because i just really miss him and his show

Wait for the guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stay awake just to watch you sleep, who will show you off to all his friends because he just doesn’t care, and he really misses you when your not there, wait for the guy who is constantly reminding you how much he misses and cares for you, I know that I am that guy.
—  Unknown


- He’s that guy that’ll grab you and just start sucking face with no shame

- Especially right in front of the dude just to show him what he’s missing out on

- Kisses so deeply that you even get approached by a worker and asked to tone it down there for a second

- Zen knows you upgraded df up from that dude to him so he’s honestly not really worried– That guys loss for being such a fuckboy


- Whatever you do don’t say “ Jumin don’t look yet but– ”

- Because he will whip his head around so fast and be like “ What are you talking about? What can’t I see? ”

- Glares that dude down so hard

- Honestly he doesn’t like to make jokes about this but he could beat that guy up with wads of cash if he wanted to so he’s not worried

- If the guy approaches him he just walks away like doesn’t even say a word back, He isn’t worth the time of day.


- He would be angry a little bit that you dated a jerk?? Not at you, at the guy who treated you like that.

- You’re so precious why would anyone hurt you like that it makes him so upset

- He can’t approach the dude because he’s a baby and knows he won’t be able to beat him up if he had to, but does shoot nasty glares his way.

- Always has a hand rested against your thigh or maybe a little higher to show that you’re his now



- Doesn’t matter if it’s male/female she will FIGHT and most likely win she’s a black belt in judo come at her

- She’ll calm down after a bit and just ask to leave the place so you two can enjoy your date a little more peacefully.

- But doesn’t leave without holding resting a hand on your butt waist and taking the door closest to your ex. Wants to show off what they’re missing out on.


- Honestly? When the dude got up to go to the bathroom he runs over to the table and dumps the entire salt shaker into his wine before stirring it around.

- “Now, my lovely MC. We wait.”

- As soon as the guy gets back he takes a swig at his drink and.. bam. He’s gagging and cursing all over the place. A little too salty for you there bud?

- Seven thinks that’s punishment enough, walks hand and hand with you out of the building before shooting a wink your Ex’s way.


- He knows sometimes people just don’t work out– But why was your ex such a jerk? It makes him sad to know you were with someone who treated you like that.

- Won’t say anything to the guy to his face since he doesn’t want to start anything– But as soon as his back is turned Bad Boy V ™ comes out and shoots him the middle finger.

- Then your ex sees it shit

- Runs away with you honestly but he thinks it’s funny how he got caught. This must be why he doesn’t do crude things like this very often.


- Will scream “ Hey asshole. ” towards the dude.

- Then the guy tries to fight him and he will fight back because you or any other lady shouldn’t be treated wrongly like that? He should have some respect for women you go Saeran

- He wins, the guy walks away with a bloody nose and a lot of bruises. You both run away before the police gets called thank god. He’s proud of himself though— feels as if he acted on those punches that for all those months you wanted to act on, asks if you’re proud of him too. Of course Saeran.


I was checking every student’s birthdays on Class 3-E with a bit more info about them until this caught my attention.

Isogai’s weight is freaking 57 kilograms while Maehara’s

67 kilograms? Boi, have you been eating. This really upsets me though, that just shows how really poor Isogai was then. This also means Maehara can just easily lift Isogai and sweep him literally off his feet

But I’m just concerned with Maehara’s weight because look at this:

Karma’s at the same height but?? I’m just really concerned lol

Did I ever talk about my Trees speech because it was pretty noteworthy.

Tyler named this guy that didn’t pull out his phone for most of the show in the front row Robert or something I don’t remember exactly. His arms were crossed and he said he looked serious the entire time.

He told him that he was so happy when he finally did pull out his phone. He said he was really really proud. 

Like really proud.

And then he just dedicated to the song for not-Robert and that was the entire inspirational speech of Twenty One Pilots during Trees.

