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Tfw you’re watching a video and you see Jungkook looking vaguely in Jimin’s direction and you think ‘haha, I bet he’s looking at Jimin’ but you can’t prove it because he’s not in the shot and then you watch another video and he’s staring directly at him and you just think, ‘oh’

Coloring Tutorial for Shadowhunters S2

Hello pals, I’m gonna show you how to achieve a quality coloring for Shadowhunters Season 2 despite the horrid lighting of the show this season. 

  • Please like/reblog if you find this tutorial useful.
  • This will not magically work for every scene, adjustments need to be made. This is just here to help you learn and gain some tips.
  • If you have any questions just let me know.

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Narutos Sasukes Madaras and Tobiramas reaction to their s/o braiding their hair when they wake up 😍

I don’t know if you expected these to be cute- but I thought they were all kinda comical- this was fun to make. 

Did you want gifs- I didn’t read this right and I made it gifs anyways…


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  • Haha- he’s kinda surprised and confused, because his hair is so short. But he’s also a bit impressed, because you’re managing to braid it somehow??


Originally posted by murmmeow

  • Sasuke actually has a soft spot for his S/O playing with his hair. He’s also more affectionate in the morning right after he wakes up, so he’ll probably cuddle more and just be really content. Keep playing with it, he’ll be happy. 


Originally posted by rejected-on-a-cosmic-level

  • He already knows he has the hair of a god, so he’s used to you messing around with it. Normally, he tries to limit how much you play around with it, but the fact that you have resorted to messing with it even when he’s asleep leaves him with this expression. Expected better of you, but man, who can resist the mane?


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  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Braiding your hair-”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Tobirama-”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Oh c’mon-”
  • “Don’t make me say it a third time.”
Who is in Control - Part 7

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

(Reposting because I messed up with the order of the chapters. Sorry)

Word counting:  1200+
Chapter Summary: You decide to share an important part of your life with Bucky. His reaction isn’t exactly what you expect. 
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reade
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Patrick O’Malley , J.A.R.V.I.S., unnamed children
Chapter: 6/??
Chapter name: You don’t know me 
Warnings: A bit of angst; Bucky is a bit of a dick, but he is sorry; Scottish Accent; Steve always understands the references; Game of Thrones reference; Crying; 

 Series Masterlist

Y/N drove to one of New York’s smaller streets while Bucky alternated between watching her and the scenery by her side.

“I don’t really sleep at night. Four or five hours, no more.” She told him. “Do you know what helps me sleep?”

He shook his head as she parked the car.

“Follow me.”

The woman grabbed the boxes without waiting for his help and went to a house she had built years ago. They offered food, medical care, beds and other services to homeless kids. She used to visit the kids whenever she could, always making time to them.

“They help me sleep at night. They give me peace.”

When she opened the door, all the attention came to the two.

“Y/N!” The kids exclaimed.

The Stark put the box on the table with a huge smile on her face and all the little (and not so little) arms were automatically around her in hugs. Some kids lived in the shelter, and with the help of the city, they looked for families that could adopt them.

“I brought dessert.” She told them with a big smile on her face.

Y/N loved those kids. She would do anything for them, give anything to keep them safe and happy, well feed, and out of the streets.

Soon enough, she was giving them the desserts Patrick prepared, and listening as they talked about their weeks. She almost didn’t notice Bucky leave and didn’t stop him, but decided to find him after 20 minutes.

Who knows what could happen if she left him alone for too long.

“Are you okay?” Y/N asked with a smile on her face and her hands on the back pockets of the jeans she wore.

Bucky didn’t look happy. He had a look on is face, and his jaw was clenched.

“What do you do here? Why are you here?”

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Bts reaction to you getting your wisdom teeth pulled (Requested)


worried mother mode would be activated as soon as you got to the dentist the hole time you where in surgery he would be panicking because he doesn’t want his jagiya to go through any pain granted that you are numbed and put to sleep.As soon as you get out of surgery though he would be caring and loving mother mode and grant your every need and wish. ( sorry about the gif I could find one where he looked very worried) JIN:”Omo jagiya you’re okay, How are you feeling are you hurt.” since the dentist told you not to talk you would have to write down your response.

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Rap monster:

 Rap monster wouldn’t be too worried like jin because he knows that you would make it and he would think that you are just hilarious after the surgery because you are still on gas. Y/N: Oppa look at all the unicorns! Rapmon:(gif) sweetie those are just horses. Y/N: WHat no thoses are unicorns. Rapmon:OKay whatever floats your boat jagiya.

