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[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

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Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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“how can u always be so kind to people he asked? milk & honey dripped from my lips as i said, because people haven’t always been kind to me” - Madison Beer via Twitter 💙

before learning about the mcelroys I’d never been a huge fan of any real actual human beings before. 

Like, I love the stuff they make but I really just love them as creators even more than I love their creations, they could make/do anything and I’d like it just because I like them as people. 


I was really irritated by the whole serial-dater play that people tried to make about me. I just decided I wasn’t willing to provide them that kind of entertainment anymore. I wasn’t going to go out on dates and have them be allowed to take pictures and say whatever they wanted about our body language. I wasn’t going to sit next to somebody and flirt with them for five minutes, because I know the next day he’ll be rumored to be my boyfriend. I just kind of took the narrative back. It’s unfortunate I had to do that. And it’s unfortunate that now I have this feeling like if I were to open myself up to love, that would be a career weakness.


Do you realize that Louis is literally a model? Do you want to find more blogs that talk about Louis’ photoshoots and freak out over them?

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You have moments where you just get really scared and really paranoid and you feel like there are people just kind of nipping at your heels all the time, blaming stuff on you that you didn’t do, all that. But I can take that, because I wanted this and I get to stand on the stage and I love this. It’s just when other people would be affected that I think that I would have a real issue

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Hello! I was wondering if you had any Little!Tae and Dom!Jungkook fics, maybe Little!Jimin & Dom!Jungkook?, Any kind will do!~ ^•^ {DDLB ~ Smut, Fluff, Angst}

Hello!! Yessss I love Dom!Jungkook ! here ya go:


(All time favorite omg) [Smut : Knotting, Self-lubrication, ABO dynamics]

The world didn’t think it was necessary to give him a guide when it shoved all of these omega hormones at him, so here it is, Park Jimin’s handbook on dealing with heats, unrequited love, and Jeon Jungkook.

(Smut : Anal sex, Dirty Talk, Sex Toys)

He hadn’t meant to say it, it just kind of happened.

(Smut : Featherplay, Stripping )

Jimin and Jungkook are playing around after their Wings photoshoots, but start wanting to explore each other’s bodies and things get more scandalous, because of these exclusive feelings.

(I think it’s ddlb dynamics? To me it is :) )

(Smut : Dirty Talk, Office Sex)

Jimin’s normally more confident than this. He’s normally a bit more cocky and a hell of a lot more sassy. But, right now, oh no, he’s far from being any of those.

Especially with the male in front of him looking at him with a knowing, amused glint in his eye and a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

The male who happened to be Jimin’s last night stand 2 days ago.

And the son of the CEO of a company that Jimin’s currently being interviewed for.

Well, if Jimin wasn’t going to hell right now, he sure as hell booked a one-way ticket by now.

Jeon Jungkook is Asia’s biggest pop star and it is Park Jimin’s job to make sure that it stays that way.

(my all-time favorite thoo) [ Smut : Orgasm Denial, Anal Sex, Sex toys, Teasing, Dirty Talk]

jeongguk’s always been a tease, you’d think jimin would have caught on by now.

(not really ddlb but still ) [Angst] (not the traditional kind of little jimin but he’s still soft n cute and a sub)

Jimin wishes he could stay away from Jungkook


(again, it’s not as ddlb as some want) [Fluffy, humor.]

in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

( hate to love kind of thing, tae’s so cute oml)

Jungkook and Taehyung are rivals. But one day, they find warmth, comfort, happiness, and love in each other. All because of a month long project.

(I haven’t read this but this is surely up on the list :) )

Little Taehyung and Caregiver Jungkook fluffy stories ^^
No smut, just fluff

I’m sorry I don’t know much Vkook of this genre! I don’t usually read taekook much so I hope you understand! Happy reading :D

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“I kind of like tricked myself into this love, and positive affirmations that I have for myself, which has been really good,I don’t wanna walk around this world feeling like I don’t feel worthy, or I don’t feel like I’m beautiful because society has shown me that I am not enough, because they don’t put me on the cover on the magazines or I don’t see myself reflected in media enough.”