EXO reaction to reading their own fanfiction/smut

Since the request didn’t say ot12/ot9, I did ot9 (I’m sorry!) because I just didn’t have any inspiration left *sigh*


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I see him stumbling on an extremely heated Chanbaek smut and since the description would be really vague, he’d miss the 18+ remark, and thought it would be about their friendship but as he would start reading how „Baekhyun liked to be dominated by Chanyeol“, Yeol would quickly exit the page and swear to never think about it again.

Lay: (Happy 26th birthday to our baby, Yixing; check out ‘What U Need’!)

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Baekhyun showed him an exo reaction and as Lay excitedly read his part, he laughed at how the author would portray his weirdness and how out of touch he could be with the real world, always in his own mind. But as he read reaction after reaction and how they would always portray him as a weed-weirdo, he would become slightly irritated because of that stereotype.


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Minseok would smirk while reading a heated scene of him and the reader, exerting his perverted side a bit. „Hell yes, my abs are magnificent.“, he’d say. He’d go around, showing other members how perfectly the author had portrayed him. „I do have chocolate abs, right Jongdae?“ Jongdae would earn a slap after negatively answering.


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Jongdae would laugh while reading fanfiction, deliberately looking for more embarrasing ones of his members, so he could walk around, quoting the fanfiction, making people wonder if the said member actually did that, sparking a lot of rumours, all orchestrated by a laughing Jongdae, showing it to Baekhyun next.


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„Vivi and me doing WHAT?!“, he’d shout, covering Vivi’s eyes from the screen. „Don’t look Vivi, you’ll lose your innocence.“ Sehun would be so shocked, how could some of his fans be so… weird? He’d later find fanart as well, and be scarred for the rest of his life.


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Jongin would smile all the way through a fanfiction, loving how the author would depict him as such a sweet,  loving boyfriend and Jongin truly did see himself in all of those, he would really treat his girlfriend with such respect and love, the way she deserved. He would be so thankful to have such wonderful fans who thought so highly of him.


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Byun would be a total fanboy, even making an account, impersonating a girl and commenting on the chapters how much he loved it. It would be his little secret, that would turn into kryptonite if any of the members found about it.


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He would accidentally stumble upon a smut of his and as curiosity dragged him into reading, with every sentence he read, his eyes would get wider and his cheeks would get redder. But he couldn’t stop reading, it would be as something was pulling him in, in spite of the growing embarrasment rising in him.


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The members would think it would be funny to show Soo his fanfiction, expecting some kind of a reaction. Soo would read it with silent curiosity, virtually flipping through the pages, only to mutter:“I don’t look like a penguin“ after he finished.

-admin Ella ♣

 touring with best friend!luke would include:

  • sharing headphones when you listen to music on the bus because he always looses his
  • catching him taking pictures of you while you sleep
  • ‘i only took that because i was going to make fun of you on my snapchat story’ but he actually saves it to his camera roll for the future
  • him texting you ‘i miss you’ when you’re 2 feet away from him on the couch
  • or texting you things like ‘you look hot today in that outfit’ followed by ‘that wasn’t one of the boys I swear you just look really good’
  • the boys making fun of him bc he bought a selfie stick but he just wants to take cute pictures of the two of you is that too much to ask!!
  • shutting the boys up when he shows them a picture of the two you lying in his bunk where you’re wearing his t-shirt and you can see your entire body bc that selfie stick angle!!
  • giving you photo credit when you take a nice picture of him on stage
  • you complaining about how gross the boys can be and how messy the tour bus is so when they make a stop he buys you roses to make the place a little more pretty
  • covering your eyes whenever the boys get changed or walk around in their boxers
  • ‘hey y/n do you want to watch this cool documentary with me’ as he crawls in your bunk and pulls back the covers followed by ‘oh crap you’re naked’
  •   him taking you on long walls when you get too claustrophobic from staying on the bus too long
  • holding your hand while pointing out landmarks with his other one ((to make you feel better duh??)
  • catching him screen shotting every hq picture the paparazzi took of you holding hands on your walk

ashton   michael calum


feel free to leave requests for things like this, blurbs, etc.

