ever we need to be good and kind to each other and not judge each other—and just because you have the same taste in men, we don’t hold that against each other.” - Taylor Swift for Vanity Fair, September 2015


Favorite Taylor Swift photo shoot // Straight hair

“My hair is naturally kind of ‘fro-ed’ out, so that’s why I always do it curly, because it’s a little easier! So last night, they straightened my hair, and I’m walking through the halls of this awards show and passing by people I've known for years … And I’m passing by going, ‘Hey!’ And (they’re not responding, so) I’m like in junior high right now! It was weird! [laughs] This is what it used to be like!”

“I can see why a lot of child actors start out as child actors and then get in their teens and suddenly realise that it’s not for them because you change quite a lot and you understand the real way it works, the business side of it, the kind of darker, not so nice side of it. But for me, I have always loved it and I still love it and none of the other stuff matters to me. So as long as I keep doing what I am doing and keep getting jobs, then I am happy. And it’s how you deal with the fame side of things and I think it’s important that I have great relationships with my family and people who have known me all my life, and actually know me for who I am, and not a media representation of myself or the characters that I play. It’s important to have those people around just because we are all quite grounded, normal people, but I can see how easily you can get carried away when you know that you are put on a pedestal and given loads of free stuff and told that you are this person. I can see how it’s quite easy to get lost in yourself and not know who you are. But I think it’s very important to keep an eye on that and have people around you that can also keep an eye on that and then it’s fine. I just hope I can keep doing what I am doing and enjoy it.

“I kind of got into [acting] because I was around it, so I understood it on a cellular level. And on a nurture level? So I was in it because — it’s not a bad thing, it’s a very human thing — but I loved the applause and I loved being told that I was good and that, you know, that validation is incredibly, it’s incredibly appealing. Up until a few years ago, I was close-minded in my conception of what could bring me sustenance. This kind of achievement can be very empty. I think it’s glorified nonetheless, but it can be very empty.”