Fashion magazines that I would like to see Stray Kids in:

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about fashion and stuff like that. So what I’m saying makes no sense.


Like Elle the shoots that Marie Claire makes are more simple and straight to the point without a spectacular set (disregarding Sehun’s set), however it focuses on suits and classy in the shoots for men. I definitely think that Chan could show a completely new side to himself, that we would enjoy just as much. Along with that the pictures are not so colorful and are more black and white. I (personally) find that appealing. Ex:


As I was “researching” the Nylon shoots I noticed a pattern which was : minimalism and cute (for me minimal is cute), with a main charming point, the colors. We all know that Woojin is absolutely adorable and we have seen it captured on camera, however I think that with a minimalistic theme we could be able to focus that charm and concentrate it more (what am I even saying). Also the colors are pastel in some and in others.. I just mean that the color palette is beautiful, so this is 100%ly a plus. The pictures speak for themselves:


Ok so I don’t think that Elle does this for all of their shoots but while I was looking through the exo shoot, Elle had 2 words are their theme but they were opposites (ex: Fight/Peace, Shy/Blast). I would love that for Minho, because I think he has very good control of his emotions and is able to manipulate them to be believable. Along with that Elle only chooses one site for the shoot (which fits the theme), which adds to the charm. Ex:


I don’t know why but I would like to see him on Vogue. I was looking up photoshoots from them (Vogue) and it seems like they love to go over the top and have their model’s pose in interesting + dynamic poses. There are some photoshoots that are so open and different, and I would be interested to see how Changbin would be if he left his “I love dark” concept. However, I kind of worry that they make something that looks a bit to wierd. Here are some examples of what I mean:


I think that Elle would work with Hyunjin. I feel like the fashion they portray is more simple and natural. Something that you could wear from day to day (it depends on what photoshoot you are looking at but (from what I saw) most are like this). I think that Hyunjin would suit this because he seems like a “natural model”, by that I mean that he can fit the mood. I think that the vibe I get from Elle is simple, but fashionable, which is something I think Hyunjin can pull off. Ex:


I could see Jisung working well together with Allure. I feel like they focus more on colder tones and the models are often standing in direct poses. Likethere is no wierd leg half doing squats while the other is in the splits, it is simply standing. And like I said it seems like it focuses more on cooler tones, and since stray kids’s colors are red and stuff like that i’d like to see how he’d look in more purple + greens. It also uses warm colors as a highlight, so that that part is ment to stand out. Ex:


Ceci is quite different from the others because they have diverse sets and bright colors. I feel like felix would fit in. And the clothes they promote are also quite unique. While the poses are simple and direct the expressions are intense and a big thing I love about their shoots is their use of plants (that could also just be a theme for some shoots) There is almost always a flower or a cactus or something that is just cute and nice to look at. I think the positive atmosphere would blend well with Felix’s charisma. Ex:


So Dazed also has a similar concept with Nylons, however it’s more up in your face. They are both kind of minimalistic but rather than full body shots, like in Nylon, Dazed centers mostly on torso and up. There are pictures where the full body is showing but it is when a person is sitting. I feel like they give off a rock vibe. It’s not rock and roll but rather that era kind of fashion. The expressions are lowkey extra, and it would be a cute new look on Seungmin. In addition to that the color are either subtle but poppy, or desaturated. I think both would fit well with Seungmin. Ex:


So I’ve been mentioning throughout this post that it’d be cool to kind of see a new side of, or like the opposite of what we know. And I definitely think that W korea’s aesthetic is a dark concept. Yet again this could simply be for som shoots, but the majority that I’ve seen were like that. In the shots the surroundings are filled therefore giving it a fuller look. And also the color palettes are darkened. Jeongin (from what we know) is kind of the opposite of dark, and is pretty much always seem smiling. I’d love to see how an Elegant and “Dark” image would suit him. Ex:

Me at the Howl At The Moon


I was an exotic for sure. I’m a tall, bearded guy with not much hair left. And although I’m only 38 years old, it’s almost completely gray already. So I stood out from the crowd. Disadvantage: Some strange looks. Advantage: I was easily recognized by the actors and the staff.
So I stood there with my Theo & Deuc T-shirt, my comic book under my arm, a bag on my side, surrounded by younger girls. I’m a high school teacher and so I felt sometimes like I was still in school :D And hell, I got deaf after some time. The screams! Panel opening: “Bienvenue à Shel…” EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!! - “Please welcome Rya…” WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
The staff was always VERY helpful, all questions I was asking were answered in a very polite and helpful way. I really want to THANK YOU for your work, you did a great job!
So here are my impressions of the actors:

Cody Christian

He was the first I went to when the Autograph sessions started. He always had very long queues in front of him. I planned to introduce me as “The Theo & Deuc guy” but when there were only two girls in front of me, he already saw me, pointed at me with a wink and had the broadest smile on his face. Some minutes later, when it was the turn of the girl in front of me I could witness a scene that was so typical for Cody: The girl started to cry, overwhelmed by emotions when Cody hugged her. She sobbed really hard and Cody immediately took care of her, stood up, walked around the table to comfort her, talk to her, hug her again until he was sure that she was fine again.

And for me, this was the most impressive thing about Cody: The intensity with which he cares about the fans who came to him. When they are in front of him, he is totally focused on them, talks to every single of them, takes his time, never in a rush as if it was the only fan present and not a long queue waiting. This positivity and care are truly overwhelming. The signing session on Sunday morning was scheduled to last 2 hours and it took Cody over 4 hours to do all his autographs. Sure, his queue was one of the longest but mainly because he interacted with the fans in such a heartwarming, caring and lovely way. I could have watched this for hours.

But back to my experience: When it was my turn, he jumped from his seat, grabbed me and pulled me halfway over the table to give me the warmest welcome, hugging me and patting my back, excited and happy to finally see me. I told him how difficult it was for me to be in Paris this weekend (had the prom of my class the night before so I had to hop on the plane Saturday morning) and he shook my hand thanking me for coming. He explained where he got my books in his apartment and that he already reserved a place for the third issue. We talked a little while but I didn’t want to make the people behind me upset so I let Cody sign my issue of Theo&Deuc then. He did write a wonderful, incredibly long text into the book and again shook my hand, expressing his gratitude. Whenever we met during the convention, and it was several times, we exchanged fist bumps or he just grabbed me to pat my back. During the meeting room I was attending, he even introduced ME to the people around! He was in a very good mood, making jokes all the time and we even got to hear one of his songs. Not lying, I’m not a fan of rap. It’s just not my kind of music. But I really liked what I got to hear. It had a good rhythm, a very nice vibe, melodic elements in the background that made it - as someone who doesn’t listen to rap - a really good song. He explained to us that it’s not his goal to have a music career. He just loves to write and develop songs, to get into the flow when he works on one over several hours, it’s a hobby, a passion. And the result is definitely a professional one I truly would enjoy to listen to, though I’m not the right guy to judge.
The second day was kind of stressful, the schedule got messed up a bit because of Cody’s long signing session. I still had two autographs and two photoshoots with him. I managed to get the autographs in the morning but it was already 17h when Cody started his photo shoots and I had to leave at 18h to catch my plane. And I still had the meeting room for Linden that started at the same time! And here I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the staff again. One of them just grabbed me and pulled me into the photo room right to the photo booth with Cody. I had a special pose in mind - the cover of the Theo & Deuc book with Theo flexing and Deuc standing behind him with sunglasses, making a funny face. Cody said he loved it when we shot the pose. The staff in the background was telling the people not to ask for hugs because of lacking time but Cody just ignored it for me, hugged me and shook my hand again to say goodbye… So many fans were waiting and I was already so grateful that the staff made the shoot possible that I didn’t want to upset the others - and I still had to get into Linden’s meeting room. I was in such a rush - later, when I was in the plane, I felt so sorry and sad about it since I literally had to pull my hand out of his and cut the goodbye from my side which I’m very very sorry about.
Cody is a phenomenon. Even after a hell of a day, signing, panels, photos here, photos there, he hugs, smiles, is focused on every single fan and just shines. This guy deserves the world.