I feel like its been a really long time since we’ve seen Dean connect with someone outside of his circle. Like, we used to get scenes of him telling scared kids how he understands them and knows they can be brave, and we’ve seen him do little things to comfort victims and survivors like kinds words or pats on the back or soft looks. I love it when the boys let their guard down around other people, and Sam has been doing doing that a lot, but Dean used to do it every once in a while too and idk I just really miss getting glimpses of his gentler side because Dean Winchester is one of the most caring and compassionate people ever. I just hope the show hasn’t forgotten that.

faking it | part one

part two

michael + reader

word count: 2382

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: both you and michael agree to break up with each other because you think that’s what the other person wants


we’d been fighting all week and it had gotten to the point where michael was keeping himself busy at the studio so he wouldn’t have to come home to see me or we’d fight again.

finally, i’d gotten sick of all the fighting and i really missed him, so i customised a pizza especially for him and waited for him to get home. 

i was sitting at the kitchen counter when he got home and he looked up, shocked to see me there and not behind a locked door like i’d been all week because of the fights. 

i gave him an apologetic smile and he flashed a half smile back, just quirking one side of his mouth up. 

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TURN and André’s Execution

I promised this post was coming, and here it is.

Let me just preface with the fact that I’m going to try and be as unbiased as possible while also trying to voice my feelings/concerns on last night’s episode of Turn. I’m going to try and analyze everything that happened scene by scene, to focus on historical inaccuracy and its overall effect on the show/André’s character. Everything is below the cut because this is clocking in at over 1,500 words. I’m sure I’m going to miss a few things, but you’re more than welcome to hit me up if you’ve got any questions.

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he’s such a boyfriend make him stop every time I see photos like this I just imagine him video chatting you at random points in the day and showing you all his activities and it would be super fun but at night he’ll just cuddle up in bed and tell you everything you missed during the day and eventually he would fall asleep on camera but it’s adorable because he probably snores really softly and jesus christ I really want a boyfriend like jackson.

Okay so….Adult Karkat and Kanaya.
I imagined Kanaya would prob make herself alot of brighter clothes to kinda get away from the doom and gloom of the Alternian clothing colors?? Also because she’s gay as hell and wants to show everyone her purple wifes colors…
And Karkat like, i imagine him as kinda missing Alternia a fucking lot so he doesnt really jump on the bandwagon of exposing+ brighter clothes and hes just like… always dressing like a slacker college student and wears t shirts and band tees and shirts dave makes all the time and just layers on clothes because hes p modest with clothes and doesnt really wanna change his routine in that….just…kanaya is always like… wanting to dress him and hes like will you please let me live in my gross food stained black shirts please…..he just has no idea how to dress anymore
Also he grows stubble but it really isnt his style so hes always badly shaving it an looking like a bum from Mcdonalds 

i just really love mike warren

mike warren who was almost murdered because of one supposed friend and another used his near death experience to manipulate him 

mike warren who just needed to continue doing his job like he owed the world something when really he already and always tries his best and does everything he can to make the world better

mike warren who was the one to say sorry when all of it pushed him towards an addiction to oxy  

mike warren who deserved better 

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What about Dan secretly missing his Ninja days but he doesn't want to admit it because he feels like he's come to far to look back but Brian notices because Brian notices everything and starts leaving subtle hints that it's okay. Like leaving out Danny's old outfit and tossing shirikins at him and what not. Until finally Dan admits it and Brian is just like 'dumbass' and they cuddle ;-; and then idk, Brian shows him some moves or something xD I just really like Brian comforting Danny okay.