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suga would be grossed out because of the bloody gauze and he would still look out for you like help to change them every few hours but then he would complain and want to go to bed. Suga: (gif) okay jagiya when you month heals I expect a million kisses because I just changed you bloody gauze again.wake me up in three hours so we can change it again okay? Okay goodnight

Originally posted by taedboy


J-hope would be lowkey grossed out but you  would annoy him just a little bit because you will not stop touching and poking your cheek,and you keep pulling at the gauze.J-hope:(Gif) NO jagiya stop messing with the gauze it has to stay there,No no no don’t touch your face you will just make it hurt worse later.

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Jimin: JImin I feel would ask stupid questions and just be annoying on purpose just because he wants to see you talk,while you still have the cute  big cubby cheeks. Jimin: “Y/N,Y/N,Jagiya,princess,honey,sweetheart” Y/N:What Jimin (you say with a lisp) Jimin:(Gif) Did it hurt when the pulled your teeth babe?

Originally posted by chimcheroo


I am going to be honest with you he would want to get his removed with you as well just so you don’t have to go through the pain alone but you have to tell him no and just end up going with your brother jin so he won’t whine but when he found out he would be upset. Jungkook:You went without me jagiya why what if something bad happened and i wasn’t there? Y/N:Oppa I just went to get my wisdom teeth pulled it isn’t that big of a deal nothing happened to me i’m fine. Jungkook: I know but I am you boyfriend  I am supposed to worry and I really just wanted to go with you to see you after 

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V would just be a ball of sunshine he would do whatever the dentist told him to do before you guys left like change your gauze every 2 hours,wipe you drool off your chin and he would let you just talk the nonsense from your brain because off the pain medication. V:okay jagiya it is time to change your your mouth please. Y/N: NO don’t take my tongue I need it. V:Babe I am not going to take your tongue okay.(he says while wiphing your drool off your chin) Y/n:Promise? v:Promise.   

Originally posted by hellosarang

A/N: okay that is my first request I hope that you guys and girls like it I don’t have any experience with getting wisdom teeth pulled so sorry if they aren’t that good or accurate but I tried.The gifs are not mine credit goes to the rightful owners and sorry for any grammar and or spelling errors and please feedback of any kind is always welcome.~Zero

Mister Burr

A/N: Hey! So school has really messed up my schedule so I am so sorry for the inactivity. This was probably my favorite request and I thought it would go good with Christmas! (and Burr is great) ALSO I THINK IM GOING TO PUT GIFS OF WHOEVER IM WRITING ABOUT BECAUSE I LOVE THE IDEA OF YOU BEING ABLE TO PICTURE THEM!!!

Request: (anon) burr x reader with 171, 182, and 208? where burr awkwardly flirts with the reader and the reader is laughing at his ridiculousness but is also flattered :^

171:  “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

182:  “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

208:  “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

Pairing: Burr X Reader

T/W: maybe second hand emmbarassment? Depends on you. Terrible Flirting. Smol Burr.

Word Count:744 (short but sweet)

AU: Modern Coffee Shop

Originally posted by playbill

You walked into your favorite coffee shop run by four of the rowdiest men you knew. You breathed in the amazing scent of coffee and took a seat right next to the counter. A shorter man with a dark black ponytail came out to greet you. Alexander.

“Hey Y/N! How are ya?” Alex asked, leaning against the counter on the right of him. You smiled up at him.

“I’m doing great! How are you Alex?” You questioned, not even noticing a man sitting right across from you. Alexander smiled at you which quickly turned into a frown when he noticed the man sitting across from you. You turned to him, taken by how handsome he was. He smirked at you before scowling at the sight of Alex. 

“Burr.” Alexander growled at the man. The man known as Burr rolled his eyes, turning back to you and returning your gaze. You turned away quicker than intended when he caught you staring, blushing softly. Alexander looked at the two of you and you knew he was disgusted. Scoffing, Alexander went to make you and Burr coffees. 

“Aaron Burr.” The man said confidently, holding out his hand. You gladly shook it, smiling.

“Y/N L/N.” You smiled wide. He thought for a second about what to say which made you suppress a giggle. 

“Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.” Burr said extremely confidently with an awkward smile. You burst out laughing. 

“Nope. I wish.” You giggled, turning down his pickup line in a way. You didn’t exactly feel bad considering you had a plan. 

“I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.” He smirked, red making an appearance on your cheeks. Whenever you blushed it was obvious. Of course Burr noticed this and had a proud look in his eyes. 

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” You smiled. He immediately lost his smile. 