Holland Roden

I really really loved Holland. I caught a quiet moment during the autographs and she took much time to see through my book, reading some of the comics. She was so sweet and had to laugh about many of them. She said that Jeff Davis HAS TO see it and I could tell her that he received his very own issue already. Finally she signed comic one of my Lydia comics, the one where she gets hit by a snowball. Unforunately I didn’t book more stuff with her because when I planned Paris I thought that I would see her in Amsterdam and Brussels too but she had to cancel Amsterdam. I definitely would love to see her again!

Linden Ashby

Oh man is this a good guy. I told him my story about being a high school teacher who draws TW comics and later when we met again in the meeting room he immediately recognized me, saying: “The teacher.” And because I was late (had a photoshoot with Cody before) he added: “Always late.” He was reading the comics he was part of and enjoyed them quite much. I just love Linden. He’s such a gentle, reflective guy, so full of love for the younger actors and always praising their talent and passion.

Susan Walters

I had an autograph with her and oh my god is she sweet! She quickly discovered the photo of Gideon holding my book and was so in love with it that she drew a little heart on it. I deeply regret to not have booked a photo or meeting with her, if I ever get the chance I HAVE TO see her again.

Tyler Hoechlin

Damn is this guy charismatic. He has such a genuine smile and he was in awe seeing the comics and especially the Michelangelo adaptation (the creation of the chimera pack). I apologized that I didn’t make a comic with him yet since Theo & Derek weren’t interacting in Teen Wolf in any way. (Signature next to Susan’s in the picture above!)

Dylan Sprayberry

Since I will see Dylan in Brussels, I only booked one autograph with him for Paris. He recognized the printed issue because he has seen it in Cody’s apartment and this made me very very happy :) I was sorry that I didn’t have more comics with Liam (I have one planned though but he is SO HARD to draw) so I couldn’t show him more but until Brussels I will have more stuff to offer and I’m looking forward to meeting him again! I let him sign my Raeken Ball comic then.

Ryan Kelley

I will see Ryan in Amsterdam and Brussels, so I didn’t focus on him. But damn, in real life he looks really, really handsome, he is in a great shape and is quite charismatic! I didn’t expect it. He had to laugh hard at my hellhound comic in which Parrish ends up as a camp fire replacement for Theo’s and Deuc’s BBQ, so he did sign that. I definitely have to do another Hellhound comic to have something new for him until Amsterdam!

Ian Bohen

Ian was very cute! I got two autographs with him on different days and he remembered my name! I said: “Hey, it’s the comic guy again!” And he looked at me and said without thinking: “Chan.” So this was the moment he conquered my heart. I had to apologize I never did a comic with Peter. And I promised him to do one very soon. I think I might already have an idea…

Shelley Hennig

Shelley couldn’t stop saying “this is amazing”, she also loved my special Maleo T-Shirt. I should have talked to her more but when I was doing the autograph, I wanted to give her time to see through the stuff but she gladly accepted my business card with my Twitter / Instagram account so who knows?

The Carver Twins

Again, I will meet them in Amsterdam and Brussels and I didn’t have any time left so I didn’t get to meet them. So nothing to report :(

Meeting you

Whoever did come to me to talk to me about my T-Shirts or if you already knew me and decided to say hello: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was so funny and such a pleasure to meet people who love my stuff. I even got to record my own “please record a video for our friend where you say hi to her” Video :D I felt SO HONORED.
Can’t wait to meet you all again!



Mild Smut*

A few weeks ago you were offered an amazing opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine, a magazine that would open the door to so many more opportunities as you decided to actually take this modeling career seriously.

You had been modeling for as long as you could remember. You’re parents thought you were the cutest baby on the planet so they carried you in their arms to your first audition at 5 months old. Apparently everyone also thought you were the cutest baby as well because you were casted almost immediately and thus unknowingly began your modeling career.

