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so if you love 'supergirl' so much where were you all in season 1? oh that's right, you weren't watching because you're racist and you hate women and the only reason you're watching now is you're thirsty for that yt boy lmao why don't u just go watch arrow?

Hello, random Anon who has literally no clue about my life! Thank you for taking the time out if your obviously busy schedule to hate on me! I really appreciate it. I have been watching the show since season one, have watched every single episode, and actually got a friend to start watching it too! Also, just thought you should know you’re talking to a woman of color, so once again, great job on the assumptions that I’m a woman hating racist! And I actually watch all 4 DC CW shows (Supergirl, flash, arrow, legends), and Gotham. And I happen to not like arrow that much because Oliver is an idiot, but I still watch cuz there are other parts that give me satisfaction and that I love. Actually, if i was a woman hater, I wouldn’t watch arrow, cuz the only reason I’m watching it right now is for Felicity Smoak. You don’t see me spreading arrow hate cuz I don’t like Oliver, do you? And before you decide to go to the other insult that I’m an abuse apologist or whatever, I’m actually a abuse survivor.Part of why Supergirl is such a good show is because it immerses you in it and makes you forget about your problems, so think before you send hate, cuz you never know what could put someone over the edge. Kara Danvers wants to spread light in the world. I’m happy you’re following her example by spreading hate in the name of the show. 👍

So once again, I’d like to thank you, nonnie, for overanalyzing my decision to like a character so much that you came to a conclusion so far from the truth that it made me laugh. I actually wrote an open letter to Supergirl fans a couple of days ago. I think you might need to read it, so here it is:

Have a great day and stay out of my feed!

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I was just wondering if you liked legend of Korra or avatar the last airbender more? O: I watched atla when I was a kid and I just started legend of korra!

I don’t think I could place one series over the other. ATLA I watched when I was a kid, and watched several times over and over again into high school. I’m attached to that show partially because of nostalgia. But its also targeted for a younger audience around Aang’s age. And it was successfully advertised and watched as such. But its goofy and covers lessons on self acceptance, feminism, friendship, the whole lot. LOK is the progression of ATLA and targets the age group that Aang would be if ATLA continued, which was strategically set up as Korra’s age. And that series is darker and more mature in theme and covers fascism, oppression, democracy, death, and suicide. And of course I started LOK when it first came out, and I was around Korra’s age. So I feel like both series captured my interests for different reasons because I was different in age. There’s a reason LOK didn’t make as much of a hit on Nickelodeon - 8-12 year olds probably wouldn’t want to start with a series that dark! But who knows. I appreciate both series for what they stand for individually. They’re just connected by the same universe.

I’m glad you’ve discovered the amazingness of LOK! I hope you enjoy all of its glory. My favorite season was probably book 2 for all of the culture and historical background we got x)

Wander Over Yonder should get a third season because we need more of the awesomeness that is this show in our lives once again! Whenever i watch an episode it always puts a big, goofy grin on my face and there’s never a dull moment in watching it.

Also Craig McCracken is a freaking cartoon legend who’s made awesome cartoons, such as PPG and Foster’s and all of his crew are just as awesome, so they deserve to be able to finish their story the way the they always wanted!

My point is, having it continue on once more would be the GREATEST IN THE GALAXYYY~ 🎶

So please #SaveWOY pretty please with jellyfish pie on top♥




My Korrasami Story

So I just want to share my own Korrasami experience. This will not be the same as you awesome folks who had shipped it while the story was on going. I’m half ashamed to say that I gave up on it after book 1. I absolutely hated the Makorra paring that time, I was thinking how could they just smack ‘em together and gave Mako the privilege to jump from one woman to the other.I dropped it after that.

Anyway, when I received the news, almost after 2 years, I did not believe it. Then I watched the youtube video reactions and I was in tears and smiling from ear to ear. I had to give Legend of Korra a chance and I’m very glad I did because the story from book 2-4 were amazing! I love watching it again and again. I already knew the finale so I did not have the liberty of being surprise like you guys were but I still fell in love with Korrasami, I still am and I think I’ve drawn more than 10 fan arts from the past 2 months about it. I’m not even sorry. That’s all :)