“No no. It’s just…” His smile faltered before he forced a smirk upon his face. “What time do you have to be back in heaven?” You blushed profusely at his comment but played it off the best you could. 

“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” You smirked. it was your turn to make him blush, which you obviosuly did. His eyes widened as he attempted to think of another pick up line.

Suddenly he pulled out his phone, typing in the pin and going to his camera. He took a quick picture of you. “Sorry. I wanted to show my best friend what my next girlfriend looks like.” He smiled. You both sat in silence for a few minutes before Alexander finally came with the coffee after what felt like forever. You pulled the cup from Alex’s hands quickly, taking a sip to hide your blush. Spoiler alert. It didn’t work. Once Alex left Burr spoke up again.

“You kno-” He began before you cut him off.

“Hold on. Wh-” You began before he cut you off.

“Sorry, I can’t hold on… I’ve already fallen for you.” He smirked proudly, causing you to giggle once again. 

“Well Mister Burr….” You began. “Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.” You replied causing burr to spit out his drink on Alexander who was standing close by, cleaning. Alex turned around, murder in his eyes. You grabbed Burr’s hand and got up.

“RUN.” You ordered burr. You ran hand in hand to the park so Alex wouldn’t murder Burr. 

You sat on a bench, catching your breath. Burr sat next to you, your hands still intertwined. You both noticed this and pulled your hands away, blushing scarlet. 

You turned to him and smirked. “You know, sweetie, my lips won’t just kiss themselves…” You said rather suggestively. 

Before you knew it your lips were against each other, neither of you noticing the running footsteps in front of you.

“GROSS.” All four boys shouted at the sight of you and Burr. You both pulled away,turning to the boys. Sure enough, there was John, Lafayette, Hercules and Alexander with disgusted looks. You were blushing like there was no tommorow. Burr grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, kissing you again knowing the boys would hate it. He flipped the boys off as your mouths moved together.

A/N: Okay this is really cute

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I don't know how to feel. I mean I LOVE Colin and I know he absolutely loves playing Hook and I am happy that he is staying but I don't if I can watch just for him.

I really don’t think I can either. Shit maybe my mind will change, by the time s7 gets close and they promote it in whatever way they decide. But as for right now, this day and maybe a few days after the finale, I can’t. I just can’t do it.

And I feel like crap, because Colin is so fucking good at what he does, but I didn’t stay because of him, I stayed because of JMo. I was a fan of the show as soon as the pilot aired. I love Emma Swan more than anyone on this show and then you’re telling me she’s not gonna be there anymore (besides the one episode Jen does, which I think is the s7 premiere). Like, I really don’t know how they expect people who love her to go watch when she’s not there?

I feel like I’m betraying this show if I stop watching because she’s not there and I hate feeling this way.

But listen, I’m so fucking HAPPY that Colin is happy that this is coming back, that he’s gonna be there. But sadly, he’s not enough to keep my around. And I don’t trust A&E to do this well. They messed up too many times for me to trust whatever they put their hands on. 

I’m just… confused and sad and frustrated, because this could’ve died a peaceful death. Yet it won’t and there are 22 episodes of this reboot. That’s also 21 episodes without your MAIN CHARACTER - unless she shows up for more at some point.

But silver lining…

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How would the papa turtles react to their new born girl laughing and smiling in their sleep? I love your blog 💕💕

Papa turts are the best <3


Originally posted by xxvampirediaries

It is, physically hard for him not to scoop his baby girl up in his arms and cuddle it to death.  He smiles like an idiot to a point where his cheeks hurt and just gently plays with her little hands.


Originally posted by daddyslittlecuteprincess

A TOTAL BLUSHING MESS.  You couldn’t hear it but Raph made a small squeaking sound when he heard and saw his baby girl smile in her sleep.  He had to keep in his laughter from waking her up because she was just being too darn cute!  She doesn’t know how much loved she is.


Originally posted by gifsbyjleigh

The gif pretty much explains it.  Don just….he can’t handle the cuteness.  He gives her little kisses before pulling himself away from the cuteness.


Originally posted by too-cool-for-facebook

You have to tell him to keep it down ‘cause he’s squealing so much.

“Keep it down Mikey!”


Mikey watches and anticipates for when your little girl laughs again.  He can’t take the cute!

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Hey. Sorry if you're busy or have already gotten this question, but i've recently been trying to get better at drawing, especially freehand. Do you have any advice?

okay, I’m gonna do this digitally ‘cause it’s easier than having to take care of it on paper and scan/photograph it all, but I promise no erasing!  here goes.