You had taken a break from modeling all throughout your school days and only started to think that you could make a living out of it a few years ago. That’s how you met Joe.

The two of you met on a photoshoot for a company you both were heavily involved in. After working together for a few days, he finally got enough courage to ask you out. And now, nearly a year and a half later, the two of you were practically inseparable which caused the two of you to clash over your recent cover offer.

Joe had always told you that he supported your work and he loved seeing you on covers of magazines with your own page spread inside, but this cover had him a bit worried and he wasn’t on board…at all.

When Playboy called and asked if you would like to be on their cover, you didn’t believe your manager. You thought this was some kind of joke that Joe was playing on you, but when you told him about the offer, you quickly realized that he had nothing to do with it.

You weren’t too sure what Joe was feeling; anger, disappointment, hesitation to let you go through with it. Whatever it was the he was feeling, you knew that it wasn’t excitement.

The two of you got into a huge argument about it and didn’t talk to each other up until the day of the shoot, which was difficult seeing that you two lived together.

The morning of the shoot, you rolled over in your empty bed. The fight between the two of you made Joe not even want to sleep in the same bed as you so he took the guest room. You pushed yourself out of bed and into the shower. It was far too early in the morning to do your daily routine so you were glad the people at Playboy were doing your hair and makeup.

After stepping out of the shower, you pulled on some clothes and headed downstairs for some breakfast when you heard the sound of the shower in the guest bedroom shut off. You remembered that Joe had an early morning meeting today followed by more meeting throughout the day. You had really wanted him to come along for the shoot, maybe seeing the behind the scenes would open his mind up a little more but you knew that even if he was free he still wouldn’t go.

You were sat at the worktop eating your bowl of cereal when Joe walked out of bedroom, a towel draped around the lower half of his torso.

“Hey” He said pushing his wet hair out of his face.

“Hi.” You said moving your attention back to your phone.

His footsteps faded up the stairs as you continued to eat your breakfast. That’s how a majority of your morning went, the ones where you actually spoke to each other.

You didn’t really understand why Joe was so angry and he never told you. In the heat of everything, he never said why he was feeling the way he was which made for a very one-sided argument of you telling him everything that this cover will do for your future. If you were completely honest, there should really be no reason as to why the two of you weren’t properly speaking or why he didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as you but you weren’t going to be the one who apologize.

Maybe that was you being stubborn or maybe it was because you weren’t going to apologize for doing something that would launch your career. Nevertheless, the two of you tiptoed around each other well after you left for the shoot that morning.


“Yes, mhmm…” You said through the phone that was propped between your ear and your shoulder as you tore through the cardboard box you had just brought up to the flat, “Yes, I’m opening the box right now…wow-” You said looking at the magazine.

Playboy had sent you a ton of your magazine covers with a note saying how much you were a pleasure to work with and how well they think the cover turned out.

“Oh yes, sorry I’m still here. I actually love this.” You said to your manager on the online.

You picked up one of the magazines, smiling to yourself as your manager talked into your ear. You flicked through the pages looking for your spread, smiling once again when you found it. The pictures that filled each page weren’t too risque but were very much Playboy-esque and you couldn’t have been any happier with how they turned out.

You talked on the phone with your manager for a little while longer while flicking through the pages before hanging out just as Joe walked into the kitchen.

“Are those your covers?” He asked glancing at the magazine in your hand on his way to the fridge.

“Mhmm.” You said sliding the one in your hand across the worktop over to him.

“Page 24.” You said watching him flip through the pages.

“…so?” You asked after a while of silence.

“I like it.”

“You what?”

“I like them. I think it looks really good love.” Joe said still looking at the spread.

“Joe what the fuck!” You said louder than expected causing him to jump slightly.


“What do you mean you ‘think it’s really good’?”

“Do you want me to hate it?” He asked looking very confused.

“I want you to tell me why the hell you were so against me doing this shoot in the first place. We didn’t say more than two words to each other for weeks and you’re just going to tell me that the cover looks good?” Your voice was loud now as you realized that the fight was absolutely avoidable.