Awww! Yes, okay, I am all about some comfort. I think Ninja Brian probably prides himself on being super in-tune with Danny’s emotions and secretly likes to feel needed. If Danny was feeling a way about something, I definitely think Brian would be the first to notice and do something about it~

so my friend and i are talking about stucky as dads and just hEAR ME OUT

Steve and Bucky adopting a little girl thats missing an arm just like Bucky and any time some shit at school makes fun of her for it Bucky shows the kid his metal arm and scares him off

Bucky being the really over protective dad that lets his daughter braid his hair and put flowers in it

Steve being the dad that always makes dad jokes and gives their daughter a thumbs-up after hearing she got into a fight because a couple of kids kept picking on her


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hello, cutie! concept: chan got a day off so without any doubts he decided to spend it with you, BUT WAITING WOULD BE TOO MUCH OF COURSE that's why at 3 am he appeared in front of your house, knocking at your door like the happiest man alive. well, there's no people on this planet who likes to be awakened in the middle of the night, but when you opened it was impossible to say a word about this hour because you knew -

he just wanted to see you as soon as he could and he was too precious to nag him atm; suddenly he became so quiet and peaceful because he could just hug you really tightly and show you a little part of how much he missed you. he knew that you’ve been sleeping so, without a word, he went with you to your bed and in silence interrupted by the quietest “i love you"s, he looked at your face like he never saw anything more beautiful in his life and you can be sure, he thought exactly the same.

he let you fall asleep in his arms and be sure that you’ll wake up still beside him, what actually happens when he’s humming some melody to your ear and with the most wonderful smile saying quietly "good morning to my favorite, incredible, amazing, beautiful, one and only girl– it’s almost midday so please get up and give your boyfriend the prettiest smile, he was waiting for so long!” /yesterday was short one but i feel like writing today SO I’M SORRY FOR THIS, MY DEAR, I’M REALLY SORRY

(i would propably start all story here that’s why i shOULDN’T EVEN TRY THIS THINGS BUT I LOVE MAKING PEOPLE SMILE AND YOU DESERVE THIS SO MUCH) so hELLO ONE MORE TIME CUTIE, I HOPE YOU HAD FUN YESTERDAY AND EVERYTHING’S GREAT! LOVE YOU! - anon who passed exams somehow and is still able to love jeonghan wholehartedly

i.. i literally have No Words….. i cant stop smiling right now o my god.. what?? what.. what!!!! what what fghjfsdjhdsf how do i even Deserve this in my inbox this is so beautiful like i dont know WHAT TO SAY?????? this is so full of love im gna Scream??!!???? ?!! jeonghan anon i dont deserve u at all ur so precious 2 me u dont even understand how much i lov u and appreciate u omg this.. is so nice i cant believe?

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GoT, Fire Emblem, and/or HP?

Oooh, yay, thank you ^-^

send me a series and i’ll tell u my least favorite character:


Okay, so, the character I hate the most is probably either Ramsay or Gregor… but they still serve their purpose (even though, of course, D&D fucked Ramsay up, I would miss watching Iwan Rheon as someone so disgusting, lol). So when it comes to GoT, I probably have to say Olly (he’s far from being the worst character personality-wise, of course, it’s just that I enjoy him the least). It fits, because he’s their OC anyway. He also shares his name with someone in RL I…. don’t like. :) And it shows that D&D had NO idea how to approach a character like him and what the audience might think of him. Really, Olly makes me miss all the OCs that came before him. (Especially Cheese Boy, of course)

Fire Emblem:

I go with Peri. Honestly, it’s because you’re supposed to dislike characters like Hans, Iago, Nergal or Validar, etc. But Peri should probably be a character can empathise with? And even though I love Fates… I think it has most of the worst written FE characters in it, ahem. Sometimes it’s because of the localization, I know, but… if you look at Japanese Henry and then Japanese Peri… well… She bugs me more than the villains I probably hate more than her. I see absolutely nothing cute, likeable or interesting in her. ^^

Harry Potter:

Oh, I think Bellatrix. She’s one of the characters I wouldn’t miss either. Sure, I can see why she’s the way she is, but… this doesn’t change the fact that she’s basically 100% vile and, ultimately, quite boring. Like, everything she does and every scene she’s in, could be more interesting if it was another character. I also think she’s embarrassing, lol. Again, I think if you would compare her with, say Umbridge, you can see why she isn’t that well written. (Voldemort at least intrigues me when he was child or a teen - to some extent)

So I was at the game tonight and I sat right next to the dugout, and I just wanted to list a few positives that came out of it for any Mets fans that are currently suffering:

1. When Cabrera hit that home run, everyone in the dugout lost their freaking minds. Don’t tell me this team doesn’t care!!! They care A LOT!