-visualize what you want to draw.  take your time picturing it, thinking ‘if this person’s face is this big, when I draw the other person’s face it should be a little smaller since they’re in the background” and stuff like that.  if it’s in pen, take into account what’s going to be in the foreground. that’s what you want to draw first, or at least leave plenty of room for if you’re drawing anything that’ll be behind it.

-be flexible when you make mistakes.  sometimes it’s just gonna look bad, but there are things you can do to salvage it.  when I was doing my first freehanded comic a long time ago, I’d just have one of the character’s eyes be in shadow if I messed it up!  anime-style.

-the only way to get better at it is really to do it.  comics are good for that because you’re forced to make a LOT of art just to keep ‘em going.

SOME EXAMPLE GIFS (half of which have glitched weirdly) below the cut

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I would like to take a moment of your time to examine these two. These are the Magicians of Chronomancy and Astromancy (AKA Stargazer & Timegazer Magician), and they are an absolute treat to watch. Right now, I am going to examine their actions and characteristics, all in order to find out what kind of people these monsters are. Welp, let’s dive right in.

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I followed you for the fanfics because they're A+, for me it's hard to find good writers here that take time and effort and also I can't say "noona-la-la-la" cause my tongue messes it up and I like to try to say it every time I see your fanfics. :)e

Originally posted by maybelline

I was looking for a gif to represent a “tongue twister” and came across this one.  I can’t stop staring at it.  It’s kinda creepy.  Also, what is she saying?  I keep trying to read her lips.  She might not even be speaking English.  Regardless, I’ve decided the middle row (from left to right) is her saying “about nothing”, I love you, man” and “how surprising”.

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Do you write for young bruce wayne from gotham?

Gotham is on my fandom list, so yes !! Keep in mind only gif imagines are open, but go ahead and send in your request ! (make sure you specify Bruce from Gotham because I also write for Bruce from Batman V Superman, so I don’t wanna get confused and mess up your request)

Super Junior gif reaction of you brining home a stray kitten req by anon

Thank you~


Leeteuk: I don’t know…but it is kind of cute…maybe we can keep it.


Heechul: *eating and eyeing the kitten critically* Do you think he’ll get alone with Heebum and Bang Shin?


Kangin: *secretly dislikes the cat, but agrees because you like it - sometimes when you’re not looking he’ll mess with it but straightens up immediately when you’re looking*


Shindong: *to the cat* Yah, you can stay, but if you pee on anything you’re done for!


Kyuhyun: *agrees to keep the cat but bothers it 24/7 by hissing at it/poking it/meowing at it obnoxiously*

Y/N: Why does he hate you so much?

Kyuhyun: *shrugs, smiling*


Ryeowook: *kinda indifferent about the cat, but agrees to keep it and greets it whenever he sees it*


Siwon: Alright, but you have to clean up after it and do the litter box and what not.


Yesung: *sighs* Just make sure it doesn’t eat my turtles and it gets along with Kkoming.


Eunhyuk: I prefer dogs…but I guess we can give it a try.


Donghae - *agrees to keep the cat, and both of you quickly realize that it loves him more than you because it curls up on his lap whenever he’s around*

Hope you liked it! (Even though it looks like I think most of them would be less than thrilled about a new kitten…oops…)
~Admin R

Me as I rewatch 1x06. Yes, I apparently like to torture myself

Like… I need someone to hug Mike. This poor puppy is so sad and lost without his Rookie. He’s not devastated over breaking up with Amelia – he’s a mess because Ginny won’t talk to him. 

Look at this gif!

Look at that face! Look at his sad lost, forlorn face because Ginny is mad at him. His pitcher, his girl who he call up when that upstart Duarte was comin’ for him. This girl who lit a fire in him again. This girl who made him excited again. Who he pushes himself to keep up with in the gym. 

She won’t talk to him and he’s all sad and lost. 

Someone hug his stupid punk ass! 

Like… I can’t 


Happy birthday Liam Hemsworth (January 13, 1990)

I recently did an episode on The Muppets! I could honestly say that that might be my favorite of all the jobs I’ve done. I want to go back and just shoot The Muppetsthe rest of my life. It was such a trip. It was just so funny to be staring at puppets and seriously talking to them. They don’t break character during a take. Like, if they mess up a line, they’ll just keep going in character. I’m not buying the fact that they’re Muppets. I’m seriously talking to them like they’re people. And the whole time I was really trying not to laugh, because it was just so hilarious.


Are you a practical joker or a can’t keep a straight face type of girl?

‘I think I’m more of a can’t keep a straight face type of girl. Like in the movie when the amazing Rebel Wilson was doing some of her amazing improv and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from messing up a take.