Joe took a deep breath as he closed the magazine in front of him, “Love, I’m sorry. I dunno I guess I was just worried that’s all. After all this is a Playboy magazine.”

“Joe do you really think that I’m the kind of person to do that kind of photoshoot? Maybe one day if I feel comfortable but it will most definitely not be with Playboy. You’ve even been on photoshoots Joe, they don’t make you do anything that you’re not comfortable with.”

“I know love-” Joe started.

“Well then there was no reason for you to be worried.” You said cutting him off.

“I guess you could say jealous…”

“Joe why would you be jealous?” You crossed your arms as you watched him walk over to you.

“Because babe, my friends will want this magazine…strangers will want this magazine-”


“So…” He said running a finger over your cheek, “I don’t really want all those people looking at you like that.”

“Joe..” You said rolling your eyes before turning around to head of the room but you were stopped by Joe’s hand on your waist.

“You have to understand why I was so worried about you being on this cover.” He said pulling you closer and whispering in your ear.

“Because your friends would have this magazine..?” You said relaxing your body as you felt his lip graze your neck.

“Yeah, I know they think you’re fit so I didn’t really want them looking at you in that shoot.”

“But now it’s okay because you like the photos?”

“I like photos but it’s still not okay love.” Joe said, his lips now fully placing kisses on your neck.

“So what are you going to do now? I can’t exactly stop them from buying the magazine.” You said closing your eyes and moving your head to the side.

“What would you like me to do love.” He said letting go of your waist and leading you up the stairs to the bedroom.

Joe pushed you back against the bed, you lips connecting with each others as he pulled your shirt up and over your head. You’re hand reached around your back to unclasp your bar before you pulled Joe over top of you as you laid back against the bed. 

“I’ve missed you.” Joe said pulling away from the kiss to lift his own shirt over his head and fumble with the belt on his jeans. 

“And who’s fault is that?” You smirked as you pulled down your own jeans.

“It was jealousy fault.” Joe said and he leaned down and connected his lips with yours again. 

“You have nothing to be jealous of love.” You said after he pulled away to grab condom from the side table, “You know that right?”

“Mhmm.” He said placing a kiss on your lips after he slid the condom onto his hardened length. 

He hovered over you, bracing himself with his palms on either side of your head, as he slowly pushed himself into you. You let out a low moan as he filled you up. While not talking to each other for a few weeks did suck, the sex afterwards was always great, granted you and Joe rarely fought. 

Joe slowly started thrusting into you, picking up the pace with affirming moan you let out. 

“Oh Joe.” You moan out, clenching around him after he began hitting your g-spot with each thrust. 

“I’m not going to last much longer Y/N.” Joe said in a rushed breath.

“Me either.” You said clenching tighter around him.

Within a few more thrusts, you and Joe both released as sea of moans filled the room.

“I’m sorry” You said, running a hand through Joe’s floppy hair that have fallen into his eyes.

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry. I should’ve been happy for you getting this cover. It really did turn out great and I’m sure this will open up so many new doors for you because you’re beautiful and smart and deserve every photoshoot you get called for.”

“Thats babe.” You said kissing his nose, “And can you please just tell me the next time you are jealous?”

“No because there won’t be a next time” Joe grinned before pushing himself off of you and disappearing into the bathroom.


“The first couple of years I was plagued by a kind of: ‘Oh my god, this is my first role. Don’t f–k it up. Do good, just do good, And there was a kind of personal intensity that went along with it because I was playing a character already loved by so many people who had read the books, and just making sure that she was what people were hoping she would be.” — Emilia on applying for the role of ‘Daenerys Targaryen’.