2. Neil sat right behind Jake and David and talked to them for about an hour and I really just know that they were having a heart to heart about how much they’re going to miss each other (do not fight me on this)

3. Wherever Jake is, David is. Wherever David is, Jake is.

4. Wilmer Flores just blows bubbles with his gum literally the entire time. I know they show it a lot on the broadcast, but it is LITERALLY the entire time. Bless him

5. The New York Mets all love each other so much and my heart is aching because I’m not a member of the squad

6. They lost but I love them

7. Also, Steven put something in Jakes hood and Jake was trying to get it out for a solid 15 minutes. When he got it out, Steven put something right back into it and held it closed so that Jake couldn’t take it out. This went on for another 15 minutes

Jared is like my son. We both tested for this part on the same day. And before I got the role, we were sitting in the sitting room and I looked over at him and I said– and this is before I got the part, I said “You’re going to play my son.” And he looked at me and went “Really?! Will we get the part then?” “Yeah I think you are.” And we’ve been close since day 1. In fact, he use to take care of Lola. His family would take care of Lola and Lenny, my cat, quite a bit when I would go to LA. And when I’d come home, or back to Vancouver rather, I wouldn’t let them leave the apartment. I would say “Can you just stay, like, an extra night or two.” because I missed having family around. So Jared really became family, and seeing him grow up on the show has been… it’s just been so delightful. He’s such a mature kid, he’s so smart, he has such a good heart. I love him, and I’m really proud of the young actor he’s– the young man he’s becoming.
—  Lana Parrilla @ OUATCHI

So probably Mickey will not come back or at least not-so-soon. Mickey was my favourite character, not just because I’m a Gallavich shipper but also because of Noel Fisher. He really deserves to get other roles, he’s such a great actor and I’m so happy for him being a regular in another tv show. Of course I will miss Mickey - like A LOT, but everyone should be really proud of Noel. I’m so disappointed in fans who are blaming him for leave Shameless… He’s a person before an actor, he’s an actor before a character. Just learn the difference! He’s doing what is best for him and his career.
Peace 👐

Pumpkins, Cider, and Draco

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Warnings: None

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You decided since it was your first Halloween together as a couple, you would take him to a traditional pumpkin patch and allow him to pick his pumpkin for carving. However, you you didn’t thinkthat it would take nearly two hours for Draco to select a pumpkin.

“Darling, you know the pumpkin I select has to absolutely perfect,” Draco replied, his eyes still locked on the pumpkins. “I don’t want to mess up pumpkin carving just because I choose the wrong one.” You set the pumpkin you were holding aside and turned him to face you.

“Draco, it doesn’t matter what pumpkin you pick or what you carve on it. I just really want to spend time with you and show you how fun Halloween can be,” you smiled. “You can’t mess up Halloween from your pumpkin selection, however you will mess it up if we miss getting cider.” Draco cupped your face in his hands and placed his lips against yours, allowing you to forget about the chill in the air if only for a little while. You began swooning the longer his lips lingered on yours, and were grateful that he held you tightly against him. His kisses were sweeter than any cider, his arms warmer than any blanket, and you’d never have enough of him.  When he pulled away, you couldn’t help but pout as your lips were once again exposed to the brisk autumn air.

“Hey don’t be upset with me. This is a public pumpkin patch. We wouldn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable here now would we?” Draco smirked. You felt your cheeks turn scarlet with embarrassment, how had you forgotten the two of you were in public. “Let’s buy our pumpkins, get that cider, and finish this conversation at home shall we?” You nodded in agreement and Draco grabbed one of the pumpkins, all cares of the perfect pumpkin set aside. You walked away from the patch hand in hand with thoughts of pumpkins, cider, and Draco’s kisses.