The moment I realized I needed to recover was when I had zero energy that I couldn’t even move. Walking to the bathroom from my room was a huge struggle that I could barely breathe. I would cry everyday because it affected my mental health, my friends and family worried about me and I didn’t want them to worry anymore and I didn’t want to feel like I was consumed in compete darkness anymore. I was tired of constantly thinking about food, and I was tired of hating myself everyday. I wanted to be free. Although I was miserable I had something that made me feel happy. It was my best friend chloe, even though i never told her my struggle I knew that she knew and she was one of the very few people who stuck by my side when I was mean, emotional and sometimes a little crazy. Knowing that she was/still is such a supportive friend is what makes me happy still to this day. I am forever grateful for her and I don’t know what I would have done if she didn’t stick around when I was going through it all. She was the light in my darkness and made things seem possible, like it was possible to recover. What makes me feel beautiful are my struggles, sure they are not the prettiest, but they have molded me into the person I'am today, stronger and more confident in who I am now than ever before. My view on beauty has defiantly changed as before I thought being skinny, popular, and pretty was the only way to be truly beautiful, but I know now that those things are not what makes someone beautiful, and that we shouldn’t feel like we have to be those things just because society says we have to. We are all beautiful no matter what shape or size we are! if we have a small butt or a big butt, if we have rolls when we sit or if we don’t. Stay strong and be kind to one another🌸


You can’t shut down. You can’t say, ‘What can I do to make this go away?’ You have to let it be painful and get through it. Every day gets better. Because when you’re in love, you kind of give everything and make that person your life. So every day, you get more and more of yourself back, and it feels better.

Mafia Exo As overprotective brothers

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With all the power he have, he would be the one who kind of controls your life. Sitting behind a lot of taks to spy on you or to kill someone who is a risk for the relationship between the both of you. He even would be worried if you didn’t come home at the time you said you’ll be there
Suho: It’s already 10 minute later then 9 PM. She/he knows the world out there is dangerous. where is she/he? I should call Xiumin, or Chen 


You would know that he is involved with some illegal stuff and he would make sure that you’re most of the time by his side so that he can take care of you by himself. 
Everyone would know that you’re the sister/brother of Do Kungsoo one of the best Manager in Seoul
Your friends: Hey isn’t that Kungsoo over there. seems like he is waiting for you
You: Well then see you. I don’t want to get in trouble


Because of the business he have so much to do that he would pay one of the undercover members to spy on you and maybe do some photos from the people how are with you. 
Sehun: New ones? Oh look She/He is spilling the drink oll over the guys clothes. This ass looks so dumps on the photo
Kill him too


Because of his Marshall Arts he would be the most dangerous on if it goes to his sibling. Tao would hurt everyone if they want to be with you. No one even gets near to you without a threatening look from your beloved brother.
Tao: I dare you… If you hurt her I will make you suffer from your own blood 


He always would bring you with him to events, photoshoots and even the photoshoots in other countries. Because of his past he lifes in fear that the same happens to you
You: There is nobody
Lay: I can’t belive that but remember I love you and I only do it for our safty


He would be kind of “normal” to you. but behind your back he would be secritly spy on you and would check your contacts in your phone when you’re in the bathroom. But his secret weapon is his cuteness. Never trust it
Chan: Sweety can you tell me how that is and where you met him


Baek would be a bit mentally ill about your safety. He would lock you into a room only to make sure that no one can hurt you or take you away from him since your his last part of his real family’
You: I want to be free. I want to meet people
Baek: Sorry but you have to understand it. I can not lose you to someone


Your privacy is something he understands and he would let you do your stuff but would always ask youwhat you did. But never ever bring a guy to your home
Kai: who are you? where are you from? why are you here? do you have a good Job? and give me a good reason why I shoudn’t punch you 


He would be not so overprotective becaus he knows you can protect yourself as good as he can but even he has a soft spot becaus of you and tries to hide it with hiding you as good as he can from everyone. 
Chen: Hey isn’t that your sister over there
Xiu: NOO and you know It why 


Scince He is regristed as dead there would be a lot of traveling for the both of you and always a new identity but you have to be by him so he have that controll of the things that happens. 
You: Can I go to the shopping mall ?
Lu: No No… you stay here with me, nobody should know that we’re alive


Hacking there, Hacking here Hacking everywhere. He hacks everything technological you own to know all the things you do, write to someone else and the best thing you don’t know whats happening. 
You: Chen do you know why there are these codes ? 
Chen: Oh Its just a bug better you’ll delet everything broken. nothing to worry about 


He would be just like Baek but he would lock you into the house and let you not go everywere because he is scared that an Asshole kidnapp you and torture you. 
You: Belive me the same woudn’t happen again
Kris: can we please not talk about “That” you know that it’s a thing I don’t want to remember

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ALRIGHT SO someone asked him about working with Chelsea Spack 

Cory said how much he loves working with her and just her as a person 😍

APPARENTLY, he found out before she did how and when Kristen would die. Cory said that he was really upset by this, when he found out that she didn’t know yet, however, he had asked the writers/people in charge what would happen to their characters, so he kind of “did it to himself”, BUT he wished that he hadn’t known before she did

Also he said that Kristen was only supposed to be there for two eps, but they saw how well Cory and Chelsea worked together and their chemistry with these characters, so Kristen got written into more eps because of that

Oh and he made a quip about Regrettable Edward Nygma Choices saying “maybe the best way to tell someone you love them is not having your hands around their neck”

He loved that Isabella looked just like Kristen, and that despite saying he’d never love again, he clearly could, but just for a certain person

One of his favorite scenes was stabbing Kristen’s horrible boyfriend Tom because he got to be a “hero” by “accident”

He was the one who picked out Nygma’s glasses because they were literally picking out “character looks” at this photoshoot that happened LONG before even a pilot was shot.

He gave a high schooler advice about how to get into acting and also talked about his upcoming films like “1985″

Someone asked what he thought about Nygmobblepot and he said after this episode, he kind of made this face and I believe he said it didn’t look good


There’s more that I’m forgetting but this is what I remember now.

akai-joou  asked:

slams ten hg on the table and slides towards you, i know you're huge on the samurai thing but you're my main dealer for v and always will be; coming off anon now so, hit me with photoshoot date with v headcanons please

asjfjjsakd i’ve been lacking in my v love lately because i’ve literally been dead in all my fandoms, and without further interruption here is The Boy 

  • jihyun kim is a man of taking photos at every damn moment so honestly these kind of photoshoot dates are nothing short of normal dates
  • they’re always out and about; v’s idea of a date is always just running around the city and getting lost in whatever they’re doing because he thinks traditional dates are too tame for his tastes
  • their dates are never typical, it’s all or nothing and you’re better off wearing running shoes than actual heels
  • one of v’s first dates with mc involved ditching his own art gallery in favor for a bar, in where they somehow got into a bar fight and were chased for a good half mile (because v, despite who he is now, used to be a bit of a rascal and especially if it involved getting a good shot… for the Aesthetic)
  • he’ll take photos of mc anywhere and anytime, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, v probably has a picture of it somewhere.
  • so when he says he’s taking them out to a date mc is always geared up for whatever can happen
  • every single time mc does anything you can find v watching in awe because mc really Did That and he takes pictures because he’s so in awe
  • and it’s not because mc has to look like a model or anything, it’s more so because v in the past never thought he’d find someone who would love him unconditionally and would love as deeply as he did
  • he’s never had that assurance his whole life from parents that were never there to rika, he always felt some sort of odd need to prove himself worthy of their love
  • but mc loves him and not for any other reason, and he’s always thinking about how he was so lucky to have a soul that loved him no matter what he had to offer
  • this time they’re going on a proper photoshoot date and he tells mc to dress in their favorite clothes and do whatever they’d like with their hair
  • they spend the day from cafes to bookstores to jumin’s garden and he stares at them so long he forgets he needs to take a picture sometimes too
  • v always looks over all the photos he took with mc when they get back home and mc sometimes watches him edit them when they’re just relaxing at his apartment
  • and sometimes he sneaks them into his exhibits because he can’t really help himself, but he thinks mc is so beautiful and that he should express how he feels about them in photos as physical proof of how much he adores them
  • he’s gonna be taking pictures of mc until their last days together and no one can tell me otherwise